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"LONDON"--MO       March 14, 1971       NO.58--LTA

       1. My dearly beloved Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious name! Thank you so much for your recent communications and faithfulness in keeping us posted. We were so flooded there for a while, with mail, since you've gone to the opposite extreme now, we were wondering how we were gonna get it all read; but we're now beginning to get organised on that score, and are beginning to see the light. Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for your faithfulness!


       3. Most parents are pleased when their children are able to get along on their own with little or no help or direction from the parent any more. However, if we're going to continue to work together as a team, we must keep in touch with each other as well as the Lord! I believe we have been fairly faithful at this, in trying to keep in touch with you, although many of our Letters have been on general needs, but we have also been specific about personal problems, even mentioning you by name when the occasion warrants. But since WE PREFER TO DEAL WITH MOST OF THESE PROBLEMS IN A BROADER WAY, IN ORDER THAT THEY MIGHT BE A LESSON TO ALL WHO HAVE SIMILAR PROBLEMS, you may not have felt this was personal enough in your specific case. However, I believe this is certainly more personal than merely depending on logs and others' reports to keep me informed, when I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU--A LETTER FROM THE LEADER--WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL INTERPRETATION OF THINGS, AND YOUR PERSONAL VIEWS AND SUGGESTIONS ON PROBLEMS.--And I've still only had one personal letter from you, Josh in the past two months!
       4. I know that YOU FEEL THAT A SAMPLE'S BETTER THAN A SERMON, and that the reports of your actions there are speaking louder than your words to us, but I STILL WANNA HEAR FROM YOU PERSONALLY, TO TELL ME WHAT YOU PERSONALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON; WHAT YOUR IDEAS AND PLANS ARE FOR THE FUTURE, as well as the history of what's already happened, that I can read in the reports. I have not received your answers to many questions which I have asked, nor your reaction to many suggestions I've made, regarding many plans and policies, and it's been a sort of a one-way conversation. I'D RATHER HEAR FROM YOU EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, SO THAT I KNOW WHAT YOU PERSONALLY ARE THINKING. OTHERWISE, THE ONLY CONCLUSION I CAN DRAW FROM YOUR SILENCE IS THAT YOU DON'T LIKE IT, and are simply afraid to say so, so you just don't say anything! I'VE SELDOM FOUND THAT SILENCE BREEDS CONSENT: IT MORE OFTEN BREEDS A SMOLDERING, HIDDEN, RESENTMENT, which is fearful of being voiced, and therefore says nothing. OTHERWISE, YOU WOULD BE RESPONDING ENTHUSIASTICALLY IN AGREEMENT; FOR "OUT OF THE FULLNESS OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKETH," and "let the redeemed of the Lord say so"; "for how can two walk together except they be agreed." (Lu.6:45; Ps.107:2; Amo.3:3) Maybe I'm wrong--but what's the matter, Josh?--Why aren't you writing?
       5. I APPRECIATE THE FAITHFUL REPORTS FROM YOUR UNDER-OFFICERS, BUT WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU, I WANT YOU TO ANSWER ME--and we still haven't heard from you on many of these matters, and if we don't hear, we don't know what you're thinking about them! THE ONLY THING THAT I CAN THINK OF IS THAT I MUST HAVE HURT YOUR FEELINGS BY SOME OF THE THINGS I'VE SAID, AND THE SCOLDINGS I'VE GIVEN, WHICH YOU PERHAPS TOOK TOO PERSONALLY, and therefore are mad at me and just won't write. But I don't think I've given it to you any hotter than I have to some other leaders, and they have taken it, said they're sorry, and we go on from there.--BUT IF THERE'S ANYTHING ANY SOLDIER HAS GOT TO LEARN TO DO, AS YOU OUGHTTA KNOW, IS TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A CUSSIN' OUT FOR HIS MISTAKES, by his commanding officer, and say "Yes, Sir; thank you, sir; and what next, sir?"--even if it hurts! THIS IS A WAR, AND WE HAVE LITTLE TIME FOR SENSITIVITY, AND NURSING OUR WOUNDS, OR HURT FEELINGS! WE MUST FIGHT ON!--IF THIS IS THE CASE.
       6. I AM SORRY IF I'VE OFFENDED YOU IN ANY WAY--BUT "blessed is he which is not offended in me," "and great peace have they which love my law, and nothing shall offend them." (Mt.11:6; Ps.119:165).
       7. Nevertheless, I BELIEVE THAT THE SCOLDINGS I HAVE GIVEN MANY OF YOU WERE JUSTIFIED AND AT LEAST PROFITABLE, EVEN IF YOU WEREN'T GUILTY; but I believe that the analysis that the Lord gives me of the situation is usually correct, even if it's hard to take; and again I exhort you to receive the chastening according to Hebrews 12, as an indication of my love for you, and desire that you not only be a good son, but a better one; not only that you do well, but even better, praise the Lord! Amen? If I have been wrong, I'm sorry! MAKING MISTAKES IS ONE WAY GOD HAS OF KEEPING US HUMBLE--AND I CERTAINLY MAKE MY SHARE OF THEM, BUT I'VE TRIED TO BE WILLING TO CONFESS THEM, to let you know that I know it--and if you think that I've made a mistake, at least I'd like to hear about it! It's your silence that worries me! IT'S DANGEROUS WHEN PEOPLE STOP TALKING TO EACH OTHER! I hope that my fears are unfounded in this regard, and that I'm wrong again, and that your lack of communication has merely been an oversight or neglect on your part; but, even if so, that is also a serious mistake on your part in the urgent and fast-moving work we're in! WHEN A LEADER GETS OUT OF TOUCH WITH HIS COMMANDING OFFICERS, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHETHER THEY'RE LAGGING BEHIND OR FORGING AHEAD, BECAUSE HE'S LOST CONTACT--AND THIS CAN BE VERY SERIOUS, AS YOU KNOW, IN ANY BATTLE!
       8. From all the other reports I receive, it looks like you're doing fine, there, much better now, I hope, in your handling of visitors; but of course, we can't tell too well, since even these reports have been very sketchy, and there still remain large gaps in your logs, and some missing entirely! ALL OF YOU LEADERS MUST REMEMBER THAT YOUR COLONY'S SECRETARY'S JOB IS A FULL-TIME JOB, AND SHE CANNOT BE RUNNING AROUND HITHER, THITHER, AND YON ON VARIOUS WITNESSING EXCURSIONS AND WHATNOT, NO MATTER HOW IMPORTANT, UNLESS SHE OR YOU APPOINT SOMEONE TO FAITHFULLY FILL HER SHOES WHILE SHE'S GONE, TO KEEP UP THE LOGS AND REPORTS, AND MAKE SURE THEY'RE NOT NEGLECTED. Maybe you can tell us what the problems is, Ruth; we need to know--and SOON! I'd hate to have Hosea to have to take the time and expense for a trip out there to find out, as we did in Texas, when he's urgently needed to help pioneer London now, I believe!
       9. BUT IT'S MORE IMPORTANT TO PRESERVE OUR PRESENT COLONIES AND THEIR LEADERSHIP AND UNITY, EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY, THAN IT IS TO ESTABLISH NEW ONES; and as I stopped him from going to Miami, to help redeem Texas, so he may have to delay going to London, to see what's wrong in L.A.! What's your problem, L.A.? Your reports, logs, and letters have been insufficient, and we'd also like to know what's happened to the logs, Ruth! Too bad to have to spend time on this problem, on the eve of our urgent invasion of London; but AN ARMY WHOSE COMMUNICATIONS ARE POOR, WITH SOME SECTORS OUT OF TOUCH, IS EITHER NOT READY, OR SORELY WEAKENED, FOR A NEW INVASION. We have been woefully lacking in some vital information from your end of the battle--not only on logs, letters, and your reactions to our suggestions on visitors, but also on such important news items as the effects of the earthquake, Faith's case, details and locations of your outposts, their personnel, your planned movements and changes, the King's reactions to suggested personnel exchanges, such as you to Texas and John to Los Angeles, etc. We still haven't heard what you plan to do about your babies and children there, where you plan to move them, or what you're doing about many of the other suggestions we have made regarding policies, plans, etc. Maybe you're acting on all these, for all we know, and there seems to be some evidence of it in some of your reports; but if so, you really haven't told us, and we would like to know, if you don't mind! Would you mind writing us a personal letter, and tell us what you are doing, or plan to do about these things? Thank you very much! We're still waiting to hear from you personally! And again LET THIS BE A LESSON TO ALL OF US: NEGLECT NOT TO COMMUNICATE! God bless you!
       10. Again, I'm sorry to have to take time for all this, but JUST WHEN WE'RE PREPARING A GREAT NEW ADVANCE, WE'RE HAVING A LITTLE PROBLEM WITH SOME OF YOU BRINGING UP THE REAR!--But now to get down to the urgent business of the present and future, which is at hand! May God help us!


       11. Before I answer your urgent questions about the London team, Hosea, I WANT TO RESTATE SOME OF MY BASIC SUGGESTIONS WHICH I HAVE MADE REGARDING TEAMS IN GENERAL; but which I've heard very little from any of you about, although your response has been quick to get some of these teams already on the road! Nevertheless, I'm a little concerned about the composition of some of these teams, from what I can see in your reports! They seem to be doing a good job, praise the Lord, and are already getting good results in various areas! And thank God for our new field base in Zion, which is serving two of Texas' major cities! Sounds like a great setup from the Lord! Praise the Lord!
       12. However, from what I can gather, there still seems to be a tendency to overload them with boys and keep the girls at home, for one thing! I THINK, IN ALL FAIRNESS, UNLESS THEY'RE ABOUT TO BE MOTHERS WITHIN A MONTH OR TWO, THERE SHOULD BE AS HIGH A PROPORTION OF GIRLS ON THESE TEAMS, AS THERE IS AT HOME! To send out a team of all boys and only one girl, and that one married to the leader, seems a little unfair to me, to both the boys and the girl involved! It's apt to overload her with too much motherly responsibility, as well as affection, as well as undersupply the boys with some of the comfort and companionship they need in the way of helpmeets, as well as to look rather peculiar to the general public. THERE SEEMS TO BE A LITTLE RELUCTANCE ON THE PART OF YOU LEADERS TOWARD MARRIAGES OF LATE, and some couples who requested to be married even before I left, are still not married, and some of our leaders who need to be married, and have requested marriage, are still not married, while some of our girls are nearly watering at the mouth for a husband! I'm inclined to believe that there's an unwillingness on the part of some of you bases to let go of your girls for marriage, or otherwise, and there have been surprisingly few marriages since I left, although many of our old-timers are still lacking wives or husbands! I tell you brethren, these things ought not to be so! AS I HAVE OFTEN SAID, THAT EXCEPT IN THE FEW RARE CASES OF THE EXTREMELY RARE EUNUCH, MOST MEN AND WOMEN NEED TO GET MARRIED, PARTICULARLY IN PLACES OF RESPONSIBILITY AND LEADERSHIP, AND ESPECIALLY IN THIS DAY AND AGE. "Except a man learn to rule his own household well, how can he rule" (1Tim 3:5), the children of God? IF HE'S NOT EVEN WILLING TO TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A WIFE, HOW CAN HE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR A WHOLE FAMILY? This also avoids many other problems, even if it adds a few, and I'm personally convinced, contrary to the personal opinions of the Apostle Paul, if you'll pardon me, My Dear Brother Paul--we can't expect to agree on everything, IT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION THAT MOST BOYS NOWADAYS NEED TO GET MARRIED--AND CERTAINLY MOST GIRLS, WHICH IS WHAT THEY WERE MADE FOR, and as few girls as we have in our outfit, they certainly need to get married, as we surely don't have that many eunuch boys--and I'M PERSONALLY CONVINCED THAT THEY'RE APT TO HAVE LESS PROBLEMS MARRIED THAN UNMARRIED--AND THAT A MAN CAN DEVOTE HIMSELF BETTER TO THE LORD'S SERVICE WHEN HE HAS SETTLED THIS MAJOR PROBLEM, as even Paul had to confess, in his "To Each His Own" exhortation: Let every man have his own wife, and every women her own husband, and that bishops, elders, pastors, and deacons ought to be married, as is manifest by his exhortations to them in both Timothy and Titus--CERTAINLY AT LEAST OUR OFFICERS SHOULD HAVE THIS PROBLEM SETTLED, SO THEY CAN UNITE TOGETHER IN THE LORD'S SERVICE!
       13. THIS IS PARTICULARLY TRUE OF THE NEW TEAMS YOU'RE SENDING OUT, certainly of their leadership, and if possible, of their officers. This should keep the proportion of women of the teams at least as high as it is at home, although in some cases, I grant, this may not be possible; but if not, I'd like to know why not; although I realise our boys outnumber our girls usually about two to one, CERTAINLY AT LEAST A SPRINKLING OF BABE GIRLS ON A TEAM OF MOSTLY BABE BOYS WOULD AT LEAST GIVE THEM ALL SOME HOPE, SOME COMFORT, SOME FEMALE COMPANIONSHIP AND AFFECTION, AND SOME COEDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE OF HOW TO GET ALONG WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE!
       14. I'll tell you right now that we are at the moment visiting IN A COUNTRY WHICH PERMITS ALMOST NO CONTACT BETWEEN THE SEXES BEFORE MARRIAGE--and I mean hardly even a conversation, hardly even a look, and where the marriages are all arranged by the parents, and the children given almost no choice whatsoever, and sometimes hardly see each other before they're married! But from what we can personally observe here, THIS HAS RESULTED IN MANY MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY MARRIAGES, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LEARN TO KNOW EACH OTHER, LOVE EACH OTHER, OR WORK TOGETHER, MUCH LESS LIVE TOGETHER, BEFORE MARRIAGE! It would amaze you!--You rarely even see a girl on the streets here, not many work, and they virtually never date unless some relative is along--and how many boys wanna take a girl out with her grandmother? Result: the streets, cafes, and theatres are filled with an almost 100 percent totally male society, so that it's almost unbelievable. We hardly know what a Greek girl looks like, much less a Turkish girl, who are even more Oriental in this practice!
       15. But as we have said, we have not found that this makes for a wholesome relationship between the sexes, much less happy marriages, and even worse, it has resulted in some of these countries being notorious for their homosexuality amongst men! If you wanna prevent this kind of a disaster, give our boys their women, and NOW! I am convinced from my own experience, and the experience of my children, and you, that THE MORE YOU LIVE TOGETHER AS BROTHER AND SISTER, WORKING, STUDYING, EATING, RELAXING, AND PLAYING TOGETHER, ETC., BEFORE MARRIAGE, THE BETTER YOU WILL KNOW EACH OTHER, AND KNOW WHETHER YOU ARE SUITED TO EACH OTHER, AND REALLY WANT TO LIVE TOGETHER, OR NOT. Because most of marriage is not sex, but the mere living together of daily life in all of its activities. IF THEIR ASSOCIATION CANNOT STAND THIS TEST, IT CERTAINLY WILL NOT STAND THE EVEN MORE SEVERE TEST OF MARRIAGE! How about it, leaders? Need I say more? It's time to take action along this line, especially before everybody's separated, and scattered out all over the place, with broken hearts and lonely separations from their loving prospects. IT'S BETTER TO GET THESE MATTERS SETTLED, EVEN BEFORE YOU SEND THEM OUT IN TEAMS, if you can; but if not, at least try to put a few hopefuls together on the outgoing teams. I'm all for marriage!--You oughtta know that by now! I think it's the greatest life in the world outside of serving Jesus--and thank God we can have both! Let's get with it, Folks!--BOYS AND GIRLS, WAKE UP YOUR LEADERS; BE PERSISTENT AND IMPORTUNATE, AND HOUND THEM 'TIL YOU GET AN ANSWER; OTHERWISE HOW ARE THEY GONNA KNOW YOU REALLY MEAN BUSINESS! Let's go, Kids! Let's get it together! Hallelujah!


       16. Well, believe it or not, this has a lot to do with our teams--and that's why I mention it now! ANOTHER SUGGESTION FOR THEM, WHICH I'VE MADE BEFORE, IS THAT A TEAM DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ALL LEADERS, NOT EVEN ALL ELDER BROTHERS AND SISTERS! IT CAN EVEN BE ALL BABES, AS JESUS HAD, AS LONG AS IT HAS AT LEAST ONE GOOD EXPERIENCED LEADER, A REAL MAN OF GOD, IN TOUCH WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND PREFERABLY WITH A GOOD WIFE LEADER, AS WELL, A COUPLE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING AND CAN LEAD AND TEACH THE BABES AS THEY GO. This will prevent you from robbing home bases of too much leadership. Also, I would suggest, although it is not perfect security, but to save leadership, use and share it, top leaders going into seclusion of farms, etc., might teach babes there, also!
       17. In other words, instead of leaving the poor undershepherds with an overload of both the older brethren and babes, in a new colony such as Cincy, it might be wise, Joel and Carmel, SINCE BOTH TOP LEADERSHIP AND THE BOTTOM BABES NEED SECLUSION, QUIET, AND PRIVACY, AS WELL AS SECURITY, AND REMOVAL FROM THE SCENE OF ACTION, IT MIGHT BE WISE TO TAKE THEM WITH YOU TO YOUR HIDEAWAY, OR RETREAT, SUCH AS THE FARM, AND TEACH THEM THERE. This would help divide the load of both personnel, teaching and witnessing, so that the battlefront colony and witnessing centre would be left free for a minimum of classes and a maximum of witnessing, as well as fewer administrative problems, since their staff would consist of the more experienced brethren, the trained soldiers, so to speak. Whereas the old veterans could take the raw recruits to the rear and give them their basic training there, away from the scene of battle, until they were ready for it! This would at the same time give you leaders a satisfying ministry of indoctrination of the babes by top talent and keep them closer to the source, as well as keep you busy, so you won't merely become a hermit, doing nothing but studying and writing. You could divide your time between the babes and your writing ministry, and study when they're studying. This would assure them being given a little more study time, too, as well as a little more free time for relaxation and recreation, as well as rest, which seems to be woefully lacking in some of your colonies. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES A VERY DULL STUDENT, AND AN EVEN WORSE WITNESS, AND LACK OF CONSIDERATION FOR OUR HUMAN WEAKNESSES AND THE NEEDS OF THE BODY DOES NOT ENCOURAGE LOYALTY OR FAITHFULNESS. Jesus taught shepherdly leading, or sheep leading, not slave driving! How about you? Are you pushing them too hard, and expecting too much of these little ones at the beginning? TEMPER THE WIND TO THE SHORN LAMBS, AND BABY THE BABES--AND IF YOU SHOW THAT YOU REALLY LOVE THEM BY THUS BEING CONCERNED ABOUT THEM AND AWARE OF THEIR WEAKNESSES, AND CONSIDERATE OF THEIR NEEDS, THEY WILL LOVE YOU MORE, TOO, AND SHOW GREATER LOYALTY AND FAITHFULNESS TO YOU, as you are faithful to them, and you may not have to give them so many lectures on loyalty to leaders! YOU CAN'T LEGISLATE RIGHTEOUSNESS, OR FORCE PEOPLE TO BE GOOD! IT HAS TO BE VOLUNTARY, AND INSPIRED BY LOVE, OR YOU'LL NEVER HAVE IT! You don't love the Lord because He forced you to; you didn't get saved because He made you, but you love Him, because He first loved you; and love begets love, and you merely reflect His love.
       18. IN THE SAME WAY YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW, IN YOU FOLLOWERS: IF YOU LOVE THEM, THEY WILL LOVE YOU; IF YOU ARE FAITHFUL TO THEM, WILLING TO SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEM, they'll do the same for you; but if you are harsh and cruel, inconsiderate and unloving, unforgiving, and compulsory, you'll get the same in return! Think it over! Read your Bible and see if this isn't true! "To whom much hath been forgiven, the same loveth much"--(Lu.7:47) and "if you forgive not, neither will you be forgiven!--(Mt.6:15) IF YOU'LL REMEMBER THAT NO ONE IS PERFECT, INCLUDING YOU, YOU'LL HELP THEM TO DO THE BEST THEY CAN, as you'd like them to help you!
       19. SELF-RIGHTEOUS PERFECTIONISTS ARE THE HARDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE WITH: they're usually merciless, intolerant, and unforgiving! I'd rather live with the sinners who know they're sinners, like me, for I am one! THE MOST ENCOURAGING THING ABOUT KING DAVID'S EXAMPLE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WAS NOT HIS PERFECTIONISM, BUT HIS HUMAN FAILURES, SINS AND SHORTCOMINGS, WHICH GAVE GOD A CHANCE TO GET ALL THE GLORY, and show there's hope for me--and you! How about that?
       20. I NEVER GOT TOO MUCH ENCOURAGEMENT FROM THE PERFECTIONISM OF A MAN LIKE ENOCH, who walked so close to God, that he got completely out of touch with humanity, so God had to take him out of this world, because he was no longer any use to man. I take a lot more heart from the pathetic stories of the drunks and the harlots and the publicans and the sinners who came to Jesus for love and mercy, and who treated them tenderly, kindly and forgivingly, and gave them hope and love and strength! They didn't go to the harsh, rigid, self-righteous, unyielding, unforgiving, critical, and condemning church leaders, who told them to be perfect, or go to hell, and laid on them religious burdens that were more than they were able to bear--but they came to Jesus, for His Love and Mercy, Forgiveness, Encouragement, and Patience! Which are you like? ARE YOU CONDEMNING THE PHARISEES ON THE ONE HAND, WHILE ACTING EVEN MORE SELF-RIGHTEOUS THAN THEY? Are you being unmerciful while preaching forsake all? If there's gonna be any choice between the two I'll say unto you, as Jesus did to them, "I would have mercy, and not sacrifice!--See what the meaneth!" (Mt.9:13) I'D RATHER YOU'D HAVE LOVE AND MERCY FOR THE SHEEP, THAN TO FORSAKE ALL, IN YOUR PRIDE AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS SERVICE! "but this ye ought to have done, and not to have left the other undone!" (Mt.23:23) Amen?
       21. So if you leaders want more study time, why don't you give the babes some at the same time, and then maybe you'll get it! IF YOU WOULDN'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF, MAYBE YOU'D TAKE IT A LITTLE EASIER ON THE BABES! I don't see how you can study all night, and work and witness all day, with no rest or recreation, and expect them to do the same! Jesus didn't do it. Do unto them as you'd have them do unto you!--As Jesus did: Take them away from the mob to your hideaway, and teach them there till they are ready! Amen?
       22. SOMETIMES HE TOOK THEM UP TO A MOUNTAIN AWAY FROM THE FLATLANDERS, and taught them there, sometimes to a desert place, sometimes to the wilderness, sometimes to Mary and Martha's house, or some other friends, or alone in an upper room, or in the middle of the sea in a boat. They frequently had to get away from the crowd, for these babes to get their classes in, and be strengthened for the witnessing to come. Then they would return with Him to the multitudes, and the public scene, as He taught them how to witness, how to minister, how to answer, how to evade the Enemy, and how to lead the sheep, and feed the sheep! He taught them, led them, and showed them how, and gave them a variety of experience, so they would be well prepared for the battles ahead! YOU NEED TO STUDY THE GOSPELS, TO SEE HOW JESUS DID IT, NOT ONLY THE BOOK OF ACTS OF THE EARLY CHURCH, BUT STUDY THE MASTER TEACHER, with His little dirty dozen--dirty and unclean in the eyes of the world, because of their uncouthness, ignorance, and lack of formal learning, but after Jesus was gone from them physically, when these well-trained disciples started going into action, the world could not deny their power, and knew that they had been with Jesus! Hallelujah! Have you?
       23. IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THIS NEW MINISTRY--my personal ministry nearly 20 years ago, when my Mother was still fighting the change and resisting my leaving the System, she used to ridicule my tactics, and accuse me of just being a carbon copy of Fred Jordan!--And why not? He was my teacher, and the man who helped to open my eyes to the truths of God`s Word, and the Revolutionary Plan and Methods of God for His Children, as taught by Jesus, and shown by His Disciples! And Fred was like the man who taught him the same, and his mother and his father, like I'M LIKE THE MAN WHO TAUGHT ME, AND MY MOTHER AND FATHER, WHO SHOWED ME THE WAYS OF THE LORD. And our enemies, in derision, have accused you of being like me, saying you're just a lot of little so-and-so's running around, just like me; and now from your reports, I hear that there are a lot of little Joels and Hoseas and Joshes and Joabs and Aarons, etc. running around, just like you--and that's as it should be. They were you teachers. In the Early days of the Church, there were a lot of little Pauls and Peters running around too! Good or bad, they were still carbon copies of their teachers. As Paul himself said, "Be ye followers of me, even as also I am of Christ"; and "though ye have many teachers, you usually only have one father in the Lord" (1Co.4:15,16; 11:1), who will always be especially dear to you, which is why some of you write me such sweet love letters, because I am your Father in the Lord, or Grandfather, or now even Great-Grandfather or Great-Great-Grandfather, etc.--So don't forget Uncle Fred, while you're at it, and his Mother and Father, and my Mother and Father and Grandfather: WE ARE ALL YOUR FOREFATHERS IN THE LORD!
       24. But while you're giving honour to whom honour is due, and honouring thy fathers and mothers in the Lord, REMEMBER MOST OF ALL YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, AND YOUR BIG BROTHER, JESUS, TO WHOM BE ALL THE GLORY AND THE DOMINION FOR EVER AND EVER, AMEN.
       25. SO DON'T BE SURPRISED IF YOU'RE LIKE YOUR FATHERS AND TEACHERS IN THE LORD--and most of all, be like Jesus! And if you want to know how He fathered His little flock, and taught His little disciples, His little babbling babes, just read the Gospels! It's beautiful! They were awful stupid stumble-bumbs sometimes, and they made a horrible lot of mistakes, but He didn't throw them out because of it--not even Judas: he left of his own accord! JESUS WAS PATIENT, LOVING, KIND, SYMPATHETIC, AND FORGIVING, OFTEN TEACHING THEM THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN TILL THEY GOT THE POINT; sometimes a little aggravated with them, and bawling them out for their foolishness, pointing out their failures, but, nevertheless, ALWAYS GIVING THEM ANOTHER CHANCE, ALWAYS LOVING THEM, ALWAYS LEADING THEM, AND NOT PUSHING OR DRIVING THEM, AND ALWAYS FEEDING AND ENCOURAGING THEM, AND STRENGTHENING THEM, as His little lambs, so they would grow and learn and follow and be strong, to carry on when He was gone! And we are doing the same for you and yours, praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Isn't He wonderful? Isn't this wonderful? Aren't we wonderful? Aren't you wonderful? Praise God! Behold, we are fearfully and wonderfully made!--Just like Him, as He says in His Word! Thank you, Jesus! This is the most wonderful life in the world--I love it! (Ps. 139:14)
       26. SO TAKE YOUR LITTLE BABES, THE CHILDREN YOU HAVE BEGOTTEN IN THE LORD, AND TAKE THEM TO SOME QUIET LITTLE NEST, AWAY FROM THE HUBBUB OF THE PIT, and the babble of the crowd--if and when you can, to some mountain-top, some wilderness, some quiet place, close to God's glorious Creation, where they can marvel at the work of His Hands, and see Him in His Handiwork, understood by the things that are made, so that they may know God, and glorify Him as God, and be thankful, and have their simple hearts enlightened, and though professing to be fools, they will become wise! Hallelujah!
       27. This is why I think IT MIGHT BE WISE FOR YOU TOP LEADERS TO TAKE THE BOTTOM BABES INTO SECLUSION WITH YOU, AND TO COME ASIDE AND REST AWHILE, AS YOU BOTH SIT AT JESUS' FEET, and learn of Him, for the security and safety of both of you, and the preservation of His Kingdom, while the in-betweens, your under-shepherds, with their experienced soldiers, and older veterans, fight the battles at the front for awhile, until it is their turn, too, to do the same, with their new babes, in a new team, and time, and place.
       28. Praise the Lord! Amen? God bless you! I hope the Lord will help you to work this out, ADAPTING IT ACCORDING TO THE SITUATION IN EACH CASE. THIS WILL REMOVE YOU BOTH TEMPORARILY FROM THE SCENE OF DANGEROUS ACTION, confrontation, conflict, the majority of enemies, 10:36er's, former friends and associations, and the awful atmosphere of the Pit; and this will get you, the leader, into a safer place than the battlefront, as well as a safer, quieter place to nurture your babes! Think about it! Pray about it! And see how the Lord leads!
       29. THIS MAY NOT BE THE TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE SECURITY OF THE LONE LEADER IN SOME LONELY HIDEAWAY, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UNKNOWN, BECAUSE THE BABES WILL KNOW, of course, but will be much better than where some of you are now, and certainly much better for the babes, and make it much more difficult for them to be harassed an influenced to go back. In your wilderness retreat, where the demands are not so great on your services for witnessing, procuring, visitors, business, and dealing with the System, you will also be able to temper the wind of your schedule to a warm gentle breeze, to these dear little newly-shorn lambs, bare babes, who have only recently forsaken all their wool, and are born naked to the blast of the wolves without, from which you must shelter them in these early stages! Isn't that beautiful? I believe it's of the Lord, and Scriptural!
       30. Even in the early days of the Soul Clinic, WE KEPT 'EM IN FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS OF DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING AND NURSING IN THE WORD, TO GIVE THEM TIME TO GROW AT LEAST A LITTLE FUZZ TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE SYSTEM, IN THEIR FIRST WITNESSING EXPEDITIONS, TO GIVE THEM TIME TO GROW A LITTLE, LOVE A LITTLE, KNOW A LITTLE, AND BE STRENGTHENED A GREAT DEAL, before sending them forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, praise the Lord! I hope you're listening, and learning, and loving, heeding and doing! Are you?
       31. When I ask these questions, they're not rhetorical, and I'm not just talking to hear my teeth rattle! I WANT TO KNOW! Are you following these suggestions?--And if so, how? And if not, why not? And when will you?--And where? Praise the Lord? I expect some answers, and some action, and soon! Let's have it! Get with it! Amen?
       32. Praise the Lord! God bless you! You're wonderful kids and I love you, everyone of you!--EVEN WHEN I HAVE TO SCOLD YOU! I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, AND WANT YOU TO BE EVEN MORE WONDERFUL, AND MORE LIKE JESUS, EVERY DAY! Every day with Jesus should be better than the day before! Every day with Jesus you should love Him more and more! He will save and keep you, and He's the One you're waiting for! Every day with Jesus will be better than the day before! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! He's wonderful! PTL!


       33. Well, I started this Letter six pages ago, to answer your question, Hosea, about Jeremy and the London team--and I don't see what's wrong with these good Bible names that some of you already have, like Jeremy, short for Jeremiah! What better name could we have for our first Apostle to Britain! I sure hope you make it, Jeremy, because the Lord needs you, and could sure use you to help your people, as did the Jeremiah of old! Stick with it; don't let anything stop you! Keep going with God, and make it!--And you, too, dear little Fiona, with your precious little ones! NOT MANY MIGHTY ARE CALLED, BUT IF YOU GROW STRONG ENOUGH IN THE LORD, YOU MAY BE ONE OF THE FEW EXCEPTIONS--BUT IT'S NOT EASY! YOUR TEMPTATIONS WILL BE GREATER, YOUR WEAKNESSES GREATER, YOUR PRIDE GREATER, AND YOUR ENEMIES AND DIFFICULTIES MORE NUMEROUS--but if you can stand it, as the Apostle Paul did, and as Jeremiah did, and others of that rare breed of outstanding Apostles and Prophets, YOU COULD BE MIGHTILY USED OF THE LORD!
       34. MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF THIS GENERATION--and you speak it! As the Beatles were used to voice the heartcry of this generation, so you could be used to give the Answer, if you will endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and entangle yourself not again in the affairs of this world, that you my please Him who hath called you to be a soldier! (ll Tim 2:4)--Because if you don't, you will lose the reward, miss the fruits of glorious victory, and another will take your crown, that God has intended for you--because somebody's gonna do it! God's going to get it done somehow, either by you or someone else--because it must be done; because God loves the youth of Britain, as much as He loves the youth anywhere else in the world, because they are His little lost lambs, and He is the Good Shepherd, who lays down His life for the sheep in us, as we serve Him, to gather them into His fold! Are you running with us, Jeremy? If not, I'll have to leave you behind, as we have others; because we're going to do it anyhow, by the grace of God! Don't look back; remember Lot's wife! He that having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is not worthy of Jesus! BE NOT LIKE THE RICH YOUNG RULER, who came running to Jesus, because his riches hadn't made him happy; but when Jesus told him he would have to forsake all and follow, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions! (Mk.10:17-22) How sad! Whether there be fame or fortune, fun or family it will not be easy to give them up--because the more you have, the harder it is to let go! But if you endure, you will receive a crown more honourable than the monarchs of Britain, and help to establish an Embassage more important than those of the Court of St. James (tears and tongues) if you are worthy!--If you are worthy of the name of Jesus!
       35. So as I was reading your question on this subject, Hosea, as you asked, "WHO SHALL WE SEND, AND WHO SHALL GO FOR US?" (Isa.6:8), the answer, as usual, is "Here am I, Lord: send me!"--And as I looked at the last line of your letter, with its question, "Who?"--THE ANSWER WAS RIGHT THERE BEFORE MY EYES, AS PLAIN AS DAY IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING, QUICKENED BY THE SPIRIT INTO A PROPHECY: "LOVE, HOSEA"! Praise the Lord! Thanks for answering your own question by the power of the Spirit.--For I had never even considered such a thing! The thought had never even entered my mind, as far as I can remember! I had thought that I was supposed to go and prepare the way, since I'm already over here!--But as so often He does, apparently God has other ideas--and GODS DELAYS WERE NOT DENIALS--the unusually cold winter in Europe this year, the postal strike in Britain, our delays in Israel, and here. Jeremy just wasn't ready yet--and we weren't yet yielded to your going in our place! The old battle-scarred war-horse and pioneer was covetously bellowing for one more glorious battle-field victory, before his retirement to happy-horse Heaven, where old worn-out broken-down horses go, after too many battles already!
       36. But this was not to be, for God knew best; and the Old Veteran might have weakened your forces, rather than strengthened them, though eager he was for the battle!--And as just now I was asking God "Why?", again the Scripture came to me that he gave me a couple years ago, during that wonderful time of revelation in Laurentide, as he revealed his plans for the future, which have since been nearly all fulfilled. Praise the Lord!--II Samuel 21:17! DAVID HAD GROWN OLD AND FAINT IN BATTLE, AND THE ENEMY THOUGHT TO SLAY HIM, WHEN HIS MEN RESCUED HIM, AND "SWARE UNTO HIM, SAYING, THOU SHALT NO MORE GO OUT WITH US TO BATTLE, THAT THOU QUENCH NOT THE LIGHT OF ISRAEL!" Praise the Lord, God knows best! I'M NOT TO GO OUT IN THE PUBLIC EYE ANYMORE, IN THE THICK OF FIGHTING, IF POSSIBLE--BUT RATHER, I'M TO BE A LIGHT UNTO YOU, TO HELP TO LIGHTEN YOUR WAY, to lead and guide you, even as a light from afar that shines upon the pathway, from a distant source! Hallelujah! This is my ministry now, and apparently I'm not going to be permitted to leave it to tend tables, as much as I would like to!
       37. FROM THE FIRST TIME I STARTED LICKING MY CHOPS FOR THE JUICY BATTLE OF BRITAIN, and told you we'd be leaving for there in two weeks many moons ago, GOD HAS BLOCKED THE WAY, AND DELAYED OUR DEPARTURE, EVEN WHEN WE WERE ON THE POINT OF LEAVING! THEN, AS WE BEGAN TO UNDERSTAND THE NEW MINISTRY OF THE MAIL THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, I was still determined to go as soon as possible to London, when the mail strike occurred! I surely hope He didn't have to do that to poor Britain just to keep me out of it, but it was certainly an effective show-stopper! I couldn't possibly go, where there were no mail windows for people to pass under, and we couldn't send our missives to you; so while on our was there, we had to stop here, and wait for the strike to end! Now it's concluded, we hope, but they're still mopping up the mess of mail!--BUT WE ARE READY TO BACK YOU UP FROM BEHIND-THE-LINES, WHEN YOU NEED US--and can soon go there, God willing, and perhaps find some secluded spot where we can continue this present teaching ministry of these epistles to you all, while we advise and counsel and help you in the background, if you need us, as we have before! This is the way this ministry really began: you kids have done it all! I'VE JUST BEEN AN OLD BATTLE-SCARRED WAR VETERAN IN YOUR BACKGROUND TRAINING BASES, GIVING YOU A FEW POINTERS ON HOW TO HANDLE YOUR SWORDS AND CLOBBER THE ENEMY AND WIN THE VICTORIES AND HELP YOU PLAN YOUR STRATEGY BY HIS DIRECTION!
       38. As my little faithful custodian of these words has just reminded me of a forgotten VISION WE HAD SOME TIME AGO--SOMETIMES I HAVE COME TO YOU AFTER THE BATTLE, AS THE BLACK KNIGHT, black to the world, dark and unknown to them--AFTER YOU WERE NEARLY SLAIN AND SCATTERED AND SORELY WOUNDED IN SOME SEEMING DEFEAT--but we have raised His Standard high in one hand--His Banner over me is love, and His gleaming sword in the other, which is the Word of God, TO INSPIRE YOU, TO RALLY YOU TO LEAP AGAIN TO YOUR FEET, AND PRESS FORWARD TO VICTORY, with our women, you girls, our camp followers, surrounding us and cheering us on! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
       39. SO I'LL BE THERE, GOD WILLING--THE OLD UNDER-COVER KNIGHT--TO HELP YOU IF YOU NEED ME; BUT EVIDENTLY YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT THE BATTLE OUT IN FRONT IN THE PUBLIC EYE--and you can have all the glory, as far as I'm concerned! I'm just your light--and a rather dim one at that (someone is shaking her head)! How about that? Isn't the Lord amazing! He works in a mysterious way His wonders to perform--and so often contrary to our natural expectations and desires! But praise the Lord anyhow!
       40. So apply for your passport immediately, Hosea, and the team of your own choosing, AS THE OFFICER IN COMMAND OF THIS NEW PIONEER INVASION, WHICH SEEMS TO CONTINUE TO BE YOUR MINISTRY, PRAISE THE LORD! YOUR TEAM SHOULD BE WHATEVER AND WHOEVER YOU HAVE FAITH FOR, ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN SELECTION, BY THE LORD'S LEADING and maybe that's just who you should have with you first--Faith herself; for as I was praying about it, you were the only two leaders that I could think of who were available, free enough, powerful enough, experienced enough in pioneering, and with the needed talents and capabilities for the beginning of this major invasion of the rest of the world! Go to it! GBY!


       41. Remember, it will take you at least two or three weeks, or even as much as a month, to get your passports, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare; but you must CHOOSE YOUR PROSPECTIVE TEAM IMMEDIATELY, so they can get their birth certificates, photos, driver's licenses or other identification together, and go down to their nearest immigration office and fill out their applications now, SO THE PASSPORTS WILL BE READY WHEN YOU'RE READY! Get with it!
       42. I WOULDN'T WORRY ABOUT SHOTS! We've been all over Europe and the Mid-East, and nobody asked us for'em, or if we had'em, till we landed here--and all we did was nod our heads, and they didn't even ask to see our certificates, which we had paid such a miserable and painful price for! Phooey! They never even mentioned them when we entered England, especially when you're coming from the U.S., where they're not worried about smallpox or cholera! The Lord can protect you from such questions, as he has us, and you won't have to go through that ordeal--at least not till you get back to the States, where the Health Service will give you a free smallpox shot as you re-enter the country, if you haven't had one in the last three years!
       43. But even if England asks you for one, and you don't have it, they'll give it to you, if you need it, I'm sure--but I think this is very unlikely, so I wouldn't worry about it! Besides, they cost money, can sometimes be a little miserable, and your passports will cost plenty anyhow, as you know! But praise the Lord, He's able!
       44. But you should also START SHOPPING AROUND NOW FOR THE CHEAPEST FLIGHT FARE, such as a charter, or group flight, which have TO BE BOOKED PRETTY WELL IN ADVANCE, to get the lowest fares! I don't recall whether Faithy can get a half fare on one of these cheap Transatlantic flights or not; but if she has a student card, she might be able to get a student fare, even your whole team, if it's at the usual student Easter Vacation Time, which is even cheaper. But this may not apply to these Transatlantic flights, anyhow! Of course, Icelandic has the lowest possible fares to Europe--only $100.00 one way, and about $250.00 round trip on excursion, which have a time limit of about two weeks to 45 days, even at peak season--the Summertime! But these fares are even lower during the Off-Season, Wintertime, or Shoulder-Season, Spring and Fall, and on Icelandic, go down to as low as $210.00 round trip each, but have a time limit on how long you can stay there! Otherwise you can stay in Britain from three to six months on a Visitor's Visa!
       45. Of course, Icelandic lands you in Luxembourg on the Continent, and you have to take the train from there to London, crossing the Channel on the ferry, a very interesting trip, but sometimes slow and dangerous, and with more border luggage hassles, and the total cost to London in the long run is as much or more than a direct plane fare on any of the other lines, which is also only about $210.00 to $250.00 round trip, excursion, direct from New York to London, non-stop, with no border hassles, other than entering Britain, where they hardly gave our bags a second look, since we looked like respectable citizens, and not smugglers, and only inspected our passports, and made us fill out a little entrance card for the sake of the record, which all told, didn't take more than a half an hour, as I remember!
       46. OF COURSE, YOU CAN ONLY CARRY 44 POUNDS OF LUGGAGE EACH, or pay two or three dollars per extra pound, but this 44 pounds is usually ample, even for an extended tour such as ours--and even then we found we were lugging along a lot of stuff we didn't need, and had to ditch in London, leaving our summer clothes with our landlady for storage until our return! But for a quick trip with Jeremy and Fiona, you and Faithy won't need much luggage to survey the field, choose a location, and get things started, God willing!
       47. IF YOU BRING ANYBODY ELSE AT ALL, THEY MIGHT BE A DRAG FOR FOOD AND HOUSING, until you find a location, and they could even slow you down, unless Jeremy knows of some place he could put 'em, where it wouldn't cost too much like that commune he used to live in, maybe! IN ANY EVENT, TRY NOT TO BE TOO OVERLOADED WITH OVERHEAD AND PERSONNEL UNTIL YOU GET LOCATED, AND NEED THEM, TO START WITNESSING, AND MANNING THE FORT!
       48. You and Faith could probably do it alone with the Lord's help, and our help, and especially Jeremy's help, if he's able and willing--but you might wanna bring at least one or two more top talent musicians and speakers, experienced in pioneering, like Miguel, or what-have-you! God's will be done! Answer Soon!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family