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Prophecy--Shad        August 4, 1971        NO.90--GP
--Given after reading of "Prophecy of Deliverance"

       1. (Shadrach)--AND I SAY UNTO THESE MY MIGHTY MEN WHO HAVE SET THEIR HEARTS TO OBEY My Word--unto those who are even willing to die for these words--I say unto thee: The Kingdom is thine by faith. It need not be of any man, but of My men!
       2. FOR YE WERE ALL AS LOST SHEEP wandering whithersoever thou knewest not, and ye would even be so now, except for those obedient ones. It is only by My Grace that he has chosen to be obedient. For it is I that made you, and not ye yourselves! Ye are My Children and the sheep of My Pasture. There must needs be someone to lead thee, that ye be not deceived.
       3. AND I HAVE GIVEN THEE A SHEPHERD, EVEN MY SERVANT DAVID, and he shall be a prince amongst all nations (you), and all nations shall call him and his seed blessed! For in this day I have raised up a banner, and out of Israel has a cry gone forth: "Long live the King, and long live the true Kingdom."
       4. AND WOE BE TO THE IMPORTERS! Woe, I say unto the devouring shepherds--they have received their reward. Their bodies shall be meat, their carcasses shall be the meat for the fowls of the Heaven and of the beasts of the earth. My sword is against those that oppose My Kingdom. For this day have I said, Let My captives go free! Owe no man anything save to love him. Ye, My Knights, proclaim My Word, and lift high the banner!
       5. DAVID IS MOSES, AND THOUGH THESE BE TWO, THEY ARE ONE. So shall My will be performed. Long live the King! I have chosen thee as ambassadors of the Kingdom, to go and to conquer from the uttermost to the uttermost. All of these writings that I have delivered through Moses, Jesus and My Servant David--know them! Redeem the time, for the days are evil! Walk in wisdom to them that are without.
       6. WHAT I HAVE GIVEN THEE TO DO IS NO SMALL TASK. If ye suffer with Me, ye shall also reign--but if ye deny Me, then will also My Father, which is in Heaven, deny thee, in the presence of His Holy angels.
       7. THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS! For the time is coming when those who will not choose to die for My Cause--for My Kingdom--to give their lives on the altar of sacrifice and service--they will become enemies of the Kingdom of God--they shall either say yea or nay.
       8. WHAT I HAVE SAID, THAT WILL I ALSO DO! What I promised unto thee shall come to pass! For there shall be a great number which no man can number that go through the Great Tribulation, and wash their robes, and are being purged white because of their Tribulation.
       9. PREPARE NOW! HOLD FAST THAT WHICH THOU HAST! Let no man steal thy crown! My soul abhorreth them that turn aside. But those, My Servants, which march ever forward into the flames of self-denial and persecution--they shall receive the reward which the Lord Himself hath promised unto them!
       10. IN WEAKNESS ARE YE MADE STRONG! Surrender to My will! Praise ye the Lord, all ye saints! Praise ye the Lord, ye inhabitants of the earth, for He hath given thee the Kingdom, and it shall never be taken away from My Servant David!

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