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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

"FRET NOT!"--MO       November 1, 1974       DFO No.317B

Copyright © November 1974 by the Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Children and All Friends!:

       1. Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Thank you for latest reports and other items and most of all your faithfulness in the Lord's service to others who need His Love! PTL! GBY!

       2. SOME OF YOU HAVE CONCERNED ABOUT A RIPPLE OF RECENT SO-CALLED "BAD" PUBLICITY originating with [EDITED: "a"] minority from whom a great deal of our own leadership and many of you yourselves originally came, as well as many of our old and new disciples.

       3. THIS TURNING OF MANY OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN [DELETED] TO REAL GENUINE ARDENT AND ZEALOUS CHRISTIANS and therefore separating some of them from their families and their former family religion was enough to arouse their ire and provoke them to jealousy and verbal attacks upon us even as they did [EDITED: "to"] converts in Jesus' day

       4. BUT WHEN JESUS BEGAN TO OPENLY EXPOSE THESE PARENTS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS for their own sins and hypocrisy and to warn the world against their wickedness, these enemies of the truth became very afraid of Him and His exposures of themselves and frightened at the rapid progress of His new unorthodox, unchurched movement of multitudes of mounting converts to God's only law of love!

       5. THEY THEN BECAME DETERMINED TO SMEAR HIM, HIS WORK, HIS DOCTRINE AND HIS FOLLOWERS, and also to do everything they possibly could to discredit His Words and works and disciples, and finally to try to crush both Him and His by inspiring the government to persecute and prosecute them as criminals and traitors, and to eventually crucify Him personally and try to slaughter His little lambs!--And they're still at, as usual! They haven't changed!

       6. AS JESUS HIMSELF TOLD THEM FACE, TO FACE, THEY WERE OF THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL [EDITED: "John 8:44"] and not of God and had always persecuted the poor and slain God's prophets and would soon cap it off with their crowning capital crime of all by slaying Him Himself, their own King and Messiah!

       7. THEY IMMEDIATELY TURNED AROUND AND USED HIS OWN WORDS WITH THE ROMAN GOVERNMENT TO ACCUSE HIM of treason and sedition as well as blasphemy and religious crimes to persuade the reluctant Romans to kill Him and pursue His followers as threats to the State and a danger to Rome!


       9. [DELETED] After crucifying Christ and driving the Christians underground and/or out of the country, they even followed them to other countries, still trying to destroy them!

       10. ONE OF THESE PHARISAICAL LEADERS, SAUL, while in pursuit of Christians on the road to Damascus, the capital of Syria, was struck down by the power of God and turned into Paul, the ardent Apostle! God is even able to turn some of their most ardent advocates into His own zealous leaders of the Christian faith, as He has me and some of you! Hallelujah?--Amen! Praise God!

       11. BUT MOST OF THEM NEVER SEEM TO LEARN FROM HISTORY and are even crazier then Quixote himself in dreaming an ever more impossible dream of trying to beat an even more unconquerable foe, the Son of God and God Himself and His Holy Spirit and His innumerable Spirit-filled Children throughout the earth, as well as His holy angels, even turning the Devil and all his forces "cursing to blessing" and "causing the wrath of man to glorify God" Himself!

       12. AS BOTH THE ROMANS AND THE RUSSIANS AND EVERY OTHER ANTI-GOD POWER THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAS DISCOVERED, THE MORE THEY TRY TO SUPPRESS THE TRUTH AND CRUSH ITS FOLLOWERS, THE MORE WE GROW and the faster we follow until they find they are trying to stem the flood with a surfboard and empty the ocean with a teacup and they themselves are overthrown and washed away, like Israel and the Romans both, by the very tide they tried to stem with puny men against God!

       13. "BEWARE LEST THOU BE FOUND TO FIGHT AGAINST GOD," as one of their own warned them! "For," as he wisely counselled their leaders, "if this thing be of men it will come to nought, but if it be of God, no man can stand against it!"--Not ever me or you, much less one of them!

       14. SO NO MATTER WHAT OUR MISTAKES MAY HAVE BEEN OR HOW MUCH THEY LIE ABOUT US OR TRY TO FIGHT US, THEY CAN NEVER WIN, for we are an unbeatable foe of their treacherous tyranny against God and His Children! Hallelujah! They just can't win for losing and we just can't lose for winning no matter how hard either of us try, because God is on our side and against them! Praise God!

       15. SO "ALL THINGS STILL WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM WHO LOVE THE LORD" AND HE WILL AGAIN "CAUSE THE WRATH OF MAN TO PRAISE HIM" by continuing to keep us and our Message in the news as one of the hottest and most controversial newsworthy subjects in the world!

       16. OTHERWISE, WE WOULDN'T EVEN HIT THE HEADLINES if we were nice well-behaved System-pleasing little goodies like the churches, who seldom ever make any news by saving lost youth or boldly attacking and exposing the forces of evil and its real causes and hypocritical leaders and oppressors of the poor!

       17. SHORTLY AFTER THEIR CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST AND THEIR PERSECUTION, AND EXPULSION AND SLAUGHTER OF A FEW OF HIS FOLLOWERS, these treacherous religious leaders of Israel exposed themselves as being the true traitors to the government by leading an insurrection against Rome themselves which was really crushed by all the might and power of the Roman world dictatorship!

       18. THEIR HOLY CITY AND TEMPLE WERE DESTROYED, AND MILLIONS OF THEM THEMSELVES IN TURN CRUCIFIED, slaughtered and scattered throughout the world, [DELETED] having rejected the true Shepherd, and were themselves nearly destroyed by the wolves they sought to use!

       19. THEY [EDITED: "WERE"] HOUNDED FROM NATION TO NATION as [DELETED] strangers, suffering for generations the very same kind of persecutions they themselves had perpetrated against the poor Christians and finding no safe national home or permanent resting place.



       23. [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Israelis"] are taking a hard line against the preponderance of world opinion, not only against the Arabs and their sympathisers and friends, but the United Nations itself and all its resolutions!

       24. THEY ARE NOW TAKING A HARD-LINE STAND AGAINST THE UNITED ARAB AND U.N. INSISTENCE ON THE RETURN OF STOLEN ARAB LANDS and the repatriation of the poor Palestinians whose whole country and homes they stole as well and robbed of their rights and their lives and who've been living in poverty and squalor as pitiful refugees in scorching desert camps by the millions in other lands of their Arab brothers ever since!

       25. USING OIL AND THE SALVATION OF THE WORLD'S ECONOMY AS THEIR EXCUSE, THEY ARE LEADING THE U.S. TO PRECIPITATE THE WAR OF ALL WARS to try to capture Arab oil in an attempt to save the crumbling Godless economies of the rich industrialised Western world which has long been living off the exploitation of the poor in the little lands of the Third World!

       26. BUT NOW THE WORM HAS TURNED AND IS STINGING THE FOOT OF THE RICH WEST THAT HAS CRUSHED IT SO LONG, and with the help of the Socialist superpowers is demanding that heavy foot be lifted and withdrawn and the Third World allowed to live and let live and recover some of its lost wealth, dignity and power robbed from it by the rich and wasteful Western World--or the wasteful Westerners themselves will be destroyed!

       27. LED BY ISRAEL, THE WASTEFUL WEST WILL NOT ONLY TRY TO KEEP ITS FOOTHOLD IN THE MIDEAST, BUT ALSO TRY TO GAIN EVEN MORE ROOM FOR ITS BIG CRUEL BOOTS as it tries to trample the rights of others in Israel's bid to lead the world to war and remain its rulers, as it has already proven in several recent attempts, including the foiled CIA attempt to grab Cyprus for a U.S. base to help protect Israel and invade the Arab lands and snatch the Arab's oil!

       28. BUT GOD USED THE TURKS TO TURN THE TABLES ON THE TYRANTS to secure their own share of Cyprus and return the other to its rightful poor Greek Cypriot owners, so the U.S. villains could only say, "Coises!--Foiled again!"--In answer to God's own prayer and promise in our prophetic "Sword of the Lord!" Hallelujah!

       29. IN THE IMPENDING ATTEMPTED U.S.-ISRAELI INVASION OF ARAB LANDS FOR OIL AND CONTROL OF WORLD POWER, AGAIN ISRAEL'S OWN CRUELTY WILL AGAIN BE REPAID BY A CRUSHING DEFEAT, invasion and conquest of Israel and destruction of the U.S. and its Western tower of Babylonic capitalist confusion by the gigantic socialist superpowers of the East as Russia and/or China rescue the world from destruction by the Israeli-led U.S. West, as clearly foretold in the Bible! Praise God! (See Ezk.38-39.)

       30. THIS WILL LEAD TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW WORLD SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT UNDER A SUPERMAN who will not only crush Israel, desecrate her Holy City and slaughter her people again for their sins of this time nearly destroying the whole world, but also set up a new world economic system and establish worldwide peace and plenty for a short while.

       31. BUT IN THIS SUPERMAN'S ATTEMPT AT TOTAL WORLD CONTROL HE WILL ALSO TRY TO ESTABLISH A UNIVERSAL WORLDWIDE ANTI-GOD RELIGION of the worship of himself and his own image, so that he and his followers will incur the wrath of God and be destroyed by the forces of Christ and His Kingdom.

       32. THERE WILL BE A SUPERNATURAL SLAUGHTER CALLED "ARMAGEDDON" FROM THE VALLEY OF MEGIDDO, ISRAEL TO THE GATES OF JERUSALEM itself, a battle so big it'll take seven months to bury the dead and seven years to remove its junked armaments!--You reap what you sow!

       33. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE ATTACKS OF YOUR ENEMIES, MUCH LESS THEIR LIES and their insinuations and a little "bad" publicity from their mere smear campaigns! They will eventually reap what they sow sooner or later, and God will take care of them in His own time and way when He's finished with them and using them to help keep us in the news and on our toes!

       34. AS THE ACTOR'S AGENT SAID, "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS 'BAD' PUBLICITY!" Whatever God wants to use to keep us in the news and His message before the public is His business!--He know best!--Amen?

       35. JUST BE SURE YOU KNOW IT ISN'T TRUE AND YOU DON'T BELIEVE THE DEVIL'S LIES YOURSELF, because you know from your own personal experience and observation the Enemy's own fabrications just aren't so! Because you know good and well that if any of these things were true and he could prove them, he'd do more than lie about them!

       36. IF THEY REALLY HAD ANYTHING ON US AND WE WERE ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING WRONG OR AGAINST THE LAW, YOU KNOW THEY WOULD HAVE HAD US IN COURT long ago! But they've never been able to prove a thing of all the lies of our enemies and the false witnessing of some of their disgruntled spiteful and unhappy backsliders or so-called "ex-members," some of whom never spent more than a few hours or days with us and had to try to make excuses and false accusations against us to justify themselves for leaving us as traitors, "who went out from us because they were not of us!"--Amen?

       37. WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT PERFECT AND HAVE MADE OUR SHARE OF MISTAKES just like everybody else, for which may God and others forgive us! But certainly none of them have been serious enough to warrant criminal prosecution or our enemies would have had us prosecuted long ago instead of having to resort to a mere smear campaign of words in place of weapons!


       39. SO IT WASN'T UNTIL [EDITED: "THEY"] THREATENED THIS ROMAN GOVERNOR POLITICALLY THAT HE FELT FORCED TO COMPROMISE TO PLEASE THESE INFLUENTIAL JEWISH LEADERS lest they accuse him, too, of being "no friend of Caesar"! So he said, "See ye to it!"--And he left them do the dirty work with his own soldiers!--He let them be the criminals themselves and slay the Innocent on their own[DELETED]!

       40. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT A LITTLE "BAD" PUBLICITY, oral persecution or even a few verbal or literal beatings! They'll only make more news and keep you and your Message before the public until you have reaped the harvest, grown even stronger through opposition and even grown in numbers through attempted suppression as history has so often proven!

       41. AGAIN GOD WILL THEREBY MAKE PUBLICS AND GOVERNMENTS MAKE CHOICES and decisions either for or against you and Him, for which He will judge them accordingly while you're driven to a new country and a new crop!--Amen?

       42. EVEN IF THEY IMPRISON, TORTURE AND/OR KILL YOU, THEY CANNOT CAPTURE YOUR SPIRIT NOR IMPRISON THE TRUTH nor torment your immortal soul nor kill the everlasting Children of God and His Eternal Kingdom which shall reckon with them some day soon as they deserve!

       43. NOTHING CAN STOP GOD OR HIS REIGN OR ALL OF HIS MESSENGERS, prophets and holy Children who are here to stay forever, even if He has to jerk the world and the wicked out from under them and create a new one in which they'll live in peace, plenty, beauty and harmony forever!--And He will! Hallelujah!

       44. SO "FRET NOT THYSELF BECAUSE OF EVIL-DOERS, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb! Trust in the Lord and do good, so shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed! Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heard! Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and he shall bring it to pass. [DELETED] Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him:"

       45. "FRET NOT THYSELF BECAUSE OF HIM WHO PROSPERETH IN HIS WAY, BECAUSE OF THE MAN WHO BRINGETH WICKED DEVICES TO PASS. [DELETED] Cease from anger and forsake wrath. Fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. For evildoers shall be cut off, but those that wait upon the Lord shall inherit the Earth! For yet a little while and the wicked shall not be: Yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place and it shall not be! But the meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace! ... Forever!"--Read the rest in Psalm 37!

       46. I DON'T BELIEVE IN ADVERTING THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS NOR HIS LIES, SO DON'T BE TRICKED BY YOUR ENEMIES INTO COMING DOWN FROM YOUR WALL OF GREAT WORKS TO WASTE TIME ARGUING with them and letting yourself get trapped by their treacherous questions, much less get tempted into a worrying wasteful war of words which will only advertise the Devil's accusations and serve to spread his lies the more to the vast majority of the people who never even heard them in the first place and couldn't care less!

       47. EVEN IF THEY HEARD, LIES ARE SOON FORGOTTEN, SO DON'T REMIND'EM! Your friends don't need an explanation and your enemies wouldn't believe you anyway! If they really want to know the truth, let them come and see you for themselves and taste your samples!

       48. ANSWER SINCERE QUESTIONS HONESTLY AND SHOW THE SINCERE THE TRUTH, and if they really wanna know, God will show 'em! Amen? If not, God damn them!--And He will, don't worry! Praise the Lord! God bless and keep you!--And He will! I love you!

       49. P.S. DID YOU NOTE IN THE NEWS THAT THE "ROMAN" GOVERNOR WHO AUTHORISED THIS LATEST ATTACK ON US IS NOW IN TROUBLE like the compromising people-pleasing politician Pilate who lost his job and was exiled to Switzerland where he died only five years later after he let the Jews crucify Jesus?--His wife warned him, but he was more afraid of the Jews than God!

       50. [DELETED] THE ISRAELIS THEMSELVES ARE ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED or may already be at war again by the time you receive this Letter?

       51. ARAB LEADERS ARE SAYING THAT "WAR IS INEVITABLE AND IMMINENT" because of the Israelis' cruel denial of the rights of the Palestinians and flagrant flouting of U.N. orders to vacated Arab lands! [DELETED]

       52. THE ISRAELIS SEEM BENT ON SUICIDE as they did at Masada, and will take the U.S. down with them in a war that will half destroy the Earth rather than return the lands and homes they stole from their rightful Arab owners!

       53. GOD HAS WAYS OF REPAYING THOSE WHO ATTACK HIS CHILDREN! So "Fret Not"!--"Vengeance is Mine," saith the Lord, "and I will repay!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family