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PROPHECY IN LAURENTIDE        August, 1969        NO.89--GP
--Given in Laurentide--Bob Davis

       1. YEA, I SAY UNTO THEE THIS NIGHT, MY CHILDREN OF THE HIPPIE ARMY, bow low before Me, for I will give unto thee that which I have long desired to bestow upon My Children. I have said that in the Last Days, I would pour out My Spirit, yet the world has seen but a little sprinkling of the mighty showers. During this year to come right before you I shall pour out My Spirit in mighty waves upon you as you witness to the lost children whom the churches have created by their own whoredom.
       2. THOU SHALT SEE IT FLOW AS RIVERS in the streets, parks and highways; Lo, Servants, My Hippie Children, I have chosen thee; thou, My children, Servants obedient to the Will of God, ye shall suffer much, and thy life thou must be willing to give for Me. Willingly thou hast taken thy cross, and willingly thou must bear it in the slanders of the high ones and in the darkness of prison. But no reproach shall touch thee, but the Lord Thy God shall reap a harvest, and thy crown of life shall grow the brighter!
       3. I HAVE SEEN THY TEARS IN THE NIGHT HOURS during all thy childhood. I have seen the burdens of thy heart. I have seen thee in all thy struggles against the Evil One, and in thy heartaches, and when the Evil One hath sought to take thy life, and did seek to destroy many of thee through drugs. I waited for the congregations of the churches to minister unto thee. But they hardened their hearts and forsook thee!
       4. I DID SEND THOSE WHICH THOU HAST SEEN, and they held thee up, and I have given thee Wisdom. I sent My angel many times to bring thee out of trouble. I have proved thee to the satisfaction of My heart, I know thou desirest only My Love and Power that thou mayest reap the Harvest, for thou hast seen it I have shown it unto thee. It is white and ready, and falling, and there are so few that are looking, beside thee!
       5. THOUGH THE EVIL ONE HAS TRIED TO STOP ME, through freezing the congregations of the churches, I say unto thee, from this day forth shall a new thing spring forth, for I have a fresh a new army trained. Through this fresh new army I shall light the fires that shall spread, and thou, My Children, shall go across the nations as a lighted torch in a field of dry stubble!
       6. AS I DID CHOOSE ELIJAH, Elisha, Jeremiah, Daniel, Isaiah, and all My prophets, I have chosen My Hippie Army. Go, and the Lord Thy God shall perform! Go, and I shall go before thee, to the lost children of the nations, with love and forgiveness--but to the churches I shall be as a herd of wild elephants.
       7. BE NOT AFRAID OF ANY MAN, for thou shalt soon stand before many in high places, and thou shalt speak as My servants of old did speak--with wisdom and knowledge that I shall give unto thee!
       8. I SHALL LEAD THEE AND MULTIPLY THEE INTO A GREAT ARMY, and I shall feed and clothe My Little Ones, and anoint thee with power from on High, and all the world around thee will shake with fear at thy garments of sackcloth. For God is with thee, and blessing thee with anointing and power. And My Gospel shall be preached in all cities whereunto I send thee, and woe unto the unrighteous ones who stand as a barricade against thee!

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