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"HE STANDS IN THE GAP!"--MO           May 20, 1971   NO.73A

My Precious Children: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name!

       1. PLEASE FORGIVE THIS LATEST PAUSE IN OUR COMMUNICATIONS, but we have been moving again due to an emergency which arose that I may be able to tell you about later. As Jesus once told His disciples, I have many things to say unto thee which ye are not yet able to bear. Our recent letter on "Judas" was one of those, which we received from the Lord some time ago--months ago!--but hesitated to send to you that sober warning until I felt it was absolutely necessary recently due to another warning from the Lord in the "Gap" vision, due to a situation that had arisen at home, and one which was about to rise as the vision was fulfilled in the departure of our beloved Abner.
       2. I'M SURE YOU MUST BY THIS TIME HAVE RECOGNISED THE HAND OF GOD IN ALL OF THIS, and the marvelous way in which He foretold and forewarned us of these coming events many days before they occurred to prepare our hearts for what He was about to do in taking Abner, and to help us to understand why. For if you are sensitive to His Spirit, I'm sure the Lord has already shown you that the Gap was a very serious spiritual breach in our spiritual defenses, for which God had to take Abner to stand in that Gap for us and defend us before the Lord as our representative and Advocate and Intercessor to help bring some to repentance and rally us to help repair the breach, lest God destroy the Land for our sins! Thank God in this case He found a man (Prophecy:) who was willing to stand before Him to save our Land--our New Nation--that great Knight who stood so strong in silvery, shining armour, willing to be called home from the wars to stand in the Gap to help defend his own homeland! Hallelujah!--Our own dear Abner!--How like him, that he should be the one that was willing to go, as you heard in the "Abner Vision" of his Heavenly Visit!
       3. HE HAS FOR A LONG TIME BEEN OUR CHIEF OF SECURITY, CONCERNED WITH OUR DEFENSES, so how fitting of the Lord to take this one who was most concerned and promote him to an even higher position amongst God's Heavenly Security Forces to watch over us from an even better vantage point--Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus!--than the top of our little hill! How foolish and selfish we are to want to keep him, when he is serving us and the Lord much better over there as our own Personal Representative before the Lord. Who could know us better than he and plead our cause more effectively! If God Himself had to send His own Son to suffer for us, not only to die in our place, but to take on human form and suffer all of our human weaknesses and frailties and the bondages of human flesh--hunger, thirst, weariness, pain and temptation--and yet without sin, that He might be an High Priest that is touched with the feeling of our infirmities, having Himself been tempted in all things like as we are, including the death of Cross, that He might not only bear our sins, but also sit at the Right Hand of the Father pleading our Cause with sympathy, empathy, and understanding, knowing our frame that we are dust, as our Defense Attorney before God, our Judge, defending us from all the fiery darts of the Evil One, that Prosecuting Attorney, the Accuser of the Saints, Satan Himself (Note the First Chapter of Job and Revelation 12:10, etc.)--if God had to send Jesus, and then take Him for this purpose, how fitting it was that our own dear Abner was given, and then taken for us also! Praise God! "The Lord hath given and the Lord hath taken away: blessed be the Name of the Lord!"
       4. IT IS FAR BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND HOW GOD RUNS THE SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT of the universe by means of the Holy Ghost and His Angels, ministering spirits, as His Word calls them, but we know that He conducts some kind of Counsels in Heaven, Report Sessions, according to Job 1:6 and other related passages--Court Sessions--in which Jesus Himself is called a Counselor (Isa 9:6), and Satan, the Accuser of the Saints--Satan, who does not even hesitate to accuse Jesus Himself as he did in "Judas" (Luke 16:1).
       5. GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, THE KING OF KINGS, CONDUCT COURT SESSIONS, in which apparently He hears cases and representations, witnesses, for both the Prosecution and the Defense, and makes Judgments accordingly, not only that of the final Great White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20:11, nor even the Judgment Seat of Christ, but also current Court Sessions in which He judges the living, now, like He did Job and others, like the kings and judges of this world, types and shadows of the True.
       6. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT MYSTERY TO ME, because of many puzzling Scriptures on the subject, but I believe I'm beginning to get more light on it than ever before, especially as He has begun to help me put the pieces together of that great puzzle, His conduct of affairs in the spirit world, due to my own personal experiences in this realm which have aroused my interest and shed new light on the subject--some of which I have told you.
       7. IN YEARS GONE BY, I FOUND THAT MANY SYSTEM CHRISTIANS, PASTORS AND BIBLE TEACHERS WERE AFRAID OF THE SUBJECT because they felt that it bordered on spiritualism or spiritism, and that talking about the personal appearances of angels or of saints long dead sounded to them too much like having to do with familiar spirits, dealing with evil spirits and devils, which God's Word condemns, along with witchcraft and wizardry. But may God forgive us for condemning the entire spirit world and being afraid of knowledge of it, just because the Devil uses it, along with his demons. That would be like those churches which refuse to use music just because the Devil uses it! If we stopped using everything the Devil uses, there wouldn't be much left--not even for God! I told you how my Mother once even used a slot machine for God's glory, and a result, paid for a dinner for God's Children with the only quarter she had left! God can use anything if you'll let Him. In fact, God even uses the Devil and his demons, whom He created to serve Him for His own purposes regarding mankind, and who are subject unto Him and unto us; and I'm sure your teachers can give you many references along this line. It would make a very interesting study.
       8. BUT JUST BECAUSE WITCHCRAFT, WIZARDRY, AND DEALING WITH FAMILIAR SPIRITS, DEMONS AND DEVILS IS CONDEMNED, WHY SHOULD WE BLIND OURSELVES, IGNORE, AND SHUT OURSELVES OFF COMPLETELY IN IGNORANCE OF GOD'S OWN MARVELOUS SPIRITUAL WORLD in which He Himself, who Himself is a Spirit, and His Son Jesus, who is now living in that world at His Right hand and His Holy Spirit and all His ministering spirits, the angels,--2/3 of the spirits world (Rev. 12:4),--and all the millions of the spirits of the departed saints whom the Lord will bring with Him when He comes. (I Thess. 4:14) (Rev. 19:14; and other related Scriptures of which there are a multitude upon the appearances of the departed saints, both in Heaven and in earth)--His glorious universe of good spirits in which God Himself and all these others operate and who constitute by far the vast majority!
       WHY SHOULD WE HAVE BEEN LEFT IN DARKNESS ALL THESE YEARS BY THESE GOD-DAMNED PREACHERS--and they are God-judged and God-condemned for withholding the Truth and the Light from His people regarding the wonderful world of His Spirit--the only real world there is--the Eternal, Everlasting world--the Spirit realm--the Heavenly Plane--the Fifth Dimension--that thrilling and exciting and marvelous and glorious and great unseen world of the spirit! Unseen that is, usually, by the natural eyes of man, particularly those of the unbelieving Flatlanders! Even scientists today seem to have more faith in it than some of these God-damned preachers, and are speaking of ESP--Extra-sensory perception, Telepathic Communication, Deja vu, etc., and are saying that it is entirely possible, as Einstein was trying to prove, that there is another dimension--another world--which could be quite scientifically co-existent with this one, and even all around us!
       AND YET THE PREACHERS ARE AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT IT, BECAUSE THEY'RE AFRAID THEIR FLOCK MIGHT GET INTERESTED IN A LITTLE SPIRITUAL REALITY, and seek for the Holy Ghost, the supernatural, and the miraculous, and the ecstasies of the Spirit, or even stray off to some demon-possessed medium in some spiritualistic seance trying to find it in the wrong kind! So they don't tell you about healing for fear you might go to the Christian Scientists; or Scriptural Psychology, for fear you might get into Unity or New Thought; and they're afraid to tell you about Bible Prophecy, for fear the Seventh Day Adventists or the Jehovah Witnesses might lead you astray if you got interested enough; they're scared to death to tell you about Eternal Salvation by Grace, because that means "once saved, always saved!", and you wouldn't need them or their damned church buildings any more to keep you saved--isn't that the Truth!
       AND THEY DON'T WANT TO TELL THEIR PEOPLE ABOUT WITNESSING, for fear they might find so much of a job in that that they wouldn't come to church any more because church would be too dead for them--no action, no excitement, no challenge, no reward--and they might get too independent!--And they certainly wouldn't teach you the spiritual truth about their unscriptural, God-damned church buildings, or it would wreck their whole God-damned religious system!--And they surely don't want you to hear about the communism of the Early Church--their powerful communal living--and God's financial plan of forsaking all and serving only one Master, for then they'd have to do it themselves, and that would really fix their wagon and make them sound too much like Communists; and they certainly don't want to inform you that Jesus Christ is your High Priest and Mediator because the might eliminate the need for the priesthood and Mariolatry!
       AND THEY SURELY DON'T WANT TO LET YOU IN ON THE SECRETS OF SEX, AND THAT SEX IS OF GOD, created by God, and commanded by God for your enjoyment, unity, fellowship, procreation, and a type of His own relationship with us in the Spirit, instead of a sinful result of the Fall, as taught by those same God-damned religionists to try to deny us our rightful heritage and freedom, so they can keep us under their control!
       AND MOST OF THEM NEVER TOLD US THAT THE JEWS ARE NO LONGER JEWS--but that we are--and that Israel is no longer Israel--but we are and His spiritual Kingdom is, for fear we might find out that we are the heirs of Abraham by faith, and that God is going to fulfill all those promises in us! And they certainly never let you know that you don't have to dress like a so-called Christian; in fact you don't have to dress at all under some circumstances--or they might be accused of nudism and too much freedom and liberty, like Adam and Eve in the garden.
       AND THEY'RE CERTAINLY AFRAID TO TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE NO LONGER UNDER THE LAW--the Old Mosaic Law--but now under Grace--freed and liberated, lest you be delivered from the bondage of their legalism and demanding legalistic religions!
       AND THEY SURE DIDN'T TELL YOU YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY or you wouldn't be there to put your money in the wastebasket, under their control, and they wouldn't have anybody to preach their pusillanimous, platitudinous, sanctimonious, pietudinous, pulpit puke to! And they sure wouldn't want you to know that there's no such thing as a formal wedding ceremony in the entire Bible--just a wingding of a wedding party--a rootin'-tootin' rip-snorting shin-diggin', wild and woolley wedding whammy, for which Jesus Himself made wine on one occasion--otherwise they'd lose that crooked little wedding fee--because who needs 'em to get married! Can't you just see God standing there in the Garden of Eden with His little black book performing some kind of a ceremony to get Adam and Eve hitched--and where in the hell did they get the license?--Sure as shootin', they didn't--they just took one good look at each other, stark naked, liked what they saw, and went to it, like any normal God-created male and female ought to! (Of course now, due to the Devil's control through sin we gotta give everybody their cut--the preacher, the judge, and the medicine man, to keep the System happy and stay out of jail, in order to get married!)
       9. AND BY ALL MEANS, THEY CERTAINLY DIDN'T TELL YOU THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET A GREAT BIG FORMAL EDUCATION, including three years in a religious cemetery and be ordained under some God-damned denomination, and have some kind of a church building in order to serve the Lord--or this would have ripped off another one of the cornerstones of their whole God-damned religious system--Big Education--formalistic, atheistic, liberalistic, modernistic, and anti-Christ--the God-is-dead-kind! And they also said we shouldn't say "God-damned"--although He has damned them Himself for their unbelieving, Christ-hating, Pharisaical hypocrisy! And they say we can't use such juicy words as "Hell"--I guess because we might use it on their helluva religion, and describe the place they're going to--and frighten their sinning church members into Heaven!
       10. THE LIST IS ALMOST ENDLESS OF THE THINGS THAT PREACHERS KEPT BACK FROM YOU for fear it might reveal the truth and their own hypocrisy, and expose their damnable false religious system and get you out from under their control, into the Freedom and Liberty of the Spirit! Yes, that's one they really don't like--The Liberty of the Spirit--talking in tongues and interpretation and prophecy, dancing in the Spirit, shouting and singing in the Spirit, and the making of loud joyful noises unto the Lord, and living free in the Spirit!--Real togetherness in Jesus!--That might frighten some of the ungodly sinners out of their God-damned church buildings and they wouldn't get as much money in the wastebasket: they might even have to do it themselves which really would mortify their God-damned pride and their idiotic dignity.
       HOW THESE FALSE SHEPHERDS HAVE KEPT THEIR FLOCKS IN DARKNESS ALL THESE YEARS TO KEEP THEIR DICTATORIAL CONTROL and not to have to practice all these things themselves! At least you could give some of them credit for this much: they practice what they preach, which is God-damned little, and they certainly don't preach any of these things, if they can help it, or they'd have to practice 'em--so they obviously don't practice what they don't preach! At least some of them are honest about that!--They don't tell you the truth for fear you might find it out and expect them to practice it themselves--like old Farmer Brown I told you about: they're so skeered of everything they ain't got nothin'! They're so afraid of wildfire, they have no fire at all!
       11. AND ON THIS SUBJECT OF THE REALITIES OF THE SPIRIT WORLD AND ITS GOOD SPIRITS THEY'RE SCARED TO DEATH because they're afraid to get into something they don't know anything about--and I don't blame 'em! If they haven't got the Holy Ghost, they better beware of the unholy ghosts: they'll probably get possessed by one if they aren't already or beaten up by one, like the Seven Sons of Sceva!--So they're afraid to even talk about the Devil, lest he appear and expose their own hypocrisy!--And since they don't know anything about angels or the good spirits of the departed saints or where they are or what they're doing, or the Holy Ghost or Jesus Christ or God Himself and the Heavenly Spirit world in which they live, they certainly couldn't tell you anything about them!
       12. ALL I KNOW IS THAT THE SPIRIT WORLD IS MUCH MORE REAL, MORE BEAUTIFUL, AND MORE LASTING THAN THE ONE WHICH YOU CAN NOW SEE with your natural eyes at this very moment! For eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Him! But the Spirit hath revealed them unto us! Hallelujah! Praise God! Praise the Lord! We can enjoy them right now! They're all for you, and you personally can experience their thrilling and ecstatic joys right now, and even take a trip into that world with Jesus' Holy Spirit as your Guide, like the prophets of old, and our prophets of today, Praise God! Don't knock it: use it! Enjoy it! Experience it! Be ye filled with the Holy Ghost!--And then you're safe to make the trip, and get so high you'll never come down! Praise the Lord!
       13. ALL I KNOW IS, IT EXISTS--THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE SPIRIT!--And we can enjoy it every day--right now! We don't have to wait til we die to enter it! It has already entered you if you have Jesus and are filled with His Holy Spirit--and you can experience all of its exciting sights, sounds, visions, voices, and even resultant physical thrills, like talking in tongues--physical manifestations of the Spirit--and many other ecstatic joys of the spirit world--World of His Spirit, where God Himself dwells! Hallelujah! Don't let 'em rob you of it! Don't let 'em keep it from you, or you from it! Experience it! Enjoy it! Thrill to it! Get high on it! Experience a spiritual orgasm by being filled with the Spirit! It far surpasses the fleshy orgasms of sex, which, however, is a type and symbol of it--the ecstacy of the unity of body with body, flesh with flesh, penis with vagina, heart with heart, and mind with mind--all a type and glorious picture of the spiritual realities of the unity of Christ with His Bride--You, His Body, His Wife, His Lover, His Spiritual Sex Partner, in whom He reveals with delight, and with whom you can experience orgasm after orgasm of spiritual ecstasy unending and eternal!
       14. BUT WHERE DID WE LOSE ABNER? To whence has he departed? What is he doing now? Why did God take him? And how does this fit in the picture of God's spirit world? Well, there are so many Scriptures on the subject we couldn't possibly deal with them all in this limited space, and we wouldn't know where to begin or end, as it has no boundaries! Even the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain Him! Ask your teachers! They should be able to give you Scripture after Scripture on the subject!
       15. BUT WHERE ABNER IS RIGHT NOW IS OUR PRESENT THEME and how we are involved in it all in the matter of his depature for that world! Thank God it's not somewhere away off, at some spacial distance, for it's not limited by time or space, nor even the speed of thought! It has no limits! It not only goes beyond outer space, but it's all around us--and Abner can appear through its spiritual windows and see us, watch us, and even watch over us, as he was wont to do when here with us in the flesh--only now he can do it better! He is not limited by time or space or the flesh. He has powers the flesh could not stand!--and he is now the Personal Representative of the Children of God in the Counsels and Courts of Heaven! He stands in the Gap!

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