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"SCHEDULES"--MO       September, 1971       NO.106--LTA
A Leadership Training Class.

       1. GREETINGS IN JESUS DEAR NAME! THANK YOU FOR YOU INQUIRIES AND SUGGESTIONS regarding proposed schedules. Here are a few tips that might be of help, and enclosed is a little chart full of suggestions. I'm sure you can draw up an even better one yourself. You're supposed to be an improvement on the stock, and you should expect your students to do even better! So give it a try, and discuss it and ask for suggestions.
       2. SCHEDULES ARE ALWAYS ONE OF YOUR MAJOR PROBLEMS! The Lord Himself drew up a weekly schedule for us the very first thing after Creation!--"Six days shalt thou labour, and on the Seventh, thou shalt rest"!--A very good plan for us all!--God made it!--"Let everything be done in decency and in order". But the seven days are not the major problem, but rather, who should work at what jobs, and how many hours of the day should be allotted to work, classes, study, meetings, devotions, meals, sleep, freetime, etc.--as well as witnessing times, which vary according to Colony locations, and also the problem of the special jobs for special shifts of special people which have to be done outside of regular working hours, such as KP, Guard Duty, Phone and Radio Monitoring, Greeting, Nursery, etc.--some of which must be done 24 hours a day in shifts!--Then there's the teaching schedule of the various classes, and who should teach them on what days and at what times.
       3. WHEN WE FOUNDED OUR FIRST LITTLE COLONY OF ABOUT 12, on the shores of this Continent about 20 years ago, consisting of my family of 6 and about half dozen students, we met with the very same problems on the very first day!--So you're not alone. Scheduling was a part of the job from the beginning, and we immediately found that the three main schedules we had to work out right away, even with only dozen people, the minimum size of any Colony, were: First, The Daily Schedule--Hour by hour for everybody--When to get up, when to have devotions, meals, work, classes, meetings, freetime, sleep, etc.
       4. SECOND WAS THE WORK SCHEDULE: This was divided into the number of jobs, the number needed for each job, and the hours they would have to work, including the Special Jobs outside of regular working hours, including KP, Guard Duty, etc., and how to rotate them, so that everyone would be doing his fair share, no more and no less. We started off with volunteers, but soon found out that the willing spirited were always volunteering, whereas the slothful were always willing to loaf!--So we found we had to schedule it to be fair to all, and to give their proper training and experience so necessary for all!
       5. AND THIRDLY, CAME THE TEACHING AND CLASS SCHEDULE: When to have classes, how many hours daily, what days, what classes, and by what teachers, and taken by what students!
       6. LAST, OR FOURTH, BUT FIRST IN IMPORTANCE, WAS THE WITNESSING SCHEDULE, which had to specify what days, what times, where, and who was to lead who, what teams, what buddies, and what areas, etc.
       7. EVERYONE OF THESE SCHEDULES IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and absolutely essential and must be worked out to the nth degree, and down to the last detail, and every single minute for every single person, be they leader, leadership trainee, babe, or brand new disciple. Every moment of time must be budgeted exactly, and every person must get his fair share of both burdens and blessings, so that none shall be overworked, overburdened, or neglected in training, or permitted to waste time or do less than his share!--"And all that believed were together and had all things common...and parted them to all men as every man had need...continuing daily with one accord...and the Lord added to the Church daily!"..."But they had all things common" (shared equally--including work, time, meals, classes, sleep, play, etc!). "And with great power gave the Apostles witness"!..."and great Grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them that lacked...for... distribution was made unto every man according as he had need"!..."From each according to his ability--unto each according to his need!" This covers not only your material possessions and material needs, but also your ability to share the work, along with your need to share the blessings! Praise the Lord? Hallelujah! Some good Scriptures to memorise along these lines are: Acts 1:8; 2Tim.2:15; Psalm 119:11; 2Thes.4:11-12; 3:10, 12; 2Sam.6--especially verses 5, 14, 16, 20-22. God bless you!
       8. THE DAILY SCHEDULE: This will vary somewhat according to your numbers, local situation and needs, witnessing opportunities, disciples being taught, general work of the Colony and its purposes, the weather, time of year, transportation, logistics, personnel, etc.
       9. I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT I KNOW regarding our own personal experiences with schedules, and anything beyond that, I can only counsel and advise you, and you will have to work out your own Salvation with fear and trembling!
       10. BUT WE COULD BEGIN WITH OUR OWN FIRST LITTLE COLONY, and our pitiful little dozen--Me, and Mom and the Kids and a few motley disciples to use as an example, which may help the smallest Colony of you. You don't have to follow this Schedule, but I'm just telling you how we did it then with only a dozen to work with, as follows:
       11. 7:00 A.M.--WAKEUP, Wash, Dress, and Private Devotions--Including CBS News, if you wish!
       12. 7:30 A.M.--BREAKFAST and More Private Devotions, Preparations, Study, Rest, or Freetime.
       13. 8:30 A.M.--UNITED DEVOTIONS--Strictly not more than 1/2 hour of only one prayer, one song, one, Psalm or Scripture, one more song, and a final prayer, each led by a different person, if possible, of your leadership trainees, with a different person in charge each morning, with everybody in the Colony present, absolutely no exceptions. This is to get everybody together in the Spirit to start the day off right!--Which also reminds me that you have to have a Devotional Schedule, usually made out by the week or month, depending on your numbers, rotating the names of those in charge of each morning's Devotion, who are to pick the songs, those to pray, those to sing, and the Scripture to be read.--No preaching, no exhorting, and no long-winded teaching! This just a brief moment of prayer and meditation to get your hearts and bodies together for the day--which means you also need to be sure to call the roll to make sure nobody's still sacked out, or dissembling! You'll be surprised! Keep it short!
       14. 9:00 A.M.--WORK OR CLASSES, depending on your Colony, its personnel, work, situation, the weather, the season, etc. For example, if you are a Babe's Colony, you will have less work, more classes, and more play--maybe even more meals and sleep! Baby the Babes!--With a maximum of 3 to 4 hours labour daily, Monday thru Friday, and a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of classes daily, Monday thru Friday, plus Devotions, and Happy Time (Music, Singing, Dancing, Sharing, Etc.) and any other meetings. However, any meetings about work musts be held during work time, and any meetings about classes, during classtime or during meal time at the Elders's Table, and not during Freetime or Sleeptime ever! That's the Law!
       15. YOU MAY WANT TO, DURING SUMMER, HAVE YOUR WORKTIME IN THE MORNING, when it's still cool, or in the Winter, during the afternoon, when it's warm, or be able to change it at a moment's notice, according to the weather, such as, if it's raining, have inside classes instead, and work later, if it has stopped, or keep on having classes, if it's still raining. If this winds you up with an all day of classes one day, then maybe you could have an all day of work the next, etc. Or if you're supposed to witness that afternoon, and it rains, then have classes, or inside work, depending on the weather, and witness all day the next day, if feasible. The main idea is to get in the required number of hours of work, classes, or witnessing per week, no matter how you have to vary them according to the weather, the season, or location.
       16. 12:00 NOON--SNACK AND REST, FREETIME, STUDY, PRAY, PLAY, or MAKE LOVE, if Mate's handy!
       17. 1:00 P.M.--WORK OR CLASSES again, according to the above suggestions--or WITNESSING some days, in Colonies close to witnessing areas. In our first small Colony, with only a few, and not much manual labour needed, we were able to have classes every morning, and go out witnessing every afternoon to the nearby areas, unless it rained. Then we'd stay home and have more classes. In you Northern Colonies where it's too cold to witness outside in the Winter, and there's nobody out there to witness to, you'll have to find indoor spots, such as your own Club or somebody's else's, college lounges, etc. Every Colony in a cold climate should have its own indoor Club for witnessing in Winter! Every Colony should have its own Club, anyhow, if possible--but go where the kids are, wherever they are, Summer or Winter, especially if they can't come to you. Just please don't freeze your nose or toes or theirs, by trying to witness standing in the snow!
       18. 4:00 P.M.--FREETIME--Absolutely no work, classes, meetings etc., except special duties, such as KP, Guards, Greeting, Monitors, Nursery, etc.! Don't rob the poor!
       19. 5:30 P.M.--DINNER, along with the NATIONAL TV NEWS, plus more FREETIME! Hallelujah! After all, a guy's gotta have some time to go to the bathroom, and sit and think! Amen?
       20. 6:30 P.M.--HAPPY TIME--Sing, Dance, and Play Music, and have a real good time, including sharing your experiences and testimonies, articles, letters, logs, etc.--maybe even pictures, films or tapes, or slides, with everybody participating! Be free! Enjoy! Relax! This is not to be a class, teachathon or preachathon!--And needs a good, tough MC who can keep it moving, keep it alive, keep it interesting, and keep down time hogs! Don't let any of your main preachers, teachers, or leaders hog this time! It might even be dangerous to let them MC it, lest they be tempted with Preacher's Itch! Let it be your meeting, everybody's meeting, everyone's song and dance, with everybody having fun--a relaxation, recreation, and inspiration--not mental perspiration! Probably one of your good musicians would be best to MC it, unless you have a good MC who knows how to keep his mouth shut and help others talk, encouraging especially the reticent, and the usually unheard-from. This is their chance, Your chance! Use it! Enjoy it! But watch out about some of these old rickety buildings!--Don't dance on anything but a concrete floor, or a floor supported by concrete and steel beams, especially not an old termite-eaten floor, or the rhythm of your dancing could cause the whole house to collapse! Use the basement or the yard if you have to but never a weak floor! I was in the U.S. Army Engineers, and we discovered that soldiers marching in lock step across a bridge could create such rhythm as to break it down and destroy the bridge! So think what your dancing and wild leaping in rhythm could do to some of our poor, weak floors! Even only a few people bouncing up and down can create enough tons of pressure as to collapse the average wooden-supported floor! So please don't let delight end in disaster! Check your floor, and if you find out it's not concrete or steel beam supported, then go out in the nice fresh air and dance in the yard or the street, or down the sidewalk, or in the public park. For dance destroy thou not thy Colony house! Just be sure to call the roll for every class, work shift, devotions, or meeting, to make sure nobody's goofin' off, or sacked out!--Or sometimes easier and even more effective have a security guard check all other rooms, quarters, or areas for goofers!--maybe we should call 'em gophers, since they like to burrow don and hide out!
       21. 8:00 P.M.--ANOTHER CLASS or MO LETTER OR BIBLE IN PICTURES, or OTHER PICTURES OR TAPES, FILMS, SPECIAL Guest SPEAKERS, such as visitors from other colonies, etc.--Something fairly enjoyable, relaxing, inspiring, and not requiring too much hard mental effort or physical concentration, or spiritual strain, after a hard day or work, classes, etc.
       22. 9:30 P.M.--LIGHT SNACK and VISITING with each other, and GETTING HOME. To preclude any possibility of any long-winded preachathoners or teachathoners, like me or Joab or Jethro, from hogging all the time and running way over and stealing your freetime, I suggest that somebody ring a bell promptly at 9:30, or flash the lights, as a gentle hint that we stop! If they don't take the hint within exactly five minutes, whoever's in charge of the snack, have your servers invade the meeting and start passing out the food or drinks, in order to interrupt it and bring it to and end. After all, it is snack time and time to quit! If they insist on continuing, even while you're eating, have somebody finally pull the lights switch on 'em at exactly 10:00 p.m., leaving only enough light so that everybody can grope their way out in the dark, even unseen, and let this guy with the Preacher's Itch keep on preaching to himself for the rest of the night if he wants to. You have my personal permission to get up and walk out on him at 10:00 p.m. and go home, no matter what's going on, unless the Lord Himself is speaking, and He cuts it short, let Him finish His prophecy or interpretation, thank Him for it, sing the Lord's Prayer, and depart. Even the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet--and if I don't say this, some of these Windy Willies are gonna keep you up all night, and rob you of not only your Freetime, but also essential sleep!
       23. 10:00 P.M.-FREETIME!--Your own time to visit, relax, read, watch the local news, study, pray, make love, go to bed, and/or play! It's yours! Don't let 'em rob you of it!
       24. 11:00 P.M.--BEDTIME! Sleeptime: All lights out. Bed check! No exceptions but leaders!
       25. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SCHEDULES: SATURDAY--No Work except emergencies!--And only "Ox-in-the-Ditch" emergencies allowed, beside the special rotation and security duties, such as KP, Guards, Monitors, Greeting, Nursery, etc. This is your rest day The good ole Sabbath! Keep it free--symbol of the already Eternal Sabbath Freedom which we've found in Christ. Leaders may write their report, and all others should write letters home, or to friends and loved ones, to witness to them, or encourage their joining or support. You should write a letter every week--at least one, to try to spoil Egypt of its personnel and property! They need your witness, and you need their help to keep the Revolution green and growing! Use it! The day is yours and the Lords's! Enjoy it! Go witnessing in groups or by twos with permission, signing out, always an older disciple with a younger one, or go hiking, riding, swimming, sleeping, fucking, or what have you! Just don't let 'em make you work unless you want to, and it's really an emergency that can't wait--purely voluntary! It's your rest day--God's ordained Rest Day--made for man--not man for it--and you're free! If you go anywhere outside the immediate camp or yard, or off the property, be sure you don't go alone, or without permission or signing out! This is for your own safety. We love you, and don't want to lose you! God bless you!
       26. 12:00 NOON--NO MEALS SATURDAYS TIL NOON, except for those on Special Duty who have to work. They will be served a special breakfast or snack at an earlier hour, according to their work schedule and those in charge. We believe in the Thirty Hour week, six hours a day, five days a week, or work and/or classes, plus others enjoyable things like Devotions, Happy time, Pictures, Light Inspiration, etc. So this means a little time off for the cooks, too. So only breakfast or a light snack at noon during your day off, so you can sleep til then if you want to.
       27. 5:30 P.M.--DINNER and TV NEWS, followed by more Freetime and Happy time, etc.
       28. 6:30 P.M.--HAPPY TIME again!--Singing, Dancing etc. as usual--or Clubtime, if you have one, or Witnessing on Special Occasions, such as at Pop Programs, Festivals, Parks, etc.
       29. 11:00 P.M. OR LATER BEDTIME if necessary, as the Club, Witnessing, or Occasions warrants.
       30. SUNDAY--YOU GET THE MORNING OFF again, unless you have some special witnessing assignment, such as a church, Sunday School, or another city, etc. Otherwise, you can sleep til nearly noon--no breakfast, except for those on
       31. 12:00 NOON--SUNDAY DINNER and get ready to greet visitors or go witnessing somewhere for the afternoon, and perhaps for the night too. Sunday is only a rest day for the churchy people and the world between whom there's not much difference, if any!--For us, it's a good witnessing day usually, unless there's bad weather, in which case we might stay home and witness at our own Club or go to somebody else's Club, or have an afternoon of Classes, study, letter writing, or whatever your leaders decide.
       32. 5:30 P.M.--LIGHT SNACK whether at home or out witnessing--or if you prefer, and are going to spend the day at home, you might have the light snack or breakfast at noon, and have dinner at night, depending on the conditions and where you are and what you're doing. It will be up to your leaders to decide this--but feed you, they will! Hallelujah! If you're at home, you can also watch the TV NEWS again with your meal, God willing.
       33. 6:30 P.M.--VARIOUS ACTIVITIES again depending on your location, opportunities, leadership, possibilities, conditions, needs, etc.--perhaps more witnessing or a Happy Time! In any event, you should try to get home and to bed by 11:00, if possible, because Monday is another work day, and up at 7:00! Hallelujah! Amen?
       34. ANY SPECIAL PLANS or programs for SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS, whether witnessing, or otherwise, will be announced accordingly by your leaders not later than Friday night, if possible, so you'll all know how to plan, God Willing. Weekends are a good time for departing teams to have their farewells, so as not to interrupt the regular daily schedules during the week; either that, or have them farewell at the nightly Happy Time of the night before departure. If you wanna good farewell with everybody present to give you a good sent off, loving and prayer to remember you by, then please try to plan it for the night or weekend when everybody's there and not too busy! God bless you!
       35. REGULAR WORK SCHEDULES: For the Babes, this means only three or four hours, either morning or afternoon, Monday thru Friday only. But for leadership trainees who have completed the Introductory and Basic Courses of at least three months, your daily work schedule on your now new fulltime job or on the job training will probably be at least six hours a day, following the very same Daily Schedule as the Babes or Basics, with the exception that you work both periods, from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4, without classes, during these periods, unless those classes are your work, such as Dan Radio Code Practice etc. Since you are supposedly working hard at your new job all day, you will have only one leadership training class period nightly, from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. following Happy Time, although this 1-and-1/2-hour period may be divided in two 45-minute classes, if your teachers so desire, unless there is a new MO Letter or other special programme, which will then be your class. Your leadership training classes from 8:00 to 9:30 in the evenings Monday thru Fridays will be held separately, of course, from the Babes or Basics, and their nightly class, unless the MO Letter is for all, or the special programme such as visiting guest speaker, movies, etc. are for everybody, in which case you will all gather together for this united programme or class in Colonies in which there are both Basic and Leadership Trainees. Otherwise your Schedule follows exactly the same plan and hours as the Basics.
       36. LEADERS OF VARIOUS REGULAR WORK DETAILS may wish to issue their own work schedules for their own groups of workers, including the planned work and the names of those who are to do it, and these will either be read or given to them at the beginning of their work period, but if you spend too much time discussing it, you won't get the work itself done, so get with it and don't drag your feet, and do it as unto the Lord! Amen!
       37. ALSO, WORKERS AND THOSE IN CHARGE of work details should be sure that your fellow labourers know what time to knock off, and are warned thereof by a bell, whistle, call, honk, shout, or otherwise, so they'll not overwork, or miss their freetime or be late for a meal! This stop-work signal is compulsory and must be obeyed promptly, no matter what you're doing, so as not to disrupt the rest of the schedule, except in the direst of life and death emergencies--and any such emergency overtime must be made up for with an equivalent period of freetime the next day or the next work period, without exception!
       38. ALSO, ANY SUCH EMERGENCY OVERTIME WORK must have the permission of your immediate superior officer, or the officer in charge of that Department, preferably even the Head of the Colony, the Advisor himself, to make sure that it is indeed an unavoidable emergency, and cannot possibly be stopped at that very moment! Each of you, therefore, has the right to walk off his job at the appointed time, and to warn your fellow workers to do so also, is also your responsibility. Any overtime is purely voluntary and cannot be enforced unless agreed to by the workers themselves and departmental or colony Heads, and must always be compensated for with exactly the same amount of freetime during the following regular work period! Any violation of this rule will be penalised, and every worker is obligated and hereby requested to report such violations to a superior officer!--And if he can't get them to do anything about it, or adjust it with equal freetime, next work period, write to me personally! Leaders beware!--Ye know now what hour your lord cometh! Luke 12:42-46. Read it!--Right Now--And observe it daily, Leaders!
       39. ALSO, REMEMBER LEADERS AND ORGANISERS of Work Schedules and appointers of Work Details and Assigners of Jobs, you should study carefully the qualifications, talents, skills, training, education, experience, and personal preferences of your co-labourers in the Lord, and try to give them, not only the kind of work they are best fitted for, but also that which they would prefer and like and choose to do. This information should be found on their original registration card, but if not, find it out yourself, and assign tasks accordingly, with mutual and voluntary agreement between you and your fellow labourers. This is not a dictatorship or a slave or prison or military camp, like those of the System! Although this is the Army of the Lord, and we observe strict discipline, it is voluntary, willing-spirited, and cheerfully given, not forced labour. "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver!"--"As unto the Lord and not unto man!" We are love slaves of Jesus Christ, and we serve one another because we love Him and them, and do it by voluntary choice, for the good of all!--"Freely ye have received,--also freely give!"
       40. SPECIAL WORK SCHEDULES: Such as KP DUTY, GUARD DUTY, GREETER DUTY, RADIO OR TELEPHONE MONITOR, NURSERY, etc. These are the tough ones, some of which require someone on duty 24 hours a day, and which, therefore, must be rotated as special Duty assignments throughout the entire Colony in shifts, every so many days, so that no one will have this duty too often and be overburdened with it.
       41. FOR EXAMPLE, in the smallest Colony, such as our little dozen or two, in our first Colony nearly twenty years ago, with my little family and a few odd disciples in one big house, KP DUTY or Kitchen Police, as it's known in the Army, is one of the first and most necessary for the survival of any man's Army, since as Napoleon said, "Every Army travels on its stomach!"--And the one time that he forgot this, when invading Russia, and let his men get too far away from their supplies, he suffered his greatest defeat, which all but ended his career and his Army!
       42. EVERY ARMY MUST EAT, and they that shall not eat, cannot work!--Even as he that "would not work, neither should he eat"! As long as you eat to live, and not to live to eat, it's one of your very vital and necessary needs which the Lord has acknowledged in many of his promises.
       43. HOWEVER, IF YOU'RE GOING TO EAT, SOMEBODY'S GOT TO PREPARE THE FOOD, cook it serve it, and clean up the mess afterward. For some reason or other, most people seem to have gotten the idea that these are the lowliest and least desirable jobs of all, outside of cleaning the toilets, sweeping the floors, or doing the laundry, to mention a few. But frankly, this was my favourite job while in college! I ran across the campus through the snow at 5:00 every morning, and pitched into peeling potatoes in the basement of the college dining hall, making, I think it was, thirty-five cents an hour at it--so the longer it took, the more money I made, except we had to get it done by meal time. Even when they put in the new automatic potato peeling machine, we were not relieved of the joy of cutting out those cute little potato eyes with a special knife by hand! Only one day, we forgot and left the potatoes in it too long while having a nice cheery gab fest with the basement boys, and when we finally remembered the peeler, the potatoes were almost gone, and we nearly got peeled!
       44. EVEN IN THE ARMY, I looked forward to KP DUTY as a welcome, peaceful, pursuit and relief from more violent and arduous duties of warfare. You could just sit there eyeing those cute little spuds all day, while they rolled their eyes at you in such friendly fashion, and be at peace with God and man and everybody but the Mess Sergeant! And there was always food handy whenever you were hungry--you could even pop one of those cute little potatoes into your mouth when you had a yen for its fresh, raw, crisp, refreshing, delicious, thirstquenching coolness!--And don't tell me that's not Scriptural, because the Bible says, "Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn"!--And this exhortation appears three whole times!--Deut.25:4; 1Cor.9:9; 1Tim.5:18--Referring to the natural inclination of the oxen who were used to thresh the grain to bend down and scoop up a little of the grain for their own chewing, as part of their reward for the job! But now don't carry this too far, Boys, and eat so much there won't be enough left for the rest of us! We don't want any gluttons in the kitchen--but at least that's one place you can be sure of getting enough to eat! Every job has its compensations!
       45. AND WHEN IT WAS FREEZING COLD AND SNOWING OUTSIDE, instead of having to stand or march out there in it, or lie in that freezing mud or snow with a big pack on my back and a gun in my hand, and my face in the mud, and my nose and toes frozen, it was such a pleasant change to stand in that nice warm clean kitchen over a good hot sink, keeping my hands nice and warm, making those dishes and silver sparkle for the next meal, chatting pleasantly all the while with my compatible kitchen comrades--a really soft job! I don't know why some guys didn't like it--I preferred it any day--except the day I tangled with the Mess Sergeant over that delightful little task of setting up the tables! I insisted that my Mother had taught me to put the fork on the left and the knife and spoon on the right, but he said, "No, it was the other way around". But I said my way was the right way, and his way was the wrong way--whereupon he stuck his big ugly mug in my face, and with his massive fist under my chin, he said, "Listen Buddy!--Here there ain't no right way or wrong way, but there's just this here Army way, and you'll do it our way!"
       46. AND THEN THERE WAS THAT NICE WARN FURNACE DUTY, shovelling coal all day into the giant maw and red belly of that big basement monster, making it nice and hot for the officers upstairs! I could snuggle up to that big friendly fellow and read most of the day long, as long as I kept her goin' good, while the other guys were sloggin' around in the cold and rain and mud outdoors! That's one of the best duties I ever had in the Army, all alone with the Lord and my big hot monster!
       47. OF COURSE, THERE WAS ONE KITCHEN DUTY I THOUGHT I WAS NEVER GONNA FINNISH in that Officers' Mess!--I must've cleaned ten thousand shrimp that day, so that I've hardly ever been able to look a shrimp in the face since, I had a sink full of 'em, and a belly full, too--only you couldn't eat 'em raw like that--all you could do was keep cleanin' 'em--But even at that, I had a feeling of great accomplishment when I was through, with a job well done, and a whole mess hall full of officers made happy!
       48. SO YOU GUYS WHO DON'T WANT KP JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING, do they, Boys!--Especially when you get to work side by side with some of those pretty girls!--And get to eat early, before everybody else!--When everything's nice and hot and fresh and plenty of it--Ah, KP!--What a delightful duty! How pleasant are thy memories!
       49. THE ONLY THING UNPLEASANT ABOUT KP was trying to figure out the schedule in order to make sure that everybody was made happy by getting to share at least a little of it, and so no one would be offended by getting left out!--Ha!--Because, don't forget, you get let off your regular job every day you're on special duty. I got gigged so bad in the Army, I was in there a week--and loved it! And was only sorry to have to leave it, and go back to the firing line and that damn gun that nearly kicked the tar outta me! But then they moved me to the supply room where you could also sit by a nice warm stove all day, and all you had to do was pass out boots and shovels and clothes! Use it!
       50. WE SOON FOUND OUT THAT THE SIMPLEST WAY of figuring out these Special Rotating Duty Schedules was to take the total number of people you had available for the job, and divide it by the number you need each day for that job, and this will give you how often each group of workers for the day will have to take that duty. It's just that easy! For example, in our first small Colony of a dozen, we only had three cooks, so each one was assigned a different meal each day, so each one only had to cook once a day. Then we only had about six people who were available as cook's helpers and servers, and another six available for cleanup. So two of each of the first six were assigned to each meal each day, so that each two only had to help and serve at one meal a day, and each two of the other six only had to clean up one meal a day.
       51. WHEN WE HAD A LARGER COLONY OF 24, it still didn't take any more workers for kitchen Duty, so everybody only had to serve once every other day at once or the other job. In fact, many hands make light work, and the more you have in your Colony, the fewer it takes proportionately to get the jobs done. For example, in Dallas, I understand you have about 84 people in two or three houses available for two types of duty--Special Duty--each duty requiring about six people, and duties which need to be rotated throughout the whole group of 84, such as KP and Guard Duty. This means you have a total of 12 men needed for these two jobs every day, so you divide 84 by 12, and find out it comes out to a handy 7 day rotation period--so that each of these 12 only has to pull either KP or Guard Duty once every week. In other words, for each man this means KP Duty only once every first and third weeks, or every two weeks, and Guard Duty only once every third and fourth weeks, every two weeks, a very pleasant, convenient, and only occasional variation of his regular daily duties, a weekly one-day vacation from his regular, five day a week job, unless he gets it on the weekend, which could only happen once in every seven weeks if rotated through the whole group as it should be. (To be specific, Joab, you need a total of six guards daily at each of three places--Free-House, Pink House, and Gad Shop, during the hours when these are deserted--and you need six KP's daily--three Cook's helpers and servers, and three cleanup men, for only one meal, Dinner. Snacks are served on the job by anybody, and the two Free House Guards of the day can act as cook's helpers, servers, and clean up men for breakfast there in the morning, since all they have to do is sit around all the rest of the day on Guard Duty. Get it? Each works a total of about 6 hours daily, like everybody else, only at different times.)
       52. BUT WHAT IF YOU ONLY HAD 72 PEOPLE AVAILABLE for these Special Duties on a rotation basis out of your total of over a hundred in those two houses? How would you do it then, when you still need 12 people a day for the same jobs? That's easy! You just divide 72 by 12, and you get 6 which means each of the 72 gets either Guard or KP Duty every six days! So what you do is divide up your roster into two teams of 6 each day for six days, so that they know if they're on KP for today, next week they'll be on Guard Duty one day earlier; and the following week on KP again another day earlier, as you can see by the enclosed chart. You can make these angle lines through the days of the calendar to make it simple.
       53. IF YOU HAD 96 PEOPLE AVAILABLE for these 12 man a day duties, each team of 12 would be on their Special Duty every eighth day--so angling your line through the calendar from top to bottom in the opposite direction, each man will find he's on one or the other duty one day later every week, etc. It's quite a science! In fact, if you had 50 people available for only five daily jobs, you divide 50 by 5, and you find that each team of five only has to work at their jobs every tenth day of the month, such as tenth, twentieth and thirtieth, or eleventh, twenty-first, and thirty-first, etc. See?
       54. BUT, YOU SAY, I'VE ONLY GOT 48 PEOPLE AVAILABLE for that five-man team each day. OK, just divide 48 by five and you get each man doing that Special extra duty only once every 9 days, with three left over who can have their ninth day off for regular duty--but you'll catch them next time around, and give three others the next ninth day off, etc. In other words, each team of 5 will get every ninth day off!! Isn't that easy? It's beautiful--It's so simple and mathematical!
       55. NOW ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SIT DOWN WITH YOUR WORK COMMITTEE, composed of the two or three top Departmental Heads of the particular Department involved, and decide on which teams of five or six or twelve or whatever are most compatible with each other, can work best together, and most qualified for the job, just like that! It should only take you about a week to figure this out--and in the meantime, the usual willing few will have killed them selves off trying to do everybody's job, if you don't hurry! So get with it!
       56. PRAISE THE LORD! Isn't that great? Now, TSC, with about 240 people and about six Special Duty jobs that have to be rotated--KP, Greeting, Guards, Communications, Nursery, and Toddlers--some 24 hours a day in 4 six-hours shifts of 3 or 4 each--one needing only one shift of about 18, and some with only two or three shifts of only 2 to 4 to a shift.--Just add 'em all up, and you'll find you've got about 80 people needed daily, for these Special Duties in about 6 different jobs and about 19 different shifts, so you'll have to rotate 'em through the whole bunch of 240 about every three days, or twice a week, if you limit them only to one 6-hour shift per person per day, which really spreads it out and equalises it amongst all, especially since they're taken off of their regular six-hour job for that day of special duty, if we're really gonna be fair. Which means they'll be working two days out of three on Regular Duty, and one day on some oddly-timed Special Duty! Not bad!--And really very fair and equitable! Try it!--Instead of having some people only working a few hours a day daily at the same job every day, while others are killing themselves off working 10, 12, 18 or even 24 hours a day at some zaney duty that's ready to drive 'em crazy, you'll have everybody working their fair share of 6 hours every day, mostly at a regular daily job five days a week, or during the five day week period, while working only a couple times a week at a variety of other jobs for which they are capable, and for only six hours each day on those days also, even though odd hours. Variety is the spice of life, and some of these poor guys could stand a little variety, and spend a little more time with their wives, and stop this mass exodus of wives from our Colonies! Well, actually, we've only lost two or three so far, but I'm trying to stop it before it becomes a landslide, because of the way some of you have been overworking their husbands! I can hardly blame some of these women for wanting to quit a husband who's never home, and wanting to move to some other Colony, with or without him, or backsliding altogether! So God help us to start equalising the work load and spreading it out so everybody will have their fair share of every kind of duty, pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad, easy or hard! Jesus said, "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light! Come unto Me, all ye that are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest!" If someone is overburdened and distraught, it's not Jesus that's doing it!--It may be You!
       57. TEACHER AND CLASS SCHEDULES: These are about the easiest to figure out, and depend on the number of class days and number of class hours per day and number of teachers available. But what with teaching about seven major categories of subjects in general with five class days and three or four hours a day, even with only two or three teachers in a small Colony, this is possible.
       58. OUR PRINCIPAL TYPES OF SUBJECTS, although they have a variety of titles, fall actually into these seven categories: Bible, Acts, Prophecy (These are the heaviest three, and require at least three classes a week, like Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays). Then John and Witnessing ands Cults, each of which should have at least two classes weekly, like Tuesdays and Thursdays. This gives you, in the Basic course, three subjects daily five days a week, covering a total of six subjects, plus Memory work which does not need a special class--only a special test once a week, written on their honour, or in your presence, maybe sometime on the weekend.
       59. FOR THIS BASIC COURSE of six major teaching subjects using class time, if you have plenty of teachers you can use one for each subject. If not, and you are a very small Colony of one or two dozen, and there aren't that many good teachers available, you can do like we did in our first tiny Colony of only a dozen, in which there were only two qualified teachers, me and Mom! So I taught Bible, Acts and Prophecy, and she taught all the rest, until our first three months' Basic Course was completed and we had about six graduates, three of whom we sent to the mission field, while we kept the other three to turn right around and teach these very same courses they had just finished to the next incoming Babes or Basic class! How's that for teaching others to teach others! As the old Methodist did when asked if he believed in backsliding, and he said, "We sure do--and we practice it too!" If we're gonna practice what we preach, we should be able to trust these babes of this three months' term to turn right around and teach the babes of the next incoming class the very same subjects they've just learned, while fresh in their minds, Bibles and notebooks! That's how this Revolution was built. And that's why it's such an explosion!
       60. WHY, IF ONLY TWO PEOPLE WOULD WIN ONLY TWO SOULS A YEAR EACH, and teach each of these to do the same, and teach their converts to do the same also, etc., etc., etc., you could win the world's a total population of three billion in only sixteen years! Some of these millions of churchy Christians must have been falling down on the job, as it's been nearly two thousand years since Jesus was here, and the world is not won yet!
       61. BUT BE YE NOT LIKE UNTO THEM, but be ye rather like Jesus and the Early disciplines who "the things that thou has heard of Me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." (2Tim.2:2.) At that rate, with two people teaching twelve new ones every three months, or let's make it even easier, two teaching ten new ones every three months, and those five couples each teaching ten more the next three months.--In other words, each little Colony of a dozen sending out five couples every three months to start five new Colonies of a dozen each, and what would we have!--
       62. BUT WE ALREADY HAVE NEARLY TWO THOUSAND DISCIPLES and potential teachers!--Whadda ya say we start with these at the beginning of this next quarter, October 1, 1971! Let's graduate everybody from the Basic Course, including all the Babes, and send each two of them out to find ten more disciplines to teach for the next three months. That would be theoretically about 1000 couples, or pairs, each pair making and training ten more disciplines this next quarter, which should be easy for our expert harvesters, here where the fruit is so ripe amongst disillusioned youth, that they're almost falling off the vines into our laps!--And that's what Mom and I did to begin with, and what some of you are doing right now! Why couldn't we all do it this coming quarter!
       63. BY JANUARY 1ST THERE WOULD BE 10,000 CHILDREN OF GOD! By April 1st of 1972, there would 50,000! By mid 1972 there would be a quarter of a million and by next Oct.1, there would be one and a quarter million--And by the end of next year, there would be over six million Children of God thru out the world ready to teach another 30 million!--Who could teach 156 million the first quarter of '73, 781 million by mid-73, but these would have to quit by Sept., because there wouldn't be any more people to win!--As the total would be over 3 billion! This just shows what we could do if we'd all obey! Go! Go!

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