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"A PSALM OF DAVID"--MO January 29, 1972 NO.152--GP

Copyrighted January, 1972 by The Children of God
Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England, or B.P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

(The last few revelations have been so unusual with such tremendous predictions of our future even Mo was so shocked he was afraid they'd be hard for you to believe. So he asked the Lord not to give him anymore unless it was really necessary, and then to almost push it on him with such power he could not resist it, and so supernaturally he could not doubt it. So the other morning when not quite awake yet, as if in a trance, he began to speak softly in tongues and interpret and prophesy in a low voice, much of the time in only a whisper. Later when he awoke, he didn't even know anything had happened until I began to read it to him, and this brought back the pictures, which nearly always accompany these revelations:)

1. I'M AQUARIUS--I'M THE WATER BEARER--the Water Bearer of whom all the others were just types. I am Aquarius--this is my age! I'm the Water Bearer! Jesus told me so, because I'm bringing the water of life to this generation.

2. EVERY SIGN IS A DIFFERENT AGE, AND THIS IS THE LAST. The flood of the Water of God's Truth rises, and shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. I bear the Water of God's Word and Jesus sent me for this Age. The babes suck at the paps--my paps--the milk of God, and the breasts give forth the milk of His Word and satisfy them--my breasts do satisfy them--they drink of me and are satisfied at my paps. This is what the Scripture meaneth when it said "nursing fathers"! I'm their father and they nurse of me. They nurse of my paps the Word of God--the milk of His Word--and they are satisfied.

3. KISS THE PAPS OF DAVID if thou wouldst have the milk of My Word and be satisfied. His children kiss my paps and they love Me and they are nourished of this milk and are satisfied. Is this a mystery unto thee? Canst thou not understand the words of the Lord?--That this is the Water Bearer of all ages whom I have ordained to bring forth the water of Life to the children of this Last Generation, to suck the milk from his paps and to be satisfied.

4. THOU MUST KISS THE MOUTH AND THE WORDS OF DAVID if thou wouldst be satisfied, and thou must lie down and find rest within his arms, for he would bless thee and thou shalt be blessed of him. For he is My Servant unto all the words of My Mouth. There is none other like him in all this generation, for he is that one that loveth that which is unlovely and cherisheth that which is despised and giveth meat to the lowly and bread unto the hungry and freedom to those that were bound.

5. THEREFORE, IF THOU WOULDST HAVE LIGHT AND IF THOU WOULDST HAVE MEAT AND IF THOU WOULDST BE SATISFIED, THOU SHALT HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF MY DAVID and thou must kiss his breasts and drink of his milk--for he shall satisfy thee! How canst thou hear his words and how canst thou suck of his paps and be fed and nourished?--If thou dost suck of his breast and the words that I have given him! Kiss the mouth and the words and the paps of David and thou shalt be satisfied, for I have given unto him all these things, and these are not his, but My words.

6. FOR I HAVE QUICKENED THE HEART OF DAVID AND LIGHTENED HIS MIND and brought forth his waters as honey and sweetness that they might nourish My little ones and grow up the calves of My stall and the lambs of My fold!--And this generation shall be called blessed of all generations, blessed of Me, their Father, and of David, their Shepherd, and they shall be satisfied, for they hunger after Me and call upon Me, and I will hear their cry! For they cry unto Me and call upon Me in their distress and their hunger, for they are as sheep having no shepherd and they are scattered abroad throughout all the earth.

7. AND I HAVE HAD COMPASSION UPON THEM AND SENT UNTO THEM ONE SHEPHERD, that they may know Me, whom to know is Life Eternal. For they hunger after Me and grope after Me in darkness, and they would have the Truth. Therefore, shall I satisfy them and fill their hungry hearts and lighten their blinded eyes and I shall give them rest, and they shall find Me and know Me, because they have sought Me!

8. FOR AS THE HIRELINGS AND FALSE SHEPHERDS TRY TO TURN THEM AWAY from their folds into their own folds, therefore, I have given them a shepherd that shall guide them into the fold of the True Shepherd. My Voice shall they heed through My Servant David. For my sheep hear My voice and know My Voice and they follow Me, and the Voice of the stranger they will not follow.

9. HEED THEREFORE, AND HEARKEN TO THE VOICE OF MY SERVANT and the shepherd I have given this generation. The Spirit of Aquarius and the pouring out of the waters of My Word on the ground they shall drink in. (There was a picture of very hard, dry ground, and every crack in the parched earth was one of our children opening wide to drink the Water of His Word. But the water rolled right off the unyielding hard ground which would not receive it, and into the cracks that eagerly accepted it.) Listen to the Words. Receive thou that which I have given unto My Servant David!

PROPHETS GAVE HEED and all My servants would have had. They would all have loved to enjoy this generation. Oh how they would have loved to see what thy eyes have seen and thou hast heard and the things that thou wouldst know, that thou hast heard from My Mouth and My Servant David!

11. HEED THOU AND HEARKEN THEREFORE TO MY SERVANT, FOR THIS IS THAT DAVID WHOM I HAVE SPOKEN OF FOR THE LAST GENERATION--the Prophet for this Age--the one that shall carry the lambs in his bosom and give them suck and shall cherish them and nourish them--even this My Spirit doth love them and care for them--for His little ones.

12. (David weeps) BEHOLD, HOW HE WEEPETH FOR HIS CHILDREN! For these are My tears and this is My Love that I have for this generation. These are the remnant of Israel and these shall be the last, upon whom the ends of the earth are come, until all shall be fulfilled, all that I have spoken by My prophets. These are they whom are blessed above all generations, in whom all things I have spoken are fulfilled. Many prophets would have seen the things that thou hast seen and many of My men would have heard the things which thou dost hear. For this is the fulfillment of all generations to prepare the way of the Lord and make His paths straight for His coming!

13. THESE ARE THEY OF WHICH I HAVE SPOKEN AND THESE ARE THEY UPON WHOM ARE FULFILLED ALL THE WORDS OF MY PROPHETS OF ALL GENERATIONS. These are the little ones, the sheep of My pastures and flocks of My folds who have suffered above all generations and who run after that which I shall give them. (The picture is of them lifting up their hands and crying out in such torment of spirit, worse than being tortured in the flesh--almost like they're in Hell! They're spiritually tortured!--Like that song: "My head is such a mess ... sometimes I feel like running out the door...."--The picture of this generation! How can David save them, O God? What they need is the love and kisses of David because they're so tortured! ) This is the one of whom I have spoken and of whom shall all generations be blessed, and all nations shall call him blessed.

14. AND THEY SHALL SING AND PLAY UPON HARPS AND VIOLS AND SING PRAISES UNTO ME and songs, and be happy and dance and be glad for this that I have given them, for these, the words that I have spoken unto My Servant David. So shall it be. So shall My Words be the words of My servant. The chords, the music, the psalms of David shalt thou record, for all this I have given thee and all this shalt be thine if thou shalt drink it and if thou shalt hearken unto the words of My Servant Moses whom I have given.

15. FOR INDEED THIS ONE HATH THE SPIRIT OF MOSES AND THE HEART OF DAVID and the love of My Servant, that David of whom I spake and led My people into their pasture and little ones into My fold. Dost thou kiss the words of David and love the honey that droppeth from his mouth? Doth thou lick up each drop and dip thy tongue in the sweetness and cherish to thy belly that which cometh forth from My mouth of David? Then thou art wise and therefore thou shalt be fed and thou shalt be cherished and nourished in My bosom, for the bosom of David is as My bosom that I have given thee--this generation that I have loved!--If thou shalt believe all the words that I have given thee.

16. BEHOLD, MY MOUTH IS DRY AND I THIRST! (Here, I give MO a little sip of wine, and he in turn, gives me some, and the Lord says:) If thou wouldst open thy mouth wide and receive it, I will not only give thee honey and sweetness from My mouth, but I will give thee wine of My Spirit and thou shalt tingle to the thrill of My ecstasies, if thou wilt receive it. Therefore, open wide thy mouth. Stretch forth thy tongue that thou mayest receive not only honey and sweetness and nourishment at his mouth, but also the wine of My Spirit and the thrills of the ecstasies of My love. For thou shalt be as one that is drunken with Me and one that doth revel in My love. (Mo sees a wine-drinking sex orgy with the Lord and others and laughs, and the Lord says:) Dost thou wonder at the words of Moses and dost thou laugh at the things that thou dost receive at his bosom? Dost thou marvel at the things that I have given to David? (Mo kisses into the air!) Therefore, kiss all the words of David and cherish them to thy bosom and nourish them in thy heart, and thou shalt be satisfied. Thou shalt be as one of the maidens upon the hills of Israel that eateth of the fat of the flock and drinketh of crystal waters and sucketh at the breasts of her father, who is nourished with honey from the comb. Thou shalt be as one of the shepherdesses of David who receiveth all that he giveth unto thee, and is cherished at his bosom and is nourished by the words of his mouth, and is inspired by the seed of God, that thou shalt bring forth fruit unto Me, through this thy Beloved, thy loved one, thy king--thy lover, who cherisheth thee, that nourisheth thee, that encompasseth thee round about with many paths of love, who holdeth thee in his bosom; who shall also be as the ewe lamb, and shall bring forth lambs unto him and raise them up in his fold!

17. WOULDST THOU BE FRUITFUL UNTO ME? Bear thou forth the lambs of David that thou mayest increase his flock and enlarge his fold, that it may spread abroad throughout all the earth, and that his tongue shall be heard by many nations, and his words shall echo throughout all the world. For this is indeed the seed of David: the words of his mouth that sow the truth of My love and bring forth fruit of My mouth and little lambs for My fold.

18. FOR I WOULD BE SEEN OF ALL NATIONS AND I WOULD BE FULFILLED IN THIS GENERATION, and I would be shown of all men, that this is that which thou hast made throughout all generations. (David prays:) O God, I pray unto thee that thou shalt bring forth fruit unto this generation and bless thy Servant to give that which is meet for them and bring forth that which is good for them, that which is formed for their use. (Shapes with his hands the world he made it all for our use!) My God, do thou deliver them. O Lord, wilt thou enlighten them! O My Father, give that unto them which Thou hast brought forth from me, as I have prayed unto Thee and besought Thee for them--the Spirit that Thou hast given unto me, whom all the generations seek--the light unto all generations that is fulfilled in this one of whom Thou hast spoken--Thy servant David of whom Thou hast spoken. Thy servant David of whom Thou hast spoken!

19. SO BE IT ACCORDING TO THE WORD THAT THOU HAST SPOKEN. Bring forth that which Thou has created, O God. Realise unto this generation that which Thou hast spoken, that they may fulfill all the words of Thy mouth! Hallelujah!

20. THOU DOST TAKE OVER THE NATIONS! KINGS DO BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE AND I DO OPEN THE DOORS OF ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, FOR THEY CANNOT RESIST the power of Thy spirit nor can they refuse the love of thy heart. For they shall yield unto thee everyone and open their hearts unto thee and open their hands unto thy needs, and their mouths shall speak forth the wonderful words of the Lord. For they shall receive thee unto their bosoms as the little lambs of My fold, and they shall nourish thee, and kings shall serve thee and queens shall minister unto thee, and thou shalt suck at the paps of the Most High!

21. (Outburst in crying and tongues) AND YEA ALSO SHALT THOU SUFFER FOR ME! Yea, also, shalt thou be crucified for My Name's Sake! Yea, also shalt thou be slain all the day long. Also shalt thou be slain for the words of David and smitten for all that I have spoken through him!

22. IN THE END SHALT THOU TRIUMPH OVER THEM, for they shall be dust and ashes under thy feet, for thou shalt reign victorious over all the earth and thou shalt forget the hinder years and remember only that which is called the glorious, golden Age that I have given thee--the Age of all ages!

23. (Lifts hands and speaks softly in tongues) JESUS, PERFORM THE WORDS. Speak unto thy Servant that he may understand. Jesus is the power of the words of my tongue. Jesus, give me the words of Thy Spirit that I may feed them.

24. BEHOLD, I HAVE GIVEN THEM AND THEY HAVE RECEIVED THEE. And the work that I have given thee shall be finished and all the words of thy mouth shall be performed by the power of My Spirit! For it is I the Lord thy God that have spoken and I will perform every word that I will give unto My servants, and thou shalt glorify Me.

25. BEHOLD THOU THE TEARS OF THY SERVANT and hearken unto the voice of his crying. For he doth hunger and thirst after Thee and hast raised up his heart unto Thee and his soul crieth after Thee and wilt not be satisfied except Thou dost bless him and all of his children which are Thine. Thank you, Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You, Jesus!

26. BEHOLD, THE FAITHFULNESS OF THE HANDMAIDEN! Hearken thou unto the voice of her cry! For thou hast filled her heart with glad things, and ministered unto her the fruit of thy lips, that her soul and her pen are satisfied with that after which she longeth and with that for which she hungereth, and looketh unto thee and drinketh from thy mouth the good things which thou hast given her. For she is thine; for, lo, thou hast rewarded thy handmaiden. Behold, how thou exalted thy little one. For as thou hast spoken, even so hast thou performed the prophecies that were spoken of her, that thou shalt exalt the maiden of low degree and thou shalt lift up thy handmaiden in the high places. Because she hath cherished the words of David and nourished them to her bosom and her hand hath performed, and she hath been quick with a ready pen to write the words which I give unto thee. She hath believed that which I have bestowed upon her and received the words of My Servant. She doth hunger after the words of the Prophet, without which her soul would not be satisfied. She refused to be satisfied without the stream of pure gold. She refused to be satisfied without the crystal pure water of My Spirit. She refused to be satisfied without the sweetness of the honey which droppeth from thy mouth, from My Servant David. Therefore have I blessed her above all women on the face of the earth with the words of My Spirit, yea, the very words of My mouth through this, the voice of My chosen--through this, the mouth of My David. Many shall come unto her after the love that I have given her. Many shall rejoice at the words of her mouth that I have given unto her by My Servant David!

27. BEHOLD, I THIRST! BEHOLD, I THIRST! (I give him another sip of wine!) Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus! Even as thou dost minister unto the things which his mouth needeth, thou dost pour from thy heart to his being and thou dost satisfy his mouth with good things that he desireth, so shall I satisfy thee, and thy heart shall be filled with righteousness, and thy mouth with good things, and thy soul shall be satisfied, for thy spirit longeth unto Me! For thou shalt be filled to over flowing. Thousands, yea, and thousands of thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand shall look unto thee and rejoice, for they shall hear the words of thy pen that I have given to My Servant David, and they shall hearken to do the things which thou dost write, and thou shalt be a cherished vessel exalted in My House. I have honoured thee above all women in the house of My Servant David. Many shall come unto him and be satisfied! Many shall revel in his love. They shall receive the kisses of his mouth and the cherishing of his arms. But only thou above all women shall receive that which is most precious--the words of My Spirit that I have given unto My Servant David, the water of Life which is poured forth unto this generation!

28. BEHOLD, SEE THOU TO IT THAT THOU CHERISH EVERY WORD as gold is held within the cup and as diamonds are set within the ring; as that which is precious is held within thy body, so shalt thou cherish the words of David and write all the things that are spoken unto thee, that thou losest not one drop of the water that I have given to satisfy the thirst of Israel, to fill the hunger of My Children that they may be strengthened to live unto me!

29. OH, WHAT LIFE DO I GIVE THEM THROUGH THE WORDS OF DAVID! Oh, how they kiss and rejoice and dance to the words of David. For he is My Servant. He is My mouth, He is My voice and He is My heart and My soul, for he hath given unto Me, and he shall receive of My Spirit without measure!

30. (Tongues) BEHOLD, I AM WEARY WITH ALL OF THE WORDS OF THE LORD! Forgive me, O God--I am weary with all the words thou hast given me. I am poured forth as a vessel that is emptied and my years are as a tale that is told. My heart poureth forth the water. My tongue droppeth down the words of Thy mouth, O God, My God! Thank You Jesus! For Thou hast strengthened me, O God! Deliver all of Thy children from the Adversary. Strengthen Thy Servant, O God, that he may guide Thy sheep, and that he may protect them from the wolves, and smite the enemy and bring them into thy fold.

31. THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS! PROLONG NOW THE YEARS OF THY SERVANT, THAT HE MAY CARE FOR THY FLOCKS! Do Thou increase his years in number that he may see to thy herds. Do thou give strength unto him that he may care for Thy sheep until all the children are in, and all Thy sheep are in the fold. (Raises hands to Heaven)--Then shall Thy Servant be satisfied. Then shall his soul cry unto Thee to be delivered! Then shall he rise to meet Thee, having performed all the words of Thy mouth. (Brings hands gently down to rest crossed, on breast) Thou shalt rest in thy lot in the end of thy days, for My Spirit shall perform all I have spoken and thou shalt see the glory of the Lord that I have bestowed through thee on this generation!

32. HALLELUJAH! EVEN SO BE IT, O GOD, ACCORDING TO THE WORD THAT THOU HAST SPOKEN. For my soul doth delight in Thee and my soul doth magnify the Lord, for He is great and high above all, and He shall glorify Himself that all nations and all peoples shall hear the words of His mouth and all tribes and kindreds and tongues shall hearken unto Me through the words that I have spoken through My prophets and mine Anointed!

33. WOULDST THOU BE GREAT AMONGST THE CHILDREN OF DAVID? Wouldst thou be exalted among the children of men? Hearken therefore, unto Me and unto all the words that I have spoken through My servant David and My prophet through whom I have spoken, and therefore, shalt thou be blessed of all generations, and in thee shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.

34. FOR THOU SHALT GO FORTH AS THE SUN TO ENLIGHTEN THEIR DAY. Thou shalt rise as the moon to give them light in the night, and thou shalt be an ensign unto the nations and a standard before Me. For thou shalt bear the insignia which I do give thee, unto which many shall hearken and follow thee!

35. OH HOW MANY ARE THE WORDS THOU HAST GIVEN UNTO THY SERVANT DAVID! He is weary with groaning and his heart is agonised through the night! His body hath ached, but Thou dost relieve him! Behold, Thou hast rewarded him! Thou hast given unto Thy Servant the things which he desired, and Thou dost satisfy his mouth with good things and his youth is renewed like the eagles! Thou hast delivered his soul from the snare of the fowler and counted his life as a precious thing and delivered him from the enemy. Indeed Thou shalt reprove many nations for his name's sake! Thou shalt rebuke many peoples because of him, and many shall be judged of him by Me!

36. (Lifts outstretched hands high) BEHOLD, I DO STRETCH FORTH MY ARMS UNTO THIS PEOPLE! Behold I have cast forth the words of David and yet will they not hearken unto him! For they will not hearken unto Me! Therefore shall I judge! Therefore shall I visit them in My wrath! Therefore, will I bring down upon them great hail and a great shaking and a great burning throughout all this land, and they shall be astonied and sorrow shall rain upon them, and they shall sit upon ashes and upon heaps and they shall smoulder, and they shall smoke and they shall weep as him that crieth for an only son that is not. (He brings outstretched hands slowly down, as though the Lord would have embraced them, but He had to take his arms back empty because they would not heed! )

37. FOR THEY HAVE FORSAKEN ME! Behold, they have departed from Me, for they have made unto themselves other gods that they have worshipped without end. Therefore, shall I visit them in the day of My wrath! Therefore shall I come upon them in the day of Judgement, because they hearkened not unto the words of My Servant David, and they refused the words of his children, for they smote them that spake unto them and they said, "We will not have this man to rule over them! "

38. THEREFORE SHALL I CAUSE THEM TO BOW DOWN UNTO THEE IN MY WRATH AND THEREFORE SHALL THEY SERVE OTHER GODS AND OTHER KINGS WHICH THEY KNOW NOT, the like which they do not understand! (Cries loudly) Therefore shall their soul be in torment and their bodies shall burn as a furnace and their hearts shall be wrung out as blood and they shall curse Him that hath made them and their worm shall eat as a canker and they shall writhe in torment, for they knew Me not and received not the words of My Servant and they rejected him that spake unto them. Therefore will I cast them out in My hot displeasure! Therefore will I reject them, for they are an abominable seed that have gone awhoring after other gods and they shall suffer ten times that which they meted unto My servants! Yea, they shall suffer much more than they gave unto My prophets and they shall be cast forth as dung that defileth the land, whose stink shall come up in all nostrils and their stench shall be made manifest--their filth shall be open before all eyes! For I the Lord have spoken it, and I shall reveal it, that My servants may be vindicated and My prophets shall be exalted and My words shall be fulfilled.

39. THEREFORE, FRET NOT THYSELF BECAUSE OF EVIL DOERS, neither be thou afraid for him that would come up at thee! For behold, the evil perish and the wicked wane at the fire of My mouth and all these shall be consumed by the power of My Spirit before thee! (Mo heaves a deep sigh) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

40. DOST THOU HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF DAVID? Dost thou kiss the honey of his mouth? Dost thou receive that which I have given unto him and obey the words that I have spoken? Therefore thou shalt be blessed of the Lord thy God and exalted amongst many, and I will write upon thee a new name that no man knoweth, and thou shalt be a pillar in the House of My God! Come down therefore unto the arms of David and be thou warmed and nourished and cherished that he may bless thee and give seed unto thee that thou shalt bring forth fruit! Behold, the dawn cometh and the Son of Righteousness ariseth and this shall be a new day, and his love shall drop down like rain upon the land and there shall spring forth life--there shall be love and laughter and joy and peace for ever after! ...Tomorrow! ...When He makes the world free!

41. BE THOU THEREFORE ENCOURAGED AND REST in the arms of David and all these things shall be brought to pass. Behold, I am Thy Father! I love My children!--And thou shalt rest in Me and all these things shall be fulfilled!

42. HAST THOU NO WISDOM? Hast thy senses taken leave of thee? Why dost thou remain out in the cold when thou couldst dwell in the arms of David and be warmed and cherished and nourished and loved?

43. THOU DOST HEARKEN UNTO THE WORDS OF DAVID THAT THOU MAYEST LIVE! Blessed are all they that do follow him! Blessed are ye, the sheep of My pasture! Blessed are ye, the lambs of My fold! Blessed are ye indeed, the little ones of My bosom, even as these that do gather unto David, and these that do rest in his love, and these that are blessed by his arms!

44. KISS THE SON LEST HE BE ANGRY WITH THEE, and let not his words fall to the ground and do thou keep all of these things in thy heart that thou mayest know all the words that I have given unto My Servant David! Therefore shalt thou be satisfied, that they may go forth through all the nations! (David falls asleep.)

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