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"PROPHECY OF DELIVERANCE"--MO       July, 1971       NO.82--DFO

       1. GOD HAS GIVEN US TOTAL FREEDOM. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty! We are going to look back to this day and remember our Victory Celebration! This is the prophetic celebration by faith, of our deliverance from bondage.
       2. THANK YOU FOR LIBERATION, LORD, FOR FREEDOM. We don't have to honour anyone but you! I see no man among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified! Who the hell is this King? Forgetting those things that are behind! The Lord said He'd laugh at his calamity--that (blank, blank, blank) King who holds the Children of God in fear and terror!
       3. DAVID AND HIS MEN ARE NOT BOUND, BUT FREE. We are now in a position to tell him off, like David did Kind Saul.
       4. Thank you Lord for this Victory Celebration tonight. Set Thy Children free. Let Thy Children go that they may go out to worship Thee and perform Thy service across the nation.
       5. THANK YOU LORD, FOR THE MANY, MANY, FRIENDS THAT THOU HAST GIVEN UNTO THY DAVID. There are those even of the Philistines that shall support him and protect him and deliver to him the Kingdom. We have nothing to fear from the enemies of David, from those who would try to persecute him! For thou art with him and dost protect him, and cause the Philistines to protect him, and deliver over the Kingdom.
       6. DAVID DOES NOT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR HIMSELF! For the Lord Himself shall fight for him and deliver over unto him the key that belongeth to him. For behold, The Kingdom of the Lord is thine, and the Kingdom of the Lord have I given unto thee and unto my Servant David for My Glory!
       7. WHEREFORE, THEREFORE DOST THOU FEAR THE WRATH OF THE KING who is nothing in my Hands, who shall crumble and fade into dust before thee; for I shall deliver the Kingdom unto My Servant David and unto his mighty men;--and all of thy enemies are but puffs of air before Me, and shall vanish away and be no more. But the Kingdom of God shall be forever and ever. FOR THE CHILDREN OF DAVID ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD, and they are My Children.
       8. WHEREFORE, THEREFORE, DOST THOU DOUBT that I shall bring all these things to come to pass, that the Kingdom of God shall become the Kingdom of my Lord and thy Saviour Jesus Christ, and I shall deliver all things into thy hands? For thou art My children--the Children of God and of My Servant David.
       9. WHEREFORE, THEREFORE, NOW SHALT THOU REST and take thy rest, because all things shall be delivered into thy hands, and all that I have promised shall be thin, and all in it, according to the Word that I sware unto David.
       10. FOR THE WORD,--I HAVE SPOKEN IT; AND THE WORD;--I HAVE PERFORMED IT; and the Word,--I have fulfilled it; and I shall fulfill all the promises I have promised unto My Servant David if thou shalt be faithful.
       11. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS PROMISES UNTO THY SERVANT DAVID! Praise, all ye His saints! Praise, all ye His children! Praise the Lord for His promises unto His Servant David. Every jot and tittle shall be fulfilled, and not one shall pass away, but all shall be fulfilled, and thou shalt have every part of the Kingdom from the uttermost unto the uttermost; and thou shalt possess all of it,--for it has been given unto thee to fulfill all I have promised unto thee! For thou art My Children and thou art My Saints and thou art the words of My mouth and thou art My prophets and My Obedient Ones and those who have inherited My inheritance and those who have My Birthright. Thou art the ones upon whom is the crown of David, and therefore, thou art the ones who shall possess the Kingdom!
       12. WHEREFORE DOST THOU DOUBT, or wherefore dost thou fear, for thou shalt indeed be the chosen seed that I have chosen by My Spirit. So has it been said, and so has it been written!
       13. SO IT HAS BEEN SAID; SO IT HAS BEEN PROPHESIED; so have been the Words of my mouth; and so shall I fulfill it according to My Holy Will and according to the Will of My Servant David!
       14. THINKEST THOU THAT I SHALL FAIL IN ONE OF ALL MY GOOD PROMISES I made to My Servant Moses and the Children in the Wilderness? And even according to the picture I gave them, I shall fulfill the promises I made, and thou shalt enter into that land that I promised unto My Servant David. For Jesus shall fulfill the Word I have spoken to my prophets and that which I have promised unto thee that thou shalt possess the land, and none shall make thee afraid.
       15. WHY DOST THOU NOT PRAISE THE LORD WITH THY MOUTH, and offer the sacrifice of praise with my lips, and lift thy heart to the Lord in praise for the mighty works He has done for thee and hath given thee this day!
       16. EVEN AS THE BOTTLE HATH BEEN PLACED TO THY MOUTH THAT THOU MUST REJOICE and make glad the heart of man for the things God hath done for thee, so have I caused thy heart to be made glad because of all the things that I have done for thee and given thee, and all that which I have promised thee! Oh, why dost thou doubt and make thy soul impoverished for lack of faith? Even the little child should have more faith, and praise his Father in Heaven for the things which have been given unto him, should have more faith and be more thankful, and praise his Father,--even so should thou give forth with the praises of thy mouth for the promises that have been given unto Thy Servant David.
       17. IT IS ENOUGH, LORD! WE ARE THANKFUL AND SATISFIED. Let now thy servants rest in peace and have sleep, that they may sleep for tomorrow's labours. In the Name of Jesus and according to His Word.
       18. LIFT THY HEARTS UNTO HIM IN PRAISE, AND THANK THE LORD! Kiss the Son's mouth! Love Him with all thy heart! Love the Words of His Mouth unto thy utmost, even the Word that He hath sworn unto David!
       19. THIS IS THE TIME OF TRANSITION THAT I HAVE PROMISED UNTO DAVID by the Words of My Mouth and the Words I have spoken unto him; for thou shalt be sent forth and scattered abroad for My Glory, because My Mouth hath spoken it!
       20. KISS THE MOUTH OF THY LORD WHICH HATH SPOKEN UNTO THEE! Even as Moses spake My Word--even as Jesus spake My Word--even now has David spoken My Word! So shalt thou receive and believe, and it shall take root in thy heart and bring forth fruit unto Me! For it is Jesus that hath spoken the Word unto thy Servant David, and He shall perform that very truth that He has given unto thee, without fail. For by the words of thy mouth and His Mouth shalt thou perform it and bring it to fulfillment, for thou shalt speak as the Lord thy God speaketh, and thou shalt say all the words that I shall give thee, and I have given thee by My Servant David! And not one thing shall fail from all of these good promises that I have given unto My Servant David! If thou shalt believe and take hold and grasp upon them and hold them unto thy bosom, then indeed shalt thou be the sons of David and be called his mighty men; and it shall be written and told of thee the mighty works that thou shalt do as the Children of God and the seed of David, and men everywhere shall speak of thee and tell of that which thou hast done.
       21. IF THOU SHALT OBEY IN ALL OF THE LEAST OF THESE THINGS which I have given thee, and not fail in all of those things I have revealed to My Servant David, then shall I also fulfill unto thee all those things which I have foretold of thee and give thee all I have promised, according to My Word; and then shalt thou also be that which I have spoken of in My Word according to My Prophet David,--according to the words of the mouth that has spoken and the words that are told, and according to the words of My Mouth which have become a testimony before them and have become a witness against them. For that is My Word and My promise unto thee.
       22. FOR THESE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE, according to that which I have prophesied: THIS MY MOSES AND THIS MY DAVID. Thou shalt proclaim with thy mouth, and thou shalt proclaim with thy words, and thou shalt do that which is according to My Will. Then Jesus My Son, shall bless thee and fulfill all that was written of thee.
       23. JESUS, BLESS THESE THAT THEY MAY BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL FULFILL ALL, and that they shall obey Thy Servant and thy prophets and thy Word that has been given that they may fulfill the word that has been given unto them, that it may be fulfilled what has been spoken by My Servant David--that not one should fail and none shall be disappointed in that Servant that I have given.
       24. IS IT ENOUGH FOR THY WILL? Art thou willing to kiss the mouth--the mouth of Moses--the mouth that I have spoken unto thee by My Word--the Words of Jesus I Have given unto thee according to My promises. If thou shalt keep them and honour them and follow them, then shall I give unto thee that which thou dost will, and fulfill the desires of thy heart, according to all that I have sworn unto My Prophet David and My Moses which I have spoken to lead My People, My Children--that all these things shall be fulfilled in the prophets that I have given unto thee and sworn by My Servant Moses and My Servant David--fulfilled according to the Word that I swear unto Thy Servant:--they shall be thine! Thou shalt believe and know and see the greatness of the Lord in the land which I have promised unto thee--if thou shalt believe. Moses believed the things that I told him and followed that which I commanded him, and Moses saw the fulfillment of the things that were spoken, even though it be from afar. But Moses heard them from Thy Mouth, and they became the Word of his testimony that he might fulfill them!
       25. EVEN SO SHALL IT BE UNTO THEE: the fulfillment of thy testimony shall come. Even Jesus shall fulfill unto thee the promises that were spoken to thy servant Moses and applied to thy servant David. Even so be it unto thy servants--And so it has been written and so it shall be done according to all I have promised to David.
       26. KISS THE TESTAMENT OF MY LOVE--the words of My Mouth. Kiss even the words of My Moses and My Servant David. Kiss the Words of My Mouth that I have given unto thee by My Servant David. Even kiss that which I have given unto thee by Myself, Thy Saviour Jesus, and the Words that I have spoken to thee. Thou shalt kiss the Son. Kiss me as the breast of thy mother, that I shall nurse thee, and thou shalt put thy Mouth upon Me and My breast and nurse from Me the milk of the truth that I have given unto thee, even the Words of My servant Moses and the Words that Jesus thy Saviour spoke unto thee and Thy Servant David. They shall be in thy own mouth that thou shalt proclaim them. They shall be as milk in thy mouth and bitterness unto thy belly--but they shall come according to the Word that I have spoken unto My Servant David.
       27. KISS, THAT THOU MAY FULFILL MY WILL and show thy love unto thy Servant David. Kiss, that thou may show love unto the words that I have given thee as milk--that thou may show love to the milk I have given for thy nourishment, that I may satisfy thy mouth with good things and that thy strength may be renewed as the eagle at my breast! Kiss My Bosom that I may be strength unto thee! Kiss, that thou may show thy love unto Me and unto My Mouth and the things which I have spoken unto David--the words that I have given unto David. Proclaim the words I have given unto David--the words like unto Moses have I given unto David.
       29. SURELY THOU HAST LAID UPON THESE, BURDENS ALMOST TOO HEAVY TO BEAR, that they may proclaim the words, that they will not hear! Give mercy unto Thy Children. Deliver them from the hands of their adversaries! Many rise against them!
       30. I WILL PROTECT AND KEEP THEM, even as I did My Servant David and his men, if thou shalt be faithful and proclaim all the words I have put in his mouth.
       31. EVEN AS I DID CAUSE THE WINE OF THY LIPS TO OPEN THY MOUTH that thy tongue shall praise Me, so is My Spirit unto thee the Spirit of My Son to the Words of My Servant David, that thou shalt honour the Words of his mouth. (Sings in tongues, then interprets, still singing, as follows:)
       32. EVEN AS THOU ART WEARY WITH SLUMBER, and even as I sing thee like Moses--even as I speak thee like Jesus, but thou art very heavy with slumber and sleep. Kiss now the words of My Prophet in My Servant David that thou mayest have rest and slumber. Kiss now the mouth of the Prophet that thou mayest sleep. Even so is the Word of My Testimony as wine upon the lips of him that is wearied. Kiss now the mouth--the mouth of Jesus and of David, for they have spoken unto thee the truth of My Word. Jesus will fill their mouth not only with wine, but with the words of My Spirit, that thou may spread them abroad throughout all the land. With thy mouth shalt thou drink the milk of My Word and of My Spirit.
       33. KISS THEE WITH THE WORDS OF THE MOUTH. Kiss thee with the loves of thy Spirit, that thou mayest have the blessings of the Words of David. Sleep on now and take thy rest for it is given unto thee by the love of My Spirit.

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