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"PERSONAL WORDS"--MO December 13, 1971       LTA No.147

       Precious Children: Greetings in Jesus' Dear Name! Lord Willing, we're going to try one more time to give a little personal word to each of your Colonies on pertinent subjects you've written us about recently or events which have transpired there which need some comment, or perhaps answer some of your questions if we can, garnered from all the information which we've received from you of late. Thank you for your faithfulness in communicating. We don't want to fail to mention some of these things which we've taken note of from your reports and letters and tapes before we cease writing you awhile while working on the "Little Book." We've already made a good start on it and hope to have it for you soon! So please pray it will be what He wants and you need. Thanks.
       2. WE'LL TRY TO START AGAIN TO SPEAK TO YOU BY COLONIES beginning again in the Northwest and working Eastward to Europe, if possible--the direction of our present growth:
       3. VANCOUVER: Thank you David Z for your tapes regarding recent events there including the good job you all did on THE TALK SHOW. Thanks for keeping us informed, Jeth! That's the way to do it! DON'T LET A LITTLE TALK SCARE YOU AWAY! STAND UP AND TALK BACK! I think you helped the situation considerably and the MC was obviously favourably impressed, and by the end of the show he was almost defending you. From what we can hear, you're doing a good job at public relations, JD! God bless you for your faithfulness to the Lord's cause. So sorry Russ couldn't take our radical ways. We are a little difficult for those with churchy backgrounds, but it's a Revolution! So sorry Russ is missing the boat, because nothing is going to stop this move of God despite our mistakes, which I agree, we make plenty of--but we're still on the right track, Praise God! So glad you all got that beautiful lodge just in time--the Lord never fails! Sounds like a good place for Babes to study and get grounded in the Word! WATCH ALL YOUR LEGAL ANGLES, YOU FOLKS IN CANADA! DON'T OVERSTAY YOUR VISAS! WATCH OUT ABOUT VIGILS UP THERE--THEY MIGHT BE CONSIDERED DEMONSTRATIONS AND MISCONSTRUED AS UNDESIRABLE ACTIVITY BY VISITORS, especially as there is now growing anti-American sentiment there because of Nitler's policies. Try to be nice to Russ and keep him as a friend if you can, although it's a little difficult since there are no neutrals, but at least TRY TO AVOID DRIVING HIM INTO OPEN WARFARE! Glad to see that you and many other Colonies are getting so many BAPTISED IN THE SPIRIT, Praise God! That's our secret weapon!
       4. BURLINGTON: Japheth, I hope to go over your LT Lessons while working on the Book. Lydia, thank you for those inspiring prophecies and encouraging Josh.--Including the interesting German prophecy by Boaz! Akiakas' prophecy seemed very fitting! Rachel, thank you for all your precious letters! Sorry we haven't been able to answer you more personally, but hope to do so some day soon! Maybe as soon as you get the babies decentralised you can make it here for Christmas, God Willing! We love and pray for you in your responsible task.
       5. Thanks Joel and Hannah for your apologies, along with some others of you! GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO CONFESS MISTAKES. WE ALL MAKE THEM! LET'S HOPE WE LEARN BY THEM! Hope some of you numerous leaders there will get to help head up some road teams soon, including Zadok, Joanna and Phineas, Elijah and Tamar. I also hope Zechariah and Elizabeth can be transferred to a Colony with wiser leadership where they can receive better training and consideration! Maybe as soon as your Colony is cut down to a manageable size there, you'll be able to do a better job. Praise the Lord! God bless you, we're praying for you!
       6. SEATTLE: Deb, you've certainly been through the mill lately and I'm glad Jeth is back to give you a hand! He was always good at public relations! Still wish we could get together for a little Christmas conference on your problems there! How's David H doing? Did you give him a good team, vehicle, and tell him to keep in touch? Was he interested in the idea of the two-by-two Seventy Campaign for Jesus People Houses? Please tell him we still love and pray for him! And how come Sam is no longer with the band! We love his songs and singing! Seems like it's time that he and Jeremy and the L.A. Band should be ready for Europe! Too bad you lost Big John! I thought his movie idea was a good one and was about to suggest that he, too, go to England and approach Pinewood Studios with his project. What do you think about letting Benji go on the road with the Organisational Team to help train Colonies in Provisioning. Thank you Barak for the song tapes. We particularly like "Mountain", "Prodigal Son", "Sad Day", "Billy" and "Strong Is the Man" and "Gypsy Caravan". WE JUST WISH YOU GUYS WHO SEND US MUSIC TAPES WOULD PLEASE INTRODUCE EACH OF YOUR BAND MEMBERS AND LET 'EM GIVE A LITTLE TESTIMONY.
       7. Naaman, we sure like your Gypsy Band! We saw you on the Colorado video tape and were particularly fascinated by Micah's sweet little love song, "Starlight." I suppose there's a need for at least one band in an area there where you have such large Colonies and so many people, big meetings, etc. But when I saw that whole row of guitarists in Colorado and thought about some of the small Colonies who have no musician or inspirationalist at all, it made us wonder if MAYBE INDIVIDUAL INSPIRATIONALISTS SO DESPERATELY NEEDED AT INDIVIDUAL COLONIES AREN'T POSSIBLY EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN ONE BAND IN ONE COLONY! I THINK WE ALL OUGHT TO THINK ABOUT THAT.
       8. SOME OF OUR BAND LEADERS MIGHT ALSO MAKE GOOD COLONY LEADERS. and why, Seattle, why aren't all your leaders named as members of your staff on your Colony Report? You're bound to have more leaders than that! Anyhow it sounds like you're doing a good job of public relations up there now with your visiting service clubs, etc. But sorry to see no reports from Seattle on the last two Newsletters. Know you're busy, but that's too busy! Congratulations on getting new teams off to Tacoma, Portland, Lewiston, etc. Hallelujah! Be sure they report to us and also get MO Letters and other COGIC info. HAVE YOU FOUND A LAWYER YET AND HAVE YOU TAKEN ANY LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THOSE CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST YOU? YOU MUST TRY TO PUT A STOP TO SUCH ILLEGAL OPPOSITION ACTIONS SO AS TO DISCOURAGE OTHERS FROM THE SAME! Praise the Lord! It's in God's Hands!
       9. SAN FRANCISCO: Praise God, Corny! You seem to be about the only Colony with almost as many girls as boys! You sure ought to be able to find a wife out of that! Just be sure she's a leader, too! You guys sure do get the fruit! BUT PLEASE DON'T MAKE YOUR SKITS SO REALISTIC OR YOU MIGHT SCARE SOMEBODY TO DEATH! You guys talk to your leaders about your LATIN AMERICAN BURDENS. SOME OF THOSE COUNTRIES AREN'T TOO EASY TO EVANGELISE BECAUSE OF THEIR RESTRICTIONS AGAINST MISSIONARIES, WITNESSING, ETC., BUT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GO IN AS A TOURIST AND DO IT SELAH. Pray about it!
       10. ZION: Thanks for your good reports from K.C., but I don't know why you're not listed in the last two Newsletters, no matter how selah you are. Frankly, as you've gathered from my recent Letters, I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF A WITNESS SELAH COLONIES AND NAME-CHANGING HAVE. Maybe you can explain it to me. IF A COMMUNITY IS THAT ANTAGONISTIC, MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE THERE! THEY DON'T DESERVE YOU. I DON'T SEE HOW WE CAN HIDE ANY OF OUR LIGHTS UNDER A BUSHEL FOR LONG. We were just wondering from hearing your tape if being so selah even makes you folks afraid to be a little more responsive! Anyhow, may the Lord bless and keep you in your difficult situation. You sure got one guy there who's enthusiastic at least about MO Letters! Thanks, Onesimus! And I think your suggestion Andrew, about the phone code is a good one. We do seem to be developing quite a few Scriptural reference expressions which might help. Why don't you work one out and submit it for consideration?
       11. SAN DIEGO: Thanks Rodent for the CIH tapes and news articles. Your light there certainly hasn't been hidden, thank the Lord, despite your attempts to go underground. I THINK THE TIME TO GO UNDERGROUND IS WHEN YOU'RE LICKED, NOT WHEN YOU STILL HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE AND CAN STILL SOCK 'EM BACK AND GET AWAY WITH IT, as you did, God bless you! Sorry the report date is inconvenient for you, but try to get it in anyhow! Which Revolutionary Sheet are you talking about? Thank you, Helah, for your sweet little love letters! I'm inclined to agree with you, but you still have to watch Romans 14. You folks are sure getting out the witness there, God bless you! When are we going to reopen LA and SB, both fruitful fields! DON'T LET 'EM SCARE US OUT!
       12. TUCSON: We rejoice with you in the reopening of a Tucson Colony! Thank God for our faithful and friendly parents, Naomi and Elishaba! Have they sent you your wife yet, Seth! God bless you, Son! How about reopening Phoenix for the Winter, if the heat's off now?
       13. EL PASO: Sounds like you're doing a good job there Saulo and Endureth! You sure got some good publicity. I also hope you got the help we sent you. Thank God for delivering some of your servicemen! Let God lead! REMEMBER, IT'S A STANDING RULE--WE DON'T HARBOUR SELAH CASES WHICH COULD ENDANGER THE WORK! Right now I think El Paso needs you more than Germany.
       14. COLORADO: Thank you Vashti, for your precious love letters! I love you, too!--But sorry I haven't been able to take quicker action on them, but we prayed for you in your hour of need! So glad the Lord brought you to victory, as we knew He would, Praise the Lord! Thanks for that BEAUTIFUL VIDEOTAPE, SHAD, ALTHOUGH WE'D RATHER HAVE SEEN MORE OF THE KIDS THAN SO MUCH SCENERY--THE MORE SEER-SIGHTING THAN SIGHTSEEING. The music was so beautiful we played it over and over--but WE DO WISH YOU HAD INTRODUCED THE MUSICIANS AS WELL AS THE LEADERS THERE! Never saw hide nor hair of you, Joab, and only heard your voice, Shad--but you were as beautiful as ever, Vashti, playing your guitar and singing, but our hearts ached for a little personal word from you on the tape. We would rather have had that than the scenery. Who was your cameraman, Shad? He certainly did an excellent job of panning the kids. BUT IT ALSO WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF YOU HAD QUIETLY DUBBED IN THEIR NAMES AS YOU ZEROED IN ON CERTAIN OUTSTANDING FACES. You sure have a tremendous bunch there, and I WOULDN'T SAY THAT THE ONES WHO WENT HOME WERE NOT ALL SOLD OUT.
       15. SOME OF YOU GUYS DIDN'T SEEM TO GET THE POINT THAT THIS WAS NOT ONLY A TEST OF YOUR DISCIPLES, BUT ALSO A DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE LIES OF THE ENEMY AS WELL AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO WITNESS TO THE HOMEFOLKS, SPOIL THE SYSTEM AND BRING BACK MORE DISCIPLES. AND THE TEST WAS NOT WHETHER THEY WENT HOME OR NOT, WHICH WAS ACTUALLY A TRIAL FOR MANY OF THEM, WHO DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO, BUT FELT THAT THEY SHOULD--BUT THE TEST IS WHETHER THEY COME BACK OR NOT! That's the proof of the pudding! So give 'em time! Candy, you did very well on your Hiley Ward interview, although I almost wish you had told off some of those preachers, but I know you were trying to keep the peace and your reporter seemed to like you. Seems you just about won him over to having a little more charitable attitude towards us. What's the matter with telling your wife you love her all the time, Joab! I do mine, and she does me, and we love it--so why not you? If he doesn't give you enough love up there, Vashti, come see me! You were one of my firstborn, and you're still one of my favourite daughters! God bless you! I love you, Sweetheart, and always will! And I think you're doing a great job, too! Anybody who could live with Joab has gotta be a saint. I really did enjoy your letters, Joab! You're a man after my own heart!
       16. I THINK YOUR GIVING THE GUYS LESSONS ON DRIVING IS EXCELLENT, BUT LEAVING LETTERS ON THE SEAT OF AN UNATTENDED CAR WAS FORBIDDEN IN ONE OF OUR EARLIEST LETTERS ON THE MINISTRY OF THE MAIL. Which ones were stolen? We need to know the names. You certainly have had excellent public relations there which comes from really working at it! God bless you, but I'm sorry you didn't have a little better relationship with the JP LEADERS you were training! Did we lose 'em? SUCH PEOPLE NEED TO BE GIVEN MORE ATTENTION AND RESPONSIBILITY! From the looks of your Colony, you've got enough leaders and musicians and fine looking Babes to start a whole slew of new Colonies! GET THAT LITTLE TRAILER BACK ON THE ROAD AND ANY OTHER TRAVEL VEHICLES YOU HAVE. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR OF A CAMPER OR A TRAILER PARKED AT ANY COLONY! THEY OUGHT TO ALL BE ON THE ROAD STARTING NEW COLONIES! Congratulations to you for starting up boulder! Glad to hear you're there, Jacob. NOBODY WHO'S HAD A COLONY OF HIS OWN, OR CAPABLE OF LEADING ONE, SHOULD BE WORKING IN SOMEONE ELSE'S COLONY! Get going, Son Joab!--and send 'em out. Congrats also, in sending Shad to open the twin cities. Anne, you inspired us all with your courage and faith in that very difficult situation, and it certainly was of the Lord, as the Lord showed me. I was praying for you desperately! Joseph, better take better care of her next time! She's worthy of a lot of love, and especially needs it now. My regards to both of you and all the other newlyweds in all the Colonies--also, all the new mothers with precious new babies! God bless and keep you all and make you a great blessing!
       17. Seems like you ought to send Kezia to Germany, Joab! Sorry you don't like the Newsletters--It's my idea! Maybe figures don't interest you, but they do me and always have! Ask Vashti! What did you think of our new Colony in Boston, Parable End? How's my little disciple David, doing? God bless Him!
       18. DALLAS: You've had some pretty good publicity there lately, Folks!--But Able, I'd LIKE TO HEAR YOU SNAP BACK A LITTLE MORE QUICKLY AND POSITIVELY ON THOSE ANSWERS, son. The guy had to ask you four times before he got a definite answer. Hope you're working on that tax exemption! Justin, we used to poke fun at weddings, but OUR BETROTHALS WERE USUALLY VERY SOBER OCCASIONS AND A CHANCE TO IMPRESS ON THE COUPLES THE SERIOUSNESS OF MARRIAGE! I DON'T THINK MUCH OF THESE 30-SECOND QUICKIES! And how come you didn't at least give them the next morning off, you Slave Driver! I THINK OUR NEW COUPLES OUGHT TO GET AT LEAST A LITTLE THREE-DAY TO ONE-WEEK HONEYMOON TO HELP THEN GET ADJUSTED TO THEIR NEW LIFE. HAVEN'T WE GOT ANY HONEYMOON COTTAGES WHERE THEY CAN GET AWAY FROM IT ALL FOR A FEW DAYS? By the way, whoever started calling that poor demoniac "Legion"--That was not his name, but the name of the devils who possessed him! Read it. Watch those dented cans, Dallas! They can be dangerous if their seal has been broken by the denting, which can cause botulism, a fairly severe form of food poisoning. If the can seems to be swollen, particularly the ends bulging, it may not be safe, unless you pray hard and have a lot of faith! I'd at least sniff it pretty prayerfully, or at least taste it with the tip of your tongue before using! If it doesn't smell good or has a sharp "bite" or sting, don't use it--and rinse your mouth.
       19. Rahel, is each new team given written instructions and Advisories on how to handle mail, etc., as well as copies of all necessary MO Letters? AND PLEASE ADVISE ALL COLONIES THAT THE DESCRIPTION OF BACKSLIDERS DID NOT MEAN A PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION, BUT A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE CASE ON THE SHEPHERD'S REPORT.
       20. LAZARUS, thank you for your report on your father! What made him so mad at us?--But don't worry about it!--FEAR NOT MAN WHOSE BREATH IS IN HIS NOSTRILS. Thanks, Bozez, for your info about concrete boats! Maybe somebody will get the burden and faith for it. Shua, thank you for your beautiful videotape on childbirth. I think your classes on midwifery are an excellent idea! Go to it! Nobody else seems to have the time. God bless that doctor! Be good to him! Thanks for the LETTERS FROM THE SERVICEMEN, Adria! They were interesting enough to be duped for all Colonies. I HOPE SOME OF YOU WILL FEEL BURDENED TO WRITE AND ENCOURAGE THEM, ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS OF OUR BRETHREN AND SISTERS AND FRIENDS WHO ARE IN INSTITUTIONS, JAIL, THE SERVICE, OR UNDERAGE, ETC.
       21. HEZ, I think you're going to get your heart's desire according to that vision, when our book is published, Praise the Lord! Is anybody taking care of King A? Javan, when you take your show on the road, maybe you can encourage your radio men in each Colony in person to be more faithful and more diligent and inspire their Colony leadership with the need for better communication, Medad, maybe the third time's the charm!--Maybe this time'll do it! According to the Scripture, if she wants to live with you, you can hardly refuse! God bless you for your love and patience! As far as the child is concerned, ALL CHILDREN ARE AN HERITAGE OF THE LORD, AND CAN BE DEDICATED TO HIS GLORY! Thank you for your good letters and reports, Shem! Sounds like you're doing a good job! GBY!
       22. FORT WORTH: Zechariah and Judith, you certainly did a beautiful job of public relations there and it really paid off, God bless you! We'd like to know more about your Queen and what made her be so wonderful! Apparently you're good to her and you're certainly a good example of how to treat good queens! May God give us more like yours, Judith, can't you get one of your dances on videotape! We love dancing and good music!
       23. DENTON: Your home goers must really love you to come back the same day!
       25. MERKLE: Thanks for your letter, Jeremiah! I agree! Good work on your publicity!
       26. AUSTIN: Matthias and Bashan, you made us one of the best tapes on the Homegoing and got some of the best publicity for it of anybody in the Revolution! God is really with you small Colonies! God bless you! More power to you! I think your camping idea was a welcome change!
       27. HOUSTON: Cephas and Shiloh, your tapes on the Homegoing were terrific! We were thrilled with your Spirit-led wisdom and got a real kick out of your humour! With the Lord developing leaders like you, I know nothing's going to stop us! Hallelujah! Congratulations on your starting the new Colony in New Orleans! Keep sending them out and trimming it down, Son, so you won't be under much pressure there! Love you both! You've got one of the prettiest wives in the Revolution!
       28. NEW ORLEANS: Praise God, Silas and Sharon! You all have set an example to the whole Revolution by proving what even a three-man team can do! Keep it rolling! We're praying for you! Adria, maybe Martha can replace you so you can join your husband on the Organisation Road Team!
       29. PENSACOLA: Aquilla and Priscilla, you're so close enough to New Orleans for you all to exchange some good fellowship! God bless you for your faithfulness there!
       30. GAINESVILLE: Good work on the publicity and thanks for the tape! That barn sounds like a good possibility! Now's the season for Florida, God bless you!
       31. FT. LAUDERDALE: God bless you, Watchman and Julia, for doing the impossible under very difficult conditions! Wish you the best of success! Glad you were going on your faith, and not mine! That's the way it ought to be! Keep the Faith! You'll never be able to hide it!
       32. MIAMI: Nahum and Jael, you all have done a tremendous job from the very beginning and run some of the best Colonies we ever had, and we're all proud of you! I'll never forget those sweet little reports from Kentucky which inspired us all, and I know the Lord is preparing you for something big!--What about Europe next? They're begging for leaders like you over there! Son! I really love you and am still in love with that little wife of yours! How's the Nail?
       33. ATLANTA: Congratulations Kenaz and Hodiah on your good Homegoing publicity! Sure enjoyed that tape, Belt, as well as your Regional Shepherds reports on the conditions of your Colonies! YOU REGIONAL SHEPHERDS OUGHTTA KEEP MOVING FROM COLONY TO COLONY AND KEEP IN CONSTANT TOUCH WITH THEIR NEEDS! A SHEPHERD'S JOB IS A ROAD JOB AND REQUIRES A LOT OF TRAVEL! Hope your dear wife likes it! Has she had the baby yet! We sure appreciated those PICTURES OF THE LEADERS IN YOUR AREA! WISH EVERYBODY WOULD DO THAT! Good for you, Kenaz, for getting some information out of the Enemy! It's already in the hands of our attorneys. One of the smaller Colonies in your Region, Belt, has reported that they spent three months trying to get a response from Dallas Gad and four other major Colonies about some music tapes without even a reply from any of them! This is deplorable that our brethren should be more concerned about the needs of a small Colony than this! Will you please look into this? THE TRACTS ARE UP TO YOUR OWN LEADING OF THE LORD! SO ARE YOUR LAST NAMES! SOME HAVE COOKED UP SOME PRETTY GOOD NEW LAST NAMES RECENTLY WHICH ARE VERY SIGNIFICANT, BUT STILL SOUND REASONABLE ENOUGH TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE SYSTEM. When I suggested that some Colony leaders should be a year old, I meant some of the larger Colonies! WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO USE YOUNGER LEADERS FOR SOME OF THE SMALLER COLONIES AND NEW TEAMS IF WE'RE GOING TO DECENTRALISE, SPREAD OUT, AND GROW AS WE SHOULD! SO ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH BE IT DONE UNTO YOU!
       34. ATLANTA FARM: Reuben and Hannah, we're praying for your request about the Farm! You're so pretty in your picture, Hannah, we put you on our wall as a decoration--and to remind us to pray for you all! God bless and keep you!
       35. KNOXVILLE: Nimrod and Phenice, thanks for your good tape on the Homegoing! It was a little hard to hear, but we enjoyed it and you handled it very well and got good publicity. WILLIAM BRANNON WAS ONCE A TRUE GENUINE PROPHET OF GOD who was instrumental in encouraging me in the Lord's Service years ago. He had a marvellous gift of discernment or knowledge, and was one of the most remarkable prophets of this age and many modern healing evangelists are now imitating him. However, he got sidetracked into thinking he was Elijah and was killed in a car accident! He had also become fanatically "Jesus Only" before his death, which is a false doctrine which claims that Jesus is the Father, contrary to many Scriptures--but many people still follow his doctrines!
       36. KENTUCKY: Sorry you didn't get on the last Newsletter, but we've been getting your good reports from both Aquilla and Michal before they left and now from you, Nathaniel and Michal. Both of you seem to have done very well. WE'RE ALWAYS PROUD OF YOU SMALL COLONIES. WE NEVER SEEM TO HAVE AS MUCH TO SAY TO YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER SEEM TO HAVE AS MANY PROBLEMS AS THE BIG ONES, BUT WE STILL LOVE YOU, ADMIRE YOU, AND PRAY FOR YOU. So sorry to hear about your phone!--Bill those leaders who made those calls immediately, and tell them to fork over the cash so you can get it reconnected and tell them I said so! YOU TRAVELLING LEADERS CHARGE YOUR CALLS TO YOUR OWN PHONES!
       37. CINCI: Uriah and Tab, thank you for looking after the needs of your two small farm Colonies, Kentucky and Ohio! I certainly agree with you on that phone faux paux! Sorry I couldn't accept your invitation to your Thanksgiving celebration, but I enjoyed your cute little cards, Tab and I still love you, too. Do you think your landlord and you are going to be able to meet those housing requirements! Sure glad you got that Colony trimmed down to size. It seems now that Cinci is small enough that Aquilla and Michal (I like Bathsheba--how come you changed your name? What's wrong with being Sexy?) could now handle it without your help, Uriah and Tab, and that you could now make your way to Europe as soon as possible! They need leaders like you at once. Ben sure stirred up the nest there and in a few other Colonies and it was a good thing! However, I personally prefer to give people their own choices, if possible! WHERE'S THE FREE TIME ON YOUR SCHEDULE, Cinci? Uriah, you and Tab always have good suggestions and comments, and I certainly agree with you on the COG COD material! I think you should have had your choice on that, too! Sorry! WE'VE ALREADY REQUESTED ALL COLONIES TO WITHDRAW THE LESSON "WHO ARE ISRAEL" FROM USE! HOWEVER, WHEN READING IT OVER LAST NIGHT, I THOUGHT HOW BEAUTIFULLY IT DESCRIBES US AND THE LORD'S PROPHECIES ABOUT US, SO IT COULD WELL BE USED THE EXACT OPPOSITE FOR WHICH IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO! Thank God He's shown us the Truth now! I'VE ALREADY AGREED WITH YOU, URIAH, THAT WE NEED IDs, SERVICE RECORDS, AND TRAVELLING ORDERS FOR EACH MEMBER! WHY DON'T YOU WORK ON IT?
       38. OHIO FARM: When praying about your request for marriage, the thing came to me: to consult your leaders there.
       39. DETROIT: The sound of those chickens and turkeys really made us drool! All we had for Thanksgiving was a sandwich--but it was a good sandwich, Praise the Lord! Thank God for liberating your prisoners! We like your slogan "COG go Home!" Let's hope all the parents feel that way after their kids visit them! Megiddo tells us you're doing a great job there, Simon. Thanks for your good Regional Shepherd's report, Megiddo! I hope you'll get on the road and keep visiting your Colonies which should include Chicago and Minneapolis, as well as your local ones! Simon, DON'T FORGET TO TELL YOUR FOLKS ALSO, THAT NOT ALL THINGS ARE EXPEDIENT. Also maybe YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO CRAM QUITE SO MUCH INTO YOUR POOR BABES IN SUCH A SHORT TIME. We sure enjoy that beautiful natural nursing photo of you, Mara, and we have it, too, on our pinup bulletin board! And thanks for your sweet little love letters, Naarah! How about a picture of you. Pretty pictures like these are what I had in mind when I suggested "Praymate of the Month" photos, not necessarily nude, but just naturally beautiful! I have the most beautiful daughters in the world, and I'd like to hang all their pictures on my walls! BUT PLEASE DON'T SHOW ANYMORE PHOTOS OR SLIDES OF MO AROUND! THAT IS STRICTLY BAD SECURITY! Sorry! Thanks anyhow!
       40. ANN ARBOR: Gabriel and Hosanna, we're hearing very good reports of your work there in spite of 10:36ers! The Lord will deliver His sheep from the wolves. How about a picture of you?
       41. MICHIGAN THUMB: Josiah, sorry you and your sweet helpmate have been having such 10:36 problems, but remember, WHEN SOMEBODY PULLS A BASEBALL BAT ON YOU, YOU CAN CALL THE LAW ON THEM FOR THREATENING YOU WITH A DEADLY WEAPON! DON'T HESITATE TO DO SO, OR THEY MAY TRY IT AGAIN!
       42. CHICAGO: Sorry you didn't make the Newsletter, but we sure got a good report from you and it sounds like you're doing great! So glad Terah has joined you Woodsman! Two can chase ten thousand! God bless Rudy for helping you find a place! I knew he would, God bless him! Give him my love. Keep up the good work! Let us hear more. You and Detroit are close enough to exchange some fellowship, also. Keep in touch! Also, Minneap, with Shad. Sounds like you're doing a great job there too, Melchisedec!--and that the Lord has given you the desire of your heart! I think it's time for you to look around for a heartmate also, as you should soon be leading a new Colony!
       43. MINNEAPOLIS--ST. PAUL: Hi, Shad!--How's my boy? Never know where you'll be next! Hope I get to see you some time! You and Chris are two of my first kids and we still love you dearly and follow your activities with great interest! Congratulations on your brave pioneering of Snowland! What a place for Californians! I was certainly glad to hear the Lord provided a place for you to keep warm and even witness! IT JUST SHOWS YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU HAVE THE FAITH AND THE WILL TO WORK, VISION, COURAGE, AND INITIATIVE! God bless and keep you both.
       44. TORONTO: With Eve and Stephen and Aaron and Shula around, things are always bound to be poppin' up there, Ebed, and I hope you can take it! God bless you STEPHEN DAVID, FOR BEING A GOOD SHEPHERD WHO WAS WILLING TO LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR ONE OF YOUR SHEEP BY LAYING THAT SIX-FOOT WOLF ON THE FLOOR WITH A JUDO! THAT'S ONE WAY TO DO IT, IF ALL ELSE FAILS! GOD'S NOT ALWAYS GONNA DO IT FOR YOU WHEN YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! HE SAID TO MOSES, "WHAT IS THAT IN THINE HAND" AND HE FOUND HE HAD A NICE BIG ROD THERE, AND EVENTUALLY HAD TO USE IT! Praise God! God bless you! As to your questions, Ebed, my answer is according to your own faith be it done unto you. I think we should call Aaron the "Pied Piper" but don't let him run the Colony without Eve or Steve. We think that hippie cookbook is great and are still studying it and have even cooked out of it, so we hate to let it go, but we do think it would make a good course, so will try to return it as soon as possible! BY THE WAY, FOLKS, WILL ALL OF YOU PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT THE NAME OF YOUR CITY ON ALL YOUR LITERATURE HANDBILLS, ETC. Thank you all for your good letters! How about a pic, Leah?
       45. TORONTO FARM: Those were some pictures you sent me awhile back! Thanks! We enjoyed them--but I don't think they were too good for security! How about one we can hang on the wall? Don't forget to send your babes home for Christmas, Canada if they didn't go home for Thanksgiving.
       46. LAURENTIDE: Sounds like you're surviving in spite of the snow and even thriving! Why not write up Mr. Lee's Provisioning classes! I DON'T THINK AMERICAN ADDRESSES ON YOUR LITERATURE THERE IS TOO COOL! HOW ABOUT BLOTTING IT OUT WITH YOUR OWN ADDRESS WITH A RUBBER STAMP OR SOMETHING? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS Agabus doing clear up there when he ought to be in some Latin American country? How about a nice photo of you and your B.W., Rene, Matt?--I need more pinups!
       47. DORION: Thank you for your faithful communications, Samson! We prayed earnestly about each of these needs and problems and are sure the Lord is answering! Give my regards to Peter also! Glad he can be helpful there with his knowledge of French! However, Janoah and Penninah should be running their own Colony somewhere as before! That's too much top leadership in one spot! It also sounds like you boys need wives up there. As for that job business, you know what I think about that! If not, read "Public Relations"! DON'T FALL SO FAR INTO THE KING'S TRAP YOU CAN'T GET OUT! THE MAIN REASON HE PROMOTES WORKING FOR MONEY IS BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO SHARE TOO MUCH OF HIS WITH YOU! He tried to pull that one on us before, and we just told him we'd trust the Lord, so he wouldn't have to worry about supporting us himself! I've already expressed myself on the subject of namechanging, but you're in a rather unusual situation there. HOWEVER, YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL YOUR PLACE OR WORK ANYTHING YOU WANT TO WITHOUT DENYING THAT YOU PERSONALLY ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Amen? Love you, Sons! Stay close to Jesus!
       48. NEW YORK: You're doing a great work there, Ben and Ruth! Don't come down!--And congratulations on your good publicity! You're a good example of what a Colony can do even without a band, although you sure have a good musician in Jonathan! Sure enjoyed that tape, too! I think Joel's push-button course has its place, but I agree we shouldn't overdo it where the local leader has teaching ability himself. We should be able to use both! Who's in the Long Island houses? I believe Bro. Ralph Kemper would house a small team in one of those empty cottages on the Pittsburg Bible Institute grounds at Gibsonia, Pennsylvania! Tell him I suggested it--he's an old friend of ours and was good to all one hundred of us for two weeks once. I AGREE WE OUGHT TO SET UP SOME KIND OF FUND FOR FARES TO EUROPE, AND MAYBE EUROPE COULD HELP WITH IT! Discuss it with them! Maybe the tickets could be bought even cheaper over there! BUT WATCH OUT ABOUT SENDING BUSES ACROSS THE BORDER INTO CANADA, Ben! If they don't come back out within a certain specified time, they may have to pay more duty on them than they're worth. Glad to hear you're using Cragsmore for a honeymoon cottage! We need more honeymoon cottages! Some of these poor newlyweds don't even know what a honeymoon is! And congratulations also on your announced start of the new Boston Colony! How are they doing! KEEP DIVIDING AND CONQUERING!
       49. BOSTON: Are you there, Barnabas and Hazadiah? We're looking forward to your first reports.
       50. EUROPE: Thanks for those beautiful tapes! They thrill and inspire us so. They help us to keep on going, seeing how wonderfully God is with us and the joy, love, and gladness that He's bringing to youth there same as here regardless of language barriers. Praise the Lord! Thanks also for your lovely letters and good reports. I've just recently written to you all personally, so am not going to take space anymore here, except to say to Essen that I hope you don't have to move completely out of your Keller, as it seems you still need it for a Club, even though you have the new school! And please see that that poor little Colony in Brussels gets fed! Also, Ben, I notice Amsterdam is now one of the top ten Colonies of the world in size, believe it or not so it must be time for you to DIVIDE AND CONQUER AND SEND OUT ABOUT HALF OF THEM TO START A NEW COLONY!--How about Paris or Stockholm next, or Copenhagen. And you should take advantage of that camp on the Italian Riviera near Genoa immediately! That would be a good place to send half your Flock with as many Italians as possible! And I'll never forget that little old church building I dreamt we were occupying in the Swiss Alps, and this would be a beautiful time of year to send a small team to Cyprus: Either to Shulemith's Mountain Island Villa or Famagusta's little Turkish 50-cent-a-night hotel. And the South Coast of Spain is warm now. REMEMBER, THE CHEAPEST WAY TO GET TO SOME OF THESE IS BY BOAT, TOURIST CLASS OR TRAIN SECOND CLASS. It's a little cold to thumb. And have you got a steady team in Scotland on the Island? We're trying to send you leaders as fast as we can shake them loose here, by breaking up these big Colonies. And have you discussed setting up a European HQ! That would help! And London, keep all those little places you have, occupied with small teams under growing leaders! Whatever happened to that castle in Ireland and the one in North Germany and West Berlin and Vienna and your other invitations? I KNOW GOD WILL SUPPLY AS SOON AS WE'RE WILLING TO OCCUPY THE LAND AND TO SACRIFICE THE PERSONNEL TO DO IT. LET'S KEEP THEM MOVING! THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! THE LORD AND OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family