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GADDAFI'S THIRD WORLD!--MO       July 7, 1973       GP No.245

Copyright © July 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, CEDEX 03 France

       1. "NO ONE CAN DENY THAT THE AFFAIRS OF THE WORLD ARE IN A TERRIBLE MESS! ... THE CAUSE OF THIS IS GODLESSNESS AND MATERIALISM and the rejection of spiritual values!"--You may have thought that I myself said this, for it is certainly like something I would have said and a truth which I have been harping on for years! But these are not my words, but the words of another modern prophet, a desperately sincere and deeply religious young radical revolutionary leader and now an up-and-coming world-famous political figure Mu'ammar Gaddafi! President of the Libyan Revolutionary Council of today, he is rapidly becoming the most important leader of the Arab world, and bids fair to become the voice and most outstanding guide of the entire Third World!

       2. THIS EMERGING THIRD FACTOR IN THE WORLD EQUATION OF THE BALANCE OF WORLD POLITICAL POWER is composed mostly of the new, young recently-developing smaller nations of the earth, largely poor and considerably underdeveloped, and many of whom were only lately freed from the imperialistic exploitation of the greater powers and are now crying out for their place in the sun and a voice in world affairs, distinct and independent from both Western capitalistic materialism and Eastern communistic materialism.

       3. FOR A LONG TIME THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT IN A VICIOUS VICE BETWEEN THE TWO WITH NO ALTERNATIVE, and often being forced to choose either one side or the other in order to survive, or otherwise be crushed under the heel of either of these ruthless Super Systems. Some of their positions as attempted neutrals have been extremely difficult and delicately balanced between the two, like the high-wire walker trying to keep his balance between certain death on either side!

       4. THE WORLD FORUM OF THE UNITED NATIONS HAS AT LAST GIVEN THEM A CHANCE TO SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD on equal terms with the stronger nations of the earth, and their voices are now being heard around the world by means of the instant communication of the modern media and their presence is being felt everywhere, even in person, through the vastly improved and extremely rapid multiple means of modern transportation.

       5. THE CONSCIENCE OF THE WORLD IS ALSO BEING PRICKED BY A MUCH WIDER KNOWLEDGE now of their mutual needs and problems, and the superpowers are falling over each other in the worldwide rush to be their favourite benefactors in order to establish spheres of financial, ideological and political influence over them, now that outright open military domination, armed aggression, war and exploitation by force and slavery are no longer considered generally acceptable on the surface of world opinion.

       6. IN FACT, EACH OF THE SUPERPOWERS THEMSELVES ARE CONSTANTLY PRICKING EACH OTHER'S CONSCIENCES, accusing, condemning, berating and prodding each other to release their captives and captive peoples, colonies, minorities, provinces, states, racial and ethnic groups and give each their independence. Not that the superpowers really care, but by so doing, each superpower hopes that when the other superpower is compelled to release his captives, his opponent may have an opportunity to corral the unsuspecting victim into his own opposing camp!

       7. SO THESE TWO WORLD SUPER CAMPS OF CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM ARE NOW FIGHTING A WAR OF WORDS TO CONVERT THIS EMERGENT THIRD WORLD or as much of it as possible, into their own camps, with as little actual armed aggression as they can get away with, while on the surface each pretends to be a lily-white saint trying to free the world from the fiendish domination of the other devil!

       8. IN THE PROCESS, SOME FORMERLY GREAT POWERS LIKE POOR BRITAIN HAVE BEEN PRESSURED TO ABANDON THEIR GREAT EMPIRES and far-flung colonies around the world, either by the persuasion of this war of words or actual political and economic coercion by both her friends (?) and her enemies. This has either happened or is happening to all the former colonial powers of Europe, who have been talked into or compelled to give up their former empires and supposedly set their ex-colonies free, only to discover that they were persuaded to do so by the two new superpowers so that these superpowers themselves could gobble them up!

       9. EACH SUPERPOWER IS VYING WITH THE OTHER TO SEE WHO CAN GET THERE FIRST in this new method of so-called peaceful conquest by means of money, dollar-power, dollar-diplomacy or technical know-how, political pressurizing, diplomatic blackmail and even a little actual force when necessary or when they think they can get away with it!

       10. SO THE TWO PRINCIPLE SUPERPOWERS OF THE WORLD, AMERICA AND RUSSIA, HAVE BEEN IN A RACE ever since World War II to see which one could be first to capture the world which together they had so recently supposedly set free!--And many a self righteous howl is heard in the international forums of the nations when either superpower happens to step either intentionally or accidentally on the other's toes! Mama and Papa are fussing at each other on how to raise the baby, each hoping to capture his love and obedience, competing with each other for his loyalty and yelling at each other about each other's mistakes and waivings of the rules in trying to rule the waves!

       11. BUT NOW A NEW TIDE IS RISING, A NEW WAVE, AND A NEW CRY is beginning to make itself heard in the councils of the nations, even above that of the parents and family-in-laws and out-laws, neighbours, friends and enemies: The rising howl of the baby himself, who has been generally getting stepped on by all sides! The child was not really supposed to have an opinion, and the parents weren't really planning to give him much choice. They've only been arguing over his rearing and which was to have custody during their present separation.

       12. BUT SUDDENLY, HIS OWN VOICE IS BEING HEARD! The parents, to their dismay, are finding their former offspring is no longer a baby but is at last becoming a rather independent, free thinking, rebellious and disobedient teenager seeking independence and a life of his own on his own two feet, and separate from either mother or father--Mother America or Father Russia! He is no longer their sweet little darling for whose affection each vies with the other, but is rapidly becoming a cantankerous little monster who wants to have his own way and live his own life and do as he pleases without the parental domination of either Mother or Father!

       13. IN FACT, THERE ARE QUITE A FEW OF THESE CHILDREN WHICH THE SUPERPOWERS HAVE FOSTERED, and they are becoming quite a large family who are uniting together now against their would-be foster parents and striving for an independent life of individual nationalism on their own. But each is finding it difficult to make it on his own alone.

       14. SO, RATHER THAN GO BACK HOME TO MAMA OR PAPA, THEY ARE STARTING TO STICK TOGETHER in group cooperation, and beginning to band together increasingly as a growing Third World Power with considerably more unity and even much greater strength than they were expected to have, and with a louder and louder voice in world affairs and stronger and stronger leadership in world events.

       15. THAT VOICE, STRENGTH AND LEADERSHIP OF THIS GRADUALLY EMERGING THIRD WORLD POWER is becoming more and more that of this young and dramatic religious fanatic, Mu'ammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya and the Arab world, and quite possibly the rising figurehead and symbol of the Third World Power, embodying the first effective defiance of both of the other superpowers!

       16. AS ONE GREAT HISTORIAN HAS SAID, THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR A SUPERMAN who can unite its political and religious systems, solve its economic and social problems, end its wars and wickedness and bring peace and plenty and haven on Earth!--The Bible predicts that there is going to be such a man in the Last Days of man's rule on Earth, who will temporarily save the world from total destruction just before Christ returns to rule it.

       17. IT IS TOO SOON TO SAY IF GADDAFI COULD BE THAT MAN HIMSELF, or whether he is merely preparing the way for such a man who is yet to arise in prominence as a world leader. But he certainly has all the earmarks of the same, and we have had every indication in actual revelations that he is going to have much to do with him.

       18. IF HE IS NOT ACTUALLY THE ONE HIMSELF, HE IS CERTAINLY PREPARING HIS WAY, for he is not only uniting the Third World behind his leadership with his growing strength and clearly rising voice, but the world is going to have to listen to him, as they are beginning to find out, whether they want to or not, because the Arabs control most of the world's oil for which they are rapidly getting most of the world's gold!--And these are going to be some of the only valuables left when the world's monetary system has collapsed and the fuel runs out, as it is rapidly now doing.

       19. SO OUR MODERN ALADDIN WITH HIS LAMP OF OIL WHICH BRINGS HIM WEALTH AND POWER AND STORES OF GOLD, IS GOING TO BE PRETTY MUCH SITTING ON TOP of it all when the rest of the world runs out of fuel and money both! (See "Gaddafi's Magic Lamp," No.226.) Both of the superpowers are already worried about the rise of this Third World Power and its new and rising voice and leadership in the magic and magnetic personality of this inspired young political prophet!

       20. A NEW AND EMERGING EUROPE IS ALSO FINDING ITSELF GROWING IN POWER AND UNITY AND INDEPENDENCE from either of the superpowers, and Europe is finding herself caught more and more in the middle between the two and desiring less and less the domination of either! As a group of smaller, older and less powerful nations with common cause, Europe is finding herself more and more aligned and in sympathy with the needs, problems and aims of the rest of the Third World as opposed to the superpowers, and is becoming more and more a part of this Third World Power.

       21. IN FACT, EUROPE HERSELF HAS TAKEN THE LEAD TOWARD THIS UNITY BY FORMING THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY commonly known as the Common Market, and is endeavouring to unite economically, monetarily, socially, culturally and eventually politically. She is feeling more like a family all the time, trading together much more freely, uniting together as one economic block in various recent economic and monetary crises, speaking more and more with a unified voice in the councils of the nations, and being more and more compelled to get her political unity and her European Parliament into action, power and leadership. Europe is really getting it together!

       22. NOW, MOTHER AMERICA IS OFFENDED AT THIS newfound independent spirit of individuality in action, but Father Russia seems almost a little proud to see his young daughter growing into strong young womanhood and independence from her Mother, hoping no doubt that this will mean closer unity with her Father.--But Daughter may surprise Daddy by finding herself a boyfriend and desiring complete independence from him, too!--And this boyfriend just could be a handsome young man by the name of Gaddafi with whom she may yet fall in love, particularly if he favours her with his oil and his gold in the coming fuel and money crises!

       23. EUROPE IS NOW GETTING HERSELF TOGETHER AND BREAKING HER OLD TIES, BUT SHE NEEDS A NEW FRIEND to help her survive. This tall, dark and handsome young man could possibly offer her all that she needs to attain complete independence from both of her proud and jealous parents, and to live a life of her own in a home of her own with the help of this strong young man and his financial and fuel assistance! All she lacks are these and the leadership and the voice that's willing to talk up to Mom and Dad and tell them off!--And boy!--Has he got'em!

       24. IT LOOKS LIKE GADDAFI'S GOT EVERYTHING EUROPE NEEDS, AND SHE MAY FALL FOR HIM YET if he gives her half a chance, especially when she gets desperate to leave home because Mother America has taken away her allowance and Father Russia has tried to lock her in her room! She's also afraid that Father may be just waiting to give her a licking, too, so she'll need the protection and help of this strong young man and his friends as well! So what better marriage could she want than this daring young man who can help her build her own home with his power, wealth, friends and needed Godly leadership!--Especially when there are so few suitors to choose from!

       25. WOULD SHE MARRY MAO? She may have considered this, but I'm sure she'd sooner to home to either Mama or Papa than marry this distant and aged stranger with whom she now has so few ties and so little in common, Of course, they could be good friends, especially if of Mao moves next door into the community of the Third World! But she knows her nearer next-door neighbour on the South side much better, is much closer to him, has far more in common with him. Besides, he has a lot more of what she needs and is going to need very soon!

       26. SO WHY NOT? WHO ELSE IS THERE TO CHOOSE FROM? Gaddafi portends not only to become the head of the house of the Arab world, but all Africa as well, and probably a good deal of Southern Asia, through his power and influence as not only a political leader and an Aladdin with magic lamp of oil and much wealth, but also as a very strong and influential religious leader of a powerful worldwide Mohammedan empire!

       27. TO WHOM ELSE CAN EUROPE LOOK FOR LEADERSHIP AND HELP? Her decadent and crumbling Mother America who would sell her out for a farthing rather than rescue her again?--Or her threatening Father Russia by whom she's afraid of being beaten?--Or her distant and ancient relative Mao whom she doesn't even know very well? Who else is there for her to turn to? What other suitors has she?--Who else indeed but tall, dark and handsome Gaddafi himself, with all that oil and gold and strong young friends! She knows him better than any of the others and even once lived with him, and he still lives only next door across that little lake they share to together!

       28. HOW STRONG WOULD THEIR TWO HOUSES BE UNITED INTO ONE WITH HIS AFRICAN AND ASIAN FRIENDS against all other houses, suitors, competitors, former friends and future enemies! Together they could build such a strong house as a Third World Power that with their oil and gold and friends and combined brains and spirited leadership they could defy the rest of the world--or invite it to join them as one world!

       29. WHO KNOWS?--GOOD DOES!--AND WE DO, because God has told us this is possible if everyone fulfills their part and obeys Him and His plans for the world as He has revealed them to us! He spoke to us of Gaddafi years ago before the rest of the world ever heard of him and said he was going to be a great leader, which he has already become: He is already making the rest of the world sit up and listen to what he has to say! And if he is the young man of whom Grandmother, Jeane Dixon, we and the Bible have predicted is to come out of Egypt to lead the world, then he has a great future in store for him indeed! And why shouldn't God bless him with such an anointing of power, wealth and leadership?

       30. HE IS THE ONLY WORLD POLITICAL LEADER OF ANY IMPORTANCE WHO IS GLORIFYING GOD AND SAYING THAT GOD IS THE ONLY ANSWER to its problems, and is offering the only Godly alternative to the Godless materialism of both Capitalism and Communism! He is the only world leader who is offering the world both God and Socialism as the answer to its needs and problems! He is the only world leader giving God the credit He deserves, and saying you can have God and socialism both!

       31. THE CAPITALISTS CLAIM TO BELIEVE IN GOD BUT LIVE LIKE HELL and treat the poor of the world like devils!--At least the Communists are honest in their open admission of Godlessness, while at the same time offering the world God's own solution of Socialism and communal sharing taken straight out of the Bible by the Christian Jew Karl Marx--but without God! While on the other hand, the pretendedly-Christian rich capitalistic world is claiming to offer us God, while they refuse to share their wealth and they rob, enslave and slaughter the poor!

       32. SO WHO ELSE IS OFFERING US THE CHRIST-LIKE SHARING OF SOCIALISM ALONG WITH THE GODLY LOVE OF THE LORD TO MAKE IT WORK? The only world leader I've heard of who is raising his voice against both Capitalism and Communism, and offering us the only alternative of a Godly Socialism instead, is none other than that brave young man of the South: Our Aladdin with his magic lamp and Godly genie, that fiery young political prophet of the only political alternative in this present world!

       33. GADDAFI IS THE ONLY ONE SINCERE ENOUGH, Godly enough, powerful enough, rich enough, persuasive enough, inspired enough, dramatic enough, visionary enough and young enough to capture the youthful imagination and idealistic zeal, admiration, loyalty and aspirations of the youth of the world, who are the life blood of every world revolution and cataclysmic change!

       34. LISTEN TO HIS VOICE AS RECORDED IN THE LONDON TIMES of June 6, 1973, in which he wisely bought an entire section to present his own side of the story to the world, without adulteration or misinterpretation in his "Third International Theory" from his speech made on May 14 before the opening session of the international Conference For Political Movements of European and Arab Youth in Tripoli--the very same day on which by Godly coincidence we published our first public issue of "Gaddafi's Magic Lamp" on the streets of London! Here are a few highlights, excerpts and condensations of what he had to say: --He began:

       35. "IN THE NAME OF GOD AND IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE! ... This Republic has become a fortress of liberation in which free men from all corners of the world can meet, and has become a source of enlightenment for all mankind! ... It rejects discrimination between humans on the basis of their race, creed or colour ... in compliance with the ordinance of the Holy Book of God ... nor do we discriminate between Christians, Jews or Moslems or any other religion. ... We believe that all the people are the offspring of Adam ... and only piety, good deeds, positiveness, knowledge of wisdom, integrity, generosity and self-sacrifice for righteous causes make a difference between individuals.

       36. "WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED BY WEALTH, RANK OR PHYSICAL PROWESS. WE WISH TO WIN THE BATTLES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ... the people's battles for the achievement of liberty and understanding between nations and universal solidarity in the service of mankind and pursuance of the sublime objectives of God Almighty! We reject both laissez-faire Capitalism and atheist Communism!

       37. "OUR THIRD THEORY IS BASED ON THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE HOLY BOOK OF ISLAM WHICH RECOGNISES THE HOLY BIBLES OF JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY and brings their gospels up to date! It is also Socialist by nature and aims and creating a world in which governments shall protect the weak and the poor from the oppression of the strong and the rich. These governments, however, must not become the wolf which shepherds the lambs for the ulterior motive of turning them into slaves!

       38. "WE SUPPORT THE PEOPLE STRUGGLING FOR FREEDOM AND THE CAUSE OF PEACE and hope to play an important role in curbing aggressors everywhere and in spreading the truth all over the world! Our humanitarian movement is dedicated to the benefits of freedom, truth and peace and the attempts to find solutions to the problems of mankind. We aim to unify the scattered Arab nation so it may play a larger role in the service of humanity. ... We have taken the oil revenues from the exploiters and thieves and restored them to our people for defeating poverty, ignorance and disease.

       39. "WE WISH TO SUPPORT MANKIND AGAINST THEIR OPPRESSORS AND EXPLOITERS WHO PLUNDER THEIR LANDS and drain off their resources and to form a front which represents a the aspirations of all mankind a political movement of the Euro-Arab youth to attract and recruit youth from all parts of the world as a stepping stone for all youth to serve the cause of mankind! ...

       40. "IT IS REGRETTABLE INDEED TO SEE OUR MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES INCAPABLE OF DRIVING AWAY THE THREATS TO PEACE BY THESE ALIEN SUPERPOWERS who make us enemies of each other instead of friends! Nothing is more pressing now in the face of these great powers than an appeal to right and peace for them to withdraw their weapons and keep them within their own borders and leave our sea alone!

       41. "HUMANITY NOW URGENTLY NEEDS A CRY OF JUSTICE WHICH WOULD RETURN IT TO ITS SENSES AND ITS CREATOR! ... We need to go back to God and turn away from evil! ... Atomic bombs, missiles, biological weapons and aggression can only be the making of the Devil! The ideology we propose to the world is humanitarian but not made by man, nor is it a philosophy, but it is based on truth: ... This is God's law, always one, immortal, and unchangeable, a universal religion of truth which belongs to all mankind!

       42. "THE THIRD THEORY OFFERS AN ALTERNATIVE TO CAPITALIST MATERIALISM AND COMMUNIST ATHEISM and calls for the return of mankind to the Kingdom of God! Mankind was never in greater need to rearm itself with faith than it is now in the seventh decade of the Twentieth Century!...Heaven has addressed the earth many times through the prophets. ... Science in spite of all its wonderful achievements has not found the answer to the meaning of life. ...

       43. "WE RECOGNISE OTHER RELIGIONS, AND WHETHER YOU ARE A MOSLEM, CHRISTIAN OR JEW, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD MUST WORSHIP GOD and not mortals, sacred cows, idols, machines or Mammon! ... Man's need for faith is so strong that even in Communist countries people worship God in secret. ...

       44. "WE ARE NOT TRYING TO COERCE ANYONE INTO ACCEPTING ISLAM nor are we disrespectful to other religions, but we do not trust anyone who has no religion, as religion is the source of ethical obligation: What else but religion urges a man to do good deeds, tell the truth and fulfill his promises? ... A religious man knows full well that evil begets evil and that no man who breaks the laws of God shall prosper. [DELETED] But the Godless do not hesitate in breaking their promises!

       45. "IT IS THE AIM OF OUR THIRD INTERNATIONAL THEORY TO CREATE A FIRM MORAL FOUNDATION FOR DECENT BEHAVIOUR. ... FOR WE BELIEVE THAT GOD IS OMNIPOTENT and overseas even the thoughts in our mind. ... We believe that God will not tolerate aggression, slavery, exploitation or any kind of injustice. ... The most vicious problem of the world today is this lack of morality, the consequence of atheism and the rejection of religious commandments!

       46. "IT IS OUR AIM TO REVIVE RELIGIOUS VIRTUES. ... We do not mean that we will try to convert the world to Islam but we wish that each nation would adhere to the dictates of its own religion and abide by its own virtues...For indeed a true Christian and a true Jew are really nothing else but Moslems, for Islam is the acceptance of the will of God, and though Mohammed was an Arab, he was God's messenger to all nations. ...

       47. "LIKEWISE, THE THIRD THEORY IS NOT FOR LIBYANS AND ARABS ALONE, BUT FOR ALL THE WORLD, a new path for all those who reject both materialist Capitalism and atheist Communism, and who abhor the dangerous confrontation between military alliances. It is for all those who believe that all nations of the world are brothers under the aegis of the rule of God! ... And it is for all those who uphold the rights of small nations to enjoy their God-given independence, and those of the numerous other nationalities which yearn to be free!

       48. THE THIRD THEORY SEEKS SOLUTIONS FOR ECONOMIC PROBLEMS IN SOCIALISM, which is not all Communism, ... but we have no objection to anyone who chooses to adopt Communism in his own country. ... Private ownership may continue to be free if it causes no harm, but wealth and poverty should not be allowed to exist side by side in any society, and it is the duty of the state to take from the rich and give to the poor. ...

       49. "CAPITALISM HAS CAUSED MUCH HARM, as in America where Capitalists induce the state to wage wars against peaceful peoples to maintain armament industries, ... and is therefore harmful to humanity, because Capitalists dominate and direct the policy of the state and oppress the poor. ...

       50. "COMMUNISM KILLS THE PATIENT it aims to cure by making the people slaves of the government, the only owner and ruler ... Its chauvinism and selfishness are characteristic of Godless government, and we reject both these vices and call for the brotherhood of mankind ... in a New World in which all nations shall be independent and secure from aggression, and where decency will be the basis of human relations. ...

       51. "ALL THESE RIGHTS ARE CONSIDERED HOLY AND ORDAINED BY ALL CELESTIAL FAITHS. But in Godless societies there is no family respect, ... and the result is neuroses and social instability which lead to alcoholism, drug addiction and all sorts of abominable vices, even suicide!

       52. "THE THIRD WORLD THEORY HOLDS THAT EVERY MAN HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE FREE, provided his freedom does not deprive others from enjoying their on freedom. ... Wealth and power corrupt and degrade, and therefore must be controlled. ... We abhor all forms of denial of civil rights ... and loathe the aggression of any state against another!

       53. "THE IS A NEW APPROACH TO INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ... a youthful approach, and we urge the youth of the world to adopt it as their won, I pray God Almighty to guide us all along the correct path which will lead to a much better world than the one we have today."

       54. --SO SAYS THE POOR SON OF A DESERT SHEPHERD who has now become the youthful leader and idealist of the Third World!

       55. OUR LADY FAIR EUROPE WOULD DO WELL TO HEED his wooing words for her weak hand, for she will need him and his in her hour of trial that is coming soon when her fuel fails and her gold is gone! He has much she needs, including Godly faith and wisdom and the anointing of Godly leadership, along with the blessing of God in both oil and gold and ideological inspiration!--And he has a worldwide religious and political following which could serve her well in her time of coming need!

       56. --O EUROPE!--YEA, O WORLD, WILT THOU LIST TO HIS WOOING WORDS OF WONDROUS WISDOM, and hearken to his cry that I have given, to save thyself from thine own iniquities, and spare thyself from things to come, that ye may be one, even as I am one?

       57. --WOULD GOD WE WOULD, 'ERE WE DESTROY OURSELVES OR OTHERS DESTROY US!--May the Godly youth of the world unite against both Christless Capitalism and Godless Communism, and create a New World free of both, where all are free under God Himself!--Amen? Hallelujah!

       58. --MAY ALLAH BLESS US ALL WHO DO HIS WORDS!--And may God bless and keep His brave young prophet, Mu'ammar Gaddafi, who speaks His Words to save the world, and all who follow him!--In Jesus' name, Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family