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"THOUGHTS AND PROPHESIES"--MO       July 22, 1971       NO.116--DO

       1. How are the mighty men of Moses and David multiplied! Indeed are they mighty men in word and in deed as they labour for David!
       2. Those who work close to the King are strong in faith and loyalty and strength of spirit...
       3. Thy Lord hath brought you out that He might bring you in!
       4. Indeed they shall be mighty, and some are even mightier than thou art in that which I have called them unto!
       5. They that live in the King's household must truly be trusted. With great responsibility comes great grace...
       6. Those who love me most, follow closest. (Picture of shepherd walking staidly, so beautifully along, and here are all the little lambs following so close. They don't know where they're going and they're kinda frightened, so they stick real close to the shepherd.)
       7. I'm a symbol of the Father's arms. Because you have been faithful. He has in due time highly exalted you...Accepted in the Beloved...The trying of your faith is more precious than gold; yea, than much fine gold. Tho' they stumble, they will not fall. (As though every stumble is a fall upward. We learn lessons from it.) For he that is called is holy unto thee. He that is chosen is Mine indeed. And all these that I have given unto My servant David...
       8. Just as we need to get our bodies warmed physically, so this illustrates the need to get warmed up spiritually. The way to one's spirit is in a sense through his body, and we must manifest or show the love physically, so they will know that we love their spirit--that the Lord loves them! He that loveth me keeps my commandments. We have to show it in the flesh to illustrate it in the Spirit. That's what's wrong with the Church: they say, "I love you" to the Lord, and then go their own way. The Lord wants us to practice and demonstrate our love. I will show you my faith by my works. The works are the visible realm. Jesus said, if you won't believe my words--the spiritual that you can't see--then look at the physical miracles with your physical eyes.--"Believe Me for My work's sake".
       9. For thou art come to the Kingdom for such as time as this.
       10. Take now these into thy arms, and love them as thy little lambs of David. As a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him. He knoweth our frame, that we are dust.(Picture: I don't understand what they were doing, but I could see the Lord sitting down with this little child and trying to show him how to put some string and some little sticks together. The little boy was standing there with his hand on Jesus' knee--little blond-headed boy about four or five. And Jesus would show him over and over how to do it, and the child would try each time until he finally got it to go together by himself.)
       11. So the Lord is going to pick you up in his arms a little while, so you won't ever go away. In Oriental countries it is the practice, when a lamb has been sick, the Shepherd picks it up and cares for and nurses it and carries it along, and is very good to it--and when the lamb gets well, it never leaves his side.
       12. If there is a little sheep who is always straying away and being somewhat independent and rebellious, the shepherd would take it and deliberately break one of its legs. Then he would have to give it extra car and carry it until the leg was healed. And after that, the lamb would never leave the shepherd's side!...
       13. The tongue is so symbolic of things: like the physical touch of the tongue is a sign of trust--the yielding of the tongue, when you really love someone. That's really intimate, like in the Spirit the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a really intimate fellowship. Being saved is kinda like a formal marriage--not much love or affection or intimacy. But when you really get baptized and speak in tongues--there's a real yielding--you then know the spiritual ecstasy that the physical is just an illustration of!
       14. Great are the mercies and the love that I have bestowed upon My Servant David!
       15. ... Melt away the pride; wash away the fear; drive away all the dark doubts with the light of Thy Spirit. Even to minister whatsoever the King requireth!
       16. Spiritually, everyone you witness to, you're wooing them in the Spirit-- wooing and loving and sowing the seed of God's Word in the Spirit. You should enjoy witnessing in the Spirit as much as you do wooing in the physical! When the soul is receptive, the seed just pours in, and then you bear a spiritual baby--and it doesn't take nine months! I guess the Lord lets that nine-month period be like that, to show that it sometimes does take longer, and not to be discouraged!
       17. The foolish virgins run out of oil! The others stay close to the Bridegroom and full of His oil! That's why those foolish virgins were so artificial, trying to buy it instead of getting it from the Bridegroom! It was the oil of the Spirit--the seed of His Word--but they didn't want to live that close to him. They didn't want to woo him in the Spirit.


       18. We were about to eat dinner, and we began to sing: "We praise thee, O God, for this table that's spread"...And suddenly MO burst out in tongues, and interpretation: "Behold, what a spread the Lord places upon the table before thee." He explains: "When this came, I was looking over at Maria's typewriter and noticing the latest revelation from the Lord that she was typing--the papers spread out in her typewriter--and it was like the Lord was gently rebuking us for being more thankful for the physical food--(I'm always careful to try to thank the cook for her good meals!)--than we were for the spiritual! It was as though the Lord was a little hurt that we weren't thanking Him enough for the most important food--His good meals that He was spreading before us through His Words!
       19. "Even as I have also helped thee in times past, I now help thee by the spirits of My counsellors, even Abraham, Moses, and David, and others, that thou must fulfill the mission I have given thee on this earth until thou hast gathered My children into one fold."
       20. You have to quote the terms of the Contract (The Bible) to the Contract Maker (God), and hold Him to it!
       21. "Those that stand by Moses' side shall surely receive their reward! For it they suffer with thee, they shall also reign with thee. Knowest thou not that thou shalt judge angels? For this time is but for a moment, and afterwards there is exceeding great reward!"
       22. Picture: A dove on the housetop picking around trying to pick up a little crumb. They used to throw broken dishes and pottery on the roof for insulation--like a scrap pile. All of a sudden, it was like the dove was being called from above, and she looks up and spreads her wings and flies up toward the voice, and as she flies, the sun's rays hit her wings and it looks like gold and silver. She is given a new beauty and splendour in the rays of the light coming from above.
       23. "Though thou hast lain among the bits of broken pottery in the mundane things of life, I have caused thee to mount up upon the wings of a dove to the heights that thou hast never dreamed of, for I Myself have made thee wings of gold and silver, and given unto thee the voice of the turtle dove!"
       24. Picture: Jesus was out in the pasture--the field on the right, and a tree and water with rushes, and lilies growing even in the water--and He was stepping out into the water and reaching down among the rushes and lilies and plucking out this little tiny lily just beginning to grow, and He lifted it up in His hand, and it became so beautiful.
       25. "Though thou be lowliest among the lilies of the field, I have come and plucked thee forth and set thee upon high in the vessel of My usefulness upon the mantle of the Palace of the King, where thou shalt be an adornment unto My Abode and a thing of Beauty and usefulness unto Me!"

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