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"REVOLUTIONARY SEX"--MO       March 27, 1973       GP No.258

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): The Charter is the current source of Family principles, policies and rules regarding relationships, sex and marriage."]

Copyright © March 1973 by The Children of God
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       1. IN MARRIAGE YOU DIE TO SELF BUT YOU FIND NEW LIFE. One of the causes of inhibited behaviour regarding climaxing with women is perhaps a left over guilt complex from inhibited masturbation. Either they were prohibited from masturbating, or felt guilty when they did, or were reluctant to show any reaction, or were afraid to. They had to keep very quiet about it.--The secretiveness of it. They literally repressed those natural reactions to keep from either being observed or heard and discovered. It's a hangover from a guilt complex about masturbation. It is particularly true about girls. Boys are a little more bold than girls, their sex organs are so obvious, and they are inclined to play with them at an early age. Before they're even a year old they're having erections and fondling their parts. But this is more obscure in women and I don't think they learn to masturbate so early. But this comes more natural in boys because they learn to masturbate before they can even be taught it's wrong and when they're just babies unless their mothers keep slapping their hands.

       2. SO MANY CHILDREN HAVE GROWN UP WITH THE TEACHING THAT [DELETED] MASTURBATION AND THEIR SEXUAL PARTS ARE SINFUL, WHEN THEY'RE PERFECTLY NORMAL, HEALTHFUL, PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES just as much as much as hiking, swimming, exercising, eating, breathing. You're not taught that if you overplay and exhaust yourself too much and exercise too violently that it is a sin, although it can damage your body. You're not taught that overeating is a sin. They don't slap your hands and say, "Shame on you! That's naughty! That's dirty! You mustn't do that! That's bad! That's sinful!" But overeating is just as sinful as excessive masturbating or excessive sex of any kind. It's the excess that is the sin in anything. Money is not a sin. It's the love of money that's the sin. If children are taught temperance and moderation in all things, they should be taught not that eating is evil or that playing is evil, or exercising is evil, or that sex is evil, but that you just must not make it the biggest thing in your life and overdo it--overeat, overexercise, or over-masturbate.

       3. SO BECAUSE OF OUR CULTURE, CHILDREN MUST BE TAUGHT THAT ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT REALLY ANY MORE EVIL TO MASTURBATE IN PUBLIC THAN IN PRIVATE, but because of the custom of society or the culture in which we live, the nature of our society and its mores and taboos, though all these things are lawful to us, yet not all things are expedient. Therefore, although nudity and sexual activity are perfectly normal, lawful activities as far as God is concerned and as far as humanity is concerned, however, as far as the particular culture in which you live, particularly in the Western culture, it has been made a taboo. This has made public nudity or public sexual activity not only considered sinful, but they've passed laws to make it even illegal, when as far as God's laws are concerned, these things are not unlawful at all! But because of the culture and because of the wrong mental attitude that the Western culture particularly has towards sex and nudity, having been taught that it's sinful, therefore it has also been made illegal.

       4. IT ALL STARTS OFF WITH THE FALSE DOCTRINE THAT SEX IS SIN. To most people these two words are practically synonymous, sex and sin; whereas the normal, healthful, natural, God-created, God-given and God-permitted attitude towards sex should be absolutely no different from our attitude toward any other normal physical activity, such as eating, exercising or even sleeping. You can get too much sleep or go without too much sleep. You can abuse your body either way. You can abuse your body by overdoing in exercise and work. You can abuse your body by overeating and eating the wrong foods. And, of course, a lot of people in the world abuse their bodies by overdrinking or over-smoking and over-doctoring and over-drugging.

       5. THEY CALL IT "DRUG ABUSE" ONLY IF YOU "DO IT YOURSELF"! The System is very, very careful not to condemn all drugs because they themselves use them like mad! But they condemn certain forms of drug-taking as drug abuse simply because it is not under the control of some of the medicine men of the System, and you're not paying doctors big fees to get the drugs for you for some supposed ailment. In other words, drugs make a good illustration: The System doesn't declare that all drugs are evil and all drug use is illegal, but if you pay for their license and their doctor's fees you can get just about any drug you want to, cocaine, heroin, morphine, opium derivatives, barbiturates, amphetamines and so on. My mother used to be a morphine addict. If you can just pretend you've got enough ailments, and if you've got enough money to pay the doctor for it, you can get it. It's not abuse if you do it through legal channels and pay the System's prices. My mother said she often used to pretend to have aches and pains she never really had just to get the morphine. We've prayed for many addicts who confessed they were feigning some of their pains just to get the drugs. As long as the doctor was getting paid, he was happy to write those little, legal prescriptions.

       6. BUT WOE UNTO YOU IF YOU TRY TO BYPASS THE SYSTEM'S MEDICINE MEN AND DRUG MERCHANTS, THE SYSTEM'S LEGAL PUSHERS AND PEDDLERS! Because this is one of the biggest multi-billion-dollar businesses in the world--the drug industry! But they've made sure they had laws passed so you had to buy their drugs through their salesmen or drug pushers, the doctors, on their terms, so the legal pushers can make their money, and the legal drug peddlers can make their money, and so you'll have to buy it through them! It's just like I told you about the poor little independent racetrack bookies! The little independent street bookies were illegal, and it was unlawful to be a bookie in Miami when I was living there, because the big race tracks wanted all the betting done at the tracks and they wanted all the money. So the track owners were the ones who did all the lobbying against the little independent bookmakers on the street.

       7. YOU SEE, THE SYSTEM HAS DONE THAT WITH NEARLY EVERYTHING: IT'S LEGAL, AND NOT A SIN, AS LONG AS YOU DO IT THE SYSTEM WAY, PAY THEIR PRICES, buy their licenses, use their salesmen, whether it is betting or drugs, or sex or what have you! In other words, they've got a monopoly on all these things, and you've got to pay for the privilege they will allow you, provided you bet at their track or buy their medicines, or pay their marriage fee. For example, alcohol and tobacco are legal because the System uses, controls, sells, taxes and licenses them and makes the money on them, But cannabis, hash or marijuana, which is much less harmful than either alcohol or tobacco, is illegal because the System hasn't been able to get full control of the production, the traffic, the salesmen and make the money on it, particularly in the United States and Europe where it is not grown and produced. But just as soon as the System can get a monopoly on the production and distribution of marijuana and can efficiently control and tax the traffic and the sales and make money on marijuana, the System will make it legal so they can make money on it, just like they have their legal booze, legal nicotine and legal drugs!

       8. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO SEX THEY HAVE TAUGHT FROM THE BEGINNING THAT IT WAS A SIN, particularly the churches and religions have taught that. Nevertheless, the System has seen that it is an activity that they couldn't very well stop just because it is supposed to be sinful. So they have licensed it and made it legal in certain forms, like a sort of necessary evil, as long as you do it their way, only with a marriage license, so the System can make money on it and control it, and just between certain kinds of parties or individuals and strictly in private. Any other non-System form of sexual activity is totally taboo and definitely illegal! So you can be actually breaking the law in some countries by living together without a license, or practising certain forms of sexual activity is definitely illegal in certain countries. Particularly doing it in public or even being partly nude in public in some countries is against the law, and you can be prosecuted for what is known as either indecent exposure or lewd and lascivious behaviour, etc., the legal terms for these "crimes."

       9. IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT THAT PARTICULAR NATION OR NATIONALITY OR CULTURE IS ACCUSTOMED TO, AS TO WHETHER ITS PARTICULAR SYSTEM HAS MADE IT UNLAWFUL OR NOT. So that some things that are perfectly legal in the rest of the world are very illegal and actual crimes in America; while, on the other hand, there are certain open and legal activities that Americans practice which are unlawful in certain other countries of the world. For example: Public drinking or alcoholic beverages, close physical contact with a woman or to even be alone with a woman anywhere to whom you're not married or engaged, or to have a woman's face unveiled and exposed in public is still illegal in some Arabic and Moslem countries. And then there are certain religious laws and customs of some Oriental countries which make certain normal activities that most Americans practice absolutely illegal, such as working on their Sabbath or Holy Days or any type of illegal activity on special religious occasions. Whereas nude bathing, urinating in public, etc., horrify Americans but are common elsewhere. There are many activities and practices which are perfectly legal in the Western world, but unlawful in the Oriental world, or vice versa, lawful in the Orient but very illegal in the West.

       10. SO WITH MANY OF THESE THINGS IT IS MERELY A MATTER OF CUSTOM AND TRADITION AND TABOO OR RELIGION OF THE PARTICULAR CULTURE IN QUESTION. I can remember when I was stopped on the street of Savannah, Georgia, by a policeman when I was a kid for running on Sunday! It was against the Blue Laws--the old traditional Sabbath observance laws--when it wasn't even the Sabbath--it was Sunday! For example, some very deluded and narrow-minded Christians think they're observing the Sabbath by refusing to work on Sunday when it's not even the Sabbath! They think they are breaking God's laws by working on Sunday, when Sunday's not even the Sabbath! Some Christians think it's a sin not to go to church on Sunday, when there's no law in the entire Bible that says you have to go to church on Sunday or even hints you have to go to church on Sunday! But all of these customs and traditions of the Christian religion and their churches, which they consider laws and the breaking of them sins, are outlined in another lesson we've written on the "Traditions of Men."

       11. BUT AS THE APOSTLE PAUL SAID, "ALL THINGS ARE LAWFUL TO US, BUT NOT ALL ARE EXPEDIENT." We have been freed from the bondage of the condemnation of sin by the law of love in Christ Jesus, so that if it is in love it is lawful as far as God is concerned. However, the same Apostle turns right around and says, "Nevertheless, whatsoever is not of faith is sin!" So if you think it is a sin or you believe it is unlawful, then to you it is sin and unlawful! For further information on this, read Romans 14 on "weaker brethren," where he says it is perfectly all right to eat meat unless it causes your brother to stumble.--In other words if he thinks it is a sin, even though it is not a sin, it is a sin to him.--Therefore it is a sin for you too in his presence.--So we always have to watch out about the effect of our activities on others, even though they may be perfectly lawful and legal for us and as far as God's concerned. In other words, if it hurts your brother it is not love. If it bothers him and weakens him because he is weak and considers it a sin, it could be sinful for you to do it in his presence--even though it may be perfectly all right, healthful, legal and even righteous as far as God's concerned under different circumstances or in private or amongst others who believe the same.

       12. SO IT IS WITH NUDITY AND CERTAIN SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, AND PARTICULARLY MASTURBATION in this instance. Although normal in many cultures, masturbation or the fondling or exposure of certain sexual parts of the body is considered very illegal in public in certain countries such as America and other Western countries, and it is even considered sinful in private by a good many Western religious systems and cultures, and some churches consider any form of sexual activity as wicked and sinful! This is especially true of the Judeo-Christian Western cultures and religious systems. To most of them, not only masturbation, but all sex is sinful. And even marriage or heterosexual activity between the sexes is strictly controlled according to certain rules, regulations and licensing and religious laws, and permitted and condoned only as a sort of necessary sin or evil for the sake of the procreation of the human race. And by most of the so-called deeply religious, even the sexual activity of married couples purely for pleasure is frowned upon; even if it is legally licensed, properly practiced and privately permitted, by many religions and religious people it is considered a sin to derive any pleasure therefrom.

       13. YET THESE SAME PEOPLE ARE NOT AVERSE TO DERIVING PLEASURE FROM MANY OTHER NORMAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, which they even overindulge in excessively, such as eating, working, playing, exercising, sleeping, smoking and drinking! These are considered perfectly normal, legal and permissible pleasures and pleasurable physical necessities, although they can be just as weakening, damaging and destructive in excess and overindulgence as is excessive and overindulgent sexual activity, and perhaps even more so, although sex and sexual activity are just as normal, natural, legal, healthful and as necessary a physical activity as any of the others!

       14. STRANGE ISN'T IT, THAT SOME OF THESE VERY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE SHOULD CONSIDER CERTAIN PARTS OF THE BODY AND THEIR ACTIVITIES AS BEING NORMAL, NECESSARY AND RIGHTEOUS, WHEREAS THEY CONDEMN OTHER PARTS OF THE SAME BODY WHICH GOD HIMSELF CREATED and the activities of these parts either in any fashion or in certain fashions as being sinful or wicked and unlawful! It is alright to eat with the mouth and digest with the stomach and enjoy the sight, smell and taste of delicious and palatable foods and that comfortable contented feeling of the full stomach. This satisfaction of the flesh is perfectly lawful, normal and righteous. But on the other hand they vigorously and vociferously condemn openly, or teach prejudice and taboos and condemnation of privately the perfectly natural, God created and pleasurable enjoyment of the sight of the nude beauty of the human form which God made to be attractive to us or the fragrance of the nearness of another human body, or the taste of another's lips, or the touch of another's sexual parts, or even our own, all of which God has made very pleasurable and sensually enjoyable by means of the very nerves which He Himself created for this purpose!

       15. I THANK GOD FOR THE REVOLUTIONARY AND ENLIGHTENED AND MODERN NATURAL SCIENCES of this world which have begun to prove that these normal sexual activities are just as natural and healthful and necessary as any other generally accepted normal physical activities and practices and enjoyments! This they have had to do against the howls of protest and cries of foul play by the narrow-minded and ultra-moralistic religious bigots of today. But thank God we are beginning to be liberated! Thank God for the Sexual Liberation Movement! Although it is going too far in some areas and some respects, as so many needed revolutions do, it is beginning to relieve us from some of our former taboos and inhibitions and abnormal guilt complexes and frustrations of the past.

       16. OF COURSE, MANY OF THESE LIBERATIONISTS ARE GOING TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME OF TOTAL PROMISCUITY and permissiveness in any form whatsoever, with anybody, any time, any place, and any how, in any way, or everywhere, with everybody!--This is not only in defiance of the cultural mores of moralistic Western society and its sexual laws, but also in open defiance of even some of the few ordinances of God Himself against a few limited types of sex such as fornication, adultery, incest and sodomy. These last are really the only four forms of sex which God prohibits or limits or frowns upon, and He even makes a few exceptions to some of these under certain circumstances! The words "fornication" and "adultery" are often used interchangeably in the Bible, but when there is actually any distinction between the two, fornication often refers to such God-prohibited, overindulgent and excessive sexual activities as whoremongering, harlotry, promiscuity, extramarital sex, etc. Whereas adultery, in the more strict sense of the word, usually means illicit sex with another's husband or wife or another's mate, one who is already legally married to somebody else. Incest, or certain forms of sex with certain specified close relatives was not made illegal until the Mosaic Law 2600 years after Creation. Sodomy is male homosexuality, or "men with men doing that which is unseemly," and which God strictly forbids and severely judged as the most evil and abominable sexual sin of all, and for which as far as we can see He never made any exceptions, although there were many exceptions, allowances and tolerations regarding the other three!

       17. FOR EXAMPLE, THERE SEEM TO BE MANY BIBLICAL INSTANCES OF LESS SERIOUS FORMS OF PROMISCUOUS SEX AMONGST THE SO-CALLED UNMARRIED or singles throughout Bible history which were frowned upon but tolerated. Even rape was only punishable by fine, and there was no imprisonment under Mosaic Law! And as far as adultery was concerned, certain forms which some churches today condemned as adultery, such as divorce and remarriage, were widely practiced in Bible times and even permitted by the rigid Mosaic Law and Jesus Himself under certain special circumstances. Jesus clearly indicated that if either party of the marriage union were guilty of adultery or fornication during marriage, the other or innocent party so-called could be permitted to divorce the guilty one and marry someone else. And even the Apostle Paul taught that remarriage by the innocent party was permissible in cases of desertion by the other. He says in 1Corinthians 7 that "neither a brother nor a sister is bound in such a case," thereby making it very specific that even a woman can remarry if her husband has deserted her, although her remarriage was forbidden under certain other circumstances. Nevertheless, in nearly all of these cases, the Lord Himself recommends forgiveness and a preservation of the marriage union, if possible, and even uses Himself and His guilty Bride, Israel and/or the Church, as an example: Although she had played the harlot with many other gods and nations, and as He put it in one of the Prophets, even lay by the wayside and opened her knees to all who passed by, yet if she would repent He was willing to forgive her and take her back as His wife!

       18. ALSO, WHAT WESTERN LAWS AND CULTURE CALL UNLAWFUL BIGAMY AND POLYGAMY, or the practice of having more than one wife, was not only extremely common in Bible times, but even perfectly legal under the Mosaic Law, and actually seemed to be encouraged by the Lord Himself in many cases, such as the wives of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, some of the Prophets and many others in Old Testament times. However, in the New Testament, Jesus seems to discourage but not forbid this practice as being distractive, and pointing out that the ideal original were two, or a pair, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. And the Apostle Paul counsels us that he thinks it best for certain church leaders to only have one wife, "the husband of one wife," although some have interpreted this as meaning at least one wife, in order that they have a family and children and prove themselves able to rule their own households, before being considered worthy and able to govern the church of God, as well as sympathise with and understand other married couples and families with similar problems. But even the strictest interpretation of Paul's admonitions to bishops, elders and deacons to be the husbands of one wife cannot be legally proven to prohibit plural marriages below such offices amongst the rank and file, even in New Testament times! However, the laws of most Western cultures prohibit polygamy in certain forms, therefore it is neither advisable nor desirable under such circumstances.

       19. ODDLY ENOUGH, HOWEVER, ALTHOUGH THESE SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITICAL LAWS OF THE WEST STRICTLY FORBID SIMULTANEOUS POLYGAMY, or having more than one wife all at the same time, our strange Western culture, morality and legal System is quite tolerant and even encourages sequential polygamy, or having as many wives as you want one after the other, as long as you only have them one at a time, and duly comply with their System's little rules about nicely divorcing each one before you marry the next one! This is strictly in defiance of God's own laws regarding multiple marriage as outlined very definitely in the Mosaic Law, where, if you took an additional wife, you were forbidden to divorce the first one or ones! In other words, briefly stated, to show the contrariness of man's laws against God's laws, western society forbids simultaneous polygamy while it insists on sequential polygamy, while God's laws strictly forbid sequential polygamy and obviously permitted simultaneous polygamy instead! What a contradiction between the laws of God and the laws of men, between the laws of the Lord and the laws of the church!

       20. MOST ORIENTAL FAITHS AND CULTURES PERMIT POLYGAMY AND REGULATE IT ACCORDING TO CERTAIN RULES, AND MOST PRIMITIVE CULTURES PRACTICE IT without compunction or any artificial guilt complexes. In the animal world, where it is virtually the rule, there are nearly no prohibitions nor undesirable consequences, much less retribution! In fact, when the so-called Christian missionaries of the West invaded these primitive and Oriental cultures with their new doctrines of partial or total celibacy and monogamous marriage, their message proved almost disastrous in many cases in some areas where village chiefs and prominent wealthy men were ordered by the missionaries to give up, divorce and abandon their extra wives! This was a great sin and unlawful according to their own customs and religions and even according to God's laws of life, for these women were then forbidden or unable to remarry and were considered outcasts and even condemned to death in some societies!

       21. WHAT A CONTRAST BETWEEN THE TRADITIONS OF MEN AND THE LAWS OF GOD! As Jesus Himself said to the hypocritical Pharisees, "Ye do make the laws of God of none effect by your traditions!--Go, now, and see what that meaneth: I will have mercy and not sacrifice!" In other words, God's law is love, not a cold, rigid, traditional self-righteous service according to false, unscriptural and ungodly rules of certain religions! It could be added that although the Western Christian religion brought women greater equality and liberty, this new woman-power seemed to have resulted in a selfish reaction which has undoubtedly inspired many of these Western laws on marriage at the instigation of the proud, vain, and selfish women who lobbied for them in their politician's bedrooms in an attempt to eliminate all possible competition and eradicate the sacrificial sharing of mutual family life!--Although probably many of the men were just as guilty! Certainly having only one mate solved a lot of problems, and even one is more than many men can handle!

       22. THERE ARE ALSO MANY BIBLICAL EXCEPTIONS TO SO-CALLED INCEST, or the marriage of certain near relatives. In fact, there would have been no human race if Adam and Eve's two sons, Cain and Seth, had not married their sisters, because there was no one else to marry! This solves the age-old question of "Where did Cain get his wife?" I don't know why they don't worry about where Seth got his! Maybe they figure he married his mother!--And if this shocks you, such marriage of brothers and sisters, mothers and sons and even fathers and daughters were very common in ancient times and were not even considered incestuous, much less illegal, and were not even forbidden for the 2600 years from the creation of Adam until the Law of Moses! And there are many examples of same, from the mating of Adam's sons with his daughters to the marriage of many kings and pharaohs with theirs, including the classic example of Lot and his two daughters who mothered and fathered the two whole nations of Moab and Ammon, now comprising modern Jordan, ordained, blessed, and preserved by God for thousands of years, and even figuring in the beneficial promises of prophecies yet to be fulfilled! And yet in our modern Western society even the marriage of near cousins is criminal under some governments, while even the Mosaic Law did not prohibit the same! So again we find the laws of man in conflict with the laws of God! [EDITED: "HomeARC note: Point 15 for the Position and Policy Statement, "Attitudes, Conduct, Current Beliefs and Teachings Regarding Sex" (04/92) states: "We in no way condone or promote any form of incestuous sexual relationships whatsoever among our membership. Any and all theological speculations or writings that would in any way seem to imply or appear to be contrary to this position, we do not recognise as being in any way, shape or form our policy or a license to engage in any such relationships. Any adult member found engaging in a sexual act with their child will be immediately expelled from our communities, and excommunicated from further fellowship.""]

       23. SO THERE SEEMS TO BE ONLY ONE SEXUAL SIN WHICH WAS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED WITHOUT EXCEPTION AND JUDGED VERY SEVERELY BY GOD, and which even gets its name from that ancient licentious city, Sodom, which God totally wiped out and horribly destroyed for its common indulgence in this sin, leaving only four survivors, Mr. and Mrs. Lot and their two daughters, and even turning Lot's wife into a pillar of salt for her reluctance to leave such a city! So sodomy, or homosexuality between men, seems to be an abomination to God and utterly and unequivocally forbidden, although the laws of man are beginning to tolerate it and even encourage it! So as usual, God's laws are at war with so many of man's unrighteous laws! To say the least, sodomy is insanity, insanitary, infectious, disgusting, degrading, dirty, perverted and hazardous to the health of both body and mind! And it is so totally unnecessary, making it a complete perversion of the normal God-created heterosexual appetite of natural desire between the male and female sexes.

       24. EVEN LESBIANISM, OR HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY BETWEEN WOMEN, DOES NOT SEEM TO BE PROHIBITED SPECIFICALLY IN GOD'S WORD, as it does not seem to be mentioned throughout the entire Bible, although some might classify it as a form of fornication or a variation of sodomy. Personally I don't see that Lesbianism is any different from any other form of masturbation or sexual massage, which the Bible also seems to ignore. Contrary to popular belief, "Onanism" was not and is not masturbation, but the selfish refusal of Onan to marry his brother's wife and to give her children to share in the family inheritance! So, although he had intercourse with her, he indulged in the selfish practice of sudden withdrawal at the moment of his orgasm and ejaculation of semen, or seed, thus spilling the emission of same on the ground, which was an abomination to the Lord, so God slew him!

       25. GOD IS OBVIOUSLY DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO ANY FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL whatsoever, even this so-called "natural" method, which apparently He considered very unnatural, selfish and virtually sacrilegious! This "forsaking of the natural use of the woman" and refusal to give her children was apparently, as far as God is concerned, almost as bad as abortion, which is just plain infanticide, or child murder, no matter how legalised! God bless the Catholics for opposing it and other forms of birth control! "Children are an heritage of the Lord" and birth control, Onanism and abortion are abominations to God, violations of His laws, and atrocious man-made attempts to interfere with the natural course of God's creation!

       26. SO, YOU SAY, IF ONANISM IS NOT MASTURBATION, THEN WHAT ABOUT MASTURBATION?--Isn't that one of the prohibited sexual offenses? My mother certainly prohibited it, told me it was very naughty and dirty, slapped my hand for doing it when I was little, and even threatened to cut it off if I didn't stop! She even slapped our poor little Mexican maid out of the house in Oklahoma when I was only three years old when she caught her putting me to sleep in this pleasant fashion, a common practice amongst many other more primitive cultures! So I soon learned that you not only weren't supposed to do it in front of other people or even members of your own family, but absolutely not at all, that it was strictly forbidden, naughty, nasty, dirty, bad, wicked, sinful and maybe even worse! I was told all those false old horror tales of all the people who got terrible diseases, wrecked their health and went insane by doing it!

       27. BUT NEVERTHELESS THERE IT WAS, WITH FREQUENT PHYSIOLOGICAL INSISTENCE and an almost irresistible urge, as well as an extremely pleasant sensation, climaxing in an explosion of relief from the physical tension of the sexual necessity of our biological creation!--But along with it came those terrible inhibitions and almost disastrous guilt complexes inculcated by my poor mother's prohibitions and condemnations and denunciations, scoldings, threatening and dire warnings, as well as the generally prohibitive and disapproving attitude of most other adults, according to the usually accepted superstitions, taboos, mores, inculcated inhibitions and cultivated prohibitions of our Western society with its usual anti-sexual attitude of religious overtones! Due to all this misinformation and misinterpretation of God's natural creation, like most other Western children, I was given by this the very definite impression at a very early age that the God-created sexual parts of the human body were somehow evil and their activities wicked.

       28. THIS MYSTERIOUS SECRECY ABOUT SEX, OF COURSE, INSPIRED OUR CHILDISH CURIOSITY all the more, since it was something you just didn't talk about but had to explore for yourself, So like most children we embarked upon a series of scientific experimentations [DELETED] to try to find out what this intriguing subject was all about! Manipulating, fondling, massaging [DELETED], we were, as nearly all children do, examining carefully the sexual parts [DELETED] as far back as I can remember (which was at least from the age of two). [DELETED] So I had my first intercourse at the early age of seven, which I found very interesting at my little cousin's instigations, she being of the same age. But it was not entirely pleasant, being somewhat painful, as, of course, she was pretty dry and I couldn't get very far in with it! She had said she had seen her mommy and daddy doing it, so she thought we ought to try it, as it looked like fun!--And fun it was!--And even educational, until my uncle caught us in the act!

       29. THE CONSEQUENT SPANKINGS, OF COURSE, ONLY SERVED TO CONFIRM OUR MISGUIDED CONVICTIONS THAT ALL SEX MUST BE EVIL and those parts of our bodies were bad, although we couldn't understand why. So we diligently continued to examine each other for the answers by various forms of private exposure and pleasurable masturbations, mutual pettings, fondlings, huggings, kissings and other somewhat frustrating sexual attempts, including many exciting little sessions in the closet together inspired by the games of spin-the-bottle, post office, etc. By the age of puberty the usual traditions of our Western Christian culture had thoroughly convinced us that, of course, any form of sex must be evil. Even when it finally dawned on us that our own fathers and mothers must be married and that this had something mysteriously to do with sex, the never revealed it to us or explained it to us until most of us had already had plenty of experience and knew almost more about it than they did!--At least so we thought. In fact, it came as quite a shock to some of us upon this awakening that even some of our own most hallowed religious leaders were involved in some terrible way sexually with their own wives, and we learned eventually that this was what had somehow produced their children!

       30. GRADUALLY WE LEARNED AND PIECED TOGETHER BIT BY BIT, MORE AND MORE INFORMATION, mostly from each other, but some by books, which we of course hid under the mattress, even though clinical or medical, and pulled out only when we were sure we would not be interrupted, to study with fascination the pictures, charts and diagrams of these mysterious sexual wonders of our own God-given bodies, which so often inspired a little further self-examination and exploration to see if we ourselves were normal and like everybody else according to the pictures in the books. Most of us discovered with great relief and reassurance that we were particularly after so many years of uncertain anxiety and unexplained wonderment and misinformed misgivings! Nevertheless, despite all dire condemnations and woeful warnings and predictions of perdition, most of us youngsters were still frequently driven by the God-implanted biological urges and sexual necessities of our own God-given sexual organs to shameful, secretive and furtive indulgences in fondling, petting, masturbation and more, recounting only to our most intimate confidants our mutually exciting experiences with others, and the facts or fancies we had learned from the more thoroughly educated veterans at school, club or church.

       31. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT I WAS FIRST TAUGHT HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MASTURBATE to a complete orgasm by an older boy who whispered it in my ear while sitting in the third church pew from the front during one of my father's Sunday morning sermons! I gladly accepted his invitation to go home with him for Sunday dinner to learn more, and he was most happy to teach me along with some of the rest of our friends. His simple little lesson was the soul of brevity: "You just jiggle it up and down until it feels so good it hurts!" I know this was at the age of eight, because my first opportunity to try out this interesting experiment alone was while hiding under the covers alone in my mother's hotel room in Gainesville, Florida, the very day that Charles Lindbergh made his own first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927. My own personal sexual solo adventure really worked and I remember it well, and I know it was that day because I remember sitting a little tired, scared and ashamed at the hotel dining room table that evening afterward and hearing the first news by radio of Lindbergh's landing in Paris, even though I really had nothing more to be ashamed of than Lindbergh!

       32. FROM THERE ON IT WAS CLEAR AND EXCITING SAILING, except when my mother caught me. I knew it must be some terrible thing, but I just couldn't seem to help it, in spite of her spankings and tears and my own fears and remorse and frustrating guilt complexes which, along with all the preaching I heard, had me just about convinced that I must be committing the unpardonable sin and was hopelessly lost forever! This of course caused me to be an inveterate introvert, extremely shy and timid, terrified by crowds and people, and desiring only to be left alone with my own self-loving self, and convinced that nobody else could possibly love me, not even God! I had many sessions of extreme remorse and repentance, but all seemed to be of no lasting avail. I seemed to have formed that "horrible unspeakable habit" of which I had been so terribly warned, and felt surely I must be a hopeless case and beyond all prospect of redemption! Actually my own occasions of indulgence were rather infrequent compared to some boys I heard of and who were always happy to give you a demonstration.

       33. I WAS ABOUT 12 WHEN, UPON "JACKING OFF" AS USUAL, I SUDDENLY HAD MY FIRST APPALLING EMISSION OF ACTUAL FLUID SEMEN. AND I WAS SO DISMAYED I felt surely I must have sinned beyond my day of grace, had passed the point of no return and was no longer eligible for the mercy of God! I kept hearing those sermons about God's Spirit it not always striving with man, and that he who was often reproved but hardened his neck would suddenly be destroyed. But in spite of all this, mine kept hardening, at least my penis did, so I waited with apprehension God's impending judgments. I'm really making it sound as bad as possible in order to try to encourage some of you who may have had, or are having, the same problems, which apparently some of you are from the many letters we receive on the subject and the many requests we have had asking us to deal with it. So you may be encouraged to know that you may not be a hopeless case after all, and that "there is no temptation taken you but what is common to men."

       34. ANYHOW, AFTER THAT FIRST EMISSION I soon discovered, as most boys of that age do, that even when I did my best to be continent and not even touch that awful "thing," about every week or two it would still get excited, hard and spill over during the night in my sleep to the accompaniment of some amorous dream of a naked girl, undoubtedly stimulated by my natural biological urge. To my chagrin I would awaken in a pool of sticky wetness whereupon I would promptly change the sheet to hide the awful truth from my dear mother that I was some kind of a freak or sexual pervert with an actual sexual affliction! Only too late in life (nearly ten years later) did I learn that such "wet dreams" are the natural course of God's creative process to relieve the build-up of seminal fluid stored in the seminal vesicles from the continuous and never-ending production of seminal fluid by the testicles, or "balls."

       35. ONLY TOO LATE DID I LEARN THAT THIS WAS A PERFECTLY NORMAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY WHICH OCCURS WITH VARYING DEGREES OF FREQUENCY WITH NEARLY ALL BOYS BEGINNING AT THE AGE OF PUBERTY, or sexual maturity or early teens, but usually about once or twice a month, almost as regularly as a girl's menstruation and for almost the same reason!--To relieve the body of these constantly recurring sexual elements left unused by normal heterosexual (boy-girl) practices. Even as a girl's unfertilised eggs are cleansed from her body each month by the normal process of monthly menstruation, unless she has conceived through sexual intercourse, so a man's excess semen flows from his body in a night emission, or a wet dream, usually at least once a month, if not relieved by actual sexual intercourse or masturbation. So I suffered all these agonies of mind and soul and torturous guilt complexes in vain all those first few years of puberty because of my neglected and misinformed sexual education!

       36. BUT PERHAPS IT WAS THESE EXPERIENCES WHICH HELPED ME TO BE DRIVEN EVEN CLOSER TO THE LORD IN FREQUENT DESPERATE PRAYER, AND TO HUMBLE ME to cry out in desperation for the salvation which I knew He alone could bring. Like most of you, I was reared in a good home of good parents, but unlike many of you modern young people, I was kept very sheltered from a variety of other sins which are common amongst the youth of today, such as drugs, crime, etc., therefore God had to use something to make me feel like a sinner, because otherwise I was what would have been called so "good" in fact, some people thought I was a little angel, and very few knew what a real little devil I was! Now I realise I wasn't really all that bad, now that I know more about sex and my body and sin, but God let me think it was bad so I'd feel like a sinner and know I needed to be saved!

       37. SINCE THEN OF COURSE I HAVE LEARNED THAT THE BIBLE APPARENTLY HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT MASTURBATION, and evidently nothing against it, as far as I can see, except the usual admonitions to "be temperate in all things" and "let your moderation be known." I've also learned, as most of us have, from the books and lectures of modern men and women of science, that, in moderation, masturbation can be a perfectly normal, healthful, helpful and even necessary sexual activity of the normal human adult, and not only helps to relieve the body of the build-up of these excess fluids, but also of the emotional stresses and strains and temperamental tensions caused by the perfectly natural biological desires and urges of the normal adult for sexual intercourse. In the single adult it can help to relieve sexual frustrations and the lack of the fulfillment of normal sexual intercourse demanded by the body. It is also extremely beneficial for the relaxation of the nervous system and very conducive to good, sound, healthful, restorative sleep.

       38. SATISFACTION OF THESE SEXUAL URGES THROUGH MASTURBATION can also prevent the much more disastrous consequences of illicit and dangerous sexual intercourse which the Bible sometimes calls fornication and which is largely the cause of the present mounting epidemic of Venereal Disease in many permissive societies. ... Masturbation in moderation (once or twice a week, as in married sex, depending on your strength) has absolutely no harmful effects whatsoever upon the human body, and in fact, is a perfectly normal God-given method of legally and lawfully satisfying these irresistible biological sexual urges of the human body amongst unmarried adults. The only damage it can possibly do is to cause psychological and spiritual frustrations and their consequent emotional stresses because of the wrongful indoctrination of religious and cultural taboos, prohibitions and inhibitions by misinformed and improperly educated, ignorant and prejudiced parents or other adults who have inflicted these horrible misconceptions, beliefs, doubts and fears upon their poor, pitiful and unsuspecting children, resulting in terrifying guilt complexes and agonising introversions in these innocent victims of awesome adult ignorance and religious bigotry! May God deliver us and our children from the same!

       39. CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT, AS WE TRY TO TEACH OURS, THAT YOUR BODY IS A BEAUTIFUL CREATION of God and that every part of it is perfectly normal, natural, good and God-made for perfectly good purposes and uses, if used in the proper way at the proper times with the proper people and in a way which is not offensive to others. Children should be taught that their sexual parts are just as good as the rest of their body and that sexual [DELETED] feelings [DELETED] are no more evil than eating or any other physical functions or exercise. They should be taught that the evil results are only from their wrong, unlawful or excessive use. Just like overeating, overdrinking, or overdoing in any from of physical activity, and that the evil is only in the excessive or selfish, greedy, neurotic, abnormal fascination and overindulgence in such activities. They should be made to understand that [EDITED: "it"] is no more sinful nor less healthful than normal eating, drinking, exercising, working, playing or sleeping including a normal and natural interest in and even manipulation of their own sexual parts in private and moderation.

       40. A CHILD'S INTEREST IN THE EQUIVALENT PARTS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX IS ALSO PERFECTLY NORMAL and natural. [DELETED] I believe it is the Western custom of prohibition, punishment and lack of satisfactory explanation of sex, sexual parts and sexual activities, which creates in some children an overabsorption and abnormal fascination with sex, and an unquenchable curiosity to try to satisfy their desire for information and experience in sexual activity which is forbidden them through the normal channels of parental instruction and mutual examination and experience with each other.

       41. THE KIBBUTZIM OF ISRAEL HAVE FOUND THAT TOTAL SEXUAL FREEDOM AND OPENNESS ABOUT SEX amongst their children, from nude play and nude bathing together to the actual rooming and sleeping of the opposite sexes together until puberty, has resulted in almost a sub-normal interest in sex because of this complete satisfaction of their curiosity and man's natural God-given desire to learn. This sexual freedom and knowledge caused almost a lack of interest in sex in the young people of the kibbutzim and a much greater interest in their work and other activities.

       42. ON THE CONTRARY, THE PROHIBITIVE AND CONDEMNATORY ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX of our overly religious and underly spiritual so-called "Christian" Western cultures has produced generations of oversexed children with an abnormal desire for sex and an absolutely manic craze for everything sexual due to their early sexual frustrations.

       43. ONLY IN THE PRESENT HIPPIE GENERATION HAVE YOUNG PEOPLE FINALLY RETURNED TO A MORE NORMAL ATTITUDE TOWARD SEX because of the permissive hippie culture and plentiful experience along sexual lines. However, this also has had at such mature ages as the teens and twenties, some undesirable and sometimes disastrous side effects of the contraction of venereal diseases and the conception of unwanted children, as well as impractical physical and marital attachments. How much better if these same children had received a better and more thorough sexual education [DELETED] in the safer and cleaner confines of their own homes from their own parents [DELETED] before the disastrous consequences of learning too late by later sad and bitter experiences with strangers in a less-than-desirable environment of a "free love" commune!

       44. MOST PORNOGRAPHIC PUBLICATIONS, FOR EXAMPLE, ARE PRODUCED IN SEXUALLY PERMISSIVE AND LESS-INTERESTED EUROPE, but sold mostly to the oversexed citizens of the glutted affluent society of sexually prohibitive America! What most Europeans and the rest of the cultures of the world have known about sex for generations, Americans are just now beginning to learn and are becoming almost totally absorbed in and neurotically fascinated by. But what most Europeans don't know is that their biggest pornographic customer, America, talks a lot about sex, makes a lot of movies of which sex is the major theme, and reads Europe's American-financed sex books and does a lot of sexy advertising, but doesn't know nearly as much about sex as most Europeans! Because sex and nudity are considered normally accepted human and legal activities in most of Europe and many other parts of the world, whereas the general American attitude towards sex is still highly prohibitive condemnatory and illicit, and the American culture is still filled with traditional sexual taboos, customs, secrecies and anti-sexual laws and fears of exposure of the nude human body.

       45. FOR EXAMPLE, NUDITY IS COMMON ON MANY OF THE BEACHES OF EUROPE and the rest of the world, while almost totally forbidden on the beaches of America except for the near-nude bikini. American television and motion pictures and forbidden to show complete nudity to the public, and American TV is even forbidden to use live models for underwear commercials, though bikinis are common. The dress taboo is important too, as anything called a nightgown cannot be worn in public, but an even more revealing evening gown can be worn to social functions. Mixed nude bathing is prohibited even for children, whereas naked children are common on the beaches of the rest of the world, as well as naked adults.

       46. THE RESULT OF AMERICA'S RIDICULOUS AND HYPOCRITICAL ABNORMAL ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX rises, of course, largely out of its over restrictive religious background of misled churchianity, but consequences of America's phoney prudery and double moral standard and holier-than-thou self-righteousness have produced one of the most neurotic, psychotic and sexually frustrated societies as yet known to man, in which VD is raging at the rampant rate of one of the worst in the world, and more people need psychiatrists than anywhere else on earth, and one out of every four people either has been, is, or will be in a mental institution or under some form of mental care at some time in his life!--So much for the results of the American method of sex education, or sexual ignorance and inexperience!

       47. AMERICA IS LIKE A YOUNG TEENAGER JUST AWAKENING TO THE FACTS OF LIFE AND OVERLY ABSORBED in them, being particularly fascinated by their supposed wickedness and indulging in her first furtive fling, while the rest of the world are like old married folks by comparison, who have had so much sex and know so much about it and where sex and nudity are so common they're hardly even interested anymore! Whereas the average American is more interested in sex, sports and riches, the average citizen of the rest of the world is far more interested in politics, economics, education and world affairs and the world's future then it seems America ever will be! In most other countries of the world, for example, most radio and TV time in nearly all nations is taken up by educational, scientific, historical and political programmes and very little foolish entertainment. While in America, at least 90% of its radio and TV diet is so juvenile and nearly moronic with ridiculous dramatic comedy and foolishness or melodramatic romanticism of the "soap-box operas" and emotional movies containing more violence, crime and commercialism than you'll ever see in any other part of the world!

       48. INSTEAD OF BEING THE BEST INFORMED PEOPLE on the face of the earth as they think themselves to be, Americans are actually one of the most ignorant nations in the world today when it comes to international politics, economics, history and the serious things of life! While misguided American scientific genius is shooting rockets into outer space and playing like little boys with toys with their gadgets on the moon and dropping bombs and atom bombs like firecrackers on innocent civilian populations and playing around with new scientific weapons, toys and luxury gadgets and getting its first glimpse of nudity and revelling in its first idiotic sexual antics, the rest of the older more mature population of the world is striving desperately to find some way to preserve world peace and protect themselves from the warmongering Americans! While the sane world works day and night trying to feed their starving millions, insane America drowns and suffocates itself in its own extravagant waste and kills more people with its machines than have ever died of diseases!

       49. AT THE SAME TIME, WITH THE MOST EXPENSIVE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD, AMERICA IS PRODUCING THE MOST IGNORANT AND VIOLENT CHILDREN the world has ever known, who are going to destroy their own nation if nothing is done to stop their parents from destroying the world! Whereas extravagant American science has been largely devoted to silly scientific toys, looney luxuries, idiotic idols and wasteful weapons of war, the rest of the world has been barely trying to exist and scrape together enough to eat for its massive populations and solve the serious problems of world peace and pollution! No wonder American children are such a mess! Look at their mothers and fathers and their insane society and crazy culture! In no other nation of the world is there such a disdain for true social values, such wanton disregard for human life and such widespread contempt for family love and loyalty! Ask anyone who has travelled the world over what nations have the greatest love for true cultural values, such as art, music, beauty and love of wholesome family life and age-old constructive social traditions, and he will certainly not name America amongst them! The average world traveller's impression of America is a madhouse run by its inmates, who are mostly mad for money and still slaughtering each other for the once almighty American dollar!

       50. WHAT KIND OF CHILDREN COULD SUCH A SOCIETY POSSIBLY PRODUCE BUT THE LITTLE MONSTERS WHICH ARE NOW THREATENING TO DESTROY IT! Only the hippies seem to have come to their senses. Only the non-System youth seems to have dropped out of the insane madhouse of the American System of dollar education, dollar economy, dollar religion, dollar politics, and dollar militarism! Only the peace loving, pacifistic, truth-seeking hippie generation are fleeing the American madhouse for other parts of the world to find the real spiritual and social values which America has long forgotten and their parents have never known!--And they are finding them, thank God, in the ancient, peaceful and lasting cultures of most of the rest of the world and especially the Orient, particularly in the true originally Oriental Judeo-Christian culture of pristine Christianity found in the Jesus Revolution which they are carrying to the uttermost parts of the earth, praise God!

       51. AND THIS INCLUDES A SEXUAL REVOLUTION! Masturbation, incidentally, is a good old custom which most parents practice on each other but forbid to their children, so you'll find that it is also helpful in marital relations, as the marrieds masturbate each other to achieve total satisfaction and to relieve one another, when for some reason or other intercourse is undesirable, unhealthful or even risky, such as during late pregnancy and/or menstruation. Let's face it: Nearly all genuine lovemaking is masturbation pure and simple, or a massaging of the sexual parts to orgasmic satisfaction by either the hands, fingers, mouth, tongue or penis, and in some cultures even by the feet! Western science is even now developing some new and expensive toys as electrical vibrators for artificial stimulation in masturbation, particularly for the female who seems a little hard to satisfy in some cases, and these can be bought in most European sex shops, which of course Americans know little about. So if all else fails boys, you might give one of them a try--for your girls, I mean.--Usually you boys don't have that problem.

       52. HOWEVER, I PERSONALLY HAVE FOUND OUT WHY GOD MADE THAT MIDDLE FINGER SO BIG, LONG AND STRONG, AS SO MANY WOMEN HAVE ALREADY DISCOVERED!--I mean by their own self-masturbation! It is obvious why more boys masturbate than girls, as shown by many sexual censuses, when his sexual parts themselves are so obvious and so easily stimulated and so often fondled by his own curious little fingers even as a baby, so that erections in small male children are quite frequent, and [EDITED: "self"] manipulation, massage and masturbation of the erection proves to be a very pleasant pastime until mother falsely tries to teach him that it is wrong whereupon he merely continues to do it when mom's not around. Whereas masturbation in girls is not quite as prevalent, about 70% compared to the male 90%, it is still quite popular, as clearly evidenced by such sex surveys as the Kinsey Report.

       53. EVEN THOUGH THE GIRLS MAY NOT ADMIT IT to their own friends, and certainly not to their family or parents, masturbation is about all that gives most poor girls any relief, at certain times of the month in particular when they are normally "in heat" and it is certainly better than catching venereal disease from a boyfriend or conceiving an unwanted child long before marriage is socially acceptable by Western standards! So what is a poor girl to do when she becomes definitely sexually aroused and stimulated by her own normal bodily functions and biological urges of her God-created sexuality particularly from the age of puberty on (usually about 11 or 12 onwards), and yet she's not permitted to marry before she's 18 or 21? Marriage is hardly socially acceptable in American culture, for example, until a girl has finished college, gotten a job and had considerable experience in the world, preferably in her mid- or late-twenties, when by most of the rest of the world's standards outside of America she would be considered virtually an old maid!

       54. IN MANY ORIENTAL CULTURES GIRLS ARE MARRIED AT A VERY EARLY AGE, USUALLY AS SOON AS THEY REACH A STATE OF PUBERTY, and have already been promised to some male member of the community long before that. So they are married as soon as they have considerable, normal sexual desire and capability as well as childbearing potential. If early marriage is wrong, then why did God make girls able to conceive and bear children at such an early age if it is wrong for them to marry at such an age? In most Western cultures it is even illegal! The so-called "child marriages" are usually forbidden by law in the West, whereas they are quite common in the East.--And why not? God has made boys and girls desirous of and able to have intercourse and bear children at those ages. Why does Western society make it illegal for them to get married, so that young people are compelled by physical necessity and irrepressible sexual desires into all kinds of illicit premarital sexual activities which are both undesirable, unhealthy and even dangerous, if not disastrous!

       55. THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD FAMOUS NATIVE INDIAN WOMAN EDUCATOR, MISSIONARY AND SOCIAL WORKER, PANDITA RAMABAI, was married to her husband at the age of nine, who treated her with great love tenderness and care and educated her amazingly in Sanskrit and all the wisdom and knowledge of the East and their Holy Scriptures, so that she in turn was able to educate her own daughter Ramabai in all of these things, so that she became one of the greatest women leaders of an awakening independent India, although Ramabai herself campaigned against some of the abuses of child marriage of which her mother had not been a victim.

       56. SO WHAT IS THE MODERN WESTERN GIRL TO DO WHEN SHE REACHES THE BIOLOGICALLY MARRIAGEABLE AGE OF 11 or 12 or 13, but still cannot become socially acceptably married for another 10 or 15 years, when her body literally demands it? What is she to do to avoid illicit, unlawful and even dangerous premarital sex and unwanted conception? What is she to do indeed, but normally, naturally, wholesomely, healthfully, pleasurably and frequently masturbate by the gentle application of her own loving middle finger pressing that tender and responsive little button that turns her on, her own God-designed sexual organ bump called the clitoris, between the upper lips of her God-created sexual apparatus! Her clitoris is the equivalent of the male penis, and tiny though it is, has exactly the same number of nerve endings as the male penis and gives her the same pleasurable sexual satisfaction and relief from emotional and physical sexual tensions as masturbation does for the male!--Hallelujah, girls?

       57. AND WHY NOT?--WHY SHOULDN'T SHE MASTURBATE, AS LONG AS SHE DOES IT MODERATELY, temperately and no more often than she would normally have sexual intercourse if she were married such as two or three times a week, depending on her own personal need and physical stamina, and providing it is not giving her some kind of neurotic guilt complexes due to her artificially inculcated inhibitions because of an earlier more restrictive and prohibitive upbringing from which she has not yet been freed by accurate sexual and/or truthful religious instruction and knowledge which gives her this liberty!--And also, providing she is not by her own sexual freedom offending some weaker sister who has not been so liberated herself, or causing some little one to stumble over her own more adequate knowledge, fuller experience and sexual liberty.--The same goes for the boys!

       58. FOR BOTH OF YOU I WOULD FURTHER WARN YOU THAT ANY FORM OF INTEMPERANCE, IMMODERATION, OVERINDULGENCE AND EXCESSIVENESS IN OVERDOING CAN WEAR YOU DOWN AND WEAR YOU OUT, whether it be eating, drinking, working, reading, or playing, including normal sexual intercourse or masturbation, either one. So don't overdo it and don't let it become offensive to others. After all, masturbation is a rather private affair like any other normal sexual activity in most Western cultures, so it is not to be done openly or publicly lest you offend or annoy others or even arouse the law.

       59. CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT THE SAME: That there is nothing wrong with their bodies [DELETED] and nothing catastrophic about masturbation, but that all are perfectly normal, necessary, natural and God-given physical functions, but that our bodies in no respect must ever be abused or misused or overused, or exposed or used in such a way as to offend or hurt others. [DELETED]

       60. [DELETED] I firmly recommend that you adults do [DELETED] nothing that would cause your weaker brethren or even a stranger to stumble, nor offend him or her that is weak, like Systemites and new disciples.

       61. OTHERWISE, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE PLEASURES THAT GOD HAS CREATED and the senses and feelings He has made for you to enjoy, where, when and with whom possible and expedient, remembering the Scriptures' own admonition that all of these things may be lawful to you, but they are not always expedient or advisable under all circumstances, anywhere with anybody at any time. So be prayerful, cautious and on the safe side "lest your good be evil spoken of" and you "bring reproach on the cause of Christ." But "let no man bring you into bondage" by "spying out your liberty" and thereby "bringing you into condemnation." And remember that there is a time and a place for everything and everything should be done in its proper time and place. Don't overdo it, or you may be sorry!

       62. ON THE OTHER HAND, DON'T UNDERDO IT, EITHER, BY DENYING YOURSELF THE JOYS and necessities of life that God has created for you to enjoy and thereby bringing to yourself and others unnecessary misery, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. As Paul has pointed out, "it is better to marry than to burn!" It is just as wrong for you to starve your body of its normal sexual needs and satisfactions as it is for you to starve yourself to death by not eating, or to waste away through lack of exercise, or to die from exhaustion or lack of sleep! Sexual frustrations can maim you both physically and mentally, and even kill or injure you or even others, including physically spiritually, mentally and morally! Enjoy yourself, you are part of God and His creation, and He created you to love and enjoy both Him and His creation forever--including yourself and others sexually!

       63. HOWEVER ON THE OTHER HAND DON'T GO TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME [DELETED] by becoming so addicted to sex or masturbation that you sit around all day starry-eyed like a zombie, mooning and dreaming and drifting while continually masturbating and/or love-making but never getting anything done, or lying awake all night enjoying too much pleasure and not getting enough sleep! The electrical energy of your nervous system is somewhat like a battery and the shock of an orgasm is like a temporary sudden discharging of your battery while you're starting your car, and a short drive and rest will be needed to soon charge it up again. However, if you just sat there all day cranking it up your battery would soon go completely flat, its energy become totally exhausted, so that you could never get anywhere, and it'll take it a long time to get charged up again! Of course, if you just never use your car at all and just let it sit there without activity, your battery will eventually go flat anyway just from disuse and again it'll require recharging!

       64. SO AGAIN, IT'S ALL A MATTER OF MODERATION. Don't go to either extreme of overuse or underuse. The old fallacy that used to be quite popular and still held by some Freudians was that those who abstained from sex or refrained from masturbation or "contained," as the Bible calls it, these sexual frustrates are supposed to have developed such physical, mental and moral drive that they became geniuses of tremendous accomplishment, and this was the power behind their greatness. If this were really true, we would have to assume that nearly all great men and women, then famous leaders, creators, and giants of history, were all sexually frustrated or sexually impotent and this is what gave them such tremendous drive to get to the top and reach a climax in other areas than things sexual!--But this is absolutely not true of course. Modern science has already disproved this, but it still remains one of the most persistent sexual superstitions.

       65. FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I CAN TELL YOU that I have accomplished much more and done greater things and achieved greater success in God's work since I have become more sexually liberated and enjoyed greater sexual activity than ever before. Whereas before, when I was trying to conform to the old sanctimonious churchianity ideas about sex, the pusillanimous, pious, pulpit platitudes of the pitifully impotent preachers, and trying to be a little holier-than-thou saint or a celibate like the Apostle Paul was supposed to have been, I never got anywhere or accomplished anything! In fact, I was as defeated and frustrated spiritually, mentally, morally and in my life's work as I was sexually! While I continued to masturbate occasionally in shameful silence, solitude and secrecy, I was so falsely persuaded that it was wrong that my resultant guilt complexes far outweighed my brief sexual enjoyments! So I nearly became a nervous and spiritual wreck, so conscience-stricken and spiritually and physically defeated and frustrated that I could hardly accomplish anything!

       66. IT WAS NOT UNTIL I FINALLY KICKED OVER THE TRACES, THUMBED MY NOSE AT OLD-FOGEY CHURCHIANITY and all of its old-bogey inhibited sexual superstitions and really let myself go and enjoy sex to the full, wild and free, to the absolute utmost, it was only then that God also helped me to achieve this spiritual and mental and physical freedom that I have since had, to completely explode in a total orgasm of psychological, social, economic, political, religious and sexual freedom and liberty and worldwide accomplishments! And from what I read in history also, as well as the great men and women that I have known personally, the world's greats have most of them been anything but sexually frustrated! In fact, if anything, they seemed to be oversexed!

       67. IF YOU'LL EVEN TAKE A LOOK AT BIBLE HISTORY, YOU'LL MAKE THE SHOCKING DISCOVERY THAT MOST OF GOD'S GREATS HAD OODLES OF WIVES, women, mistresses, harlots and what have you, as well as multitudes of children! Moses himself was a man of such sexual power, prowess and potency that at the end of 120 years and several wives and quite a few children, it is said in the Bible, that "his eye was not dim, neither were his natural forces (literal translation: 'sexual juices') abated!" How's that for after 120 years of constant use!--And there were many more like him from Adam to Abraham and Jacob to David! Like many other muscles, the sexual muscles have to be kept in use to be kept in trim! Most of the other patriarchs and kings seem to have about the same record of outstanding sexual exploits, as well as all the other great things they did!

       68. ALTHOUGH THE APOSTLE PAUL SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN A WOMAN-HATER PERHAPS BECAUSE HE HAD BEEN MARRIED OR HAD PREVIOUS SAD EXPERIENCES WITH SOME SAD WOMEN, he certainly must have known quite a few women to know so much about them and to appreciate the average man's need for sex, to which he's compelled to concede in the famous 1Corinthians 7. From personal revelation and Bible study, I am convinced that Jesus Himself could have enjoyed His Father's own creation of sexual activity with some of the women He lived with particularly Mary and Martha, "and yet without sin!" Why should it have been a sin for Christ to enjoy the sex that He Himself had created?--That would only sound like sin to you if you still had a hangover from the old false church doctrine that sex is sinful which it is not according to the Bible!

       69. ADAM AND EVE ENJOYED SEX BEFORE THEY EVER FELL, and before the fall they were commanded to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and were created with sexual organs to do so in the very beginning! So how could sex be sinful if they were commanded to do it before the Fall? So sex was not a result of the fall of man and the introduction of sin, as is taught be some of the churches and believed by so many church people to be therefore still sinful, but this is not true according to the Bible. Sex is no sin and if sex is no sin, then why would it have been sinful for Jesus, and why should He have been sexually frustrated and denied the enjoyment of the natural physical needs of His human body?

       70. OF COURSE MUCH OF THIS IDEA OF SEX BEING A SIN WAS AN OLD CARRYOVER INTO THE CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT ORIENTAL PAGAN ASCETICISMS which the churches have revamped into practices of penance, celibacy, "abstaining from meats," marriage, wine, women, etc. So most churchianity has become a religion of "don'ts" and saintliness is supposed to consist of a denial of all human happiness and general enjoyment of any kind! The so-called holiness religions have gotten to the point that they seem to think it is sinful to enjoy anything, and a sin to be happy and that sainthood consists of such suffering, pain, self-torture, self-denial and self-crucifixion that you must be in utter misery and agony to get close to God!--Thus the "agony and the ecstasy!" They teach that without the agony of human physical suffering, you can't possibly enjoy the ecstasy of Godly spirituality. But I believe this is a lie, and that the Bible does not teach this at all, but that God created us to enjoy life as well as death!

       71. MOST OF THE GREAT MEN OF THE BIBLE SEEMED TO GET AS BIG A BANG OUT OF LIVING AS THEY DID DYING! And most of the great men and women of God that have known did the same including my own mother and father and my grandfather who had his sixth child while in his sixties! Even the angels of God enjoyed union with the daughters of men, which produced giants in ancient times. according to the Bible.--And God Himself had to have intercourse with Mother Mary in order to have Jesus!

       72. SO WHO THE HELL (OF HELL AND THE DEVIL!) THINKS GOD IS AGAINST SEX WHEN HE CREATED IT, ENJOYED IT, AND MADE IT FOR US TO ENJOY! And who thinks He's against life and pleasure and happiness when He created these also for us to enjoy? I don't have a sad God!--I have a happy God who wants me to be happy too, and you as well! This is the whole point to it all, to relieve us of the suffering, pain, death and tears brought into the world by the enemy and the sins of man, why else then would He say that in Heaven there's going to be "no more sorrow, pain, death or tears"? So if we're going to enjoy Heaven on earth in the Lord, why not enjoy it here and now just the same in Jesus, who said, "I am come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly"? And "these things I say unto you that ye might have joy, and that your joy might be full!" So who the hell thinks Jesus didn't believe in living it up abundantly and enjoying life to the full? They're just crazy and don't know the Bible, and they certainly don't know God very well!

       73. BUT DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME: I'M NOT SAYING THAT THERE ARE NOT TIMES WHEN WE MIGHT HAVE TO "DENY OURSELVES, take up our cross, and follow Him," when we will have to make sacrifices and crucify the flesh in order to follow in some of the hard places where He will lead. But this is not necessary all of the time. Or we just couldn't humanly physically take it! We would even get discouraged spiritually with serving the Lord with all that misery, agony, pain, suffering, sacrifice, self-denial, torture and death! This is not living! This is dying! He came "that we might have life, and have it more abundantly." And enjoy His joy to the fullest, here and now!--Not just "pie in the sky" and "Heaven hereafter," but "an hundredfold in this life, and in the world to come life eternal!"--All this and Heaven too!--Heaven on earth and Heaven hereafter!

       74. BUT PITY THE REST OF THE WORLD WHO HAVE HELL ON EARTH AND HELL HEREAFTER! Only God's children can really enjoy life, both here and Hereafter!--So live it up! Like the old song:
       "I love life, and I want to live!--
       To drink of life's fullness,
       Take all it can give!

       I love life, every moment must count!--
       To bask in its sunshine
       And revel in its fount!

       I love life!
       I want to live
       I love life!"

       75. I GRANT YOU THAT THERE ARE TIMES WHEN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND TO SAVE OTHERS, YOU MAY HAVE TO "HATE YOUR LIFE" AND "PREFER DEATH" in order die for others and "lay down your life for the brethren." This is your final proof that you love God and your family more than your own life, and "no greater love hath any man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." But this does not mean he has not loved life and enjoyed it, but that he would rather hate it and even give it up that others might have life and enjoy it, particularly eternal life, and this proves that he loves God and his fellows more than life! "No man yet ever hated his own flesh"--We love it dearly!--But we're to love God and others more!

       76. IT IS LIKE THAT VERSE ABOUT HATING YOUR PARENTS, WHICH IS SO WIDELY MISUSED BY SOME. Some of you seem to think that you have to hate them all to be a child of God, but this is absolutely not true! It simply means that you must love God and His children more, and with such great love that compared with such unselfish love and the virtually incomparable love of God your former mere flesh affection for your natural parents seems almost like a disgusting hatred! Also, if they do stand in your way between you and God and His work, it will cause you to hate them or abhor them by comparison! So may God help them not to stand in your way, so that you may love them to the full both naturally and spiritually. I thank God that most of our parents are friendly and feel this way, and are glad their children are now safe from the evils of this world, and are now serving God and others in our fellowship, even if they may not all entirely agree with us and our message and methods.

       77. GOD LOVES LIFE TOO, AND HE CREATED IT FOR YOU TO LOVE AND ENJOY. Do you think for a minute that Adam and Eve, the two most perfectly beautiful, strongest and sexiest human bodies God ever made, sat around moping and complaining in that Heaven on Earth of the Garden of Eden and wishing they had never been created, sorry they were alive, and longing to be dead? This of course is ridiculous! They just made the mistake of wanting too much life, of wanting to go to the extreme, not being satisfied with what they already had, but wanting more, and more than God knew was good for them. So how we're all suffering the consequences of our excesses, intemperances, immoderation and overindulgences of their and our own wanting to know not only the good but also the evil. Well now we know evil, but it was only permitted that we might more greatly appreciate the good!

       78. GOD CREATED EVIL AND DEATH AND ALLOWED MAN TO CHOOSE IT and suffer it, in order that he might know the difference and desire goodness and life--the good life, good living! So live it! Look and live, my brother! Live! O why will ye die? God wants you to desire life and to love it and enjoy it, but He wants you to desire Him and love and enjoy Him and His children even more! So that's where some self-sacrifice, self-denial, suffering and crucifixion will come in sometimes, to prove you love Him and others even more than this wonderful life He has given, which He knows you'll enjoy and that you love, including the love you love, and the sex you love, and the lovers you love! Hallelujah?

       79. THE PROBLEM OF FEMALE FRIGIDITY was what actually gave rise to this now lengthy and somewhat difficult discourse on sex, and our consideration of the causes, practices and side-effects of masturbation, and its differences in the male and female. Boys naturally learn to masturbate sooner and practise it more than girls, because the male organ is external and therefore more easily stimulated, whereas the girls' organ of excitement, primarily the clitoris, is internal and therefore less apt to be even accidentally or inadvertently manually stimulated without definite and purposeful manipulation and the intent to do so. Therefore girls do not always learn as much about climaxing as soon as boys. Also God seems to have made boys bolder than girls in most things, and therefore the girl usually is a little more hesitant, timid, backward and fearful about such things. Particularly, girls usually seem to be much closer to their mothers than boys are, and are therefore often more influenced by mother's own parentally indoctrinated aversion for sex and the belief that it is a sin, possibly because of her own unsatisfactory experiences or religious upbringing.

       80. SINCE THEREFORE SEXUAL DESIRE IN WOMEN IS NOT AS EASILY ACTIVATED AS IN MEN, and in women it has even been repressed and suppressed and made to be thought sinful and wicked, if a girl has practiced masturbation at all, she has probably done it guiltily and as quietly, secretly and softly as possible, which certainly does not tend to encourage or express the full and sometimes very active and noisy explosion of a total orgasm! She has therefore been accustomed to repressing and suppressing her reactions and even the movements and sounds of such a masturbated orgasm for fear she might be heard and discovered. Or possibly she had pretended to be asleep while some friend or member of the family has caressed and masturbated her, and therefore habitually deliberately exercised all the self-control she possibly could to suppress any visible movement or audible sound in response to the same, so as not to give herself away that she is really enjoying it and not asleep at all, but only pretending. So she's used to hiding her feelings, lest she be obliged to refuse such loving since she's supposed to think it naughty and wrong.

       81. THEREFORE SHE MAY, AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ALL THIS, CARRY OVER INTO MARRIAGE ITSELF THIS SAME SUBCONSCIOUS SELF-CONTROL AND SUPPRESSION of reaction and repression of response, lest she be thought even here to be sinful, wicked and wrong in enjoying it so much, and naughty in showing it, and actually embarrassed or ashamed to manifest her orgasm! This subconsciously restricted attitude and unconscious habitual mental restraint would certainly not help her to achieve the full explosion of the orgy of orgasm, because, after all, an orgy of sex is supposed to be something bad! Although God has given us organs for orgasm, we're still afraid to enjoy them in an orgy of sexual pleasure even with our own mate, for fear we might be thought unspiritual and in the flesh.

       82. LET ME TELL YOU, BROTHER AND SISTER, SEX IS VERY MUCH IN THE FLESH! But until you get it through your thick head that it is also to be enjoyed in the spirit, and it is also very spiritual, and a literal physical illustration or example in the flesh of the orgasms of the spirit and spiritual ecstacies, you will never really and truly be able to enjoy the orgies of sex and its orgiastic climaxes to the full! For God's sake, let yourself go! Let go and let God, and enjoy the power of total surrender to the Spirit in an orgy of sexual orgasms of your God-given organs to the point that you're so wild and free in the spirit, and believe that it so right and the way it ought to be, that you could even be like the nymphomaniac who chased the preacher around the church and grabbed him by the organ, where he rammed the fear of God into her! Some preachers really need that, and they'd be a lot better off if they had it, including some of your own preacherified, sanctimonious, self-righteous holier-than-thou husbands!

       83. SO, GIRLS, MAYBE THIS IS ONE REASON FOR YOUR DAMNED FRIGIDITY!--You just don't want to admit it!--You're too embarrassed and ashamed and afraid to let yourself go, because you're such a damn hypocrite that you don't want to let him know how fleshly you are and how much you really enjoy it! So you actually defeat it, frustrate it, suppress it, resist it and make it virtually impossible for yourself to reach a climax for fear he might find out you're not such a saint after all! It took me years to persuade my wife that it was not sin to enjoy sex, and not to be afraid to show it! But now, thank God, she's one of the most revolutionary of all, and she can really throw it around! She can even go by caressing her breasts, and you can hardly touch her clitoris but that she goes of like a shot and nearly hits the ceiling when she bounces! Whereas she used to be afraid to even move or make a sound, now she nearly screams!

       84. MY GOD, MY DEAR, FOR GOD'S SAKE AND YOUR HUSBAND'S SAKE, SAVE YOUR SAINTLINESS FOR THE PUBLIC! But don't be afraid to be a devilish little rascal in bed and sock it to him with all your might in private--his privates! If that doesn't do it, let your husband do it for you with his own finger!--And if that still doesn't do it, you may have to develop and little do-it-yourself technique with your own finger or a vibrator until you can! Girls who seem only able to respond fully to this manual stimulation of the clitoris, rather than in normal intercourse, sometimes have a little difficulty in transferring this feeling to the act of intercourse itself, and so they find difficulty in attaining a climax by intercourse alone. So such a girl should by all means be climaxed by this tactile manipulation of the clitoris by hand, either by her husband or herself, in order to be sure to achieve the full satisfaction of a complete orgasm and its consequent release and relaxation from tension, and the blissfully restful feeling which should follow.

       85. OTHERWISE SHE MAY BE LEFT WITH THE FEELING OF UNFULFILLED DESIRE AND FRUSTRATION AND IN A PHYSIOLOGICAL CONDITION which might be described as similar to the pain of a male erection being maintained for hours to the point of exhaustion! If the woman is fully aroused and her female organs are gorged with blood as they should be in such sexual excitement, and this condition is not relieved by the needed orgasm, her organs remain glutted with blood for hours, and she continues to feel tense, irritable, frustrated and disappointed. It this dissatisfaction is repeated often enough, it can eventually result in actual physical complications in her body, manifesting themselves in backaches, headaches and even more serious troubles, real or imagined! So the woman should by all means be satisfied, if at all possible, and it is possible by the grace of God and with a little help from you or her own self-stimulation.

       86. THE MOST DIFFICULT CASES HAVE SOMETIMES RESPONDED TO EITHER THE ELECTRICAL VIBRATOR OR THE WATER JET TREATMENT, which means using a small rubber hose attached to the faucet of the tub and squirting a stream of water on the clitoris (not into the vagina!). This vibration of a jet of water will sometimes do it when nothing else can, and will sometimes result in the most phenomenal orgasms. However, caution must be used that the jet stream of water is not too powerful, lest it actually damage the tissues or make them sore. A little experimentation with yourself will help you find just what pressure you personally need to achieve success in this experiment. It doesn't do it for everybody, but it might do it for you. Any reasonable method is worth a try to help you experience your orgasm regularly and pleasurably for your own sexual relief and peace of body, mind and soul! Personally, my middle finger's never failed to do the trick!--Ps.16:11.--Ask the gals who know!

       87. FINALLY, REMEMBER THAT WHATSOEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN SO IT IS WISE TO BECOME ENLIGHTENED by the Word and enlightened revolutionary instruction so as to know the difference between what really is sin and what actually is not sin, even though you may think it is or the churches say it is! Because if you think it is a sin, it is a sin to you, and therefore it makes you just as guilty as if it were really sinful, because you've done something that you thought was wrong, even if it wasn't wrong. So it is very important that you learn to know the difference between what God considers real sexual sin, as outlined before in the beginning of this treatise, and what you only think to be sin, such as sex in general, just because you've been taught that way by someone who didn't know any better. Because they can both be a sin to you if you don't know any better, and if you feel like you're being sinful.

       88. THIS IS WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD COMES IN, FOR JESUS CAME TO FREE US FROM SIN AND ITS POWER and condemnation. So no matter whether you have really sinned or just think you've sinned because you were mistakenly taught that certain sexual things were sinful, such as masturbation or fully enjoying sex in any form, God will still forgive you, "For if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness!" "For the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all unrighteousness!"--No matter what you've done! The only "unpardonable sin" is a lack of faith in Jesus, or your rejection of Him as your Saviour. Remember, most people do not suffer for the unpardonable sin, but rather for the pardonable sins from which they fail to repent or turn away and ask forgiveness. So simply be sorry and ask God to forgive you, and He will, no matter whether you have really sinned or just think you have! He'll even forgive you for having made such a foolish mistake as thinking you're sinning in enjoying sex, when you're not!

       89. THOSE WHO CAN'T ENJOY NORMAL SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, including a moderate amount of necessary masturbation for personal relief or married satisfaction, are simply weak sisters and weaker brethren spiritually, because they do not know the Scriptures! They had better study chapters such as Romans 14, 1Cor.7, and all the other good references on such matters, including some of our Letters on these subjects! This is a good time to use your new Index, God willing--And I believe He is! Hallelujah!

       90. FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH, JUST AS MURMURING IS THE OPPOSITE OF PRAISE! Fear murmurs. Faith praises. Fear murmurs no matter what happens. Faith praises no matter what happens. So remember, if you have fearful inhibitions regarding sex or masturbation, then you don't have the faith you should have.--So it is no wonder you're complaining about your sexual relationship instead of praising the Lord for it! It is no wonder you're afraid of enjoying sex and masturbation when you're not trusting that God made your sexual organs for your use and enjoyment, and therefore you're not thanking God for them and enjoying them! "In everything give thanks," "thanking Him always," for "every good thing which cometh from above," including sex, your sexual organs and the natural pleasure and satisfaction of normal masturbation and sexual intercourse!

       91. ANOTHER GOOD LETTER TO STUDY ON THIS, BY THE WAY, IS "BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE" (ML #203, {\b \i Vol.2}), believe it or not, which deals with the effect that pride has on sexual potency or impotency, for pride is the archenemy of sex! Sex was not the Devil's idea!--It was God's!--And the Devil is its archenemy! He tries to take the credit for it, and then trickily turns around and condemns you for enjoying it, tells you it is a sin, that it is his sinful offering for your pleasure, and that the only way you can really enjoy sex is by being a sinner! Because sex is sinful, so the Devil says.--Or, being the hypocrite that he is, he tries to make you too spiritually proud to enjoy it, and to pretend to be the saint that you aren't, instead of the little devil you really are! So like all of the Devil's wares, he offers it to you on his own terms, then snatches it away just before you get it, or keeps you from enjoying it if you do! The Devil is like the stripteaser: He offers you everything, but never really delivers. He makes you pay and pay and pay for what you ought to be getting free of charge!--And his prices come high, when God intended for it to be all free!

       92. SO DON'T LET THE DEVIL FOOL YOU INTO THINKING YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR SEX BY SINFULNESS in order to enjoy it! He's a liar from the beginning and the father of lies! So if he tells you you can't enjoy sex without being one of his sinners, just face your fears and tell him he's liar, slap him in the face with God's Word, rebuke him, and he'll flee from you!--And then go ahead and masturbate and/or fuck with all your might and thank God for it!--And don't be afraid to explode like an atom bomb, girls, even if your legs go straight up and hit the ceiling, or your butt bangs the bottom of the bed, or the neighbours hear your screams of delight and shrieks of pleasure!--Enjoy yourself!--It's later than you think!

       93. ENJOY YOURSELF AND SEX AND WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU TO ENJOY, WITHOUT FEAR OR CONDEMNATION! For "perfect love casts out all fear," for "fear hath torment," particularly sexual fears can be physical torture! I know, because I myself personally suffered for years the tortures of the demons of hell with their God-damned churchy attitude towards sex with which they had filled me!--And I don't want you to suffer, as I did, the horrors of such sexual frustrations and condemnations! Cut loose from those old foolish fancies and woeful old wives' tales still taught by some churches and parents! Let yourself go into the bosom of God and let God do it to you in an orgasm of the Spirit till you're free! You're His wife!--Sock it to Him! Hallelujah, I am free--Jesus gives us liberty!--Amen?--Now try it!--You'll like it!--And thank God for it! Amen? It's a Revolution!--For Jesus! Power to the people!--Sex power!--God's power!--Can be your power! Amen?--Be a sex revolutionist for Jesus!--Wow!--There we go again! Hallelujah!--Are you comin'?

"FROM A TO ZED" (A Love Poem)--MO       30-1-73

       She cooks my breakfast,
       Makes my bed,
       And writes the thoughts
       Out of my head,
       So all the kids
       Can be well read.
       She goes with me
       Where e're I'm led,
       And follows close
       Within my tread,
       As on my thoughts
       We two are sped.
       She'll be with me
       Till I am dead,
       To see that I
       Am still well fed,
       So all my words
       Can be well said.
       And that is why
       That we were wed,
       For she loves me
       From A to Zed!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family