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"A HEAVENLY VISITOR"--MO        May 10, 1971        NO.72        GP

       1. I TALKED TO ABNER LAST NIGHT AND HE'S DOING GREAT! I had just received the news this evening of his Home-going, and was deeply grieved over our loss, and was lying awake in the middle of the night desperately asking God why.--And the Lord didn't fail to answer: "The day that ye cry unto Me with a whole heart, I will answer!" Praise the Lord!
       2. FIRST THE LORD SAID THAT HE HAD INVITED ABNER HOME TO HELP HIM TAKE CARE OF US as the Lord had already shown us in that Scripture He gave us, Ezekiel 22:30: "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it".--And thank God, in Abner's case, He found one! Hallelujah!--Evidently he was that great silver knight who arose to call us to defend the gap in our spiritual wall caused by the fires of internal dissension, as shown me in that last vision! Praised the Lord! How wonderful are the ways of the Lord--but they're not past finding out, if you ask Him!
       3. HE SHOWED ME HOW, THAT AS HE LAY THERE ON THAT HOSPITAL BED, THE LORD HAD TOLD HIM THAT HE NEEDED HIM TO REPRESENT US in His Heavenly court to plead our cause and help take care of us and defend us, because the Lord was angry with some of us for our sins.--And Abner had consented to go--to accept this promotion to higher responsibilities for our security in the spiritual world--to fulfill God's call for someone to stand in that serious gap, Praise the Lord! Thank God for dear faithful Abner, always trying to be where he could be the most helpful to us all.
       4. AND WITH THAT, THE LORD AS GOOD AS SAID, "BUT HERE, WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK TO HIM? I'll let him tell you for himself!" And suddenly Abner appeared, looking very much like that great silvery knight himself, peering through a hole in the wall of the spiritual realm just below the ceiling of our room!--And I was really startled! He was smiling radiantly, and gave me his usual cheery greeting and salute, and began to explain reassuringly that he had voluntarily chosen to accept the Lord's invitation to go, as the Lord needed him, and he felt he could do us more good there than here, helping with our spiritual security, our first and most important wall of defense, which had been so seriously breached by our spiritual neglect and internal strife!
       5. (Secretary's note: The following is a verbatim transcription of the notes I made during this experience in which Moses had exploded in tongues and weeping in the middle of the night. It was difficult for me to get even this much, as it seemed very hard for him to speak any English at all, as he excitedly and happily was trying to explain to me what was happening, with great gesticulations!)
       6. THE LORD WANTED ABNER FOR HIS RIGHTHAND MAN! The Lord took him and promoted him! He's so happy! He's so happy! You have no idea how happy he is! He's so sweet and so good! The Lord's going to use him to help us more than ever!
       7. WE COULD HAVE BROUGHT ABNER BACK TO LIFE, BUT IT'S SO FOOLISH TO WANT HIM IN THE FLESH; like the resurrection of Lazarus--the whole country would have been aroused, and the Enemy would have really crucified us. It was when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead that they were really determined to kill Him!
       8. WHY SHOULD WE WANT HIM BACK? HE CAN DO US SO MUCH MORE GOOD THERE! (With this Moses flung his arms out wide and then clasped them, crying out "Abner, Abner, Abner"--as if embracing him.) He can do us so much more good in the spirit than he can in the flesh! He loves us even more!
       9. HE'S SO FREE, AND SO POWERFUL, AND SO FAST! HE CAN GO ANYWHERE! That's all he wanted to do was to be a help, and the Lord took him so he could be a help!
       10. (Moses lay weeping on the bed!) THAT'S ALL HE WANTED TO LIVE FOR WAS JESUS! HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO LIVE FOR THE FLESH, SO GOD TOOK HIM SO HE COULD USE HIM! Oh, thank You, Jesus! He's more alive now than he was before! He doesn't have the flesh to worry about now! (With this, Moses flung his arms wide again, and with strong tongues and weeping cried out, "O Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I want to go!")--But the Lord won't let me go now! He needs me here! It would be so much easier to die--so free--but I have to stay here to help you--and you're so carnal! The kids have to have somebody, because they're so carnal! They have to have somebody like Moses and Joshua! All God's leaders would rather have been with Jesus, but they had to stay in the flesh to help others! Those that cannot contact Jesus in the Spirit--they have to have somebody in the flesh to be able to contact Him. It's their only means of communication. They're unable to be in the spirit, so they have to have somebody in the flesh!
       11. HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL--JUST BEAUTIFUL--LIKE THE ARCHANGEL OF GOD! He's what He wanted to be--the officer and archangel of God! He only lived for one thing: Jesus--and to help others!--Damn the flesh! Now he's a Messenger of Jesus--and executive officer of Jesus for the Children of God! Abner is exalted because he was worthy! He makes such a beautiful angel! He's free--so free now! We're so bound by the flesh! It's so silly that we cry--because he's so happy! (And Moses laughs joyously.) The Lord has promoted His most faithful servant!--It's such a liberation! I wouldn't want to bring him back now for the world!--I only long to be with him!

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