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"EXPLOSIONS I"--MO       May 2, 1971       GP NO.69

       1. "THERE IS NO POWER BUT OF GOD: THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD!" (Rom.13:1) For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord. Everyone that God has used throughout the history of the world, good or bad, has been anointed of God, with special charisma, gifts, or talents, and that divine spark of inspiration which ignites the fuse that explodes the bomb of their accomplishments, that special enduement of power from on High, that special insight, foresight, and divine Wisdom that causes them to stand head and shoulders above their brethren, to stand out in the crowd, that outstanding personality, that is gift of God! These chosen vessels fit for the Master's use all have had it--all have had that divine supernatural fire of genius which burned like a flame, that dynamic force which spurred them on even in spite of themselves. They could not contain it! It is a power of God which is almost uncontrollable! You feel like you've just got to explode, to somehow fulfill your destiny, that there's something important you're supposed to do, and you've just got to find it--And when you do, you're like an electric current that has suddenly found its ground--And you literally blow up with the shock. It's like the tea kettle on the fire: If you can't find an outlet for that steam, you'll explode! It's like lightning, looking for a place to strike! It's like kinetic, static electricity which is built up and built up within you until you cannot contain, and the slightest touch brings a sudden jolt, a bolt from the blue! It's like somebody has just thrown the switch, turned you on, and found an outlet for that tremendous power that God has pent-up within you!
       2. SOMETIMES IT TAKES YEARS BEFORE THAT SMOLDERING, SMOKING FIRE BURST INTO A BLAZING INFERNO, a holocaust like the blasting off of a rocket or the explosion of an atom bomb or the sudden bursting, blazing glory of a shooting star! The power was there all the time, pent-up and smoldering--the kind that nearly tears a prophet apart if he doesn't give his message!
       3. BUT SUDDENLY SOMEBODY RELEASES THE VALVE--and there's a terrible blast of that whistle or that foghorn of warning or that exploding message of Doom! Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! It's like an enormous shell finally finding its mark and exploding with earthshaking, thunderous fury, blowing away all the flimsy debris and the chaff of this world and leaving only that which is solid remaining! Such is the life of the prophets of God! Such is the life of all the men and women that God has mightily used throughout all time!
       4. GOD HAS ALWAYS HAD HIS MEN OF POWER FOR THE HOUR--His anointed one--even the bad ones which He used as scourges and judgements against wicked generations--the razors that are hired, and the swords of the Lord, along with, and usually following the good ones, who came first to beg the people to repent and to warn them of their doom; as well as the special saviours who rescued them by the mercy of God when they repented! We find them throughout the Bible and history, and there are some in the world today! The Book of Job is the result of such an explosion--one of the oldest, deepest, and most amazing Books of the Bible--the explosion of one of God's anointed thunderbolts--a man who had obviously lived a Godly life for many years, but it took the implosion of the power of God from without to put the pressure on by means of the afflictions of the Devil, before the power that was within exploded into a mighty atomic chain reaction of some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible--The Song of Suffering which has echoed down through the ages to encourage countless millions with its reverberations of faith, patience and praise in the midst of adversity! Here was one of God's lightning-bolts who finally found his mark and finally exploded in a shower of glorious affliction which brought forth a light which has lighted our skies with his faith ever since! "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." The faith, the patience, and the final tremendous victory of Job--an inspiring example for generations to come! Job was such a man!
       5. ANOTHER WAS NOAH--A MAN WHO PREACHED 120 YEARS WITHOUT RESULTS, and didn't find his calling until he was 600 years old--Then he burst like a bombshell in one grand blaze of glory, as God exalted him and lifted him up on the crest of a mighty tide of a worldwide judgment of God--the Great Flood! He and his tiny family and all the living things worth saving--all in the same boat together! After 600 years, Noah's mission had arrived--his day had come. And his obedience saved the human race and all living things. The anointing was upon him for that one great hour--and he didn't fail!
       6. ABRAHAM WAS SUCH A MAN, living for many years in the midst of the wickedness of his generation, son of a father who was frustrated in his attempt to obey God, Terah, who was bound for the Promised Land when he left Babylon-- but never made it! But the younger generation, his son Abraham, didn't settle down comfortably like his father, amongst the Assyrians and the heathen of Haran.--But there came that electric day when he heard the voice of God, "Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house unto a land that I will show thee; and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing; and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." Behold, ye are his children upon whom the ends of the earth are come, and the heirs of these blessings and promises!
       7. ABRAHAM WAS SUCH A MAN OF FAITH, SO EMPOWERED BY GOD, SO ANOINTED WITH HIS VISION THAT HE OBEYED AND MOVED in God's direction and got things started even though he never got to see the fulfillment of these promises. He started the chain reaction which will result in one mighty final explosion of the true church today, in these days, just before the coming of the Lord! What a man of faith! What a man of power! What an explosion he has ignited!
       8. JOSEPH WAS ANOTHER, who spent years as a mere shepherd, hated of his brethren, an outcast, a slave, and a prisoner of Egypt, containing all the pent-up force of God which began to explode on that fateful day of his release from prison by the King!
       9. AND HE, TOO, BURST IN A BLAZE OF GLORY WHICH SAVED HIS PEOPLE FROM EXTINCTION and even saved the System around them, for awhile, and caused Egypt to bless them and prosper them and enlarge them, until it was time for another man to explode, to release them from the bondage of Egypt and sever all ties with its worldly system, coming out from among them and being separate, called-out, dropped-out, exploded-out, blown-out, blown completely apart from the wicked world of their day by the faith and obedience of one man, the powerful and electric anointing of that great prophet of God, Moses--a man who had been nothing but a failure under his own power and had to wait 80 years before the coming of his day to explode--80 years of rejection, humiliation, separation, and isolation from the work that God had called him to do, until the task seemed utterly hopeless, and he was utterly helpless--and only God could do it!
       10. THEN GOD LIT HIS FUSE--AND HE EXPLODED in such a blaze of glory that six million children of God were liberated, and the laws of the lands of the world were enlightened by God's voice through him, though he never got to see the complete fulfillment of God's Children totally possessing the Promised Land--a literal type of what's happening spiritually today! But this explosion of the first Moses and the Children of God has echoed around the world ever since and is still a powerful sample to us, their spiritual counterparts, to this very day!
       11. IT WAS LEFT FOR TWO OTHER OLD MEN OF FAITH, JOSHUA AND CALEB, the only remaining ones of that older generation--the only ones left with enough faith--to lead the possession of the land with the faithful younger generation of that day! Their hour finally came, whey they exploded out of the borders of the heathen, stepping across the Jordan by faith on that fateful day of decision--and blew the heathen out of God's possession, which had been usurped by the Devil--a type of our present-day possession of the spiritual Kingdom of God by the present-day spiritual Children of God, in one last great end-time explosion!
       12. THEN WHEN THE CHURCH HAD GONE BACK ON GOD and gone awhoring after other gods so that it had led the whole nation astray, He raised up a humble farmer's son, Gideon, who got so full of the wrath of God that he exploded with a vengeance, destroying with his own hands the idols and altars of the wicked, and smashing them with violence, and crushing the forces of the Enemy with only a handful of young men like him!
       13. WHEN THE CHILDREN OF GOD SQUIRMED UNDER THE HEEL OF THEIR GODLESS CONQUERORS, ANOTHER MAN OF GOD WHO COULDN'T STAND IT ANYMORE EXPLODED with insane and ridiculous antics which are still criticised by the self-righteous hypocrites to this very day. Samson slaughtered their enemies with the jawbone of an ass--maybe one of his critics--set fire to their wealth with foxy firebrands, tore down the gates to their cities, and played around with their harlots, until, blinded by their persecution, he was able to infiltrate one of their major temples by the foresight of God--and in one final explosion of His strength--one mighty heave of the power of God--he brought down the whole abomination around their ears in a thunderous roar that slew them by the thousands--and died with them to fulfill his mission!
       14. ELIJAH AND ELISHA WERE SO FULL OF THE POWER OF GOD that when they finally exploded they performed more miracles than any other prophets in the Bible, changed the weather, defied kings and their armies, and even survived to see the nation saved a little longer, because of their obedience!
       15. A LITTLE SHEPHERD BOY HAD EXPLODED WITH THE FORCE OF A CATAPULT, when his day finally came, and the giants of the Philistines began to fall, along with their dominance of Israel--and his explosion carried him to the pinnacle of power and fame as Israel's greatest leader, King David, prophet, psalmist and king!
       16. THEN AS THE PEOPLE BEGAN TO FORGET THE GOD THAT HAD MADE THEM GREAT during the decadence of the Great Empire God had given them, His prophets began to explode with the white-heat and blinding light of spiritual atomic fission and fusion, predicting the Great Confusion that was to come upon them because of their sins--Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and others, one after the other began to explode with the power and message of God, like a long chain reaction or series of explosions trying to deter the nation from its sins and bring it back to God, without avail. If you were to judge Jeremiah by his success, he was a flat failure, but he was faithful and delivered his soul!
       17. THEN WHEN JESUS CAME TO SAVE THEM--THEY REJECTED HIM. And He exploded in a denunciation of their hypocrisy so deprecatory that even the Church is ashamed to read it, it makes them feel so guilty, they're so much like those who crucified Him for His explosion!
       18. ONE BY ONE THE PROPHETS OF GOD HAVE EXPLODED THROUGH THE AGES! Some were heeded and others ignored, but the blessings or cursings of God hinged on the people's reactions to them. There are so many we couldn't possibly name them all here, but you already know some of my favourites: St. Augustine, St. Francis, Savonarola, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Knox, Cromwell, Wesley, Booth, Moody, Sunday, Finney, Gypsy Smith, Bryan, and my own Grandfather, Dr. John L. Brandt, who was a radical spiritual revolutionary of his day, if there ever was one, a pioneer and crusader who nearly got himself killed a dozen times for his trouble! And my Mother and Father, too, both rebels from the System that tried to smother their fervor! The more you try to contain the explosion the harder it will blow, implosion being the basic principal of the atomic bomb and the world's major volcanic eruptions; the longer it's kept down, the higher it'll blow when it goes.
       19. WHEN KRAKATOA EXPLODED in the Sunda Straights of the East Indies between Java and Sumatra in the 1890s, the whole volcano vanished in one mighty roar that was heard round the world, as much as 4,000 miles away, and the tidal waves of the concussion lapped the shores of three continents, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and the charred rocks, hot ashes, and burning lava, fire and brimstone, buried the jungles a hundred feet deep for miles around, making it dark in Batavia for three days, and the moon blue in even Paris and London with at least 40,000 known dead! They say it was because the mountain couldn't blow its top like an ordinary volcano--so the whole thing blew up and vanished into ash-filled air!
       20. LET THEM BEWARE WHO TRY TO SHUT THE MOUTHS OF THE PROPHETS OF GOD! The final explosion may kill you and do more damage than if you'd let them speak their piece! There have been some bad boys, too, that God has used to accomplish His purposes and to scourge the world for its sins, who were endowed with the spark of supernatural genius which started conflagrations that swept the nations with the judgments of God: Shalmaneser, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, and Cyrus, Alexander, Caesar, Attila, Saladin, Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and a host of others too numerous to name.
       21. SOME HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED HEROES BY SOME, AND VILLAINS BY OTHERS--angels or devils, like Rasputin and his kind, who, because of the erasure of the facts by their enemies makes it hard to tell whether they did good or evil; most likely they did both--but one thing is certain: They had that spark of genius, that explosion of supernatural power that produced some of the major changes in history! Although some were sure they were from the Devil, as you can see by that verse in Romans all the powers that be are of God; whether a blessing or a curse they are sent by God to do His will and accomplish His purpose!
       22. ONE OF MY FAVOURITES IS GENERAL GEORGE C. PATTON, a mighty military general of the U.S., who was a man of almost nothing but explosions and was continually causing others to explode, particularly his enemies. He was a man of force and faults, strengths and weaknesses, like all great men--but one sure thing, you couldn't ignore him! His explosions would be heard--and made headlines around the world; even some of his slighted and inadvertent remarks were twisted to stir up international controversies, since he was a man who spoke his mind bluntly and with most colourful language--an outspoken foe of cowards and compromises, who would have helped to win not only the war, but the world, if the pussyfooting politicians hadn't been so afraid of his enemies! He was an amazing man, full of contradictions, accused of being a schizophrenic and a reincarnationalist because he had dreams of the past in which he felt he was there as a soldier in some of the world's major battles--a student of history, a poet, and sometimes gentle and tender as a lamb, deeply and devoutly religious and a daily Bible reader. He could also roar as loud as a lion and explode with the force of Krakatoa so that the repercussions were heard around the world. He was particularly famous for his emphatic language and extreme statements! For example, when someone taunted him if it was true that he kept a Bible by his bed, and asked if he read it, he replied, "Yes, every God-damned day!" He is also credited with the advice to his men that it was not the duty of a good soldiers to die for his country, but "to make the other damn bastard die for his country!" He asked no quarter, and gave none, and expected the impossible of a good soldier, relying on prayer and his faith in God to see him through--And God did. He licked Rommel in North Africa, the Germans in Sicily, and Hitler's forces in France in the Battle of the Bulge--and would have gone on to Moscow if they'd let him.
       23. AT THE ALLIED VICTORY CELEBRATION IN BERLIN HE CALLED THE RUSSIAN COMMANDER A SON OF BITCH, and said we were fighting the wrong people--that we oughtta help the Germans lick the Communists, and felt it was his destiny to help conquer the world before the Godless Russians did, but his own people and politicians villified him, and the British chose the Russian Barabas, had Patton stripped of his command and crucified with expulsions; so he died a broken man, an unwanted saviour, and lost his last chance!
       24. I KNOW HOW HE FELT: It's that same feeling we had when we tried to befriend the churches and save their people from the coming judgements of God and were thrown out of our trouble. It's that same feeling we had when we went witnessing to their wayward children in the public schools and were thrown in jail for trying to save their young people. It's that same feeling we had when, having turned hippies and harlots from dealing drugs and vice to turning on to Jesus and clean lives of usefulness and Salvation for other youth, they were harassed by the police, arrested for witnessing, and expelled for pushing the Gospel on campus! Finally, when they began hindering us from going to church, complaining about our disturbing their peace with our music, accusing us of disorderly conduct for our marches, and picking up our kids for just standing on the sidewalk, I began to explode!
       25. THE FIRST EXPLOSION OCCURRED WITH A BANG THAT BLEW AWAY ALL OF OUR SYSTEMITE FRIENDS on the night of Shad and Christian's betrothal in front of the biggest crowd we ever had, including a lot of my mother's old churchy friends who had come out to see us burn, and a dear little girl reporter from the local paper, who after my explosion accepted Christ. I damned the System, blasted the churches, and declared war on the public schools, and told the people and the papers that our true Christianity was as different from the churches of today as Communism is from Capitalism and that we were in a Revolution for Jesus!--which they couldn't stop any more than they could stop the breakers on the beach with their damn little religious surfboards, instead of riding them--and that we were gonna roll right on over them!
       26. THIS EXPLOSIVE DECLARATION OF WAR ON BOTH THE ENEMY AND THE COMPROMISERS HIT THE HEADLINES--and we began to make news with all of our radical witnessing activities, like the Early Church of old. We were filled with the explosive power of God, and we couldn't contain it: We just had to blow! God said our little pebble would roll, gather momentum, until it snowballed into a mountain! Our little flame would be fanned into a forest fire that would sweep the nations; that our wave would wash the shores of the world!--And it's happening!
       27. GOD FILLED US WITH THE DYNAMITE OF HIS SPIRIT AND LIT THE FUSE and blew us clear out of town and around the world in an explosion that's now being heard of everywhere and is going to keep Christian youth on fire till Jesus comes!
       28. THEY CALL IT THE JESUS REVOLUTION, AND IT'S MAKING HEADLINES AROUND THE WORLD--and they only know it started somewhere in Southern California--But we know, because we were there when it happened! We were the original Jesus Freaks, when all the others were scoffing at us, and before us there weren't any. Nobody else was having marches, sit-ins, school invasions, beach baptisms, picketing, and shouting spiritual revolution but us, the original Jesus Freaks who were the first explosion of this power of God amongst the youth of today, and of which all the rest are mere reverberations. Before us, there weren't any! Before us, they had none! With whom did God start all these things! With us, the original Jesus Revolution of this modern day!
       29. I'M REMINDED OF THE OLD GERMAN ARMY SONG, the theme of a recent radical movie on the youth of Germany called "I am an Elephant" which goes something like this: "Who did so-and-so--We did! Who are the so-and so's--We are!" etc. I'd like to find that old German song--I know you anointed musicians could explode with our own version!
       30. WHO WERE THE FIRST?--WE WERE! Who did it first?--We did! Who was doing nothing before us?--They were! Who were the first to cross the country in Christian demonstration?--We were! Who were the first to set up fulltime places of training for fulltime revolutionaries for Jesus?--We were! Who has the largest number of fulltime workers?--We have!--Over 2500 and growing! Who has the largest number of fulltime Colonies of 'round-the-clock Christian Revolutionaries?--We have! Who are the only nationwide army of organised, radical revolutionaries for Jesus?--We are! Who are the only specialists in Bible Prophecy and the Warning End-Time Message?--We are! Who are the only ones who memorise hundreds of Scriptures and give intensive, tough, crash courses in fulltime witnessing?--We are!
       31. WHO ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO BELIEVE IN BEING TOTALLY DROPPED OUT FROM THE SYSTEM., completely forsaking all and joining together in a whole new society opposed to the damnable, materialistic System, its Godless education and its hypocritical religion?--We are! Who are the only Jesus Revolution who provide a whole new way of life with care and training and total service of God from the cradle to the grave?--We are!
       32. WHO ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO DEMONSTRATE DRAMATICALLY IN SACKCLOTH AND ASHES with rods, rings, and yokes, like the prophets of old?--We are! Who are the only really radical revolutionaries for Jesus of this generation, with whom even the Communists can sympathise, and who hate the damnable churchianity even more than they do?--We are! Who has the only Scripturally organised witnessing programme for revolutionising the whole world?--We have! We are the founders, originators, perpetrators, avant-garde of this worldwide witnessing revolution of totally committed radical youth who are going to lead this mighty army to victory with our own blood! We are the leaders of the Jesus Revolution--the beginning and the end of it--and nobody's gonna lead us but God!--Are you with us?

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