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"DEAR RAHEL"--MO       June 6, 1971       NO.76--LTA


Dear Rahel:
       1. Greetings in Jesus` dear name: Thank you for your letters, notes, and materials enclosed, involving the good work you're doing there! Forgive me for not being able to be prompt in answering, as frequently your letters are considerably delayed in transit due to our various moves, forwarding, etc., in which we have been in the process of again recently.
       2. But we can assure you it has not been because of lack of appreciation for the good work you're doing, or lack of interest in or attention to your various missives. Some of our delay has been due our desire to consult with others on the matters you suggested, and we are beginning to formulate a few opinions on these affairs, including some very important steps of general reorganisation and procedures.


       3. I HAVE BEEN PARTICULARLY PLEASED WITH THE CLARITY, BREVITY, AND EFFICIENCY OF YOUR OFFICE PROCEDURES AND ITS PRODUCTION. The recent Flow Chart you sent on routing helped us to understand some of your problems and the scope of your operation, together with your effectiveness in handling the operation. I assume you were the author personally. However, you made one serious mistake which has become almost the unpardonable sin in our office procedures, in that you did not date or sign it! I say this in humour, with a smile, of course. But I DO WISH YOU WOULD REMIND ALL OF OUR PEOPLE THAT WE SHOULD NOT PRODUCE ONE SCRAP OF PAPER WITH ANY KIND OF WRITING, CHARTING, OR EVEN A MARK OF ANY KIND ON IT WITHOUT DATING IT, LOCATING IT, AND SIGNING IT. Please!--THIS WOULD ALSO BE A GOOD SUGGESTION FOR ALL OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS!--You're getting better about putting the names of the subjects on the backs of their photos, but please have the photographers sign them as well if possible! Thanks.--THIS INCLUDES CARTOONS. SKETCHES, ETC., ALSO, OF COURSE, IN WHICH CASE THE BIBLE NAME SHOULD APPEAR SOMEWHERE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE PATTERN, AS WITH THE ARTISTRY OF ANY ARTIST, although the time and place will not be necessary in the case of art work if it is intended for public distribution--just the Bible name of the artist.--"Honour to whom honour is due". PTL
       4. Regarding the steps of the Flow Chart on MO Letters, I am wondering about the "Authorised for Printing" step, including who does that authorising and who decides on whether the original or edited editions are authorised for publication. this was not clear. Are you depending on my authorisation? I presume that all Letters marked "For All" are reproduced in quantity so each student can have a copy in all Colonies, if they are not too "hot", in case one should go astray. I also assume that these are reprinted en toto, like the original, with the exception of any selah editing necessary for security, or condensation editing for the sake of brevity, which is O.K. You could not possibly wait for my final O.K. on such matters, as the rough draft edition of an edited copy ready for reproduction, as it would delay it too long; so we're trusting you to be led of the Lord in this very heavy responsibility of such decisions, and I would suggest that you would consult particularly with leadership in these matters of editing and publication, and any others whom you or they feel led to counsel with on the subject. Praise the Lord? God bless you!
       5. Because of the tremendous responsibilities of your position as our National Office Manager, and the extreme importance of your work for the Lord in that capacity in handling and supervising and directing most of our national mail, mail processing, answering, etc., plus the actual writing and/or editing of many of our important national publications, such as brochures, MO Letters, Office Instructions, etc., we are thinking seriously, in the process of our present organisational shakeup OF TAKING YOUR OFFICE HANDLING THESE AFFAIRS OUT FROM UNDER LOCAL TSC JURISDICTION, and placing you immediately under me and my personal representative, so that you would be directly responsible only to him and the National Staff and on the National Staff, RATHER THAN ON THE LOCAL STAFF. Would you like that better? Do you think you could work well under such a structuring, or have you got a better suggestion?
       6. GOD'S WILL BE DONE! HE KNOWS BEST!--BUT YOU WORK THERE AND KNOW THE SITUATION MUCH BETTER THAN I, SO I THEREFORE GREATLY VALUE YOUR VIEWS ON THE SUBJECT, and any other suggestions you may have! O.K? Please let us know how you feel about this as quickly as possible. I would like you to write an answer today, if possible! Thanks! Please pray earnestly regarding this, and let me know how the Lord leads you!
       8. I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT YOU'VE COMPLETED A ROUGH DRAFT OF A SCHOOL BROCHURE, or catalogue, and also one for the boarding school. However, we have yet to see a copy of either, and they are probably still following us around somewhere in our forwarded mail; so I'm terribly sorry that I cannot give you my opinion on it, or any suggestion. this is one of the serious handicaps and bottlenecks of our present system, which I hope can be reduced or even eliminated by these proposed changes in administrative jurisdictions, so as to involve enough top level Counselors and Advisors, so that emergencies you will not have to wait for my final O.K., even though it would be advisable, if possible! Better to get the job done the best way you can, than not at all, especially in these rush jobs of urgent, immediate needs. So let's hope this can be worked out, God willing!
       9. THE ORIENTATION HANDBOOK WHICH YOU SUGGEST, IS OF COURSE, ALSO A MUST, modeled after the usual College Handbook, including a Welcome, a Description of the History and Purposes of the School, a Rundown on its Location and Environs, with a Map of its Buildings, and various and sundry other useful instructions for the new member. In fact, each of the major Colonies who are taking in a new members daily should have something of their own, which fits each of their Colonies, but would be modeled along the same general line with singleness of purpose. So I do hope you can inspire somebody to work on it! It's long overdue, like a lot of other things. The Children of God are well on their way, and God is mightily blessing and using us, and tremendously publicising us and prospering and increasing us. Praise the Lord! but the absolute necessity of actual technical organisation is just beginning to catch up with us. So let's hope that, like the British, we'll be able to "muddle through" until it does. Rome was not built in a day, but it shouldn't take us too long, either, and we can thank the Lord that with the help of all of you, things are beginning to be done with some decency and order. PTL!
       10. THE NEW MEMBER'S HANDBOOK SHOULD ALSO INCLUDE OF COURSE, THE SCHEDULE, GENERAL RULES, REQUIREMENTS, etc., plus some encouraging Prospectus of the Future for that individual member, and what it may hold for him, if he survives and continues as a faithful Child of God, such as hopes of visiting other Colonies in promotions from Course to Course and Job to Job, with increasing responsibilities in the field of his choice, including Management and Pioneering, even unto the Office of an Apostle, "the offscouring of the earth", "one sent with a Message", to challenging, exciting, and even dangerous far-flung fields abroad, as one of God's Missionaries. Praise the Lord!
       11. INCLUDE OUTLINES OF THE BASIC INDOCTRINATION COURSES in this same Handbook, and I'm sure our excellent artists could design a shocking cover for it, with some thrilling title, such as "You're Now a Revolutionary for Jesus", or some such. Since it means they have joined the Army of the Lord--the truly militant and aggressive Gospel Army of the Children of God, maybe a cover sketch of a knight in Shining Armour would be appropriate, with the proverbial gigantic, two-handled, flat-bladed, double-edged, broad-sword of the Word of God held high in a rallying call to Attack the strongholds of the Enemy; which could also be pictured symbolically: schools, churches, business and other Hell-holes of the Enemy. Each piece of his armour could be labeled clearly according to Ephesians 6, holding high the Banner of Love by a following Standard-Bearer, along with a Trumpeter obviously sounding the Call to Attack, with another Officer or Officers, or Soldiers or Knights plainly beckoning others to follow the fray!


       12. MAYBE I AM PARTIAL TO THIS KNIGHTLY REPRESENTATION OF THE CHRISTIAN SOLDIER because of my own childhood fondness for the days of Chivalry (I read every one of Sir Walter Scott's books--all 16 heavy tomes, as well as many other famed volumes on the Knights and their Crusades of those dark Middle Ages!). But I think the Lord must have a fondness for this idealistic representation of His own Warriors, because this is the way I HAVE SEEN THEM IN SEVERAL SPECIFIC VISIONS HE HAS GIVEN ME. IN FACT, THE FIRST ONE I EVER HAD ABOUT US, when we were only a tiny family with one or two helpers, God showed a significant scene that at the time I did not even understand--of this tiny band of KNIGHTS IN ARMOUR, with their squires at their side, returning weary and wounded, bloody, dirty, bedraggled, and even discouraged as the from some defeat in battle. As they approached this walled city, great and grey, somber and forbidding, looking as it were for rest and refuge, they were cruelly turned away, and sent on their way: the city would not have them! So they trudged on by, tired and worn and somewhat discouraged, till they came to a little village where a filthy beggar lay in the ditch by the wayside pleading for help. They reached down, picked him up, and placed him on one of their already overloaded beasts, compassionately--and suddenly, as they rode on toward the sunset, approaching the horizon, instead of diminishing, they grew--they actually grew in size and in glory, shining radiantly, filling the whole sky, and being received into Heaven. Josh will remember the vision. I told him about it when he first travelled with us on our first tiny team! Hallelujah! (Tongues and Weeping!) "EVEN AS I HAVE SHOWED THEE IN THE PAST, SO HAS IT BEEN DONE UNTO THEE! THOU DIDST NOT UNDERSTAND, FOR THOU DIDST NOT FORESEE THE FUTURE. Thou wast this tiny band, thou and thy little ones, and that city which rejected thee was the System of this world, ruled by thy enemies! And THAT BEGGAR WHICH THOU DIDST HAVE COMPASSION ON, was the poor, the lame, the halt, and the blind--THE REJECTED YOUTH OF THIS GENERATION--unloved, unwanted, and uncared for! (More tongues and tears) Which thou didst lift in love to bear with thee upward unto Me, as even thou didst grow in stature and in size unto the day of thy reception into My Heavenly Kingdom!" (Pause) "This is the picture and this is the interpretation, and this is what has been, and what will be! Hallelujah! FOR INDEED THOU ART MY ARMY AND THOU ART MY WARRIORS, and I will glorify thee above all thy Enemies and receive thee even unto Myself in that great day when I shall judge them, and the Battle is o'er!"
       13. Some of you may also remember the vision we had of that terrible battlefield where it seemed everyone was lying around dead, wounded, or dying, and defeated--all young people, until this KNIGHT IN BLACK ARMOUR CAME ALONG AND RAISED A RALLYING CRY TO ARISE AND RENEW THE BATTLE, AND MARCH ON TO VICTORY, whereupon you all leaped to your feet and shouted in response, and girls were all standing around behind us surrounding us like angels, praying and encouraging us on our way. You picked up your strewn and discarded weapons--Bibles, notebooks, pens and papers--and marched on triumphantly to victory! Hallelujah! AND THE BLACK KNIGHT DISAPPEARED AS MYSTERIOUSLY AS HE HAD COME--AND I HAD THE IMPRESSION THAT THE BLACK KNIGHT WAS YOURS TRULY, USED BY THE LORD TO RALLY YOU AROUND HIS BANNER and send you on to Victory! Praise the Lord! And then of course YOU'RE ALL FAMILIAR WITH OUR RECENT VISION OF ABNER, IN BOTH OF WHICH HE APPEARED AS A RADIANT KNIGHT in shining, silvery armour! Praise the Lord! The Lord must know I like this particular symbolism, so He inspires and pleases me with it. So why not Use it in some of our illustrations, such as the cover of our New Revolutionary's Handbook? Amen? PTL!
       14. It would also interest you to know, I'm sure, that when I was viewing a videotape of CBS News recently, in which the commentator was comparing you, the Children of God, to the world-famous CHILDREN'S CRUSADE OF MEDIEVAL TIMES, THAT I WAS SUDDENLY AND UNEXPECTEDLY STRUCK BY WITNESS OF HIS SPIRIT THAT THIS WAS INDEED GOD'S OWN COMPARISON, INSPIRED OF HIM!--That this famed Youth March across the Europe of the Middle Ages, led as I recall by Peter the Hermit, in a sincere effort of youth to serve God and a condemnation of the lethargy and indifference of their elders, was indeed like unto us.--And that, like them, though we may be persecuted, reviled, spat upon, maligned and ridiculed,--and accused of every sin, along with our leadership--and though we too may be slaughtered in some future encounter with the Enemy, and seem to be frustrated, defeated, and scattered, but nevertheless, LIKE THE FAMED CHILDREN'S CRUSADE OF THAT DAY, WE SHALL HAVE BEEN A TESTIMONY AGAINST THE WICKED AND INDIFFERENT GENERATION OF OUR FATHERS, who like them, will afterward, when failing to repent in response to this, God's final warning by His own Youthful Children, also be judged by a mighty and terrible invasion of our Enemies, which may wipe the older generation from the face of the earth, as it nearly did Europe! What a Comparison! What an inspired analogy!--And God set His seal upon it!
       15. ODDLY ENOUGH, ALL I CAN REMEMBER ABOUT THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE WAS THAT ALL THE HISTORY BOOKS LAUGHED AT IT, ridiculed it, and condemned it as having been totally futile, useless, and nothing but some kind of a passing fad or fashion. And even my aged high school history teacher made fun of it--so typical, of course, of the older generation and their reaction, who were the authors of those history books!
       16. HOWEVER, THE LORD'S COMPARISON OF US TO THAT CRUSADE OF YOUTH OF OLDEN TIMES, JUST BEFORE HIS JUDGMENTS SWEPT EUROPE, has inspired us to do further researching regarding it, and we can hardly wait to find a book on the details. Maybe Peter the Hermit wasn't such a bad guy as he was made out to be! Maybe he was used of the Lord to lead the youth of his day to try to bring his own generation to repentance before the judgments of God fell. I believe it began in Germany, as I recall, and they say that to this very day, as a result of this bygone Children's Crusade, there are still Colonies of fair-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic and Germanic types scattered thoughout the Alps and other parts of Europe, where you would not expect to find them! WHO KNOWS WHAT AN INFLUENCE THESE ORIGINALLY YOUTHFUL COLONIES MAY HAVE HAD UPON ALL EUROPE? WHO KNOWS WHAT IMPACT THEY MAY HAVE HAD UPON OTHER YOUTH OF THEIR OWN GENERATION?--TO DROP OUT, FORSAKE-ALL, AND FOLLOW in an attempt to serve God?--full-time!--however misguided, frustrated, or defeated their parents say they became? THE PARENTS DIDN'T LIKE THE PIED PIPER OF HAMLIN EITHER--BUT THE KIDS LOVED AND FOLLOWED HIM!--and who knows where they went, or what new life they began? The parent-historians have hushed this up completely, and God only knows what the real truth was! And who knows what the Ministry of Truth of 1984's anti-Christ world will be saying about us!--"That deluded and deceived and futile generation of youth who followed a fictional fairy-tale character called Jesus, whom they thought was going to change the world-but as you can see, He never came to save them--and we have all but wiped them out!" Most likely, that will be their story in the anti-Christ history books of that day! BUT HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS BEST, AND GOD WILL LAUGH LAST, WHEN HE HEAPS HIS OWN JUDGMENTS ON THIS DERISIVE, SCORNFUL, AND CHRIST-HATING GENERATION, FOR THEIR REJECTION OF US AND OUR MESSAGE! BELOVED, THE OUTLOOK FOR US IN THIS WORLD AND OUR FUTURE HERE, COULD HARDLY BE DARKER!--BUT THE UPLOOK COULD HARDLY BE BRIGHTER OR MORE GLORIOUS! Hallelujah! He's gonna stop the world so we can get off! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! Well, that was a surprise! PTL!
       17. Well, Praise the Lord! I'm sorry, I didn't intend to get so inspired, but God will have His way, and I presume you're going to have to read the inspirational part of this Letter about those visions and revelations to all--maybe like pages three and four. God give you wisdom! You might edit it into a Two-page thing on "Knights in Armour!"--or something like that! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!
       18. Well, the Lord never fails to gives us something inspirational, even when we're writing a Letter intended to be about the Father's Business. Amen!


       19. ALL THESE FANCY TITLES WE'RE HANDING OUT RIGHT NOW ARE CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN; in fact, they don't cost us a thing, so we're gonna be real generous with 'em!--BUT THEY DO HAVE SOME VERY USEFUL PURPOSES:
       1. TO IMPRESS THE SYSTEM on your I.D. and Business cards--because what's in a name?--A whole lot when it comes to the System who looks on the outward appearance, and may come in handy when you need to impress'em! Of course, some of you are getting so many titles, you may have to carry a 5x7 I.D. card and carry 3x5 Business Cards. That'll impress 'em, ha!
       20. But behind the brilliant facade of this bold front of fancy titles, there are a couple of very important meanings for you:
       2. THEY SOMEWHAT CLARIFY FOR ALL OF US, INCLUDING EACH OF YOU, THE EXTENT OF YOUR AUTHORITY, THE SIZE OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS WELL AS THEIR LIMITATIONS, plus somewhat defining the job you have and the position you hold in His Body, so there won't be too much treading on each other's toes, or invasion of each other's bailiwicks, and also to know who you're responsible to, in whose department you work, and who your superiors are in the very important Chain of Command.
       3. BESIDES, IT GIVES YOU A BIG GOAL TO LIVE UP TO, IF YOU'RE GOING TO REALLY FULFILL ALL THE TITLES IMPLY--WHICH SHOULD INSPIRE YOU TO GREATER ACHIEVEMENT and more effective and efficient service for the Lord. Praise the Lord! Amen? Actually, these new fancy titles merely put into words the hard work that most of you have already been doing in these very same jobs--only we're naming the baby, and you will thereby get some well-deserved recognition for what you've already been doing! Amen!
       21. YOU GOT THE TITLE AND THE COMMISSION NOW LET'S SEE YOU GET TO WORK AND TRY TO EXERT YOUR AUTHORITY AND GET THE JOB DONE!--That's where the rub usually comes! we'll be praying for you. Our supply is behind the demand for Literature, Lessons, Tracts, Brochures, Cartoon Correspondence Courses, etc., etc., ad infinitum! This also includes Tapes, Films, Slides and all Audio-Visual Material. At the moment, we're going in for Video-Tape as well, which we've already found to be tremendously economical visual aid, as well as an extremely effective immediate news media. We're now in the process of procuring at this very moment our new ham radio operated teletype machines, whereby we can communicate specific typewritten messages by means of our present ham rigs. (We're not talking about the future: we're doing it now, as it's already an urgent need, and He's supplying it! PTL!) It would be nice, wouldn't it, to be able to type out a new lesson outline in a few minutes by our Central Communications Operator, and have all units receiving exact duplicate copies instantaneously! Hallelujah! The Children of God are on His Way!
       22. WE ARE HAVING INSTALLED RIGHT NOW OUR NEW LEASED XEROX RAPID DUPLICATOR, THEIR BEST PORTABLE MODEL, BY MEANS OF WHICH, GOD WILLING, ONE SECRETARY WILL BE ABLE TO DO IN ONE DAY WHAT IT IS NOW TAKING TEN OF OUR SECRETARIES TO DO IN ONE MONTH, as well as save us over $100 a month in duplicating and postage costs for such immediately necessary items as MO Letters, Log Summaries, etc., which will hereafter be sent directly to the International HQ Office for immediate duplication and distribution by them to all Colonies at this tremendous saving in time and money, Praised the Lord! DON'T KNOCK IT--USE IT! I'M FOR USING THE SYSTEM AND ITS GADGETS FOR ALL WE CAN GET OUT OF 'EM TO SAVE THE LORD'S TIME AND MONEY AND EFFORT! Amen? Hallelujah!--Even if we have to go to horses and buggies later.
       23. OUR STAFF OF FULL TIME WORKERS FOR THE LORD, NOW APPROACHING NEARLY 800, cannot possibly be remembered individually in every detail by any one person or even their leaders, except for the Lord, and this is a great handicap in choosing new teams.
       24. AT OUR PRESENT RATE OF GROWTH--OVER 1000 PERCENT IN OUR FIRST YEAR OF 1969, about 700 percent this part year--if we even slow down to a mere 500 percent this year, this will mean at least three to four thousand members by the end of the year!--And only God knows where we're gonna put 'em all!--And also, only God Himself could know who they all are, what they are and where they are, and what they've done and what they can do, unless we resort to some modern mechanised data processing, which we obviously will be forced to do in order to operate at maximum efficiency, speed, and effectiveness! Thank God for the data processing experts we already have in our ranks who will soon be busy analysing our personnel, coding, carding, sorting, filing, etc. We may have to borrow someone else's machines to start with, but I don't doubt that at the rate that we're going, that we'll soon be leasing our own, God willing--if we're faithful--so you're better get moving! The Children of God are on His Way--and they're gonna roll right on and leave you behind if you don't get with it!


       25. THE NEW FORMALLY ORGANISED J.P. INC., A PLASTIC, CHURCHY, COUNTERFEIT of the real thing and an attempt to commercially dominate, capitalise on, and exploit the recent huge wave of publicity about the so-called Jesus Movement-amongst youth--this sly, Satanic imitation and System substitute for true Discipleship, a cheap Bargain Counter Religion being foisted on youth by the Church System to promote the Whore herself--this damnable Doctrine of Devils is now so afraid of the true Children of God that they had to put an almost half-page warning their latest Hollywood Shit Paper warning their world against us, in an Open Letter of lies and legally-slanderous libel and defamation of character!
       26. Nevertheless, in this latest new and unaccustomed form of unfavourable publicity, the Scribes and Pharisees have again stuck out their necks to try to trap us, and will be caught in their own snare, and be made public fools of as they were with Jesus!
       27. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE LORD (Rom.8:28), AND HE CAUSETH EVEN THE WRATH OF MAN TO PRAISE HIM! (Ps.76:10) In their clumsy, ridiculous, exaggerated, and obviously hysterical panic to turn their followers against us, and save them from forsaking all and following Jesus, the so-called "J.P. Inc." have like the Pharisees of old, again pulled a colossal boo-boo and exposed their own ranks to the true message of God, our message--the New Testament Message of Jesus--which still comes through loud and clear in this very warning with which they hope to defeat us! It will only serve to further publicise us and arouse curiosity about us wherever they circulate!
       28. AND ANY TRUE RADICAL DROPOUT who might unbelievably be interested enough to read this advertising shit-sheet full of nothing but bull and churchy meeting notices, WILL PROBABLY CRACK UP WHEN HE READS THIS WARNING WHICH IS SUCH AN EVIDENT JEALOUS BLAST, and will probably immediately drop the paper and go out and try to find us, the Children of God, of whom these church people are so afraid that they're nearly freaked out with fear!--Especially if he doesn't dig their damnable little shit-sheet, which he surely won't! Nobody but a church plastic with long hair could possibly swallow that puke--the dogs that have returned to their vomit, the church sows that are wallowing in their mire! And all the kids that know us, of which there are thousands, will know that this tripe is not true, and it will simply turn their stomachs in nausea against these lukewarm church Christians, who already sicken them! The very as itself screams the difference between them and us loud and clear, in spite of its added lies! It sounds like the description of some disciple candidate who spent one night in your purge room, that nearly scared him out of his wits under conviction, so that he went back in a panic and tried to defend himself for it by lying about things the he knew nothing of! It's the craziest thing I've seen in their paper yet, and anybody with a lick of common horse-sense wouldn't believe it! It might even open the eyes of some of their own to the Satanic bigotry, jealousy, and perfidy of their own Pharisaical, self-righteous, hypocritical leaders, and to the depths of shit-smearing they will stoop to try to get us, like they did Jesus! It will certainly divide the men from the boys and the sheep from the goats, and may even open the eyes of the blind, and separate them from their blind leaders!
       29. Not only that, it may even result in their having to give us equal space to deny their ludicrous charges and further publicise the Lord's Message, under threat of a libel suit if they don't! We don't have to go to court with them--just scare 'em! Them wicked flee when no man pursueth! (Prov.28:1) Praise God!
       30. I HAVE A VERY WONDERFUL DREAM REGARDING THIS, after first hearing about the article against us. I can't take time to tell you all of it here;--but just to show you God's sense of humour and His apt symbolism: IN THE DREAM, THE SO-CALLED J.P.S. WERE ENTHUSIASTICALLY REPRESENTED BY--OF ALL THE PERFECT SYMBOLS FOR THE SYSTEMITE OF SYSTEMITES--AN OLDER-GENERATION MILITARY GENERAL IN FULL MILITARY DRESS UNIFORM! Ha! What a perfect picture of the Jesus People! What more ultimate member of the System can you have than that!--What more opposite symbol can you have from the true revolutionary youth of America!--this dressy, military, spit-and-polish, scrambled-eggs brass general claiming to present a new, revolutionary, religious movement! He looked about as revolutionary as Nixon himself, and was about as believable--a classic example of both the credibility and the generation gap combined! What a caricaturisation of the so-called Jesus People! What an expose of their true character--as system as you can get!
       31. AS HE WAS GUSHING ALL OVER THE PLACE, RUNNING OFF AT THE MOUTH WITH HIS SEWAGE about this churchy imitation of the true religious revolution in America, he started to pull out of his briefcase a copy of their latest shit-sheet with all this shit against us to read to the gathering throng-and my heart sank in sickening disgust! But suddenly not seven or eight feet to my right, I heard the voice of my own dear Mother loud and clear, and I could see her face, mouth twisted in an amused and contemptuous smile, and saying, "DON'T WORRY, SON! NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER! (ISA.54:13) And with that I awoke, thrilled with this encouraging new revelation--and how true! How futile it was for those hypocrites to fight Jesus! THEY EVEN HELPED TO PROMOTE HIS CAUSE BY CRUCIFYING HIM, AND SCATTERING HIS DISCIPLES OVER THE WHOLE WORLD TO SPREAD HIS GOSPEL! GIVE THE DEVIL ENOUGH ROPE, AND HE'LL HANG HIMSELF! Hallelujah! That guy P., it's pusillanimous publisher is gonna rue the day he ever printed that letter! I'll bet he hasn't got seven full-time workers for Jesus in his whole outfit!--Just a bunch of Saturday night Youth for Christers, Sunday morning church lullabyers, and Six-Day-a-Week Slaves of Satanic Mammon! May God have mercy on him!
       32. SO GET READY FOR THE LANDSLIDE OF NEW DISCIPLES that may result from that article--turned of at last from the Judas Peopled by that obviously lying article--and they are the Judas People--Betrayers of the Truth! You'd better believe it! A lot of kids with an honest conscience who know us, but have been wavering between the two, are gonna be tipped in out favour by the unfairness of that article!--If any kids ever even read it!
       33. SO PLEASED DON'T MISUNDERSTAND WHAT WE SAID IN A FORMER LETTER ABOUT US BEING THE TRUE JESUS PEOPLE AND THE ACTUAL FOUNDERS OF THE GENUINE JESUS MOVEMENT amongst sincere kids who are fed up with churchianity:--WE ARE NOT THESE JUDAS PEOPLE nor a part of their Sell-Christ-Down-the-River Judas Movement; and this latest letter in their paper certainly oughta show the difference by how they hate us! A MAN IS NOT ONLY KNOWN BY HIS FRIENDS, But ALSO BY HIS ENEMIES--AND THIS MAKES VERY CLEAR THAT THEY'RE OUR ENEMIES--and therefore, obviously anti-Christ! I don't doubt they'll fit nicely right into the anti-Christ religious System, with all their Judas Doctrines and Practices! This draws the line sharp and clear between them and us, and shows plainly the Wolf's fangs under his long-haired sheep's coat--"All the better to eat you with, My Dear!" And if all you Little Red Riding Hoods are smart, you'll get the hell out of Grandma Wolf's Whorehouse fast! Amen? This has exposed the Harlot--and the lying Lamb has spoken with the Dragon's Voice for the fiendish False Prophet that this Wolf in sheep's clothing really is! Praise the Lord!
       34. BUT THE LORD'S TRUE SHEEP KNOW THEIR MASTER'S VOICE, AND THEY FOLLOW HIM--AND A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW! And anyone who tries to get them to climb into the fold of the true Discipleship of Jesus through any other door than following Jesus all the way, is a thief and a robber, as Jesus Himself said, and are trying to steal the little Lambs from His Kingdom! They are the Wolves and the False Shepherds who devour the deluded sheep for their own gain! May God deliver His true sheep from them!
       35. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THAT ARTICLE! USE IT AGAINST THEM, AS JESUS USED THE WORDS OF THE SCRIBES AND PHARISEES HIMSELF TO EXPOSE THEM IN THEIR OWN LIES, and fling them back in their own teeth, making fools of them publicly by their own trickery! No wonder they wanted to kill Him-He'd made such fools of them, and exposed them publicly. You that have forsaken all are now receiving an hundredfold in this life, but don't forget that it will be also "with persecutions"--But don't let 'em bother you--You have ALL THIS AND HEAVEN TOO! "AND IN THE WORLD TO COME, LIFE ETERNAL"! WAIT'LL YOU READ ABOUT OUR LATEST TRIP TO THE "SPACE CITY"! Wow! It'll freak you out--flip your lid, and blow your cork, and have you dancing all over God's little bit of Heaven--our Children of God Colonies! Remember, it's called "Space City"--and we saw it with our own eyes, and we're gonna tell you what we actually saw--the most stupendous things that I never even dreamed of that are already, right now, in that way-out Home of the Children of God--that Heavenly City, whose Builder and Maker is God, and which our departed friends and saints are already enjoying! It's just about complete and ready to come down! And let me tell you, it is one knock-out! I have never seen or even imagined anything like it in my whole life! Even John's description in Revelations 21 and 22 couldn't possibly do it justice! It is such a beautiful place you could never even possibly imagine it! And I got some real shockers when I saw it this morning between two and five a.m.--some genuine Surprises I had never dreamed of! "Amazing Stories", "Wonder Stories", "Weird Tales", "Science Fiction" never even had anything like the Place that He's gone to prepare for you--That Heavenly City that's soon coming down for you to enjoy forever! It is really far-out, Man--It is one wild trip--The Ultimate and Beyond! Don't miss it! See "Space City"! Jesus Saves!
       36. I'M SURE IT WILL TRILL YOU TO KNOW THAT WE NOW HAVE EIGHTEEN COLONIES WITH NEARLY 800 MEMBERS, AND FOUR MORE JUST READY TO BE PIONEERED! The Children of God are on His Way! Hallelujah! We're also getting ready to open some new Clubs and Coffeehouses the like of which you've never seen before! God is absolutely pushing us forward, PTL! We couldn't stop if we tried--He won't let us! He's gotta reach this generation with us before the End! Praise God! Don't fail him now--Keep Moving for Jesus! You can't stand still or you'll backslide! There's nowhere to go but Forward and Up! Hallelujah.
       37. WELL, EXCUSE ME FOR THAT SLIGHT DIGRESSION FROM THE LORD'S BUSINESS, but I sort of got carried away in the Spirit--and wait till you hear what the Lord has in store for you, and you'll wanna get carried away too! Hallelujah!
       38. Abner is now on the Lord's universal staff, and--Well, I'll just have to tell you all about that later! We'd better get back down to earth, and our mere International Staff!


       39. Eve's a true pioneer concerned about the Field and New Teams for New Colonies, but also has a true Mother's heart and a genuine Mother's concern for the happiness and usefulness of the individual. Besides, she's been around a long time, gets around a lot, including me, and knows most of you pretty well, particularly in the Texas and Eastern Fields, which are the areas of some of our present major pushes in need of new teams! She's got a lot on the ball, was the original Mother of this whole work, and produced the original team of four--Deb, Aaron, Ho, and Faith! So if you wanna good speaker on how to raise Children of God, how to pioneer, how to live by Faith how to Pray, and trust God, and how to have a finger in everything without even trying--just ask our own dear Mother Eve, and I'm sure she'll be happy to oblige! You've missed something if you haven't heard one of her humorous talks on how to serve the Lord, and get you kids and nearly 800 other people's kids to served Him too! Also, if you're a square peg in a round hole, and want a change, she is now the right shoulder to cry on--and you'll find her very sympathetic! She'll probably help you out by sending you to either Alaska or Siberia and make you love it!
       40. HONOUR THY MOTHER, WHICH IS THE FIRST COMMANDMENT WITH PROMISE, IF YOU WANT YOUR DAYS TO BE LONG IN THE LAND, and verily thou shalt be fed--at which she is an expert, with great concern for your tummy! If you're not getting enough to eat, drink, wear, or sleep, tell her! She will be our unofficial International Bureau of Complaints, Beefs and Gripes for All Bellyachers, for which she has some sure cures, such as a change of diet, scenery, and probably more exercise so give'er a try, if you want immediate action! She's apt to steal you right out from under the nose of you own Shepherd without even trying, and put you under somebody even worse to work with, until you're willing to work with anybody!--Also, if you want to choose or change your name, consult with her and the Spirit for juicy availabilities!
       41. All this will be in addition to her new duties. So if you boys wanna stay happy and need any help, stay in tune with our dear Mother Eve!--She has now been commissioned to help you! PTL!--And she can be a lot of help if you'll let her!--And you'd better let her or you'll be missing a real blessing!--Hallelujah!
       42. AND IF YOU DON'T THINK SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING, YOU'D BETTER REMEMBER THAT SHE IS NOT ONLY THE MOTHER EVE OF THE ORIGINAL REVOLUTIONARY FOUR, a real Revolutionary Mother of all you Living, but she herself was also a rebel from one of the leading Bluegrass families of Kentucky aristocracy, dropped out of four colleges, founded Kentucky's first Christian Service Men's Centre, married America's leading religious rebel and, besides being a pastor's wife, evangelist's wife, teacher etc., became Director and Chief Procurer for three of our first Revolutionary Schools which she ran most of the time by herself by the help of God!--So she knows something about it!--Ask her!
       43.--SHE IS ALSO AN EXPERT AND INVETERATE TRAVELLER, APT TO POP IN ON YOU ANYTIME to catch you at whatever you're not doing and wangle you around her little finger into doing something you never even dreamed of!--So look out!--The Lone Rangeress rides again!--And she now has a whip hand that can make you smart if you don't jump!--That's how she raised this Revolutionary Family, and you better believe it!--She's the Ma Barker of this whole Rebel Clan!--So You'd better sit up and take notes when she speaks! Amen?
       44.--AND IF ANY IF YOU INSECURE AND UNCERTAIN MALES CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR MASCULINE AUTHORITY BEING THREATENED BY THIS LITTLE FIREBALL are still on that "down-the-women" kick, you'd better snap to and get with it that there is no male nor female in Christ nor His Kingdom nor service--all are one in Christ Jesus--So though that little gal of yours may be your physical slave when it comes to sex or doing your housekeeping and mothering your children unto you as head of the house over the woman, as it says, she is nevertheless not your servant when it comes to the Lord's House, but HIS--and on an equal plane with you, if not even better, and only under HIS authority and that of HIS Elders in the Kingdom of God!--Hallelujah! So don't hand me all those old goldies about no women teachers or no women over men in the Church!--There is no male nor female in Christ, but all are one and the same in Him! So you better recognise God's authority!
       45. AND IF YOU WANNA KNOW WHO MADE SUCH A HELLUVA MESS OUT OF TYPING THIS LAST HALF-PAGE ABOVE ABOUT WOMEN, AND PARTICULARLY THAT ONE WOMAN EVE, YOU CAN JUST GIVE DEAR OLD MO HIMSELF THE BLAME, AS HE TYPED IT WITH HIS OWN DEAR LITTLE PINKIES, while his secretary was busy, so you'd be sure and get the point, and know he means business! So jump to respectful attention when this little dynamic Queen Eve beckons, and remember that her two right hand men at present, executing her executive authority, as well as waiting on her hand and foot--her Men-in-Waiting--are Steve and Ready, her and the Lord's faithful Servants--and if they tell you to roll out the red carpet or the Red Rolls for her service, you'd better remember who they represent: The King of Kings, The King of You, and his faithful little Executive Handmaiden, mother Eve! Hallelujah!--Lest I come quickly unto you in my wrath for your persecution of my Old Church! Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall, and it be taken from him that hath not, even that which he thinketh he hath! Therefore, let no man think more highly of himself than he ought to think! And beware of them which speak evil of dignities and of that which they know not!--Lest ye be weighed in the balance and found wanting!
       46. OVER 80 PERCENT OF THE CHURCH'S TOUGHEST JOBS ARE TODAY BEING HELD BY WOMEN: missionaries, Sunday School teachers, etc., while most of its men are hiding behind their pulpits, honourary titles, or slavery for Mammon, while the women are out doing what Jesus told them to do--going into all the world and preaching the Gospel, and out into the highways and hedges and compelling them to come in! The male' motto apparently has been: "here am I Lord--Send my Sister!" So while their resplendently plumaged males are preening their costly feathers in golden cages at home, their dull drab, busy, hard-working little-noticed, unheralded and unsung heroines are in fields afar, labouring dangerously, and dying sacrificially, trying to do most of the biggest job that God ever gave the Church to do--that of evangelising the whole world!
       47. SO DON'T EVER LET ME CATCH YOU PROUD, VAIN-STRUTTING MALES BELITTLING THE LITTLE WOMAN AND HER HUMBLE TASKS! Except for our own ranks, if we're to judge anything by the number of women workers God has and women in the churches and women on the fields, there are gonna be darn sight more women in Heaven than men!--So you better not knock 'em, brother!--Just use 'em! Praise the Lord? Amen!


       48. AND IF YOU WANNA KNOW THE HONEST-TO-GOD TRUTH ABOUT OUR DEARLY BELOVED JEWISH BROTHER, THE APOSTLE PAUL OF EPISTLE PLENTITUDE, HE WAS JUST AS HUMAN AS YOU OR I, AND HIS OPINION ON THE SUBJECT OF WOMEN WERE NO MORE VALID THAN OURS, unless led by the Spirit of God! And although he was the Early Church's most ardent protagonist of the pure doctrine of Total Grace, he was not infallible, made mistakes just as you and I, and wavered occasionally even on some of his strongest doctrines, such as Grace, by saying that there was still some advantage of being a flesh-and-blood Jew, right after saying that the only Jews were those who were Jews at heart by the Spirit! Being reared of a good zealous old Jew himself, he occasionally seems to be still a little hung up in his writings on that pet Hebrew-Christian doctrine that is still rampant in the Church of today, that somehow or another, though he himself says there is neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ Jesus, all are one and equal in the Church,--that Jewish Christians are just a little more equal than other Christians, and that there is some advantage in being a Jew--which there is not, according to his own teaching when he was writing in the Spirit!
       49. SO NOT ALL OF PAUL'S WRITINGS WERE ALWAYS NECESSARILY TOTALLY IN THE SPIRIT, ANYMORE THAN WHAT YOU READ HERE!--As even he himself confesses when he say, "This say I, not the Lord"! So he personally was still having a little struggle apparently, between his Christian doctrine of Pure Grace, and the old hankering of preferential treatment for his old Jewish ancestry, and you'll notice it cropping out every now and then, although 90 some percent of the time he hues straight and true, right down that straight and narrow pathway of nothing but the Grace of God--let the chips fall where they may! So please hand it to one dear old Jew who had the victory most of the time over his Jewish prejudices!--God bless him!--He was a real radical Revolutionary--but he was as human as you and me, and no more inspired than we are! Hallelujah!
       50. AND IF THAT BREAKS ANY OF THE DAMN OLD BOTTLES OF YOU JOT-AND-TITTLE, PHARISAICAL, HYPOCRITICAL, OLD LETTER-OF-THE-LAW LEGALIST FUNDAMENTALISTS who are still hung up on verbatim inspiration in every word of Paul's Epistles, let'er rip...and split...and rare and tear! It's still the truth--and I can prove it! Hallelujah! Let'er blow!
       51. AND IF ANY OF YOU WANNA STRING ME UP FOR HERESY FOR THAT, YOU'LL BE JUST LIKE ALL THE REST OF THE GOD-DAMNED ORTHODOXISTS, CATHOLICISTS, INQUISITORS, AND HIERARCHICAL WORSHIPPERS OF THE SYSTEM, who tortured, burned, murdered and massacred the true, free Christians of all ages, in the name of their own God-damned dogmatic doctrines of the Whore! If this be heresy, make the most of it! Give me liberty, or give me death!--But for God's Sake, don't hand me anymore of that shit about the Apostle Paul or any other Jews being any better or anymore in line for any of God's blessings, or His Divine inspiration, than any one of you, or me. Paul was no more divinely inspired, nor infallible, than we are by His Spirit--the same Spirit--that self-same Spirit of God which inspires us all! Hallelujah!
       52. SO WHEN PAUL IS SPEAKING ON SOME SUBJECTS, HE IS OFTEN MERELY EXPRESSING HIS OWN PERSONAL OPINION, RATHER THAN THE VERY VOICE OF GOD, as he himself frankly admits, as I would most certainly admit about my own Letters. Neither of us are entirely free of error or mistakes, except for the Grace of God!--And this worship of every word flowing from the lips of either of us is none the less than man worship in either case and abhorrent to God! All of us make mistakes and are sometimes mistaken, and I have certainly made a few, which I've already confessed to you, as did also our dearly beloved brother, the Apostle Paul! God bless him--and He has, and still does! Amen!
       53. PAUL, FOR EXAMPLE, PULLED ONE OF THE CLASSIC BONERS OF HIS CAREER, WHEN HE TRIED TO COMPROMISE WITH, AND PLEASE THE SYSTEM CHURCH OF HIS DAY--and if you don't believe it, just read Acts 21! Note how the Concision, Circumcision, or the compromising Jewish-Christian Legalists of Jerusalem, the Holiness Fundamentalists of their day, managed to subtly sweet-talk him, and inveigle him into trying to compromise with the Temple and the Jews with their beautiful fleshly, man-made reasoning of verses 20-25! Note how they persuaded him to try to make a deal with the Temple, whose worship and laws were already an abomination to God, accursed of God and soon to be destroyed by God--totally, having already been destroyed in the Spirit by the coming of God's Grace though Jesus Christ our Lord. Our very own dearly beloved brother, the Apostle Paul actually let himself get sucked in by this malarkey, tried to please and compromise with the Church of his day, and never saw another day our of jail for the rest of his life--not another day of freedom from the bondage of the System and the chains of its political henchmen!--And it finally cost him his head!
       54. WHO KNOWS? HE MIGHT HAVE LIVED A MUCH LONGER AND MORE FRUITFUL MINISTRY, AND DIED IN HIS 90'S LIKE THE DEARLY BELOVED APOSTLE JOHN, instead of his sixties, like our greatly-admired hothead, Paul! This is one time that he shut his mouth that he got his foot caught in it; Instead of blasting away at these early Jerusalem Christians for their hypocrisy in continuing to condone Temple worship and damnably-compromising doctrines of Salvation by Half-Works and Half-Grace, he let them pussy-foot him into trying to please them and the Temple-worshippers--the System Church--the God-damned Whore--And he lost his head, poor fellow! You can't do business with the Devil!
       55. SO PAUL DID MAKE A FEW MISTAKES! HE ALSO FIRED JOHN MARK, ONE OF HIS HELPERS, for going back, and split with dear old Barnabas over his intransigence over this matter--But apparently God wasn't through with dear little John Mark, as He later inspired him to write the Gospel of Mark, which still bears his name!
       56. SO PAUL COULD HAVE BEEN WRONG ONCE IN A WHILE--AND WAS!--EVEN AS I HAVE SOMETIMES BEEN, AND CONFESSED IT TO YOU, particularly about that Jewish Doctrine of God being a respecter if the Jews, when the Word plainly state He's no respecter of persons!
       57. Well, Hallelujah! That bring us back to the fact that Paul could have been a little opinionated in his disillusionment over women, and his obvious prejudices against them and his hard and inflexible attitude toward them, cropping up sometimes with considerable contempt! Even our dear brother, the Apostle Peter, says of Paul's letters, that there are in them "Some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest"--2Peter 3:16--including some of the things that he said about Women and against Women! For example, he expresses his own opinion about them, in stating that it was his own personal policy not to suffer them to teach nor usurp authority over a man, and to keep silence in the Church! WHILE ON THE OTHER HAND, GOD HIMSELF SAYS THAT IN THE LAST DAYS HE WOULD POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH, ON HIS HANDMAIDENS, AND HIS DAUGHTERS SHOULD PROPHESY! So who's right? God or Paul?
       58. I'M SORRY, IF IN CLOBBERING SOME OF PAUL'S PERSONAL OPINIONS, I have smashed one of your precious little idols, or at least seriously damaged it and injured its image--but I'm a born iconoclast, and idol-smashing is my business, as it was with a good many other of God's men! AND YOU'LL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH, UNTIL YOU'RE WILLING TO LET YOUR FALSE CONCEPTIONS AND PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS BE DESTROYED, and all the chaff blown away, to let the true grain of His Word appear!
       59. FOR ANOTHER EXAMPLE, PAUL SAYS THAT A WOMAN IS BOUND TO HER HUSBAND AS LONG AS HE LIVETH--BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, he turns around and says that if he departs from her she's not bound in such a case! Which are you gonna believe?
       60. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, AS PAUL WAS TRYING TO TELL YOU, THAT IN SOME CASES SHE IS AND SOME CASES SHE ISN'T! It depends entirely on the circumstances of the individual case! God is not a monster to hold the innocent to blame for the guilty, and there are many evident merciful exceptions to His rules in His own Word! SO YOU CANNOT GRAB ONE SCRIPTURE AND RIDE HOBBY-HORSE ON IT UNTIL DOOMSDAY, WITHOUT COMPARING IT WITH OTHER SCRIPTURES AND SCRIPTURAL EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE OF WHICH THERE ARE SO MANY in the Word that we could not possibly enumerate them all here!--Ask your teachers.
       61. SO AS I SAID BEFORE, DON'T HAND ME THOSE OLD GOLDIES--or as I should say, those old brassies--of some of Paul's own personal opinions about women!--They don't all hold water with the Word--And if you don't believe it, ask your teachers!--And if they don't believe it, they better read their Bible again! I haven't been in God's business all my life for nothing--and I've seen all sides of the elephant! PAUL'S OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS ON HIS OWN PET PEEVES DON'T ALWAYS CHECK OUT WITH THE SCRIPTURES, PARTICULARLY WHEN IT COMES TO JEWS OR WOMEN, on both of which subjects he definitely shows a certain amount of personal bias, and even admits it! So God help us!
       62. SO YOU SEE, EVEN THE BEST OF US CAN MAKE MISTAKES! I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T EXPECT YOU TO BELIEVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF MY LETTERS AS BEING TOTALLY AND DIVINELY INSPIRED, because they are quite often my own personal opinion. I BELIEVE I'M RIGHT, BUT I COULD BE WRONG! It's up to you to search the Scriptures to see if these things be true. If you can't find it in the Bible, you don't have to believe it! This goes for some of your theories too, Joel! I have a few very interesting ones of my own, but I think we're all a whole lot safer to stick to the warm, soft facts of actual Scripture! PTL? If I'd tell you some of the things I believe, but can't prove, it might really shock you, right out of your cotton-pickin' mind!--But I try to stick to the facts, even in my own personal experiences--and even those you don't have to believe, if you don't want to! Just give us those gang bustin' facts, Ma'am--only the facts, please!
       63. IF I EVEN TOLD YOU WHAT THE LORD SHOWED AND PROVED TO ME LAST NIGHT, you'd say I was crazy, especially if you're one of the weaker Brethren--but I know He's right--and I know He wants us to have just as much freedom in the Spirit as the Devil counterfeits in the flesh! And you can take that for whatever it's worth, and for whatever you think it means!--Just don't try to say it means something you don't know it means, because I haven't yet explained it to you--but the Lord has showed me a whole lot of things you're not yet able to bear! And that's Scriptural too, Buddy, and if you don't believe it, look it up!--Jesus said it! But some of you guys think you know everything, and nobody can tell you anything, especially if it's something you haven't heard of before! You hate to admit there's something you don't know! That's what was wrong with the Pharisees! They hated to admit Jesus knew something they didn't know, had something they couldn't have, and was going somewhere they couldn't go! But He sure as hell did, and was--and they sure as hell went there--to Hell, I mean, with all unbelievers!




       66. Well, that's about the way it looks from here--and I hope you like the looks of it from there. Already since the beginning if this Letter, some of you have gotten promoted, and some of you have gotten entitled to a lot of authority and credit that you never had before, except that you were doing all the work and getting all the blame! I hope you like your new old job and title which your leaders have just approved! May God bless you and make you a blessing! Praise God!
       67. But in case you've gotten lost by this time in all this diatribe, the following is the recently authorised list of new International Officers, as it now stands. (It could change tomorrow, as the Lord leads, and subject to your willingness!):
       Fred: International Sponsor Josh: International Director
       Faith: Assistant International Director. They are also Regional Directors for the Western District.
       Ho: International Field Director, supervising all Colonies
       Esther: His Assistant.
       Eve: International Personnel Director, now en route to start a new Colony in Mexico!
       Jeth: International Business Manager, as usual, God bless him! He's making great progress.
       Deb: International Field Secretary and Assistant Personnel Director; Boss! Aaron: Int'l Biblical R       esearch Analyst and Consultant--Real Bible Lawyer!
       Shula: His Assistant and Secretary--And how she does assist!
       Joel: International Educational Director--in charge of Publications and School Curriculum.
       Carmel: Assistant International Educational Director and Secretary, Big job!
       Abel: International Public Relations Director and God's Real Estate Agent, Hallelujah.
       Rahel: International Office Manager, Girl Friday and Office Boss.
       Joab: International Educational Guidance Counsellor--whatever that is!
       Vashti: Assistant and Secretary, Leading Sexpot and Family Leak! A real Procurer!
       Hez: International Director of Procurement--How about some more pretty girls, Hez?
       Heps: Secretary to the Int'l director of Procurement--And our favourite wet nurse!
       Peter: International Coordinator of Foreign Translations--Wanna be translated?
       Grace: Assistant International Coordinator and Secretary of Translations--And Peter! Martha: Int'l. Housekeeper, Governess, and Asst. Dean of Women--Governs the House of King.
       Shif: Assistant International Personnel Director and Field Secretary--Works for Ho and E.
       MO: Nothing, Nobody, and Nowhere! He doesn't even exist. No know Mo! No Mo' MO! P.S. (Jeth and Deb are also Regional Directors of the Southwestern District--Texas)
       68. Most of the present secretarial staff at TSC will also be transferred to the International Office. Any unemployed Directors who would like a job in the International Office apply just across the road. Having this world-shaking International title on your new I.D. card gives you permission to cross the Country road, even if you don't get to cross the ocean. We are thinking of moving the International Office to the Old Boy's Ranch, along with most of its personnel, which should relieve a lot of the congestion and any conflict of interests at TSC. From now on TSC will just be dear old TSC--nothing more, nothing less. the International Office, will also issue trip passes, and Eve is just waiting to make Jeth have to wait to get a trip pass to her office! She's also thinking of having her guards at the gate detain him a little, while he waits for her to sign him out!
       69. Seriously, we intend to have IBM Data Processing, Automatic Radio Teletype Communication, and Xerox Rapid duplication, and all that latest jazz, God willing, to speed up our performance and keep everybody busy watching the machines do the work, God Willing.
       70. Oops! Sorry! I goofed! Forgot to mention that Shad in now recognised as our Regional Director for the Eastern District, a job he has been doing without the title already yet, which entitles him to sit on the International Board of Directors, or that he is Bored of Directing.
       71. Also, Javan is now International Director of communications, which gives him the authority to say "Roger, Roger" to all International units, along with Mother Eve--patch the phones, and further extend our International Teletypic Communications from Communications Central, at our International HQ amongst the cowpiles to all parts of the world. That's a big 10-4 there, Ole Man, and 73's to you and yours, as we're about to go 10-7. This means you're now working under Ho, and have the authority to move the Teletypic Communications General Shop to wherever he directs. And, oh yes, Eve is also Field Director for the Southwestern Region over all Colonies in Texas, including TSC, and directly responsible only to Ho and Josh! Now she can really tell Jeth and Deb off. And if we forgot anybody else, please let us know. All titles are free of charge. Thus the Directors and the Office were finished, and all the host of them...when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made them, male and female created He them, and blessed them, and said, Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the office, and subdue it, and have dominion over it, and rest the seventh day! God saw it was good!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family