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"THE BLOB STORY!"—MO       October 19, 1974       NO.316B—DFO
--A Sob Story

Copyrighted October, 1974 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Children of the London Executive Council and all other Blobs: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thank you again for your faithful reports, love notes, etc. God bless you.

       1. YOU FOLKS THERE HAVE BEEN ACCOMPLISHING A MONUMENTAL TASK and have brought a great deal of order out of considerable chaos and have done amazingly well considering the difficulties you've had to work under with so many moves and resultant breakdowns of equipment, delays, difficulties and shortages of trained skilled personnel in certain areas. Thank God you've still been able to carry on!

       2. WE HAVE BEEN CONSIDERABLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR SITUATION there and especially your inability to find suitable quarters for some departments because of your frequent moves, the loss of the one particular building you had in mind on a long term lease which sounded like a real bargain, as well as the possibilities that you may even soon lose some of those which you now have.

       3. WE KNOW THAT GOD DOES NOT FAIL and will never let us down if we are trusting and obeying Him and operating according to His Will and what He knows is best. Therefore, when things begin to awry we usually know that either He's trying to show us something or that we're missing the mark somewhere, failing in some area or mistaken in some way about the way we're doing things or not moving exactly in the right direction in the way we're going about it.

       4. WITH THOSE OF US WHO REALLY LOVE THE LORD AND ARE DOING OUR BEST to serve Him as best we know how, oft times at considerable personal sacrifice and even some measure of suffering, inconvenience, discomfort or simple dissatisfaction, we know that God loves us and is doing His best to help us if we're doing our best to help Him.

       5. SO IF THINGS AREN'T GOING QUITE RIGHT WE CERTAINLY KNOW IT'S NOT GOD'S FAULT and that we must just not be getting our signals straight somehow or our wires are crossed somewhere in some way that's not suitable or pleasing to Him.

       6. SO OF COURSE THE FIRST THING TO DO IS TO LOOK AROUND AND SEE AND ASK HIM WHAT WE ARE DOING WRONG or how we could do it better or if we're making some kind of mistake or even in some way actually disobeying Him. The reason we are now having to type this Letter on a strange, difficult, different and hand-powered machine instead of our usual electric portable which Ben and Miriam so kindly bought for us just before we left, is that we were not prepared for the present city-wide power failure and had not supplied ourselves with our own spare non-electric portable, so have had to borrow this miniature from our neighbours.

       7. SO OFTEN WE ARE CAUGHT IN A DILEMMA BECAUSE OF OUR OWN FAILURES to be prepared for such emergencies although God has often warned us many times of these very possibilities and that we should always be prepared for some of these sudden and unexpected changes in circumstances and always have an alternative in mind or ready so that we can switch over to something else or someone else or some way else or somewhere else etc., even at a moment's notice if need be!

       8. WE HAD BEEN ONLY LATELY LOOKING at some hand-driven portables in the shop windows and considering the possibility that we might need one in the case of just such an emergency, but only casually and not urgently, as it never seemed to sink in that it might happen soon and at just such a time as this when we need desperately to write you this letter to try to suggest some of the details of the major moves and shifts in policies which we've been hinting at lately and which will affect you considerably.

       9. BUT HERE WE ARE AND IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED, the power's off, our usual machine is useless, it's the weekend and the shops are shut and we're caught short and unable to handle the situation as we should have. Instead we're having to make do with this ridiculous little machine, thanks to the kindness of our neighbours and the Lord who never lets you down quite all the way even though it's your own foolish mistake, disobedience and unpreparedness which has caused all the trouble!

       10. SO THANK GOD for even this little typewriter and the few buildings you do have left in London so that we are not totally without any recourse to at least some alternative, as pitiful as it may be and as difficult as we have made it ourselves by being so poorly prepared so that it's no one's fault but our own! So we certainly can't blame our own mistakes on the Lord when He has already warned us so many times to be prepared for these inevitable eventualities!

       11. WE'RE JUST TRYING TO ENCOURAGE YOU by telling you all this to show you that we also sometimes make some very foolish and totally unnecessary mistakes because of our own neglect to heed the warnings of the Lord and His Word! In fact, we're even having to send you the first carbon copy of this Letter because the ribbon is so old and dried out from disuse that the original is almost unintelligible! So about all we can say now is, so sorry!--Our mistake!

       12. AND THAT'S ABOUT ALL WE CAN SAY FOR YOU TOO NOW: SO SORRY!--But we should have all listened to the Lord and His warnings now for years against these big over-sized Colonies which are so difficult to house, so hard to operate and such a burden to move!

       13. HAVING RECENTLY READ AND REREAD, AS WE HAVE, ALL OF HIS VARIOUS LETTERS ON THIS SAME SUBJECT over the past five years, and some of which we are reprinting for you now to remind you emphatically not to make the same mistake again, we can surely all see how foolish we were to permit the redevelopment of such a monstrous blob as you now have again there in London!

       14. IT SEEMS THAT BLOB-BUSTING IS THE LORD'S AND MY SPECIALTY, because we've had to do so much of it even from the earliest times which all of you are too young to remember!

       15. MY FIRST MEMORY OF OUR FIRST BLOB is when I was only seven years old and my parents had a huge Gospel Tabernacle packed with about 5, 000 people nearly every night in the great old boom days of Miami, Florida in 1925!

       16. BUT THEN CAME THE BLOW!--And a big blow it was too, the gigantic 1926 Miami hurricane which nearly flattened that monstrous building as well as killing over 2, 000 people of that wicked city! Thank God not one of ours was hurt, but the housing for our first monstrous blob lay in ruins!

       17. BUT MY MOTHER STILL DID NOT GET THE POINT that God had called her to be an evangelist and not a pastor and He was trying to make her hit the road again, even if He had to crush her seemingly greatest work to try to show her! It did compel her to hit the road again all right, to where she was speaking to thousands more such as 7,000 in the old Cadle Tabernacle of Indianapolis and 10,000 each night in the Philadelphia Arena, etc.

       18. BUT GOD SO BLESSED HER FOR GETTING OUT THE MESSAGE in this evangelistic work and so prospered her for obeying Him that she immediately turned around and used the money to make the very same mistake all over again by rebuilding her former monstrous blob in Miami so that it was even more beautiful than ever!

       19. SO THIS TIME CAME THE BURST!--The Florida boom burst in 1927 two years before it hit the rest of the country, the bottom fell out of the real estate market and the people left, and dear Mother and Dad were left with a bigger and more beautiful blob of a building but hardly anybody in it!

       20. BUT STILL SHE WOULD NOT LEARN!--She promptly proceeded to feverishly try to rebuild a lost congregation until she nearly worked herself to death, developed a malignant cancer and nearly died!--God's next judgment on her disobedience! However, when she cried out for mercy and repented by accepting the very next invitation to an evangelistic meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she could speak on one of those earliest radio stations to millions, God miraculously and instantly healed her so she could obey Him again! Hallelujah! He never fails!

       21. BUT SHE FAILED AGAIN, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BY TRYING TO KEEP HER BLOB still going behind her although she herself had hit the road again and was being mightily used of the Lord once more, this time in a great radio ministry! So this time, for the last and final time, God had to take it completely away from her Himself by letting others she had left behind to run it, literally steal it from her so she couldn't possibly go back to it again!

       22. NEVERTHELESS, IN SPITE OF ALL OF THIS, SHE STILL TRIED to hold onto our home in Miami and even a small church to come home to and the husband she loved and the children she adored, until God had to take all of these away from her too, leaving her absolutely destitute and with nobody but me and our old battered bus to hit the road again by faith and to stay there this time for 12 years with me as her helper until I was married and had two children before she quit again because she said that was too many to haul around on the road!

       23. SO I PROMPTLY WENT OUT AND HAD TWO MORE CHILDREN AND BUILT MY FIRST LITTLE BLOB of a church until the Lord took it away from me to send me back on the road, too!

       24. HOME IS A GREAT TEMPTATION TO MOST OF US and it always seems hard to leave!--But how are we going to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature if we don't keep leaving home? Moving is like dying and it's not always easy to leave the old house and move to a new one in a new place! In fact, I think dying is even easier because you don't have to pack up and take everything with you because, as they say, you can't take it with you!

       25. SO I SOLVED THE MOVING PROBLEM BY BUYING A MOVEABLE BLOB! We got a trailer or caravan and took it with us along with the family! The first was only 14 feet long because we only had two children then. But by the time we had four, we got one 18 feet long and even our mobile blob was beginning to grow!

       26. IN FACT, WE FINALLY EVEN SETTLED IT DOWN IN OUR YARD OF OUR NEW BLOB back in Miami again as we started our first little Bible School for missionaries in the lovely sunny clime of tropical Florida!

       27. AND IT WASN'T LONG BEFORE WE HAD ABOUT FORTY PEOPLE LIVING WITH US, 8 of them in our little 18-foot blobber in the front yard, until God finally closed us down and made us move again to hit the road where we belonged! So what did we do?--We bought a 28-footer, of course, and a 20-foot truck to tow it with, a nearly fifty-foot gigantic mobile blob-of-a-rig overall! With this we hit the road and stayed for nearly a year until we got worried about moving the kids from school to school every month, though they seemed to enjoy it!

       28. SO WE STARTED A NEW BIG BLOB IN LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, my wife's home town where we had another school and more students until we were invited the following Summer to join an even bigger blob at TSC to help them run the new Texas Soul Clinic Missionary School there which soon had about 100 people or more!

       29. BUT WHEN THIS NEW BLOB GOT SO BUSY with farming that they didn't have much time left for witnessing and had almost forgotten what they'd joined the army for, we moved out and they eventually broke up in doctrinal quarrels until the old Ranch was deserted again! God was still busy breaking up blobs!

       30. SO WHAT DID WE DO NOW?--START ANOTHER BLOB OF COURSE!--This time it was back in Florida again, a brilliant compromise on the Florida Keys: A trailer camp for mobile homes!--So we could move it if we had to!--And move it we did in about year! I sold my new 32-foot trailer, turned the camp over to somebody else who moved it across the road, while we ourselves moved into an 18-room, three-story dilapidated old mansion in the heart of Miami where we could witness more to more people with more people, and soon had another big blob!

       31. BUT WAS THIS ENOUGH?--NO!--WE FOUND AN OLD 33-ROOM HOTEL on Miami Beach where we could have an even bigger blob and more people to witness to more Jews! But they didn't seem to think it very amusing and were very unresponsive, so we soon moved back into our old blob at the mansion house until offered the old TSC Ranch as a home, a hundred miles in the middle of nowhere, where we spent six years with a bunch of empty buildings trying to figure out how to make another blob out of that one! That was really a tough one!

       32. BUT WE FINALLY DID IT!--WE BROUGHT 100 HIPPIES there from California, to make a long story short, and began building our biggest blob ever, eventually nearly 300 strong! But none of these blobs ever lasted more than a year or two it seems, so we were soon out of our happy home again, this time thrown out by our unhappy host because it got so big he wanted it all for himself!

       33. AND SO WE MOVE FROM BLOB TO BLOB! The next one had grown up in L.A. while we were at TSC, but God drove us out of that one too as well the Coachella Ranch, another growing blob, and we began building blobs all over the place!--Cincy, Burlington, Seattle, Zion, Dallas, Denver and God only knows where all else! Until we began building blobs in Europe, too, as fast as God could run us out of the blobs we left behind! When will we ever learn?--We didn't!

       34. WE SOON HAD NEW BIG BLOBS in Bromley and Hollingbourne Manor, our newly overgrown happy homes of hearts, until these both got so big God had to run us out them too! Will we ever learn?--No, it doesn't seem so, because as fast as we and the Lord can bust them up, you manage to run off and build 'em again somewhere!--Blobs come and go, but are always rebuilt again by about the same people!

       35. SO PEOPLE AND PLACES COME AND GO, BUT THE BLOB SEEMS TO LIVE ON FOREVER!--Until next time the Lord blows on your blob to blow you out of it again! He is seemingly, ceaselessly trying to blow you out of your blobs, but almost endlessly and hopelessly, because we never seem to learn even from our own history or even our own memory what a mess we made last time with our last blob!

       36. WE SEEM EVER LEARNING BUT NEVER COMING TO A KNOWLEDGE that God blackballs, blacklists, blacksout, blames, blasts, blazes, blows on, tries to blockade and blitzkrieg and finally doesn't bless your bleary-eyed bleating bleeding blemished blithering, blighted, blinded, blinkin', blistering, blockheaded, bloopin', blotted, blundering, blubbering, blustering, bloomin', bloody, blue-blooded, blood-suckin' blobs!

       37. WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO LEARN?--I know I haven't!--I know I'd have my house full right now and be getting bigger and bigger houses with more and more people if Maria and the Lord would let me! But both she and the Lord have seen what they've done to us as well as to me and our work, so they both fight me on it every step, tooth and tong!

       38. THEY KNOW WE CAN'T GET THE JOB DONE as long as we're loaded down with such a big blob of a mob that everybody's getting in everybody's way and nobody can get anything done because we're all too busy taking care of each other to take care of anything else but our big blob!

       39. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE WHY DON'T WE GET THE POINT and follow God the way God has tried to show us from the beginning and every time He breaks up a new blob to this very day of His breaking up of our present ones!--God is against blobs! He doesn't like them, He doesn't want them, He keeps destroying them and keeps trying to keep us from rebuilding them because blobs are just not His plan!

       40. "HE THAT WITHHOLDETH, IT TENDETH TO POVERTY, BUT HE THAT SCATTERETH ABROAD IT INCREASETH!" But I suppose some of you will claim the promise "Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together and running over!"--Which is the condition you're in right now because you don't seem to get the point that you can't out-give God and you must keep giving out as fast as He gives in or you'll soon be filled again to overflowing and become another blob!

       41. YOU'LL SOON BE A BIG OLD BOTTLE SELFISHLY KEEPING ALL GOD GIVES until you stretch so big that a new blob has to burst again in order to scatter the contents amongst the thirsty and the hungry and the needy on needy fields where workers are so few and so needed. He has to keep blowing you apart to supply them because you won't give them voluntarily and keep your Colonies down to the ideal size of only a dozen or two!--So boom!--There goes another blob!

       42. AND HE HAS TO BLOW YOUR BLOB APART LIKE A BOMB to scatter you far enough that you won't reassemble another blob too soon again! But, you say, perhaps this is God's way of splitting the atom to start a chain reaction that will blow apart many other atoms and keep on scattering the parts all over the place?--But the trouble with us is we let the bomb grow too big before we allow it to explode so that it nearly blows us off the face of the earth along with it!--Or out of our present quarters, city, or country!--And then all is lost!

       43. SO WHY DON'T YOU LEARN TO DIVIDE SOONER when you're still smaller and it can be easily done without so much trouble and with time for plenty of planning and preparing instead of waiting until the last minute when your blob grows so big that it suddenly and unexpectedly blows up in your face and you with it! Why can't you keep the rules that we made that when your Colony gets to be over two dozen you should begin dividing into two separate Colonies, the new one in a different place!

       44. AGAIN WE SAY, DIVIDE AND CONQUER THE WORLD or the world will divide and conquer you! This is what we've tried to show you again and again in these now almost innumerable Letters on the subject of keeping Colonies small, divided and thus multiplied and scattered abroad throughout all the earth! What is God going to have to do to us to get us to do it? How long can this go on?

       45. WELL, I KNOW WHAT GOD HAS SHOWN ME in several recent visions when praying about your blob problems, and I have told you that you must divide these larger Colonies into smaller ones or He's going to force you to divide or divide you Himself as He showed me in "The Tree!", a vision we hope you'll be getting soon showing how you must grow by dividing or His judgments will soon fell you!

       46. IS YOUR HOUSE GETTING TOO SMALL FOR YOUR GROWING FAMILY?--MAYBE YOU'RE JUST GETTING TOO BIG FOR YOUR HOUSE and you need to send some of the older children out on their own to shift for themselves and build some new house for new families! Is your building getting too small for you?--Maybe you're just getting too big for your building like Alice in Wonderland and you need the potion that will make you small again?--Well this is it!

       47. IS YOUR ROOM TOO SMALL FOR YOUR FURNITURE?--MAYBE YOUR FURNITURE'S JUST TOO BIG FOR YOUR ROOM like the apartment upstairs! It looks so little and crowded cause the people up there have it stuffed with such big, over-stuffed furniture, whereas ours has so little furniture in it looks absolutely spacey by comparison-for spacey people like us, your crazy crusaders!

       48. WE'RE JUST CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK WE COULD RUN OFF ALL BY OURSELVES and to leave all your blubbering blobs behind while the two of us alone have probably as small a Colony as there is in the whole Revolution but probably accomplish more in proportion with our two than you do with your two hundred!--Amen?

       49. THAT'S WHY OUR LITTLE TINY COLONIES IN THE FAR FOREIGN FIELDS ARE ACCOMPLISHING SO MUCH!--They have so few people each that they can spend most of their time on the Lord's Work and helping others and very little time on taking care of themselves! That's why Maria and I can write you such long Letters: We have hardly anything else to do but what we're supposed to be doing! It doesn't take much to take care of two people!--A couple of sheets, a couple of towels, a couple of shirts, and a couple of sandwiches in a couple of rooms!

       50. ALL WE NEED IS A LOTTA LIT!--Lotsa paper, reams and reams of it, to write you big long letters that you haven't even got time to read because you're so busy running around in circles trying to catch up with each other that you haven't even got time to hear what the Lord has to say much less me!--True? Well, anyway, we're going to say it just the same whether you're listening or not!

       51. DIVIDE THOSE BIG BLOB COLONIES!--Send that excess personnel off to some other field or to do their job in some other place instead of looking around for a bigger building in which you can have an even bigger blob! Divide that overgrown family and send those overgrown children out to find a job so they can get married and find another house to rear their own families!

       52. OUR HEADQUARTERS COLONIES ALWAYS SEEM TO BE THE BIGGEST BLOBS OF ALL because they're usually built by the same people who just got through building the last big blob before the Lord and I had to come in with a tongue-lashing, turn the tables and drive them all out again!

       53. JUST LIKE JESUS DID IN THAT OVERGROWN TEMPLE AT JERUSALEM that got so filled with business they didn't even have time to pray! So He got so mad He came with a whip and upset their whole applecart!--And they really didn't like it either!--In fact, it made them so mad they finally killed Him!

       54. IT'S KINDA LIKE THAT OLD GAME WE USE TO PLAY at parties: Upset the fruit basket or musical chairs! You set out only so many chairs in a circle so there were fewer chairs than people and then everybody sat down who could find a chair while the leader played some music. Then he'd suddenly unexpectedly stop the music and everybody had to get up and run for another chair, including those standing up.

       55. WHEN THE ROUGH AND TUMBLE, HELTER SKELTER SCRAMBLE FOR CHAIRS WAS OVER, ALL THOSE STILL STANDING WERE OUT OF THE GAME! Then the leader would take another chair or two away and they'd start again with those left until all the excess standbys were gradually eliminated and the game was over when the guys who'd won were the only ones who could really hang onto their seats!

       56. THE GAME IS OVER, BLOBS!--In fact, the party's almost over, too, and it's time for everybody to break up and go home to where they belong except for the guys who really need to live here and have a mighty good excuse for hangin' onto their seats! It's their seats and their house and they belong here and nobody else is supposed to live here but them so they can go back to work the next morning and get their jobs done!

       57. BUT YOU GUYS HAVE INVITED EVERYBODY IN TOWN TO YOUR PARTY when you haven't even got room enough for your own family, including some whole families from other towns, and you're having such a wing-ding of a swingin' party all together that nobody wants to go home where they belong or back to work or back to their fields!

       58. SO YOU JUST INVITE 'EM TO STAY ON WITH YOU and send 'em all out tomorrow looking for another bigger house so that hundreds of you can live together and never go home and never go back to work in the harvest fields where you belong!--Right?

       59. SO HERE I COME WITH MY WHIP and my loudly blaring music, and the tables are gonna be turned as soon as the music is over, the fruit basket upset and the place cleaned out, and everybody who hasn't got a mighty good excuse to hang onto his seat there, is gonna go out with 'em and nobody's gonna be left but the small family that belongs there and knows how to pray hard enough to stay and get your jobs done!

       60. THE PARTY'S OVER and it's time to go home and back to work! In fact, if you're having so many parties you can't stay home long enough to get your work done, then you're having too many parties!--And if you're having so many guests you can't handle 'em all, send 'em home or find 'em new homes elsewhere!

       61. LET'S GET BACK TO OUR SMALL COLONIES and back to work!--And if we're having so many parties we can't get our work done, then let's cut the parties and get back to our fields! Parties are great fun for awhile and you need the fellowship and to make new friends. But if they're interfering with your main job of litnessing and sowing the seed in the fields, then it's time to cut down on the parties and get back to work sowing the fields!--Amen? God bless you!

       62. AND IF YOUR COLONY HAS BECOME SUCH A BIG BLOB as a result of so many parties and partying and too many guests so your house can't even hold'em all any more, it's time for you to send some home or out to find a new home!--Not a bigger home for all of you but a smaller home for a few of you who can now go it on your own in some other needier area where you're needed!

       63. FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T JUST GO FROM BLOB TO BLOB AND MOB TO MOB! This doesn't solve anything if the Londoners merely want to go to Paris or the Parisians to London! Upsetting the fruit basket that way doesn't help a bit! What you need to do is remove a few more chairs so there'll be a few more standees who'll have to go out and find themselves another place to live or go back home to the small and needy Colonies that some of them originally came from! Amen?

       64. BUT SOME OF THOSE HOME COLONIES ARE BECOMING BLOBS TOO and need you no longer! So why not find a few friends who'd like to go with you and grab yourself a wife and a few kids and hit the road till you find a new field that's not so overcrowded with workers that you can't even find a place to lay your head!

       65. FIND A NEW HOME even if it's an old shack in shanty town and start a new family of friendly neighbours in some poor hungry new neighbourhood where folks are really starving for your love, hungry for your words and dying to hear your music!--PTL?

       66. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BOSS OR THE JOB, GET OUT AND FIND YOURSELF A NEW JOB AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS!--Try it!--You'll love it! I know it, because I've done it and it really doesn't take much to do it-just a little family and a little faith and a little guts and a desire for a new horizon and a fresh field for the guy who's crazy enough to be the first to pioneer it!

       67. AND WHEN YOU GET TIRED OF PIONEERING that one and it's strong enough to stand on its own, then keep moving and pioneer another!--Once a pioneer, always a pioneer!--Like me. I get bored with doing the same old thing day after day!--I've gotta write you a new Letter nearly every day to stay fresh and inspired or I get restless and dissatisfied and grumpy and unhappy and want to do another one that I know you need!

       68. SO IF YOUR COLONY IS ALREADY SMALL ENOUGH AND NEEDS YOU and your job is essential to it like mine, maybe you just need to give it a new twist each day and do something a little different!--Clean a new toilet, scrub a new floor, take care of a new baby, do a new wash, cook a new meal, write a new letter or teach a new class or sing a new song or fix a new car or make a new one out of the old one or a new job out of your old job!

       69. TRY A NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD IN YOUR LITNESSING or a new sales pitch or some new tactic you haven't tried before. You don't even have to leave your Colony to be a pioneer! You can pioneer something new every day if you pray! Do something different each day that you might not even have to do again tomorrow! Variety is the spice of life!

       70. I'M DISCOVERING SOMETHING DIFFERENT EVERY DAY!--Right where I am now!--New faces, new places, new things to do, new things to say and new people to say them to! We've even lived four different places in this one town! So there's always something different you can do to keep from becoming a slob of a blob yourself, so fat you can't even move, so slow you can't even go and in such a bog you can't do the job!

       71. GET OUT OF YOURSELF AND INTO OTHERS! Break up your own selfish blob and share yourself with others--or the bogey blob will get you if you don't watch out!

       72. DON'T GET BLOBITIS YOURSELF! Keep moving, turning, changing, and revoluting every single day!--And you will if you pray and ask God what to do today! For God's sake whatever you do, don't let that evil spirit of the blob possess you like the invaders or body snatchers! Don't let'em plant that blob idea in your brain, too!

       73. DON'T GET THE BLOB SPIRIT OR YOU'LL BE JUST ANOTHER BLOB YOURSELF, just another cog in the machine of another blundering blobbering blob!--And don't be a slobbering slob, either going around crying on everybody's shoulder because you don't like things the way they are!--Change em!--Or get out and start one of your own and run it the way you think it oughtta be run!

       74. JUST DON'T START ANOTHER BLOB, PLEASE! We've got too many of these already and we don't really need any more! We don't need more blobs!--We need more jobs to be done in other places! Clobber your blob with a job someplace else, and do it today!--Or the bogey blob'll get you if don't watch out!

       75. DIG OUT SOME OF THE OLD LETTERS ON HOW TO HIT THE ROAD AND START A NEW COLONY, like "Old Love, New Love", "Mountain Men", "Colonisation", "Reformation or Revolution" (Start one of your own!) "Revolutionary Rules", "Follow God", "All Things Change", "Quality or Quantity?", "Dropouts!", "Gotta Split!", "So You Wanna Be a Leader?", "Sample Not a Sermon", "Have Faith!--Will Travel!" "New Teams", "New Colonies" and all the other good Letters on a do-it-yourself ministry!

       76. SPLIT THE BLOB and start your own little Colony with your own ministry! GBY! ILY!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family