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"MOUNTAINSLIDE"--MO       October 21, 1971       NO.120--GP
--A Dream

       1. I WAS AWAKENED EARLY THIS MORNING BY THIS RATHER SHOCKING DREAM, which, like most dreams of spiritual significance, awoke me from a sound sleep, and was still vividly clear in my mind's eye with that strong impression that it was some kind of message from the Lord. I had had this burden on my heart for several days now, that it might not be long before the judgments of God would begin to fall on Southern California because of the way our enemies have treated us there from our earliest days to our present rejection by King Saul and persecution by parents!
       2. I HAD EVEN SPOKEN SEVERAL TIMES TO MARIA THAT I MUST WARN YOU that I think California's going down before long, particularly Southern California, and that if you remain there, you may have to go down with it--and I was warned of this again last night when reading some of your reports from there, that I must write you immediately and fore-warn you of the price you may have to pay to stay there, especially some of you who have just written us asking if you should remain there.
       3. THEN LAST NIGHT, WHILE LISTENING TO JOSH'S TAPE DESCRIBING THE EARTHQUAKE and how you all prayed and praised the Lord in mighty waves of supplication to the Lord, like the voice of many waters, I was deeply moved by such a mighty manifestation of total faith and utter dedication even unto death, and the Spirit immediately responded with the following in weeping tongues and interpretation: "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Blessed are they which die in the Lord, for their works do follow them."
       4. WE'VE HAD SEVERAL INDICATIONS, BOTH IN THE PAST AND THE PRESENT, that there would still be some of us in that area during California's final great catastrophe, great earthquake, and the final judgments of God on that wicked state. In each one the Lord seemed to indicate that some of us would be there to help them find Him in their last hours!
       5. ONE OF THE MOST SPECIFIC OF THESE PROPHECIES WAS ONE GIVEN BY GRANDMOTHER in her little cottage there, in prayer with the first little family of about a dozen of God's children not long before her passing in 1968, and just before the beginning of this tremendous Revolution for the Lord, in which He said:
       6. "FEAR NOT, LITTLE FLOCK, FOR IT IS YOUR FATHER'S GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. And be thou not discouraged, for although thou art now only gleaning, thou shalt soon reap a mighty harvest, as My judgements begin to fall upon this land!" Surely the harvest has begun as His judgments have began to fall! Some of you can also remember some prophecies which we received in our last days at the Club which seemed to show some of us would still be there at that time!
       7. IN MY DREAM THIS MORNING, IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS IN THOSE MOUNTAINS behind Altadena on the north side of San Gabriel Valley--you know those real high mountains northeast of L.A. above where King Saul lives.--You know where the Angeles Crest Highway is and the Mt. Wilson Observatory!--And I was looking for someone! I don't know how I got there, but it seems like I was with a car-load of people and there was a lot of excitement! We were looking for somebody, and we parked the car behind this very steep precipitous mountain ridge, through which King Saul had had this old man burrowing tunnels--like raw mining tunnels--through the rock--very rough--no supports or anything--not even enough room to stand up straight, through which you had to walk bent over, because they were so low!
       8. AND WE PARKED BY THE ROAD ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE RIDGE, and walked through one of these tunnels onto the south side overlooking the Valley--the whole San Gabriel Valley, Altadena, Pasadena, and Los Angeles! Here on the south side of these mountain peaks where once there had been nothing but very steep sheer mountain slopes down into the valley far below, this old man and whatever others were working with him had built up big gravel fills, and he was busy leveling them off for home sites!
       9. IT SEEMED THAT KING SAUL WAS DEVELOPING THESE MOUNTAINSIDE HOME SITES as big money-making investment, and this old man and his helpers were busy tamping down the earth fill preparatory to building homes on it!
       10. THERE IS A GORGEOUS VIEW--VERY HIGH--BUT REAL SCARY, as though just barely clinging to the side of the mountain, and I remember thinking, "This is certainly not a very safe place to build a house. What if that gravel fill would settle or slide and then your homes would be done for!" So I remember, after hurriedly looking around, remarking to the old man that it didn't look very safe to me!--And he said something like: "Oh, we're trusting the Lord!" And I replied, "Well, you can trust the Lord for this place if you want to, but I'm leaving!"
       11. I REMEMBER THAT HE AND I WE'RE STANDING AT THE MOUTH OF ONE OF THESE TUNNELS his gravel fill and I was looking around to see which tunnel I thought would be safest to crouch and run back through to the other side and the car and the highway, and he and I were looking through this tunnel that he had just built which was only about a hundred yards long to the other side, when all of a sudden we could both see these small rocks and dust and loose dirt etc. begin to fall down from the roof of his tunnel!--And I noticed the old man looked a little worried!--When suddenly the whole mountain began to shake, and I watched these huge pieces of rock strata slide over one another, completely closing up that tunnel!--And there was a deafening roar!
       12. I AND WHOEVER ELSE WAS WITH ME STARTED TO RUN as fast as we could through one of the other tunnels in the direction of the car, when suddenly I don't remember anything more! The next thing I remember is I woke up with my head in this girl's lap--some new girl I didn't even know! It seemed like she was even a stranger to us, but had just taken mercy on me, because I was conscious that apparently I'd been hurt! I had the feeling that she had found me and had my head in her lap trying to help me, because she seemed to be greatly concerned about me and even to love me!
       13. IT SEEMED LIKE THERE WERE OTHERS AROUND, TOO, and a lot going on--a lot of excitement--and she was bending over kissing my forehead and stroking my hair with her hand, as though to comfort me! (Soft weeping tongues)--And suddenly I felt such a love for her and such a gratitude I wanted to speak to her and thank her, and I began to speak, but I could only speak in tongues, it was a time of such great emotional stress!
       14. IT WAS AS THOUGH I WAS BOTH THANKING HER AND PRAYING and praising the Lord all at the same time, and I remember thinking, "O Lord, I'm afraid she won't understand!"--And as I did so, I was conscious that there were some kind of enemies in the area, as though many of the people rushing around were kind of officials and enemies!--But although she looked around a little fearfully and even tearfully, she didn't seem to mind, she seemed to be so glad that I had come back to consciousness!
       15. THE TEARS IN HER EYES SEEMED TO BE TEARS OF JOY, and she just continued to hug me and kiss me and stroke my head, and she sort of looked back and forth, sitting there on the ground with my head in her lap, like someone does when they're worried about something! I just kept on praising the Lord and praying and thanking her in tongues, and she just smiled and seemed to be so thankful I was still alive!
       16. AND THEN THE LAST THING I REMEMBER WAS SHE AND SOME OTHERS WERE HELPING ME get to this little cottage, and it was getting very dark, but we had won her heart and her love even in our affliction, and in this time of seemingly extreme emergency, she even seemed to understand our speaking in tongues and was coming with us heart and soul as a new disciple, even in this hour of terrible calamity, when it seemed like the whole world was going to pieces! Praise the Lord!
       17. THERE WAS ONE FURTHER THING: I remember, after all this had happened, some man asking directions on how to get up there to King Saul's development, and we were telling him there was no use even trying to go up there--it's all gone--there's nothing left!
       18. THEN SUDDENLY I WOKE UP CONSIDERABLY SHAKEN and wondering what it all meant!--And immediately the date October 27 came to me! The President is going to set off a five megaton atom bomb explosion in the Aleutian Islands sometime after October 27! This is the equivalent of five million tons of TNT, one of the largest ever exploded, and to which many leaders and nations have been protesting for fear it might trigger some natural disaster! And I wondered if this could have caused this terrible earthquake in the dream, that seemed to be shaking southern California all to pieces!
       19. AND I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF KING SAUL AND ALL THOSE PARENTS there who have been giving us so much trouble, and it came to me it was the judgments of God on them for the way they had treated us, and that they certainly deserved it!--And yet some of us were still there trying to help them!
       20. AS I LAY AWAKE AFTER THE DREAM, PRAYING about what it symbolised, it seemed that the place was certainly Southern California, but that the mountains were more symbolic than that--that they represented the spiritual heights we've achieved, but that King Saul was literally undermining it with all these tunnels!
       21. WITH HIS MOUNTAINSIDE DEVELOPMENT, HE WAS TRYING TO CAPITALISE ON IT by using these poor old people to help him build his development, but he and his development really didn't belong there at all and his big gravel fill was a very shakey temporary thing, so that when the mountain and the power of God shook it, it tumbled down right back into the valley! But the Lord spared some of us and apparently had us there to comfort and save and win a few final disciples, like the girl who was helping me! She was not a hippie type at all--she was a definite System type, like a church girl, with pretty short dark wavey glossy hair only down to her shoulders, and was dressed System!
       22. IT WAS AS THOUGH THE SYSTEM KIDS AND CHURCH KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO REPENT UNTIL THE DOOM COMES, but that some of them will repent when it comes, Praise the Lord! And they'll remember us and think about us then and be sorry for us then and the way they treated us, and even help us in our need, even joining us at the last minute!--Even in Southern California's dying hour!
       23. SOME OF US MAY HAVE TO ACTUALLY GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP, or the State, in order to glean the last of the harvest and to comfort and encourage and win souls and to help others, even as they're sinking beneath the waves! As for our enemies, including Governor Reagan, I remember thinking: they won't have much left to govern!
       24. I REMEMBER HEARING ON TV THE OTHER DAY THAT NITLER HAD POSTPONED THE BOMB TEST, and they said they wouldn't have it before the 27th! This makes several times now that it has been delayed! I wonder if the Lord was waiting for us to get out of there!--Although in my dream some of us were certainly still there and seemed to be helping the others who didn't make it, in that time of great disaster!
       25. WHEREFORE, COMFORT YE ONE ANOTHER WITH THESE WORDS! For we shall comfort one another with the same comfort wherewith we are comforted!

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