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"GENERAL LETTER ON VARIOUS BUSINESS"--MO       Oct. 1, 1971       LTA No.112

       1. DEAR HO, FAITH, AND ALL OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN overseas--and a few still here at home! Greeting in Jesus' wonderful name! Praise God for all the glorious victories you are winning over there! Surely the Lord is fulfilling all of His promises to us that He would help us to reach the youth of the whole world! Praise God for His faithfulness! All He needs is labourers and He will do all the rest! As Luther used to say when his wife complained that he had too many people living at their house (about 25, not many compared to us, but a tidy little Colony!)--"Don't worry, Dear! For every additional mouth, God will provide!"--And of course, He always does, Praise His Name! He will supply all our need according to his riches in Glory, no matter what we need, or how many of us there are, or where we are, or who we are, as long as we're serving Him faithfully! Praise the Lord! Jesus never fails--and even sometimes when we're faithless yet He remaineth faithful--He cannot deny Himself! Amen? Hallelujah! All Glory to Him!
       2. YOU SEE, JOSH, I ALWAYS MANAGE TO FILL UP THOSE LINES with at least a bunch of Glory, Hallelujahs, in order to use every available space, and not leave one word hanging over, wasting nearly a whole line--especially when there's a lot more that can and should be said on those news items in your good newsletter! That's a great letter, Josh, and we really enjoyed it, as it was truly inspiring, as you always are--and I still think it's the best way to share the news! Ho's news tape suggestion sounded interesting, if possible, but I'm afraid it would prove a little impractical due to the fact that we'll soon have 60 Colonies, which means each would only have one minute on the tape, and would be sending you in 60 tapes per week, each with only one minute of news on it--and if they put anything else on it, we'd never get done, even just to fill up space--because that'd take another 60 hours of your time, which is more than a 40 hour week--unless, of course, our Information Centre might consider it a good way of collecting blank tapes! However, you might let 'em try it just once, just to see how it works out! I know I'd enjoy listening to it, and there are some times when tapes come in handy, such as at mealtime when everybody's mouth is too full of food to read aloud, or at times when you're too tired to open your eyes to read, although I've found the that they usually put me to sleep. So I still think you can't beat the written word that everybody can have a copy of to enjoy at their leisure, and study prayerfully, as well as share with others.
       3. PERSONALLY, I STILL HAVE A HARD TIME REMEMBERING WHAT'S ON TAPE, unless we make careful notes on it, and then I figure how come you didn't write the letter instead of making us write it? Besides, you can't share it with as many people, unless you duplicate 'em wholesale at terrific cost in time, labour and expense. However, I want to thank you, Esther, for doing such an excellent job of sending us the notes with the tape--but of course, this just made double work for you, and it seems you might as well have just let Ho dictate the letter to you in the first place, as much as we love to hear his sweet voice. Incidentally, it seems like he could have let you say a few words, at least, except for the fact that he probably made it when you were asleep, as he almost was!
       4. ANYHOW, HO, THANKS A LOT FOR THE TAPE, and you, Esther, for the note. God bless you--and congratulations on your new expectancy! I have suggested to Josh that we don't send your other children over there until you're well established, and the cold winter is over--about next Spring! You'll probably be getting plenty of children there to exhibit a sample, and I don't think it's worth risking your lives and the lives of the children by working too great a hardship on you when you're already under such pressure getting established there, by sending the children this time of year when it's gonna be so cold.
       5. IT LOOKS LIKE JEREMY AND FIONA WILL BE HERE A WHILE YET, getting our new International Recording Band organised, and making hits to fulfil his contract with that Hollywood record company. I believe we can sell 'em on the idea of recording him as "Jeremy Spencer and the Children of God," since a lot of people wanna know what happened to him and a lot of people have heard about the Children of God--so in effect, they have a lot of good publicity going for them already, if the boys can just make some good records. Even one good hit would reach more millions than we're going to be able to reach personally for quite a while, and as everybody says, you've gotta make it in this country first, if you're gonna reach the world--just as we did! So this may take some time before they can come, so you may have to send Heidi to them with someone returning to this country!
       6. ONE VERY URGENT MATTER I wanna ask you about, Ho, is that despite the fact that I sent you a copy of that letter to the bank about the funds we sent you, about September third, and you made your tape on Sept. 22, you still didn't mention the check--and we still haven't received the bank's return receipt, even though the letter was registered, although it may have been lost in the mail shuffle somewhere--but it's been nearly three weeks, and you should have had it by now--or maybe you just forgot to mention it! If so, let me remind you, as I have often advised you all, always answer a letter with the letter in your hand, so you won't forget to acknowledge such important matters. We sent you that money, not only to help you get started, because we thought you might need it but also to have it exchanged into British Pounds before those dollars lose anymore value. Dollars have already dropped nearly 10 percent on some markets, which means you lose One Hundred Dollars to the thousand! So please let us know what happened to that money!
       7. FAITH, YOU ALSO HAVE SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE FUNDS we sent you, much less a word of appreciation, although we have received a notice from the bank that they did get our checks. In both cases I told the banks you would each be in to set up your separate accounts for the COG, both in London and Amsterdam, so they'll be expecting you. What have you done about it? We figure with you sleeping in the park, Faith, or being walked on in a hostel, or the mouse playing on your sleeping bag, it was about time you square-headed Dutchmen got a place to live, even if you had to rent one. However, it looks like the Lord has provided you with something now, thank the Lord! And despite the many times I've requested information on what happened to Ben's inheritance, which is one reason we sent him over there, we would still have heard nothing about that, if someone hadn't casually mentioned it in one of your logs, with Elsa advising you how to spend it!
       8. WHICH REMINDS ME THAT I HAVE OFTEN ADVISED YOU ALL AGAIN AND AGAIN NEVER TO DISCUSS YOUR FINANCES [DELETED], at least not the specifics [DELETED]--nothing can kill people helping you like their thinking you already have plenty. Never discuss the specifics of finances before anyone except those directly involved, and who have to know. This has always been a standing rule, and anything else is a serious breach of [EDITED: "privacy"], and woeful lack of wisdom. Maybe it wasn't your fault, but the advice is still good for all of us. We don't even care to know anything about your finances, except to know that they're being taken care of. The details are your business, and that goes for all of you. But if you need any, you should let us know, or if you have a surplus that others may need, you should let us know. I not only believe in praying and trusting the Lord, but also that it pays to advertise!--"Ask and ye shall receive."
       9. BUT I WILL SAY THIS: AS A GENERAL POLICY, WE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT IN FAVOUR OF PURCHASING PROPERTY! We are too mobile, times are changing too fast, and our task is too hazardous and we're too apt to be asked to move, even if we own it--and then you're left holding the bag, with a lot of money tied up in a piece of dead real estate that you can't move with you, maybe even burdened with a contract, payments, etc., that you might not be able to sell. We prefer to borrow property, rent, or lease it, or even just get the temporary use of it, I hope we never get that stationary that we buy and settle down! I can't see any record of the Early Church doing that, and when they finally did, it was their ruination. We're too apt to get run out of town, to get ourselves tied up with a piece of property so that we can't get out of it without a great loss. DON'T BUY!--Unless you absolutely have to, and then be sure it's something you can get out of easily or can be easily resold. Buying has all the disadvantages, responsibilities and blame. The Government always holds the owners to blame for anything that goes wrong, such as Building Code, health Restrictions, Safety Laws, Zoning, Neighbourhood Disturbance, Public Nuisance, and dozens of other things. All they can do to renters is just kick 'em out--and moving is one of our professions! We're Gospel Gypsies, having here no certain resting-place! This world is not our home. We are pilgrims and strangers here in many strange lands!
       10. SO LET THE OTHER GUY DO THE BUYING and the owning and have all the expenses and the worry, while we just Use It!--and have all the fun--so that when things go wrong, all we have to do is move, as we're doing right now out of three of our major locations, which we acted like we were gonna live in forever! The abandonment of these will not only end our hassles with Saul and solve our manpower problems in other Colonies, but also literally save us thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses by transportation costs at TSC! PTL!
       11. TSC WAS ALWAYS A PROBLEM, even in its earliest days under the Soul Clinic, because of the terrible distance from the nearest procuring city and the resultant tremendous transportation difficulties for witnessing, procuring, or any other business. This is one of the reasons the place folded up originally two or three times, and why Saul could never make it go. We lasted and prospered longer there than anyone else has ever done before, thanks to the miraculous power of God! But if you wanna know what a hassle it was, just ask our procurers, mechanics, and businessmen! This is one reason why Saul abandoned it for so many years! Nobody else could make it go--and he's really losing a good tenant this time, that made more out of it than anybody ever had before--and the same goes for the L.A. building, not to speak of the labourers he's lost at Coachella! He has really cut off his nose to spite his face this time, and is hurting himself more than anybody, because of his God-damned stupid pride! We've got the people, which is the most important part of the Kingdom--it's citizenry--all he's got is a bunch of empty property, and is left holding an empty bag, for which I believe the Philistines are really gonna sock it to him! We can go anywhere, and live anywhere, but he's stuck with his empty buildings, and nobody to take care of them, and nobody to run his Kingdom. What's a Kingdom without people, and a land without labourers?--Absolutely nothing but a dead weight, expense, responsibility, a white elephant, and a dangerous headache!
       12. SO YOU SEE, PROPERTY ISN'T WORTH ANYTHING IF YOU CAN'T USE IT, as some of you have already found out several times before. It doesn't even matter if you're the owner--they can still tell you to get out, if you don't use it to suit the System! So it's really the government that runs it and owns it, and you're merely the tenant, so you might as well let somebody else pay for it! Just Use It!--As long as they'll let you, and then move somewhere else, until they kick you outta there too--which they always will when God is through with you there! That's why He sends persecution--when you don't take the hint that it's time to go! he sends along a little persecution to force you out, and get you moving again after you've delivered your soul and reaped the harvest, and it's time to go somewhere where you're more needed! So for God's Sake, don't get stuck with a piece of property on your hands, for you may have to fly by night! Yes, that's exactly right! We're one of those fly-by-night outfits, just like the Early Church, like the poor Gypsies--everything that most people don't like or approve of, we are, like Jesus and His Disciples. We are strictly "Low Church"--you English will know what I mean--but you've no idea how low! We are usually on the bottom--a peculiar people, despised, rejected, and hated of all men! So try not to buy property if you can help it, unless there's no down payment, the payments are like rent, and the owner keeps the title till it's paid for! Ha!
       13. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THE PHILISTINE SYSTEM is gonna now hold King Saul responsible for all the damage we've done and all the money he's made on us, and for all the property he's bought in the name of the COG. when there are no children living there. It's sure as hell that his Witch, or his Dogs the Edomites, or even the poor Chimp, are not gonna be able to fill 'em up--and now they can enjoy them all to themselves--a mission field with no people--and the System's not gonna like that, neither are the people who paid for it, thinking they were buying it for us, especially when they hear he threw us out, which they should certainly hear of! I'm sure all Israel knew that Saul had chased David and his men out of the Kingdom, even though David didn't lift a hand against him!
       14. IN FACT, I WAS PRAYING THIS MORNING ABOUT HOW COME HIS INCOME DROPPED OFF so badly this season, and it came to me immediately that it was about the time all of the major leaders left California--first Faith and Abraham and Rebecca, and Ho and others, then Josh, Caleb, Jeth and Deb, etc.! God certainly knew what he was doing, moving the major leaders out first, leaving only a skeleton rearguard to help with the eventual evacuation. I was in that gospel entertainment business long enough to know that people give to popular personalities and because of their confidence in them--and when the people they trusted were gone--the ones they knew were the leaders, they apparently stopped giving, evidently sensing that something was up--or down--especially as he began to ignore them on TV, and began pushing again his old routines. I'm sure God helped those who were sincerely supporting him for our sakes to see the handwriting on the wall and quit--so there's nothing left for poor Saul but disaster, defeat, disgrace, and death!
       15. THANK GOD NOBODY SHOULD HAVE ANY TROUBLE GETTING ALL THE HELP AND TALENT they need now as we empty out these three major Colonies! In fact, you should have it by about as soon as you get this letter, since we were only given a ten-day notice despite Saul's original promise of thirty. But this is the way of the kings--you can never count on 'em to keep their word, unless they really need you, or you've got something they want--and even then, you can't be too sure--at least System kings! So always be ready to run at a moment's notice, as David and his men were--and many others in the Bible. As one of my old favourite sayings goes: "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!" But he who has to stay to try to fight for the property is apt to go down with the ship!
       16. WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER SUBJECT YOU HAVE BROUGHT UP: BOATS!--Speaking of ownership, there's hardly anything you can buy that's more trouble and expensive to maintain and dangerous to operate than a boat! Both the Apostle Paul and I have not had too good experience with boats. His wound up a wreck and ours sank in the Bahamas. The first missionary team we ever sent out from Miami went by boat because of its young leader's desperate desire and faith to have one--but it brought leanness to his soul and body. On that short run to Nassau, all of 'em got so seasick they couldn't even operate the boat, even the old veteran Navy cook. There's a lot of difference between a 500-foot ship and a 100-foot boat, I oughtta know! I myself spent a day and a night in the deep in one of those little tubs, and at first I got so seasick I thought I was gonna die, and pretty soon I was so sick, I was afraid I wouldn't--and I just about promised the Lord if He ever got me off that one alive, I'd never get on another one, so help me God! I have ridden since on much larger steamships without difficulty, but I never wanna ride another one like that. It reminds me of the old Calypso song that originated down in that area about that time, and maybe you remember it. The verse had a sad woeful chant something about up hill, down dale, meaning how the boat rode the waves, and winding up with this chorus:
       "Oh, I'm sad to say,
       I'm on my way,
       And I won't be back for many a day!
       My heart is down!
       My head's turnin' around!
       I left a little girl in Kingston-town!"

And if you think he was down and his head spinning because of that girl he left, you're mistaken! It's because he was so damn seasick he couldn't even go back to her! That's my interpretation, anyhow, having ridden one of those island boats--so deliver me! Do you know that they've got sea worms down there that even bore holes in the bottom--big holes--and if a hurricane doesn't get you, the worms will--or as happened on our dear little mission boat's maiden voyage, they all got too sick to steer it, and the engine went out and they ran out of drinking water, and were adrift for five days on the open sea, getting sicker by the day. But finally, as they began to starve, they hailed another boat who towed them to port and could have possessed the boat by rights of salvage, where it finally sank! From then on we decided it was cheaper, safer, and less torturous to go by plane. In fact, I can see more sense in owning a plane than a boat. Almost anybody can learn how to fly a plane, but it takes a real genius full of guts and years of experience and knowledge of the seas to be a good sea captain! And it takes a sizeable crew who really knows what they're doing, also!--Not to speak of a tremendous amount of constant maintenance and expense. Why do you think it costs three times as much to go to Europe by boat as it does by plane--it costs that much! The reason why only millionaires can own yachts is not because they're the only ones who can afford to buy 'em, but that they're the only ones who can afford to operate and maintain them! Ask the man who owns one! They are a headache from stem to stern, port to starboard! Please don't get a boat unless you have an experienced captain, expert crew, and lots of money to throw away, especially on the California coast, known as the "Sailors' Graveyard"!--Even the Caribbean or the Mediterranean are bad enough, but overseas?--Forget it! Nevertheless, don't let this discourage your faith, if you have any left by this time! I'm all for using the System, and letting them take care of us, including transportation! We've got too much to do to fiddle around with boats! Don't get waterlogged!
       17. NOW, OF COURSE, IF THE LORD WANTS TO GIVE US A FULL-SIZE STEAMSHIP, complete with captain, crew, and a millionaire to pay for operating it and big enough for a mobile Colony and all of our equipment, we'd have to admit it was the Lord!--But I'll let you ride it!
       18. SO DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP ENTIRELY! The idea has some merit, but I'm just warning you of the waves! It's a good thing God chose you young folks to be our pioneers--we old folks know too much! The facts and fears of former years are apt to scare us out--but you rush in with a great big grin--where angels would want out! Well, poet and don't know it! The same goes for planes, double-decker buses, and foreign radio licenses, and other things I don't know anything about--or maybe I know too much! But with your faith, you'll probably be able to make anything work! Just don't push your blessings!--Try to do it legally, lawfully, and with a great deal of prayerful caution and counsel!
       19. WHICH REMINDS ME, LEST SOME OF YOU GO DOWN WITH SAUL'S SHIP, you better be sure you have your phones cut off on his properties, or somebody could run up a bill enough to bankrupt you with one phone call on an unattended phone! Same goes for any other utilities in your name. Always be sure to notify the telephone company that you have left, or the date you're leaving, or you will be charged with all phone calls up to the time of such notification. Any calls made after such notification, you'll not be charged.
       20. ALSO, FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOP SENDING REPORTS TO EX-KING SAUL. He didn't even deserve the ones he got, and he certainly deserves none now, unless you want to write him one final letter to deliver your soul! Just be sure you send it to our Information Centre for clearance, so we can be sure you don't say anything he might use against us! If you want a classic example, follow David's farewells to Saul in 1Samuel--or even my farewell letter to him not long ago--which probably helped start it all! Also, if anybody's still in the vicinity of L.A., they oughtta watch his TV show for the next few weeks to see what he does or says about us, if anything, just in case--tape it if you can.
       21. ALSO, TSC, DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE OUR FORWARDING ADDRESS, BOX 119, DALLAS, 75221, with that poor little post office in Mingus, which is now probably going to go bankrupt without us, or get worn-out forwarding our mail! Josh or Belte, just make out a forwarding card in the name of the Children of God, asking for all mail addressed to TSC to be forwarded, including packages--and mark it permanent--thank God! I had a feeling a few weeks ago when the Lord began to dry up our income there that he was getting ready to have us move. Like Elijah and the Brook, He never dries up your source of supplies unless you're out of God's Will and it's time to go! Imagine how much you 250 people from TSC can accomplish scattered amongst our other 50 battlefronts, not to speak of the two or three hundred in Southern California! "The Day of March has come!" Hallelujah!
       22. IT LOOKS LIKE THIS WILL SOLVE TSC'S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, as well as personnel problems, children's problems, school problems, and newcomer's problems,--in fact, all its problems. Praise the Lord! God always has a solution, thank the Lord! This should also set our International Shepherd Josh free to pay a visit to his little wifey in Europe, and bring us back a fresh vision of things over there, while he tours, inspires, and supervises all the Colonies, instead of being bogged down with just mostly the headaches of one! "Now's the Time!"--to put that little bus of yours to use, and take your staff with you, Shepherd--and please don't forget a mechanic and driver, as well as a secretary! Praise the Lord!
       23. THANK GOD FOR OUR FORESIGHT in getting most of our important operations moved out of TSC in advance as we knew this was coming. Some people fought the move every step of the way, but I thank God we obeyed the Lord, and did it anyhow! Now they know we were right! How many times does the Lord have to show you that we're usually right! Thank God! So now's the time, Abel and Rahel, to set our Information Centre Office into full swing, handling all our mail, phone calls, business, etc., as there is no more TSC--and Josh will be on the road. He can communicate with you as I do, only perhaps more frequently and more directly by telephone, to answer any questions, make any decisions, or solve any emergencies beyond the normal operation of your office, which will act primarily as a clearing house for Inter-Colonial Information and Communications, as well as a production centre at the Gad Shop for literature and a training centre at Dan Radio for Communications, as well as a continued major procurement centre. Thank God the Dallas Colony was pretty well set up before this happened under its fine new spiritual leader, our dear young up and coming Brother Jeremiah, who will be left holding the fort for the Lord. Abel will continue to be our Business Manager, God willing, with his faithful wife, Rahel, as our Office Manager. So nothing much has really changed--we were just ready for it!
       24. I THINK IT'S ESPECIALLY WISE FOR YOU, JOSH, TO GO ON THE ROAD at this particular time, even pay a visit to Europe--for if the irate King Saul goes gunning for anybody in his wrath seeking vengeance for what he himself has done to himself, it will probably be for you--even me, if he could! So you'd better join me in "I Gotta Split" and get a little further out of range, at least for the time being. You could make London or Amsterdam your temporary world Headquarters and take care of any home problems by telephone, if necessary. I'd just stay out of California and Texas, if I were you--because if he tries to retaliate, it would probably be in one of these two areas. Of course, we're not guilty of anything, but a devil will always try to trump up something if he can.
       25. THANK GOD WE HAVE TAUGHT OUR COLONIES TO BE INDEPENDENT, self-governing, self-propagating, and self-supporting--truly indigenous, so that they will not be totally dependent on higher leadership! Our Headquarters is in Heaven, our Leader is Jesus Christ, and our Communications is the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! So there's nothing I know of that should require your immediate attention which could not be handled either by letter or phone call from Europe. It only takes the average letter two days from anywhere in the U.S. by airmail to almost anywhere in Europe, which is only about an additional day of time required for mail. You could have your mail handled, Josh, at Box 358, just like mine and Ho's and Faith's, by our good office manager, Rahel, and all reports could be forwarded to you immediately for your attention, as usual. You could even put the Weekly Newsletter together there in Europe, if necessary, and send the master copy, that is, the original, to Gad, Dallas, for printing and distribution to all Colonies; or you could leave this job with Rahel, who is a good writer, and she could sum up the news for all the Log Summaries, and put together a good Weekly Newsletter, I'm sure, although it might not have quite the zip and flash of Dear Old Josh, I'm sure it would be very sensible, comprehensive, and inspirational!--Or have you a better suggestion?
       26. IT'S TIME FOR US ALL TO GROW UP, Folks--and all you Colony Leaders to learn how to depend on the Lord and even the Lord alone, when necessary! You'd have to do this if you were on the mission field and far from home!--Why not when your leaders are on the mission field and far from home? Amen? Hallelujah! If this work be of man, it will come to naught, but if it be of God, not even the absence of its leaders can stop it! PTL. I suggest, Josh, that before you go, you be sure to appoint good Regional Directors of each Region--that is, Regional Advisors, I should say, or Supervisors, Overseers--the Bible word for which is Bishops. Maybe we could call the local Colony leaders "Pastors," and these Regional Supervisors "Shepherds," both very Scriptural names, very accurate and descriptive and even acceptable and understandable by the System, with whom they have to work, as well as their flocks, the Lord's Sheep! Somehow that word "Advisor" doesn't turn me on. Sounds too much like the Grand Vizer of the Ku Klux Klan! They really are Pastors and Shepherds, and we are truly the Lord's Sheep, so why not!--Colony Pastors and Regional Shepherds! Pray about it, and ask 'em what they think about it.
       27. IT MIGHT BE WELL, ALSO, JOSH, TO APPOINT AN OVERALL OVERSEER--a good spiritual leader--a man you can really trust--who could handle most problems and decisions, aside from any major ones, and who could headquarter in or near Dallas, our centre of Communications--a good trustworthy man, dependable, humble, and who really loves the Lord, tried and proven already, as one of our major leaders, and a good diplomat and public relations man who has proven success in dealing with the System, a peacemaker, stable, level-headed, willing-spirited, and mature, and one who has just lost his job as a Colony Leader, and who is already in Texas with his precious family, and who is really good-looking, all dressed up in a [DELETED] suit, and who could really [EDITED: "relate to"] the System! Guess who? Amos--he would simply supervise all Colonies, be your official representative Stateside, and liaison man between you and the Regional Shepherd, etc.
       28. THIS WOULD ENCOURAGE ALL REGIONAL SHEPHERDS to handle all their local Colony major problems, and refer only the big ones that they can't handle, to you, through this overseer, or Bishop of North America, another title the System understands. He in turn can sift out the problems that he can handle, and pass only the bigger ones on to you. And as we've found in my own absence, even a slight time lag in communications seems to solve a lot of problems, or they are solved on the Regional or local level by the Lord and the officers involved, before any higher official can even be reached for a decision. When it came time for D-Day in Europe, the major Allied push toward winning World War II, the Supreme Commander of all Allied forces, including both British, American or otherwise, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was to be found in Britain near the scene of the hottest action! How's that for an analogy to our present situation! It figures!--You in Europe. Like Ike, you could keep moving around supervising things, world-wide! Hallelujah! Amen!
       29. THIS WOULD THROW MORE RESPONSIBILITY ON EACH HOME DEPARTMENT: All mail, requests for information, and inter-Colonial exchange and communications could be handled by the Home Office in Dallas by Rahel and her staff, under Amos' and Abel's supervision; while Gad would handle all requests for literature, tapes, photos, and other such material directly, in direct communication with the various Colonies, also under Amos' and Abel's supervision. Procurement needs can also be handled by direct communication with our Office of Procurement in Dallas, with an exchange of information on available or needed supplies of various kinds, also under the immediate supervision of our Abel, Business Manager, and the Supervision of the spiritual leader, Brother Amos, while Brother Jeremiah attends to the spiritual needs of the local Dallas Colonists! How's that? Got any further suggestions? If so, we're open to however the Lord leads you in this delegation of authorities and responsibilities. The idea is to spread it out, and decentralise as much as possible, with a greater sharing of the burdens of leadership, and greater indigenuity on the part of the Home Office and the whole North America Work.
       30. DEB AND JETH SEEM TO BE DOING A GOOD JOB PIONEERING the vital new territory of the Northwest and Western Canada, winning some major victories, and getting the work established there, although I think they've blown it in a few cases by pushing some of their leaders there too fast, and not letting them participate enough in sharing the responsibilities of leadership. We must all remember we cannot, any of us, be that all-fired independent, and unneedful of the help of others, especially those who have voluntarily sought to associate with us, and share what they have with us. We should certainly be willing to share the leadership with them, or at least attempt to get them to cooperate in it. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the position of the guest who threw out the owner, only to find that the house was still in the owner's name, and that the children were still loyal to their father! Let's have a little more common sense in these mergers. I've asked David H. for a paper of suggestions on procedures, policies, and behaviours in these mergers, since he participated in one very successful one with his own people, and has been participating in a partially successful one in the Northwest. Perhaps you, too, Ho, and even Faith, and also Martha and Joab, who took part in the House of Judah merger, could write to us a page of your suggestions from your own experience. We're going to need a lot of help along this line, as the Lord has predicted more. We can even profit by our mistakes, as you list some of the things not to do next time!
       31. PARTICULARLY ALL OF YOU WHO ARE GUESTS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES should remember that you are only temporary guests of those countries and subject to their hospitality and pleasure, and you need the local citizens and leaders of that nationality to assist you in establishing these foreign colonies, whether it be Canada, Mexico, Europe, or elsewhere, The citizens of that country are absolutely essential for the establishment of such a strictly indigenous and independent foreign Colony, and cannot be dispensed with in high-handed fashion and a wave of the hand, saying "We don't need you"--or you may find yourself waved out of the country. Most governments like to do business with their own citizens, recognise and bless them in a strictly native effort, and somewhat resent any foreign interference or control by foreigners, meaning You--so watch out! You need 'em!
       32. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T TURN DOWN ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF HELP that those governments have to offer, as long as there are not too many strings or controls attached. You're not that damn independent of all worldly powers yet!--Not till you take off for Space City, when Jesus comes! You better read Romans 13 again--"Obey the power!"--or you'll be out! We are strangers in a strange land, and we need its citizens to help us, even its System! So don't knock it--Use it!--At least invite them to help--if they refuse, that's their business. What would we have done without the people who helped us get started even though some of them later dropped us? It was even the Philistines who helped David to power in Israel after the death of Saul!--David was their guest, and they permitted him to return and take over his country. But while he was a guest in their country with his Colony of 600 or more, he behaved himself very wisely and prudently, lest he be forced out of his haven of refuge prematurely, before he had some place else to go. Use your head! These citizens know their own people better than you do! Use 'em!
       33. AND IF THEY'RE SMART ENOUGH TO GET THE GOVERNMENT TO SUPPORT THE KIDS, as long as the System doesn't interfere with your training, witnessing, and getting disciples, for God's sake, use it--even if you do have to meet a few requirements on their accommodations!--And you can't completely rob the former leaders of their ministry!--You've gotta let them do something to feel useful! It's not right to take everything they have and then run them out! If they leave of their own free will, that's their affair, but if you take everything away from them, including all leadership, business, responsibility and so on, and force them out--that's not right. Let 'em go ahead and incorporate in their old organisational names, and let them be on the Board! Who cares?--As long as we get to train their kids to witness and win souls, what do we care what they call it, or even if they get the glory, as long as we can run it our way, and get the job done. Particularly in a foreign country you will usually have to put local citizens in authority, rent property, or do business in their name, or the name of their organisation. So use 'em!
       34. ALSO, YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT ABOUT ILLEGAL IMPORTATION OF [DELETED] ANY GOODS THAT ARE NOT DUTY FREE, such as: you cannot take an automobile or any other such taxable items, such as typewriters, electronics equipment, cameras, etc., into another country and dispose of it there by sale or otherwise, without paying duty on it, which is an import tax. And if you allow any of your people to overstay their visas, they are going to be subject to either illegal entry or unlawful stay in their country subject to fines, deportation, and not to speak of the disgrace and bad reputation for both them and your group. So, CHECK THOSE VISAS for their expiration dates, so you don't get caught [EDITED: "overstaying"], which may bring reproach on your entire Cause! Keep track of your own visa, and either get out of the country before it expires, or get it renewed before expiration date! I was arrested in Mexico once and detained at the police station for hours, and threatened with a heavy fine for just being six hours overdue in leaving the country. Remember, that's one thing the Immigration Officials are sticklers about: Checking both passports and visas (usually just an expiration date stamped in your passport) on both entering and leaving their country! So watch it!--Or you could wind up in an Immigration Detention Hall and subject to a heavy fine!
       35. AND REMEMBER ALSO, YOU CANNOT BRING BACK ANY GOODS collected in their country, into this country without paying duty on certain taxable items, like those mentioned, including automobiles.
       36. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NINE OTHER PLACES LINDA M. HAD listed in her paper as belonging to the JPA? Have you been around to see them yet, Jeth or Deb? You've got a problem on your hands there in Seattle with that other guy's name still on the lease. He doesn't have to release it, and he can even sue you, or even charge you with trespassing, if you're there without his permission, as well as Linda M's. I wonder if you would have been so ready to run them out of the building, if you'd known this? It behooves a Business Manager, Son, to be a little more business-like, and look before you leap! Although occupancy is usually nine points of the law, he can still give you plenty of static with his name on the lease--or at the very least, force you to buy him out. You also didn't mention, Jeth, what the terms of rate, of the lease are. We can brag about our big buildings, but if we're soon to get kicked out of them by law, they're not much to brag about. You'd better get something on paper, wherever you go, including the camp in Burlington, and the building in Vancouver.--And you can't very well do to the people in Tacoma what you just did to those in Seattle, unless you want Morris Kline to do the same to you. Ah, experience--what a teacher! You're surely learning the hard way! If you had given us a little more specific information, we could advise you better.
       37. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU HAD COUNSELLED with us before entering that situation up there, as Ho did before going to Atlanta, we could have gotten something from the Lord on it as we did on Atlanta, and counselled you accordingly.--But nobody asked us! It seems like you could have at least profited by Ho's example in letting their own leaders lead them in, and not pushing so hard and just taking over and ousting them. You were bound to have trouble with such tactics, and you're still suffering the consequences, as it looks like you've only salvaged one leader out of the bunch, so far, and she's not too certain! For God's sake, let her keep her speaking engagements to try to explain us to the people, and give her something to do, even though she blasts herself away. And she had a good going newspaper there, which was quite well known throughout the West, if not the world!--For goodness sake, use it!--And let her continue to edit it and publish it, under your supervision--and so also, with Russ Grigg's paper. We are so damn independent and used to doing things our own way and running our own show, we don't seem to know how to handle somebody else's, or be a guest in their situation on their territory at their invitation! I hope you don't lose everything over it--and with all your good reports, you didn't even give us a phone number, where to call you to try to stop the holocaust! When are you kids ever gonna learn that you've got to consult with the Lord and His anointed before you make a move on anything, especially anything so major as a merger--that is, if you wanna succeed and do things God's way, which is always the best way. Sounds to me like we're almost too late now, and you've gotten to the point where you need not only the counsel of the Lord, but also that of a lawyer! Sounds like you have really stirred up a hornet's nest and have almost bitten off more than you can chew with so much opposition. Remember the old saying: "You can't fight City Hall."--If they don't want you, they can get rid of you, and there's nothing much you can do about it! We've found this out several other places before, and we should have learned by now!
       38. AND WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH RUNNING A BAKERY to feed ourselves? We run a printshop to feed others, and we're running several farms for the same purpose! We make our own sandals and dresses, fix our own cars and radios, and cook our own food. Why can't we bake our own bread? Sounds like a great idea--unless the bakery's not paid for and it would cost more than it's worth, and we can procure our bread for less. It just could be that Russ is a better businessman than you are! Why don't you try to find out, and use him. All you guys, anywhere or everywhere, who are occupying buildings illegally and overcrowding houses, are bound to have trouble sooner or later. Why not try to avoid it if you can; whenever possible, especially where the government's willing to pay you to do so, like allotments for those kids in Canada. Let's hope you survive!
       39. AND WHY IN THE WORLD WOULDN'T YOU WANT TO KEEP A RADIO PROGRAMME with time that cheap when such time and contracts are hard to get, especially when Linda has an established audience. It's a great opportunity to explain yourselves to the outside world, and the best possible explanation you can have is just to line up your samples, and let 'em testify, with you only as the MC--no preaching! That's what made Fred and the Soul Clinic in the beginning--a little 15-minute radio show of nothing but converts' testimonies! By their fruits ye shall know them! They're the best proof in the world that you're getting the job done; no matter how you're doing it, you're getting the right results--so you could at least give it a try until the expiration of the contract--or the station could sue you for the balance, even if you don't use the time! Use your head, Man--or if you haven't got one, find somebody that has! If you don't know about these things, ASK somebody who does! We live and learn!--But does it always have to be the hard way? Please don't any of you be so damn cocky that you think you don't have to consult with others, or ask for counsel and advice, especially from the Lord and the local leaders who are familiar with the situation and the business and the laws!
       40. INCIDENTALLY, DEB, WHAT BUSINESS DID YOU HAVE IN COMING DOWN FROM OFF YOUR WALL there in the Northwest where you were doing a great work, and Jeth needed you, to fly clear down to L.A. to argue with a little pipsqueak Sanballot and Tobiases who were just tickled pink to get a chance to get their hands on you and strike at you directly! I don't know what you accomplished that the boys there couldn't have accomplished there themselves without risking top leadership--and who gave you permission to leave the Wall? I hope you survive that escapade without too many wounds for your foolishness. There was no use fighting for a dead front that we are happy to evacuate when you were needed desperately to help in a great new advancing conquest of new fresh territory! Let the dead bury the dead! Come, follow thou Me! It looks to me like Fred and his cohorts won't even have anybody left to bury! But at least he got to keep his nice bunch of graves--which is all most Systemite Christians seem to worry about--their whited sepulchres. I don't think he's even gonna have any dead men's bones to put in 'em!
       41. AS FOR WORKING WITH THAT PRINTER, Ho, it's not usually good to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, but if it's actually a deal where it's an exchange of his goods for our labour, it might be worth it providing it doesn't tie you up too much. You could always give it a try and see, as long as you leave yourselves open to get out of it.
       42. AS LONG AS YOU FOLKS ARE ON THE HOTTEST FRONT GOING THERE IN EUROPE, I don't see why you can't have anything you want, including videotapes, cassettes, newspaper negatives, a band, linguists (be sure they can really speak the language fluently--listen to them yourself or have somebody check 'em out. We sent some people over there who were supposed to be able to speak certain languages, but found out when they got over there that they couldn't), a Business Manager, Information, or what have you!
       43. BUT YOU YOURSELVES WERE TO BLAME, HO, FOR NOT GETTING YOUR MAIL! You even had Dartmouth Park Road in your Logs, instead of Avenue! And now evidently, you didn't warn simple Gad that any mail with insufficient postage or sent any other way than airmail will take at least a month to get there, and in fact, with the present dock strike covering nearly every port in America, surface mail may never get there! Neither did you warn them, apparently, that they must paste a customs declaration slip to each package describing the duty free contents, such as "Gospel Literature," in which case, as I've said before, it also may never get there, Use your heads, boys! Airmail to Europe is twenty-one cents for every HALF ounce--but it's worth it! God's business requires haste!
       44. ALSO, HO, WATCH OUT ABOUT ALLOWING YOUR PEOPLE TO WORK FOR MONEY! IT'S AGAINST THE LAW FOR TOURISTS on tourist visas, and unless you are a resident or student employed in connection with your studies, in a bona fide school. You guys better read your little information slip handed you by Immigration upon entry into England! Nearly all countries overseas have this same rule, just as the U.S. has for aliens coming over here. They want you to put money into their country, not take it out. Unless you can work that deal out on a donation basis or call it contributions, forget it! It's a miracle what you've gotten away with already. I didn't think I needed to tell you these things!
       45. I AGREE, HO, THAT YOU AND I BOTH OUGHTTA CHECK OUT ANY BOOKS WE'RE ABOUT TO PUBLISH. You also need to check out your typewriter ribbons over there. Your reports are getting so faint you can hardly read them. Such supplies are usually cheaper over there, than here, and we've sent you enough money to buy a carload! We're eagerly awaiting Faith's report from Germany. Please type it with a good ribbon. So sorry she had no one to speak German. Who went with her? She is not to travel alone! I warned you!
       46. WE MADE NO GOOD SPANISH CONTACTS THERE, but we did give you when you left two excellent Danish contacts: Mr. [EDITED: "E."], warden of the largest prison in Denmark, located in Copenhagen, of which you have the address on that list of contacts, we gave Faith and her team (three copies); And Dr. and Mrs. [EDITED: "A."],  leading psychiatrist for the largest mental hospital in Denmark, with over 900 beds, located in what I think was called Utland, or Upper Denmark if we can find these addresses, we'll enclose them. Dr. [EDITED: "A."] was deeply impressed by Grandmother's book, which he read thoroughly, and deeply moved, said of it: "That was a miracle!" He begged us to come to Denmark, said we were needed there, would be more free there than anywhere in Europe, and offered to help us try to find a place. We have written both of these Danish contacts notes reminding them of our meeting in Cyprus, and telling them that you and Faith are now in Europe and will be visiting them soon. We sent them Grandmother's book and COG brochures. Both were extremely friendly, helpful, kind, informative, and offered their hospitality. We also gave you another very good contact in Sweden--very good friends met in Cyprus, as well as a whole raft of English contacts, Dutch, German, Greek and others. Hope to enclose.
       47. REMEMBER, YOU NEED A BRITISH LICENSE FOR RADIO hams in England, or an English ham! And whatever happened to that invitation to a movie from Pinewood Studios--England's biggest! Did you try Faithie's "Cromwell" picture on the news media? I think they'll love it!
       48. AND YES, THEY CAN REQUIRE YOU, and sometimes do in most of the European countries, as also America does, on entering their country, to prove your financial responsibility by either producing a return ticket, or even a ticket just for crossing the Channel to the Mainland--anything that'll get you out of the country, or enough money to their liking, or a promise of sponsorship, meaning room and board support from one of the local residents, as their guest--in other words, a local recommendation--so you'd better be prepared for one of the three, and of course, the local reference is the cheapest. God bless you!
       49. JOSH, ON YOUR GOOD WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: A few more helpful comments: I hope this is only the rough draft that you sent us, since it was loaded with typographical errors and misspellings. Who does your proof-reading? If you haven't got room to mention, or news from, all Colonies, maybe you could mention them by Regions, so they'll all feel included, even though you only give the outstanding news of a few. I would also suggest that you try to add a few words of specific details, such as names, who, what, where, how, etc. For example, we're dying to know who the 40-year-old Systemite was--and you might have added a little more explanation to Everett, as to why they're closing, because of unfruitfulness and persecution in a very antagonistic town. Heavy persecution is a perfectly legitimate and Scriptural reason for leaving any place, according to Jesus' Own Words! Also, I wouldn't call your Weekly Newsletter a weekly Summary, or they might get it confused with theirs--and avoid specifically naming enemies in a derogatory way. They might sue you for slander. You could save a lot of space for more news by eliminating the line spacing between paragraphs by not only capitalising the name of the Colony, but also underlining it and indenting, and also by filling up your lines. Some only had one or two words on a line, hanging over from the preceding line. When this happens to us, we fill it. How are the statistics coming in, along with individual photos and info for the roster? One final suggestion: Why not let Bette or someone read the Log Summaries for you and itemise the latest and best news from each Colony, so you can work from there? God bless!
       50. BY THE WAY HO, I HAD A PRETTY IMPRESSIVE DREAM the other morning that woke me up, like those dreams do, in which I saw Duane P. meeting calmly with religious leaders in Britain and explaining suavely in true sickenly sweet sloppy-a-goppy style what was the matter with the COG, and why they should be warned about us--all very nice, mind you, very polite but very plainly prejudicial. So I'm sure you can expect a little opposition before long like some you're already getting. Of course, we knew that would come. So thank God for the friends He's already given you and a good headstart on the Enemy! PTL!
       51. WHILE PRAYING ABOUT THIS, WE GOT THE FOLLOWING, thank the Lord: "He who does the labour reaps the fruit of his own hands, and they that enter into the field shall reap of his fruit. For the husbandman must first partake of the fruits, and after that, those who have laboured with him." You don't have to worry too much about those false prophets that come in and out to raise money for themselves. But as long as we have labourers in the field, we'll get the Harvest! They're not going to follow those fly-by-dayers!--Who are here today and gone tomorrow!--like Duane and Arthur and their ilk! His sheep hear His Voice, and they follow Him, and a stranger they will not follow! They know us--not them! I think in your dream, Samson, the lions were the church people, the dogs the Jesus People trying to live on both sides of the fence, and the sheep are obviously His dear little lost lambs, some of whom are going to be devoured by both the dogs and the lions, wolves in other clothing!--FOR STRAYING FROM HIS FOLD!
       52. THE OTHER DAY WE GOT SOMETHING RATHER INTERESTING, while listening to your reports from around the world, particularly from Europe, and the reports you're getting there of the people in other nations who have already heard about you. The Lord suddenly burst forth with this, which sort of shocked us because of its unconventional wording. The Lord must be getting sick of the term "Revolution," because of its watered-down misuse by those who have no intention of revolting from the System! Here's what exploded: "Lo, the Rebellion of David echoes round the world!" Whew! That's a hot one, for which I'm sure they'd crucify us on 1Samuel 15:23, if they heard it! But of course, the Lord in that verse, was speaking of rebellion against Him--but in this recent explosion, He meant, of course, our Rebellion against the lies, hypocrisy, and delusions of the System! So, when a little shocked by His use of that term "Rebellion," I prayed about it, and He reminded me of that night in the Club when I first declared War on the God-damned System!

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