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GADDAFI--AND THE CHILDREN OF GOD!--MO       June 11, 1973       LTA No.246

Copyright © June 1973 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(A Transcription of an informal leadership discussion:)

       1. ...GADDAFI'S ANSWER TO THE CHAOS WHICH IS DESTROYING SOCIAL AND INTERNATIONAL HARMONY IS GOD! Isn't that what the Children of God have proved? Isn't that our message too? His theory is based on the commandments of the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam: Our theory is based on our Holy Book, the Bible. I mean it's a parallel, bang, bang, bang, bang, right down the line! And it's got a fanatic at the head of it just as fanatical as I am! I mean he is spirited, he is fanatical, he is inspired, he is anointed, he is dedicated, he is radical, and inspires his people--just like we do!

       2. IT'S LIKE HE'S SAYING: "COME ON YOU JEWS AND CHRISTIANS!--JOIN WITH US [EDITED: "MUSLIMS"] AND WE'RE GONNA LICK THE WORLD!"--You get it? "Let's all us religions who believe in God get together! We can lick these Godless forces of both Capitalism and Communism if all the believers in God will get together!" Isn't that supposed to be our appeal too? He unites the world's religions, and by so doing he unites the world!

       3. HAVE YOU HEARD WHAT HAPPENED AT THE OIL CONFERENCE? Imrah and some of the boys got into the conference [DELETED] and distributed those things all over the place and it was a subject of discussion of the Arabs. The head of the conference had a talk with them about it and some of the leading men invited them over to their table and talked with them about it and said, do you really believe this, do you realise this is against you?--In other words, thinking of them as Westerners. We were confessing that the Arabs are going to take over, see? It's just like we had hit the keynote and they were amazed that God had revealed to us what was coming. It's what they want, it's what they're counting on.

       4. GET THE PARALLEL: LISTEN! HE "RECOGNISES THE HOLY BIBLES OF JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY AND BRINGS THEIR GOSPELS UP TO DATE"!--Isn't that what we say about the MO Letters?--We bring the message up to date! Exactly the same idea!--I mean it's amazing--the parallel is amazing! It is also socialist: Aren't we socialists, socialists but not communists?--And don't we too aim at creating a world in which governments shall protect the weak and the poor from the oppression of the strong and the rich?--Aren't we also aimed at setting up the Kingdom of God on Earth to help the poor?

       5. I BELIEVE GOD IS REALLY GOING TO USE THIS GUY! I MEAN HE REALLY LOVES GOD as best he knows how, as a [EDITED: "Muslim"]. He fanatically loves God, is dedicated, and he gives God the glory! I mean if God can't use the Christians to straighten things out, then the Christians have failed and He's going to use somebody else! Don't forget, at first God ordains the Antichrist to be working with God, but then in the final analysis he's going to fail because he rejects Christ, and yet it's all part of God's plan!

       6. "THESE GOVERNMENTS, HOWEVER, MUST NOT BECOME THE WOLF WHICH SHEPHERDS THE LAMBS."--He uses terminology like we do, talks about wolves and lambs and so on. "For the ulterior motive of turning them into slaves"--this is just what we accuse the System of, right? "That is the reason why popular committees are set up in Libya to ensure that bureaucracy isn't there to master the people, but to serve them. "In other words, the People's Committees in each area are to supervise the Government itself to make sure that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. This is also like the Communist set-up in communist countries with the people's committees.

       7. THEN COMES THE TEXT OF THE "SPEECH MADE BY COLONEL MO'AMMAR GADDAFI, President of the Revolutionary Council, in the opening session of the International Conference for Political Movements of European and Arab Youth held in Tripoli, 14th of May 1973. It is an exposition of the Third International Theory."--In other words, they're offering an alternative. First here is his MO Letter, the first page, his speech; then the news of his Colonies and his work around the world; and then his State of the Nation, and how by 1975 he's going to be able to do without his oil income and cut off the rest of the world's oil and get them to comply.

       8. TERRIFIC, HE'S TERRIFIC! I'M ALL FOR WHAT HE SAYS IN THIS SPEECH!--I think it's great! [DELETED] What was that I got from the Lord on that when I heard about our literature being read at the Oil Conference, and that the Arabs were so amazed that we were getting the point?--"The Words of His prophets have influenced the councils of the nations!" [DELETED] So it's amazing!

       9. (LOOKS AT GADDAFI'S LIT:) HERE ARE HIS MO BOOKS, see, here's his Outlines of the Third Theory, The Aspects of the Third Theory, The Divine Concept of Islam, from the Libyan Arab Republic Ministry of Information and Culture. Here's his world programme: He wants to join all these Arab countries together in one big Arab Republic, and unite the world of believers in God! I mean he's got a world vision!

       10. WE MET [EDITED: "SOMEONE"] IN LONDON AND HE GAVE US ALL THESE BOOKS: First of September Revolution, Third Anniversary, etc.--Here he's giving the progress of his revolution.--And imagine, all in English! It's terrific! I mean it's got more photos of him in this one book than all the newspapers have been able to get ahold of! He's so handsome!--And his eyes!--His eyes are magnetic! They just melt you! Tremendous! It's really something! [DELETED]

       11. EUROPE IS SO CLOSELY LINKED TO NORTH AFRICA: One of France's main sources of income, raw materials and so on, was Algeria. But she lost that, and that was about half of North Africa! Italy's main African colony and source of income and raw materials and so on was Libya. So both France and Italy are very closely linked to North Africa and very, very concerned with what goes on there.--Also Spain of course, which was once Moorish and Moslem and still has colonies there.

       12. I BELIEVE THAT THIS GADDAFI, ESPECIALLY HIS RELIGIOUS APPEAL, IS GOING TO DEFINITELY BE A THIRD FORCE WHICH IS GOING TO HAVE TREMENDOUS APPEAL TO YOUNG PEOPLE who are sick and fed up with Capitalism, yet who do not like the Godlessness of Communism. They're sick and fed up with both, and he offers a middle road. He offers a deistic Socialism. In other words, "Come with me and we can have Socialism with God! We can be believers in God and still have Socialism! We don't have Capitalism nor Communism, neither one!"

       13. I THINK IT'S TREMENDOUS! I think it's going to appeal to vast multitudes of youth today who are getting back to God, and are sick and fed up with the Godlessness of both Capitalism and Communism.--They're both Godless!--And he's offering an alternative, a Godly alternative! I think it's terrific!

       14. AS YOU CAN TELL BY HIS INTRODUCTION, HE'S EVEN TRYING TO APPEAL TO THE JEWS AND TO THE CHRISTIANS!--"Come on, we all believe in God, let's get together! We can lick Capitalism and Communism both!--And I have a feeling that God's going to help him do it! I wouldn't be surprised. He's certainly going to be a thorn in their flesh if nothing else!

       15. [DELETED] [EDITED: "We"] agree with his Third Alternative, which is socialistic but Godly. Get the point? [DELETED]

       16. HE IS THE ONLY SIGNIFICANT POLITICAL FORCE IN THE WORLD THAT WE COULD EVEN BEGIN TO AGREE WITH SPIRITUALLY.--Understand? Capitalism?--Let's face it: It is in spirit both anti-Christ and anti-man! Communism is pro-man but anti-God. But Gaddafi is offering an alternative. Maoism is also anti-God.--But Gaddafi's offering an alternative. He's saying "We can have world socialism with God, and you can still be a [EDITED: "Muslim"], Christian or Jew, etc. He prefers [EDITED: "Islam"], of course.

       17. THE MOSLEMS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN EXTREMELY POWERFUL AND MILITANT in their former days, always driving for the spreading of religion even by force, so they've got the drive for the political power.--And let's face it, any earthly government has got to have earthly power! It has got to have the power of force, power of the material, it's got to have power or it can't govern. That's why the world's government stand back and watch these revolutions to see who comes out on top before they recognise the new government. Their motto is just like Alexander the Great's: "To the strongest!" I mean after all, that is the philosophy of this world today.

       18. UNLESS A GOVERNMENT IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO RULE ITS PEOPLE, WHETHER IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG, IT CANNOT GOVERN. A government is for the purpose of what?--Governing.--Controlling.--Ruling its people.--And if it is not powerful enough to do that, when it's not fit to govern. So an abortive revolution which fails just shows it hasn't got the strength or the power to govern, hasn't got the power or the popular appeal to get the people to follow or to take over. If the other government is strong enough to crush it, the world's motto is "Survival to the strongest!"

       19. BUT EVEN THE TYPE OF GOVERNMENT HE'S TALKING ABOUT, THE THIRD ALTERNATIVE, if it's going to have earthly power and earthly government, has got to have some kind of political power and some kind of earthly force. He has got to have power. After all when Christ finally takes over, He's going to take over by force and with power, "with great power and glory," right?--When he really takes over!

       20. SO HE HAS GOT TO HAVE NOT ONLY THE SPIRITUAL DRIVE THAT HE HAS, HIS SPIRITUAL INSPIRATION, AND IN A SENSE THE SPIRITUAL GOAL, BUT HE ALSO HAS TO HAVE EARTHLY POWER, and he's got to have a certain amount of, you might say, earthly wisdom inspired, but particularly earthly power, in order to govern.--And he has got the weapon for it in his hand, the Aladdin's Lamp of that oil, something God is going to use to help him!

       21. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF IN THE LONG RUN HE UNITES WITH EUROPE in common interests. It's quite possible because of the proximity of Europe: Europe is closer to North Africa than anybody, even Asia or North and South America.--And if Europe knows what's good for it, if it is going to strike an independent middle-of-the-road between Capitalism and Communism, they'd better play ball with the Arabs and their oil! I may be wrong, but it looks to me like that's the way the Lord's working things out.

       22. LOOK HOW LONG AGO HE BEGAN GIVING US REVELATIONS ABOUT GADDAFI--before anybody ever heard of him!--And look how he fits the picture of Jeane Dixon's vision and Grandmother's vision and prophecies and warning and so on!--Look how he fits the picture! Praise the Lord! Amen? [DELETED]

       23. [DELETED] We certainly cannot work with anti-God Capitalism! We can't even really work well with anti-Christ, anti-God Communism, even though they have Socialism.

       24. BUT HE'S GOT THE BEST OF BOTH! HE'S GOT GOD, and he says he tolerates both the Jews and the Christians if they'll come along: "Let's worship God together!" You know, [EDITED: "Muslims"] even accept Christ as a Prophet, and like both Christians and Jews, definitely worship one God in contrast to all these other polytheistic pagan religions. Compared to the rest of the world's religions, the Jews and the [EDITED: "Muslims"] and the Christians have more in common in their religion than all the rest of the world's religions put together! They are all three monotheistic, and they all three claim to worship the same God, The God, Allah!

       25. THE ARABS AND THE JEWS EVEN DESCENDED FROM THE SAME LITERAL FLESH-AND-BLOOD FOREFATHER, ABRAHAM! So that Judaism, Christianity and [EDITED: "Islam"] have more in common than all the rest of the world's religions put together, and certainly more in common than the atheism of Communism!

       26. DO YOU GET THE POINT? HE IS MAKING A CALL TO ARMS, SO TO SPEAK: "COME, LET US BELIEVERS IN GOD JOIN TOGETHER AND TAKE THE WORLD FOR GOD in opposition to anti-man Capitalism and anti-God Communism!" I think he's got tremendous appeal! I didn't realise he was this far along with it. He paid for this whole four full-page section in the London Times! He knew he could reach the world in London!


       28 THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF THE ANTICHRIST, and talks about the religion of his fathers. But see what happens when he finally comes into power? Apparently the whole thing goes to his head. He gets into power with the co-operation of the religious people, but when he finally does come to power the thing goes to his head, and he becomes possessed of the Devil and wants all religions wiped out and only complete worship of himself!

       29. [DELETED] [EDITED: "ALL"] IS NOT CLEAR from those revelations we've gotten. I can't quite figure them out yet. There's one thing he will be or he is: I gather that he is to prepare the way for him, if nothing else. Maybe he's going to be the prophet, the one who is the propaganda manager for the [EDITED: "coming world leader"], the one who prepares the way for the [EDITED: "world leader"], just like Jesus had John the Baptist.

       30. IF THIS IS THE MAN WHO'S GOING TO PREPARE THE WAY, he definitely has something to do with the [EDITED: "coming world leader"]. He may either be [EDITED: "that person"] himself, or he is preparing the way for [EDITED: "him"]. But it is God-ordained, and it's obvious God has predicted it: He has prophesied it, He has revealed it through the Bible, Grandmother, Jeane Dixon and us!

       31. HE'S ONLY ABOUT 30 RIGHT NOW: HE'S THE YOUNGEST WORLD LEADER THERE IS! They all think he's some kind of a joke, but the Lord said he was going to be a young man. Jeane Dixon's prophecies are all about him being a young man, and both hers and Grandmother's prophecies said that he was to come out of Egypt!--Libya was once part of Egypt, and they propose to unite again. Also, in the early days of Egypt, Egypt in a sense was Africa, because Egypt was the major power of Africa, it controlled Africa. So he wants to make all of North Africa the Arab Republic, the whole thing, with Egypt as the head. He is the successor to Nasser, which they can see. But in the Arab world Gaddafi's going to be more than that!

       32. THAT'LL BE THE NEXT BOMB! "WELL, YOU KNOW THOSE CHILDREN OF GOD!--FIRST THEY WORK WITH THE COMMUNISTS, THEN THEY WORK WITH THE CATHOLICS, AND NOW THEY'RE GOING TO WORK WITH THE [EDITED: "MUSLIMS"]!--Next thing you know they'll be working with the Devil himself!" Well, I told you I'd be willing to work with the Devil if he's going to promote Christ and do the will of God, which, believe it or not, he is doing, in a way, right now!--Even in opposition. It's tremendous!--I mean I can see how it's beginning to fit, and I begin to see how it actually could happen!

       33. WHEN WE MET THEY GUY [DELETED] IN THAT LITTLE THIRD-RATE HOTEL IN PARIS, WE TALKED ABOUT GADDAFI, AND I FELT SUCH A WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT! Later on the street I got something about him from the Spirit, Man, I thought, this is almost too much!--He's just a little nobody that nobody hardly ever heard of, and he just now is taking power in Libya.--How could he be that important? But God said so! We got that from the beginning.

       34. NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND NOW HIS APPEAL REALLY IS A RELIGIOUS APPEAL, primarily a religious appeal, an appeal of: "Back to God!--God is out only hope! God is our only salvation! Come on, Christians, Jews, [EDITED: "Muslims"], all of us--back to God!--He's our only hope!"--And he's the only world leader who's really saying it with any power and emphasis, and with the kind of political power that it's going to take to back it up!

       35. WHAT'S ALL THIS STUFF BY THE HYPOCRITICAL, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, PHARISAICAL EVANGELICALS ABOUT GETTING AMERICA BACK TO GOD!--THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT BACK TO GOD MEANS! THEY MEAN BACK TO THE SAME OLD SYSTEM and back to the same old rut of the Godless, Christ-less, man-less, capitalist churchy materialism! And certainly the Communists are not going to say back to God!

       36. SO HE'S GOT THE ONLY KIND OF APPEAL THAT'S GOING TO APPEAL TO THE WORLD'S YOUTH WHO ARE AT ALL GOD-MINDED! Certainly not even the Catholic Church has got the type of political leadership that's going to do the job! They're Capitalistic and on the downgrade and losing to the Communists!--And the greatest criticism the Maoists and Trotskyites have of Russian Communism is that it's going capitalist! So you see, they're beginning to compromise with the Capitalist world and become like the Capitalists. In other words, they're compromisers, you might say backsliders, as far as pure Marxist-Leninist theory is concerned. The purest political Communism in the world today is Maoism. The purest political Communism today is the Maoistic Communism of China!

       37. BUT HERE COMES GADDAFI WITH THIS NEW APPEAL: "WE CAN HAVE OUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! WE CAN HAVE GOD AND STILL HAVE SOCIALISM, and we can praise God and get back to God and back to righteous living, and we can still have powerful Socialistic government by man, which will be considerate of the poor and the weak and care for them. So that they're neither slaves of Capitalism nor slaves of Communism!"

       38. LET'S FACE IT: IN BOTH CAPITALIST AND COMMUNIST WORLDS THE PEOPLE ARE SLAVES! In the Western world, the Capitalist world, they claim to be free, but they're not free, as the kids know. In the Communist world, the politicians and the Communist leaders tell them they're free, but they know they're not free! They know they're just slaves of the government! The Western world are slaves of business, the commercial system. In the Communist world they're slaves of the political system.

       39. BUT HE'S OFFERING THEM AN ALTERNATIVE: "YOU CAN HAVE THIS FREEDOM from Capitalism and Communism, and you can have God if you follow me!"--A tremendous appeal! Terrific!

       40. AND TO THINK THAT GOD GOT OUR LITTLE LEAFLET [DELETED] INTO THAT OIL CONFERENCE!--A miracle! I mean there were important people there, the leading world representatives of the oil business, and leaders of the nations were at that council trying to talk the Arabs into selling the oil, trying to keep them from charging too much for the oil.--And they are concerned!--They're worried, because they know he is a fanatic!--If he cut off their oil they'd be in a fix!

       41. THEY'VE ONLY GOT TWO ALTERNATIVES: They're mad magicians, the Western powers, like we showed in "Aladdin's Lamp." (I mean that was a revelation to me! I know it was inspired when we got that, and the whole story parallels the whole idea!) The Western powers are the evil magicians who have discovered the power and want to use it to their own evil ends.--But Aladdin wants to use the power for good.

       42. SO EITHER HE HAS GOT TO CRUSH THE EVIL MAGICIANS, OR THEY'RE GOING TO CRUSH HIM! THE ONLY OTHER ALTERNATIVES IS THAT THEY GO ALONG WITH HIM, play ball with him. They've either got to accept his prices, or they're going to lose their oil and go down without it!--Or they have got to by force try to crush him!--And don't think they won't try to do it, too, when they see he's threat to their world power! I wouldn't put it past the Western and the Eastern world both to combine together, the Capitalists and the Communists, to try to crush him!

       43. BUT YOU SEE, THE COMMUNIST WORLD IS NOT QUITE AS MUCH WORRIED ABOUT HIM, because they have their own sources of oil, both Russia and China, So they're sort of enjoying the way he's worrying the Western world about its oil! For the Western world is almost totally dependent on their oil.--So he has really got a powerful weapon to wield!

       44. SO PRAISE GOD! GOD'S WHEELS OF JUSTICE GRIND EXCEEDING SLOW, BUT EXCEEDING FINE! And God's will is being worked out. It's marvelous! I could see how through oil he had a tremendous weapon, but that's a materialistic weapon. You can't get the youth of the world to follow you just because you've got a lot of oil. You're going to use that as a weapon to beat the System over the head with.

       45. BUT IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE FOLLOWERS WHO ARE GOING TO HELP YOU TO POWER AND HELP YOU CONQUER THE WORLD AND RUN THE WORLD, YOU'VE GOT TO APPEAL TO THE YOUTH of the world. This is what Communism has always done. This is what Christ did. I mean you've got to offer them some goal--"Come follow me!" For some reason. You've got to have some kind of an inspiration, you've got to have some kind of a spiritual appeal. You've got to have a goal, right? You've got to have some kind of an inspiration, something to offer them: Some kind of ideology, some kind of idea, some kind of plan.

       46. THIS IS WHAT THE CAPITALISM OF THE WESTERN WORLD HAS LACKED TOTALLY.--NO GOAL!--No plan!--No ideal! They have nothing! How could they have a goal when they've reached the affluent end and they're ready to collapse? At least Communism has a goal, they have a vision in mind! They know where they want to go! They know what they want to set up, the kind of a world utopia they're trying to get at. But it's Godless!

       47. NOW COMES GADDAFI, A SOCIALIST, a poor boy, inspired! He wants to help the poor, he wants to establish world Socialism, but he wants to make it Godly! That should have tremendous appeal. I know it appeals to me. Boy, if I had to choose between the three, I'd take Gaddafi any day! At least he allows for recognition of the Bible and of Christ, and he certainly advocates the worship of God! He is dedicated to belief and faith in God, but also a love for man, to help man and the poor, you understand?

       48. SO IF WE HAD TO CHOOSE, AS FAR AS WE'RE CONCERNED, BETWEEN THREE DIFFERENT POLITICAL SYSTEMS, THE MOST GODLY I'VE SEEN TO ARRIVE SO FAR ON THE WORLD SCENE IS GADDAFI'S, THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE, THE THIRD WORLD!--And he appeals to the Third World, and the Third World is the emerging world, the developing world, the poor world, the majority of the people of the world are, in fact, this Third World!

       49. BUT HE'S NOT GOING TO GET ALONG VERY WELL WITH THE WESTERN CAPITALISTS, that's for sure! He's an implacable foe of Western Capitalism! He's certainly not going to get along very well with Communism either, because he hates atheism, and they're going to hate him!--And sad to say, I doubt if the Catholics are going to go for him very much, or the Christian world, because of his [EDITED: "Islam"]! The Catholics and the [EDITED: "Muslims"] have been waging wars for the last 2,000 years--I mean actual wars between the Catholics and the [EDITED: "Muslims"]!--Real all-out fighting wars! So they've got a longtime, deep-seated enmity there.

       50. BUT HE'S GOT AN APPEAL WHICH IS OUTSIDE AND ABOVE AND BEYOND, a third alternative to all these things.--And he's got weapons in his hands that he might be able to put it across with: oil, gold and an ideal! He's certainly going places, and he's certainly making news now!--When God first revealed him to us hardly anybody had ever heard of him! No one even knew who we were talking about when we said "Gaddafi"! So you know he's significant to the Lord.

       51. GOD HAS SAID SOME PRETTY IMPORT THINGS ABOUT HIM, THAT HE WOULD EITHER BE THE NEXT "KING" IN EGYPT, OR HE'D BE SECOND, whatever that means. Whether that means in time chronologically, or in position, I don't really quite understand. I don't know for sure, but the world thinks he's going to be Nasser's successor, and he will probably get in by being second to Sadat for a while.

       52. BUT SADAT IS AN OLD SYSTEMITE, AND THIS GUY'S A REVOLUTIONARY. Sadat, he's old. That's one thing about the Systemites, thank God, they can't live forever! Most of them are so old it won't be long before you won't have to lick them: They're all going to die off! So Sadat's getting old and he's got to go sooner or later.--And Gaddafi has got, I think, what it takes to succeed him, to lead a Third World force.

       53. NOTICE HE DOESN'T LIKE TO CALL IT THE THIRD WORLD FORCE, but the Third International Theory. That's humility, really. He's not saying this is it, but this is a theory, the Third International Theory. A rather humble way of putting it. He's saying, "We're not the Third World force yet, and we don't consider we're just really it, but here's an alternative theory. "A theory is something that is possibly true, and you can try it and see if it works.

       54. SO HE'S OFFERING THIS THIRD THEORY TO THE WORLD: A combination of Socialism with God.--And if that doesn't have a tremendous appeal I don't know what will--particularly to the youth of the world, who are now turning to God, whether to be one of us or not. The youth of the world are turning away from both Godless materialistic Western Capitalism and Godless Eastern Communism. So where are they going to go?--Gaddafi offers them an alternative.

       55. [DELETED] If you're going to have to pick a political system, why not try the Third World Theory? Soon we're going to have to make a choice. The world is crystallising: It's crystallised already into two camps, but right now there is the emerging Third World, as it's called, the vast majority of the poor of the world.

       56. EUROPE, IN A WAY, IS DRIFTING AWAY FROM THE WESTERN CAPITALISM OF THE AMERICAS AND WANTS TO BE A PART OF THIS THIRD WORLD--NOT AMERICAN AND NOT COMMUNIST, but something in between, just plain democratic Socialism. But what's wrong with Europe's Socialism? They don't want to be connected with America, American Capitalism, because they are more Socialist than America, yet they don't want to get sucked into Communism. But I don't see how they're going to be able to survive alone, because they have no really strong organisation, and the main thing is they have no great leadership.

       57. YOU HAVE TO GET BEHIND A LEADER--GOD ALWAYS PICKS A MAN. I don't see how they can keep from getting sucked into world Communism without better organisation and stronger leadership. They remind me of the Jesus People--which either have to sink back into the church system or join us--otherwise they'll die. Europe has to either sink back into American Capitalism, or it's got to join the highly organised and disciplined Communists. But does it?

       58. WHAT EUROPE NEEDS IS A STRONG LEADER who will organise and discipline Europe into a Third Word force--and here comes Gaddafi! With God he could do it, and this would give Europe an alternative. The Arabs once upon a time tried to conquer Europe.--Maybe they'll do it this time! They did conquer Spain and half of France and part of Southern Europe, believe it or not, and they'd have won if Europe hadn't repented of its sins and stopped them at the Battle of Tours!

       59. MAYBE THIS TIME EUROPE WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW GADDAFI IF SHE DOESN'T WANT TO GET SUCKED INTO AMERICAN FASCISM OR RUSSIAN COMMUNISM! I just have a feeling like this may be the alternative. If the political situation crystallises to the point where you have got to work under one or the other, how could we work under Capitalism when we're Socialist?--And how could we work under Communism when we're Christians? But [EDITED: "one"] might be able to get along for a while at least under Godly Gaddafi!

       60. I HAVE A FEELING LIKE THE FIRST WAY WE SPELLED THAT WAS THE BEST WAY AND THE RIGHT WAY: "GODAFE"! Remember when it first came out in one of our Letters?--Was it "Pied Piper" or "Questions and Answers"?--Or both! What did we find out his name meant? They spelled it Godafe when we first saw it in print.--Of course it's spelled about a dozen different ways, but most of them "Godafe," as in our first Letter. That's what Aladdin meant: Messenger of God! The word Aladdin, the name Aladdin, means Messenger of God.--Well, look how that fits Godafe!


       62. ISN'T IT AMAZING HOW GOD HAS LED US ALONG THIS LINE! I didn't realise how important it was, certainly not when I first heard of him. But God was beginning to reveal this whole thing to us regarding Gaddafi in the "Aladdin's Lamp." I mean it is still purely by faith! But now we're beginning to see by a little sight, how it could happen. He's got the message and he's got the oil, so he's got the gold and the power. Brother!--With all that together, with a real message and the power to put it across and God to help him, Gaddafi's got it! He could really go places! Tremendous!

       63. HE'S GOT THE ONE THING THAT COULD CONTROL THE WORLD, THE WESTERN WORLD PARTICULARLY, RIGHT NOW: OIL! They can do without gold and the money and nearly everything else, but they can't do without oil! He's got the one thing, the one weapon that he needs to really hold the whip hand!--But better than that, he has got a message which will appeal to the youth of the world, I really believe it.--If they can just get the message, if he can only reach them!

       64. RIGHT NOW THE SYSTEM'S SORT OF MAKING FUN OF HIM AND NOT TAKING HIM TOO SERIOUSLY. But if he could really get out his literature!...--But you see what his publishers are doing?--They're making the same mistake that my first publishers made!--They're trying to get out big fancy things like this! (Points to fancy books:) Too big and too fancy and too few! What he needs to do is get out more real little stuff to more people! [DELETED]

       65. EVERY PROPHET OF GOD HAS HAD TO SEEK THE AID OF SOME KING and some world power. The prophets always had the sponsorship of some kingdom for protection and provision. The people of God have almost always been dependent upon some world power.--Very seldom have they been independent. They had their own independence for a very little while compared to how long they were under the domination of this king or that one.

       66. WE ARE NOW CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: Our absolute committed foe is Godless Western Capitalism!--And though we sympathise with the Communism of the Communists, we certainly do not agree with their atheism!--So we can't get along with either one of them very well. [DELETED]

       67. WHO EVER THOUGHT WE WOULD HAVE GROWN TO THIS PROPORTION! We're still not much, but the world has heard about us, and our message is around the world! We're everywhere! Well, almost everywhere. We need to be a lot more where's. This Summer, God helping us, we will be! [DELETED]


       69. [EDITED: "GADDAFI'S"] GOT THE MESSAGE THE WORLD NEEDS!--All he needs is Christ. But you see, no great world political power that has been Christian has really remained Christian.--When it became a world power it didn't stay Christian, even though it still called itself Christian. That kind of power is just not the Lord's idea of power--the power of lowliness, humility, meekness and love, not just the material force and power. So if they become a world power it doesn't seem possible for them to stay a Christian world power.

       70. SO IT MAY BE THAT GOD IS APT TO CHOOSE SOMEBODY LIKE HIM. AT LEAST HE BELIEVES IN GOD AND SOCIALISM and in the force and power of political power and the use of it in order to establish some kind of a temporal earthly power to advocate God and protect the messengers of God and the people of God, the people who love God and believe in God, in opposition to both the other camps--Christ-less Capitalism and Godless Communism! Praise the Lord?


       72. [DELETED] So may God bless and keep [DELETED] him. [DELETED]--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family