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"MY LOVE IS THE WILD WIND"--MO       February 16, 1972       No.154B--GP

Copyright February, 1972 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       (This poetry was given as tongues and interpretation: a phrase at a time was spoken in tongues, as the Spirit gave utterance, and then interpreted. And the pictures he saw were as the slow, beautiful flowing motion of an underwater ballet, with the Wild Wind represented in dreamlike fashion as a beautiful girl whose long flowing gossamer gown was like visible currents of filmy air which flowed after her in lovely waves, as she playfully, yet enticingly, sought to elude David's grasp as he determinedly pursues her in merry chase to final fond embrace in ardent love! ) (He spoke with tongues and interpretation in the middle of the night and I wrote it down in the dark.)

       My Love comes from the Wild Wind.
       I hear her sing in the Wild Wind.
       She is wild as the sand of the waves of the sea.
       She is the Spirit of the Wild Wind.
       She inhabits the caves of David and of Moses.
       She sings to them in their ears.
       She blows in their hair.
       She sings in the ear of David to sing psalms to him.
       She is the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of God.
       She is the one that David loves.
       And she is the one that Moses listens to;
       For She is the Wild Wind, and she is the Spirit of God.

       Who can capture the Wild Wind?
       Who can corner the winds and put them into their place?
       Only the songs of David and of Moses.
       For my love, she is the Wild Wind of God.
       She is the Wind of Wisdom, and she is the Wind of Freedom.
       She is the Wild Wind that comes from whence thou knowest not.
       And wither she goeth, thou knowest not.
       For she is the Wind of the Spirit of God.
       I love the Wild Wind!

       Jesus puts the words into my mouth,
       And Jesus tells me what to say.
       For the Spirit comes and the Spirit goes, like the Wind,
       And thou knowest not whither it comes and whither it goes.
       That is my Love--the Spirit of God!
       She is this Wild Wind of God!
       I cannot love any other than that.
       I have no other love.
       I love the Wild Wind--the Spirit of God!

       The words of David and all the saints Came from the Wild Wind of the Spirit of God.
       They came from whence thou knowest not.
       My Love is a Wild Wind.
       It comes from whence I know not.
       It goes whither I know not.
       My love is a Wild Wind.

       It must be said.
       And it must be written in a book.
       It is the Will of God.
       She is faithful who writes these things.
       She shall receive from the Lord seven times.
       For her faithfulness to write these things in a book.

       One, two, three, four, five, six, seven--
       All good children are not going to Heaven--
       Only those who trust in Jesus!

       Her hair is like the Wild Wind
       That wraps around the hand of David.
       David takes hold of the Wind in his hands.
       And loves her like the Wind that he loves.
       He loves the Wind--the Wild Wind.
       David's Love is a Wild Wind--
       The Wind of God--the Spirit of God.
       That is David's first Love.

       He takes her hair in his hands and he loves her.
       Because she is the Spirit of God.
       He sucks her paps.
       She gives him milk from the Word of God.
       Out of thy Love, the Wild Wind,
       Shall come the answers of God.
       The breath of God shall answer thee like the Wild Wind.
       For David's Love is a Wild Wind.
       He is in love with the Wild Wind--the Spirit of God!

       He is weary with loving the Wind and chasing the Wind--
       The Spirit of God!
       This wine is like the Wind
       For it brings Spirit to his soul
       It opens his mouth
       And loosens his tongue to speak the Words of God.

       He sucks at the Wind.
       He breathes deep of the Breath of God.
       As he would suck at thy paps, O Beloved One.
       For thou art as the Wind of David--
       Thou art the Wild Wind that David loves.
       I love You, Wild Wind.
       You are the personification of the Wind that David loves.

       Go to rest, Little Wild Wind.
       You have a place of rest in David's arms, Wild Wind.
       David has captured the Wind of God.
       David has taken the Wild Wind into his arms.
       The Wild Wind has conceived the Word of God--the Words of the Lord
       Because David has captured her and taken her into his arms.
       And she has conceived the Word of the Lord.
       For she is the Spirit of God--
       For she is the Love of David--
       She is the Wind that is Wild--
       She is David's Wild Wind, his Love.
       David loves the Wild Wind of God.
       He's enthralled with the Wild Wind of God!

       She'll never love another--
       She cannot love another
       There is no other Love than God's Wild One--
       The Wild Lover of God!
       None loves like this Wild One.
       He may love many, But none has his heart like this Wild One.

       This is the Spirit of David,
       And this is his life--
       The Love of God--God's Wild One, His Wild Wind--
       The Wild Wind of the Spirit of God
       That thrills David with its ecstasies.
       David is in love with the Wild Wind of God.
       There is no other Love like this One!

       Suck the very breath out of her--
       The very life out of this Wild Wind, this Faithful One,
       This thrilling exciting One--
       The Spirit of the Living God!
       She is the Love of David.
       David is in love with the Wild Wind of God!

       Thou art the Wild Wind that David loves.
       Thou has been put into flesh for David to love.
       As he loves the Wild Wind of God, so doth he love thee.
       Thou art the embodiment of this Wild Wind.

       It is time for thee to close thy eyes and thy mouth, Little Wild Wind,
       And cease from thy strivings, and thy blowing, and thy labours.
       Stop the Wind ... Stop the Wind ... Stop the Wind. ...

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family