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"CURRENT EVENTS"--MO       December 22, 1971       NO.149--GP

       (Despite our engrossment in preparing the "Book" for publication, I feel it necessary to explain some important current events, as some of you have requested. I trust you are following these news events at our customary TV news time, but because some of you may not know the background of these events or their significance and in what way they affect us, I am offering the following editorial comment:)
       1. FIRST OF ALL, THE INDO-PAKISTANI WAR: Again Nitler has backed another losing horse, this time another cruel, totalitarian, military dictatorship, west Pakistan, as opposed to a liberal democratic, socialistic and formerly friendly government, India. And of course again, God, regardless of politics has backed the cause of the poor, the persecuted, the oppressed, and the tormented--in this case, the Bangla Desh or Bengali Nation, formerly East Pakistan, who was suffering under the heel of the barbarous butcheries of the unlawful and illegal West Pakistani government headed by its chief butcher and military dictator, Yahya Khan, who was armed with U.S. weapons and condoned as well as supported by the U.S. Government in its increasing wickedness!
       2. THE ROOTS OF THIS WAR GO A LONG WAY BACK, both religiously and politically, as well as economically, back to the settlements of World War II, at the end of which we insisted that Great Britain give up her worldwide Empire of British colonies for the sake of world opinion, primarily to appease world communist and so-called Neutralist opinion antagonistic to colonial powers, as a result of which England was compelled to give up India and yield to its independence movement for an independent free and democratic Indian nation.
       3. AT THE TIME, WHAT HAD ONCE BEEN BRITISH INDIA was composed of the predominantly Hindu area, today known as India, together with two predominantly Moslem areas, today known as Pakistan, East and West, between whom several wars were fought before the Pakistanis gained their own independence, both by the wars and various international and political pressures and agreements, including from the U.N. What resulted was two supposedly free and independent nations: One, Hindu India with a population of about 600 million, and the other, Moslem Pakistan, with a total population of around 100 million, about seventy-five million of whom lived in the Eastern half of Pakistan and who were actually known as Bengalis and who,  although they were also Moslems, were very, very poor and predominantly agrarian and not too fond of the predominantly industrial and militaristic West Pakistani rulers.
       4. THE WEST PAKISTANI MASTERS LIVED OFF OF THE VIRTUAL SLAVE LABOUR OF THE POVERTY-STRICKEN EAST PAKISTANIS, OR BENGALIS. East Pakistan, being their bread basket, or rice bowl, farmed by these poor East Pakistani Bengalis under the cruel rule of the west Pakistanis who insisted that they control the Government whose capital was located in West Pakistan, and all laws and economic measures were made almost entirely, of course, in favour of the tough and dominant West Pakistanis.
       5. FINALLY, HOWEVER, THE WORM BEGAN TO TURN. POOR PEOPLE WILL ONLY STAND SO MUCH OPPRESSION. When they begin to starve and die under the cruel heel of a dictatorially oppressive and terroristic Government, they at last become willing to die to overthrow it. As the leprous beggars outside the walls of ancient Samaria said when the city was surrounded and besieged by the Syrian enemy, "why sit we here until we die? If we say, we will enter into the city, then famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore, come and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live, and if they kill us, we shall but die." It was damned if you do and damned if you don't for the poor Bengalis: they could either do nothing and starve, or they could rise up and try to throw off the cruel yoke of their oppressors, or at least die trying!
       6. SO AS THE LORD ALWAYS DOES WHEN THE POOR CRY OUT DESPERATELY ENOUGH, HE HEARS THEIR CRY and He raised them up a Saviour, a leader, who led them last year to a glorious political and democratic victory, sheik Mujib in a free and fair election, the first election permitted by their cruel west Pakistani military dictatorship in years because of world political pressure and world opinion. Mujib and his political party of the poor Bengali East Pakistanis--the Awami League won the election, of course, by a landslide, since they had the majority of the population.
       7. BUT THE CRUEL WEST PAKISTANI MILITARY GOVERNMENT WHO DID NOT GET THE VOTES, HAD THE GUNS--supplied by the United States--so they refused to allow Mujib and his constitutionally elected Awami League to take over the reins of the Government politically and peacefully, declared the election invalid, Mujib a traitor, and his Awamis rebels, imprisoned Mujib, and began to use their U.S. guns to mow down the Awamis, or the Bengalis, who had won the election. Despite some pitiful resistance by the Bengali Freedom Fighters the Mukti Bahini, the overpowering forces of the U.S.-armed West Pakistanis slaughtered the Bengalis by the thousands and seemed bent on a campaign of systematic extermination of the Bengalis as a people with massacre after massacre of entire towns and villages, and some of the most horrible and murderous atrocities of modern times, too horrible and numerous to relate here. Their usual tactic in brief was to round up all the men of a Bengali village and mow them down murderously before the eyes of their loved ones, then rape all the women repeatedly, even herding some of them like cattle into concentration camps for the further use of the West Pakistani soldiers, and even slaughtering the children and the aged!
       8. DESPITE THE FACT THAT THIS WAS COMMON KNOWLEDGE TO THE WHOLE WORLD, the U.S. Government not only condoned it, but furnished the guns and the ammunition for these massacres, to the horror of the rest of the world. We heard this repeatedly on the news broadcasts of the various nations we were visiting, both in Europe and the Mideast. Everybody seemed to know about it but the Americans themselves who were kept in ignorance of it as much as possible by their own Government, the fact that these poor Bengalis were being mowed down by American guns in the hands of the Pakistanis and despite many protests, the U.S. did nothing about it!
       9. RECENTLY, WHEN NITLER WAS ASKED POINT BLANK BY ONE OF THE NEWSMEN WHY THE U.S. WAS CONDONING THE SLAUGHTER OF THE POOR DEFENSELESS BENGALIS WHO HAD WON THE ELECTION, and why he had done nothing to prevent the use of American guns against them, he refused to give a satisfactory answer. But later, a knowledgeable official of his Administration admitted that it was because of Nitler's personal friendship for the west Pakistani diplomat Ali Bhutto.
       10. IN OTHER WORDS, A NICE SOCIAL FRIENDSHIP FOR THE EVIL REPRESENTATIVE OF A WICKED AND UNMERCIFUL MILITARY DICTATORSHIP was influencing our own president not to interfere with this horrible and awful slaughter of tens of thousands of the poor Bengalis! Of course, another reason which had been given as an excuse for American arming of the West Pakistanis was the supposed fact that the West Pakistani Government was anti-Communist, and therefore should be armed by the U.S. against the threat of the possible communist dominated Government in India!
       11. IT IS TRUE, AS YOU NOW KNOW, THAT THE RUSSIANS DID SYMPATHISE WITH AND HELP THE INDIANS IN THIS WAR OF LIBERATION of EAST PAKISTAN! So here we find a strange paradox which is becoming more and more not so strange: The U.S. Government helping a cruel and military totalitarian Fascistic and Nazistic military Government on the one hand, while the Russians or other communists were aiding the cause of the poor Democratic Governments of the people on the other!
       12. IN FACT, THE NITLERIAN ADMINISTRATION HAS MADE NO BONES ABOUT ITS SYMPATHIES FOR ANTI-DEMOCRATIC MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS THE WORLD OVER. Nitler himself has even bragged on TV that over 60 of the 90 some Governments we are supporting around the world are such undemocratic military dictatorships, protecting the rich against the poor, which, of course, is the same kind of Government he is doing his best to establish in America. In fact, his own protégé and ardent supporter and militantly anti-democratic, anti-Children of God, anti-Christ, Governor Reagan of California when asked recently by a reporter on TV why the U.S. is supporting a similar military dictatorship in Vietnam where the wealthy rulers ran their own candidate, Thieu, in a rigged election with no opposition, no other candidate, Reagan defiantly and sneeringly replied: "Why not? We did it with George Washington after the American Revolution!"
       13. OF COURSE, WASHINGTON'S ELECTION WITHOUT OPPOSITION AS OUR FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT WAS ENTIRELY SOMETHING ELSE, completely unrelated to the vicious situation in Vietnam: Washington was the only candidate because he was the military hero of the Revolution and there was no party system and no other candidate at that time, so that he won the office virtually by the acclamation of the American people as a whole. Whereas, Thieu was one of the co-conspirators who connived the death of the former leadership of Vietnam, the assassination of former president Diem with the assistance of the U.S. Government of which he is now the mere puppet leader of Vietnam. So the U.S. couldn't care less how he got in power, as long as he obeys the U.S.
       14. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S CONSPIRACY IN THIS VIETNAM AFFAIR has been recently exposed by the News Agencies and the confessions of those involved, such as NBC's special, "The Death of Diem" in which it was clearly revealed that our own Government deliberately brought about the overthrow of the Diem Administration in Vietnam and his subsequent execution, because they feared he would make peace with communist North Vietnam. In other words, the U.S. did not want peace in Vietnam, but war against any possible communist co-existence with North Vietnam. This was very cleverly brought out and significantly revealed and even more meaningfully released at this time in this election year as a news scoop to a network notoriously critical of the Republican Administration of Nitler, along with another very special news scoop "A Day In The Life of The President", quite obviously designed to not only try to appease and win over NBC to a more favourable attitude toward Nitler, but also to blame the Vietnam War on the Democrats, and specifically their hero, John Kennedy, as well as to portray President Nitler himself as the hero and saviour of the American people!
       15. IN "THE DEATH OF DIEM" IT WAS VERY PLAINLY BROUGHT OUT HOW THE U.S. GOVERNMENT OPERATES just like she accuses her communist enemies of operating: Using pressure, financially and politically and virtual coercion with the threat of force to get the kind of puppet Government she desires in an imperialistically colonial fashion, just as unprincipled, undemocratic, unlawful, and totally unscrupulous as she claims her enemies to be. In fact, by our own admission and obvious tactics, we have proven ourselves to be no more righteous than our supposed wicked enemies!
       16. IN FACT, IN THE PAKISTANI ATROCITY, WE HAVE PROVEN OURSELVES TO BE EVEN LESS RIGHTEOUS THAN OUR COMMUNISTIC ENEMIES: We supported, armed, and condoned the horrible, atrocious, murderous, massacres of the free and Democratically elected Government of the poor Bengalis, while Communist Russia supported not only the righteous cause of these poor people, but helped Democratic India to fight a righteous war of Liberation against their cruel U.S.-supported Pakistani oppressors!
       17. ONCE AGAIN, AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, THE SUPPOSEDLY "RIGHT" PEOPLE ARE PREACHING THE WRONG MESSAGE and supporting  the wrong causes; whereas the supposedly "wrong" people are preaching the right message and supporting the right causes: So who do you think God is going to support?--The "right" people with the wrong message and cause--or the "wrong" people with the right message and cause?--I think the answer is obvious! God is always on the side of real righteousness regardless of its political brand name or nationality!--As He has very plainly proven once again in this Indo-Bangladesh-vs.-Pakistani war; He has helped communist-supported India defeat U.S. Nitleristic-supported West Pakistan and the liberation of poor, suffering, Democratic and cruelly oppressed Bangladesh!
       18. --AND THE U.S. HAS LOST ANOTHER FORMER FRIEND--DEMOCRATIC INDIA--WHO NOW DOMINATES SOUTHERN ASIA with the help of communist Russia, as well as many other formerly friendly nations including Britain, who supported India and Bangladesh, and could not even understand why supposedly Democratic America would oppose India's righteous cause in freeing a Democratic society and instead support her dictatorial militaristic undemocratic oppressors!
       19. THE DEAR COMMON PEOPLE OF INDIA, WHO SPEAK ENGLISH AND HAVE A VERY STRONGLY INFLUENCED ENGLISH CULTURE WERE ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED at the exposure of American perfidy and hypocrisy revealing that dear old decrepit and rich America is no longer the champion of the poor and the free, but rather that the U.S. now sympathises more with the undemocratic, dictatorial, and oppressive totalitarian governments of the rich and the imperialistic oppressors of the poor of the world!
       20. THE AWFUL TRUTH OF THIS TERRIBLE CHANGE IN AMERICA IS BEGINNING TO DAWN ON BOTH THE WORLD AND EVEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE with the horrible reality that America is no longer a righteous, democratic, Christian nation of the free and the brave, but rather a wicked, dictatorial, unrighteous, Godless, government of the cowardly enslaved!
       21. --AND SOON WE'LL BE EXHIBITED TO THE WORLD AS AN OPEN SPECTACLE, an open sepulchre of corruption and oppression of the poor by the rich at the point of the guns of the American military Establishment in our own land and of our own people, reaping what we have sowed in supporting the same in other nations of the world! And America shall be turned into Hell, as all nations who forget God and oppress the poor and enslave the free and persecute the righteous! America has become the enemy of Freedom and the poor, and neither God nor the world will take it!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family