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"TO ALL MY CHILDREN--WITH LOVE"--MO       September, 1971       NO.100--DO

       1. INSPIRED BY READING SOME SWEET LITTLE LOVE LETTERS FROM HIS CHILDREN, we began to pray for them, and the Lord began to speak:
       2. SAID I NOT UNTO THEE THAT I SHOULD CAUSE A LITTLE CHILD TO LEAD THEM, and that out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise?
       3. HE HATH RAISED THEM UP AS LITTLE LAMBS TO THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURES, and taken the weak things to confound the mighty, the foolish things to confound the wise, the things that were not as though they are, to bring to naught the things that are. For He hath not revealed these things unto the wise and prudent, but to babes! Except ye be as a little child!... Thou hast sent them forth as sheep amongst wolves. Help them to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Let no one cause any of these little ones to stumble and be offended. Keep them in Thy tender care. Even when their fathers and their mothers forsake them, You've promised to take them up! For as a Father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him. Thank You, Lord that You've said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!" We thank Thee, Lord, for Thy children--all these little ones You've given us.
       4. INDEED THIS IS A CHOSEN GENERATION that I have created unto Me, with pure hearts after My own heart!
       5. HOW SWEET, HOW PRECIOUS, HOW SIMPLE, HOW PLAIN, HOW HUNGRY, HOW FAITHFUL, HOW PURE! Though some come from the gutter, they are pure in Thy sight, for they long for the Truth, they seek the Truth, and receive it!
       6. BEHOLD, HOW THE REAPER HATH OVERTAKEN THE PLOWMAN! Behold how this generation hath overtaken their parents!
       7. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD THAT SCRIPTURE BEFORE! Thank You Lord Jesus, for how You reveal Thy Word to us! It takes Thy Spirit to open our eyes and show us Thy Truth! I used to always think that meant the Millennium! You know, you have to give the church and the parents at least that much credit--that they did plow and sow some. But now these are reaping faster than those who plow!
       8. BEHOLD, THESE LITTLE ONES--HOW THEY LABOUR FOR THEE! Behold, how they love Thee, Jesus! How faithful they are to Thee--more than they've ever seen in their fathers and parents and the older generation! They far surpass them all!
       9. YOU'VE PROMISED TO TURN THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN TO THEIR FATHERS, LORD. We thank Thee for how Thou has turned the hearts of the children!--Now with their immediate fathers, but toward their forefathers, and the faith and courage and religion of their forefathers--the Patriarchs--the founders of the nation! This is another verse I could never understand--how the Lord could turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, and the fathers to the children--but He's turned their hearts toward their real fathers--their fathers in the Lord--their forefathers--the Ancients--the Patriarchs.
       10. THE OTHER DAY THE LORD GAVE US SOMETHING ALONG THIS LINE, WHILE WE WERE SINGING SOME OF THE GOOD OLD BATTLESONGS OF THE CHURCH--those that have stood the test of time and have a real Message to them: Oh that thou shalt be filled with My Spirit, walk and sing and praise Me in the Spirit, as these men did that wrote these songs and followed Me in their day. Thy fathers have gone astray and squandered their spirit and means on that which is not bread--and I have given unto thee their children to come back to Me and live for Me and walk with Me and sing unto Me as these did in time gone by!
       11. HOW IS HE TURNING THE HEARTS OF THE FATHERS TOWARD THE CHILDREN? It must be that the Patriarchs have a special love for this generation! Moses and David are helping us, I know that. It must be those old patriarchs are really flipping out over these kids! "Behold, the multitude of counsellors for David!"--said the Spirit.
       12. --"AND CHILDREN SHALL RULE OVER THEM." It's no wonder, Lord, You couldn't trust anyone else to do it! Lord, bless and keep these little ones, guide and guard, provide and protect. Keep all of these in Thy Hands. We can't even remember them all, but You said You call them by name! They know Thy Voice, and a stranger they will not follow. When they hear the voice of the stranger, they know it is not Thine. We thank Thee for what marvellous spiritual perception You've given these little lambs! They don't understand everything, but they know Thy Voice, and they know the Truth! And when You put them forth, You go before them--to England...to Amsterdam...to the uttermost parts of the earth! Where You guide, You've promised to provide! Help them to trust You and have Faith!
       14. HOW BEAUTIFUL THOU HAST MADE THY CHILDREN! How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of them that bring glad tidings, that publisheth peace: that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth Salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!--All those bare feet--so many bare feet among us--not all bound up in System shoes, but free!--Beautiful and free!--Thank You, Jesus!
       15. LACK OF DESIRE TO FELLOWSHIP IS A VERY DANGEROUS SIGN. "But if we walk in the light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." I Jn 1:7. If we don't have fellowship, we're not walking in the Light, and we have darkness because our deeds are evil.
       16. MUSIC TO ME IS THE MIRACLE OF THIS GENERATION! It is the magic that heals their souls and wounded spirits, and proves our Messiahship--that we are their Saviours!
       17. WHILE DISCUSSING THE MULTITUDES OF POOR FARMERS throughout the United States who are being turned off their lands because of mechanisation, poor prices for farm products, and unemployment, the Lord said: "This nation shall never have peace until they return to the land, and live as I created them to live."
       18. "HOW STRONG ARE THE MIGHTY MEN OF DAVID, and with what valour they fight the battles of the Lord!"
       19. ONE THING THE CHURCH PEOPLE DO THAT IS PRETTY GOOD IS PRAY BEFORE THEY START THE MEETING. The only thing is, they usually don't mean it, and if they regard iniquity in their hearts, the Lord will not hear them. But we can always learn something from the System, and if we know it already, it's well to be reminded! Of course, we're gathered together in Jesus' name whenever we get together for any type of fellowship, but some people need to be reminded constantly that they are gathered in Jesus' name seeking God first, asking for His help. Even if it's just a word--"Jesus, please help us!" In all thy ways acknowledge Him! We're all Christians, we love the Lord--this is our whole life--you mean we have to stop everything and say, "Jesus help us!"? But it reminds you and others and brings a hush to your Spirit. We should be gathered together in the courts of the King! Heaven is watching! We are some of the most important people on the earth right now. If we are gathered together to have a serious conference or leadership meeting, it may affect millions! We're really gathered together with the Lord as the Chairman! And when you come into the presence of the King, you need to bow down to Him and make obeisance!
       20. "THY HAND IS UPON THY MOSES, and Thou shalt lead Thy people out from under the Hand of the bondage of Pharaoh."
       21. GOD HAD TO PERMIT DRUGS TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY TO OPEN THE EYES OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE to the spirit world and the supernatural!--And away from the materialism of their parents!
       23. YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO A SYSTEMITE! If he understood, he wouldn't be a systemite!
       24. I'D RATHER BE DRUNK ON THE SPIRIT, THAN SOBER ON SADNESS! I'd rather be crazy and happy, than sad and sane.--2Cor.11; 1Cor.3:18; 2Cor.12:11; 1Cor.1; 1Cor.4:10.--Hallelujah!

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