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"LETTERS IV"--MO       March 6, 1971       NO.55--LTA


       1. My dearly beloved children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! EVERYTIME I BAWL YOU DEAR, SWEET KIDS OUT FOR ANYTHING, I ALWAYS HAVE A TERRIBLE HANGOVER AFTERWARDS BAWLING MYSELF OUT FOR BAWLING YOU OUT, when you're so sweet and so wonderful, and work so hard, and accomplish so much, with so little. I feel like the times when I used to spank you when you were little--you cried bloody murder at the time, but I'd always go out and feel like having a good cry myself, afterwards, I was so sorry I had to spank you, 'cause I hated to hurt you, and I was afraid you'd think I didn't love you, so I'd be terribly hurt, and feel like cryin' too! But I always had to console myself with the Word, that I'd done the right thing to apply the rod [DELETED] "Train up a child in the way he should go" (Pro.22:6)--and that it would hurt both you and me even more, if I didn't, for "even whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth; and if you're without chastisement, then are ye not sons, but bastards"--the Devil's children! (Heb.12:6,8)
       2. SO, "MY SON, DESPISE NOT THOU THE CHASTENING OF THE LORD, nor faint when thou art rebuke of Him; for if ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons. For what son is he whom the Father chasteneth not. ... Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous; nevertheless afterward, it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby." "Wherefore lift up the hands which hand down and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame (hurt) be turned our of the way (discouraged), but let it rather be healed." Praise the Lord? (He.12:5,7,11-13).
       3. YOU SEE, CHASTENING ARE EVEN HARD ON THE FATHER. He even has "no pleasures in the death of the wicked," Ezk.33:11 and "rejoiceth not in iniquity" (1Co.13:6), nor even when His enemy stumbles and falls. That's how the Lord is! It hurts Him to see people be so bad, because He loves them, and He knows their badness hurts them, so He tries to correct them. And He loved you enough to send Jesus to take your punishment for you, if you'll just receive Him, and thank Him for it!
       4. THE GOSPEL OF GOD'S LOVE IS SO SIMPLE THAT EVEN A LITTLE CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND. You gotta be a baby--and "except ye be as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of God!" So I used to tell you when you were very small, even two and three and four you could understand it, that all of us kids have been bad, haven't we?--And you'd all nod your little heads so soberly, 'cause you knew it, 'cause you'd gotten enough spankin's for it! Like I heard Aaron saying to Hosea out in the yard one day, when they were very small, arguing over a little puppy, "He's mine, 'cause I got more whippin's, for takin' food out of the icebox to feed him"--And they really did! They got plenty--of whippin's, I mean, like any kids should when they won't listen; so they all knew they'd been bad, and would nod their little heads.
       5. But then I'D SAY, "GOD IS OUR BIG FATHER UP IN HEAVEN, AND HE DOESN'T WANT US TO BE BAD, DOES HE?"--And they'd soberly shake their little heads, "No"--No, He doesn't want us to be bad! I remember little Faithie; she used to do it so dramatically, like she hoped maybe if she emphasised it enough, and cooperated in this little act enough, maybe I wouldn't spank her so hard next time!
       6. So then I'd say, "BUT GOD DOESN'T REALLY WANT TO SPANK US, IF WE'RE REAL SORRY" and they'd nod their heads in great agreement: they were very, very sorry; especially if they could escape the spanking, they'd be willing to be very, very, very, sorry!
       7. So then I'd say: "SO GOD FELT SO SORRY FOR US THAT HE DIDN'T WANT TO SPANK US, SO JESUS FELT SO SORRY FOR US, (Jesus is our big Brother in Heaven, you know, God's Son)--Jesus felt so sorry for us--OUR BIG BROTHER IN HEAVEN OFFERED TO TAKE OUR PUNISHMENT FOR US, so He suffered and died on the Cross for our sins"; and they would nod their little heads so soberly, sometimes with a tear in their eye, they were so tenderhearted, saying, "Yes, He took our punishment for us," they'd repeat!
       8. And I'd say, "AND ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS THANK HIM FOR IT, AND ASK HIM TO COME IN OUR HEARTS, AND HELP US BE GOOD"--and they'd nod their little heads in the affirmative: "Yes, we thank Him for it, and we're going to try to be good; and Jesus will help us be good!" Each one would have his or her comment on the subject--they were always very vocal and dramatic, like their daddy, and tried their very best to enter into the little act with all their hearts, doing their best to cooperate with Daddy's little show--And they're still doing it, Thank the Lord!
       9. SO MAYBE THE SPANKIN'S AND LITTLE LOVE TALKS AFTERWARD, DID 'EM SOME GOOD, after all, 'cause, after spankin' them, I'd go out and have my cry, while they were finishin' theirs--and then we'd both come back, and love and hug and kiss each other tearfully, and everything was even sweeter than before, it did us both so much good!
       10. It's like that story you've heard about the little boy and girl talking together after Daddy had told them a bedtime Bible story, and left the room. The little boy said to his sister, "Haven't we heard that story before?--Didn't he just tell us that the other night?" "Yes," said his sister knowingly, "of course! BUT IT DOES DADDY SO MUCH GOOD!"--As though they were listening just for his benefit! IT'S THE OLD STORY: "THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT DOES YOU"--MAYBE IT HELPS ME MORE, TOO!
       11. SO I HOPE I'M BEING A HELP AND NOT A HINDRANCE! So let's get back to tryin' to get organised, and letterised, after you've been chastised! O.K.? Still love me?


       12. In going over your good mail reports, we've found THE LETTERS CAN BE BROKEN DOWN, USUALLY INTO THESE GENERAL CATEGORIES of those who write in; so, to make it simple, we're gonna begin with the youngest: The Unborn:


       13. IT SEEMS TO ME THIS WOULD BE ONE OF THE WAYS TO GET MORE GIRLS, AND children both. [DELETED] The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned. Why not take the girls when they really need and appreciate help, and will be thankful, and the children, before they are ruined by the System! From all the school reports I've heard, we have the most wonderful education in the world--the Lord's kind, and Hannah tells me, if she can have 'em from the time they're small, they'll be full-fledged revolutionaries by age seven, ready to conquer the world for Jesus! Hallelujah! Why not? [DELETED] If she's accepted the Lord, and wants to live for Jesus, she is a new creature. Old things are passed away, and all things are become new, and we should forget the things that are behind, like maybe she was never even married, has no husband in God's eyes, and is free, according to 1Corinthians 7:15! "And the children are clean, or belong to the Lord, and are made Holy, because the mother is saved," according to the 14TH verse; SO IF THIS DEAR PREGNANT OR UNWED SISTER WITH CHILD IS A NEW CREATURE IN THE EYES OF GOD, AND HE HAS MADE HER CHILDREN HOLY, WHO ARE WE TO QUESTION AND CHALLENGE THE WISDOM AND LOVE AND MERCY OF GOD? WHY NOT TAKE THEM IN AND GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO PROVE IT! I'm all for it! Some of you were no better than they when you first came to us. There's no difference, for all have sinned; let him that is without sin cast the first stone! (Ro.3:23; Jn.8:7) Don't go complaining about not having enough girls to help with the work and marry the men, if you're not willing to take whatsoever the Lord sends us! He takes the weak things, the foolish things, and the things which are not, and makes something out of them, like He did you and me. They're no worse than us--maybe better! (1Co.1:27,28)
       14. DON'T EVER TELL ME WE HAVEN'T GOT ROOM FOR SOMEBODY--THAT MAKES ME FURIOUS! You sound like the innkeeper that turned poor pregnant Mary away from his door on a cold December night, atop some of the highest mountains in Israel!--And let me tell you it's cold in Bethlehem in December, often with snow on the ground! I wonder what that innkeeper's reward's gonna be? If you have to stick 'em in the stable, do it! Use it!--HELP 'EM MAKE IT! "Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out!" (Jn.6:37) JESUS NEVER TURNED ANYBODY AWAY! HE ALWAYS GAVE 'EM A CHOICE AND A CHANCE, IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO. They didn't always make it, but as least they couldn't blame Him! What about us? Do we want their blood on our hands, by refusing to make room for them?
       15. That reminds me of that idiot National Field Secretary of my former denomination, who said we should close down some of our Bible Schools, because "the field is no longer able to absorb the number of labourers we are producing"! What a laugh! There are never enough labourers, and Jesus said so! We just didn't have enough faith to take them in and send them. It wasn't the field that wasn't big enough: it was his little or no faith! YOU SHOW GOD YOU'RE WILLING TO TAKE 'EM IN, IF YOU HAVE TO HANG 'EM FROM THE RAFTERS, AND GOD WILL MAKE ROOM; HE'LL GIVE US MORE ROOM! AND DON'T TELL ME YOU HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH TO FEED 'EM, OR YOU'RE LIVING A LIE, PREACHING THAT GOD NEVER FAILS TO FEED HIS OWN, AND NOT WILLING TO LIVE IT!
       16. Don't tell me there's no room in the inn, or what are these few loaves and fishes amongst so many? YOU JUST GIVE THEM AND GOD A CHANCE, AND HE'LL SHOW YOU WHAT HE CAN DO! Our God is a God of miracles, and He'll pour our such a blessing there won't be room enough to hold it! He's about to do this with disciples, and now He's gonna give us so much room we won't be able to fill it! Just watch and see! Prove Him! (Mal.3:10)
       17. I BELIEVE GOD'S ABOUT TO OPEN THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN ON US! Are you ready for the deluge? Have faith in God! Jesus never fails!--Why should we fail them? Amen?


       18. SAME GOES FOR THESE, IF THEIR PARENTS AND OFFICIALS WILL LET THEM. "Ask and ye shall receive." "Ye have not because ye ask not." (Mt.7:7,8; Ja.4:2) If God can give Berean a big place like that, why not us? That's nothing to the schools we're gonna need! Where's your faith? Where's God? He's more willing to give than you are to receive, and He'll supply the teachers, too, just as fast as we need 'em!
       19. FOR THE SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN WHO CAN'T COME, YOU SHOULD HAVE A SPECIAL LETTER OF ENCOURAGEMENT, INSPIRATION, SALVATION, AND TELLING THEM WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR JESUS, UNTIL THEY CAN COME. Tell 'em not to give up, and to keep after their parents to let them come, who, for their importunity, may finally give in, like the Mayor's son! WE SHOULD EITHER HAVE A SPECIAL SERIES OF CORRESPONDENCE FOR THESE, OR ASK SOME OF OUR KIDS TO VOLUNTEER TO CORRESPOND WITH THEM, just like our brothers and sisters in prison. It's the same thing! It's not their fault; let's not fail them.


       20. THESE ARE OUR MEAT, OUR SPECIALTY, THE TEENAGER, the young twenties, the foot-loose and fancy free, seeking the Truth. I'm reminded again of that verse on the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your down-trodden masses, longing to breathe free air." LET'S OPEN OUR GATES WIDE TO ALL THOSE WHO ASK TO COME--AT LEAST GIVE 'EM A CHANCE.
       21. SEND THEM MARIA'S APPLICANT'S LETTER, ALONG WITH AN APPLICATION BLANK (I'm sure you'll find some old ones around that may give you some ideas)--but what you want most of all is enough information to know if they really mean business, and exactly what their situation is spiritually, as well as their obligations. They may have to go and sell all they have first, so they can come give it to the poor--our poor. Or they may have debts that they've gotta pay off, or their creditors or the law are gonna come lookin' for them--Or maybe they're just tryin' to get away from the husband or the wife, or even the kids! A LOT DEPENDS ON THEIR MOTIVES. IF THEY WANNA DO IT FOR JESUS, WE'LL TAKE ALMOST ANYBODY, OR SHOULD TRY. BUT IF THEY'RE JUST COMING TO TRY TO GET AWAY FROM SOMETHING, OR TO TAKE A VACATION, THEN WE'VE GOT TO TEST THEM TO SEE; and the application blank is that first test. Be sure you have a place on it for a closeup snapshot. You can tell a lot by faces sometimes--at least I can, and I wish you'd send me more pictures (closeups) of the kids, with their names on 'em, so I can tell who they are, when you mention them in your reports. I want to learn to know them, love them, and pray for them. L.A. sent us some wonderful class pictures on a beautiful big birthday card, but we don't know who's who, except the few old-timers we recognise, but we still love you!
       22. ALONG WITH THE APPLICANT LETTER AND APPLICATION, YOU SHOULD SEND A DESCRIPTIVE BROCHURE, WITH PICTURES, if possible, so they'll have some idea of what to expect--PERHAPS EVEN A REVOLUTIONARY SHEET, revised, Warning Tract, End Time Tract, and ANY OTHER APPROPRIATE LITERATURE, to give them a pretty good idea of what they're getting into. If that stops them, well, I guess they're just not for us; but if they pass that test, they could be on their way! Be sure to tell them not to come until they receive a letter of acceptance from us, after returning the application; unless, they are willing to come just for a visit, and see how they like it, and how we like them, as the Applicant Letter states! That's best, of course, if they can--but not always possible. When they leave home, they may have to leave for good; so they should know if we'll accept them.


       23. I think we pretty well covered these in the section above, but YOU SHOULD HAVE A SPECIAL PARAGRAPH OR LETTER FOR THEM, too; and this is another good way to get more women and children to serve the Lord, as well as the husband; and they may be surprised to learn that the whole family can come, regardless of education, or the other usual qualifications of a Bible College. THESE LETTERS SHOULD OF COURSE, INCLUDE YOUR GRADE AND HIGH SCHOOL BROCHURE. [DELETED]


       24. THIS IS USUALLY THE SYSTEM FATHER AND MOTHER CATEGORY WITH TEENAGE OR GROWN CHILDREN, who don't even want their kids to come, and for whom we seldom have much appeal; so I don't think you'll be bothered with many of them, but I notice there are a few who may want to help!--and why not? There aren't many of us hangin' around, but me and a few others are holding up our end pretty well along with Mother Eve, so all things are possible with the Lord. Praise the Lord! I'm sure glad you accepted me, 'cause otherwise I'd have to go out and start a new Revolution of some folks who would!
       25. OUR ACCOMMODATIONS ARE PRETTY PRIMITIVE, and life pretty rugged, and schedule pretty rigorous, and doctrines pretty strong for this category, but they may survive. If so, THEY COULD BE A REAL HELP, SUCH AS TEACHING PRACTICAL CRAFTS AND SKILLS TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS, OR WORKING AS MAINTENANCE MEN, SUPERVISORS, HOUSEMOTHERS, COOKS, and so on.


       BE KIND TO SENIOR CITIZENS AND HIRE THE HANDICAPPED. EVEN THESE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIT IN SOMEWHERE, and be a help, but they'd sure have to love kids, as would the former category. They're also getting to where they need help, and will appreciate your consideration. They've lots of things they can do, if they can stand us. As said before, WE NEED SPECIAL HOUSING, MORE CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE FOR THESE, AS WELL AS A MORE LENIENT SCHEDULE. Honour thy father and thy mother. God's Word has a lot to say about being good to the old. The same paragraph or letter could probably handle both of these categories, E and F.


       26. SOME OF THE LAST TWO CATEGORIES WILL HAVE PROPERTY, FUNDS, OR INCOMES, SUCH AS PENSIONS, WHICH COULD ALSO BE A HELP TO US--so this must also be considered, and it must be made clear that they are to contribute all their worldly goods to the Colony when they join, including such incomes, monthly, etc. But others will not be able to come, but still want to help. YOU SHOULD HAVE A LETTER OR PARAGRAPH WITH SEVERAL SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT THEY CAN DO TO HELP, such as they can donate regularly or a lump sum, or do they have property we can use, or useful goods, etc.
       27. (H) OFFERS OF PROPERTY FOR OUR USE SHOULD BE GRATEFULLY CONSIDERED AND INVESTIGATED as soon as possible. Strike while their hearts are hot! Use it! Take it! Fill it!


       ACCEPT, THANK AND TELL THEM YOU'RE SENDING A TEAM as soon as possible to their church, club, coffeehouse, youth centre, etc.! And do it!
       28. AS FOR THE ONE-TIME SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AT SCHOOLS, CLUBS, CHURCHES, ETC. as you did with TV and radio, send out a team from our nearest base or outpost to take care of it. Ask them how many they would like to provide expenses for (a nice delicate way to let them know it costs something and they'll have to at least pay your expenses), including overnight lodging, if it's that far away, just like the TV and radio did! You're worth it, and they can afford it, and they know it; don't hesitate to tell 'em, or they're not worth it! THESE SYSTEM GROUPS REQUIRE YOUR BEST-DRESSED, CLEANEST-CUT, MOST DIPLOMATIC TEAMS, WITH NOT TOO MANY LONG-HAIRS, OR RADICALS FOR SAMPLES, AND YOUR BEST MUSICIANS, WITH YOUR CLEAREST, MOST EFFECTIVE, AND NOT-TOO-RADICAL SONGS. Remember, variety is the spice of life, so let everybody testify, while one MC runs the show, calls each one up as he feels led, introduces them by their first name, and gives them some word of introduction that would be hard for them to say about themselves, such as something complimentary about what they are now compared to what they used to be; but don't give their testimony for 'em! Let each one introduce his own song, with which your programmed should be well-salted, with songs between every one or two testimonies, depending on the length of the testimony. A wise MC will know when and how long, and will cut it short if it starts dragging. Try to keep things moving fast. Don't drag it out, let somebody hog all the time, get boring, or run overtime. These system groups are slaves to the clock, so you have to try to tailor your programme to the time you're given, or they're apt to cut you short right in the middle of something; and don't go cursing them publicly for it, or your name'll be mud, and nobody else will invite you, where you're really needed; because this can be good public relations with the older generation, allay their fears, and encourage them to let their kids come, because they've all got problem cases themselves: their own children, relatives or friends.
       29. THESE KINDS OF MEETINGS OR PROGRAMMES ALSO MAKE FOR GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS WITH THE AUTHORITIES, OFFICIALS, INFLUENTIAL, AND THOSE IN POWER, WHICH YOU NEED TO GET AS MANY ON YOUR SIDE AS POSSIBLE TO DEFEND YOU AGAINST THE REST. These Systemites are seldom ever gonna forsake all and join us, but they may forsake a little of their funds, goods, or property to help you, and to keep from having to forsake all. They might even be willing to let you have their children in self defense, if you make a good impression. I'm sure the good public relations which you and Jethro did in Cincy and TSC have greatly helped along this line, including some that has been done even in dear little Kentucky, a masterpiece of the same in an impossible situation, with the most unlikely people. L.A. has done well, too, but have left something to be desired in their handling of visitors. Now we have Merkle, Austin, Zion, Houston, Santa Barbara, Coachella, San Diego, and others to consider, and will have many more, God willing! PUT YOUR BEST FOOT, OR FRONT, FORWARD! Use your best cover, while surfacing. If you'd been living in Nazi Germany under Hitler, you wouldn't have gone down the street screaming that you were a Jew! Become all things to all men in order that you might win some. The Apostle Paul knew this, and had to do a lot of it, and survived all but the last one, when he went a little too far in compromising with the temple. You don't have to participate in their whoredom, just 'cause you're invited to speak: You're not joining, you're just visiting! (1Cor.9:19-22)
       30. ALWAYS GIVE YOUR TEAM A STIFF TALK BEFOREHAND ON WHAT TO SAY, AND WHAT NOT TO SAY in front of their firing squad, or some of these Systemites may get a little trigger happy, and wanna throw you out before you're finished, or to say the least, cut you off before you're done. BETTER TO GET ACROSS SOMETHING, THAN NOTHING AT ALL, AND TRY TO KEEP THEM ON YOUR SIDE. Be a clever and subtle propagandist; even make 'em laugh! Don't go screaming "Revolution," and damning them to their faces; you won't get away with it. You'll just lose friends and antagonise people, in which case you might as well not have gone at all: it was worse than a waste of time--you even made more enemies. If you can't keep your big mouth shut about some things that should only be spoken in secret to the true disciples (as Jesus did), then don't go at all--you'll be more of a menace than a blessing!
       31. TAKE A TIP FROM JESUS, AND FROM THE APOSTLE PAUL: THEY OFTEN DISGUISED THE DEEPER AND MORE DANGEROUS TRUTHS OF THEIR MESSAGE IN STORIES AND PARABLES, and double-talk which only the initiated would understand; because as Jesus said, when His Disciples asked Him why He spoke in parables publicly, he privately advised them "Because unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but unto them (the hypocritical Systemites--the Scribes and Pharisees) it is not given." (Luk.8:10) As I used to tell my audience at the World's Fair when lecturing on the famous film, "The Parable", "If you don't understand it, forget it: it's not for you. Those for whom it was intended, will understand!"--And they did. Some went out in a rage; others came forward weeping--but the vast majority just looked blank! Some people won't even know what you're talking about! REMEMBER, BOTH YOUR FRIENDS AND ENEMIES WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE MINORITY. THE VAST MAJORITY IS ALWAYS THE INDIFFERENT, THE LUKEWARM, WHO COULDN'T CARE LESS, AND CONSIDER YOU JUST A WASTE OF TIME! Don't worry about them!--and avoid the sharks: look for the fish!--And carry plenty of bait with you: good lookers, good literature, and a happy face! Fan out afterward and draw the net! Amen? Everybody tackle somebody, but don't knock 'em down. Look for the likely prospect, the interested fish will usually come up to you afterward, and nibble timidly at the bait! Hook 'em--but not too roughly--wisely, gently, and lovingly, as the Lord leads. Always have prayer with them if the occasion warrants, if they get that interested, whether they wanna come, or only wanna help! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYER. I wouldn't always advise a public group prayer at the end, unless it's a church, unless you've got the boldness and anointing and direct revelation of God in such an unlikely situation as Hosea did at that TV station--But look at the results it got! "Whatever He saith unto you, do it"! (Jn.2:5)--And you'll always get results, Praise the Lord! Play it by ear; listen to His voice! He knows!--Best! You'll usually be the last ones out, as long as there's anybody left to witness to, but don't make the janitor mad, or he may demand overtime, or influence them against you. If he blinks the lights, prowls around nearby, or flatly suggests you get out, get out, and take your fish with you to the steps or sidewalk outside, or home with you in the car, if advisable. Finish the job if you can. Try to nail 'em down! Amen!


       32. All that to say this: I BELIEVE WE SHOULD SEIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY, AND ENTER EVERY OPEN DOOR, AS THE LORD LEADS--and I believe you can fill many of these engagements that are offered if you get yourself a good map, figure out where you are, where they are, and how you could fit them in. If there are two or three or more of them in the same direction or area, but at quite a distance, so that it might take a week to fill them, considering the travel time, etc. try to book them consecutively as close together as possible, so you can knock them off in as short a time as possible, with as little travel time as possible, like you did the TV and radio engagements. This is what is known in show business as an itinerary of one-stop stands, and unless they're within and easy day's travelling distance from your base, they've got to be booked in series, so you can go from one to another on your way. Try to figure them out in a sort of circle if you can, so you can circle back home if possible, at the end of the week or two or month or two on the road.
       33. TO BOOK THEM, SORT OUT ALL OF YOUR INVITATIONS ACCORDING TO AREAS, FIGURE OUT A POSSIBLE ITINERARY FOR ONE OF THE AREAS OR ROUTES, AND APPROXIMATELY THE TIME IT WOULD TAKE YOU TO GET THERE, fill the booking, and get to the next one, etc. Don't crowd yourself too much, as you may get other invitations in the area out of some of these engagements, and you'll want to use 'em all if you can, even if you have to split the team to do it. Eve and Hosea and some of our early team members were experts in this type of work and can fill you in on some of the details on how it's done, and it can be very fruitful. Some of our present leaders are products of this very type of ministry. I'm telling you all this so you'll know what the situation is, so you'll know how to write these booking letters, which is your next step.
       34. WHEN YOU'VE GUESSED AND PRAYED AND FIGURED APPROXIMATELY WHAT DAY OR WITHIN WHAT WEEK YOU CAN BE AT A CERTAIN POINT, WRITE YOUR LETTER TO THAT PARTICULAR PROSPECT, and try to give him a choice of a few approximate dates or times when you can be there. Sometimes you may even have to split your team two or three ways temporarily to fill two or three bookings in the same area, which are too close together, or at identical times. Try to give yourself a little time in between to catch your breath and if possible, to get a good night's rest and to eat for strength, and so you don't have to drive like mad through some strange city and kill yourself trying to get from one to another, like some of you did on that TV trip, although this can't always be helped. At least try not to book more than one engagement in the morning, afternoon, or evening, unless you can split the team, and even then, only in the same city, if possible, because you have to leave yourself time for your best and most important work, which is individual witnessing and drawing the net afterward. Study Paul's missionary journeys on a good Bible map, for an example on itineraries!
       35. WHEN ALL YOUR ANSWERS ARE BACK on what dates are convenient for that club, church or school, SHOOT THEM BACK A LETTER IMMEDIATELY, CONFIRMING THE DATES that fit your itinerary, and keep a very careful record of all this, including names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, times and places, so there'll be no mixup or disappointments! Your team secretary should keep very accurate records of all this, have all this information in her portable file--one of those tiny 3 x 5 little box card files would do, or even written out on a sheet of paper, and everybody in the team should have a copy, so there'll be no mistakes, and nobody will get lost without the name, address, and phone number of where you're going, as well as the time and place of your booking. This eliminates getting lost from each other in a strange city far from home, and part of the team missing some important engagements. If worst comes to worst, and you can't find each other any other way, call home base person-to-person for the other party, and ask them if you know where you can contact them; or leave your name, number, and location with home base through the operators, so they can contact you when the other party of your team phones in to find out where you are. Don't count on "follow me," then jump in your car and dash off across town expecting them not to lose you. Lead your sheep, but make sure they're following! But just in case they can't, make sure they've got a copy of your itinerary, so they can! Amen?


       36. THE OTHER OPPORTUNITIES TO MINISTER, WHICH ARE A LITTLE DIFFERENT, SUCH AS COFFEE HOUSES, REHABILITATION CENTRES, ETC., WHERE THEY WANT A TEMPORARY OR FULL TIME TEAM to help out on a fulltime basis, and show them how to run it, or help them run it, or take it over, may or may not be able to be worked into one of these itineraries. Such invitations will probably require a special team designed for that purpose, who can remain on the scene for a while, as long as they can put up with you, until the damage is done. They may quit and move out, as they did in Cincy, and let you have it, or they may quit, let you have it and throw you out, instead. In either case, you've got to plan on spending a little time there and hope for the best, that they'll turn the whole place over to you sooner or later. But don't just move in and act like you're taking over right off the bat, unless they ask you to! God will lead!
       37. SUCH SITUATIONS REQUIRE A GREAT DEAL OF LOVE, FAITH, PATIENCE, TACT, HUMILITY, and wisdom, and the direct leading of the Lord! Let the Lord do it; don't you push it too hard! If it's for us, God will give it, as He's done in Cincy and a few other places; you won't have to force it! Let God do it! THE BEST ABILITY IS AVAILABILITY. Just be there, so He can drop it in your lap when the time is ripe, as He has done several places that some of you can recall, where we started out merely helping, and wound up running it. Remember the camel's nose, the foot in the door, two steps forward,--one step backward; two more steps forward--half a step backward, until you wind up way out in front. Remember the tortoise: Easy does it, slow but sure; squeeze, don't jerk! Amen? Man's extremity is God's opportunity, and God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeats! Expect a miracle! If He does it, it's God!
       38. THIS IS HOW WE GOT STARTED, in answer to a little old lady's prayers, dear little 83-year-old Grandmother, who loved kids and hippies and was trying to help them, and who wrote us and said there's a club here that's trying to do it, but they don't know how to run it or reach 'em or witness! Please come over and help us--and we did, and wound up running the club ourselves and that's where some of you got started! THESE ARE REAL OPPORTUNITIES, IF YOU'RE WILLING TO BEGIN HUMBLY, AND NOT BE TOO PUSHY. God will lead and show you the way and open the doors, but don't try to batter it down!
       39. "THE HEART OF KINGS IS IN HIS HAND, AND HE TURNETH IT WHITHERSOEVER HE LISTETH:" and "promotion cometh not from the East or from the West, but from above!" LET GOD DO IT! (Pro.21:1; Ps.75:6,7) JUST BE THERE, READY, WILLING, ABLE, AND AVAILABLE, WHEN IT HAPPENS! Praise the Lord? Then you'll know it's the Lord, and not you, and He'll get all the glory! Hallelujah! Some of these things I'm telling you to do, some of you are already doing, and doing a great job of it, God bless you! Before they call, I will answer, and while I was yet speaking, I found some of you were already acting on it before you even got my Letter. The Holy Spirit is faithful, and works on both ends of the line, so my Letter may come as nothing more than a confirmation to encourage you that you're on the right track! This has happened so many times recently that it's wonderful! Praise the Lord, this shows God is leading us both, Praise God, Hallelujah, Amen! Keep it up! Do it!


       40. (J) PUBLICITY OFFERS. Most groups who are making news have regular press secretaries who issue regular news releases or bulletins about their regular activities. How much more newsy is this irregular outfit with its irregular activities! We really make news, and the sensational kind of stuff they love--real action--and action always steals the show, as Abbie Hoffman proved in his Revolution for the Hell of It, and Jerry Rubin in Do It, as well as all the other agitators, demonstrators, etc. IT MAY BE SOMEBODY ELSE'S SHOW, BUT A SAMPLE IS BETTER THAN A SERMON ANY DAY, AND YOUR ACTION WILL ALWAYS ATTRACT MORE ATTENTION THAN THEIR SERMONS. Even one little picket can attract more cameras than all the hot air of the politicians--and one picture is worth a thousand words, or a whole lot more! So do it! Use it!
       41. Some groups even issue news releases to the various news media (radio, TV, and newspapers), even before the action, bragging about what they're gonna do, so the photogs will be sure and be there. ONCE THEY KNOW YOU'VE GOT IT, AND HAVE PROVED YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT, THEY'LL BE BEGGING YOU FOR ADVANCE NOTICE, as they have done us in the past, SO THEY'LL BE SURE AND NOT MISS IT. After all, they're only human, not prophets like us!--They don't know where it's gonna happen--you may have to tell 'em, and they usually appreciate it. You can get some good tips on how to do this without bragging, from our dear faithful Brother Abner, Amos, and others, who have done it in the past, by casually phoning the news agencies, acting like they weren't even one of us, but merely an observer who thought they'd like to know, and saying, "Hey, have you seen those funny lookin' pickets down in front of so-and-so!" or, "Have you guys heard about the wild group in the park, and the big mob gathering there? Do you think it'll be a riot? We like your paper, and just though you'd like to know!" Or, "Are your cameramen getting that scene down on Main Street? Wow, it's really far out! What a picture! You mean you haven't even heard about it?" Nobody wants to be ignorant; everybody wants to know what's going on, especially the news agencies, and remember, it takes a little time to get there, especially a camera crew, and they've always got some deadline to meet, and a lot of other stories to cover, so why not be charitable and give 'em a little help with a phone call or news bulletins to radio stations, advance notice to camera crews of TV, etc.? Amen! THE NEWS MEDIA LOVE ACTION, THEY CAN HARDLY RESIST ANYTHING WHICH MIGHT MEAN A POSSIBLE CONFRONTATION, or some kind of trouble, so they'll love you for letting them know about it in advance if possible, especially if you've already got a good reputation for the same! Let them know who you are, what you do, the networks, newspapers, and magazines you've been on and in, so they'll know you're really newsworthy, and it's bound to be worth their while to take all the time, trouble, and expense to come out and see you. Remember, these boys are the busiest in the business, have a lot of places to go, and things are happening all over the place, so make it sound good, like it's really gonna be a scene, with some real action! Savvy? O.K.! So much for ADVANCE NOTICES TO NEWS MEDIA OF EVENTS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! DON'T KNOCK IT--USE IT! BUT FOR REGULAR, OR IRREGULARS STANDARD PRESS RELEASES, DON'T NEGLECT THE MINISTRY OF THE MAIL! Some newspapers and radio stations, in particular, appreciate the latest news of interesting events that have just happened, because a newspaper is not really a newspaper; it's actually a history sheet of things that have already taken place--and if it's not too old, they can still count it as news, if you strike while the iron is hot, and shoot 'em an airmail bulletin right after it's happened. Some of this kind of stuff they can use on a once-a-week youth show or youth page or feature section of topical interest, such as "Famous Youth Group Has Just Opened New Colony" here or there; or, "New Method has Amazing Success With Dope Problems"; or, "Strange Vigilists Stop Near Riot"; etc., etc., etc., There's no limit to the possibilities, because, let's face it, we really make news, and they'll be glad to have it! Use It!
       42. This will take care of the voluntary offers of publicity and requests for news; but, of course, UNSOLICITED NEWS COVERAGE IS STILL BEST, but they can always use a little unsolicited casual, and unofficial tip, as described above, on phone calls! Use It! But don't underestimate the advantages of the other also, particularly when they write in and ask for it; but don't act like they're the only radio station that asked for it, either! Make like you're used to sending out these bulletins, since they're in such demand, and write and say, "Why, of course, we'll be happy to send you a copy of our regular weekly press releases, or news items! Thanks for your offer!" OR WRITE THE STATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS WHO HAVEN'T ASKED FOR IT, AND ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A WEEKLY COPY OF THESE RELEASES FOR THEIR LOCAL NEWS, AND ENCLOSE A SAMPLE. Address them to the News Director of radio or TV stations, or the Youth Editor of the local newspaper GOOD NEWS ABOUT YOUTH is kinda rare nowadays, ESPECIALLY YOUTH WHO ARE SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS, INSTEAD OF BEING A PROBLEM--so they'll probably be glad to have it, a good sample, instead of all the damn sermons floatin' around on how to solve the youth or drug problem without any actual examples or proof!


       43. Of course, there are about 67,000 radio stations, and 600 TV stations, along with an almost unlimited number of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc., in our own country alone, not even counting the rest of this world; so that could stack up quite a mailing list, and postage bill, which is the reason for your first letter, asking if they would like to have it, and waiting for their response and actual request for it before you begin regular mailings. They probably won't all jump at the chance, so your publicity mailing list for regular news releases might not be too large to handle! Anyhow, it's something to think, pray, and plan about! Use it! A COPY OF YOUR PROPOSED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER COULD BE JUST THE THING FOR THE JOB! It could serve a multitude of uses, both for inter-colony news exchange, with a copy for every single one of our folks, as well as to pass out to kids when witnessing, put in with the monthly prayer letter, send out to the news media, etc., etc.; Hallelujah! I think it's a great idea; it just dawned on me this would be the solution to all these problems--our own newspaper, not only to be shared with us and our friends and prospects, but also with the news media! That's terrific! Must've been the Lord! Praise God! Hallelujah! If others can do it, we could do even better!
       44. THE SOUL CLINIC USED TO DO IT--WHY NOT NOW? Fred and Willie are geniuses at this, and did it for years, along with their helpers. They got out a real good little paper, with a circulation of over 300,000--an 8-page little tabloid sheet full of pictures and fascinating news of Christians in action around the world! Of course, theirs was only a monthly, but we used to wait eagerly from month to month for all the latest news about our comrades in arms everywhere, and we really enjoyed it, including some good lessons and editorials by Fred and others to inspire us. It usually included a little box item with the Plan of Salvation, SO IT COULD BE USED AS A TRACT AS WELL, AND IT'S "SAMPLE" news on actual witnessing in action was terrifically convicting, even for Christians, and we used to bombard the church parking lots with 'em during "services"--if you want real trouble from false shepherds as well as a few rather uncertain friends!
       45. We're on the subject of letters, but this continuation of the Book of Acts, "The Acts of the Children of God" (ACTS in big letters, and the rest in fine print right beside it or beneath it for the title, as you suggested, or maybe some of you will come up with something even better; the Lord is not limited!)--THIS COULD BE YOUR BEST LETTER YET, AND ONE THAT WILL COVER A TREMENDOUS VARIETY OF USES, and spread His Message further than you ever dreamed into all the world and to every creature! Amen? Of course, it's a seemingly insurmountable, mountainous job, only for mountain men and women, but THERE ARE NO ALPS TO THE CHILDREN OF GOD, AND IT'S JUST ANOTHER MOUNTAIN RANGE TO CONQUER. All things are possible to him that believeth, and with God nothing shall be impossible! Hallelujah! Have faith and start working, climbing! It's gonna be a rugged climb, but the view from the summit is worth it, every rocky step of it, and probably the most effective way to get our Message out to the whole world. There aren't enough of us to personally reach everybody, and probably never will be, BUT WE CAN MULTIPLY OURSELVES BY THIS MEANS INTO MANIFOLD MILLIONS! Amen?
       46. As any of you know, who have ever worked on a newspaper, high school, college, or otherwise, you know what a job it is, but with every need, God will supply, PTL! And the first need, as usual, are the labourers, which it seems, are always too few! The Lord, Himself, admitted this ! They just won't break fast enough!--But God is able! IF YOU'VE HAD ANY EXPERIENCE WHATEVER IN NEWSPAPER WORK, REPORTING, JOURNALISM, COMPOSITION, LAYOUT, FORMAT, EDITING, PROOFREADING, PRINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, ETC., PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND! Now is the time to get started!
       47. THIS IS A WHOLE NEW MINISTRY IN ITSELF, AND THE FIRST AND FOREMOST NEED IS A TOP-FLIGHT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO EVERYTHING IN THE BUSINESS, from copy boy to headliner, and who can choose out from among you men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business! Especially that reporting part! GOOD HONEST REPORTING IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE NEWSPAPER BUSINESS! Your news articles must be brief, colourful, and to the point, with facts, figures, names, places, and exciting description of the action! Not the boring, monotonous everyday routine outline of some of your logs! These details of when you got up in the morning, and what time you ate breakfast, and what you had to cook, and who did the cooking, and who led the devotions, and who procured the food, and how much they gave you, and whether you had indigestion or not, and that the children enjoyed playing in the yard--all this is important, interesting, and even indicative to us leaders, and necessary to know how you're getting along, and what you should or should not do so keep it up; we'll try to read it all, if we can! God help us!


       48. BUT AS HOSEA HAS POINTED OUT TO YOU, OUR COLONIES WILL SOON BE SO NUMEROUS, EVEN YOUR LOVING LEADERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ EVERY WORD. You'll be publishing a book every day on your daily routine, activities, and we couldn't possibly read it all! It takes nearly all of our time, even two of us right now, just to read all of your mail--logs, reports, etc., much less answer it, when this is what we're devoting our full time to. Have pity on your poor other leaders who are there with you, and fully active in many other capacities, duties, councils, counselling, teaching, witnessing, managing, deciding, studying, praying, representing, etc.! They simply can't do it--it's humanly, physically impossible for each leader to hear or read all of your logs from every colony, although it's extremely important that you keep them for daily record, for your own benefit, a reference diary of important events to be shared with us, as well, Praise the Lord!
       49. BUT SOME OF YOU JUST DON'T SEEM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT'S IMPORTANT AND WHAT'S NOT IMPORTANT, and your log is a real drag!--A monotonous, detailed, record of almost every insignificant move you make! I'm sorry, but we know you probably get up in the morning, and eat every day, and have prayer and devotions, and wash the dishes, and go to the store--and I'm surprised you don't tell us how many times you go to the bathroom! After all, this is important to your health, and our genuine concern for you, but it's not really newsworthy for the rest of the brethren. They also have to go to the bathroom, and probably know you must have to, too! So let's take that for granted. Let's move on to something unusual, that doesn't happen everyday, even a little out of the ordinary--something new and different! That's what news is! The headlines in this morning's paper are not "The President brushed his teeth this morning". But what did he do today that he didn't do yesterday? WHAT HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED TODAY THAT YOU WON'T HAVE TO DO AGAIN TOMORROW, SOME REAL PROGRESS, SOME REAL NEWS, AN ANSWER TO PRAYER, A NEW BLESSING, A NEW LESSON LEARNED, TESTIMONY OF A NEW DISCIPLE, A NEW PLACE OF WITNESSING, A NEW TEAM, A NEW COLONY, A NEW ACTIVITY, A NEW VISITOR, a new event, a new baby, a new marriage, even a new problem, new personnel, new animals, new donations, new contacts, new skits, new revelations, new prophecies, new plans, new anything!--THAT'S WHAT THE WORD "NEWS" MEANS--SOMETHING NEW AND INTERESTING-something out of the ordinary from your regular routine! And they "spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell or to hear some new thing!" I hope you don't have to spend all your time at it, like the Athenians did in Acts 17, but it turned out to be an excellent opportunity for Paul to get out his important message in their local newspapers --Mars Hill! But if "this babbler" hadn't had anything new to say they probably would have been bored to tears, or not even listened in the first place, but "the people seek a new thing", so they put him in the paper, the "Mars Hill"! Try making it news!
       50. Of course, it's all news to us, but you couldn't possibly put it all in the paper; IT MAY FIT YOUR LOG, BUT NOT THE NEWSPAPER, especially not all of the items mentioned above, even if they're news to you and us. It must be real news to others!
       51. Some of you new writers need to take some tips from some of the older ones, and some of you older ones could even use a few from the new ones. A LOT IS IN THE WAY YOU WRITE, HOW EXCITED YOU ARE ABOUT IT. IF YOU'RE NOT EMOTIONAL, NOBODY ELSE IS GONNA BE! If it didn't thrill you, your drab account of it isn't gonna thrill anybody else, either. Jael can even make little piggies running down the road a fascinating and exciting story with a moral, and a new lesson is learned by all. Or Carmel can make a new disciple sound like a truly fascinating person, real, live, warm, and human, with problems just like you and me, but prospects like us too--not just another statistic; another day, another disciple! DON'T WRITE YOUR FACT LIKE IT WAS FICTION; MAKE IT EXCITING! TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION, STRONGER THAN FICTION, AND SHOULD BE EVEN MORE THRILLING! Make it sound that way--and some of you do!
       52. BUT SOME OF YOU CAN TAKE THE MOST EARTHSHAKING EVENTS, AND BOIL 'EM DOWN TO A COUPLE OF CRACKS IN THE WALL, and completely ignore all the things we're eager to hear! After all, didn't we know you had an earthquake? Didn't we read it in the paper? Can't we guess what probably happened at the colony? Why should you bother to tell us about it? Can't we read your minds? Aren't we psychic? Don't we know everything that's going on without the log? I'm sorry, but I'm not God, not omnipresent and omniscient. WE STILL NEED YOUR LOG, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING, ESPECIALLY YOUR ARTICLE FOR THE NEWSPAPER!
       53. SOME OF THE MOST FASCINATING AND INTERESTING DETAILS, GLORIOUS ANSWERS TO PRAYER, AND THRILLING EVENTS we have to learn from some of your personal notes or letters, or somebody else's log--You didn't even think it was worth mentioning! TRY TO ASK GOD TO HELP YOU KNOW WHAT'S IMPORTANT, WHAT WE WANNA KNOW, WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW, AND IN THE NEWSPAPER, WHAT WILL INTEREST OTHERS, AS WELL. Don't go on forever with much ado about nothing, like some of us do! You have to listen to me, but they don't have to read your paper! If it's not absolutely fascinating, they'll throw it away! Of course, somebody else may pick it up who likes to be bored, and has nothing else to do, like reading the cereal box while you're eating breakfast, because there's nothing else within range to occupy your mind! I don't know how many cereal boxes I've memorised, just because that's all there was in sight at the moment! You better plaster that cereal box with Scriptures, or something important such as our newspaper! But for outsiders it had better be good--real interesting, exciting big news! And if they like it, I'm sure you'll like it--the insiders--so everybody'll be happy! Maybe you ought to keep that in mind when you're writing your logs! Would you like to read it, when you've got so much else to do? Is it so interesting you couldn't stand to lay it down till you finished it yourself--or is it just a chore you're tryin' to get rid of, just a daily drudgery, a necessary evil that you're compelled to perpetrate! If so, that's exactly what it'll sound like! If it's a bore to you, it will be to us, too--but if you're excited about it, we will be too!
       54. CUT IT SHORT! DON'T RAMBLE ON LIKE I DO, UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING AS IMPORTANT TO SAY AS I DO! REMEMBER, "THE LONGER THE SPOKE, THE GREATER THE TIRE!" SOME OF YOU SEEM TO THINK A COLONY LOG IS LIKE A TURKEY--JUST SOMETHING TO BE STUFFED WITH SCRAPS TO MAKE IT LOOK BIGGER, AND GO FARTHER! Maybe you oughtta try writing one of those 60-word 10-second commercials that plays for a thousand dollars a throw, and see how much you could pack in to get your money's worth! You can see what Fred finally had to do with his workers for their weekly reports, and now with us! In exasperation at the long-winded, as well as the unfactual, dull, and slothful, he finally had to send out a little one-page outline with only so much space, and only certain items called for, in order to find out what he wanted to know, in the time he had to read it! MAYBE WE'LL HAVE TO START DOING THAT--INSIST ON A SUMMARY OF YOUR WEEKLY LOG, LIKE A FIRST-PAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS, HITTING THE HIGHLIGHTS, AND LISTING THE MOST NEWSY EVENTS OF IMPORTANCE which we should know about! Maybe you could put it right on top so we'd know if it was even worth reading! Try it! ACT LIKE YOU ONLY HAD A PARAGRAPH IN WHICH TO SUMMARISE THE ENTIRE WEEK'S NEWS, then maybe you'd have a good newspaper article, worthy of the paper, that everybody would have time to read! Like the headlines in the newspaper, or the magazine article titles--you scan it to see what looks interesting by reading the headlines, or looking at the pictures, and read what interests you. The headlines, titles, picture, and subtitles should really tell the whole story in brief condensed form--and the article gives the details, if you have time or interest enough to read them! Think it over.
       55. This is why Fred, or at least one reason why, HE FINALLY HAD TO BOIL DOWN HIS NEWSPAPER JUST TO A FOUR-PAGE PRAYER LETTER WITH LOTS OF PICTURES--that's all most people have time to read! I know myself with the hundreds of prayer letters we used to receive, I always used to read the brief, illustrated ones, immediately, but laid the long monotonous ones aside to pursue later. which was usually never--and they eventually wound up in File Z--the wastebasket, in a large stack of material I'd never have time to read! Even daily papers are too big to read all of them, but are headlined, illustrated, and departmentalised so you can pick out what you want! Let's do it.


       56. By the way, before I forget it, here's a foot note on the suggestions for stock paragraph answers to INVITATION TO HELP AT YOUTH COFFEE HOUSES, REHAB. CENTRES, etc.: Be sure you let them know what you expect in return for your help. You can do this in the form of a question, by asking what size team would they have housing for and can they furnish the food and expenses. If it sounds like someone who can afford your travelling expenses to get there as well, ask if they can advance your travelling expenses, such as the cost of the gas to get there. The labourer is worthy of his hire and muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn. The least you should expect with any of these invitations is your expenses. You're not asking for a salary or a profit, just your needs, which is what God has promised!
       57. If they sound like some little out fit or individual who themselves are living by faith and trusting God for their needs, and not sponsored by some big church or organisation, then tell 'em you're willing to trust God for your needs also, if they haven't got it. This is only fair. AND THE LESS YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR, THE LESS YOU'RE OBLIGATED TO DO IT THEIR WAY, THE MORE FREEDOM YOU'LL HAVE TO DO AS GOD LEADS! We started out at our first such club by taking care of our own personal expenses, such as food and housing. Then as we become more active and more involved and God blessed more, instead of asking for more, we offered more by offering to help the sponsoring organisation on the utilities. Finally we even offered to pay the rent, and we took the whole thing over. The camel was inside, and the Arabs moved out, and the tent was ours, and we couldn't have been happier; no sweat!--Because YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEMS ARE NEVER FINANCIAL, BUT PEOPLE, PARTICULARLY TRYING TO WORK WITH OTHER PEOPLE, NOT OF YOUR OWN GROUPS--but this is often the way to worm your way in. If you're smart. Get 'em so dependent upon you, they can't do without you, so obligated to you, that they owe you more than you do them--and pretty soon, maybe they'd just as soon you'd run the whole show, and relieve them of the responsibility, you're doing such a good job; and after all, isn't that what they wanted in the first place--just to get the job done?--And if you could do it better than they, why not let you?--so they can be relieved!--unless they've got too much at stake, too much invested, and don't wanna donate it to you for the Lord's Work, which they should do! But if they won't, offer them a little donation for it: maybe they really need it. Don't be stingy--God's got plenty! PTL!(Which reminds me, Fred, Old Pal, have you made out your Will to us yet--at least part of it? You gotta leave enough at least to take care of Willie and the kids, but we'd be happy to have whatever's left over that they don't need! After all, we helped you earn it--how about a share in the business? God bless you! We've worked with you for nearly twenty years, and it's almost time for me to retire!--I know you'll do what's right! God bless you! We love you! At least you could let us have Texas, maybe, huh? But if not, God's got plenty of other places!--I just threw this in to see if you'd read as far as Page Ten! One of our boys could marry Pansy, and keep her on as Office Manager--she's a good one,--and you could retire Willie as President Emeritus, with a nice place to live and plenty of income--and we'd be sure and look after her and the kids! After all, raising ten kids is a big job in itself!--Yes, I said ten!--You're not quitting already, are you?--I'm not either! You know I love ya!)--Well, anyhow, you might at least pray about it!--It sounded like a good idea! Ha!


       58. This is a very good time for this item, since YOU NEED A STOCK PARAGRAPH FOR DONORS WHO ENCLOSE GIFTS WITH THEIR LETTERS, A PARAGRAPH OF APPRECIATION AND THANKS FOR THEIR INVESTMENT IN YOUR MINISTRY in the Lord's Work, stating, of course, that you are also enclosing a receipt for their gift. YOU MIGHT EVEN MENTION SOME SPECIAL NEED THAT THEIR GIFT HELPED TO COVER, which will encourage them to know that the Lord is using them, and led them to give it! And be sure to add a news paragraph changed at least weekly, about your fruitful activities, so they'll know you're worth the investment, which is paying Heavenly dividends in souls saved forever, the only thing we can take with us from this earth, Eternal Dividends--the joy of sharing the Kingdom forever with others whom they have helped to win! Amen? What greater rewards can anyone have for their services?--All this, and Heaven, too! Hallelujah! That's all I want, although I've had a Heaven of a good time gettin' this far, receiving an hundred-fold in this life and in the world to come, Life Eternal! Amen! You?
       59. THIS INCLUDES THANK-YOUS AND RECEIPTS FOR VALUE RECEIVED OF DONATIONS OF GOODS, equipment, materials, food, services, properties, etc.! Don't forget them! Amen? If you show folks you appreciate their help, they'll be encouraged to give again! PTL!


       60. We have already taken in a number of these which have proven very successful, including some of you! Keep up the good work! BE SURE THE BUSINESS MANAGER OR PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER ARRANGES THE DETAILS LEGALLY, and you could have a stock paragraph on the subject to answer such inquiries.


       61. As some already have, you will be receiving inquiries from those already in trouble with the law, or the draft, whose cases are not settled, like those whose debts are not paid, and who are actually already fugitives, or will be. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR RECOMMENDATION THAT THEY TRY TO SQUARE THINGS AWAY BEFORE THEY COME, OR THEY CAN GET YOU IN TROUBLE, TOO! DON'T JEOPARDISE THE WHOLE ARMY FOR ONE RISKY SOLDIER!


       62. FOR THE KIDS WHO WRITE IN, THAT CAN'T COME, YOU COULD HAVE A STOCK PARAGRAPH TO ASK IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A PEN PAL, one of our young folks to correspond with. This can be a real ministry in itself, another ministry of the mail. But put it in the form of a question so they'll have to write in again specifically requesting same, so you'll know they really want it. You could ask if they prefer a boy or a girl to write to and what age group, nationality, interests, etc. When they have written back requesting same, ask for volunteers from their age group with the qualifications selected, to write to them regularly. This could develop into a real witnessing programme, and hang on to them for the Lord until they're able to come. In our early days, Josh even worked up a series of form letters for use with these kids, which were very good, but a little lengthy; but this way you can make sure they're getting what they need, like a correspondence course, simple, brief, and with the safest points and literature and lessons to give outsiders. IF YOU'D HAVE SOMEBODY WORK UP A BASIC SERIES OF THESE, CONTAINING MEMORY WORK SUGGESTIONS, SETS, OUR BASIC DOCTRINES, EVEN TESTS, YOU COULD ENCOURAGE THEM, AS WELL AS KEEP THEM INTERESTED. You could even offer special prizes, such as a week or a month at camp during the Summer time free of charge, if their folks will furnish the transportation, like sending them to a summer camp. What have they got to lose?--Nothing but their child! And some of 'em would be glad for them to get lost for at least a few weeks, as long as they think it's not permanent, during the Summer, when school's out, and they don't know what to do with 'em. It only takes a few days of teenagers hanging around the house, or getting into trouble when school's out to convince 'em, and maybe the parents will remember your offer to take 'em off their hands for a while. [DELETED]


       63. SOME OF OUR REAL HUMOURISTS, WRITERS, AND CARTOONISTS, LIKE JACOB, COULD WHIP UP A GREAT LITTLE ILLUSTRATED SERIES LIKE THIS (no little ladies or four-letter words!) which we could print up, and would really wow the kids. This doesn't all have to be done in a day--let him just start with Lesson No.1!--That's all you need right now--and get it moving. THIS COULD EVEN BE OUR COMIC BOOK SERIES, and THE KIDS WHO COMPLETE SO MANY LESSONS, MEMORISE SO MANY SCRIPTURES, AND PASS SO MANY TESTS BY CORRESPONDENCE WILL HAVE THE JUMP ON ALL THE REST OF THE BABES, INCLUDING REQUIRING SO MANY HOURS WITNESSING TIME A WEEK, OR SOME SUCH! You could even promise 'em as another reward, that if they complete all these lessons satisfactorily, they'll be permitted to skip Grade One when they get to school, or be relieved of some of its duties or requirements, at least, since they already know the material! How about that? Amen? Do it!
       64. BE SURE OUR PEN PAL ENCLOSES A LITTLE PERSONAL NOTE WITH EACH LESSON he sends the kid, to show him personal love and interest! OUR PEN PAL SHOULD ALSO FOLLOW HIS PROGRESS THIS WAY, CORRECT THE LESSONS, RETURN THE RESULTS, AND CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE HIS CORRESPONDENT TO KEEP ON KEEPING ON--the goal is not far away! Hallelujah! Great! Even other little prizes could be offered along the way to keep him interested, and faithful, such as a snapshot of his pen pal, a Gospel of John, a New Testament, a Bible, and other successive rewards, according to his progress in the course, for each phase completed! How's that? God does it for us; why not them? Amen? Maybe you could call 'em Pen Pal Pistles; or ("Pistols", as my little secretary just suggested. That would really excite 'em!--Or maybe you've got a better idea!). Just do it! THIS COULD TURN INTO ONE OF OUR MAJOR MINISTRIES AROUND THE WORLD, IN EVERY COUNTRY ON THE GLOBE--A WHOLE DEPARTMENT IN ITSELF, AND ANOTHER FULL TIME JOB FOR SOMEBODY, or several somebodies. The sky's not even the limit, because we'll meet Him in the air! Hallelujah! THERE'S NO LIMIT TO WHAT WE CAN DO IF WE FOLLOW GOD! Praise the Lord!


       65. While we're on the subject of writing and the newspaper, maybe we could have a contest for our kids to name it, if you haven't already decided, or God hasn't already named it! ACTS is good enough for me; I always did say we're the continuation of that Book, so why not? But how about a contest for writers? Give 'em all a specific news item, or the same event to write up, and tell 'em to each describe it in just one paragraph, or have each of them who volunteer to participate write just one paragraph on his own camp's activities, or experiences, or testimonies, etc., sign it with his Bible name, colony, etc., and promise to use the winners in the new newspaper! How's that for gettin' your articles written and find out who your writers are! If some of these scribes are good enough at it, you might have 'em put on full time in each colony, as its official reporter for the paper, not just a log roller, but a real news reporter! You could divide the contest into age groups, classes, or divisions, such as the BBB's, the grade school, the high school, the college, the faculty, the nursery (one of the nurses could write it for one of the babies in baby talk!), and each of the various departments for its best news, maybe even a spot for leadership news and foreign correspondent. WHICH REMINDS ME, YOU CAN KEEP ON CALLIN' ME MO, 'CAUSE THAT'S WHAT GOD CALLED ME. PAUL IS JUST FOR LOOKS! And Editor, no apologies! You're doin' the greatest job in the Work! Just get more help! You should only write and manage! Let others check the logs! I'm with you!


       66. P.S. Photocopies should be made immediately for your out posts--that means all twelve pages or more! You'd better get your photocopier working, and NOW, because the new colonies need these Letters immediately, and not enough duplicates are needed to necessitate the lengthy and costly and labour-consuming process of mimeoing these Letters for leaders only, unless they are all done in one place and sent out to all the leaders all over the place; otherwise, a few photocopies would do the trick. ALTHOUGH IT WOULD BE NICE IF EVERY LEADER HAD HIS OWN COPY. HOWEVER, SPEED IS ESSENTIAL IN THIS DISTRIBUTION OF MY LETTERS TO THE LEADERS FOR THEIR IMMEDIATE INSTRUCTION, so it seems that photocopying could solve the immediate problem. California could photocopy for their colonies, Texas could photocopy for their branches, and eventually even Cincy could photocopy for those in the East, God Willing!
       67. I DON'T KNOW THE SOLUTION; THE TECHNICALITIES ARE YOUR JOB. Maybe you've got a better idea. I can hear somebody saying, "It'd help if you wouldn't write such long Letters!" On the other hand, WHAT I'M ACTUALLY DOING IS STILL TEACHING IN THESE LEADERSHIP LETTERS FOR LEADERSHIP CLASSES--and you know how long-winded those always were! I just can't seem to leave out anything; everything seems so important; There's so much I have to tell you, and so much you need to know! I don't know what I could've left out of this Letter, for example--you name it! It all seems pretty vital to me, except maybe the homey little jokes and illustrations, the stories, the humour, and the examples that liven it up a bit, and are the spice of life, and keep you from going to sleep. You probably won't remember anything else, anyhow!
       68. REMINDS ME OF THE STORY,--HERE I GO AGAIN--ABOUT THE ROMAN SENATOR, who was droning on about the calamities of the falling Empire, when he noticed that everybody was going to sleep, so he stopped and started telling a story about a donkey. Immediately everybody woke up and started listening. Then suddenly he stopped right in the middle of the story, and went on telling about how Rome was falling down around their ears--and they all began to howl, "Finish the story about the donkey!" He looked at them gravely, and said, "I was telling you about the collapse of our Empire, and you'd rather hear a story about a donkey!" Well, that's just human nature; everybody loves a story, and Jesus and Paul and all the other great preachers I ever heard of loved to tell stories, because they always get folks' attention! IN FACT, THE GREATEST PREACHERS WERE ALWAYS THE GREATEST STORYTELLERS! We're all like little children, and we've gotta be drawn a picture to understand the point--and I'm so full of stories, they're always popping out to illustrate something that just fits the picture, so I hope you'll forgive me, but I just can't help it! So there now I've just given you an illustration to illustrate the illustration! Ha! PTL!


       69. But I don't know! If you leaders are as snowed under with paper work as we are now, since you've all started being so faithful in communicating in such wonderful detail, I don't know how you're ever gonna get it all read, much less written! SOMEBODY'S GOTTA COME UP WITH AN IDEA TO SOLVE THIS FLOOD-OF-PAPER BOTTLENECK. I THINK MAYBE THE NEWSPAPER'S IT. The logs are getting so lengthy, I don't even see how you colonies have time to read each other's logs. Certainly not all of the details are necessary to be read to everybody; even our little staff here is gonna have to send for another member soon, just to help with the reading, much less the writing! I think you're gonna have to do the same! APPOINT A FAST FULL-TIME READER JUST TO STUDY ALL THE LOGS AND REPORTS THAT COME IN, AND JUST PICK OUT THE BEST PARTS TO READ TO ALL THE KIDS, JUST LIKE YOU DO WITH THE MAIL THAT COMES IN! You couldn't possibly read it all to everybody--there's gotta be a limit, and I think we've all about reached our limit! How about you? Maybe I need to go upstairs and find out how God runs His office; but of course, He's got a lot of supernatural equipment and supermen to process all the data, and take action on it in supernatural ways--But he must have quite a system to handle three billion people, with all those reports, records, and reactions! Wow!--What books those must be! "And the books were opened!" Wow!--secretaries and office managers--that'll be the day, when we find out how God does it and how He's been doing it for thousands of years! Think of the size of those files! Ha! And we think we got problems!--Praise the Lord!--This is nothin'! So let's try!
       70. I'm beginning to feel sorry for the poor President and the Federal Government. Imagine what they have to go through to process all their mail and business! I'M JUST BEGINNING TO REALISE WHAT IT'S GONNA MEAN TO TAKE CARE OF OUR NEW LITTLE NATION as it grows with such woes, nobody knows!--So I propose that we do something about it NOW, before all this paperwork gets out of hand! I don't want to spend the rest of my life pushin' papers--I got too many things I wanna tell you! GOD'S GOTTA SEND US MORE PAPER PUSHERS TO HELP WITH THE JOB, SO YOU AND I CAN BE FREE TO LEAD AND TEACH, AS APOSTLES AND ELDERS SHOULD, INSTEAD OF GETTING SO INVOLVED IN TENDING TABLES!
       71. P.S. continued: See, I can't even write a one-page P.S., let alone a one-page Letter! Anyhow, something's got to be done about it--so maybe we'd better just cut out everything else, and you guys only read my Letters, and I'll just read yours, and just keep the logs for the record! Ha! I wish it were that easy, but IT'S ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT THAT WE, YOUR LEADERS COMB EVERY WORD OF YOUR LOGS FOR POTENTIAL PROBLEMS, MISTAKES, DIFFICULTIES, ETC., SO WE CAN HELP YOU, EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW YOU NEED IT, so somebody's gotta read 'em! We read everything here, but with all else you guys have got to do, I don't see how you can each read everything there! It's just a physical impossibility; so let's get out that newspaper, and each colony appoint someone as a full time editor and reader of logs, to read the others and edit your own, so you can pick out the important things for the paper, from your own, and from the others for your leadership! Savvy? Above all, pray, and God will lead!
       72. OUR LITTLE ONE-ROOM DOMICILIARY OFFICE, WITH IT'S STAFF OF TWO, ARE WORKING OUT A PROCESSING, ROUTING, AND READING ROUTINE, THAT HELPS US SHARE THE LOAD, and everything that's in your mail, and still get these Letters written to you! Maybe you can do the same. We've given you a lot of advice on how to handle the mail from outsiders, but these inter-Colony communications are something else, and portend to be more voluminous than the outside mail, so I hope these suggestions will be some help!--and get that newspaper rolling, so we won't have to read the whole congressional record to pick out a few good speeches and important news items! Amen? God bless you!--AND DON'T FORGET THE COMIC STRIPS!--WHAT'S A NEWSPAPER WITHOUT COMICS?--AND WE OUGHTTA BE ABLE TO COOK UP SOME DOOSIES WITH THE TALENT WE'VE GOT, LIKE JACOB, SAMSON, EMAN, ETC. PTL!
       73. The new English folks we're getting sound like a good beginning for the London team, a real eye-opener--that Fleetwood Mac couple, Jeremy and his wife, as soon as you can get them trained, because we'll need British citizens who can stay there and see it through, not just American tourists! so pray! God's will be done! LONDON IS THE CENTRE OF EVERYTHING IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD, SO PRAY GOD'LL OPEN THE DOOR! Amen?


       74. Before I haven't got any room left on this page, I must give you this copy of Fred's notes to me scribbled on his last prayer letter! God bless him for sending me the good one I requested. Your pictures are beautiful, although that Tie and Tails choir nearly cracked me up! Wow! What a cover-up for a multitude of sinners! Ha! Anyhow, for him, his notes were very encouraging, so I wanna pass 'em on to you here: (And he also used the box number and plastered it nearly all over the envelope as big as life, so at least he got the point, Thank God! It's about time for the rest of you. So here it is, as translated from his own dear little inimitable scrawl!--
       75. "My Brother (he must be feelin' good!)--Please don't be too concerned about Faith. The suit will be settled out of court this week--no sweat! Nuisance suit--not really anyone's fault, but the sick mother. Your words of wisdom were good, relative to dealing with parents and public. My information about John T. is all good--forceful and overworked, too much responsibility too fast, but he is making it. (Then he crossed out the paragraph on the prayer letter about building the barn, and said instead:) This is out. We just bought another ranch. I sense someone's attempting to split the ranks. This could kill us. A man told me once not to try or attempt to settle all my children's problems or differences. Everyone is doing all they can with what they have. Let us give them a great deal of encouragement right now. All my prayers and love. Please don't worry about Uncle Fred getting all the glory. I will tell you if I don't like something. I love you and all of yours. Also, I want God's best for us all--FJ. P.S. I spoke to Arnie about the box number. He told his secretary to convey the information, but someone slipped. I enjoy your Letters, and always study them. Your reflections on Israel were so true: no one gets in without Christ!"--Well, Hallelujah!--I can tell he's feelin' real good!--That appeal for the barn musta really paid off, praise the Lord, so he bought another ranch instead! Amen!
       76. In everything give thanks!--That must a been what he had to raise so much dough for, on that one show, so he could pay cash and save the finance charges!--Smart, man! God bless him!--He's a good steward or God wouldn't've trusted him with so much!--Amen? Now let's hope He gives it all to us for God's use!--Amen?--And He will if we need it. His remarks about you oughtta make you feel good, John!--And he's right! God bless you!
       77. My reply was: "O.K., Fred--You love 'em up and I'll be your hatchet man! New Ranch sounds great!--Fill it up! No split--don't worry--just a spanking! Right!--You can't solve 'em all!--Just spank 'em and Love 'em!--Love you too!--MO. Thanks for using Box No!
       78. More later!--FINAL FLASHES: New radio programme sounds great!--But do it at the studio!--Your tapes are lousy!--Not near broadcast standards!--And they can help you. Sorry about your bad break Grace--His grace is sufficient! Shad, since you and Peter don't jive, let split to Ky. or Tx.?--OK, Pete? Love ya! I think a little separation will do you good too Jeth!--How 'bout L.A.? When I said burn the books, I didn't mean school books! More gals in Outposts! Teach Babes in your hide out, Leaders! Let Vets run posts. Where's their free time, Tx? Only one life, HOSEA! Good going WTX! God bless you, Faith! Love, Dad.

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family