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"THE CALL OF DAVID"--MO       June, 1971       NO.79--GP

       1. NOW THAT YOU'VE READ "DAVID' AND "THE KEY OF DAVID", LET'S TURN TO THE PROPHECIES OF EZEKIEL ABOUT DAVID--this last David--the Endtime David--not old King David, but a new David for the time of The End, Praise the Lord!
       2. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT NIGHT, as I stood there in the darkness, after these experiences, telling God I'd done what He'd asked me--Now what did He want me to do!--And suddenly He drew my attention upward toward a blinking red light a top a tall radio broadcasting antenna, saying "I want you to be like that red light atop My Broadcasting Antenna, beaming My Warning Message to the world!"
       3. --AND I CLIMBED IN MY LITTLE TRAIL OR WHERE THE SIX OF US LIVED IN A TINY ROOM JUST 14' BY 7', AND ASKED GOD IN PRAYER WHAT HE MEANT, and He told me to open my Bible and read the first passage my eyes fell upon!--And it was the Call of Ezekiel in Ezekiel Chapter 2! I dare you to read Chapter One and get the amazing setting of the scene--a picture of God's space vehicle--the Chariot of the Most High that all but defies description, even by the eloquent tongue of the Prophet under the anointing of God! You've never seen or heard of anything like it in all your life! It's really way out, Man!--Further out than anything else you'll ever see outside of Space City, is this, God's flying chariot--His space vehicle--the original flying saucer--far more elaborate and fascinating and fantastic than any other you'll ever see!--Because this is God's limousine--His mobile throne in which He tours the universe! Hallelujah! He even made a special trip just to see one little man--His prophet Ezekiel--and give him one whale of a big message--the little man with the Big Message: Ezekiel, the Prophet of God--a prophet just like you and me!
       4. AND THE LORD TOLD ME THIS WAS TO BE MY MESSAGE ALSO--our message against the so-called Christians and churches of today, Praise the Lord! Thank you, Jesus! Read it! "I send you to the Children of Israel"--the people of God--those who were supposed to be His Church--God's Israel of Yesterday--the old bottles--they and their fathers--impudent and hardhearted and rebellious against the Lord!
       5. WHETHER THEY WILL LISTEN OR NOT NOW, SOME DAY THEY'LL REMEMBER that we warned them of their fate! Read it! We're not to be afraid of them even if they're like thorns and scorpions that prick and sting us and persecute us, as they did him!
       6. BUT DON'T YOU BE REBELLIOUS LIKE THEM! You obey the Lord and tell 'em the truth, even if it hurts!
       7. THE MESSAGE WAS OF WARNINGS AND WOE, but like many prophecies, it was sweet to the taste, but not always easy to digest! We're sent to our own people, to be missionaries in our own land, amongst their own children first of all! If He had sent us first to the heathen abroad, they would have gladly received us--but our own people rejected us--they do always reject the Holy Ghost! For they build temples that God cannot live in and preach laws they themselves cannot obey! He will make us hard against them, and our message hard against them, and our looks hard against them--because God is hard against them! The children of man can be no harder than their Maker--for the Lord is hard against them! Freely ye have received, also freely give!--to try to liberate them from the captivity of the System! We even go in bitterness in the heat of our spirit, for the Hand of the Lord is strong upon us, in His own fury against them! He has made us watchmen unto the House of Israel--therefore we're to hear His Words and give them warning from the Lord! If we give them warning, we will have delivered our souls--but if we warn them not of their wicked way, their blood will be upon our hands! This last is God's warning to us, His prophets, that we'd better not fail Him--we'd better get the job done, or else we ourselves will feel guilty of their destruction when He destroys them, as He will! Beware lest ye too, be found to fight against God!
       8. WE WERE TO BECOME AS THAT RED FLASHING WARNING LIGHT TO THE WORLD--not just a decoration to some artistic temple, but a somber warning of serious danger ahead! This was God's calling to me personally, and you after me! This we were to be and to do!--And thank God by His Grace we have been and are doing! For this day is this prophecy fulfilled in us! We have obeyed His Call and He has fulfilled it thru us! PTL.
       9. BUT LITTLE DID WE DREAM HOW MUCH MORE LITERAL THE LORD WAS GOING TO BE in speaking of us in these prophecies of Ezekiel! Next, God willing we're going to look into the prophecies of Ezek.34 and 37 and see how specific God can get when He wants to tell you exactly what's going to happen and who it is going to happen to! Praise the Lord!

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