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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

"THEY CAN'T STOP OUR RAIN!"--MO†††††††November 19, 1971†††††††NO.128--LTA

†††††††1. WHILE PRAYING EARLY THIS MORNING for the Lord to give His Children, leaders, and lawyers wisdom against the recent attacks of our enemies, MO got the following:
†††††††2. EVEN THE FOOLISHNESS OF DAVID is better than the wisdom of men!
†††††††3. GOD IS WITH OUR ADVOCATES. He makes them ten stories tall! They are become as the mighty men of David! they cannot lose! Tell King Og I love him. If he throws in his lot with David, he cannot lose.
†††††††4. (TONGUES) HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! THIS PLACE BELONGS TO ME and they're my servants! They're working for me! Jesus made this place for me!--So we could live here! All the Systemites are my guests, here at my mercy, and if they don't behave, Jesus is going to kick them out!
†††††††5. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO LOSE! Bless our advocates, Lord! (Praying for our lawyers). All the power of the Enemy is nothing before us, because we cannot lose, because Jesus is on our side! (Prays for the landlord:) Make him big, Lord!
†††††††6. FOR HE CANNOT RESIST THE POWER OF THE SERVANTS OF DAVID. He must give us that which is our due. He cannot resist the power of even the weak handmaidens that I have given unto David that they may care for him and bear him up in their hands. He cannot resist the power I have given them to care for him, that he might be prospered and increase in strength. For I have given unto thee all these places and these are Mine. They belong unto Me and to whomsoever I give them. They are thy servants and they cannot but yield unto thee and serve thee as they serve Me. This is my place and therefore it is thy place and thou art the master here, and they cannot but serve My Will. This is Mine and unto whomsoever I will give it, and I now give it unto thee, and these other residents be thy guests. They come and go at the will of Moses, as Moses would have!
†††††††7. EVEN AS THESE PITIFUL PARENTS ARE SO POOR and so ridiculous and have no power to stand against the will of God, and they shall fall before Him like the summer grass and wither and fade away, whereas thou shalt prosper and grow strong and become mighty before all men and before all nations as thou shalt serve the Lord, and all those which shall stand against thee shall be slain and smitten, mown down like summer grass and cast into the oven to burn!
†††††††8. BUT THOU SHALT NEVER FAIL FOR I AM WITH THEE and thy devices shall never fail, and thou shalt have that which thou shalt ask for and find that which thou shalt seek and have that door opened upon which thou shalt knock, and I will give thee greater habitations than thou hast ever before had. In My Father's House are many mansions, and this hotel is nothing before Me. This is but a small house and a tiny mansion to the forces of David, and I will give him great houses and great mansions and mighty palaces before all the kings of the earth, that I may be glorified and David vindicated and thy children highly exalted before all the forces of the enemies, and they shall all be beyond the things thou shalt dream, and thou shalt be vindicated, and I shall make thee house upon house and tier upon tier and word upon word and precept upon precept, for they cannot even begin to resist the power I have given unto My Servant, and unto My Little One, David!
†††††††9. FOR HE IS BUT A LITTLE TINY PEBBLE, BUT HE HOLDS THE BIG STONES TOGETHER. Take heed that thou direct thy attention to the little pebble, for he is the guiding rock. Though he be a tiny pebble, he is where My power and guidance are, and the cohesive power that holds the great mighty rocks together.--Because I speak to this little tiny rock and tell him what to do, and he doeth it and obeyeth My Word and heedeth My Commandments and holdeth My mighty rocks together to form a great mountain which shall be the Mountain of My power and the testament of My Word, and these shall be the great Kingdom of God, and many nations shall come unto thee and shall seek to flow therein and bring honour into it--not one king but many great kings!
†††††††10. MULTI-MILLIONS AND BILLIONS, AND MANY MANY MIGHTY KINGS SHALL SEEK THY FAVOUR and flow unto thee and ask of thee: "What shall we do to have the favour of God, and how shall we be blessed of the Lord, for thou art the blessed of the Lord and indeed the king of God, and thou hast that which we have sought unto, and thou hast that which He hath favoured, for thou art the blessed of God!
†††††††11. NOT LITTLE KING OG AND KING SAUL, BUT GREAT AND MIGHTY KINGS SHALL SEEK UNTO THEE, because they know the favour of the Lord is on thy side, for I shall highly exalt thee, for thou art My People, for thou hast sought a City, an Heavenly place! Thou hast sought a country that shall not be here on this earth but Eternal in the Heavenlies, and therefore, thou shalt have the favour of thy Lord and thy King and thou shalt have My favour, for, behold!--The Lord is with thee and thy Saviour Jesus Christ is upon thy right hand and thou shalt not fail. It is impossible!
†††††††12. AND ALL THESE I HAVE BROUGHT UNTO THEE--ADVOCATES, JUDGES, AND KINGS! And powers and dominions shall be given unto thee through all the earth, for thou indeed art My Children and I am thy God!
†††††††13. (TONGUES) FOOLISH ARE THOSE WHO STAND AGAINST THEE, for mighty is thy power by the hand of God. They shall fail, but thou shalt prosper! Every weapon that is formed against thee shall not prosper, but thou shalt prosper and be mighty above all the kings on the face of the earth, and I shall rebuke many kings for thy sake, for I am with thee and do prosper thee and shall be with thee in all these things. And they shall be blown away as the chaff of the Summer wind and burned as that which is cast in the fire, for thou art Mine Anointed King, and thy children, the City I have chosen, and thy Children shall be as the sands of the sea and the stars of the Heavens innumerable which I have promised to My Servant Abraham, of whom thou art the fulfilment of all time and prophecy spoken, for I am with thee and cannot fail, and I am thy Saviour and I shall redeem all men through thee and thy children, for thou art the saviours of this earth. Otherwise, I would cast it forth, but for thy sake, I will save those upon whom thou wilt have mercy, and will curse those thou wouldst curse! For I will be with thee and prosper thee in whatsoever way thou takest! For I am thy Father and thy God and thy Saviour, and there is none other beside Me, and I am pleased to dwell with whomsoever I choose, that they may be called the Children of God! For thou art the peacemakers of this earth, and except they recognise Me as their King and their Prince of Peace, they shall have no Peace! For I am the Lord thy God and thou art the Children of God!
†††††††14. (TONGUES) SO SHALL THE FOLLOWERS OF DAVID BE NUMBERED by not thousands or tens of thousands, but by the millions, as those that follow the Lord their God! And the followers of Saul are as nothing but fleas that thou shalt crush if it be thy will! For I shall dispose of those that stand up against thee and thy power, because I am with thee and thou art My Children and I do love thee with an everlasting love!
†††††††15. AND ALL THOSE THAT DO LIFT EVEN A FINGER AGAINST ONE OF THE HAIRS OF THY HEAD SHALL PERISH, for I am thy God and the Lord thy God! For I the Lord thy God am with the House of David--and the House of Saul shall perish, and I shall serve even his children as servants unto thee! For I came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, that I may serve all purposes whereunto the Lord hath sent me, and none shall be able to gainsay or withstand thy power!
†††††††16. ASK OF ME AND I WILL GIVE IT TO THEE, even unto the uttermost part of the earth! This castle is nothing and this king is but a speck, for I will give thee great houses and many palaces, and kings shall serve thee and nations shall bow down before thee and thy enemies shall be as dust before thy feet, for I am the Lord thy God and thou art the Children of the Most High!
†††††††17. THEREFORE, FEAR NOT, FOR I AM THY GOD AND THY TESTIMONY AND THY PEACE AND THY GREAT FORTRESS round about thee which is in the Heavenlies which no human power can touch, which is above all earthly powers, and none can stand against thee, for I am thy God and thou art My Children, and they are but specks and shall be blown away!
†††††††18. BE NOT AFRAID, FOR I AM THY GOD!--I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My Righteousness! Therefore, heed not these devices which come of that little punk Satan!--But rather, listen unto Me and I will lead thee and I will guide thee and thou shalt be counted as kings of David if thou shalt obey; and thou shalt be a great power on the earth and kings shall bow before thee as I have spoken, and thy enemies shall be as dust under thy feet!
†††††††19. (TONGUES) MANY ARE THE MIGHTY MEN THAT SHALL SERVE DAVID and many are the great kings that shall come unto David and many shall bow down and be ashamed before My Servant David, because he is my king. It is I that have put him up and empowered him! He represents me, for he is Mine anointed one, and none shall be able to stand before My David! None but those who love and honour and favour and obey Me--only those shall stand and all others shall fall before My Servant David!
†††††††20. (TONGUES) FEAR NOT THEREFORE, THAT WHICH SHALL COME UPON THEE! For I shall turn it unto thy good! Every device of man shall be turned back upon his own head, and even these things that shall sound abroad in thy means of voicing the news--the--bulletins--shall all serve thee, and that which is written shall serve thee, and many people shall hear of thee and I shall show them I am with thee and none shall dare touch thee except by My permission!
†††††††21. FOR ALL OF THESE NEWS BULLETINS UPON THE DOOR OF THE KING'S HOUSE SHALL BE TO THY FAVOUR, and they shall be as chaff which the wind driveth away, and they shall be as nothing in thy hands! (In the olden days, they nailed the news bulletins to the main door of the king's castle, so that all might read the official voice of the System).
†††††††22. THEREFORE, HOW SHALT THOU FAIL, FOR I AM WITH THEE AND SHALL NEVER FAIL and shall be with thee unto the end! So fear not, but go forth and fight thou the battles of the Lord, for it is impossible that thou shalt lose or that thou shouldst fail! For I the Lord am with thee and shall favour even the hand-maidens of David who shall be highly blessed of the Lord--even these little ones!--And all that open their hearts unto him shall be blessed of the Lord!
†††††††23. ALL THAT SHALL OPEN UNTO THE HOUSE OF DAVID SHALL HAVE REST, and all that shall submit unto My King David shall I bless and prosper and give much lands and property, for I the Lord cannot fail, and all these are but nothing in My Hand!
†††††††24. THINKEST THIS CASTLE IS A GREAT THING? It is nothing before Me! I shall give thee cities and whole lands that shall fall before Me, for I am the Lord thy God and the King of all Kings and all the whole earth, and thou shalt be exalted in My Hand and thou shalt be exalted above all, and thy rod shall rule all other rods, and thou shalt be called mighty upon the palace of thy God! For I am with thee and shall reign with thee as a rod within My Hand--as a rod of iron--and they shall bow before the rod within My Hand! Thou art the Rod and the Branch and My Servant David that I have spoken of! For thou art indeed that one which I have anointed to become king of all the earth and to smite all those who have risen up against Me and those who would seek to choose to fight against Me!
†††††††25. AND I HAVE CHOSEN THEE AS THE ROD AND THE BRANCH OF DAVID and that which is the fulfilment of all those things which are spoken of thee!
†††††††26. (TONGUES) RECORD THOU THESE IN A BOOK and write down these things that there shall be no misunderstanding that I have spoken this of thy King David, that he shall fulfil all these things! Write, and place it in the book that thou shalt have the record of the things that I have spoken!
†††††††27. FEAR NOT MY LITTLE ONES! FEAR NOT, LITTLE FLOCK, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give unto you not only the Kingdom, but many kingdoms and all nations on the earth, for they shall all fall down before thee and honour Me as the King of all kings! Egypt shall be at thy feet and Libya at thy heels and Ammon shall be before thee and Moab shall be thy washpot and Syria shall no longer defy Me and Israel shall learn to obey Me!
†††††††28. HALLELUJAH! AND ALL THE NATIONS OF THE GENTILES SHALL SEEK UNTO THEE for the favour of the Lord thy God, and shall call upon thee and clutch thee within their hands and beg of thee, "We shall eat of our own bread and be clothed with our own raiment. Only let us be called by thy name that we shall have thy favour!" And many shall grasp upon thee and lay hold upon thee and cling to that which is the true City of the Lord thy God! Many shall beg of thee: "Speak unto us the Word of the Lord, for we have a famine in the land! Only thou hast the Living Waters of Eternal Life and we would seek of thee that which brings life and breath! Give unto us, for we ask of thee, for it is the commandment of the Lord!"
†††††††29. "GIVE BREAD AND LIVING WATER UNTO US, for we seek if of thee, and thou must give us Life for the Lord hath commanded thee to feed that which is hungry and give drink to that which is athirst!" And thou shalt be the source of everlasting bread and living water and those that seek thee shall find thee, for I have given thee unto them for My favour and thy favour!
†††††††30. (TONGUES) SO SHALL IT BE WITH THE CHILDREN OF DAVID and so shall it be with the seed of King David, for many shall seek unto thee and call unto thee and all they that seek shall find, and they that ask shall receive, and those which knock upon thy door, it shall be opened to them! For I shall give unto thee favour and springs of power, and wells of water shall be opened unto thee for thou shalt be masters of all earth and Heaven and all those things which I have given unto thee for My Name's Sake, for thou art pleasing in My sight, and therefore I shall give thee all things whatsoever thou shalt desire within My power, for thou dost please Me and thank Me for all things!
†††††††31. THEREFORE, WHATSOEVER THOU SHALT ASK, it shall be given thee, and all things shall be thine in Christ Jesus because thou hast loved Me with an everlasting love and thou shalt seek My face and thou knowest thou art nothing and I have given thee all things, whether it be power or wisdom or nations or love! I have given thee the love of many children. Many shall be the children of the Lord that shall minister unto thee, for thou art the king I have chosen and the City where I have set My Name! And I shall give thee a name which shall be known unto Me, and thou shalt call and ask of Me!
†††††††32. FOR I HAVE GIVEN UNTO DAVID ALL THE POWERS which can be on the face of the earth, and all the kings of the earth shall be his, for he doth love Me and he is a man after Mine own heart, and he shall render unto Me that which is My due, and he shall gather all the sheep of all nations to My Fold, and all nations shall bow down before Me, for I the Lord have spoken it and given it unto thee. It is a small thing, for thou dost please Me!
†††††††33. FOR HE SHALL GATHER THEM AS THE SHEEP OF MANY FOLDS. He shall gather kings and princess and princesses and nations and kingdoms and castles and palaces and present them at My feet as a tribute and honour unto Me, for he considers himself nothing, as little as the lowest of all things! Therefore have I exalted him and duly honoured him and exalted him above all kings on the face of the earth! Therefore have I highly empowered and exalted him, because he hath honoured Me above all things and all kings and all palaces and all powers and all women! He hath honoured Me in the sight of the Lord!
†††††††34. THEREFORE HAVE I GIVEN HIM ALL THESE THINGS!--Kings and palaces, and women shall wait upon his feet, and they shall be as many handmaidens because they are the submissive handmaidens of the Lord, because I the Lord have spoken it and chosen it and set My seal upon it and therefore shalt thou hear him and heed him and take heed unto the word of My Servant David and king of kings I have given thee, that thou shalt honour and highly exalt and listen to him, that thou shalt be honoured of the Lord thy God! (Tongues) Many are the wonderful works of the Lord!
†††††††35. FEAR NOT THE THINGS WHICH RISE AGAINST THEE, for all the forces of the Devil shall be as chaff which the wind driveth away and all the ridiculous little pieces of trash which rise against thee shall be blown away by the Spirit of God! For I am with thee and none shall stand against the power I have given thee!
†††††††36. DOST THOU UNDERSTAND THE THINGS I HAVE SPOKEN unto My Servant David? Hast thou been a faithful handmaiden in the hand of the Lord? Dost thy pen move by the power of My Spirit and shalt thou be obedient unto My Servant David? Shalt thou therefore submit thyself unto My King and humble thyself before him? Art thou therefore the handmaiden of which I have spoken?--A little maid which I have made Queen, which I have taken out of the fleshpots of Egypt and I have exalted and made to be a ruler of My Children? Art thou therefore faithful to the Words I have given unto My king? Art thou therefore obedient to the words of the King? Art thou therefore obedient to the words of My Servant? Art thou faithful unto My king of all kings?
†††††††37. FOR THIS IS THE KING I HAVE CHOSEN and these thy children, the City where I have picked to place My name and this is the nation I have chosen to honour and the people I have picked to exalt My Name and this is the Children I have chosen for My progeny and these indeed are the people I have chosen which were no people and which were despised on the face of the earth and led as lambs to the slaughter!
†††††††38. BUT, BEHOLD!--I HAVE CHOSEN AND HIGHLY EXALTED THEM in due time that they might be called the Children of the Most High, that these which were accounted as the off-scouring of the earth, as the dregs of society--these are the ones I have chosen and this is the place I have chosen to put My Name, for these are they which shall be called the City of the Living God and Children of the Most High!
†††††††39. THESE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I HAVE CHOSEN to place My Name on, and this is David their King that shall serve Me with all his heart as a man after Mine own heart, for he cannot help himself for he is as nothing--as a little tiny grain of dust--but I have taken him and breathed upon him by My Spirit! (Illustrates by blowing lightly upon, as it were, a tiny grain of dust held between his thumb and forefinger! Behold!--He hath become many tribes! (Blows again) And he hath become many nations! (Blows again) And he hath become a king of all kings! (Blows again) And I have given unto him children upon children--thousands upon thousands and tens of thousands and thousands of thousands!
†††††††40. (BLOWS LIGHTLY AGAIN) THE BREATH OF MY SPIRIT HATH CREATED MANY! (Blows again) The breath of My Spirit hath raised up as though it were stones from the dead! The breath of My Spirit hath raised up these bones from a dry valley and that which was not have I made into that which is, and many nations shall come forth from Me and I shall raise up even that which was dead that it shall live unto Me and serve Me for My Glory!
†††††††41. (BLOWS ONCE MORE) AND EVERY LITTLE GRAIN OF DUST SHALL SHINE BEFORE ME, and even the least of these thy Children shall be mightier than the kings of this world!! For that which I have breathed upon is mightier than even the greatest of all the kings of this world! For ye shall be kings and priests unto Me and rule and reign with Me with a rod of iron and all nations shall fall before thee and worship at thy feet and say: "Surely thy God is with thee! Give us thy favour and forgive us our sins and seek for us mercy before the Lord that He may forgive us and give us bread and rain upon our land,"--for the Lord is with thee and thou art the king of all kings and thou are the favourite above all women, for thou art indeed the Bride of all brides and the beauty of the Husbandman--the Bride that He doth favour--and I will slay all those that rise up against her!
†††††††42. HASTE THEREFORE TO PERFORM THE WILL OF THY KING! Haste therefore, to perform the Will of My King David, that thou shall not be slothful, but be diligent in business and depart, and carry abroad the wisdom of his people! For this is the nation wherein I have desired to place My Name and this is the people I spake of through all the prophets of all times!
†††††††43. THEREFORE THOU SHALT HASTE TO BE THE AMBASSADOR OF DAVID THY KING! For as thou shalt represent him before kings, thou shalt be the ambassadors of the King of kings above all others! All things shall rest in thy hands, and the course of nations shall rest in thy hands, and even the news that thou shalt view is determined by thy wishes! For thou art My chosen ones! Canst thou not see that with which I have anointed David? Why dost thou not obey David My King?
†††††††44. WRITE DOWN ALL THESE WORDS which I have given thee from David and heed thou and obey the things which were spoken of My Servant, for I shall bring to pass the very words of his mouth! None shall be able to stand against it, for behold, I the Lord thy God am the power within those words that I have given unto David!
†††††††45. (HE PRAYS:) BEHOLD, O LORD, THY KING! Thy Servant David is weary! If it please thee, O God, withdraw thy hand from thy Servant and O Lord, permit these, his ambassadors to depart from his presence that he may serve thee!
†††††††46. FOR THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH thee whithersoever thou goest and thou shalt be ashamed before no man, for thou art not merely the ambassadors of an earthly king, but thou dost represent Me, the King of all kings of kings, and thou art My embassage, My representatives, My ambassadors! Therefore go forth in the Spirit and Might of My Power and know I shall be with thee and shall never forsake thee even unto the end of the earth, for I shall prosper thee and give unto thee whatsoever thy hand turneth to, for they shall bow down before thee and be servants!
†††††††47. AND THE KINGS OF PALACES AND THE LEADERS OF NATIONS SHALL SEEK UNTO THEE thy favour and shall say unto thee: "Let us be called by thy name, for behold, the Lord is with thee and shall favour us if thou shalt bless us! We seek unto us thy favour and thy blessing!"
†††††††48. TO MARIA: BLESSED ART THOU AMONGST WOMEN and blessed is the fruit of thy womb; for thou shalt be called great in the House of David, for thou hast been faithful in all his words!
†††††††49. (AT THIS POINT I SPILL A LITTLE WINE IN MO'S FACE, AND THE LORD SAYS:) Even if they pour wine upon thy flame they cannot quench thy spirit, for it shall burn even more brightly, and it shall ignite by the power of My Spirit! It shall but add fuel to the flame and cause it to burn more brightly, though the enemy would try to quench the fire! They cannot snuff out the breath! Behold!--The breath is not from man, but from God, and even their snuffs shall cause it to burn more brightly, because this, the flame of My King, is unquenchable fire that cannot be put out because it is the fire of God! Even if they shall pour many waters upon it, nothing can quench the fire of the Spirit of God, for it shall cause it to burn even more brightly!
†††††††50. PRAYER: BLESS THESE THAT CARRY THE WORDS of Thy Mouth and the thoughts of thy Spirit!
†††††††51. THOU POUREST OUT WINE INTO HIS NOSTRILS! Thou seekest to minister most clumsily! Nevertheless have I blessed thee because of thy love and faithfulness unto David. For thou art indeed called and chosen above all the handmaidens of Israel to minister unto his love! And thou canst not quench the flame, even with wine, for it shall ignite the fire and burn even more brightly! Thou canst not put out the fire that I the Lord thy God have kindled! It is impossible Behold, this fire shall sweep the whole earth until the day that I shall come!
†††††††52. MO: DID THE LANDLORD COME? Why is he so presumptuous to come at this hour? Rebuke him, Lord, for coming here and disturbing me! Rebuke him and help him to have more respect for the King! The idea of him disturbing the handmaiden of the king--in fact, the king of all kings! Why didn't you ask him why he didn't come in the afternoon? Oh, I know, because he heard us and knew we were up! He heard the voice of the king! He heard voices, so he was emboldened to knock! He heard loud voices, so he was encouraged to knock!
†††††††53. TO MO: IF THOU HADST NOT BEEN SO NOISY HE WOULD HAVE WAITED, but he heard thy voice! He heard a tongue speaking strange things! You were yelling loudly, so he presumed to knock, and I permitted him because thou wast awake, to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's
†††††††54. TO MARIA: MANY ARE THE WORDS OF DAVID thou dost write in the book, and it is a great weariness unto thee. Therefore thou shalt rest now. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak! You love the words, but the flesh is weak! ... Thou shalt have pleasure at the right hand of the Lord! Hold thou the hand of My Servant David, for thou art his handmaiden--his right hand!
†††††††55. (IT STARTS TO RAIN LIGHTLY AS MO IS DRIFTING OFF TO SLEEP!) Behold, the drops of water fall from Heaven to bless My land to refresh it! And there are those who will stand up against it! How ridiculous! (He sees a picture of people holding up their hands against Heaven trying to stop the rain, like we are the rain of God--the Latter Rain of God refreshing the earth--but there are those who would try to stop the rain!) Their trying to stop us is as foolish as their trying to stop the rain! What can they do? They can only stop a few drops of God's great shower!
†††††††56. (FINALLY, MO MUTTERS IN HIS SLEEP:) In dreams and visions, Saul calls up the face of David. He did all this in defiance of me! (Pause) They're having this big baptism. All this is just before the break (with Saul). (The thing that came to MO as he read this later was that it was a very similar situation to what happened to ancient King Saul when finally he got desperate and the Lord didn't answer him! He tries to find Samuel! In this case, it's like this King Saul is trying to find MO to ask why all this was happening. Like in desperation he was turning to him for help too late. Then, like he saw a big Jesus People baptism and decided to dump us & use them instead!)
†††††††57. WHEN MO AWOKE LATER, he didn't even remember or know that he had been prophesying!

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