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"PERSONAL REPLIES"--MO       September 1971       LTA No.107


My Dear Children:
       1. WE WERE VERY PLEASED WITH YOUR RESPONSE TO "PERSONAL NOTES AND ANSWERS," and were glad that they were a help to you. We always like to know what kind of reaction our letters bring, and it helps us to know how to better write you in the future. Several of you not only expressed your thankfulness for the personal letters, but told us why: Uriah told us: "THE MO Personal Answer Letters are cool. They bring a spiritual unity between the leaders, and interesting to find out what others are up to and what leadership thinks about it. It's like being in one of those big informal LT classes under the stars at TSC.--A real blessing." Belt said they "really helped us to see how a lot of the other brothers and sisters feel and it sure made us appreciate and pray for them a lot more, knowing that we are all labouring together, and really drew us closer to all of them. They made us pray for you, too, MO, as we can see the burden you're carrying. Please keep writing! We love you and thank you for personally answering our letter."
       2. Vashti wrote: "Personal Answers" were such an encouragement. MO, that Letter came just when I needed it to encourage me. Sometimes the Devil tries to get me down, but the Lord is always faithful to send a little word along to lift us up. You don't know how much that meant to me. We're becoming so big, that sometimes it's hard to believe that our loved ones are still thinking about us, even though we haven't heard or seen them in a long time. May the Lord help us to be more believing!"
       3. WE THOUGHT YOU'D BE INTERESTED IN SHARING WITH US SOME OF THESE COMMENTS from your Brothers and Sisters, which we hope encourage you as they do us. Though we may not always be able to answer each of you every time, we do read all of your communications, pray over your questions, answer them if we can, and if not, direct them to someone at HQ who can--if it's something practical or material, or a matter than can be taken care of by the Bishops.--But always, whatever it is, we put it in the hands of Heavenly HQ, to take care of as only He can! We rejoice with those of you who rejoice, and weep with you who weep, for your burdens are ours, as we are all one in Christ Jesus!
       4. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR RECENT LETTERS AND REPORTS, as well as the wonderful newspaper articles you've sent us from all over, from Toronto, Detroit, Dallas, Ft. Worth--the many thrilling articles from London, and all the others you've been so faithful to send. We received also the copy of the last prayer letter and were very happy with it--I understand David H., that you are working on some tracts at present. God bless you--We like your work and are eager to see what you can come up with next, Praise the Lord!


       5. Thanks, Joab, for your recent tape. WE'RE ATTEMPTING TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS REGARDING THE DALLAS SCHEDULE IN A RATHER LENGTHY LETTER ON "SCHEDULES" which is long overdue and which I hope will help many of our Colonies in tackling this problem, which is one of the first they will meet in pioneering a new situation--as you well know.
       6. I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MISUNDERSTOOD that when I suggested that the Babes should have a minimum of at least three or four hours of classes per weekday, that you thought this also applied to LT Trainees, However, as you can see by the suggested schedules for both in the accompanying letter on "Schedules," this 3 or 4 hours of classes per weekday rule applies only to Babes, and not to LT Trainees who are working a usual six hours per day as part of their training instead of the Babe's usual three hours of daily work. We certainly cannot expect these LT Trainees to be burdened with both six hours of work and 4 hours of classes daily! Please correct and remedy this situation immediately if it exists anywhere in any of our Colonies!
       7. YOU AND ANY OTHERS SHOULD BE VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT USING ANY SUPPOSED WORD FROM ME as authority for your actions, unless you have it directly from me in writing! This is why we spent 54 hours analysing and figuring and writing all of you in detail what we felt was God's Will as a general outline and suggestion for all your schedules, so that there will be no further misunderstanding on any of these points. You now have my whole feeling in the matter. We did fail to tell you, however, Joab, that if your Gad Shop wants to work in two shifts daily, as they suggested themselves, they could follow exactly the same suggested daily Schedule as all the rest of your Colony, except that their night shift would work (after three hours of free-time between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m., when they could sleep if they wished), they could work then their six hours from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.; then have breakfast and Devotions with all the others, and sleep from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the quiet Free House, with only the two guards there to protect their slumbers. I would only accept volunteers for this night shift, and except for any who may wish to remain on it, you might rotate the others weekly or biweekly, or some such, as they themselves choose.
       8. As you'll note, I'VE ALWAYS BEEN STRICTLY FOR VOLUNTEERS. Our whole Work is built on this concept. We have no forced labour enslavery!--Only willing and cheerfully given volunteer labour!--"The love of Christ constraineth me!" (2Cor.5:14) We all work together out of love for Him and each other, in loving and voluntary cooperation. Some of you military men who were in the Service, like myself, must remember that this is the Lord's Army of volunteers--not a military dictatorship!--And let's keep it that way! Amen?
       9. As you can see by the suggested "Schedules," I AM ALSO OPPOSED TO LONG TIRESOME SESSIONS, IF THEY CAN POSSIBLY BE AVOIDED--and they should be avoided, by all means! The longer the spoke, the greater the tire, reserved only for big wheels! Do you get it? I have kicked myself many times, and even wept afterward for keeping the poor kids up so late in some long night session that they were literally exhausted! But if you will remember, I always permitted those who couldn't keep their eyes open any longer to go to sleep until they could, and always gave them a half-day, or all day, off the following day. So I suggest that if you ever keep those kids up half the night again in another six hour session that you be sure that you let them all sleep until noon the next day, at least! However, there are those whose duties--emergency duties--special duties--business appointments, procuring, etc.--prohibit them for sleeping in, in the morning. So what are you going to do about them? You would either have to excuse them from all meetings, classes, etc., the following night and give them the entire evening off, or better yet--JUST DON'T HAVE ANY MORE OF THOSE LONG SESSIONS!--PERIOD! Tomorrow brings another day, God willing, And you can sock it to them again tomorrow night! Hallelujah!


       10. SPEAKING OF VOLUNTEERS, if you have a big enough sledgehammer, you can pound a square peg into a round hole, but you may lose part of the peg or ruin it entirely. Which means, that by the time people start speaking out against their job or leadership, they are already pretty fed up and probably need or want a change--so why not give it to them! Let's please stop this trying to over persuade or force people into jobs they don't like, don't want, under leaders they can't get along with, and where they will only cause trouble, when a little manpower trade might help relieve the situation. We have already discovered that a number of our backsliders who absolutely washed out in certain Colonies under certain leadership came back soon to other Colonies, under other leaders, and did just beautifully, and are still with us and the Lord's Work! Maybe it's not their fault, but yours, or the situation, that is to blame. A little heart-to-heart chat giving them a personal chance to express their opinions and make suggestions about what they would like to do, where they would like to work, and under whom, might solve the whole situation! It would certainly be better to pray for a good replacement than insist on keeping a troublemaker!
       11. THE SAME GOES FOR SOME OF OUR BACKSLIDERS--some of those who want to go back to the Pit: If a little, loving patient prayerful persuasion and Scriptural admonition of not more than an hour won't dissuade them, for God's sake, let them go! They'll have to learn the hard way! Experience is the best teacher, but the hardest one--but if that's what they need, let 'em have it. I don't think I ever dealt with a potential backslider for more than a few minutes, except for a few rare cases by special revelation!--As soon as I had talked to them long enough to find out that they really wanted to go back, I helped them to leave as quickly as possible, without talking to anyone else, or one bad apple can rot a good many others!--as occurred recently when a number of top leaders wasted several days and nights of time trying to persuade someone to stay, all to no avail--and in the meantime she rotted several others, who soon followed her! My God, get them out of the Colony as soon as possible! Help them! Do all you can for them! Take them to the bus, help them phone for money for their fare, or whatever is necessary to keep them from raising a stink, both in the Colony or even the community! This way you will at least part friends, instead of enemies!--And this way has had good results: some have come back and apologised, knowing we loved them! The other way made enemies! Just remember, that when people start talking about going back, they have already been thinking about it for a long time, and by the time they have started talking, it is already too late! They have already made up their minds in their own hearts to go back!--And the longer you let them stay in the Colony, the more they will poison others with the same disease, like a traitor in the camp! This is why Jesus said, "He that having put his hand to the plow and looking back, is not worthy of Me!" (Lu.9:62) Let 'em go!--Sweetly!
       12. Which reminds me, how come the provisioners in your Colony have to do their own ironing--and why can't we use some of our few older people, like Mrs. I. as provisioners?--Or at least in some kind of public relations, such as a receptionist, telephone answerer, or Greeter at our International or Colony Office?


       13. I'VE ALREADY WARNED YOU ABOUT DANCING ON THE WEAK FLOORS OF SOME OF OUR OLD HOUSES. Don't do it: it could bring the whole house down on your heads! The same goes for knocking out partitions in some of these old houses. It could bring the whole house down. Better get a builder who knows what he's doing before you go to work with a hammer and a pry bar. You don't want to have happen to our children what happened to Job's--Chapt.1:18,19. And the same goes for ripping out old plumbing or old wiring. Don't do it unless you know what you're doing, and you have an expert on the job. This also includes overloading old wiring, or you may burn down the house. And overloading old drainage, toilets, sinks, septic tanks, cesspools, or even clogged sewers, could cause a monumental disaster, such as flooding your neighbour's basement with your shit--bad public relations! Some of our girls still don't know enough not to toss Kotex into the toilet and try to flush 'em down--or they try to use a wad of tissue as big as a Kotex--enough to plug up anybody's drains. This is not funny: it could cost you a fortune, and waste a lot of your own time, to say the least! Most of the old houses and plumbing we now use are already overloaded, and having a hard enough time absorbing about 50 shits a day without some girl breaking the camel's ass with her Kotex! Offenders take heed! Have a heart! Use the wastebasket for Kotexes, extra tissues, Kleenexes, and gum wrappers!
       14. ALSO, WATCH OUT ABOUT LIVING IN A HOUSE WHERE THE OWNER HAS EVERY ROOM BUGGED with an intercom, better known as a Spy Box, so that he can hear every whisper, anywhere in the house. [DELETED] Only the deaf and dumb should live in such a house. [DELETED]


       15. AND HOW COME YOU HAVE TO TRANSPORT YOUR PERSONNEL AROUND IN TRUCKS WHEN WE'VE GOT ALL THESE BUSES? You don't have to have a Prophet Bus and all its paraphernalia just to move people. Aren't any of those busses functional yet? Get 'em rolling! I don't like treating kids like cattle--and you might even be breaking the law! Get a bus! And incidentally, you'd better be sure your mechanics and drivers understand buses and trucks! They're entirely different from cars, and need a completely different kind of expert attention in repairing and driving. For example, not so long ago someone failed to tighten the lugs on the dual wheels of one of our buses sufficiently with extreme pressure, usually obtained only by using a piece of pipe on the end of the lug wrench, and we nearly lost a wheel--could have lost the vehicle, and could have lost some lives if it hadn't been for the Lord! On one bus, those dual wheels had shorn off all but three of twelve lugs before it was miraculously discovered. We lost two lugs on the Ark the same way. I never forgot that lesson, and it cost a big job to get 'em replaced--much more than a little extra pressure would have cost when tightening the lugs on these big heavy vehicles!
       16. TIRE PRESSURE ON LARGE HEAVY VEHICLES IS ALSO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than on an ordinary automobile and should never be under fifty pounds, and sometimes, for some vehicles and some tires, the manufacturer recommends even higher pressure! Find out what it's supposed to be, and check your tires daily, or you may lose one and have a disaster! This goes for driving, too. With big vehicles you not only have to watch your size in close quarter traffic, so that you don't sideswipe or cut in on somebody or run over somebody's toes standing on the corner, or sheer off the top on a low underpass, but you also have to plan ahead, at least a block or two ahead, watching those lights, cause you can't stop on a dime. I know! I was a truck driver for two years! Be patient. Go slow!


       17. SPEAKING OF BACKSLIDERS, I THINK WE NEED TO CONDUCT SOME KIND OF AN ANALYSIS OF ALL OF OUR SAME, IF WE JUST COULD GET AHOLD OF THE STATISTICS ON THEM: their own personal vital statistics, such as background, place of joining, training, under what leaders, who was their recruiter, under what conditions did they go back, from what Colonies, under what leadership, and for what reasons, or excuses. We may discover some pattern of personality or environmental conditions to avoid to help prevent more backsliding. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Most of you have been describing the few cases that we do have in your Shepherd's Reports, and trying to explain them, which we appreciate--but I'd like to see some overall statistics on the situation to see if there is some consistent pattern behind it all that we can avoid in the future. Could someone make out a specific one page questionnaire covering all these points send out a small batch to each Colony for their reports on all backsliders, including past, present, and future, to be returned immediately to the international Office for analysis?


       18. IT MIGHT BE WELL FOR US TO GET OUT A GOOD CLASS ON PERSONALITY TRAITS OF THOSE BORN UNDER THE VARIOUS ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS, so we could understand them better, according to their birth dates.--BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! There goes another bunch of bottles!--But I can prove to you from the Bible that God has ordained the stars and the planets to control and influence our lives and at least our personalities, if not actual events! I'm not much for this daily forecast business, but you can certainly determine pretty much what a person is going to be like by the month they were born in, believe it or not. Genesis 1:14. Read it! God made the stars and planets primarily "for signs, and for seasons (not just Summer and Winter seasons, either!), and for days, and years!" ... as well as "for lights." "Art thou acquainted with the sweet influences of Pleides?"--one of the constellations of stars; "or canst thou guide Arcturus with his suns?" (You'll find these in Job, one of the oldest, wisest books in the Bible!) And did you know that "the stars in their courses fought against Sisera"? Eccl.3:1-8 explains that God has set a time for everything. "There shall come a star out of Jacob!"--Why was this expression used in reference to Jesus! Even the proper reading of a star led the wise men to His birthplace, and Luke says that in the Last Days, "there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars" of the end of things, and the Coming of the Lord! "We have seen His Star!"--Mat.2:2-10. And Jesus Himself is the Bright and Morning Star!--Rev.22:16.
       19. "LET NOW THE ASTROLOGERS, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up and save thee!"--These couldn't save them, but they often predicted what was going to happen. The mistake which the ancients often made, and which the Bible condemned, was their worship of the stars, and their worship of Astrology and Astrologers, and their following of them more than God--their habit of worshipping the Creation more than the Creator. We can admire God's glorious Creation, and we can wonder at its marvels--even the way the stars influence our lives according to His Will, even the way He uses the stars to influence us, a part of His great machinery for controlling the universe and you, but we are not to worship them or heed those who have the knowledge of these things more than we do the Prophets of God!
       20. I'M SURE THAT SOME OF THOSE STRANGE FORMATIONS OR CREATIONS OF GOD WHICH I SAW in Space City--I hesitate to call them mechanisms, they were so Heavenly!--I had the feeling that they were being used by the Lord somehow to influence, control, or otherwise govern either the operation of the City, its miraculous lighting, atmosphere, power, or was even a part of God's Central Control for the whole universe, including earth, and you and me! Maybe that's His control Center for the stars and their influence upon us! After all, He does say in that very first chapter in Genesis that He made them in the beginning for a lot more than light! If not, then you tell me what signs and seasons, days and years He's talking about--which they obviously show and control!
       21. OF COURSE, ANYONE FULL OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND IN DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH THE CREATOR CAN DO TEN TIMES BETTER than those who try to find out His purposes merely by reading His Creation, as Daniel 1:20 makes very clear. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the stars were not created for this purpose and their secrets to be read at least to some extent by those who understand them! Of one thing I am convinced: they certainly do influence the character and personalities and psychological traits of those born on certain dates, as you can easily attest from reading the simplest pamphlets on the character analysis of those born under certain astrological signs! If you wanna know me better, just read what they have to say about Aquarians! I'm a dead ringer for all the dope in that chapter--and if you wanna know one reason why we are making such phenomenal progress in our present world-wide Revolution of the Spirit, just remember that this is the Age of Aquarius and Aquarians, like me--the decade in which we were divinely ordained to fulfill our mission for God and God's Children! You can't deny it!
       22. READ YOUR OWN DESCRIPTION OF THOSE BORN UNDER YOUR ASTROLOGICAL SIGN, and see if it doesn't fit you and others that you know that are of that sign! I have tried it for years, and these astrologically guided descriptions seldom fail and are usually correct and accurate to the nth degree! It's amazing--and makes you praise God all the more for His wonderful Creation and how He runs it! Why not? If He didn't apportion personality characteristics like the balance in His Creation and other of its miracles by some scientific means, or spiritual means, if you prefer, such as the influence of the stars and the various Signs under which we were born, then we might have all wound up like a bunch of robots, exactly the same, like some kind of identical assembly line productions! But in order to vary the kinds and types of people that he wanted living on earth, and to properly proportion their personalities throughout all the varied hues of the spectrum of characteristics of the human race, as well as perhaps even the guidance of animal and vegetable creatures and their distribution and balance, why couldn't God use a very scientific system of control and apportionment and distribution and ordination and foreordination by means of some instrumentalities of His own Creation, such as the Stars!
       23. I CHALLENGE YOU TO READ ANY TRULY RELIABLE AND SCIENTIFIC BOOKLET ON ASTROLOGY and its description of the personalities of your various friends and loved ones and even enemies that you know, and see if it does not accurately describe their very own characteristics according to the very astrological sign under which they were born! There is too much truth in these BASIC ASTROLOGICAL CHARACTER readings to deny their accuracy! The only thing is, which even some CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGISTS that I have known to confess, like Jeane Dixon, that God can overrule His own machinery when necessary and change you and any of your bad traits by the superior power of His Spirit, and even strengthen the good ones which He has already apportioned to you in His infinite Wisdom by His Stars! It's all His Creation, and you're His, so why not?
       24. I HAVE RECOMMENDED ONE PARTICULAR LITTLE VOLUME, WHICH I HAVE USED FOR YEARS, amongst others, in searching out the basic personality characteristics of different people, including you, to see what I could expect and what we could possibly improve, or even hope to change by the Spirit of God in contradiction to these natural characteristics originally bestowed upon you by His stars. The name of this little fifty cent pocket book paperback is ZODIAC STAR GUIDE to Your Relations with Others, published by Zodiac International, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, and I would recommend it to all of you leaders if you want to know a little something about your co-workers and problem cases and why they're like they are, and what to expect from them, and what you can hope to change, and what you'll have to ask the Lord to change! You can buy it on any bookstand.
       25. SO YOU DIDN'T KNOW I WAS AN ASTROLOGIST?--WELL, I'M NOT. I don't go for all this detailed, daily Horoscope stuff! I believe that's stretching it a little too far! But who knows? Some of you former astrologers might be able to convince me, if you can prove it, but I can certainly prove to you that the stars do affect our lives and personalities and characteristics by both the Bible and my little Star Guide and your own personality! So hop to, down to your nearest paperback rack and see if you can find one, and try it on yourself and your mate and your co-workers and see if it doesn't fit! You may be astonishingly surprised! I once aimed at being an astronomer, and almost wound up an astrologer instead! But I know of a number of outstanding Christians in whom I have confidence who do believe at least to some extent in the influence of God's stars upon our lives, including some good true Prophets of God--Jeane Dixon may be one of these! Don't knock her, as I've found some of you doing! I even wrote a tract on her once showing her prophecies were true, but became so concerned about her personal misinterpretation of one of them, that I went all the way to Washington to try to see her, and warn her of its meaning. She was in New York, but I talked to her secretary, and sent Jeane a "Warning Tract" with a Warning note. And prayed! Her latest book confesses the Truth!--Hallelujah!


       26. I'm glad to hear that Cornelius is doing such a good job in the Gad Shop, but considering his background and experience in the field of security and public relations, I wonder if his talents couldn't be better used in that very needy field. It seems he could be in charge of security and/or greeting for one of the major Colonies, such as Dallas or TSC or perhaps even over all the Colonies! I've just finished reading his CLASS ON SECURITY AND RELATIONS WITH THE POLICE, AND I THINK IT'S GOOD, very needed, and SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN ALL COLONIES, and I've been thinking if it might not be well to send him around for perhaps a week's visit at each Colony to teach what he knows on the subject in person, and meanwhile check out each Colony's security set up, and advise  and counsel with each of them on the same. I know that our printing and the literature is extremely important and one of our most important ministries, but couldn't somebody else run that press, and set Cornelius free to survey and overhaul our entire continent-wide security situation, which is very neglected, and on which some Colonies have been rather lax.
       27. FOR EXAMPLE, WE HAVE MENTIONED BEFORE SOME OF THE FOOLISH STATEMENTS THAT SOME OF OUR KIDS HAVE MADE TO THE PRESS, and some of our leaders have even given their full [EDITED: "particulars"] to the Press on several occasions--and this is a ridiculous breach of security! Someone who knows something about security, public relations, and relationship with authorities, should be overseeing this and briefing, and getting our security organised and in better shape in all of our Colonies. It seems that Cornelius, the Policeman would be the ideal man for the job. I was impressed by his appealing personality on some film or tape I saw, along with his testimony and adroit handling of the Press, and I've heard almost nothing but good reports about him, and it seems to me that it's about time that he be moved up a little into a field which will use his full capabilities, and which needs him very much right now! Praise the Lord? Pray about it!
       28. THANK GOD WE HAVEN'T HAD TOO MUCH UNFAVOURABLE PUBLICITY, but we have had some, some of which was due to the lack of wisdom on the part of those dealing with the Press. I believe Cornelius would be perhaps intelligent enough and wise enough to give each Colony some counsel along this line. I also believe we need to get a report from all Colonies as to what questions are usually asked either in news media interviews or by visitors or by authorities, so we can analyse them, generalise them, and list them and how to answer them, and send this out to all Colonies in a blanket Advisory on public relations. This would then be very important for leaders, greeters, provisioners, security men, and all of us to heed, and take warning by it. Praise the Lord? Perhaps Cornelius the Officer could be put in charge of this project, along with his survey and reorganisation of our overall security. Amen? Please consider this prayerfully.


       29. Which reminds me that perhaps we'd better call back a few printers to help Gad, from whithersoever they have been sent. I also believe, and the Lord has also confirmed it in a revelation we had the other night, that we've sent about all the top talent to Europe that we can possibly afford at the present, lest we rob Peter to pay Paul, and leave the home bases weak, undermanned, and actually endanger our entire home front operation, as a result of which we have a lot of new, very young, and somewhat inexperienced Colony leaders who need a lot of help. Cornelius could help them on security, but WE ALSO NEED SOME GOOD REGIONAL SHEPHERDS TO TOUR THEIR LOCAL COLONIES TO COUNSEL, HELP, INSPIRE, SURVEY, AND DIAGNOSE THE NEEDS, AND ENDEAVOUR TO PRESCRIBE THE SOLUTIONS, ETC. Sometimes we can get so close to a situation ourselves that we don't really recognise the problem--and that's why the Bible speaks not only of Pastors and teachers, etc. for the local believers, but also Bishops, Presbyters, Overseers, Evangelists, etc. These young Colonies need a lot of supervision. I'm doing the best I can from here to give you overall counsel and advice and try to answer particular problems, but someone should be personally contacting and visiting each Colony, and looking the situation over with his own eyes, hearing it with his own ears, and discerning it with his own gifts by the Spirit of God. I say again that the leader of the largest and leading Colony in each Region should be promoted immediately to Regional Shepherd, and be freed from his Colony Advisorship to start touring his Colonies, turning his own Colony over to the next officer in line, who perhaps should be the leader of the next largest Colony in his Region, who has already had proven experience in the full leadership of an entire Colony. Sometimes his Assistant Shepherd may be ready for this, or perhaps the Assistant Shepherd of the largest Colony should be promoted to the full Shepherd of the smallest Colony in the Region, working his way up again through the Shepherdships of the various Colonies in his Region, to finally become the Shepherd of its largest Colony, and from there to Regional Shepherd, or a National or International position. How about it?
       30. WE HAVEN'T THOUGHT MUCH ON THIS NEED FOR ORGANISING OUR PROMOTIONAL SYSTEM BEFORE, but now, with the tremendous turnover in leadership and the many vacancies being created due to home and foreign field pioneering of new Colonies with the top leadership of the old, I think it's time we considered this subject very seriously. I frankly believe in people starting at the bottom of the ladder and working their way up to the top through every rung in between, and where we have not followed this procedure, we have suffered from inexperienced and insufficiently trained leadership later. It seems to me that a guy ought to start cleaning toilets or the barn, as I did, work his way up to the kitchen for KP, maybe from there to guard duty, and then to Communications Monitor, maybe even spend a little time in the nursery or the toddler's house, then to Greeting, provisioning, business management, public relations, teacher, inspirationalist, Assistant Shepherd, and then finally Shepherd of the smallest Colony in his Region, and so on, to the top. Or maybe, after becoming Assistant Shepherd of the smallest Colony, he should go through all the Assistant Shepherdships of his Region to know the ropes of each Colony, and then be promoted from the Assistant Shepherd of the largest Colony in his Region to Shepherd of the smallest, and then on up the line of Shepherds to his top Colony and Regional Shepherd.
       31. REGIONAL SHEPHERDS PERHAPS SHOULD BE PROMOTED TO THE SHEPHERDSHIP OF THEIR SMALLER REGION FROM ITS TOP COLONY, and then perhaps to the Shepherdship of one of our largest Colonies in our major Regions, and from there, to that major Region's Shepherdship, and from there to National Office.
       32. AT THE RATE WE'RE NOW GROWING UNDER SUCH A PROMOTIONAL SYSTEM, IT SHOULDN'T TAKE YOU LONG TO WORK YOUR WAY FROM THE TOILET TO THE TOP, and think of all the good experience you'd get on the way to fully prepare you for the job, so you'd know every job in your Colony from personal experience, having held it at some time or other on your way up. This is just a suggestion, might not always work, nor prove feasible or advisable, because the Lord promotes whom He will, and "Promotion cometh from the Lord" (Ps.75:6). But let's please pray about it, because we are having such a turnover now that we need to get our Promotional System a little better organised and pre-planned, instead of just haphazardly, helter-skelter, scattering the personnel to the four winds, without any rhyme or reason, according to whatever pops into our mind.
       33. THIS ORDER OR SUCCESSION TO LEADERSHIP IS SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO THE ARMY and royalty, but it need not be based entirely on seniority, but rather on priorities, needs, talents, capabilities, leadership ability, faithfulness, diligence, loyalty, and even personal preference, but mostly the leading of the Spirit of God!--"A man's gifts make room for him" (Pro.18:6). We certainly need some better system than what we're using at the present, which is usually just grabbing the nearest guy handy for whatever job has to be filled in a hurry, when there actually might be someone else in some other Colony due for such a promotion and far better qualified. Personally I'm convinced that experience is the best teacher when it comes to leadership, and that someone who has worked his way up through the ranks from the very bottom with time-tested loyalty and dependability, is the best qualified for any job for which he's suited.
       34. I'M THINKING RIGHT NOW OF, FOR EXAMPLE, OF OUR OWN DEAR LITTLE JEREMIAH of the "Message of Jeremiah" fame, who has just about met all of the requirements listed here, although he may have skipped a few grades, it looks like his Advisorship at some of our smaller Colonies and Assistant Shepherdship at some of our larger makes him next in line for the full Shepherdship of one of the larger Colonies, such as Denver, since Joab has the burden for Dallas, our Headquarters Colony, hereafter to be known as our Information Center, rather than Headquarters, for very important legal and financial reasons. PTL? How does that strike you? We must not call it IHQ any longer! Forgive Me! And all your officers are to be merely Shepherds. Nobody has any authority, and nobody's running anything. We're just advising each other and working together. And as far as the System's concerned, nobody's a leader. We're just associates. Take 'em to your Leader!--Jesus!


       35. THE TIME IS COMING, PERHAPS EVEN NOW IS, WHEN WE SHOULD SERIOUSLY START CONSIDERING A BETTER SYSTEM OF SKELETAL LEADERSHIP, well-covered with flesh, and [DELETED] clothing. The Algerian rebels had a very good system while fighting against the French: it's known as the PYRAMID SYSTEM, and worked like this: Each officer only knew his immediate superior, as well as the two officers who worked beneath him himself, neither of which knew each other! Therefore, if anyone were caught, he could not possibly betray more than three other men, even under torture, because those were the only ones he even knew personally!--A very fascinating plan--and it worked well!--These rebels are now the rulers of Algeria, and have booted the French out! It worked! Right now I feel we're all getting a little too lax with security. [DELETED] I believe our papers, newsletters, prayer letters, and all other literature should perhaps [EDITED: "avoid some details"], because I'm sure that the day is coming very soon that we shall [EDITED: "be under"] an anti-Christ government! Let's plan now, and not be caught short, when it's too late to plan, organise, and prepare for it! Grandmother's "Warning Prophecy" used the expression three times, as I recall "Be prepared!" Amen?


       36. AND SPEAKING OF PREPARATION, I HAVE SUGGESTED THAT WE NEED A TOP-NOTCH INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS BAND COMPOSED OF ALL OF OUR BEST MUSICIANS, chosen from the existing bands, by the one of us who has the biggest name in that field, is the best known, best publicised and therefore, the most valuable publicity-wise, our own dear talented brother, Jeremy Spencer, and I do not think that we should hesitate to use his name when it comes to publicity with the general public, for it is already well-known and recognised, and there is considerable world wide curiosity as to what has become of him. If our international band, chosen by him from the best of all our bands, should then make a hit under some such label as "Jeremy Spencer and The Children of God" or "Jeremy Spencer and the Prophets" they would know what happened to him! Hallelujah! They would also hear the Message of God's Children and their music! Barak has the burden to be the band's manager, and he may be the man for the job. I'm suggesting that he, or whoever is chosen as manager, take Jeremy on a personal tour of the bands in all of our Colonies choosing the best talent from each of them for our International Band! At the same time, while conducting this talent-scouting, they could help teach each band how to organise, how to practice, how to harmonise, what kind of music to use, how to get bookings, how to tour, etc. Jeremy himself has had a tremendous amount of experience along this line in working with the Fleetwood Mac and perhaps others, and already has a contract to record with one of Hollywood's recording companies as soon as he can get it together.
       37. SOME OF OUR BANDS ALREADY HAVE REAL TALENT AND HAVE MADE SOME EXCELLENT RECORDINGS, some of very nice music, others really wild! Personally, I don't think we're very nice people, and we're not trying to conduct a nice Revolution, so I think the wild kind of music fits us better. Let the so-called Jesus People keep their "nice" music! Let ours be bold, brash, wild, violent, and revolutionary--a Declaration of War!--along with the sweet and the sad and the heart breaking, as well as the cheerful, light, and happy--but whatever it is, it's gotta be alive--and not as dead as a few of the numbers I've heard! But some of you've really got it, and your wild ones really sent us dancing in the aisles. You need a variety, of course, but whatever you do, don't drag and go to sleep! This is why we feel a band leader should choose his own type of musicians to play his own type of music, just as we let all other leaders choose their own teams. Jeremy and Barak could stick around a day or two, or even three, in each Colony, getting acquainted not only with the bands and their music, but their individual members, their personalities, compatibility and suitability for working in the International Band under Jeremy's leadership. Praise the Lord? Let's get this show on the road--Now! God bless you!
       38. Speaking of music, it looks like I'm gonna have to write a special letter TO YOU TAPE RECORDERS, like I did to the photographers--and my first advice would be almost identical to theirs, the same Scriptural injunction: "Be not afraid of their faces!" (Jer.1:8)--For God's sake and His Work's Sake, get in there close with that mike, and shove it down their throats if you have to, so we can get the WORDS of the song, or the singer, or the speaker, as well as the rest of the racket! I'm sick and tired of having to waste my precious time and strain my eardrums trying to listen to some of these tapes where the recorder must have been afraid to enter the room and only stuck the mike through the door or the window, instead of in the singer or speakers' mouth! Even when you're recording a radio or a TV show, if you haven't got the nerve to plunk your recorder right down on the table in front of the panel and tape your mike to theirs, like Ho does, you could at least get somewhere close--or if you can't do this in the studio, get up close to some radio or TV monitor and shove the mike right into the speaker, so we can get the show and every word of it, and not all that damn background noise of people talking and walking around the room! Either that, or let's hear you instead of the show! That'd be better than not hearing anything, or just a mumble-jumble of jargon, or having to turn the sound up so loud we blast ourselves out of the room and crack the tape-recorder, trying to catch the words! I WANNA REMIND YOU MUSICIANS, IN PARTICULAR, THAT THE WORDS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR MUSIC, because without the Message it's nothing, just another band, and just more music, and maybe not near as good as theirs! Our uniqueness is our Message--the words of those songs, and if we have a good musical vehicle to carry it, fine. But if not, and have to choose between the music and the message, I'd rather have you scream your head off with the words, so folks can understand them, even if you have to do it a cappella--or without music! That may make some of you temperamental musicians swallow your pride in your gorgeous music, but I want to tell you right now, I earned my living for twelve years as a singer, and I'd rather have sung without music than to have the Message of the song and the spirit of the song and the whole purpose of the song, totally lost in the midst of a thunderous and noisy accompaniment of a showy accompanist who is just trying to show off his or her talent instead of help me get the point across! Now some of you musicians may not like that, as you're usually notoriously temperamental as I was--but just remember, that temperamental usually means more temper than mental! But God bless you, I love you, and remember I understand and sympathise with your problems. I, too, once played in a band--C-Melody Sax--and sang for a living--and it was feast and famine, like the Apostle Paul said: You gotta know how to abound and how to be in want, and yet be content in whatsoever state you're in--or country! So Go, Go!


       39. AND SPEAKING OF GO, GO, I DON'T SEE WHY OUR BANDS COULDN'T HAVE A FEW NICE LITTLE GO-GO GIRLS! BOOM! Here goes a few more bottles! I didn't say they'd have to be strippers, although that might be appropriate on some occasions, and interest some audiences under certain circumstances, just to demonstrate our total freedom from the God-damned System Religion, and our being unashamed of the beauties of God's Creation! That would really divorce us from churchianity, wouldn't it!--But I bet the kids would like it! Wadda ya think all those gals with tambourines were doing when they danced before the Ark, when King David was so scantily clad and danced so wildly that even his Queen was ashamed of him! If you don't believe it, read it again, in 2Samuel 6! They also had quite a shindig when the Prodigal Son came home--so these people who don't like our dancing, can go shove it up their latest church bulletin, as far as I'm concerned! As long as it's in the Spirit and for the Glory of God and the edification of the brethren, as well as good exercise, a welcome relief from boring routine, and a thankful release from tensions, I'm all for it--clad or unclad, as long as you don't break the law, or cause weaker brethren to stumble, or crumble! Of course, we can't please everybody, so we have to decide on who we're trying to reach, and make happy, and I'm fully persuaded in my own mind, as confirmed by the Spirit in many a message, that we can do more with the drunks and harlots off the street than with the Scribes and the Pharisees out of their churches! So I'm all for letting 'er rip!--Let the chips fall where they may!--At least in our own Colonies and in our own private meetings! I think even in public some really good spirited dancing by some truly beautiful dancers who know how, be they male or female--and I mean exhibition dancing, where everybody else stops to watch--would be most appropriate to attract attention in parks and public places, as the bait on our hook, to get 'em to come and listen, as well as to show 'em our joy, our freedom, and our happiness! I'm all for it, Shad!--Take your little Gypsy dancer and go to it! Sounds great! Wish I could see it! I always did love to dance myself--used to dance all night, every night--and like to watch it, too, if it was really good, artistic, expressive, interpretative, wild and free!
       40. Which reminds me, these people like King Saul and all the rest of his kind, and the other SYSTEMITES, WHO DON'T LIKE OUR MESSAGE OR METHODS, BUT ONLY THEIR RESULTS!--HOW DO THEY THINK WE GOT THESE RESULTS, ANYHOW? It was the Message and the Methods the Sample instead of a Sermon, that got you hooked! To hell with the churches' methods! They've sent more people to Hell than they've saved--and their message is so stale it makes people sick! I'll do anything to get people saved, to salvage you kids for the Lord, to deliver you from the System, and make you happy--even if it takes wild dancing to free you! Hallelujah! Or if you have to strip to get'em interested,--Strip!--Isaiah did!--Even on God's orders!--And Paul said I became all things to all men in order that I might win some! I'm sick of those churchy methods that never got anywhere or anybody, with all their dead cold boring church services! I gotta hand it to that British vicar in England who brought in a stripper for the morning service to liven up the meeting! I'll bet that woke 'em up! Whatever it takes--Use it! Amen?


       41. HOWEVER, IF YOU'RE TRYING TO TURN ON SYSTEMITES OR CHURCHY PEOPLE, OR FOLDS FRESH OUT OF THE SYSTEM, or maybe still in it, like some of these new ones we have, from some of our new Colonies, for God's sake, don't deliberately try to offend them with some of these things! Let's use our wildest methods where they'll do the most good, out amongst the radicals in the parks and on the streets--not amongst these churchy new groups who are trying to decide whether to join or not! Why you wanna go around playing that "Damn Old Sound" song for, I don't know! It's a good one for a radical fanatical ex-Catholic like our own dear Abraham, who could, like all good Catholics, recognise the fearful horrible frightful authoritarian voice of the Church in those church bells that commanded them to attend! But most of us don't remember church bells that way. Most people have fond little memories of that little country church in the valley and its appealing little bell, like Jimmy Brown, or even the beautiful chimes of the big city church in a busy downtown area--Sounded good above the hubbub of the System! Let's not get as self-righteous as the churchy system who condemn us totally just because we're not like them! Let's not get so holier-than-thou that we condemn even the few good things that are still left in the System! It can't be all bad! God called their money filthy lucre, and we hate it, but we still have to use it, right? Think it over!
       42. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T GO AROUND PLAYING A SONG LIKE THAT FOR SYSTEMITES unless you're deliberately trying to blow 'em away, certainly not if you're trying to win them as we have been lately--that, and a few other offensive numbers seem to have grown very popular lately in the wrong areas, and maybe that's why we've blown away and lost some people that we might have won! For God's sake, have a little wisdom!
       43. OF COURSE YOU CAN PLEASE SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME--BUT YOU CAN NEVER PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME--and some people you can't even please some of the time! Like our dearly beloved King Saul, who has just listed to poor Belt about twenty things he doesn't like about us, and hardly anything that he does like.--After the way he's withheld the hire of the labourers who have reaped down his fields, it's no wonder God is now withholding his hire, as he claims now to be in financial distress, using these 20 reasons for not giving us our due--and it's no wonder that he's now afraid of retaliation from those whom he has abused and mistreated such as us and the Mexicans! And it's no wonder he's accusing everybody else of failing him, when he has failed us so many times. It's the Devil's own tactics to accuse everybody else of the things of which he himself is guilty! According to him, we don't work hard enough, he doesn't like our leadership, language, literature, liberty, doctrines, music, betrothals, behaviour, communal living, kid's care, hanky-panky, possessing everything, invading his territory, treating him like a guest instead of a member of the family (when he doesn't even like the Family!), and gripes about not having enough power, or getting enough recognition himself, or his Clinic! It reminds me of King Saul in 1Sam.18: "They have ascribed unto David ten thousands, and to me they have ascribed but thousands; and what can he more have but the Kingdom?"--Of course, that's just what we're after--and he knows it!--"And Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with him, and was departed from Saul." We were his last chance--if he muffs this, he's finished, and the Philistine System will probably slaughter him, and may even give us his Kingdom--the army that really won it!--so I don't blame you, Belt, for being sorry for him, like Samuel wept for Saul!--and you and Josh did a great job of answering him! Fear not the wrath of the King!" When he stops our teaching, witnessing, and loyalty to leadership, protecting and providing: GO!


       44. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET OFF ON SO MANY SUBJECTS at such length in this letter--but all of them seemed to be very needed--and most of them were questions you asked about in your letters, or needs you mentioned. If you have any suggestions or comments, you know we always appreciate hearing them.
       45. Gabriel and Adele, Belte asked for counsel for you in his recent report. We suggest that perhaps both of you could come to Texas. [DELETED] However, since you both do have consent, all the better! God bless both of you in whatever you decide to do!
       46. By the way, Vashti, got your letter and I didn't even have to put my glasses on! Thank the Lord, He even cares about our typewriter ribbons--and our eyes! Thanks for your encouragement and the prophecies you sent--the things God is revealing and confirmed by His Spirit.


       47. Barak, thanks for your good tape. It certainly was significant and appropriate. I'M GLAD THE LORD SHOWED YOU THAT SPAIN IS A DICTATORSHIP. In fact, according to my last information, it is still illegal to be a so-called Protestant missionary in Spain.--In other words, it's against the law to actively and openly witness there, although they do permit a few small Protestant churches to exist as window dressing as long as they keep their religion inside the buildings. However, since Spain is one of the 60 some military dictatorships which is supported by the U.S. government, and the U.S. gives them a lot of money, Spain welcomes American tourists, even the hippies, who gather in large Colonies on the warm Southern coasts of sunny Spain during Europe's cold winter months, where it's easy to take a short, cheap boat ride across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco for drugs. As long as these hippie Colonies behave themselves, since they're composed mostly of Americans and other European guests and don't cause any trouble, the police leave them pretty much alone--so I'VE ALREADY SUGGESTED TO OUR EUROPEAN COLONIES THAT WHEN IT GETS TOO COLD TO WITNESS OUTDOORS IN NORTHERN EUROPE, we should send some teams to these hippie Colonies in Southern Spain. I believe if these teams would stay strictly within these hippie Colonies, and witness only to the youth there, and not to the Spanish Catholic citizens outside, that they might not be bothered by the police, especially since our type of witnessing is usually very personal, individual, one to one, and can be quiet and unobtrusive, instead of mass public evangelism, like most church missionaries. MEXICO HAS SIMILAR LAWS against unauthorised missionary work, but I've found you can usually get away with individual personal witnessing and even the giving of a tract here and there to those to whom you witness. I even handed a tract with a word of thanks to a Mexico City policeman who gave me directions! The Spanish are usually a very friendly, hospitable, genial, humble, and easy going people, and don't usually go bulldozing their way around looking for trouble or trying to make trouble, like Americans--and since they are being very hospitable, friendly, and pro-American right now, because of the multi-millions of dollars we're spending in their country, supporting its anti-liberal Fascist regime, they are being very tolerant with American visitors, even the hippies! So I have a feeling the Lord will be able to use us there, and even got something from the Lord on our ministry with the Gypsies, who are plentiful there, if you recall: "These too, shall hear of David!"--which I took to mean that the Lord is going to help our children in their witness to them there, Praise the Lord! God bless you!


       48. I'M SURE, EMAN, AND ALL OF YOU WILL BE THRILLED TO HEAR THAT WHEN WE FIRST SAW A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE OF FAITH, LIKE A KNIGHT IN ARMOUR, HOLDING UP CROMWELL'S HELMET, that we immediately received this wonderful witness of the Spirit: "EVEN AGAIN HAS MY JOAN OF ARC COME TO THAT CONTINENT, that she may deliver and set My people free, that they may find rest to their souls, they that are weary and burdened and heavy laden--in the Son of David!" This is either speaking of Jesus, or speaking of Faith as one of my sons. Also, we have an exciting new letter coming out soon, which I believe will be called "Questions and Answers" describing an amazing session which we had in the Spirit recently, in which I was asked a number of questions about current and coming events, personalities, etc., while I was in the Spirit--and got some astonishing replies, one of which was on this subject of Cromwell--which I just can't resist giving you a little preview of for your encouragement--so here we quote Maria's transcription: "MARIA: DOES CROMWELL HELP FAITHIE? (MO pauses, then calls:) Cromwell?--Cromwell!--Are you helping Faith? (MO smiles and cries, Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! Praise you Lord! Yes sir, he's helping Faith! He's put his helmet on her head! That's why God is blessing her so much, because many saints are helping her--saints who died and were burned and tortured--many saints! All Heaven is helping her!" JUST AS WE WERE READING THIS FOR YOU, WE HAD ANOTHER CONFIRMATION OF THE SPIRIT: "These all died in faith, not having received the promises, which are being fulfilled in us" When I first got this, I thought it was the last couple of verses of Hebrews 11, but as you can see, it's a little different, Praise the Lord. As you can see, it's more like Verse 13. Evidently they saw us coming afar off! Hallelujah!


       49. AS YOU CAN SEE BY WHAT I'VE SAID ABOUT SPAIN, I AGREE WITH THE SUGGESTION OF YOU FOLKS IN EUROPE OF SENDING OUT A SCOUTING PARTY to spy out the lands over there before making any full-scale invasions, to feel out the Spirit, sense the situations, and consider the conditions, and perhaps get something from the Lord on how to conquer each territory. I'm so thankful we did this for you in London, and even Amsterdam--and I believe it was a little help in briefing you on each situation so you'd understand better what you were getting into and somewhat preparing the way, so you'd know what to expect! Praise the Lord? You and God did all the rest--and it's been miraculous how the Lord has opened the doors and gone before you, preparing, guiding, protecting and providing! Thanks, Abraham, for your note. We enjoy your logs from there so much--we read every word, and are thrilled at your progress! I'll have more to say on this after reading your latest logs (Sept.).--And you'll soon receive something in the nature of the International Letter you requested, which the Lord gave us recently, called "Cornelius!"


       50. THANKS TO L.A. FOR YOUR GOOD BAND TAPES, which we enjoyed very much. I've already made my recommendations regarding bands and band music in this same letter. We particularly like "Cromwell's Hat", "Now that We're One", sung by Jeremy, and the anti-war song about Billy, sung by Sam, amongst others. God bless you boys! You're doing well! BUT WHY NOT INCLUDE IN YOUR REPERTOIRE NOT ONLY YOUR RECENT HITS AND COMPOSITIONS BUT SOME OF THE ALL-TIME FAVOURITES, like "Cry of Revolution", "Clap Your Hands", "Jesus Really Loves You". "Glory to the Father", "We're on Our Way", "Faithful Men", "Psalm 133", "Take One Step", "You Gotta Be a Baby", "Just One More Day", "I Shall Be Released", "New World", "All I Want to Do Is Serve Him", "Happy Day", "Everybody Get Together", "Psalm 121", "Mountain Children", "Psalm 100", "In the Sky", "He's Coming Soon", "Let My People Go", "The Lord's Army", "Noah", "Behold", "Harvest", "Every Day is Getting Better", "Revolution Rock", "Pride of Man", "Oh that Men Would Praise the Lord", "Vanity Fair", "The Games People Play", "The Message of Jeremiah", "Look at the Way They Raised Us", "Hard Hat", "Three Cheers", "Bottle of Wine", and "We're the Hundred Forty-four Thousand", etc. these seem to be some of the most popular numbers the kids sing the most, plus a few new ones that I'm not yet familiar with. Why not make us an album of these, or at least pick out from them the absolute favourite all-time hits--the very best--And make us a tape or album? At least we could enjoy it, even if we couldn't put them all on an album for sale, because some are obvious parodies and plagiarism's!--Unless we didn't sell 'em, but just gave 'em away--because the originals are probably still copyrighted--which reminds me that WE CERTAINLY NEED TO GET OUR ORIGINALS COPYRIGHTED BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE SWIPES THEM OFF US! Do you have to write out the music, or can't you just send the copyright office a tape?--Boy, wouldn't they have fun listening!--They might even wanna have us arrested!--But if Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, and Peter, Paul and Mary and others can get away with it, why can't we!--Keep on sockin' it to 'em!
       51. Thanks also for your tape, Joel and Carmel. Keep up the good work on that guitar, Carmel--we liked your song, "Psalm 77"--And Joel, your comments, interesting and thought-provoking on the Branch, the Temple, the Banner, Shepherd, etc. We have a few more for you, too! Praise the Lord!
       52. Thanks Jonathan in Gainesville For the letter and prophecy--PTL! God bless you! You're doing a great job there. Same for you, Nathaniel and Michal at the Ohio Farm. We're thrilled to see how you're growing in the Lord! Your sacrifice has been well-pleasing in His sight! We liked what you said about really loving and missing the whole family--even Grandma and Abner! They're working for us and with us in this mighty Crusade! THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THY MANY COUNSELLORS AND THE MULTITUDES THOU HAST GIVEN US AT OUR DISPOSAL AND OUR COMMAND. Open their eyes as You did the Young Man to see the multitudes of Thy Hosts! My Father, My Father--the chariots of God and the horsemen thereof! Thank you, Lord for Thy mighty defenders, one of which could handle all the arms of the Enemy! Thank you for these who work with us within the veil and the Fifth Dimension! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! The Lord told us one time to thank Him for His Angels that guarded and protected us!
       53. We received your tape, Colorado Colony--and it was so good to hear a special word from Vashti, Galilee, Obadiah, Abishimo, Sheribiah, Polycarp, Elisaph, Erastus, Rama, Jesse, Jemiah, Anna (we like your idea of guys in the nursery--maybe one way we can solve the shortage of nursery workers), Solomon--and your songs were great! We love U!
       54. AND DEAR EVE, DAVE, AARON AND SHULA--Thanks for all those interesting newspaper articles. We may be small, but we're never unnoticed! "These that have turned the world upside down have come hither also!" We sure enjoyed your reports and letters also. We just wish we could get more of 'em. So far we've gotten one for three days in August, and one for one day in September! You're doin' great, Shula! We know you're busy, but we'd like to know what you're busy about! If it hadn't been for Watchman's recent visit and personal startling reports at TSC, which we've received about fifth-hand, we wouldn't have even heard about all your exciting adventures in challenging the Unpeaceful People, the bikers; and Mom's threatening to take on the whole gang single-handed if she only had a gun, and a couple of you landing in jail, and Ebed being kidnapped, and so on, and so on--until we finally got your September 6 report, dated September 13, which is truly inspiring, but sounds more like reading the Bible than giving us the juicy details--but we enjoyed it, and it certainly was like reading the Book of Acts! But considering all the places you've been, and all the exciting things you've been doing since we last saw you, we surely ought to be getting more reports than this, Please! We are so hungry for news! You complain about not hearing from us, when we don't even know where you are most of the time--but we sure are glad to hear you all are having so much fun serving Jesus, even if you don't like packing, Dave. I believe it was Saul whom they said, Behold he hath hidden himself amongst the baggage!--So maybe you can sympathise with him! But that's a part of the price of travelling for Jesus and forsaking not enough sometimes! That was my job for many years with the same lady, so I appreciate your problems--but since we both love her and she's doing a great work, I guess you'll just have to suffer for the sake of the Kingdom--as Shakespeare almost said, "Packing is such sweet sorrow!" Glad you and Shula are doing such a good job, Aaron, Praise the Lord! You make such a beautiful pair! Maria says she's very sorry, but she'll be unable to send you the prophecies you requested through the mail as yet--maybe later. Incidentally, we haven't received the tape you promised, either.


       ALL YOU FOLKS SENDING PACKAGES, WHICH MEANS ANYTHING BIGGER THAN A LETTER, ACROSS INTERNATIONAL BORDERS, MUST REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST DECLARE CUSTOMS on such items, or they will not pass the border! They will either be returned to you, or tossed into a bin to be opened much later at their leisure, to see if it contains contraband. Therefore, if you want folks to get tapes, packages, or even large bulky envelopes--anything over letter-size--you must obtain one of those little declaration stickers from the Post Office, and stick it on the package and write on the sticker a description of the contents, or it may be delayed or never get there, being confiscated for duty! We've lost a lot of stuff lately in our International correspondence and this may be why! A single letter tape they will usually pass without a declaration, providing it is plainly marked, "Letter Tape" on the front, and even better still, also left uncovered on the back, so they can see through the box the tape itself, and know that's exactly what it is! Stick a label on the outside front of the box, or if it's a clearly transparent box, you can even label it on a white card, fit it inside of and showing through the lid, and sealed with Scotch tape, so the audio-tape itself, or cassette, is still plainly visible inside its box. It just shows you're not trying to hide anything, and it's exactly what it's supposed to be. All other packages must carry a customs declaration, crossing any international border, in any direction, even First Class mail or airmail, if it is over one pound in weight, as I understand. Check on it at your P.O.!
       55. AARON, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW YOU COULD GROW A BEARD--but from what I hear it could be one of the "all things." Last time I saw it, it wasn't much more than peach fuzz. It certainly wouldn't keep you warm in Laurentide for the Winter!--In fact, I don't know how anything could, but you might ask for volunteers for such a freezing assignment--even just a handful just to hang on to the place and keep the King of the North happy! Sounds like Matthew Canada and his band are doing a good job there. Just hope they can survive the Winter! Secret: No outdoor witnessing!--Stay inside!
       56. WHICH REMINDS ME, VASHTI, how are you doing under that ten-foot snow at 10,000 feet in the Rockies! Maybe you guys will just have to hibernate like the bears till next Spring! Apparently the mails (Maria just asked which ones--mails or males?) are still going through, anyhow!--From what I hear, both kinds--and a great time is being had by all! Wish I were there! So thanks again for the lovely little love letter. Please keep warm, I love you! Only please send Shem home to run the school as soon as you're through with him!
       57. INCIDENTALLY, DAVE AND AARON, YOU NEVER DID TELL US WHAT YOU WERE IN JAIL FOR, except that it had something to do with a 10:36. Certainly glad it worked out so well, and improved your relations with the authorities. Do hope you've found a place by now, and glad you got our latest letters. What's happened to Ebed's reports? He used to write the best in the Revolution! I hope he's not depending on you! Better let him know he's the Regional Director for all Eastern Canada, and we want to hear from him! I'm glad you're there helping him, and may the Lord use you wherever you're needed most. You seem to be our mobile troubleshooter team, available for wherever the greatest need is whenever it's needed! I'm sure the Lord will lead you, Sweetheart, wherever you're needed most. Maybe Canada's even riper than New York! I certainly believe it's freer, and Benjamin seems to be doing a very good job there, even without you! God bless him! God has His time for everything, and we trust this is His time for New York. He's been waiting for us to get there for a long time, and revealed to us a long time ago by special revelation, vision, and message, that He was greatly concerned about that field, calling it a "great city full of many nations"--And it's obviously our gateway to the rest of the world! God bless you, Ben and Ruth, for bearing the brunt of those departing European teams, and give you the grace and supply the need! If any of you Colonies have a little you could spare for our missionaries' fares to Europe, please send it to Ben in N.Y. He could sure use it! He's the guy that has to buy the tickets and see them on the planes!
       58. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT, BENJAMIN, YOU'RE NOW REGIONAL SHEPHERD, OF THE East Coast Region! Congratulations!--And our sincerest sympathies!
       59. I SEE ONE OF YOUR NEWEST COLONIES SEEMS TO BE WASHINGTON, D.C.! Hi there, Elijah! You did a great job in Ft. Worth, Son, and we're proud of you! Now let's capture the capital city! God bless you! And come on, Ben and Ruth--let's take New York!--You took California without poppin' your cork! Just get inside before Winter! If nothing opens up there soon, I'd suggest Miami until next Spring! We've sent about all the people to Europe we can spare anyhow! We ought to start shipping a few out of Miami to the Caribbean and Latin America for the Winter. It's their Summer down there now, just starting to get warm in South America, and some have already had visions of us in Chile, etc. Praise the Lord! I'd certainly rather see you in Miami for the Winter than buried under ten feet of snow in the Catskills! Please pray about it. Thanks for those nice letters Janoah and Peninnah! Keep up the good work! YOU GUYS IN THOSE COLD, NORTHERN COLONIES HAD BETTER FIND WARM PLACES TO HIBERNATE FOR THE WINTER REAL FAST, or you may all have to go to South America! I love you, Sweetheart!--Please don't get cold! Keep her good and warm, Boys! Hallelujah! I can do all things through Christ! Praise God!


       60. ZEDAD, ABOUT THAT PROBLEM THAT YOU WERE HAVING WITH ONE OF YOUR BOYS--maybe he'd be better where there's a lot of action!--More people, more witnessing! Sometimes they just need a little priming, like a pump! You have to pour in a little water, before you can get a whole lot out of the well. Or if it's a dry well, and there's nothing in it, you are wasting your time trying to prime it! Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaketh! Is he baptised with the Spirit? Sometimes we just take these things for granted! Better make sure! God bless you! We love you!--MO.

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