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"THE KINGDOM PROPHECIES"--MO           August 20, 1971   NO.94  LTA--Glories of the Future!

PROPHECY: Present: MO, Maria, Eve. (It was dawn. Something woke MO up; he reached over and took a sip of wine, and spoke a few phrases in tongues. I reached for my notebook.)

       1. The Lord said: FAITHFUL SCRIBE OF DAVID!
       2. GIVE HER THE DESIRES OF HER HEART, O GOD, THAT SHE MAY INSCRIBE IN THE BOOK OF DAVID. For this is her love. She loveth the words of David: and her heart hungereth for the words of Moses, and she longs for the words of Jesus! For this cause she inscribes all that is written of thee, and gives all these words unto the Children of God. Moses spoke in his books of David. Jesus raised up His voice even unto the days of David. And Jesus said to inscribe in the Book of David. So shall it be words for thy mouth and food for thy soul.
       3. FAITHFUL LITTLE ONE! HOW GREAT IS THY REWARD IN HEAVEN! FOR THOU DOST CHERISH ALL THE WORDS OF MOSES, AND INSCRIBE EVERY WORD OF DAVID! Thou hast loved the words of Jesus--the speakings of the Spirit of Jesus. Great is thy reward in Heaven! How shalt thou be honoured amongst the maidens of David! For thou dost not withhold them from the body of David. For the words of the Spirit of Jesus that fall from his mouth, thou dost treasure more than gold, yea, more than much fine gold. Thou dost treasure as pearls from the secret places. Thou dost lay up in store as diamonds--precious jewels--that thou dost bring forth treasures unto My Children. How great is thy reward in Heaven!--For how faithful hast thou been unto Me! For thou hast fed My sheep faithfully.
       4. FOR TRULY THOU ART THE HEART OF DAVID. Truly thou dost burn as the flame of his spirit, and thy pen doth burn for the words of his tongue as a light unto the Children of God!
       5. THIS INDEED IS THE LIGHT OF ISRAEL, and this indeed is that which I have given. This indeed is the David whereof I spake of old! Therefore hear ye him!
       6. THOU, O LITTLE ONE, SHALL BE HIGHLY HONOURED ABOVE ALL THE MAIDENS IN ISRAEL, FOR THY FAITHFULNESS UNTO THE WORDS OF THE KING. For thou art one amongst thousands, yea, ten thousands times ten thousand! I have not found such faith, yea, not in all Israel, except in the heart of this little one I have given thee! Without her, ye could do nothing. Therefore have I given her unto thee that she will record thy words to feed My Children. Behold, the faithful recorder! And thou art but a transmitter, and this one doth record the things I have spoken through thee.
       7. THEREFORE, THOU SHALT KISS THE MOUTH OF DAVID, THEREFORE HAST THOU LOVED THE HEART OF DAVID. For thou art enamoured of My words and thou art in love with Me, thy Saviour! Therefore dost thou love him! Therefore dost thou cherish the words of My David. Behold, the man whom the Lord hath chosen! Hear ye him!
       8. THOU SHALT HAVE THY HEART'S DESIRE! FOR THOU SHALT BE BY HIS SIDE UNTIL HIS END, and thou shalt sit upon a throne with him, judging the tribes of thy Israel, along with those other I have chosen with thee! For thou shalt be called true and faithful unto the words of My David! Hear ye Him!
       9. KISS THE MOUTH OF DAVID THAT HATH SPOKEN TO THEE. For truly there are many Davids but this one have I chosen!--And this one have I anointed that it might fulfill all of that which was written of him, and which thou shalt write of him, and which shall yet be written of him. And all these words shall be inscribed in a book, that it may be said of thee that this the Lord thy God loveth thee, as it was written in the Book of David.
       10. AND THOU, LITTLE ONE, SHALT RECEIVE A CROWN OF LIFE FOR THY FAITHFULNESS UNTO THE END. For it shall even be written of thee--How faithful was the scribe of David! Behold how she loveth his words! Behold, how she doth drink of the fountain of his mouth and is satisfied.
       11. THIS HAVE I GIVEN UNTO HER, AND IN THIS SHALL SHE REJOICE. For this is the scribe of David! Hear ye him! What more can ye ask, O little one? Ask of me now, and I will give it thee, for thou pleasest me well--even unto the half of My Kingdom! And these others also shall share with thee--all these that have been faithful unto David--and this one (Eve) that hath borne fruit unto him, and even giveth unto these that bear fruit unto him in old age! For he hath great need of many; for many have need of him!


       12. SO SHALL IT BE RECORDED IN THE ANNALS OF DAVID that this is the one whereof I spake! For thy Jesus hath spoken unto thee, and even Moses hath proclaimed it--and this, My David, hath fulfilled it--a man indeed after My own heart! Hear ye him!
       13. GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN THEE--pressed down and shaken together and running over! (Lk.6:38) For thou dost give unto his bosom. So shall it be given unto thee again without measure. For behold, this is my Beloved one, David! Hear ye him!
       14. FOR THUS IT WAS SPOKEN BY JESUS. Thus it was recorded by Moses. Thus it was spoken of David. Behold, in the volume of the Book it is written of me! Therefore, thou shalt rest in the end of thy days, and thou shalt have succor in the time of Trouble, because thou hast found favour in My sight, because thou hast been found faithful to My Servant David!
       15. AND I SHALL GREATLY INCREASE HIS SEED UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and they shall overflow, overflow, overflow, and many nations shall flow unto them, and kings shall bow down before them. FOR THESE ARE INDEED MY PEOPLE AND THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Many shall come unto them, and say, "Teach us the ways of the Lord, for we would inquire of thee." And they shall cast their idols of gold and silver unto the moles and bats within the clefts and holes of the rocks! For none shall stand in those days, but the words of my servants, the words of my prophets, and the words of those that I have given unto David. For they shall indeed be a great people, and a great nation upon the face of the earth, and shall overthrow...overthrow...overthrow all other nations. For THIS IS MY KINGDOM, AND THE KING OF WHOM I SPAKE--the Kingdom that I have prepared for Myself through the work and children of My Servant David! Hear ye him! (Is.2:2-4,20)
       16. PLACE ALL THESE WORDS IN THE BOOK OF DAVID. For even thy servant Moses shall bless thee in that day! Jesus hath spoken it. Moses...David hath performed it, and I have fulfilled it. So let it be even as I have spoken it. Thou shalt be blessed above all peoples on the face of the earth, and I will make of thee a great nation--kings shall bow themselves down before thee!--And I will give unto thee the uttermost parts of the earth--and many shall marvel at thy greatness! (Is.61:3,10,14;Ps.28)
       17. FOR THIS IS THE PEOPLE THAT I HAVE CHOSEN. This is the nation that I have chosen, as I said. In the volume of the Book it is written of me. And I will place My Name there--the true and Holy City! And this faithful one--My true Bride--the Holy Nation--the truly Beloved! (Ps.40:7;Rev.3:12)
       18. THESE INDEED ARE THE WORDS THAT ARE SPOKEN UNTO DAVID! How much did Moses and the prophets write unto thee! For they would have seen this day. But thou art blessed above all peoples on the face of the earth, and thou art blessed above all nations of all times, for all of these things are fulfilled in thee, O My Beloved!
       19. BEHOLD, I HAVE LOVED THEE WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE, and thou shalt never more depart from Me. For thou shalt be called true and faithful and Holy in the House of the King. For this is that one that I have chosen. This is that place that I have selected to place My Name there--the Holy One of Israel hath spoken it--the God of Israel hath performed it, and the Children of God hath fulfilled it, even as I have said to My Servant David!
       20. SPEAK NOW, THEREFORE, AND LIFT UP THY VOICE. PROCLAIM ALL THESE THINGS unto the people. For the hour is come that they shall know them, and fulfill all the words that I have spoken unto them! For this is their day--the day of My Servant David--even as I have promised! Hear ye him.
       21. REST NOW, AND TAKE THY REST, for thou shalt rest in the end of thy days and be satisfied. For thou hast been found faithful in all the words that I have spoken unto David. And they that be with thee shall find great grace in My sight. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord! For when I was anhungered, ye fed me, and athirst, ye game me to drink; and naked, ye clothed me; and in prison, ye visited me. Surely thou hast fulfilled all the words I have spoken unto thee. Thou hast been found faithful in all My house. FOR THIS IS THE HOUSE I HAVE SPOKEN OF. Surely these are the children that are called by My Name. Surely these are the brides that have been given unto him--the faithful ones that minister unto him continually--as they minister unto Me! For these be wise virgins, with their lamps full of oil unto Me; and they shall enter in unto Me to delight in My pleasures; for these are they that are chosen and faithful, who delight in My Word and obey it. Hear ye them! For in the volume of the Book was it not written of Me? Did I not speak all of these things unto My Servant David? Has he not fulfilled them? Hast thou not been called his children? (Mt.25:35,36; Mt.25:1-13)
       22. BEHOLD, I HAVE SAID UNTO THEE, THESE THINGS SHALL BE SPOKEN ABROAD OF THEE throughout all the earth, that all men shall know of thee, that thou art My children; for thou art the children of the Lord thy God! Hear ye Him!
       23. FOR BEHOLD, HE SPEAKETH UNTO THE WORDS OF LOVE AND COMFORT THAT HE MAY LIFT UP THY HEART--that He may feed thy soul--that He may encourage thy spirit--that thou may serve Him continually both by day and by night!--For thou art of the Children of David.
       24. THEY SHALL CALL THEE THE CHILDREN OF GOD, thou shalt be called a mighty people and strong, even from this small beginning. Thou shalt sweep across the face of the earth and thou shalt proclaim My Name unto all nations, and then shall the end come!
       25. FOR THOU ART INDEED THEY OF WHOM I SPAKE. THOU ART INDEED THE LAST NATION UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, AND THOU ART INDEED MY KING whom the Lord thy God hath chosen to dwell in--the Lord thy God hath been pleased to dwell in thee! They that put their trust in Him shall never be put to shame. Therefore, I am not ashamed to be called their God, for thou art a chosen people, and thou shalt bring great honour unto My Name. Thou shalt cause many nations to turn unto the Lord thy God!--Even the hearts of their fathers unto thee--and their children that do worship Me, shall drink and be satisfied! (Ps.25:2,20;Heb.11:16)
       26. THEREFORE, LIFT UP THY VOICE AND SING! Praise Me, all ye people! Shout unto God! For, behold, I do a new thing in all the earth, and thou shalt be called the Beloved of the Lord amongst all nations!


       27. PUT DOWN THY PEN! PUT DOWN THY SWORD! For all omnipotence cannot be obtained in thy little circles of ink. Nevertheless, thou shalt rest in the end of thy days, and thou shalt be greatly rewarded and highly honoured amongst all the maidens on the face of the earth, even amongst the queens of David, for the words that I have spoken unto Him. This is thy part. This shall be thy reward. For I shall say unto thee, well done, thou good and faithful handmaiden. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord! For the Lord thy God hath spoken it.--And behold, thou hast recorded it faithfully. Thou art well-pleasing in My sight. For thou art faithful to all My Words I have spoken through My Prophet David. FOR THIS IS HE THAT WAS FOR TO COME--THE PROPHET WHICH I SHALL RAISE UP FROM AMONG THY BRETHREN--thou has heard him! For thou hast received all of his words. Thou hast believed that which I have given--all the words spoken by the Prophet, of David, your King. (See Deut. 18:15-18)
       28. THOU SHALT REST NOW, FOR THOU ART FAITHFUL. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. For I have loved thee with an everlasting love that shall never be taken away from thee. Hear ye him!(Is.26:41)
       29. SLEEP NOW, LITTLE ONE, AND TAKE THY REST, for it shall be done unto thee according to all I have spoken of thee, even unto the Children of Israel,--all the words the Lord thy God gave unto His Children. FOR THIS IS MY MESSENGER WHOM I HAVE SENT BEFORE MY FACE. This is My David. This is My King. Hear ye him!
       30. RECEIVE THOU WINE AT THE MOUTH OF DAVID, even as the fruit of his lips!
       31. PUT UP THY SWORD, PUT UP THY SHIELD. Rest now. It shall be performed according to all I have spoken! Not one word shall fail nor fall unto the ground. For I am the Lord thy God, and true and faithful. Even so shall it be done unto thy Servant David according to all I have spoken, and thou shalt share with him the Kingdom, and sit with him upon thrones judging all the tribes of Israel!

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