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"THE ULTIMATE TRIP"--MO        July, 1971        NO.80--GP

(Read Ezekiel 1st and 10th Chapters First.)
       1. SEE SOME KIND OF A CAMERA OR EQUIPMENT--I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS. It's as though I'm looking at the bottom of it, and it's some kind of a plug or connection to which there is a wire attached, or a cable, which runs to something else--something which you screw in the bottom of this piece of equipment or electronic device. (Tongues.)
       2. NOW WHEN YOU SCREW IN THE PLUG, AND IT IS ATTACHED, IT ACTIVATES THE CAMERA and it is full of life, but when you detach the source of power, the camera goes dead, and it is lifeless and useless. It's as though all the power has been drained out of it through the plug, when it is detached. But when the cable is re-attached, the equipment comes to life again.
       3. NOW WE'RE SPEEDING ON VERY RAPIDLY as though we're flying, and the cable is attached to the piece of equipment, and still just in front of us. The cable seems to be attached to something we're in, or riding in, or something. We are travelling so fast it seems like it is getting darker. It seems almost as though the stars, or some things that shine like stars, are flying past us--or we're flying past them.
       4. JESUS, GIVE ME THE WORDS, Lord. Put Thy Words in my mouth. Give Thy Moses Thy Words, Lord!
       5. THEN THERE ARE THESE HUGE BIG THINGS ROTATING VERY RAPIDLY, almost like...Well, they're not like anything I've ever heard described--but they're kind of hollow on top, and the rotors move so fast they look like they're solid--they're more like a cone shape in this fairly substantial base--almost like an umbrella upside down.
       6. THEN THERE'S THIS BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN CROWN. It's more on the order of the Oriental crown, rather than the Western crown--curved and not spiked--curved and round like in spheres or arches, and there's such light shining above it, radiating from the crown.
       7. NOW THESE THINGS THAT WERE LIKE ROTORS OR WINGS, that were turning so rapidly that they looked almost solid--all of a sudden they slam shut in a direct upward position, just like in an umbrella, and they stop.
       8. THERE IS THIS HOLE THROUGH LAYERS OF GLOBES--like crystal globes--tier upon tier, and as you look up through the hole, it's like a passage-way going straight upward--all colours--almost like beautiful, beautiful bubbles--only they're like crystal--they're all together, like molecules; and this passageway goes through layers and layers of these crystals, straight up! Beautiful light! Such beautiful light--way up as far as I can see--like gold, and rainbows--really pretty.......Hallelujah!
       9. AND NOW WE'RE OUT ON TOP--It's almost like we've been going through an elevator shaft but no elevator--and the view is so beautiful--We're so high! Just beautiful.....Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!.....
       10. NOW WE'RE IN A LABYRINTH OF BEAUTIFUL PASSAGEWAYS! Beautiful passageways--like glass. They're shaped like the way diamonds are cut, in sort of a hexagonal shape, and the material they're made of sort of scintillates with colour, like diamonds!--What a long passageway! Whew! Thank You, Jesus! We travel really with amazing speed through the passageways. We don't seem to be riding on anything. We just seem to shoot through it--like you're almost sucked through it! Like those little things they have in the department store. You just kinda shoot through the tube! Praise You, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!
       11. NOW WE'RE OUT ON THE SURFACE--outdoors on the surface. We were way upon top--so high!--And now we've come down and out on the surface somehow!--It's beautiful, too....Like a garden of Eden--trees, grass, flowers--beautiful golden sunlight! People strolling here and there, happy and laughing, smiling--seem to be very content. I never noticed before how they were clothed, but they don't seem to be very heavily clothed. It reminds me of the gown I saw on Martha in my vision of her--filmy, clinging, floating, and beautifully draped, revealing the beauty of the human form, draped more for beauty than for concealment--thin, shimmering gowns, almost of light. It's like light, yet it's like some kind of material--like silver netting or mesh. They're somewhat like those old Grecian--Roman gowns--very thin--very graceful--very beautiful. Everyone seems to be almost young--in their prime. The women are beautiful and the men are handsome, and they all look so happy!
       12. THERE ARE STILL ANIMALS AND BIRDS PLAYING IN THE GARDEN--birds flying from tree to tree. Everything is happy. Birds don't sing mournful songs, but happy songs. The animals are playful and happy.
       13. SURE IS RESTFUL. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! (Tongues) (Breathes deeply many times) O Jesus! (Tongues) Maybe it's the altitude. I'm so tired. Seems like I'm having a hard time getting my breath....
       14. O SUN OF MY SOUL, SHINE UPON ME THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID! (Cries and Tongues) (It was like I needed the Light for Life).
       15. I JUST WANT TO LIE DOWN. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Honey, you tell'em all about it. I've got to sleep for a little while--I'm so tired!
       16. I DON'T SEE HOW THIS COULD BE HEAVEN, 'CAUSE I'M CRYING. I'm so sorry for everybody down there with all their troubles. I must not be one of these people, I guess. Nobody else is sad but me! If I'm supposed to be here why am I not happy? Why do I feel so sorry for everybody else and all those people? Why can't the Lord take that away? He promised there would be no crying, no sorrow, no pain, no death--that He would wipe away all tears! (Weeps & Tongues) (Grasps heart!) O Jesus, why can't You take the pain and the sorrow and this crying and weeping away? Why can't I forget them, and feel happy, like the others? Why can't I just stay here, Lord? Why do I have to be sorry for them?
       17. (WEEPS STRONGLY) WHY DO I STILL SUFFER, LORD? Why do I feel this body yet, Lord? Why am I still bound? Why can't I be free? Why can't I be set free and be happy there like them? Jesus.....Jesus.....Jesus.....O Jesus!
       18. (Nods head) O.K., LORD. Thank You, Jesus. Amen! Forgive me, Jesus! I'm sorry, Lord! So that through the obedience of one, shall many be made righteous! Forgive me, Lord! I'm sorry, Lord Jesus!
       19. AMEN, LORD! Thank You, Jesus! Amen....Amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (He laughs) What a laughing round about the Throne--singing and clapping and shouting for joy--making merry and music before Thy Throne.....And no one knows that song but they!....Lord, they're my children, Lord! Thank You, Jesus! (Laughs with laughing tongues, snaps fingers, and moves as in dance) I wish I could dance like they dance! It's worth it all to see that, Jesus!
       20. IT'S REALLY TOO HIGH UP HERE. It really isn't good for me. I can hardly breathe! They don't seem to have any trouble, but I can hardly breathe!
       21. HOW COME THE TEARS RUN IN MY EARS? Why should tears run in my ears? (Smiles) They wash out your eyes and your ears, so you can see better and hear better.
       22. WOW!--WHAT A DANCE! Our kids are like a bunch of wild Indians, whoopin' and a' hollerin'. The Throne is like a big fire--like they're dancing all around the fire--shouting and whooping and hollering, singing and making music!
       23. AMEN, LORD! FOR THEM IT'S WORTH IT, LORD! For them it's worth it all Lord!
       24. O.K., Lord Jesus! O.K., Lord! Thank You, Lord Jesus!
       25. O LORD, WHY CAN'T I JUST REST HERE! Please don't hold onto me, please! You keep dragging me down. Why can't you just let me rest here a little while? Honey, you keep pulling on me!
       26. HOW MANY VEHICLES CAN YOU GET? (Was viewing some kind of Heavenly transportation.)
       27. I TOLD YOU THE AIR UP HERE ISN'T GOOD FOR ME. It's too rare.
       28. IT'S LIKE A BIG BUTTERFLY--big wings like a big butterfly. But they get narrower. Thank You, Jesus! It has to close its wings. We have to go through that hole first, to get outside!
       29. WOW! WHAT A WORLD! Thank You, Jesus!
       30. THOSE WINGS ARE GOING SO FAST YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEM NOW! Isn't that amazing?--Like the Aurora Borealis! That is absolutely beautiful! Even the sky is beautiful here!--Like one big continual Aurora Borealis--like sunsets and sunrises all mixed up together! Hallelujah! Everything is so green! I thought those clouds were mountains, but I guess they're clouds. They're many different colours. Still little houses and cottages everywhere all over the green! Goodnight! Wow! Look! Look! Look!--Back at the City! Wow! O Man!--Did you ever see anything like that? It doesn't even look real.--It's so beautiful! Like one great big, almost like a cone, rising out of the earth.--It's so high!
       31. THE CLOUDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! They just drift by, like they're for decorations!--And they rise up, up, up! I guess that's what the kids would call, "really out of sight", huh?
       32. EVEN THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE MUST BE HAPPY to live in a world like that! You gotta be happy if you live in a place like that!
       33. O.K. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus! Let's go home!.....It's amazing how the minute you leave that atmosphere, everything gets dark--black as night!
       34. THE LORD SURE HAS SOME FUNNY CONTRAPTIONS! Why should I have to have a contraption? I don't understand it. Is it because it's me, that He has to have it for me--'cause I'm not built for it--for travelling in the Spirit? (Laughs and nods head) Amen. Thank You, Jesus! We'll see You, Lord! If I go in spirit, I wouldn't want to come back! (Exhales) Thank You, Jesus! You had to take my body, Lord, so they'd still have some hold on me. So I could still feel it!
       35. NOW WHAT IS THAT BIG THING FOR? It doesn't fold up--it rolls up! How about that? O.K., thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus! (Waves goodbye) Thank You for the nice trip. Whew! Wow! Lord Jesus! Now that's what I'd call the Ultimate Trip! That's really far out!--Outta sight!
+ + + + + +

       36. I DON'T UNDERSTAND ALL THOSE FUNNY CONTRAPTIONS THE LORD HAD! I thought it was all in the Spirit! It's not like they're material, but it's not like they're spiritual. They're something, but they're kinda intangible! It's like those clothes they wear! It's like everything up there is like it's real, yet it's not real!
       37. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT! WHILE I WAS THERE I DIDN'T NEED ANY VEHICLE. It just seems like you sort of shoot through those passageways with no elevator--but you're the elevator! But when I had to leave, I had to go in something! I don't understand that! That last one I came back in, rolled up its wings and then just disappeared! Is that some kind of conveyance to convey my spirit? But it was like I was there in body--I could feel you guys holding onto me. You were there, Honey! I could hear your pen scratching away all the time!
       38. IF I'M LOSING MY MIND, IT SURE IS A HAPPY EXPERIENCE. If Heaven is like that, I'd just as soon go crazy, if that's going crazy. That's the Ultimate Trip!
       39. I FELT MY BODY--I WAS SO TIRED. A body is really a drag! At least this kind of body. Lord, forgive me for complaining. I guess we have to get around in something--it's a good vehicle for earth travel--but it sure is a drag! Seemed like all those other people--they were walking and floating at the same time--with no effort to it, but they did it with ease. There's almost no gravity for them, but with me it seemed all gravity. I could hardly even breathe. Maybe the air was too pure to breathe!
       40. WHY IN THE WORLD DID THE LORD GIVE ME A THING LIKE THIS AT A TIME LIKE THIS? It sure makes us all look pretty sick. Here you are griping about all of these little things! If you just hurry up and get the job done, you could have all this! The faster you burn out the quicker you go! I'm old and tired, and you wouldn't even let me rest! Every time I get there, you won't let me go!
       41. I WAS HERE, AND YET I WAS THERE! Do you suppose He took the whole room?

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