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"PERSONAL ANSWERS I"--New Nation Prophecies!--MO       April 21, 1971       NO.64--DO

Copyrighted April, 1971 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. My dear Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thank you so much for all your good notes, letters, and reports, logs, pictures, tapes, birthday cards, cartoons, clippings, reprints, and one proof sheet of the new newspaper. I'M GLAD TO HEAR YOU'RE GOING TO CALL IT THE NEW NATION NEWS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD, instead of ACTS, as there are already several religious papers by that name in existence, and you could run into copyright or trademark problems, if any of them wanted to challenge it. But worse yet, it smacks too much of a religious flavour, something churchy or so-called Christian, and seems to me a throwback to the past. WE'RE NOT LOOKING BACKWARD!--Except to check with the Pattern in a Bible Book by that name, and we are not even necessarily bound by that Pattern. I refuse to let anyone pour God into a mold for me--not even the original Apostles and the way they did it! We are the Children of God of today--A New Day--The Last Days--The Greatest Days--The Final Church--And greater works than the Apostles did shall we do.
       2. EVEN JESUS SAID, "EVEN GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL YE DO, because I go unto My Father", (Jn.14:12) indicating that we were to do even greater things, mightier works, than He had done on earth, because He had to split, so He could do the job through us! "But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits, and they that understand among the people shall instruct many...it is yet for a time appointed...for that that is determined shall be done...many shall run to and fro, and acknowledge shall be increased...and they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever...And the Kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all Dominions shall serve and obey Him...For the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the End ... and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand." (Dan.11:32-36; 12:3,4,9,10; 7:27)
       3. YOU, MY DEARLY BELOVED CHILDREN OF GOD, TODAY UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT THE PROPHECIES OF DANIEL, THAN DANIEL DID HIMSELF. You are of greater understanding today than was Daniel, because the Book was not to be opened in his day, nor even in later days--not until the Time of the End. (Dan.12:4,9) You understand more of the prophecies of Daniel than the Early Apostles did. You understand more of the revelations of Christ to the Apostle John the Beloved, than John himself did, or his followers in the Early Church, because even many of these have been shut up until the Time of the End. For it was not given unto them to know these mysteries of the Kingdom, but unto you it is given--for ye are they upon whom the ends of the earth are come! (lCo.10:11) YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD OF THE LAST DAY. (Strong weeping and tongues) "Ye indeed are they upon whom the ends of the earth are come. Ye indeed are they of whom all the prophets have spoken. Ye are My witnesses of the Last Day of whom I have spoken throughout the Ages--by all My holy prophets. Ye indeed are they that shall be strong and that shall do great and mighty exploits and shall instruct many in the ways of Truth and shall open the Book by My mighty power and by the wisdom of My Spirit and shall reveal these secrets unto others which is greater than they did, for it was not given unto them, but unto you it is given (more weeping and tongues) and this is your day, that I have given unto thee that you may glorify Me, that I may glorify thee, for ye are indeed My children, and I have called thee for this purpose. THOU ART COME TO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. Hallelujah, Thank You, Jesus--And the violent take it by force. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Hallelujah, thank You, Lord. Seize it now therefore, for it is yours, and the time is NOW. The Kingdom is yours, for I have given it unto you, for are ye not indeed My Children?--And have I not chosen you?--For this calling? Thank You, Lord. Therefore, this is thy day. Seize it! The lame take the prey, and I have called thee a people that was not, for thou art My people for this Last Day, AND I AM WITH THEE, EVEN AS I WAS WITH MY SERVANT MOSES to separate My children from Egypt, and to lead them into that Promised Land--My Kingdom, which is not of this earth. Praise God. Thank You, Lord--But is heavenly. Thine eyes behold the day that the prophets would have seen. THEREFORE ENTER THOU IN--Jesus, Jesus...(more weeping). Enter thou in that thou fail not to enter in as they did fail, and seize thy crown lest another take it from thee. Hallelujah, thank You, Jesus!--For I have given thee the Kingdom and it is yours if ye will but possess it." (Es.4:16; Is.33:23; 55:5; Jn.18:36; Re.3:11)
       4. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJAH! EVEN SO BE IT, LORD JESUS. I was distracted a little while getting this, so I didn't get some of it quite as clear as it could have been, but it was a terrific picture of you, like an army terrible with banners taking over the whole earth by the power of God; that He's going to give you the heathen for our inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth. They are yours, if you'll but take them--if you'll march forward and possess the Kingdom--God's Kingdom on earth, His Heavenly Kingdom in the hearts of men!--Not a materialistic, fleshly little Kingdom like ridiculous Israel, but the mighty, all-powerful Kingdom of God throughout the world, in the hearts of those who will receive it! And they will receive it, if you take it to them. But you must go, and you must march, and you must conquer hearts at His command. You must obey, for this is the Will of God; that ye enter in and possess the Kingdom! For this is your day--for it will be given unto you! (Ps.2:8)
       5. SO WE ARE NOT LOOKING BACKWARD, BUT FORWARD, as we run the race which is set before us. Forgetting the things which are behind, we press forward to the things which are before--the High Calling that God has given us--this Last Generation in Christ Jesus! (He.12:1; Phil.3:13,14)
       6. WE ARE SOLDIERS IN BATTLE! We only glance fleetingly at the manual--at the Soldier's Handbook--and the examples of the past, to encourage our hearts by their sample! But we MUST NOT BE LIMITED BY THE SCOPE OF THE ACTS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD OF THE PAST! We must not judge God's capacity of accomplishment by these first works--these tiny acts of His Children of the past. They are almost nothing compared to what God can do--and what He is yet going to do--and what He has to do through you, because of the tremendous spiritual powers against which we are going to wrestle in this Last Day! The Devil is being given his last fling. But greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world--and WE ARE GOING TO CONQUER! We are going to survive despite all he can do to stamp us out! We are going to be faithful to the end, that we may obtain a crown of Life!
       7. THIS IS NOT SALVATION! You have Eternal Life through His Son, which is the Gift of God--and you cannot lose it, for He will keep you! You are His Children! But THE CROWN IS NOT YOUR SALVATION! THIS CROWN IS YOUR REWARD, given only to winners! Only to those who run, and win the race--those who fail not to possess the Kingdom, to attain to the full glory of the inheritance!
       8. ALTHOUGH ALL THE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ISRAEL ENJOYED THE SALVATION OF GIDEON'S VICTORY, ONLY HIS THREE HUNDRED POSSESSED THE GLORY OF WINNING IT! Although all the millions of Israel enjoyed the freedom of Moses' liberation from the bondage and slavery of Egypt, and Salvation from its abominable, idolatrous, degradation, most of them died in a dry and desolate land, like the church today, not having possessed the Kingdom.--And only their children became conquerors, who were given every bit of ground that they placed their foot upon, by the promises of God!
       9. ONLY THEY GOT TO ENJOY THE GLORY OF THE REWARD, and eat the fruits of victory, though all were saved from Egypt! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Can you see that?
       10. BUT EVEN THE FIRST KING DAVID AND HIS SUBJECTS, who enjoyed the material victory of possessing the literal land--a symbol, a figure and type of the true, a mere shadow or picture of the spiritual reality--never got to enjoy the glorious fulfillment and the coming of Christ, the Messiah, and the Early Church! BUT EVEN THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS OF THAT FIRST CENTURY of those Acts of the Children of God in the opening of this New Testament Period could not reach the heights that we are going to attain, nor do the mighty works that we are going to do--for this task has been reserved for you, that they without you could not be made perfect! YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH THE JOB. You are going to help bring about its total fulfillment! You are going to be the final and glorious victors, even when you seem to be losing, even when you're being overcome, even as you are overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony, loving not your lives unto the death! Hallelujah! (He.11:40; Re.12:11)
       11. IT IS GIVEN UNTO YOU, MY CHILDREN, to enter into this final and glorious promised land of spiritual victory over the world, and the possessing of the total Kingdom--the Final Kingdom, the Dominion and the Greatness under the whole Heaven, even unto the uttermost parts of the earth! It's all yours in Christ Jesus!
       12. FEAR NOT THEREFORE, MY LITTLE CHILDREN, FOR IT IS THE FATHER'S GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM in such a great and final and glorious victory such as none have ever seen before you! So be not limited by looking back; only profit by their example and their words, that ye may do better than they, and be a total improvement on the stock!
       13. WE ARE A NEW NATION, A NEW CHURCH; for the first nation and the first church have passed away; and there is no more sea in the eye of the believer! All is yours in Christ Jesus! You have only to go in and possess the land, and the greatness of the Kingdom, as THE PEOPLE of the Saints of the Most High (Re.21:1; Josh.1:11; Da.7:27)--a special elite class of the Overcomers, the total conquerors. Not all the saints are going to get the credit for it--because they failed to do the job! The vast majority of the Church has never entered in--have never possessed the Kingdom, but have run away in cowardice, have sat down in slothfulness, and have died in the dry and desolate spiritual wilderness!
       14. BUT THERE NOW REMAINETH THEREFORE A REST FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD, THE PEOPLE of the saints of the most high, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey! (Wow, I never saw this before!)And we shall rule and reign with Him, with a rod of iron! On such the second death hath no power! But we shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years. THERE SHALL BE MANY VIRGINS, BUT ONLY THE WISE, WITH THE OIL OF HIS SPIRIT, CAN ENTER IN! There shall be many handmaidens, but only the Queen shall be His Bride (Hallelujah)--(Strong outburst of tongues and weeping)--Therefore, there be many that would have entered in, but they could not, because of their unbelief. There have been many that have said unto Me, Lord, Lord, have we not done many mighty works in Thy name? But I shall say unto them, Depart from Me, ye workers of iniquity, for I never really knew you. For I was an hungered and ye fed Me not; and I was athirst and ye gave Me no drink, and I was in prison and ye visited Me not, and I was naked and ye clothed Me not. But these have been good and faithful servants. And I shall say unto them, Well done, thou good and faithful servants, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. For I was an hungered and ye fed Me, naked and ye clothed Me, in prison and ye visited Me, athirst and ye gave Me to drink, and therefore, inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me. (Hallelujah, thank You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!) (Praise the Lord!) (I saw you feeding and helping the poor, wandering young people in some park.) (He.4:9; Ps.2:9; Re.20:6; Ex.19:6; Mt.25:1-13; 7:21-23; 25:34-46; 25:23)
       15. FOR WERE THERE NOT MANY WIDOWS IN THE TIME OF THE PROPHET, AND YET HE CAME IN UNTO ONLY ONE OF THEM. Were there not many lepers in the time of Naaman, but only he was cleansed by faith, because he obeyed and he took the plunge! (Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Hallelujah! Praise You, Jesus!) For were there not many in Israel when I came, and yet only the shepherds upon the hills had their eyes open and saw the glory of that night. (Each of these was a beautiful picture!) Only they which wait by faith with eyes of expectation shall see the glory of the coming of the Lord. For the Kingdom of God cometh not with observation, but the Kingdom of God is within you! (There's something about His coming, which most people aren't going to see, because they aren't looking for it--something special.)--And only those who see with eyes of faith in the realm of the Spirit shall see it! (--Lord, whatever that means, thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Lord! Oh, Hallelujah! Hallelujah!) (Lu.4:26,27; 17:20,21)
       16. FOR HE DID NOT MANY MIGHTY WORKS THERE BECAUSE OF THEIR UNBELIEF. (Just like the Lord was saying you're only going to see what you believe.) (Mt.13:58)
       17. FOR I OPENED MINE EYES AND BEHELD, STANDING UPON MOUNT ZION...A LAMB, and with Him an hundred and forty-four thousand, having His Father's Name written in their foreheads; (You were standing with the Lord on a mountain of victory, with a special mark on your foreheads, like a sign, like your insignia--the emblem of your authority, like you had the right, like a badge, like the policeman's badge, like it was something that showed, like you were His special officers, especially commissioned for a special task.) And I heard a voice from Heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder; and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps. (Do you get the significance of this?--all those guitars!) (Re.14;1,2) THE HARP OF DAVID HAS AWAKENED! MY SERVANT DAVID HAS AWAKENED FROM SLUMBER TO LEAD MY CHILDREN IN THIS LAST DAY! (It was as though the Lord had given me the spirit of David of old, like John the Baptist came in the Spirit and the power of Elijah. When dear Joab first sent me that prophecy from Ezekiel that the Lord would raise up His servant David in the Last Day, (Ezk.34:23-25: 37:24-28) the awesomeness of it scared me so, I tried to laugh it off, saying, "That's dear old loyal Joab for you--my overbearing general." And then when Shulemith sang that Hebrew song about David's harp awakening him in the cave to help God's Children in a time of trouble, I was really shook--it was so quickened to me in the spirit, that I was really embarrassed, and tried to laugh that off, too, because she sang it to me out of a clear blue sky with no apparent reason, almost like she was suddenly inspired to prophesy, and was seeing the fulfillment. It was really weird, 'cause she was no singer, much less the type inclined to be a prophetess, but more of a dignified social aristocrat. I think it even kinda surprised her. She wasn't the kind to try to show off either, but we all had the feeling it was the Lord! I'm almost ashamed to tell you this, because it sounds so far out--but it's none of my business to question the ways of the Lord! I'm just the channel--the Lord'll have to take care of the results.) (Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus--help me, Lord Jesus! Behold, Lord, I AM MOST UNWORTHY--THE LEAST WORTHY OF ALL THY SERVANTS--THY SERVANT DAVID--and I am not worthy of all the honour Thou hast bestowed upon me; and I am so small to lead Thy so great people, Lord.) (There was this big, big mob of kids--thousands of them--and I was standing in front of them so small, you could hardly see me--I looked like I was about a quarter of an inch high. I was the smallest in the whole bunch--everybody else was bigger than me, but for some reason or another, they were listening to me--and the Lord said, "You are nothing, David, but I am everything!")
       18. FOR HE SHALL LEAD THEM BY MANY WATERS, THROUGH GREEN PASTURES, and they shall sing praises unto Me, even on many harps, and they shall multiply the songs of David, as they sing new songs unto Me, as My Children, that they may glorify Me, Hear ye him! "AND THEY SUNG AS IT WERE A NEW SONG BEFORE THE THRONE, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty-four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth" (It was not as though we were the only saved ones, but especially separated from the rest.) "These are they which were not defiled with women (the Whore and her Harlots), for they are virgins" (separated only unto the Lord, utterly dedicated to Him--His virgins, His Bride, pure in the Spirit). (THIS IS ALL SPIRITUAL. MY GOD, HOW COULD THEY EVER HAVE INTERPRETED THIS ALL SO PHYSICALLY for they are virgins (spiritually).) 'For these are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth." (They obey). "These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb." (separated from and above all the rest.) (Re.14:3,4)
       19. "AND IN THEIR MOUTH WAS FOUND NO GUILE" (no traditional false doctrines), "for they are without fault before the throne of God." (Perfect by His Grace.) "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of Heaven, having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." (You're gonna have a hand in this.) "Saying, with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgement is come: and worship Him that made Heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters." (This is our Message!) (Rev.14:5-7)
       20. THESE ARE THEY WHICH HAVE THE SEAL OF GOD ON THEIR FOREHEADS (Rev.7:3). These are the true spiritual Israel (Rev.7:4)--the leaders of this great multitude (Rev.7:9) (Wow! Wow! Wow!) (Thank You, Jesus!) These are the Witnesses of Rev.11. These are that Woman of Revelation 12, hidden in the Wilderness against this Last Day. These are they of whom it is spoken that have the Seal of God on their foreheads (Rev.7:3) that they should hurt not by the judgements of God during the Great Tribulation. HERE ARE THEY THAT KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD AND THE FAITH OF JESUS (Rev.14:12). Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them (Rev.14:13). THRUST IN THY SICKLE, AND REAP: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. (Rev.14:15)--The Reapers of Revelation 14. (I don't exactly understand all this, but God can use Scripture any way He wants to, even in application, anyway He wants to apply it, for the purpose of description.)
       21. THEM THAT HAD GOTTEN THE VICTORY OVER THE BEAST, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb. (Rev.15)
       22. THESE ARE THE SAINTS--THE MARTYRS OF JESUS--with whose blood the Whore is drunken (Rev.17:6)--the called and chosen and faithful who, with the Lamb, overcome the kings of the earth (Rev.17:14). Hallelujah! All of this before the Coming of the Lord! I don't understand it!
       23. WOW! WHAT A PROSPECT! EYE HATH NOT SEEN, NOR EAR HEARD neither hath entered into the heart of man, the things the Lord hath in store for us; but the Spirit hath revealed them to us! Praise His Name! Thank You, Lord!
       24. Well, Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I WAS GONNA WRITE YOU ABOUT PERSONAL ANSWERS, WHEN THE LORD DECIDED TO GIVE SOME OF HIS OWN--so I guess we can't complain, can we? Hallelujah! Isn't that something? It's too much for me! Sometimes after a session like this, I feel as weak as Daniel! When the Lord really pours it on, it really gets heavy--and it's hard to stop Him--but I try, 'cause I just can't take anymore, like Daniel. Sometimes I'm so weak afterwards, I'm almost sick--but it's sure worth it! Otherwise we wouldn't have those wonderful revelations Daniel got--and the ones He's giving us now. HE'S NOW CALLED ME EVERYTHING FROM MOSES, JOSHUA (in revelations my Mother got). Oh, yea, I forgot Abraham that I got about the Gypsies, and then Jeremiah, when He first gave us that message, and oh yes, I forgot Ezekiel, when He gave me my call, and once Nehemiah--not to come down from the wall, and now, David, of all people. I noticed HE SEEMS TO PICK SOME OF THE WORST CHARACTERS IN THE BIBLE, MEN OF FORCE AND FAULTS, who made a hell of a lot of mistakes, and really messed things up sometimes so everybody would know it was only God that was doing anything good through 'em. I notice He never picked anybody out of the New Testament--they were all too good for me. I TRIED TO CALL MYSELF PAUL when I got enthused about his revelations on the Grace of God in the Children of God versus the works of the flesh in natural Israel; but I agree with you, Joel, it just didn't work--I never could have written 1Corinthians 7, and a whole lot of the other stuff he wrote. So tryin' to name myself just didn't work--So please lay off of that Paul stuff. That was my own idea--not God's--and it just didn't stick.
       25. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOP CALLING ME U.D.--That character no longer exists any more, for His Work's Sake! I dreamt last night I was being booked for something minor, in a certain country you're familiar with, and who's very familiar with me, and in fact, I understand they'd like to know where I am; but when I thought of all the other things they were probably gonna try to throw at me--while the Romans stepped in the office to file and left me standing in the alley with some others, I just up and took off--you know--gotta split, even though they'd taken all my money and personal effects, except my clothes that I had on as I fled--and I remember I was takin' it on the lam to some friend's house in the same city, where they got some of us before, and was wondering where I was gonna get the bus fare. And all of a sudden I felt like I was Aaron--and woke up!--And I sure hope it doesn't come true, but I'm quite sure it was a warning to some of you who have problems along this line. You certainly shouldn't be working that close to that country. Apparently your memories are pretty short, and you're getting a little cocky and overconfident, and God may just stick a pin in your balloon, with the distinct possibility of cooling your heels in the cooler awhile, while you meditate over your carelessness. Some of our enemies may not be so forgetful, and jump at the chance! Better Split! Amen?

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