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"THE 70-YEARS PROPHECY OF THE END"       March 1, 1972       NO.156-GP

Copyrighted March, 1972 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or B.P. 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03 France


       2. WAY BACK IN 1966, THROUGH GRANDMOTHER'S PROPHECY, THE LORD PROMISED TO REVEAL TO US THE NUMBER OF YEARS UNTO "THE END OF DESOLATIONS", like he had to Jeremiah. In Grandmother's prophecy, the Lord refereed to me as Daniel. "Thou, O Daniel", the Lord kept calling me, and said He was going to reveal the number of years, as He had to the prophet Jeremiah, but I never connected that with the revelation we got later--a couple of years ago at TSC--THAT 70-year revelation regarding my prospective age!

       3. THE LORD HAD TOLD JEREMIAH HOW LONG IT WOULD BE UNTIL THE END OF THE DESOLATIONS OF ISRAEL, and the end of their captivity--a total of 70 years! And in Grandmother's prophecy in the Summer of 1966; the Lord predicted that "to the one called David by Divine Anointing..." (Tongues: "Why art thou amazed by the words I have spoken of David?") "It has been given thee to perceive the number of years which, according to the prophet Jeremiah, will pass before the End of Desolations." A that time, Grandmother gave the Scripture, Daniel 9:2, indicating what the number of years would be: 70!

       4. IN DANIEL 9:2, IT SAYS THAT "I, DANIEL, UNDERSTOOD by books the number of the years, whereof the Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem." Although I gave you this prophecy several months ago in "Saul and Michael", it never dawned on me until just now when we were discussing the prophecy which we received a couple of years ago regarding the length of our life and/or ministry, that these were the years the lord was talking about! I had forgotten all about that part of Grandmother's prophecy regarding Jeremiah and the 70 years, and had never really understood its significance!

       5. BUT, AS YOU CAN SEE BY DANIEL 9:2, THE LORD TOLD JEREMIAH THE EXACT NUMBER OF YEARS UNTIL THE END OF DESOLATIONS--the desolations of his land, his people, in his day by their enemies, However, in Grandmother's prophecy, He said to me, "It has been given thee to perceive the number of years which, according to the prophet Jeremiah would pass before The End of Desolations".

       6. BUT I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT or what we had to do with those 70 years of long ago that young Jeremiah predicted regarding his land and his people and how long it would be until the end of their desolations! Thank you Lord! Hallelujah! Praise you Jesus! (Strong, forceful, emphatic tongues: Hearken thou unto the words!--And see that thou heed the words of My Servant David! ") But now I understand that what the Lord was doing was revealing to me, like Daniel, the number of years, like the 70 that Jeremiah had prophesied, that would pass before The End of Desolations!

       7. IN OTHER WORDS, THE LORD WAS TELLING ME THAT, LIKE he had showed the meaning of Jeremiah's prophecy to Daniel, He was also going to reveal to me a similar number of years in these last Days that would pass before The End of Desolations in this End Time!--And I never caught on until just now as Maria was calling my attention to that prophecy of two years ago regarding the 70 years the Lord said He was going to give me! I never caught on until just now that this must be the 70 years of which the Lord was speaking in Grandmother's prophecy! (See "Saul and Michael", October 2, 1971).

       8. WHAT THE LORD WAS SAYING IN HER PROPHECY was that He was going to show me an equal number of years like He did to Daniel through Jeremiah, unto The End of Desolations of today, or the near future; and that, as it was in Jeremiah and Daniel's days, The End would come after the end of the 70 years--the End of Desolations, or, I presume, the end of this era--the end of the havoc that man is now wreaking on the earth through his senseless and abominable wars, his pollution of the earth...(What kind of desolations, Jesus?--MO asks)...and the pollutions and desolations of the minds and hearts and bodies of men, which, of course, can end only with the Coming of Christ!

       9. AS WE MENTIONED IN THE RECENT LETTER ON THE "TIMES OF THE GENTILES", The Lord had given us a certain time prophecy in the Summer of 1970 in which He tapped out a certain number of sevens in answer to my question when I was very ill: "What shall be the days of my years? "--And I told you that He tapped out three sevens, or a total of 21. But I had forgotten, until we discovered a record of the prophecy today, written on June 30, 1970--the exact middle of the year, by the way--that the Lord had tapped out first, seven sevens with a significant pause, followed by the three sevens, indicating, in other words, that a period of 49 years would be followed by a period of 21 years, making a total of 70, which shows that, apparently, if this was the answer to my question, which I surely believe it was, as the Lord never fails, the total "days of my years" were to be a total of 70, divided into two periods--that first, of 49 years, which evidently ended in 1968, the year we began the Revolution at the Light Club in Huntington Beach, to be followed by a period of 21 more years of my life, ending in the year 1989!

       10. YOU MAY ALSO RECALL THAT IN THE "TIMES OF THE GENTILES" REVELATION, THE LORD INDICATED THAT TIMES OF THE GENTILES ENDED ABOUT THE YEAR 1969, the year the Revolution and Restoration of the modern children of Israel--the Children of God--began to get in full swing! But it never dawned on me until just now that this predicted total of 70 years had already been promised in Grandmother's prophecy of 1966, the same year in which she received the Warning Message Prophecy of the Great Confusion!

       11. THIS, THEN, MAKES THE 70 YEARS OF FAR GREATER SIGNIFICANCE that just the length of my own life and ministry: They will evidently also be the fulfilment of the 70 years prophesied by the Lord through Grandmother in 1966, which "will pass before The End of Desolations"! This sounds like the Lord means that The End will come after the end of that 70 year period, or sometime after the year 1989, the predicted year of the end of my life, or "the days of my years", as it says that these 70 years will pass before the End of Desolations, perhaps just shortly before.

       12. THIS WOULD COINCIDE WITH OTHER PROPHECIES WHICH WE HAVE RECEIVED, indicating specifically that Maria would outlive me to the year 1993 or thereabouts, (See "Gypsies"), and that I would not live through the Tribulation to the Coming of the Lord!--But I never connected the prophecy that Grandmother gave with the 70 year prophecy He gave me at TSC in 1970. This could mean that I will die at about the beginning of the Tribulation, and that Maria will live on to the Coming of the Lord, approximately three and one-half years later, because I definitely saw her in vision witnessing the Second Coming, along with a small boy of about five or six or seven years old named David!

       13. THIS WOULD ALSO FULFIL OTHER REVELATIONS WE HAVE RECEIVED, indicating that I would not have to go through the Tribulation. The Tribulation period will apparently be the "End of Desolations"! it will be the last Great Desolation of all--the "Abomination of desolation", as "spoken of by Daniel the prophet!"

       14. IF I DIE IN 1989, AS INDICATED BY THE 70-YEARS PROPHECY, AND MARIA LIVES TO 1993, AS PREDICTED BY THE OLD GYPSY, and as envisioned by me at the Coming of the Lord, this would allow just enough time for the Tribulation between these two dates--the End of Desolations between 1989 and 1993 or within that period!

       15. I ALWAYS HATED TO HEAR PEOPLE PREDICTING SPECIFIC DATES FOR COMING EVENTS, because quite often they didn't happen on those dates. I have even been accused by our enemies of having predicted that an earthquake would destroy California a few years ago. Well, an earthquake of witnessing has certainly shaken it up along with the rest of the world, through the great wave of the Jesus Revolution begun by the Lord through us in 1968--but California hasn't yet been destroyed, and the fact is that I never did predict any exact date for its destruction, but some of us certainly received many specific prophecies that it would be destroyed in the near future, which even the scientists are predicting!

       16. BUT I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A LITTLE LEERY OF PREDICTING EXACT DATES FOR FUTURE EVENTS, and of the people who did so, including Jeane Dixon, who hasn't always been right. But she, too, has prophesied that this period around 1990 will be the Time of the Antichrist, and near "The End", so it just could be, as the Lord could hardly be any more specific than He has been with us in these exact time prophecies of the 70-Years, including the exact years of these periods of my life and the Revolution for Jesus!

       17. OUR OWN PROPHET JOEL HAS EVEN BROUGHT IT TO OUR ATTENTION THAT THE TWO MAJOR PSALMS which the Lord gave as being prophetic of us are Psalm 68 and Psalm 89, which coincide with those very years of the beginning and end of our ministry--1968 and 1989. Also, Psalm 93 is certainly significant, if '93 is the year of His Coming, as it begins with the words, The Lord reigneth" and pictures Him as ruling over all! Hallelujah!

       18. I WAS NEVER MUCH FOR THE NUMEROLOGY OF THE BIBLE, but surely some of this is more than merely coincidental! Maria just now looked up Psalm 49, but there seemed to be nothing significant about it regarding us, but even that is appropriate, as I was nothing and never seemed to accomplish much for the first 49 years of my life. But when she thought of Psalm 21, she nearly flipped, because it is one of the "David" Psalms about "The King"!--And certainly these 21 years of our present ministry are the years of our reign!--Which they can't stop! Hallelujah!

       19. SO IF THESE PROPHECIES ARE TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY AND SPECIFICALLY, THEY CERTAINLY ALL FIT TOGETHER like the pieces of a great jigsaw puzzle, and fit exactly to the very dates, picturing our life, the beginning and length of our ministry, the time of our death, and even the year of the Coming of the Lord, if this is the way they can be applied!

       20. IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD? Surely this is a small thing for Him to do! He has foretold many other significant events, and has even predicted some of them to the exact year a number of times before in His Word and in history. So why should He not indicate to you, His Endtime Children, the last and greatest of all generations, the specific years and exact times of the coming greatest events of all time, including the beginning of the Tribulation, and the time of His own Coming? Why not? It's possible! For with God nothing shall be impossible, and all things are possible to him that believeth!--Even to the possibility of the credibility of these dates as being indicated by the Lord!

       21. (Tongues and Interpretation: "There is nothing that I will not do for My Children--the Children of David! ") Hallelujah!

       22. IF OUR INTERPRETATION OF THESE DATES IS CORRECT, WE CERTAINLY HAVEN'T LONG TO WAIT TO FIND OUT, because if the Antichrist is going to confirm the Covenant about seven years before the End, this would place him in some kind of power, fame, and visibility around the end of 1985, at the latest, and probably even before. This is the same date predicted by Jeane Dixon as having something to do with his appearance!

       23. SO WE SHOULD HEAR SOMETHING OF HIM DURING HIS RISE TO POWER IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, within a very few years at most, possibly toward the end of this decade of the Seventies, the Age of Aquarius, or not long thereafter, and certainly by the early 1980's!

       (1) The Restoration of God's true Israel--the Children of God--began in 1968 or 1969.
       (2) We should begin hearing something about the Antichrist and his rise to power soon, and certainly not later than the early 1980s.
       (3) He would therefore have to confirm the Covenant about 1985.
       (4) 1985 therefore, would be the beginning of the Seventieth Week of Daniel 9.
       (5) This would be the Last Seven Years of world history and the reign of the Antichrist.
       (6) The Tribulation would then have to begin about the end of the year 1989.
       (7) The Lord would then come exactly 3-1/2 years later, sometime during the first half of 1993!


       25. SUMMARY:
       (1) 1968-9: End of the Time of the Gentiles.
       (2) 1968-89: Restoration of the Remnant of Israel in the Children of God.
       (3) Late '70s and/or Early '80s: Rise of the Antichrist to power.
       (4) 1985: The Covenant confirmed by the Antichrist.
       (5) 1985: Seventieth Week of Daniel begins--Last Seven Years of world history.
       (6) 1989: Tribulation begins.
       (7) 1993: Jesus comes!

       26. SO IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!--It won't be long that we, the Aquarian followers of the Lord, have to finish the job of reaching the rest of the world with the love of Jesus! It won't be long that we have to work and watch and pray for His Coming! Hallelujah! it won't be long till the Coming of the Antichrist, The Tribulation, and the Coming of the Lord! Let us work therefore, the works of Him that sent us while it is yet our day!

       27. JUST PLEASE DON'T GO AROUND TELLING EVERYBODY THAT I PREDICTED THESE DATES, BECAUSE I DIDN'T--The Lord did! And if they don't happen just like this, don't blame Him--but blame us for not having interpreted His predictions properly, But personally, I'm inclined to believe that these dates are mighty close, if not exact, and if there is any error, it is due to the frailty of our human understanding, and not to the failure of God!

       28. SO DON'T KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED, BUT THRUST THEM HEAVENWARD IN A FIRM SALUTE TO THE REVOLUTION FOR JESUS, AND KEEP ON SERVING HIM FAITHFULLY until those days do come, and right on through until The End, whenever and however it may come! Amen? Praise the Lord! I love you! Keep on loving Jesus and His dear little sheep and continue to search them out and love them into His Fold, till the Great Shepherd returns for His own on that Great day! Hallelujah!

       29. I'M SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO "PERCEIVE THE NUMBER OF YEARS", but I guess it was in God's time, for your encouragement at this particular time. Sometimes it takes a while to understand what God has said! Sometimes it takes a little time for His Words too sink in! Sometimes it even takes a few months or years before the full meaning of His revelations dawn on us and we finally "perceive" and "understand", as He had promised in Grandmother's Prophecy! And sometime, it's not quite yet His time for you to fully understand. Many of the prophets did not understand what they were prophesying, and their books were not opened to us and the interpretation of their meaning understood until these Last Days, or the days in which their prophecies are being fulfilled.

       30. AS I WAS ASKING THE LORD JUST NOW WHY THIS 70-YEAR PROPHECY AND ITS FULL MEANING AND ACTUAL DATES WERE NOT REVEALED UNTO US FULLY UNTIL NOW in this recent flash of revelation, I asked Him "Why, Lord? why now, and for what reasons? Some will even say it's unscriptural to know the times and seasons, and will quote Acts 1:7, saying "it is not for you to know". No, it was not for them to whom He spake at that time to know the answers of the questions they were asking, as to when He would restore the Kingdom to Israel, because this would not happen until our Day! But now it is being fulfilled in us, therefore, it is His will for us to know it, to perceive it, and understand it!

       31. FOR, AS THE APOSTLE PAUL LATER SAYS IN 1THESS.5:1, etc.; "But of the times and the seasons, Brethren ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the Day of the Lord so cometh", etc. And he gives several specific signs of the Lord's Coming. If the Lord did not intend for us too know the times and the seasons, then why did He give us Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, John 14, Acts 1, 1Thess. 4 & 5, 2Thess.2, 1Timothy 4, 2Timothy 3, 2Peter 1 & 3, and the whole Book of Revelation, as well as multitudes of prophecies in the Old Testament, including many in the Historical Books, as well as the Poetical Books, and 17 Books of the Prophets which were almost nothing but prophecies and specific predictions of the future! If God didn't want His Children to know anything specific about the future, then He wasted half the Bible talking about it, and we ought to throw that half away!

       32. BUT HE DOES WANT US TO KNOW, and starting with the very first chapter of the very first Book He even says that He created the stars of the Heavens "for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years"! And throughout the entire Bible, He continues to give us multitudes, thousands, of literal, specific, predictions of the future, and what its times and seasons would be like, including sometimes the exact years these events would occur!

       33. THE LORD FREQUENTLY PREDICTED THE EXACT YEAR, even sometimes the day and the hour! But Jesus, when speaking of the Time of His Coming, Himself said, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man."--At least, no man knew then, according to the tense of the verb that He used, and maybe no man will ever know until it happens. But He did not say that we would not know the times or the seasons, many of which He predicted Himself about His Coming. He did not even say that we could not know the year or even the month or the week of His Coming! He only said we don't know the "day and hour" of His Coming--yet!

       34. SO THERE'S NOTHING IN THE SCRIPTURE WHICH FORBIDS US FROM KNOWING EXACT YEARS of coming events! There's nothing in the Bible which says we can't or won't know the year of the Convent, the time of its breaking, or the year of Jesus' Second Coming! In fact, on the other hand, the Lord makes it extremely explicit several times regarding the exact number of years and months, and even days during this crucial last Seven Year of the Endtime!

       35. WHY?--WHY THEN SHOULD THE LORD WANT US TO KNOW EXACT YEARS OF COMING EVENTS as they draw nigh? Why should He want us to know exact years of coming events as they draw nigh? Why should He want us to know the exact times of these events as we approach them? Well, He told Daniel that the words of his prophecies were to be "closed up and sealed till the Time of the End?", at which time, or near which time they were obviously to be revealed and understood and opened unto us as they are today, another proof that we are in the Endtime! It was not necessary for Daniel and the people of his day to know or understand these predictions, as they were not to be fulfilled until our day, over 2000 years later! So the meaning of his book was closed, and its interpretation not disclosed or opened until now because, why should people living over 2000 years ago be concerned about the meaning of specific events of a far distant future in which they themselves would not be living? It was not necessary for them to know!

       36. BUT, YOU DO NEED TO KNOW, UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH ARE COME! You are here, now and it's happening to you--The End is near! It's going to happen to you! You're going to be living through these very days of the End-Time! For you are the Last Generation! You are that chosen Remnant of the Children of God who have been created to witness these final mighty events, and to witness to the world in its last dying days! You are the Now Generation! Now is the Endtime of which all the prophets spake! You are the generation--the Last Generation--of whom all the prophets spoke, and they dreamed of your day!

       37. SO DON'T YOU THINK GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW NOT ONLY WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN and to whom it's going to happen and where it's going to happen, but also when it's going to happen? What does it do for you to know specifically that you've only got exactly a certain number of years left before the Tribulation, and only so many years until the actual Coming of Christ? What effect should it have on us to know these things? Does it do us any good? Does it do you good?

       38. WELL, IT CERTAINLY HAS DONE ME A LOT OF GOOD! It has confirmed again many of my convictions about you, your ministry, your future, and your utmost importance in the Plan of God! First of all, it convinces me again, as already stated, that this is the Endtime and you are the Last Generation which shall not pass away before all these things shall be fulfilled, as Jesus said in Matthew 24:34, speaking of the generation which would see these signs come to pass--the signs of which He spake and all the prophets predicted!

       39. IT SHOULD ALSO IMPRESS UPON US ALL THE EXTREME IMPORTANCE OF OUR JOB, the super-soberness and seriousness with which we should take it, and the utter urgency with which we should perform it! It should also make us realise how vital it is that we study hard, memorise extensively, and witness intensely and do our job thoroughly and well, for this is our last chance to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature! This is The End! We're their last chance, and we'd better make good what God has given! Amen?

       40. DO YOU REALISE THAT IF THESE LAST DAYS ARE ONLY GOING TO LAST THESE FEW MORE YEARS, MOST OF YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO BE IN YOUR THIRTIES OR FORTIES--THE PRIME OF LIFE--in those Last Days of Antichrist and Great Tribulation, and at the peak of performance! Do you realise if you're as powerful a witness as you are now, what a tremendous witness you're going to be after 20 more years of Bible study and witnessing and living the true life of faith as a genuine full-time disciple? Do you realise what a fearless soldier of Jesus Christ you'll be by that time if you keep on going the way you're going the way you're going now! No wonder some of you are going to be the 144,000! In fact, if we keep on at our present rate of growth, and the Enemy doesn't destroy too many of us, do you realise there are going to be millions of the Children of God by then?--Wow! What a prospect!

       41. DO YOU REALISE THAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BE FLAMING TEENAGE PROPHETS AND EVANGELISTS BY THAT TIME--THE GREATEST FORCE ON EARTH--the most powerful witnesses the world has ever known! No wonder they're going to be clothed in sackcloth and witness like those prophets in Revelation 11!--Some of you are going to be those prophets--those two mighty Witnesses who lead the witnessing forces of the Children of God with mighty miracles throughout the entire Tribulation right up to the Coming of Christ! Hallelujah!

       42. DO YOU REALISE, THEREFORE, HOW IMPORTANT THE TRAINING OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOW--the disciplining the teaching, and the preparation of all these little babies we're having right now for the fantastic job God's got for them in the stupendous future? They're going to take over the world and conquer it for Christ in spite or all the forces of the Antichrist and nothing shall be able to hurt or destroy some of them, according to Revelation 9:4!

       43. NO WONDER "THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS! And they that understand among the people shall instruct many!" You're going to have to have the power of God and the wisdom of His Spirit to survive those awesome days and be the witness God is preparing you to be! Of course, not all will survive, for many "shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days!" But "they shall be holpen with a little help", for this is "to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the Time of the End". Praise the Lord! God is working out His Purpose!

       44. WE ARE ALSO GOING TO BE THE TEACHERS OF THE WORLD, as "they that understand...instruct many." The knowledge of how short the time is should cause you to not only study and memorise for your own sake and to be a better witness to many, but also to be able to teach them to teach others to teach others to teach others to teach others to teach others to teach others! How many teachers and leaders this job is going to require!--And how little time there is to prepare for it, and to prepare them for it!

       45. NO WONDER GOD IS TELLING US EXACTLY HOW SOON IT'S GOING TO BE and that we haven't much time and that we've got to get busy and get on with it, lest some "come in the Last Days, scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of His Coming?--For since the Fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were"!--God doesn't want you to fall asleep, too!

       46. IT SHOULD THRILL YOU, ENCOURAGE YOU, INSPIRE YOU, AND SPUR YOU TO WORK LIKE MAD, study like cramming for an exam, and witness like you were afraid it was going to go out of style! To know how soon these things are going to be--to know they're definitely going to happen very soon--to know exactly "the number of the years" and how little time we have left should make you pray, study, work, and witness as you never have before, for you never will again! This is everybody's last chance to get on with it, and off with it--for it's the end of the line!

       47. SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Are you going to pray like everything depended on prayer, and work like everything depended on work, and study like everything depended on studying, and provision like everything depended on provisioning, and teach like everything depended on teaching, and witness like everything depended on witnessing?--Or are you going to say "Oh well, we've got another twenty years!--We might as well take it easy! "Let me warn you, YOU may not have another 20 years!--YOUR time may be at hand already, and YOU may be about to be offered, because some are not going to make it all the way, especially the way this nation's going and the whole world's going! Will He say too you "Well done, thou good & faithful servant"? It won't be long!

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