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"THE TRUTH"--vs. 112 Official Lies!--MO       November 3, 1974       NO.317--GP

Copyright November 1974 by the Children of God
P.O. Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England, or BP 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

Dear Children, Family and Friends: Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Praise the Lord!

       1. WELL, THERE'S REALLY NO POINT IN ADDRESSING THIS TO OUR ENEMIES IS THERE?--Because they wouldn't believe us anyhow and our friends don't really need it because they know us and know that the lies of our enemies about us are certainly not true!--Amen?--Thanks for your faithfulness, loyalty and support!

       2. HOWEVER, THERE ARE THOSE THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND PERHAPS EVEN SOME NEW FRIENDS AND FAMILIES WHO DO NOT YET KNOW US THAT WELL, WHICH WE MIGHT CALL THE UNCOMMITTED OR UNDECIDED because of their lack of knowledge firsthand of the true facts, and do not yet know what they should think about us considering all the conflicting reports that they hear. They are not yet even neutrals, because a so-called neutral is usually one who knows the score and has usually chosen to believe one side or the other in his own mind but prefers to keep his opinions to himself lest they mitigate against him in some way and his true colour be betrayed! (See Letter No. F.)

       3. SO FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO HAVE NOT YET HEARD THE TRUTH, OR BOTH SIDES, after which they alone are responsible for making their own decision for or against us in view of the facts, we write this so that you may have a fair opportunity to know the truth, whether you receive it or reject it--that is your affair and God will judge you accordingly;

       4. WE ARE, OF COURSE NOT TALKING TO OUR ENEMIES WHOSE MINDS ARE ALREADY MADE UP AND DON'T WANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE FACTS! They are hopelessly prejudiced and there's no use wasting time arguing with them! (See our Letter, "Fret Not!")


       6. THEREFORE, WE THANK GOD THAT SOME OF YOU HAVE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES OF OUR ENEMIES' WIDELY-PUBLICISED ATTACKS TO ANSWER THEM YOURSELVES with your own open, honest, happy faces and families with the truth in replying to sincere questions and granting the news media frank and honest interviews with a chance to hear and see the truth for themselves!

       7. SO, ALTHOUGH WE DO NOT USUALLY LIKE TO SOIL OUR FINGERS OR POLLUTE OUR MINDS WITH OUR ENEMIES' CUSTOMARY LYING AND DECEITFUL GUTTERWASH, IT MIGHT BE HELPFUL TO SOME OF YOU IF WE WOULD SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT by at least balancing the scales with the truth while pointing up a few of the ridiculous boners our hypocritical and jealous enemies have pulled themselves!

       8. THIS MIGHT AT LEAST CLARIFY THE ISSUES IN YOUR OWN MINDS and give you a little more effective ammunition to fire back at them in defense of the truth so you can always be ready, as the Apostle Peter said, to give an answer to any man that asketh thee, if you think necessary. Amen?

       9. THE FIRST QUESTION YOU WILL PROBABLY BE ASKED IS, OF COURSE: ARE ANY OF THESE CRIMINAL CHARGES ACTUALLY TRUE?--AND THE ANSWER IS, OF COURSE NOT! For if they had been, our enemies of course would have had us arrested and brought to criminal prosecution in the courts if they could have, instead of stooping to a filthy, lying gutter-level smear campaign in the press in a war of words instead of laws!

       10. BECAUSE THEY CANNOT PROVE ONE SINGLE CHARGE THAT THEY HAVE MADE AGAINST US, despite the fact that they have had members of the FBI, CIA and other investigatory bodies actually living with us as members and investigating us for years, including Scotland Yard, INTERPOL and many others!

       11. AND NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND ONE SINGLE THING ILLEGALLY WRONG WITH US no matter how hard some of them have tried! Not one of us have ever been arrested, tried or jailed for any serious infractions of the laws more than a few mere misdemeanors such as unintentional trespassing, traffic violations, etc., of which most or all of you have been guilty at some time or other, inadvertently or otherwise!

       12. THEREFORE, THE SO-CALLED CRIMES OF WHICH THESE NAMELESS, FACELESS, SHAMELESS, UNSWORN AND UNSEEN FALSE WITNESSES HAVE PURPORTEDLY ACCUSED US IN A RECENT REPORT HAD TO BE PLACED AS LIES IN THE MOUTH OF A POLITICIAN RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION in a District of New York dominated by same small but very wealthy, powerful and extremely influential anti-Christ minority whom we have recently exposed in our Letters as being largely responsible for the present world money crisis in their favour and willing to lead the U.S. into another world war to try to save their tiny little land of Israel from the poor Arabs from whom they stole it and upon whom they blame everything, even their own crimes!


       14. [DELETED] NOTE HOW ALMOST NO OTHER SPECIFIC NAMES OF SO CALLED WITNESSES ARE MENTIONED IN THIS ENTIRE REPORT, except an unknown "Doctor" whose full name is not even given, so he could not possibly be identified nor legal action taken against him, and one lone disgruntled ex-member!

       15. THE DOCTOR HIMSELF ACTUALLY CONFESSES TO THE COMMISSION OF HIS OWN ACTUAL CRIMES OF ABDUCTION, KIDNAPPING, FORCIBLE RESTRAINT AND INVOLUNTARY INCARCERATION OF HIS OWN LEGALLY-AGED DAUGHTER whom he tied with ropes and seat belts and imprisoned in his own home for a period of at least three months, according to his own quoted testimony!--Who are the criminals?

       16. PARENTS CAN BREAK THE LAW AND DENY THEIR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS AND LEGAL FREEDOMS AND GO SCOT FREE themselves with no danger of prosecution by sympathising authorities in spite of these serious actual crimes against their own children!

       17. AND THEN THE TESTIMONY OF THESE SAME CRIMINALLY GUILTY PARENTS IS EVEN BRAZENLY USED AGAINST US AND BRAGGED ABOUT IN THIS SAME REPORT as supposed evidence of our own guilt! Is this the guilty kind of people these officials are willing to listen to, but not to us the innocent?

       18. HAS LEGALLY-AGED YOUTH NO RIGHTS AT ALL? DO THE LAWS ONLY PROTECT PARENTS and those a few years older from prosecution for hundreds of heinous crimes committed against their own children and which have been a matter of public record in multitudes of similar recent cases?

       19. THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED CASE which the dear official who wrote this report sites as a shining example of permissible and commendable criminal action against a defenseless "child" and supposed proof of our own guilt!

       20. BUT THERE HAVE BEEN LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF THESES CASES OF LATE, ONE CRUEL PARENTAL ORGANISATION ALONE BOASTING PUBLICLY OF HAVING BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR NEARLY 600 SUCH CASES THROUGH A HIRED CRIMINAL known as "Black Lightning" [EDITED: ""Ted" Patrick"] and who has since spent some time in jail for it, although not nearly enough, considering the long list of his hellish crimes of violence, force, kidnapping, imprisonment and psychological and physical torture against hundreds of legally-aged youth for pay from their parents!

       21. BUT THE PARENTS RUN THE GOVERNMENTS, MAKE THE LAWS AND FAIL TO ENFORCE THEM AS THEY CHOOSE in order to protect themselves don't they? So there's no such thing as equal protection under the law, is there? The parents can commit the crimes against their children, crimes which would have been severely punished had they been committed by the children against their parents!

       22. BUT THE "CHILDREN," LEGALLY-AGED, FULL-GROWN AND EVEN MARRIED CHILDREN WITH CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN CANNOT EVEN DEFEND THEMSELVES nor be protected from their parents' cruelties under the laws of some countries like the U.S. and States like New York, or the lack of enforcement of such laws by prejudiced officials! Is this fair?--NO!

       23. AND NOT ONLY THAT, THE PARENTS TURN AROUND AND CHARGE THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN WITH THE VERY SAME CRIMES WHICH THEY THE PARENTS THEMSELVES HAVE COMMITTED criminally and cruelly against their own children! This is always the Devil's way of accusing God's innocent saints of the sins and crimes of which the Devil's own wicked ones are the most guilty!

       24. AND THEN THE PARENTS BRAG IN THE PUBLIC PRESS AND THIS "OFFICIAL" REPORT ABOUT HOW THEY CAN COMMIT THESE CRIMES AND GET AWAY WITH IT scot-free and even be praised for their criminal acts by the officials of these reports!

       25. AND WHO ARE THESE PARENTS?--NO ONE KNOWS, OF COURSE, SINCE THEY ARE UNNAMED by the officials supposed to have received their testimonies in this report!

       26. IN FACT, EVEN THE POOR PERPETRATORS OF THIS SLANDEROUS AND LIBELOUS SMEAR CAMPAIGN REPORT COULD ONLY NUMBER 34 PARENTS WHO WERE WILLING EVEN TO BE "INTERVIEWED" AGAINST US OUT OF THE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PARENTS OF OUR THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN OF GOD, THE VAST MAJORITY OF WHOM ARE VERY HAPPY WITH OUR WORK and glad that their children have been rescued from lives of drugs, vice, crimes and uselessness to be rehabilitated into decent, honest, clean, upright, healthy and hard-working useful members of society who are trying now in turn to rescue other youth from their own former fate!


       28. NO, THESE BEARERS OF EVIL TIDINGS WERE ONLY LOOKING FOR EVIL TIDINGS, so they could only find 34 disgruntled, jealous and spiteful parents who were willing to be "interviewed" against us!

       29. IN FACT, THESE SEARCHERS OF ONLY EVIL WHO CONCOCTED THIS EVIL REPORT COULD ALSO ONLY FIND 14 ex-members who were willing to be interviewed out of thousands, and only six current members whom they could even subpoena and force to testify!--But, of course, they do not tell you what these six actual members had to say!--This was not bad enough!

       30. ACCORDING TO THIS EVIL REPORT'S OWN STATISTICS, ONLY TWENTY OTHER PERSONS WERE WILLING TO BE INTERVIEWED who claimed to have any "special knowledge of the activities" of the Children of God, and God only knows who these may or may not be!--It must have been hard to find so few with such evil reports!

       31. OF THE OTHER 49 U.S. STATES, plus "the District of Columbia, the Hawaiian Islands (apparently this poor New Yorker does not yet know that the Hawaiian Islands have been made the 50th State of the U.S.!) Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico" from whom this seeker of evil requested more evil information only fifteen out of the 54 even replied that they had any information on us whatsoever, and God only knows what this information was, as the official does not specify!--Maybe it was good for all we know!

       32. THIS SEEKER OF EVIL, HOWEVER, DOES BRAG THAT HE MANAGED TO HIT THE HEADLINES with some of his evil and unfounded reports in Newsweek, Time and other national periodicals and actually distributed "over 250 copies" of his evil report to "interested persons" in five whole countries!--Poor fellow! He certainly couldn't find very many people who were interested in evil!

       33. OUR OWN CIRCULATION OF GOOD REPORTS AVERAGES ABOUT FIVE MILLION A MONTH IN OVER 50 COUNTRIES, plus our multitudes of appearances in other periodicals, newspapers, radio, records, TV, books and other news media reach and average phenomenal total of 250 million a month who hear our message compared to these mere 250 copies of his lies, thank God!

       34. THIS MEANS THE CHILDREN OF GOD HAVE AN AUDIENCE OF A QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE EVERY MONTH FOR OUR MESSAGE OF TRUTH, when this poor man has only been able to find a total of about 250 people interested in his lies!

       35. THERE WERE EXACTLY 112 LIES IN THIS RECENT REPORT by actual count!--And this was not even counting all the misrepresentations and the innumerable distortions, exaggerations, false insinuations and insidious smut and smear which made up the bulk of this large-sounding "64-page" evil report!

       36. MANY OF THESE PAGES ONLY CONTAINED A FEW LINES of text, several as little as four or five, and most no more than about twenty or twenty-five whereas most typists can do about sixty-some lines to the page!

       37. BUT AFTER ALL, "64 PAGES" DID MAKE IT SOUND BETTER AND MORE LIKE HE'D DONE HIS JOB OF PLEASING HIS PREJUDICED PATRONS, backers, masters and biased voters! Poor fellow, I really feel sorry for him! He was unable to find any more of the kind of evil information he sought than that from our pitifully few enemies in order to try to keep his job! He really was hard up for false informers!--Thank God!

       38. WE CERTAINLY DON'T CARE TO ADVERTISE THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS, MUCH LESS HIS LIES ABOUT US, the worst of which have already been sensationally headlined by many newspapers and smut sheets!--And we certainly don't have time or space here to drag your poor minds through the slop of his 112 pieces of garbage, but let me assure you that there is hardly a page of this report that is not full of lies and false insidious innuendoes and suggestive insults which was its slanderous purpose!

       39. HOWEVER, MOST OF THESE HAVE BEEN SO CLEVERLY WORDED BY SOME CUNNING LAWYER AS TO MAKE THEM VIRTUALLY INACTIONABLE BY LEGAL SUIT for libel, slander, defamation of character, damages, etc., even if we wanted to take the time and money to sue them! They know who they have behind them with the whole weight of their heavily-loaded, anti-Christ System in which we wouldn't stand a chance to win a court suit tried by their own!

       40. WE'VE TRIED IT BEFORE, AND THEY ONLY USED COURT PROCEDURES AS A SOUNDING BOARD FOR MORE OF THEIR LIES AND TO WASTE OUR TIME AND MONEY trying to defend ourselves against a System which pardons a criminal president while sending his lesser henchmen to jail for the things he encouraged them to do! It's a cruel world with very little justice! So let them stink themselves to death in their own pollution and cruelty!

       41. BUT LET US JUST SAY UNEQUIVOCALLY FOR THE RECORD AGAIN THAT WE ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT GUILTY OF ANY OF THE CRIMES WE ARE FALSELY ACCUSED OF IN THESE REPORTS! We do not defy the law or consider all governments evil or encourage our members to disobey them! In fact, you will find just the opposite in our Letters to our members!

       42. WE DO CONSIDER IT OUR GODLY AND PROPHETIC DUTY TO EXPOSE THE EVILS of man, society, some governments, Godless education, Christless churches and failing parents who have produced a generation of problem children who are going to destroy them if they do not change! Truth is the God-given duty of every Child of God and His Prophets!

       43. NEITHER DO WE VIOLENTLY ASSAULT, RAPE, SEXUALLY ABUSE, ENSLAVE, IMPRISON, FORCIBLY DETAIN, KIDNAP, ABDUCT NOR PSYCHOLOGICALLY OR PHYSICALLY TORTURE EACH OTHER, as many of the parents who accuse us of these things have done to their own children by their own admission and boasts!--Even as this latest report itself confesses that some parents have so done!

       44. NEITHER DOES OUR "LEADERSHIP RECEIVE MOST OF THE MONIES AND MATERIALS" DONATED TO OUR CAUSE at the local level or from the sales of our literature! Nearly all of these funds go immediately back into the local Colonies who raised them to pay their own local expenses.

       45. ONLY A MERE FRACTION OF A PERCENT IS DONATED VOLUNTARILY BY THESE COLONIES TO THEIR LEADERSHIP and various merely supervisory and administrative offices for their actual expenses, as has been proven by innumerable examinations and official auditings of our financial affairs!

       46. I AND MY PERSONAL FAMILY RECEIVE ONLY WHAT FEW GIFTS OUR COLONIES AND MEMBERS CHOOSE TO VOLUNTARILY GIVE US, and these are barely sufficient to cover our personal living expenses.

       47. I HAVE NO BANK ACCOUNT IN SWITZERLAND, AS HAS BEEN LIED, AND NOT ONE MEMBER OF MY PERSONAL FAMILY OWNS EVEN A HOUSE OR A CAR! In fact, not even one of us has a strictly personal bank account or one that we solely control that I know of.

       48. WE RECEIVE ONLY OUR LIVING EXPENSES and gifts from our appreciative Colonies and supporters, as can be proven by our books which are open to the lawful governments which have jurisdiction over them.

       49. BUT THE VAST MAJORITY OF US, THANK GOD, DO NOT LIVE OR WORK UNDER THE LEGAL JURISDICTION OF OUR OFFICIAL ENEMIES OF THE ONE LITTLE STATE OF NEW YORK, which therefore has absolutely no legal right to pry into our private affairs in other States and countries simply to smear us as they have obviously tried to do when they could find nothing legally wrong with our Colonies in New York!

       50. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF US IN HUNDREDS OF COLONIES IN SCORES OF NATIONS speaking dozens of languages of many nationalities throughout the world, each independent and indigenous! So some of us must be near you somewhere!

       51. SO COME AND SEE US FOR YOURSELF IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!--God bless and keep you all safely from these fiendish attacks of these age-old enemies of Jesus Christ! They are still "crucifying the Son of God afresh," so look out for them! They'll crucify you too if they have a chance, as they've tried to do again with their recent lies! May God deal with them according to their deeds!--And He will!

       52. MEANWHILE, KEEP SWEET AND PREACHING AND SHOWING THE SWEET LOVE OF JESUS TO ALL!--Amen? Thanks for your love, loyalty and support! God bless you! We love you!

       53. P.S. LATE NEWS FLASH! You'll note that the governor who supposedly authorised this evil lying report on us and let our enemies use his officialdom for a smear campaign against us is now a politician in deep trouble, himself exposed for former lies!

       54. AND THE U.S. STATE AND COUNTRY THAT PUBLISHED THIS FALSE REPORT against us is now in deep economic and political trouble and will soon be wiped out in a colossal economic depression and catastrophic war along with the anti-Christ little evil minority of our enemies who sponsored it! God always avenges His own Children!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family