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"DEAR DEB AND JETH"--MO       September 27, 1971       NO.110--LTA

       1. MY PRECIOUS CHILDREN: GREETINGS IN JESUS' DEAR NAME! Thank you so much for your very sweet letters and all your good reports and logs! Everytime I have to spank you for not communicating, you always do so well afterwards, it makes me feel so sorry I want to cry! So I was so glad to get your good letters showing that you still love me in spite of the spanking! Praise the Lord! I suppose that you thought that because you were between Colonies and only on a special mission to L.A., etc., that you didn't need to write reports--but IT MIGHT BE WELL TO REMIND ALL TEAMS ON SPECIAL MISSIONS, INCLUDING ROAD TEAMS, THAT WE'RE ESPECIALLY INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM THEM, or otherwise we don't know where they are or what they're doing! But all is forgiven, since as said before, you have now more than redeemed yourselves with the present abundant flow of reports which we have read with eagerness and excitement!


       2. YOU ALL SURELY HAVE BEEN THROUGH A BATTLE, OR A LOT OF BATTLES UP THERE, as we suspected it would be, but thank God, it looks like you've had nothing but victories, except the loss of the TVR--I mean VTR--which was quite a loss. Son, in all the years I have driven vehicles, I've not had one stolen, nor anything stolen out of one, thank the Lord. I'm sure it was the Lord, because we always tried to remember to pray for our vehicles when leaving, even laying hands on them many times, and also for the things inside, that the Lord would protect and keep His property--so we have yet to have anything stolen either out of house or car! Of course, we've always tried to give the Lord a lot of cooperation, too:
       1. Never park a car in a bad neighbourhood, unprotected, or in an unguarded lot, if it contains valuables!
       2. Even so, always lock all valuables in the trunk or cover them with blankets or newspapers or clothing, so that they're hidden from plain view. My teacher used to say: "He who tempts a thief to steal is equally guilty!"
       3. Always be sure all windows are up tight and the doors are securely locked! These measures will not always deter theft, but will greatly reduce the possibilities, as any thief can tell you, since, although there might be something valuable under that blanket, yet again, there might not be, so he hates to take a chance on the danger of breaking a window, the possibility of detection, and getting caught for breaking and entering, and getting a jail sentence of at least a year or more, or less, for something that wasn't even worth it! I've often had some of our women folk leave an empty purse on the front seat, or a purse with nothing valuable in it, saying to me, "Oh, there's nothing in it!" But my reply is always, "Sorry, but I don't care to risk a broken window just for a thief to discover there's nothing in it!"
       3. ALSO, DID YOU IMMEDIATELY REPORT THE THEFT TO THE POLICE?--After all, anything over a thousand dollars is grand larceny and usually considered a serious crime. Reporting it to the police, especially such a rare item as a VTR, could very well have helped them and some shopkeeper to apprehend the culprits, because there are pretty serious laws against and penalties for "fencing", or accepting stolen goods, especially if the police have already notified you of the nature and description of the item--so that the shopkeeper is without excuse if he's found trying to sell it later! Most shopkeepers have a prearrangement with the police, that if any such police-listed item is brought in their store for sale, they are to make some excuse, or signal someone, to go into another room and phone the police, while someone keeps the thieves busy by haggling over the price, or inspecting or testing the merchandise. Many thieves have been caught this way while trying to dispose of stolen goods!
       4. SOMETIMES YOU CAN GO AROUND YOURSELF TO THE VARIOUS PAWN SHOPS or electronic stores who might have a sale for such items, and casually ask if they have such and such for sale. If then one of them should produce that very item and you can prove you are the owner and that it was reported to the police, you have a chance of getting it back. If the theft was reported immediately and the police can prove that the shopkeeper purchased it after notification, you can get it back free! But if you delayed in reporting the theft, and the shopkeeper can prove that he bought it before notification, you can still redeem it--but you'll have to pay him whatever he paid for it.
       5. IN ANY EVENT, I CANNOT IMAGINE HOW YOU COULD HAVE BEEN SO CARELESS as to leave such valuable equipment in an unguarded car! I was even concerned about Ho leaving his in the car, locked in the trunk, and parked right beneath the apartment door in plain view of the apartment window, and I always made him bring it in at night, regardless! IF A CAR IS PARKED IN FRONT OF A BUSINESS DURING BUSINESS HOURS, OR A RESIDENCE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS, the thief never knows but what the owner might be watching from within the store or residence, so such a parking spot is usually fairly safe during business or day-light hours, even though the business or residence is not yours, because the thief does not usually know this, and he knows he'd be a fool to try it, since you might be taking a shot at him, or calling the police. You've gotta put yourself in the thief's shoes, and try to figure out what kind of situation he would most likely not want to tackle! But the ideal situation for most car thefts is a dark spot on a dark night on a deserted street or parking lot, particularly in a downtown area, which is also usually deserted during the late night hours! He knows no one is in the business places at that hour and no one lives near there--so all he has to do is to be careful to avoid a patrolman, watchman, or occasional prowl car! Most professionals are equipped with a little gadget, which works right around the edge of the window, and pops up the door lock with a quick twist, so that all he has to do is jerk open the door, grab what's plainly visible, or even rifle what is not in a few swift seconds, and be gone before the next passer by. This is particularly true with cars containing plainly visible valuables, which are literally advertising themselves to be stolen, and actually invite theft!
       6. EXPERT PROFESSIONALS HAVE EVEN BEEN KNOWN TO WALK UP TO A CAR ON A CROWDED STREET in broad daylight, pretend like they were unlocking the door with the key, but while hiding the operation with their body, actually, cleverly unlocking it with one quick deft twist of their ingenious little instrument, reach in calmly, pick up the camera or valuable as though it were theirs, then stand up, push the door button, lock and shut the door again, and walk calmly away in the sight of multitudes of onlookers; as long as he is bold and calm enough and well dressed enough, no one will think anything of it, but will simply think, even if they bother to observe him at all, that he simply came back to get his camera. This is one of the most common types of car theft. Only kids and beginners break windows: it's too dangerous and too noisy and too obviously a B & E! I remember I used to work for the District Attorney, a law enforcement agency, and I learned a lot of interesting things!--One more of the interesting jobs God gave me, to prepare me for this work, in which I've had to know a little of everything, in order to teach and advise you!
       7. Too bad I didn't teach you this sooner--it might have prevented such a heavy loss! BUT MAYBE THIS WILL BE A LESSON TO OTHERS, as well as to you, to prevent any such losses in the future. Of course, usually, just a little prayer and good common sense can prevent such things, even without a lesson on car thefts! This was a particularly sad loss since it was not only the VTR which had been so kindly given me to view all your tapes, but also the one that I had so kindly loaned you with a promise that you would loan me your video tape player in its place! I have yet to receive the video tape player, and you have now lost my VTR, so now we're both without one--a serious and considerable handicap and loss, not only to us, but to the Lord's Work!
       8. I'M SURE THAT HIS SPIRIT IS FAITHFUL AND MUST SURELY HAVE WARNED YOU before this happened, as He never forgets or neglects anything, and often protects us and our things even in our ignorance! But if we are willfully or woefully ignorant, careless, negligent and slothful stewards, then He will sometimes allow us to suffer for it by learning a bitter lesson as a result of it!--As we hope you have now learned!--How did it happen?--And what are you going to do about it--and where is my video player for my use? What was your mistake, Son, and why did it happen!--We know God didn't fail! Were you a little proud of it, possessive, or just plain careless?--Or all three?--Which?
       9. Well there I go with another tongue-lashing!--But I know that you need it, because either you, or someone there, had to be to blame for this almost irrecoverable loss! MAY WE AT LEAST ALL PROFIT BY IT, BY LEARNING THIS BITTER LESSON, so that no one in the whole Revolution will ever permit such a tragic loss to occur again! It might not be a bad idea to add this particular lesson on THEFT to your 3 x 5 classes. It certainly is needed, apparently! Just sorry it had to be you and our tape recorder! If you haven't already done the things suggested toward possible recovery, I suggest you do them immediately: report the loss to the police and check the pawn shops, electronic stores, etc. yourself personally, or one of your smart assistants!--And pray!--God is still able!


       10. WELL, AS USUAL, WE GENERALLY HEAR MORE ABOUT OUR MISTAKES THAN OUR SUCCESSES! But the way it looks from here, it looks like you all have done a great job up there, which we knew you would and we're proud of you and thankful to the Lord for both of you and your good work for Him--and I'm sure you're already being blessed for it! We're all praying earnestly for you and we know the Lord will have His Way!
       11. IT SEEMS LIKE IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO GET THE LEADERS OUT OF YOUR HAIR up there and send them to Josh, while you established the others and consolidated the territory, even though it has created some problems at TSC, Praise the Lord! However, Praise the Lord, it looks like TSC's problems are just about over, along with those of L.A. and Coachella--and King Saul's are about to begin, since he is now driving David and his men completely out of the Kingdom! But as usual, God always has a reason--and now that we have pretty well delivered our souls in these areas, reaped the major harvests of souls and publicity, God has permitted our persecution to begin, according to His Will and as He Himself has said, to cause us to flee to other cities where we're much more needed, and they are begging for labourers. It looks like you in the Northwest should be able to absorb most of those from California, while TSC ships theirs to the many new Colonies pleading for Helpers both at home and abroad. Nearly every Shepherd's Report that we have received from these new fields has been praying for more workers, so apparently, God has deemed it time to answer their prayers, meet these urgent needs, and deliver us from King Saul and Southern California, before His Judgements fall on both! For when I was praying and asking God why this sudden and almost total evacuation of Southern California, without seeming to leave much of a witness behind in this area, it immediately came to me that we had pretty much delivered or souls there, gotten our start, recruited many Mighty Men, found many other Caves of Adullam in which to hide, and even the Lands of Philistia, and that God now wants us to get out of there, so he can judge them and king Saul for their sins in rejecting us!
       12. WHAT OTHER REASON COULD HE POSSIBLY HAVE FOR THIS SUDDEN AND ALMOST TOTAL EVACUATION of Southern California, unless He wants us to get out, both for our own safety, as well as to supply manpower much more needed in other much more fertile fields? It seems that our reaping there had dwindled almost to a gleaning, while other fields are white and ripe unto harvest, and crying for reapers, so God has stirred up those nests and flushed out the little eaglets to try their wings, to soar to heights of new attainment!--Hallelujah!
       13. I WAS REALLY THRILLED TO HEAR ABOUT IT, AND FELT IT WAS COMING SOON, AND HAD WARNED YOU OF IT OFTEN! If you'll read some of my Letters as far back as January, from Israel, I warned you this was coming sooner or later, and to prepare for it, organise for it, plan for it, so as not to get caught short! But as usual, we seldom heed advice, and usually have to learn the hard way, whereas it would have been much easier on the poor kids and their leaders if they had been better prepared and organised for it! I had even told you to organise teams, teach and train them, give them written instructions of what to do in just such an emergency, and to be sure that they had sufficient transportation to carry out these plans when it occurred. I even said or suggested that if you had insufficient transportation available, to let the girls ride and the boys hitchhike, and always be prepared to go at a moment's notice--which is just what you got--but for which you were apparently rather poorly prepared, in spite of all my warnings!
       14. BUT PRAISE GOD, HE HAS HAD HIS WAY, AND ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD to them that love Him, and it looks like you have survived without casualties, and we trust we'll overcome these difficulties, trials, and testings, and come forth as pure gold in much needier fields! Let the Jesus People have that one, and let them sink with California! God has His ways of vindicating His Children for all the trouble they have caused us, and the persecution they have given us, and the way they have rejected us and His Message! PTL!
       15. LET THEM GO DOWN WITH THEIR STINKING SHIP, WHILE WE TAKE OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD! I'm just amazed that it didn't happen sooner. I was expecting God to do it at the beginning of the Summer, in order to push us out on the road and to other Colonies and around the world, but we've been dragging our feet, yet He is merciful, because He didn't want to have to do it this hard way. But now, by Summer's end, and we still hadn't moved out, when needier fields are imploring us for help. He has finally had to act forcibly!
       16. ONCE AGAIN WE ARE REMINDED THAT WE ARE PILGRIMS AND STRANGERS HERE AND HAVE NO CERTAIN DWELLING PLACE, like Jesus and the Apostles of old. It is the Book of Acts all over again, as well as the Gospels, but it is going to be on a far more massive scale. I know some of you are going to miss the old familiar stomping grounds, but we must never let the roots grow down so deep that we cannot be uprooted again. We must be a thoroughly mobile army, a veritable blitzkrieg invasion, which takes the territory quickly and when leaving, leaves behind only a scorched earth, unusable by the Enemy, because we have delivered our souls and washed their blood from our hands to let those that remain die in their own iniquity, Hallelujah! His Truth is marching on! It hasn't time to wait for the laggards, the shirkers, and the impenitent! We've no time to waste! We must go on and leave behind those who will not follow--Leave them to their sad fate! God's Children must go on to more receptive and responsive fields where hearts are eager and hungry to believe and receive and to obey. Let the others die in their iniquity and be judged by their lack of works and their lack of fruit! God's true Children must march on to greater conquests and mightier victories in fresher fields til Jesus comes! Nothing can stop us now! They can never kill us all! We'll be witnessing to the Last Day, even in the very capital of the Antichrist, who is trying to exterminate us! PTL! Hallelujah? Amen! If God be for us, who can be against us? (Ro.8:31) No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper, (Is.54:17) He shall turn their own devices to their own defeat. Amen?


       17. SO GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE AT THE FIGHTING FRONTS and all of you who are going through this transition from former home fields to new beachheads, and may the Lord help you to survive it! But if not, "Blessed are they which die in the Lord! Their works do follow them!" (Rev.14:13)--And, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints! (Ps.116:15) Hallelujah! Glory to God! Let's go! "THE DAY OF MARCH HAS COME!" Praise God!
       18. "LEAD ON, O KING ETERNAL!--
       The Day of March has come!
       Hence forth in fields of Battle,
       Thy tents shall be our home!
       Through days of preparation,
       Thy Grace hath made us strong!
       Lead on, O King Eternal!--
       We lift our Battle Song!"

--Hallelujah! Glory to God!--Praise you Jesus! Thank you Lord!
       "Like a mighty Army,
       Move the Children of God!
       Brothers we are treading,
       Where the Saints have trod!
       We are not divided!
       All one Body we!
       One in work and Doctrine,
       One for Eternity!

       Onward Christian Soldiers,
       Marching in His War--
       With our Leader, Jesus,
       Going on before!"

--Sing it! Shout it! Do it!
       20. WELL, I GUESS YOU GET THE POINT! NO MORE DILLY-DALLEY, NO MORE DELAY, NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE HESITATING, NO MORE DISOBEYING, NO MORE MARKING TIME!--This is Marching Time! No more sitting in the nest! Spread your wings and fly to the fray! Hallelujah! Now's the time for Mighty Men! "Now's the Time.--For the Harvest Is Here!" Hallelujah! Amen?
       21. TO ENCOURAGE YOU ALL EVEN FURTHER, LET ME PASS ON TO YOU SOME OF THE FOLLOWING JUICY MORSELS WHICH WE HAVE RECENTLY RECEIVED, fresh off God's griddle, to strengthen us!: (Most of these exploded in tongues and interpretation as we were reading your letters and logs of your glorious victories, especially in the new fields! God is with us, Children!)
       22. DAVID PRAYS AND IT COMETH TO PASS, THE THINGS WHICH JESUS HATH SPOKEN, that his Children might be ordained of God to carry the Message to every land and every tongue and every nation! For this is the Will of God and the Spirit hath spoken it! ... None have the power and the spirit of the Children of David! Listen to the Voice of David! None shall stop us, for God is with us! ... How the Lord hath favoured these people with the presence of His Children--because He loves them! ... Nothing can equal the power of God in His Children! ... All these things come to pass because I the Lord have spoken it and brought it to pass through My Servant David, for I the Lord have spoken it! None of these things could take place if I, by My Spirit, had not empowered My Servant David! ... Their line is gone out through all the world, and their Words to the ends of the earth! So it is with the Voice of the Children of God! ... For I have spoken it by My Voice! Amen!
       23. So quit looking back! "No man having put his hand to the plough and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God!" ... "Forgetting the things that are behind, let us press forward to the things that are before, and the high calling that is in Christ Jesus!"
       24. I'm kinda sorry you had to offend the Ministerial Association, right off the bat, because those boys wield a lot of power and could try to break you--but it was bound to come sooner or later, so praise the Lord anyhow! Just try to avoid it when you can!


       25. I'm glad you're pleased with what I did about the children, and I certainly agree again that OUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD CHILDREN ARE ONE OF OUR GREATEST MINISTRIES, one of our most important ministries, and a ministry for which we'll be held responsible by both God and man! We must not fail in it, no matter how busy we are! You children are what you are today because your Mother and I were willing to spend time with you, teach you and train you, as well as give you a Sample when you were small! So there must be God-called Mothers amongst you girls--and Fathers, too!--who must get the burden for this ministry of our children! They need you NOW! It is one of the most vital ministries we have--absolutely essential, and of the greatest necessity and urgency--not only for the children's sake and their future ministry, but for the sake of the ministry of their Mothers and Fathers now, who are feverishly labouring in the Harvest fields so white, to bring in the grain while it's ripe, before the approaching storm! This is an emergency! We are in a desperate situation! We need every possible hand in the fields for this furious harvesting while it is yet day!--And someone must help care for the children to make this harvesting possible! God has promised that they which stand by the stuff shall share equally in the rewards and the spoils with them which go forth to the battle! So you who stand by our children will share equally in the reward and the souls we are harvesting, just as much as if you were on the battlefront yourself! It is your part of the War, and without you we could not do it! And not only that, you yourself will be actually teaching and training the future prophets and prophetesses of the very Last Day! For the Lord has prophesied time and again that these children are going to be witnesses unto Him and stand before Him as the Prophets of old in the very End! So you will have a share in their ministry also by stepping forward NOW and caring of them now while they need you NOW! This is urgent, Children, and you must ask God to show you the need, burden your heart for it, give you the Grace for it and the great Love for it and help you to volunteer NOW for this Mighty Ministry of His Mighty Mites! Do it NOW! TODAY!


       26. Yes, it looks like Burlington may have to become our NEW MIGHTY MITES' SCHOOL, with TSC closing--so surely, Deb, you can see the wisdom of God in sending you to the Northwest since the school and the MIGHTY MITES have always been your burden, God bless you! So because of your sacrifice and willingness to leave your own children behind to care for the children of God, it looks like the Lord may give them back to you, or at least near you, very soon! Hallelujah! Are you ready! If not, you'd better get ready FAST!
       27. Thanks for explaining about your directives. ... You can call me MO but nothing else, or even David, your King, if you must, but no other relationship. And if anybody wants to know who wrote the Letters, just say Moses and David and the Lord!--"Didn't you ever hear of them?--They're in the Bible--now they're writing us letters from Space City!" That oughtta keep 'em guessing--like the little boy who asked me where I was from, and I said, "Outer Space!" That oughtta do it--or just call 'em the Lord's Letters--Love Letters!
       28. That Seattle place sounds like a great place for meetings and eatings, but are you sure they're gonna let you get by with sleeping? From what I heard of Everett, they're doing great, and so is Burlington, God bless 'em! Sounds like Seattle would make a good headquarters for your general offices, and Vancouver will be terrific if you don't muff the whole deal by offending Russ' good business sense and financial relations with the government. To care for wards of the state, houses must have the specified and required facilities and space for them, according to the government's restrictions! The same is true in this country for farmed out wards of the city, county or state. Your housing conditions for them must meet government standards. Show a little faith. You need that front. If a printshop, why not a bakery and a radio programme and an already going famous newspaper! For God's sake, let's not lose all they've gained. Love, MO.

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