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"LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD"-- A revelation of the End of the Church System!--MO       January 31, 1972       NO.153--GP

--(Bible Study in Fla. 6/69: A turning point in our history with a message we need to remember!)

Copyrighted © January 1972 by The Children of God
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       1. (MO reads prophecy by Eve given in California:) "The gap is widening! You will be torn asunder unless you submit yourself to the way I have chosen. Submit yourself to the hard way, the despised way, the narrow way!"

              2. (MO:) YOU CAN NO LONGER PLEASE THE ESTABLISHMENT, THE CHURCH, AND THE SYSTEM, AND STILL PLEASE GOD! It is no longer possible for a real Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Bible-practicing Christian to even attend these buildings, because they will not receive him. Because if you go in, you will be so explosive in telling them what they need that they will call the police! This Establishment is of the Devil! This night is going to be one of the turning points in our history, because I believe God is trying to show us something: --that WE'RE NO LONGER GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO INTO THE CHURCHES WITHOUT REJECTION!

       3. I was sitting in Anaheim Delusion Center and the Lord spoke as clearly to me as He ever had: "THIS IS STRONG DELUSION!"--DECEIVING HIS PEOPLE! THAT CHURCH BUILDING IS A LIE! YOU CANNOT PLEASE THE OLD AND THE NEW! You cannot have God and Mammon! Choose ye this day whom ye will serve! (The Devil's answer to God's challenge is always a System-preserving compromise!--Today it's the Church preserving "Charismatic Addicts" and JPs!)

       4. (MO reading again from Eve's prophecy:) "Do not question My leadings: just follow!" MO AT THIS POINT HAS THE FOLLOWING VISION: I saw a picture of a child pointing down a path. He asked his parent if he could go that way. And the parent was angry because he didn't ask which way he should go. (God and us! At this time we were insisting on going our way, the church way, and GOD WAS ANGRY BECAUSE WE WERE NOT ASKING HIM WHICH WAY TO GO and leaving the choice to Him).

              5. (MO continues:) WE ARE WITNESSING THE DEATH OF A SYSTEM. We are almost officiating at THE FUNERAL OF THE CHURCH--the Churchianity System. (More of old prophecies:) "When there are seeming defeats, they are of Me. When they are not receiving you, they are not receiving Me. You cannot make them receive you! The faith you need is already supplied. MY SON SHALL NOT FAIL IN THE WORK I HAVE CHOSEN HIM FOR. He shall not fail! Where there is failure, it is not your fault. I will not blame you. Man shall blame you, but I will not!" IT WAS AFTER I DECLARED WAR ON THE CHURCH SYSTEM THAT GOD BEGAN OPENING UP TO ME even more of His Word and His plan! If there is anything I have ever been, it is weak!

       6. (Prophecy through Aaron:) "Thou shalt see greater things than these that ye may marvel. For behold, THEIR HOUSE IS LEFT UNTO THEM DESOLATE, FOR THEY HAVE NO CHILDREN!" THE CHURCH HAS COMMITTED GENOCIDE BY HAVING NO CHILDREN! The Church has committed racial suicide by  failing to bear fruit! The Church has brought about the death of its own System by failing to reach the youth of this generation. As in Russia, where they found that persecuting the church only caused it to grow, so they simply decided just to let the old people have their churches, but keep the young people out of them, and educate the youth elsewhere, so that the church would finally, naturally, just die off from old age, from lack of youth, from lack of children!--(But The JP's are giving the Churches an intravenous injection of Youth to try to bring the old Dead Corpse back to life!--And they'll only die with it!)

              7. AS WITH MICHAL, Saul's daughter, representing the critical, skeptical, self-righteous, unbelieving, hypocritical old church, God struck her barren and BROUGHT AN END OF THE ROYAL LINEAGE OF SAUL, THE OLD SYSTEM, SIMPLY BY HER FAILURE TO REPRODUCE.-And her end came when she was smitten barren by the Lord for her contempt and despising of King David's fanatical revival of the worship of the Lord-his radical revolution of religion-his bringing back of the spirit of God to the children of God, as symbolised in the presence of the Ark!--(But the JP's are trying to revive the House of Saul for long war with the House of David!"--2Sam.3:1.

              8. KING DAVID'S WILD AND ORGIASTIC DANCING BEFORE THE LORD in utter abandon to the Spirit of God in the white heat of his ardent passion of love for the Lord alone, caused Michal, the Old Church, to be ashamed of him, to ridicule him with contempt for what she considered his despicable, shameless, and lewd behaviour, exposing his nudity to the maidens of Israel as he danced unto the Lord, in what she saw as a disgraceful and frenzied outburst of passionate fervour, and SHE WAS FURIOUSLY JEALOUS AND HATED HIM FOR IT!-JUST LIKE TODAY!

              9. SO THE LORD CURSED MICHAL, THE OLD CHURCH SYSTEM, THROUGH THE MOUTH OF DAVID himself, AND THE LORD STRUCK HER BARREN SO SHE COULD BEAR NO CHILDREN and have no seed to continue her line, the line of Saul, which had already been accursed by the prophet Samuel for its disobediences. WHILE DAVID AND HIS PEOPLE CONTINUED THEIR WILD WORSHIP OF THE LORD in leaping and singing and dancing and wild music and exultant rejoicing before the Lord for bringing back the power of the spirit of God to His children, and salvation to His people, enjoying the Lord to the full in the ecstasies of His spirit, the old could only criticize the New.--THE CHILDREN OF SAUL COULD ONLY HAVE CONTEMPT FOR THE CHILDREN OF DAVID AND BE JEALOUS of them! (At this point, Mo bursts out in tongues and interpretation.) "Even so do My children rejoice and leap and sing and dance before Me! My heart delighteth in these children of David! But they shall be hated for it! (Read 2Samuel 6.)

              10. And DAVID CURSED THE OLD AND FLAGRANTLY DEFIED THE OLD SYSTEM, and said, I will even "play before the Lord, and I will yet be more vile than thus, and will be base in mine own sight. and of the maid servants which Thou hast spoken of, of them shall I be had in honour!" For Michal had said, "How glorious was the king of Israel today, who uncovered himself today in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself!"--"And she despised him in her heart." "Therefore, Michal, the daughter of Saul, had no child unto the day of her death."--THE OLD WAS STRICKEN BARREN, AND DIED FOR LACK OF CHILDREN! The unfruitful old despised the vibrant new life of the New, and so, brought DEATH TO THE OLD ORDER THROUGH ITS CHILDLESSNESS! What a picture of the Old Church today!

              11. (Aaron's prophecy continues:) "But I will say unto you, even as that I have said; HE SETTETH THE POOR ON HIGH FROM AFFLICTION (THE HIPPIE YOUTH OF TODAY), AND MAKETH THEM FAMILIES LIKE A FLOCK (MY FAMILY, MY FAMILY!). The righteous shall see it and rejoice, and all iniquity shall stop her mouth (Michal's--the Old Church's). What man is there that feareth the Lord? His seed shall inherit the earth! Thou shalt eat the labour of thy hands. Thy wives shall be as fruitful vines, thy children like olive plants round about thy table! Thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord! Thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem!" David brought back what God really wanted--not forms and ceremonies, rituals and temples--but the spirit of God to the children of God, the true temple of God, in true spiritual worship. (Ps.107:41; 128:2-5; 25:12,13)

       12. (David Z prophesies:) "EXCEPT THE LORD BUILD THE HOUSE, THEY LABOUR IN VAIN that build it. Through tribulations and through trials, keep thy face unto the Lord. A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways! Rejoice, and know that the Lord looks down with shining face. IN THE DAY OF KING SAUL THERE WAS NO CHILD GIVEN: so shall it be in the days of thy youth. Behold, thou lookest on the temple!" (Ps.127:1; Ja.1:8)

              13. (MO continues:) These prophecies have more significance than you realise. ... If you think WE'RE BEING REJECTED NOW, IT'S NOTHING TO WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! I have many things to say unto you, but ye are not yet able to bear them, as Jesus said. (Jn.16:12) There are many things I could tell you now, but you couldn't take them. If our enemies think we're bad now, it's nothing to what we're going to be! Today was a crisis in our history! Tonight is a turning point in our lives! ("But David waxed stronger and stronger, and Saul's House weaker and weaker!")

              14. THE FULL OF BUSINESS GOSPEL MEN AND TEEN CHALLENGE LOST CONTROL of their associations to the churches, who have taken them over, BECAUSE THEY WENT TO THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT FOR FINANCIAL HELP, AND COMPROMISED THEIR PRINCIPLES AND INDEPENDENCE IN ORDER TO GET IT. May God spare us from ever doing the same! (God answers:) "That's what you're doing right now!" My God!--In going back to these churches and seeking their financial help, we have been doing the same thing, and are in danger of the same compromise and loss of independence! It was useless to go back, as they would no longer listen nor help, unless they were unusually worthy and begged us to come and showed a real hunger for our message, which is rare! "He was despised and rejected men, a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He came unto His own and His own received him not." (Is.53:3; Jn.1:11) There are some terrible things in the Scriptures we got tonight!--And I want you to pray desperately that everyone will yield to the Lord and to His Spirit! If we don't, we can get ourselves in a terrible mess!

              15. EVERY CHURCH WE GO BACK TO, THEY'VE BUILT ANOTHER BUILDING! All our messages to them did little good! So all we're doing is going back and wringing our hearts! Two years ago we were really performing the last rites--praying for a dying corpse! Now we are finding that THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD, BUT THAT THEIR CORPSE IS DUNG UPON THE GROUND! The church is already dead, but their corpse lies upon the ground neither lamented nor buried! "Enter not into the house of mourning, neither go to lament nor bemoan them: for I have taken away My peace from this people." ... "Follow Me, and let the dead bury their dead!" Our business is to go forward and reach the new generation! (Je.8:2; 16:4,5; Lu.9:59,60)

       16. When I was in evangelistic work I can't remember that even then very many young people were interested in church meetings. I think maybe I'm coming into my youth now! I can't remember even being a teenager in spirit! I used to read, read, read, and go off on long hikes by myself. I didn't like people very well, and thought the kids of my age were silly and didn't have much sense. The only real fun I can remember having as a kid was swimming. But THAT OLD MAN I USED TO BE IS NOW DEAD AND BURIED, AND THERE REALLY IS A NEW CREATURE!--A YOUNG man!--A new spirit! Hallelujah! The trouble with Christians today is that they're trying to keep the old man alive-the old way alive. THE CHURCH SYSTEM IS ALREADY DEAD! IT WAS DYING WHEN I WAS YOUNG. IT'S NOW DEAD, BUT THEY'RE TRYING TO REVIVE IT. One of the horrors of modern science is that they can keep a corpse alive a long time shooting stuff through the veins. They won't let people die today! We're wasting our time going back and lamenting over the dead. We keep going back to the churches and weeping over the dead and trying to revive them. In a time of battle you can't sit around holding somebody's hand while they're dying, and maybe lose the war! That's a shocking revelation!

              17. WE'VE BEEN GOING BACK TO BURY THE DEAD! I don't like the sight of a dead corpse! But the horror of it is: People who are sick of the dead Church System think they have to deny the Lord to leave it: "If I drop out of church I'm leaving the Lord, because God is only in church." CHURCHIANITY IS EQUATED WITH GOD, AND THE BUILDING WITH HIS SERVICE. They don't realise they can LEAVE THE CHURCHES AND GET EVEN CLOSER TO GOD! It's more than a generation gap!--It's a gap between worlds!--The old are living in another world of the past of peace! Now is a day for the young and for battle! The Communists will bury the dead!--Khrushchev said so, adding "God is with us They'll bury the dead church as we go on with Jesus!

              18. (Aaron prophesies:) "For behold, I BRING THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FLESH THAT THE SPIRIT MAY BE SAVED" (1Cor.5:5). The old way is dead! I have spoken before by My Spirit that you should go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. I have said, "Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forward to the things that are before, thou must press forward for the prize of the high calling of Me which is in My Son, Christ Jesus." I say to you, "Let none of these things move you, neither count thy life dear, that you may finish your course with joy. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Believe, believe, believe, and obey! Trust in Me and I will lead you. FORSAKE THE OLD WAY of today and take the new way of the Book of My Acts. I say this Nation shall soon be judged. I say to you, you shall have to use extreme and urgent measures." Sound the alarm, lift up your voice like a trumpet. Show the house of Israel their transgressions and their sins. You shall have to die for this cause, for My Name's Sake, for YOU MUST NEEDS BE A WITNESS, NOT A WINNER--BUT A WITNESS, FOR YOU SHALL NOT WIN. THEY WILL NOT TURN FROM THEIR SINS! You shall be a witness and testimony against them even as thy Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and all My prophets. What they did to Me, they will do to you, and if they do not, then you are not with Me. Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. But this is for those to whom it is given. There shall be a few, I say a VERY FEW GO THE NARROW WAY. VERY FEW FORSAKE ALL. Many are called, but few are chosen--even as you have been able to speak to scores and thousands of the younger generation, yet very few, very few, have been willing or chosen. Even so it will be, but SEEK THOSE FEW! (Mk.16:15; Phil.3:13,14; Ac.20:24; Jn.14:1; Is.58:1; Mt.4:19; 7:13,14)

              19. (MO:) "Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on onto perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works. ... For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened ... if they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance, seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put Him to an open shame!" (He.6:1-6) If they can't even live up to the light they have been given, we certainly CANNOT MAKE THEM REPENT OF THEIR DEAD WORKS, BUT THEY WILL ONLY CRUCIFY US AS THEY DO JESUS in us! (Prophesies:) "There is a path ye have not seen, neither hath any eye seen, but He hath reserved it for us!"--And we have found it! Hallelujah! LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD! "FOLLOW ME."

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