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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

"COMMUNICATIONS"--MO            August, 1971      NO.130


       1. My Dearly Beloved Children: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! This Letter is primarily on matters of business.
       2. THANKS VERY MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR WHOLE-HEARTED COOPERATION in recent major discussions, decisions, moves, changes, and new outlooks, outreaches, etc. in recent months.
       3. WE HAVE HAD VERY SWEET FELLOWSHIP WITH SOME OF YOU, and we appreciate all your precious kindness to us in every way, in oneness and freedom in the Spirit, in personal fellowship, as well as enthusiastic co-operativeness and diligence in matters of business.
       4. I BELIEVE WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED MUCH TOWARD THE FURTHERANCE OF HIS KINGDOM in these past few weeks, which will see even greater results in the future, as we apply His inspiration to our perspiration with desperation towards further propagation as we approach the Consummation and His Revelation and Glorification! But it will take lots of preparation for its manifestation; so I hope you're looking forward to such exaltation with great exultation; and I hope that doesn't require any further explanation! And this was an exclamation!--By way of declaration! So go teach all nations!
       5. COLONISATION IS A METHOD HE HAS GIVEN US TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD FOR HIS KINGDOM--but to do this there must always be a sacrificial, cellular division of existing personnel and leadership, in order to bring about this multiplication of our New Nation!
       6. WE ARE SENDING THIS LETTER TO THREE OF YOU TOP LEADERS, each in a separate package of material, as we always do with all of our Letters, as a check and double check safety check system, to make sure that at least one of them get through to you in case any should be delayed, or any of you fall short in diligence and expedient dispatch of the material sent.
       7. AS YOU CAN SEE, DURING THE PAST TWO WEEKS OF PEACE AND QUIET and restful recuperation from our previous arduous trials and tribulations, as well as pleasant fellowships, etc., we have been producing considerably more material than previously, and have begun again to "feed My Sheep" as we should have been doing all along.
       8. I REGRET THAT WE WERE COMPELLED TO TAKE TIME FROM PRAYER AND HIS WORD and His Words for you, in order to have to tend your tables, due to your personal problems, and it does not seem that we accomplished very much in the way of settling them; but I thank the Lord that we did accomplish a great deal along many other and perhaps more important lines of progress, with the Lord giving us many new revelations and manifestations, even while engaged in these mundane affairs, thanks to His faithfulness! "Tho we are faithless, yet He remaineth faithful"--so we have a number of new things to give you, including some of these enclosed.
       9. ALL NEW TITLES WE TRUST WILL BE DUPLICATED IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL COLONIES, and sent to them immediately for immediate reading, and then printed as soon as possible so that each member may have his own copy for further study and review. This is very important! PLEASE DO NOT FAIL THE LORD IN BEING SLACK OR SLOW IN ANY OF THESE THINGS.
       10. OF THE SIX IMPORTANT TITLES enclosed, I would consider that the most urgently needed are: first, "FAITH AND HEALING", along with second, "FEET OF FAITH", and thirdly, "PSALM 68", fourth would be "ONE WAY", ANOTHER IMPORTANT ITEM ON THE JEWS, AND LONG OVERDUE, DUE TO THE FACT THAT WE ARE JUST NOW CATCHING UP IN SOME OF OUR WRITING, AS YOU CAN SEE! "FAITH AND HEALING" was given before we left for Europe, but was never completed until now, and I understand that even the first half, so urgently necessary for the good understanding that we sat up half the night to leave you a copy to encourage the Children's faith, you never even bothered to have printed or distributed!
       11. Let's not let this happen again--I hope! The other two little vignettes of life may be too bottle-breaking for you older ones, so I have dedicated them to the little children--the BENJAMIN BOTTLE BREAKERS--and don't go leaving any more broken glass at the Ft. Worth Zoo! That story was quite widely misunderstood amongst the System--and I can't quite blame 'em, since you, apparently, yourselves, did not understand that the bottle the Lord was speaking of in His illustration of the old brittle systemites were not made of glass, but of old, fully stretched goatskins, into which new wine could not be poured, because, as it expanded, it would burst the skin and spill the wine. But new wine had to be put into new fresh goatskins which could stretch and accommodate the wine as it expanded in its fermentation.--Young kids like you!
       12. HOWEVER, I COULD TELL YOU OF A LITTLE PERSONAL MIRACLE ALONG THIS LINE which occurred to us regularly while in Cyprus. We always bought the cheapest wines, at about twenty-four cents a bottle, in which low grade they only had two kinds--very sweet and very dry (sour). So we would mix the two to obtain a pleasant blend. We would take one bottle of sweet and one bottle of dry, and into a third and empty bottle, we would pour half the bottle of sweet and half the bottle of dry, filling the bottle even fuller than originally; then we would combine the remaining two half  bottles into one, in one of the remaining bottles, fuller than originally filled, and yet, we would still always wind up with about a quarter of a bottle left over! Explain that if you can! I'm still firmly convinced it was a small miracle of the Lord, just to show us how He can increase our wine and our oil, like he did the loaves and the fishes!--But I must admit, it gave me a rather weird feeling everytime it happened. It was kind of scary to note that the Lord was interested in even the smallest things. This little bit left over was like the Lord's tenth, or more like an eighth, that He'd made for Himself, and we always drank it first with a great deal of awe and reverence, as a rare and holy Communion--God's miracle wine! So you can pass that story on to the little Bottle-breakers, if you want to, also!
       13. I do think, however, that you could print "Sounds In The Night" and "My Love Is A Legend" for all of our Children, regardless of size or age, along with "Faith And Healing" and "Feet Of Faith"; but I would suggest that "Psalm 68" and "One Way" be distributed to only those faithful LT's in service with us, as they're a little deep, and involve a moderate measure of security; but we do trust that all of these will soon be in the hands of all of those for whom they are intended, as soon as possible, in addition to the original readings of the immediate duplicates sent to all leaders. Thank you for your faithful help in publishing His Word! "Great was the company of them that published it!" (Ps.68:11). Praise the Lord! How wonderfully His revelations have been fulfilled.
       14. As you read "Faith and Healing" and some of the other old goldies we're digging out at last, I HOPE YOU WILL NOTE, AS WE HAVE, WITH THRILLING JOY AND SATISFACTION, HOW PROPHETIC SOME OF THESE WERE AT THE TIME THEY WERE GIVEN, AS WE NOW SEE THEIR FULFILLMENT in His Word! He never fails in one of all His great promises--if we keep the conditions and obey and are faithful! Thank you Jesus! I hope you're all thrilled as we are with what He is doing with us all in this Last Day! We are now working on some other goodies which have been delayed by your personal problems, but will be coming soon, God Willing, such as "Ezekiel 34", another in the "David Series"; "Attack", another encouragement for your personal life on how to deal with fear; the long promised and most unbelievable "Space City"; and another more recent on the same subject, "The ultimate Trip", both on my own personal visits in the spirit to that Heavenly realm He has prepared for us which I must say, I believe were the most astounding revelations I have ever had! If you want to see the marvelous things God has in store for you, be sure to tune in at a future time at this same station for the next dramatic episodes! Hallelujah! "It's only the beginnin', Folks! Hold on to your hats!" Praise God!--And that's not to speak of even the longest and most prophetic, continuous session we have ever had, which occurred just recently, with some of the most astounding news I've ever received, but which you may not yet be able to bear until some later date when you're a little stronger!--Nearly thirty-six hours of continuous shocking prophecies!


       15. WE ARE LOCATED AGAIN ACROSS A VERY LARGE BODY OF WATER FROM MOST OF YOU; but you will mail all missives intended for us, as before. Be sure this time to ADDRESS ALL MAIL FOR MO AND PARTY IN THIS NAME. This will help keep it from being confused with other's mail being received at the same box; and whoever picks up the mail there will therefore, not even need to open it, but can immediately place it in another envelope or package and readdress it to us under the proper name, wherever we are. This is a vital security matter and YOU MUST NEVER FORGET IT OR MAKE THE MISTAKE OF EVER SENDING IT IN ANY OTHER NAME WHATSOEVER, BIBLE, LEGAL, OR OTHERWISE. The final mailing of mail to us, either at our box or otherwise, or to the box, must only be handled by top leaders, and this name and address must not be bandied about to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, or general flunkie, errand boy, or mailman, please. Thank you.
       16. The one who picks up our mail at the box will be informed periodically where to forward it--and this will probably be your only means of communication with us, as WE HAVE ABANDONED ALL DIRECT TELEPHONE CONTACT AS BEING UNWISE, UNSAFE, AND FAR TOO EXPENSIVE. We hope to set you all an example of how to communicate by mail, rather than by telephone, which, if followed, could immediately save us all enough to buy half a dozen Prophet Busses a month, or make payments on a few ranches or clubs of our own! I'm convinced that most of our long distance phone calls are a wasteful and unnecessary luxury, when a letter would have done just as well, if not better, except in cases of the most dire emergency, when the news cannot wait a day or two for the delivery of a letter! ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION BEFORE PHONING, "is this really an emergency that I and the Lord can't handle; and can it wait at least two days to be delivered in letter?" The phoning rules should be: 1. DON'T PHONE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO, and it cannot be handled any other way; 2. IF YOU MUST PHONE, SAY ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY--no visiting. We'll read the latest news in your logs--you don't have to tell it all to us on the telephone to the tune of $5,000 a month! This is absolutely ridiculous, and a sinful extravagance. We could open up and finance about ten new colonies a month for what we're spending on phone calls alone! Let's STOP IT AND NOW!--I don't care if you are paying for it; it's still God's money, and could be better used for other things, such a new colonies, new busses, new literature, etc. think it over! Eve was once a phone addict, but has evidently been cured! God bless her!--And if she can be cured, anybody can!--Even Josh and Ho. You'll get no more phone calls from me, God willing, unless it's a life and death emergency, and requires instant help! TELEPHONES ARE A LUXURY, ESPECIALLY THE WAY WE'VE BEEN USING THEM. Let's trim them back down to the size of a necessity! AND EVERYTIME YOU GO TO MAKE ANOTHER LONG DISTANCE CALL, ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTIONS, "Do I really need to make this call, or don't we need a new colony, a new bus, or new literature more?" May God help us!--Or these phones are going to bankrupt us! I cured the problem once by having only pay phones put in, where we had to have the change, and put the money in on the spot--and when you see those coins going down the hole Brother, and those little bell playing their doleful tunes, like a cash register eating up your cash, you think twice or thrice about that phone call!--And I'll tell you, it immediately made a vast difference in our phone bill! Think it over! PTL?
       17. PLEASE REMEMBER WE PERSONALLY, IN THIS PARTY, WANT YOU TO CONTINUE TO SEND US 1.--Shepherd's Reports; 2.--Saul Reports; 3.--Log Summaries; 4.--Logs; 5.--Your news story and any newspaper clippings. Be sure that each of these is entitled correctly, dated, and signed; and please quit forgetting to put the name of your Colony at the top of each! Thank you.
       18. And please do not send us any letters, envelopes, packages, or otherwise, bearing my name of any kind in the return address, especially organisational names. Do not use your return address stamp on our mail, neither do you use your printed envelopes for our mail. Use only your street address or box number in your return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope! I wonder how many times we'll have to say this before some of you start doing it, and I wonder how many weeks it will be before you all do it without fail, and how often you'll endanger us with identification!

       19. THERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IMMEDIATELY BY THOSE CONCERNED, please! (We're just going down the list at random as we thought of them.)
        1.--Jeth, why don't you have more coolers in the TSC kitchen! Baby the Babes! I thought you got enough coolers from King Achish to cool the whole ranch! Use 'em !
        2.--How did the actress react to the ranch? Is she still there? If so, tell her I love her. If not, may God have mercy on her!
        3.--TSC and ASC: How come you're still sending out people without proper I.D.? --Even one of the King's party !-- One to Canada, and God only know how many more! Let's get those photo labs to work, Boys, on something besides entertainment!
        4.--Which reminds me: If you want to go overseas, why haven't you got a passport?-- Wives have had to be left home recently, who could have gone with their husbands if they hadn't forgotten to get their passports. How about you?
        5.--Office: Did we send you a total of four installments on "Dropouts"?--We still have one we're not sure we sent you!
        6.--Jake, Eman, or Samson: How about a sketch of Faith in Cromwell's helmet for the next newspaper? Do you still have that picture of his helmet I sent you?
        7.--Printshop: Have you printed David H's beautiful new brochure--and is he working on our catalogues, prayer letters, and other items aimed at the System. Please see that we get some of those brochures as soon as possible by mail or messenger.
        8.--Josh or LASC Printshop: How about some more of those terrific Prophet Tracts with the maps, addresses, Warning Message, and brief explanations in colour?--That's one of the best things we've ever produced for the casual contract and to explain us briefly to either Systemite or Revolutionary!--One of the best all-around tracts we have published. It's got the Man, the Method, and the Message, together with the address of the nearest Colony. God bless you, Josh, for that great tract!--Of course, it was great!--I wrote part of it!--Ha!--So far, I haven't even made one of our own newspapers! Am I not even fit to quote? I think a little "MO' from MO" Column of MO's Most Quotables might even be helpful to some--providing they're properly censored of all four-letter words. Include your favourite quotes, vignettes, short stories, or what have you?--Maybe even some of his favourite jokes, which you should now know by heart, he's told 'em so many times. At least I oughtta rate the joke column! It wouldn't hurt to have a few laughs in that paper--and some people think I'm a real gasser!--Something you think the kids could enjoy, of whom I am chief! After all, the paper is for kids!--So how about those comic strips, Jake and Eman, and those comic books and correspondence courses?--Here it is a year later, and you still haven't produced 'em! God help us to get on the ball!--And what happened to the latest 3x5 classes--We think they're great!
        9.--Also, please, please send us that camp stove--for emergencies. We might camp out over here.--We could also use that movie camera. Also we need Gad pads, bandaids, etc., and anything else that's hard to get over here. Maybe you could send 'em by boat. Send somebody by boat with about a ton of this stuff.
        10.--And you rich Colonies, send us all your extra money, and we'll invest it in good, solid Common Market currency or stable British pounds, instead of your weak, deflating and declining dollar. Pounds are going up--dollars are going down, and you're losing money on every thousand dollars that you keep over there, at the rate of twelve dollars a month; even every hundred dollar bill is now going down at the rate of $1.20 a month!--If anybody's got $10,000, that could cost you, at the present rate of dollar deflation, the rapidly declining value of the dollar--it could cost you nearly $1,500 loss in one year's time! (FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!) So send us your weary worn-out weakening dollars for quick exchange into strong, growing, prospering Pounds, Guilders, or Reichmarks, and get them off the sinking ship of the bankrupt American economy onto the solid ground of our European future!--We can always send it back to you as you need it, or you'll have it here ready when you escape!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family