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"CROMWELL"--MO       April 22, 1971       NO.65--GP

Copyrighted April, 1971 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or B.P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

       1. ENGLAND IS READY FOR ANOTHER REVOLUTION, AND SHE NEEDS ANOTHER CROMWELL! It is like she is saying, "Who will go for us? Who will fight for us? Where is our leader? We need another revolution, but where is our Cromwell?"
       2. ENGLAND HAS ADOPTED A FORM OF SOCIALISM WHICH STILL PRESERVES THE RICH, who are tossing bones to the poor to try to keep them pacified and from devouring them--all these socialistic bones of socialised medicine, various forms of social security--welfare, unemployment insurance which the government even pays to men on strike, etc.--so they won't devour them!
       3. BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE PURE SOCIALISM UNLESS YOU FORCE THE RICH TO SHARE THE WEALTH. You can't give to the poor without taking it away from the rich. But England is trying to do it!-- And at present she is in a very similar state to what she was before Cromwell--with the corruption and greed of Parliament control by the rich, lack of representation by the people, etc., and the people are remarkably poor in a nation that is still rich and powerful!
       4. I BELIEVE ENGLAND IS CLOSER TO REVOLUTION THAN THE UNITED STATES, because the people are angry and have genuine grievances. (As well as the outward, manifest signs of this, I feel it in the spirit so strongly here. The spirit is almost boiling. It's a sinister, almost frightening feeling!) The British are poverty-stricken and jobless but prices are high and inflation is soaring and rents outrageous, almost comparable to those in the United States; whereas incomes are only a third of those in the U.S. The rate of unemployment is now the worst since the Great Depression of the thirties!
       5. BRITAIN IS RIPE FOR REVOLUTION, AND THE COMMUNISTS ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE FACT, and intend to engineer control and lead it and bring Britain into the Communist fold. The people are getting desperate--over-burdened with heavy taxation. The opiate of religion is no longer working, so the British system is trying to placate the masses with television, amusements, sports, partial socialisation, wide open legalised gambling, liquor, sex and mini-skirts. The Communist Party is legal, operates openly and has many bookstores, speakers, and leaders here, including a number in government, and control of some of the largest labour unions--which is one reason for the rash of strikes of late which are threatening to bankrupt Britain's economy according to Communist plan. Strikes and inflation have brought bankruptcy to some of Britain's major industries, including the old, reliable, affluent and world-famous Rolls-Royce Company, the Port of Liverpool, etc., and the Ford Motor Company is threatening to move out of Britain entirely to West Germany seeking a more stable economy, government and labour situation. The great and prolonged postal strike, which in this country includes not only the mail but telephone and telegraphic communication, was a very crippling blow to the nation's economy, from which it has not yet recovered.
       6. SINCE WORLD WAR II, IN A FEW SHORT YEARS, BRITAIN HAS LOST ITS EMPIRE, its colonies, its sources of raw material, cheap labour, and most of its income, and has dwindled down to nothing but a third-rate nation in Europe, with both France and Germany more prosperous and more powerful. The British have become notoriously poor, the Irish are rebelling, the Commonwealth is being torn with dissension and racial strife and weakened by compromises and Communist infiltration! And if it were not for American help and Britain's position as a world banking, commercial, trade, and communication centre--valuable and useful to other nations as their shopkeeper--she would long ago have collapsed; and even so, now hangs on the brink of total economic disaster. She no longer rules the waves, but the Communists are rapidly doing so in this part of the world, as well as waiving the rules! And dear old Britain is an ancient, aged, decrepit, weak, and dying has-been, who's only glory is in the past--The glory that was England--the grandeur that was the Britain Empire!
       7. THIS IS SO HARD FOR THE PROUD BRITISH TO TAKE, THAT THE AVERAGE BRITON SIMPLY IGNORES IT, refuses to talk about it, doesn't like to be reminded of it, and keeps on blindly muddling through, or plays childlike in his garden with dreams of the past! He has forgotten God, and yet carries on a pretense of Christian culture in his reverence for British tradition. Her churches are empty, her clergy are corrupted mercenaries paid by the government, and would die out completely if it were not for government support. Her youth are still proud of their past, still blindly convinced there will always be an England and that they are secure on their tight little Isle and will somehow muddle through!--But the Russians have already invaded them and they don't even know it! So-called Russian cultural exchanges, which are nothing more than spy missions, are rampant. Her liberal Labour Party is infiltrated and influenced by the Communists, and virtually follows the Party Line, along with some of the major newspapers--And Britain stands on the verge of surrender to her powerful communist neighbour because she is too weak to resist and knows no other course. Her former Labour Government was playing directly into the hands of the Communists and was only kept from going completely Socialist or Communist by a last minute rise of the Reactionary Right, a stiff militant and hard-line conservative back-lash which is now fighting a death struggle with the Communistic unions and socialistic liberal Labourites; and the outcome smacks more of Leninistic violent revolution than a return to normalcy!
       8. I HOLD IN MY HAND A BRIGHT RED PAMPHLET ON LONDON'S RECENT AND MOST POPULAR AND HISTORICAL MOTION PICTURE ABOUT BRITAIN'S MOST FAMOUS VIOLENT REVOLUTIONARY, heroic leader of her 17th century Civil War against Church domination--the Parliament against the King, the poor against the rich, the have-nots against the haves; the Christians against the heathen; the country folk against the cities; labour against capital.
       9. THE TONE OF BOTH THE PAMPHLET AND THE MOVIE ARE EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT, and the connotations of the identification of England's present conditions with that of Cromwell's Civil War period of the past are too clear to be ignored. In the film, 17th century England is portrayed as being corrupt, licentious, and in the oppressive grip of a church-dominated, conservatively controlled, hard-line government! The rich Royalists are tyrannically oppressing the Puritan poor, who have little or no voice in the government.
       10. THE PICTURE OF THE OPPRESSION OF THE COMMON MAN AND ITS RESEMBLANCE TO TODAY IS PLAIN TO BE SEEN:--The poverty, the lack of representation, the trampling of human rights, and the blind despotism of a desperate and dying monarchy, are obvious parallels to similarities today--in an England where the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer, and further and further apart, and neither seems to know they are both headed on a crash course to destruction without a Saviour, threatened by enmities within and enemies without, with no apparent peaceful solution!
       11. IN THE FILM, A SIMPLE CHRISTIAN FARMER COMES TO THE RESCUE by organising the resistance against the corrupt government of the rich Royalists and their decadent King. All of the resentment, grievances, and wrath of the down-trodden poor rise up and find a voice and leadership in this one man--this great hero of the common man--Oliver Cromwell--Champion of simple faith, and Soldier of the Cross, and Redeemer of the Land!
       12. AND THEY MARCHED TO VICTORY UNDER HIS FEARLESS, CONVICTING, ELOQUENT AND INSPIRED LEADERSHIP, and the course of British history was changed forever, the power of the monarchy was broken, and the democratic will of the common people took control of their government through their duly elected representative, the Parliament. And Britain became like a Republic under a fair constitution, offering a new opportunity for the rights of man. And the Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, and greatness of a new England rose on the ruins of the old, to build a world-wide Christian empire which spread the Gospel of the King James Version of the Bible to the ends of the earth--so that the sun never set on the British flag, and the British Empire was the most powerful on the face of the earth in her day, which reached its zenith under Queen Victoria in the past century.
       13. BUT LIKE OTHER EMPIRES, BRITAIN FORGOT THE GOD THAT HAD MADE HER GREAT in her power and plenty, and instead followed the diabolical teachings of Charles Darwin and his Evolution; Hume and his Atheism; Huxley and his Skepticism; Karl Marx and his Communism; and Churchill and his Materialism; and Britain today is being turned into Hell, like all the nations that forget God!--And we are witnessing the stripping of the slain, glory gone, colonies emancipated, empire evaporated and wealth on the brink of bankruptcy, leaving only the poor whom we have always with us!
       14. SO THAT THE BRITAIN OF TODAY RESEMBLES THE ENGLISHMAN IN THE STORY OF THE NOTORIOUS HATRED BETWEEN THE IRISH AND THE ENGLISH, as illustrated by the Irishman who was handing a five-pound note--an amazingly generous gift--to a poor English beggar--an armless and legless veteran of some bygone war. As the pitiful remnant of an Englishman expressed amazement at the generosity of the Irishman's donation, the Irishman commented, "It's well worth it, mon! Faith and be gory! It's the first time I've ever seen an Englishman trimmed down to his proper size!"--A joke no sicker than the present condition of modern England--the sad and pitiful remnant of former greatness!
       15. AND THE PICTURE ON THE BRIGHT RED COVER OF THIS PAMPHLET DESCRIBING THE MOVIE, "CROMWELL", IS IN ITSELF EXTREMELY SYMBOLIC: Against the blazing background of the raging fires and battling armies of a land in torment rises the clenched iron fist of the revolutionary, holding high the empty helmet of Cromwell--heroic revolutionary leader of the past--as though with the challenging invitation--the almost frightening question--against that red background: "Who will come and fill his helmet for us today? Who will dare to be our leader now?"--As though that were all the impending British revolution was waiting for!
       16. WILL IT BE A DIABOLICAL, SATANIC, DEMON-INSPIRED, ANTI-GOD, CHRIST-HATING, PRO-COMMUNIST DICTATOR?--Or will it be another simple, courageous, fearless, convicting Christian commoner, like Cromwell, who will again save his nation from the brink of destruction and bring her to repentance and the Salvation of God?
       17. THE ANSWER MAY BE UP TO YOU AND ME--the mighty army of the Children of God! Who will fill that helmet of Salvation left empty by Cromwell? Whom shall we send, and who will go for us? Who will save England this time, before it is too late? England is waiting for a saviour! Who will it be--Christ--or Antichrist? Is it up to us?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family