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"NITLER"--MO       August 1971       GP No.108

       1. NIXON'S WHOLE ADMINISTRATION HAS ALL THE EARMARKS OF A WELL-PREPARED NAZI-TYPE REGIME!--They're working on it tooth and claw! The only thing they'd need is the violence or a good excuse for the people to get all uptight, and get excited, scared to death, so that they could be voted in again for more powers next year!
       2. SO I HAVE A FEELING PROBABLY THAT THIS SUMMER AND THIS YEAR UNTIL NEXT SUMMER, IS ABOUT ALL THE TIME WE HAVE LEFT to be at peace. I believe probably by next Summer, we're gonna have real trouble!--Economic, the economy is going to be so bad: the whole situation is going to be so bad; more oppressive measures against the youth and against the hippies; drugs, excuses, excuses, excuses!
       3. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING NOW? THEY'RE USING THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO KEEP THE GUYS IN THE ARMY OVER THEIR TIME, IF THEY HAVE TAKEN DRUGS, if they can prove they've had any drugs or anything. Good night, Man, they could keep 75 percent of the army over there in Vietnam pretending, pretending! Nixon just declared a new policy--to make 'em stay if they're caught with drugs or have had any drug record; they're gonna be supposedly "treated" instead. They're already establishing special camps for them just like concentration camps, just like prisoners of war, where they're using the slaves supposedly trying to treat them for drugs! Well, you know how damn much good that's going to do! Their kind of "treatment" is not going to do them any good! They'll use that as an excuse to keep them in the Army, and they're going to use violence as an excuse to really take over! So I don't think we have too much peaceful time left!
       4. I'LL TELL YOU ANOTHER THING, THE REST OF THE WORLD IS GETTING SO FED UP WITH AMERICA, it is ready to vomit us out, it is sick of us! It seemed like the whole rest of the world everywhere we went could see what was wrong, everybody could see what was wrong, except America itself! They are the most blind people on the face of the earth today! (Aaron: We just rejected the most tremendous peace proposal!) Yes, exactly, everywhere, even our friends are furious at us! You should have seen the Canadian Minister blowing it, yesterday on the television! How stupid could we get to reject! The Communist, in their eyes, have gone out of their way, bent over backwards to try to bring peace to Vietnam and offer us almost everything--to get out!--And it looks like to the rest of the world, like a perfectly fair offer, and a fair chance to get out of Vietnam.
       5. WE'RE TAKING A TYPICAL HARD-LINE HITLERIAN ATTITUDE: No, not unless they meet OUR terms. No give, no bending, inflexible, brittle, and the reason is, we don't want to get out! We can't get out or our economy will collapse, especially right now, as bad as things are. I mean, this would be the unheard of thing! Usually presidents use War as a remedy for a Depression.--They certainly won't get us out of a war already in progress that's barely keeping our heads above water to keep us from going into a full-scale Depression! So they're sure as hell not going to get us out of this war! Not if they can help it! They will lie and lie and lie and say they're doing it!--And they keep talking about it! You notice how they publicise every new unit that is being evacuated from Vietnam?--But they don't tell you about all the new units that are being moved in, al the new draftees to replace! What the hell difference does it make if they move out 10,000 men and they move in another 10,000! It's ridiculous!
       6. I HATE TO HAVE TO SAY THIS IN THE PRESENCE OF YOU GOOD GERMANS, but the Germans are famous for violence; they're famous for strong-armed tactics; they're famous for being the Goths and Visigoths and the Vandals, and all the rest--The Huns, and the Nazis. Now from travelling in almost every country in Europe, and the Mediterranean, the two toughest, just from sensing and being there and sensing the spirit, seeing the people, getting the reaction--the toughest, roughest, most hard-line and most violent nations that we visited, in atmosphere, in attitude, tough, get tough, violence-is-the-answer policy, believe it or not, are three: Israel, Germany, and the United States.
       7. THE REST OF THE COUNTRIES ARE MOSTLY POOR, THEY HAVE BEEN WORN OUT WITH WAR, they have been humbled, and they couldn't care less--they don't care a God-damned bit about having another war for anybody's dirt! They'd just as soon be communist or anything else, just to keep the peace! They just don't care, and they couldn't care less about America! The whole world is just SICK of the United States, and they'd just as soon say, "If the Chinese want to wipe them off the face of the map, that's fine--we don't care--we'd probably all be better off without 'em!" Only they are afraid of the Chinese!
       8. THEY'RE NOT AFRAID OF THE RUSSIANS ANY MORE, Believe it or not! They figure the Russians have gotten pretty civilised, and fairly capitalistic, and fairly prosperous and fairly human. (Aaron: The Russians have a better reputation than the U.S.!) Yes, in the rest of the world they do, largely! Oh, it's so ridiculous the news you hear over here is almost unbelievable! They tell you, "Oh, the rest of the world doesn't like the Russians, the rest of the world is afraid of the Russians, the rest of the world doesn't want the Russians to get more, and blaa, blaa, blaa"--When the rest of the world couldn't care less! They're almost thankful, "Well, we hope maybe they do get Vietnam because then that might help equalise, and the Americans won't have the predominance there, and there'll be a little better balance of power, and the better there's a balance of power, the less chance you're apt to have war."
       9. YOU KNOW THE OLD MACHIAVELLIAN THEORY OF POWER POLITICS, huh?--That the best chance to keep the peace is if both the opposing powers are being pretty well equally balanced so that both of them knows they can't really lick the other one so well that they'll have any major victory--they'll both be losers. The rest of the world, frankly, has been very much concerned about the tremendous advantage of power that the United States has had over the rest of the world, and that they might be tempted to use it to start a war, and they're kind of relieved that Russia is now kind of catching up with us, and there's a pretty good balance now, that will be more likely to prevent war. Believe it or not, that's their attitude!
       10. THE ONLY ONES THEY CAN'T COUNT ON, THE ONES THEY'RE WORRIED ABOUT, IS CHINA! They figure China is virtually barbaric, and that if China ever gets the power--the nuclear power, and so on--that she wouldn't hesitate to try to wipe out a good deal of the world's population, since we need to depopulate the world anyhow! Since we have too many people, a lot of 'em think: "Well, it'd probably be a good thing if we did have an atomic war--it'd be good so that it would reduce the population!"
       11. BUT AMERICA IS THE ONE NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH THAT DOES NOT SEEM TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON, and is so stupid and so damn interested in their own politics! American fathers and mothers are more afraid of the hippies in this country than they are of the Chinese! "Now the Hippies are our main concern, that's first! We'll take care of the Chinese later, we don't want to worry about that. We've got the guns, and we've got the atom bombs, but the first thing is (like Stalin said), make your own country strong! We've got to make America strong before we can start fighting these other countries!"
       12. THIS IS WHAT HITLER SAID, THIS IS WHAT STALIN SAID, THIS IS WHAT EVERY DICTATOR HAS SAID! "First make your own country strong! Get rid of these enemies within!"
       13. RIGHT NOW THIS SUMMER, THE JESUS REVOLUTION IS BEING CONSIDERED A BLESSING! They don't like it really--the parents don't like it, the Church doesn't like it, the Establishment doesn't like it. They think they're a bunch of crazy, crazy, insane idiots! "Even Pat Boone now has lost his mind, speaking in tongues like the rest of these gibbering idiots, but it's better than violence, better than riots, better than Revolution, so well, we'll tolerate it--we'll tolerate it!"
       14. BUT COME NEXT SUMMER, and things are so bad economically and the kids are so fed up, that they want to make sure that Nitler doesn't get back in--(speaking about the Hitler over here: Nixon!)--And they want to make sure that they kill him or his whole Nazi-Republican Party! If he ever gets back in, I believe the kids are really gonna, really try something next time!
       15. NOW WHEN THEY TRIED TO THROW THAT COMMUNIST REVOLUTION IN GERMANY! ... I think God that I read that book, The War Goes On!, although it was a filthy book that a teacher in high school recommended, by Sholem Asch, who actually later got saved--Jewish, German Jew--thank God for that! I prayed for that guy after I read the book--he needed it! But he wrote on the conditions in post-WWI Germany which brought Hitler to power. He showed the picture of Germany--what was wrong with Germany--what happened to Germany and why Hitler was created--the monster was created to devour the lesser monster--so they created a bigger Monster!
       16. IN HIS BOOK HE DESCRIBES THE CONDITIONS THERE, AND I'LL TELL YOU, THE CONDITIONS IN GERMANY AT THAT TIME WERE SO SIMILAR TO THE CONDITIONS OF THE UNITED STATES TODAY!--If you ever have a chance to read it, you'll get a picture of what America is like today!--Same thing! I have never seen so many swastikas flying,--you know, those red, white, and blue swastikas? Everywhere the swastikas are flying to show that they're a red-blooded, red-white-and-blue America! On the cars--American flag stickers flying, homes flying the flag, and all the hard-hats showing how patriotic they are!
       17. WHY ALL THIS SUDDEN DESPERATE SHOW OF AMERICANISM? "We are AMERICANS, THIS is our swastika! "The American flag is going to be the swastika of Nitlerian America! It's already being used just like the swastika was being used in Germany--to show patriotism, loyalty, love for Fatherland: "We are the true Germans! We're the ones who really want peace! We're the ones who really want to save the Fatherland! The rest of you guys are a bunch of radicals, and disloyal traitors and Commies and whatnot, Jews! We're gonna wipe you out!"
       18. AND IT'S TRUE, THAT COMMUNISM WAS AMONGST THE JEWS IN GERMANY, if you know anything about the history of it. Nearly all the Communists had Jewish leaders; the Jews were the leaders of Communism in Germany. So they figured: Well!--Let's get rid of the Jews!
       19. I MEAN THE PARALLEL IS STILL HERE, and it's getting stronger, according to what I told you about before I left. You can almost begin to see a time table now. Our present Nitler, in order to stay in power, needs a Revolution, a Communistic, radical youth Revolution, this coming Summer, to insure being reelected, to insure he gets dictatorial powers to crush any further violence, crush any further radicalism, revolution, and so on!
       20. RIGHT NOW THE JESUS REVOLUTION IS BEING TOLERATED, so to speak, as a choice between thieves, the lesser of two evils. But I believe that once they have crushed what they consider the greater evil, the violent radical youth, I believe with all my heart the next dictatorial government, if Nitler gets back in power here--the little Hitler, or whatever you want to call him,--Nitler I think is a good name for him--if he gets back in power through violence and Revolution next Summer, that he will begin to use such repression and oppression as this country has never know, against anything radical, anything different, anything out of line, anything not System!
       21. THEN, BECAUSE OF OUR IDENTIFICATION WITH THE REVOLUTION AND SYMPATHY WITH THEM: "WELL NOW!--WE'LL HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS REVOLUTION, because, although it is non-violent and pacifistic at present, it is potentially dangerous, because of their doctrine and sympathies!--Now we have the evidence--here's one of their notebooks, here's what they teach, here's what they say about the System--they are enemies of the State! They are anti-System, the System is the State, therefore they are enemies of the State!" Let's face it!
       22. SO I DON'T DOUBT THAT ONCE THEY'VE CRUSHED THE VIOLENT REVOLUTIONARIES, they'll turn around and try to crush anything similar. Even if it's non-violent, they'll say it's potentially dangerous. That's why they wiped out all the Jews in Germany--because they were all potential Communists, potentially dangerous--they were just a potential hazard, might as well get rid of them NOW! And they did!
       23. I BELIEVE THE LORD REALLY SHOWED US HOW THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT. They are going to call you traitors, they are going to make it just as criminal to push your kind of fanatical insanity, religious insanity--just as criminal as pushing drugs! Because they've got the evidence, they'll claim, they can prove it, that you have literally driven these kids out of their minds! They are no longer like they used to be! And for them, that's damaging their minds, you have driven them insane, religiously insane!
       24. WELL, I THINK THAT'S COMING. WE'RE GETTING A LITTLE FORETASTE OF IT HERE AND THERE now, but it's coming.--Just a few little warnings, trying to give you a little picture of the situation. You're here, the Lord must have brought you here for a reason, and I had this on my heart! Frankly, I think we have this Summer and perhaps until next Summer. The kids are going to be fed up by next Summer, the Economy is going to be fed up by next Summer! The kids on the one hand out of jobs and no work and they're gonna want a Red Revolution!
       25. THE HARD-HATS, SUFFERING ECONOMICALLY ON THE OTHER HAND, ARE GONNA BLAME IT ON THE RADICALS, and so on, and say the government ought to take a strong hand--this is what Hitler did--he blamed all the problems of the country on the radicals and Communists and Jews! Everything was their fault, so, "We must exterminate the Communists!--Exterminate the Jews!--And all Germany's problems will be solved!" And they did!--And believe it or not, it looked like he was right, because he took over, a hard, tough, dictatorial government, and Germany in some ways actually began to prosper because of the tremendous amount of money being spent on war materials and so on, industries boomed, and the Germans began to take over the countries in Europe! They started off by winning World War II for a quite a while; the first two or three years they were winning, until the United States entered!
       26. WE CAN COMPARE THAT ALSO! I believe that probably, our little Nitler, if he gets all the power he wants, he's just the type, there's something about him, a little shrimp!--These little guys, sometimes they over compensate, like Hitler did, like Napoleon did, like some others have done, they overcompensate by really going to the opposite extreme, becoming supermen, dictators!! Nearly every dictator the world has ever known was some little squirt who was nothing, who, in his struggle to survive and his struggle to show he was somebody, overcompensated, and overshot the mark, and became an absolute monster!
       27. SO THIS LITTLE GUY NITLER, THAT'S ABOUT WHAT HE IS, AND HE'S RUNNING IT JUST THE WAY HITLER DID, to get in power, and to get his followers accumulated. The attitude of the average American today would be entirely sympathetic, and you know that! The majority of Americans are going to be on his side. The liberals will not be able to swing the balance, I do not believe.
       28. WE ARE GOING TO ABSOLUTELY GO NAZI UNDER THIS LITTLE NITLER! If it doesn't happen, I'll be surprised! For all I know it is already happening and it is going that way more and more. We are much more that way now than we were at this time last year when I told you the same thing--much worse off, much more in that direction. He is more Hitlerian than ever! There are more hard hat agitators than ever, they are more against the kids than ever! They allowed Woodstock, now they are killing the rock festivals, they are getting tougher on the radical court cases--the Chicago 7 case proved it! They are getting tougher on the hippies, they are getting tougher on drugs, they are getting tougher all the way around; this administration is getting tougher on the draft!
       29. I SAW THAT MURDERER ON TV YESTERDAY.--They ought to tar and feather him!--He's the guy that said with a great, big grin, when the reporters asked: "Well, aren't you making it rather hard for the poor simple guy that never had a college education to prove that he's conscientious objector? Aren't you favouring the college-educated intellectual?" He grinned from ear to ear--I saw him on TV do it!--You know, the Devil exposed himself!--He said, "Why, of course!--You and I wouldn't want it any other way, would we?" In other words, we rich intellectuals will save ourselves, while we send the poor cannon fodder to the front, no matter what the hell they claim they are! (Aaron: Just like Rome!)--And just like Hitler Germany! So, it's getting more like that all the time. In fact, despite the war in Vietnam. The major concern of Americans today is not the war in Vietnam, it's not international politics, it's "I'm out of a job, and my money is running low, what next?" That's the average American! "The Government has got to do something about it!" Well, what the government has usually done is get us into a bigger and better war than ever before, so they can pull the economy out of a slump. So it's sure as shootin' they are not going to be stupid enough, according to their way of thinking, to pull us out of Vietnam!
       30. MEANTIME, THE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY GETTING FED UP WITH US IN VIETNAM, and all his other stuff, and is actually much more sympathetic with the Russians!--Frankly, I would say, that of all the countries we have visited, and the people we have talked to, the people have less and less antagonistic feelings toward the Russians than they do against Americans! The Russians are there. They see them every day, they know them, they are European, and the Russians understand Europe and the world situation much better than we do!
       31. IN ISRAEL WE BOUGHT LIGHT BULBS MADE IN MOSCOW! You can buy Russian goods all over Europe. They are doing business, trading with them, the European countries, and to them, they are much more sensible than these stupid, idiotic, blind, blundering, bulldozing Americans who come on with their bit money and try to push their way around by buying off everybody! This just absolutely infuriates them!
       32. THE POOR HATE THE RICH ANYHOW, SO THE REST OF THE WORLD HATES THE RICH AMERICAN! So they frankly have more understanding for the Russians than they have for the United States. The only ones they are more afraid of than the Russians or the United States is China! Most of Europe is afraid of China. And they would be willing to cooperate with Russia, and even the United States, if they had to, to keep the Chinese out of Europe!
       33. LET'S SAY THE LITTLE NITLER GOT BACK IN NEXT YEAR by hook and crook, and violent revolution, and suppression and repression to keep law and order, and got all the internal problems solved by dictatorship, then what's going to be their next major concern? Having slaughtered the hippies, and the Commies, and the radicals, and put all these religious Jesus Freaks in concentration camps for insane, then what's going to be their next major concern?
       34. WELL, WHAT'S EVERY DICTATOR'S NEXT MAJOR CONCERN? After he's got his own country in the bag and under control, what's his next concern? Then, in order to preserve his power and to preserve his dictatorship, he had to challenge the rest of the world, and he gets power-drunk, and he figures he can lick the world with one hand tied behind hid back! They always get that feeling!
       35. SO, THEY DECIDE, WE'LL HAVE TO USE THE POWER AND WEAPONS WE HAVE TO WIPE OUT CHINA! Our security over here is so poor! I mean, they know what we're thinking, what we're doing, secret papers are being published in the Washington Press, and everything else, that they know before the American public knows, what's going on in our government!
       36. NOW, ANALYSE THE CHINESE POSITION! The Chinese feel that the world is becoming over-populated. Somebody's got to be wiped out. So what's the most dangerous nation on the face of the earth today, which has potential power to destroy the world?--And so crazy, and so stupid about international relations, they don't know anything about it, they don't understand it, they don't see what's going on?--Those insane Americans, with their new, Hitlerian government! We're going to have to do the world a favour by wiping out the Americans!
       37. AND, OF COURSE, THE RUSSIANS WILL COOPERATE, AND ALL THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL UNDERSTAND AND SYMPATHISE! "The Americans are getting too dictatorial, too dangerous to the rest of the world!--Better to wipe out America before they start shooting those bombs over here!--No telling where they'd land!"--Now that's the attitude of the rest of the world!
       38. AND THE KIDS!--BELIEVE IT OR NOT, MOST OF THE KIDS WE FOUND WANDERING ALL OVER EUROPE WERE AMERICANS AND BRITISH, and they are virtually evacuating their own countries like sinking ships!--And you know the attitude of the kids we ran into abroad--regarding possibilities of Revolution in America? They are the refuges, who see it coming, who see it's absolutely going to be a massacre, a hopeless Revolution, it is totally suicidal, and they don't want to get caught in it! So they're going to be over in Europe some place, or the Mideast, the Near East, the Far East! You find Americans wherever you go--kids--hippies!
       39. YOU FIND VERY FEW OF THE TYPICAL, AFFLUENT AMERICAN TOURIST any more--very few typical Systemite Americans over there! You know the guys who spend more money touring Europe today than anybody else?--The Germans--they're the richest country in Europe today! And now the Japanese are coming in! But American tourists are seeming to be nothing compared to these others.--But the American kids are there by the thousands! Because the intellectual kids are smart, they see the violence coming, and they don't want to get caught in it! They see there's going to be a clash between the opposite extremes, they don't want to get caught in the middle and they're getting out! (Aaron: --The Revolution in America is gonna be like the Boston Massacre, only the Russians are going to be like the Colonial Revolutionaries, in a way, trying to overthrow the King George of the United States!) Aaron is speaking on a local scale. On a world scale, in other words, the rest of the world is going to sympathise with the attempted overthrow of the American dictatorship, just as the rest of the world sympathised with the overthrow of Hitler! The American dictatorship has become a threat, just like Hitler and his dictatorship, a threat to the whole world, so they're going to all cooperate and get rid of it!--And I don't blame them!
       40. (AARON: YOU KNOW WHY THE OLDER GENERATION DOESN'T TRAVEL ABROAD?--Because it's patriotic to keep American money at home!) Not only that, but they found out they're very unpopular abroad! I didn't even want to be known as an American abroad! I was usually taken as British. There's something about me that impresses people as British. I almost had to argue! They couldn't believe we were Americans! We met this French-Jewess, she just couldn't believe we were American! She said, "You are not at all like Americans, you don't come in here pushing." (She demonstrated how Americans bluster around--she couldn't speak English very well.)--She said, "You're so nice, so polite!"
       41. THEY TOLERATE YOU MOST PLACES. The only country where they judged us just because we were English-speaking Americans was France! They are just anti-American and anti-British, period! They don't stop hardly to judge you on your personality or individuality--they just hate them in general, and De Gaulle conditioned them for years to hate the Americans and hate the British, and I don't know if they'll ever get over it! The rest of Europe, they're pretty fair about judging you as an individual, and they seem to like the kids, they really like the kids--the American kids! "But we don't understand their mothers and fathers over there!--These kids that come over here, they seem to know what's going on, but what's the matter with your government? They don't seem to know what's happening!" the Europeans say!
       42. OK, NOW, THAT'S THE PICTURE OF INTERNATIONAL WORLD CONDITIONS. I would say that nothing has really changed, it has just progressed in the very same direction that we predicted last year, only more so, and perhaps even faster, and with a little more enlightenment to see what is happening.--The strong-arm Gestapo, storm-trooper tactics, which are used, for example, to cause one rock festival to have to move five times and then they closed it down!--The government moving in and taking all money coming in at the gate--the IRS--then they slapped a lien on everything that was left behind, all the equipment, everything, because they said they wanted to make sure the Federal Government got its share of the income!
       43. IT'S ALL A PART OF THE REPRESSION, THE OPPRESSION OF THE HIPPIE, THE REPRESSION OF THE YOUTH. They want to kill these festivals, because it's the one place the kids have a chance to get together peacefully, and they're just afraid someday they may get together that way and have guns in their hands! Even Jeanne Dixon is predicting, everybody's predicting it, that marijuana is going to be legalised next year. We go to festivals to try to get the kids out of that, those festivals aren't really good for the kids. We go there to give them the answer!
       44. THE FESTIVAL IS A GOOD IDEA, IT'S JUST THE DEVIL'S COUNTERFEIT, THE ORGANISING MOTIVE IS WRONG. I want all of you to hear Joel and Carmel's tape on Jerry Rubin--it will take you a couple of hours, and you'll get a pretty good glimpse of what the attitude is, and the comparison between the radical Communist youth like Jerry Rubin and us, the similarities and the contrasts: Joel and Carmel have it pretty well summed up. They talk a lot of the same language as we do. Communism is the Devil's counterfeit! We already have what they're talking about! They're talking about the New Nation, even! They're talking about getting it together, they're talking about sharing, they're talking about everything we've already got! They'll get together with guns, and they'll get wiped out!--crushed!--It will be suicidal!
       45. NEARLY ALL OF YOUR HONESTLY INTELLECTUAL, SINCERE, YOU MIGHT SAY LIBERAL, OR EVEN RADICAL YOUTH TODAY, WHO HAVE THEIR EYES OPEN, and can see the picture, and are not just absolute, blind fools, are getting out! Jerry Rubin, I think, sees it too, and he's scared, but he's having a good time seeing his name in the paper! It's all a big act with him, he likes to see his name in lights, he likes to see himself in the headlines, likes to see himself on TV! If he has to spend part of his time in a jail, it's worth it, because he's enjoying being publicised! But he's not really getting anybody to follow, anybody to do the same things, almost nobody!
       46. SO I BELIEVE THE FREE TIME WE HAVE LEFT, God helping us, will be between now and next Summer!--This Summer and the rest of the year!--Which is probably why God is shoving us out, trying to get us out, and if we don't get out, He'll use more stringent methods! You say you can't do without this personnel, and so and so on. Son, if you had to, you could do without them all, if God wanted you to! You could put them all on the road if you had to---Even the Gad Shop, of you had to stick it on a truck!
       47. SEPTEMBER 1971--WELL, NITWIT NITLER HAS DONE IT AGAIN! YOU'VE JUST GOTTA BE A GENIUS TO MAKE ALL THE WRONG DECISIONS--or a madman! For one thing, he's offered to visit China to play a little verbal Ping-Pong with the Chinese so he can chew and lie with Chou En Lai and offer him a hot seat in the United Nations, so they can all chew and lie!--Just to try to convince the Liberals that he too, is a Liberal, when everybody knows he isn't!--As transparent a trick as I've ever seen to get the Liberal Vote in the coming Election!--And certainly nobody's gonna believe him even if he does make it to China, or China makes it to the UN!--And as if the rest of the world were not already mad enough at us Americans for all the other crazy stunts we've pulled! Now Nitler wants to make friends with an avowed enemy feared more than Russia by most of the rest of the world! They would sooner have had us side with Russia!!--But, no!--Nitwit Nitler knows nothing!--With only two sides to pick from. he manages to choose the least popular in the world today!--At least, the least popular with our so-called friends, like Europe! Of course, it may turn out that this madman will have beginner's luck in his lunacy by actually having accidentally chosen the winning side--the Chinese! Of course, in his crazy quest for American votes to improve his personal power, maybe it never occurred to him that that old red Chinese Dragon, after gobbling up the rest of the world, might just turn around and gobbles us up too!--If we haven't already destroyed ourselves by that time!
       48. LATELY, HE SEEMS TO BE BECOMING AN EXPERT IN HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ANTAGONISE PEOPLE!--Having incurred the undying enmity of America's youth by his encouragement of police brutality and police state tactics in the handling of youth and prison demonstrations, he has now turned around and succeeded in even turning the hard-hats against him, American labour--the flag wavers--by cancelling all their hard-won pay raises for which they had fought all those big prolonged strikes that were only recently settled! This he's done by the recent wage freeze; and by the price freeze, he's even turned the small businessmen against him!--A real stroke of genius!--Or a genius with a stroke!
       49. ABOUT THE ONLY FRIENDS HE SEEMED TO HAVE LEFT ARE THE BIG, BIG-BUSINESS BILLIONAIRE BOYS, whose multi-billionaire corporations are booming because of these economic policies. They no longer have to pay those big wage increases that their employees had won by their strikes, and they squeeze the little businesses out of business with the price freeze, while their own interests, dividends, stocks, bonds, and profits are totally unrestricted and soaring as never before, to the glee and delight of Nitwit Nitler and his billionaires!
       50. NITLER IS CERTAINLY FOLLOWING THE COUNSEL OF LUKE 16:9: "Make yourselves friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations!" Apparently he knows he hasn't a Chinaman's chance of winning the next election, so he's padding his cell in advance, with his billionaire friends, so that when he fails to win, they will receive him, saying: "That's our boy! He took care of us! Now we'll take care of him! What if the country does go to pot, and the poor starve, and the youth rage, and the economy go bankrupt, and even our friends hate us!--Let them eat cake!--After us, the deluge! We've got ours!"--As Marie Antoinette and Louis the Fourteenth said just before they lost their heads in the French Revolution!
       51. THE RICH ARE ALWAYS LIKE THAT--ALWAYS THINKING THEIR MONEY WILL SAVE THEM no matter what happens--that somehow their god Mammon will protect them if they feed him enough of their children and other people's children for cannon fodder, or cause them to pass thru the fire of Moloch, or be devoured by the lies of Baal!
       52. AND NOW THIS LAST IS THE WORST OF ALL--THE 10 PERCENT EXCISE TAX ON IMPORTS! Nitwit Nitler has figured out how he can rob the poor of the world to feed the rich of America! Now his own nation and the whole world are cursing him, and billions won't save him from God's wrath!
       FOOTNOTE, DECEMBER 1973: WELL, NOW WE KNOW!--Nitler didn't win the election of 1972--he stole it!--And with his "dirty tricks" campaign he did crush the youth rebellion in their attempt at political revolution under McGovern.--And although he pulled the uniformed troops out of Vietnam, he left 20,000 civilian "advisers," huge American economic investments and massive military support in arms, tanks, planes, etc.--and threatens to escalate the war there again if the Communists try to get back in!--And he has now proven himself to be the ruthless, unscrupulous mad dictator we said he would be!--And we got out!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family