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"LOCAL PUBS!"--MO November 4, 1974 NO.318B--DFO
--HOW to Have a Local Pub by Only Trying!

Copyrighted November, 1974 by the Children of God
P.O. BOX 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

Dear Worldwide Family: Greetings in Jesus' Precious name! Praise God, Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

1. WE HAVE JUST BEEN ABSOLUTELY THRILLED AT THE BEAUTIFUL WORK SOME OF YOU ARE DOING ON YOU LOCAL AND REGIONAL PUBLICATIONS! Praise the Lord! God is really getting you ready to stand on your own in each locality and each Region and independent indigenous indigenuity! Hallelujah!

2. THE LORD IS ALWAYS SEVERAL HUMPS AHEAD OF THE DEVIL and God keeps us miles and years ahead of our enemies so that most of us will be in Heaven before they even get close! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! God bless you!

3. NOW YOU CAN SEE WHY GOD HAS BEEN PREPARING YOU SO FAR IN ADVANCE TO EACH STAND ON YOUR OWN in your own areas: The more He lets the Enemy attack us and scatter us, the father and faster we go into more and more places and more and more widespread in smaller and smaller units until by the time the Devil really tries to let us have it, we've already got it!

4. WE'RE SO SPREAD OUT IN SO MANY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND CONTINENTS UNDER SO MANY DIFFERENT GOVERNMENTS PRINTING AND DISTRIBUTING THE WORD in so many different languages to so many different people in so many parts of the world that the Devil could never possibly catch up with us all! Thank the Lord!

5. IN ONE OF THE DEVIL'S LATEST ATTACKS IN ONE OF HIS FAVOURITE PLACES, the very epitome of the Babylonish Whore of his fiendish world System, and his world headquarters at the moment, New York, U.S.A., he could only find six tiny Colonies of us and nothing illegally wrong with any of them!

6. SO ALL HE COULD DO WAS SCREAM and couldn't even touch us legally! Because of this inability of his to even begin to hurt our whole body much less the head, he got so mad he yelled so loud that his cries of pain were heard round the world! Hallelujah! Thank God!

7. OF COURSE, MOST PEOPLE CAN'T READ ENGLISH AND COULDN'T CARE LESS about the anguished cries of our poor little enemies in one tiny little State of New York which is screaming its head off because it can't touch us or get at us all, so very few people have actually heard or paid any attention to the Devil's rantings and ravings!

8. EVEN THOSE WHO DID HAVE MOSTLY ALREADY FORGOTTEN and couldn't care less, because most of the Enemy's screams are drowned completely out by God's own mighty Voice and His powerful samples through and in you His own Children! Hallelujah!

9. GOD'S OWN MESSAGE OF TRUTH IS HEARD THROUGH YOUR OWN VOICES AND RADIANT SAMPLES BY APPROXIMATELY A QUARTER-OF-A-BILLION PEOPLE EVERY MONTH! Think of that! Praise God! Our enemies ponderous beastly pachyderm can only squeak by comparison with God's Mighty "Mouse that roars"! They're like the elephant that's shrieking because it can't find the insects that are biting him there are so many of them and biting him in so many places, much less scratch them!

10. YOU'RE IN MORE PLACES AND HAVE MORE IDEAS THAN A DOG HAS FLEAS!--And no matter how much flea powder the Devil tries to use or how many times he tries to give his dirty dog a bath, you hang on so tight and bore in so deep he seldom even finds a few of us and will never find most of us, much less all of us! In fact, he'll probably choke himself to death on his own poisonous stinking insecticide! Keep on biting his dirty System!

11. THE DEVIL'S LAST BLAST OF PUTRID SPRAY WAS SO RIDICULOUS AND OBVIOUSLY BIASED AND SO FULL OF FOOLISH FALSEHOODS that any thinking honest person with an actual mind could easily recognise it as a mere smear campaign by our writhing, infuriated frustrated enemies!

12. EVEN THE HONEST JOURNALIST THEMSELVES OF THE FAIRER PAPERS COULD SMELL A RAT in all the stink because of the fact our enemies were unable to prosecute and gave religion as their lame excuse! Even their dearest friend, the "New York Post", taunted their officialdom, that what they had given us was a mere verbal "slap" and wanted to know how come if we were so bad even their local governments couldn't, prosecute our pitiful little local Colonies!--The Enemy is kicking himself in the teeth!

13. GOD BLESS SOME OF YOU LOCAL COLONIES WHO IMMEDIATELY SEIZED GOD'S GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY with a good hard-slamming whammy of a slugging, socking sample with interviews and pictures to keep yourselves and the truth in the news, God's purpose for the Devil's attacks!

14. BUT SOME OF YOU FOOLISHLY RAN TO LAWYERS INSTEAD OF MY LETTERS TO SEE WHAT TO DO and allowed some of those lawyers to put a muzzle on you so you couldn't even answer the Devil yourselves in the power of God's Spirit with His over-powering truth and your shining examples.

15. EVERYTHING YOUR LONDON LAWYERS TOLD YOU TO DO I DISAGREE WITH! When it comes to the music business and legal technicalities they may know what they're doing, although I'm not sure of that, either!


17. THANK GOD THE LORD GOT THROUGH TO AT LEAST A FEW OF YOU WITH INTERVIEWS, PHOTOS AND STATEMENTS TO ANSWER THE ENEMY, WHICH WAS GOD'S WHOLE PURPOSE IN PUTTING YOU IN THE NEWS, before you let the Devil muzzle you by man's foolish wisdom and carnal reasoning! You remind me of sick old King Asa who "turned not to the Lord first but unto the physician" and therefore died! Some of you are not living in the Letters!--When will you ever learn? God help us!

18. BUT THANK GOD, SOME OF YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE LORD AND HIS WORD AND OBEYING INSTANTLY, seizing every opportunity to publicise the truth, and the louder the Devil screams, the louder you shout and sing and praise God and preach and show His Message with the truth that drowns out the Devil's lies and all his racket and racketeers! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

19. I HAVE TOLD YOU TIME AND AGAIN THAT THIS IS WHAT THE ENEMY'S ATTACKS ARE FOR, TO PUBLICISE US AND GOD'S MESSAGE all the more as well as to keep scattering it and you further and further abroad! So it's about time some of you woke up and socked him back with a verbal blast that'll send him reeling! Nothing can resist the Spirit of God in your clear, ringing testimonies!--Amen?

20. AND SOME OF YOUR VOICES ARE RINGING SO LOUD AND CLEAR WE'RE BEGINNING TO HEAR THEM CLEAR AROUND THE WORD in your marvelous new little independent publications! This is one of the greatest breakthroughs in our history and shows that some of you, particularly you pioneer fields, are really standing on your own with the help of the Lord almost alone!

21. YOU'RE GETTING OUT SUCH GOODS PUBLICATIONS AND MAKING SUCH MIRACLES OF MUSIC that you're almost putting the rest of us to shame! This is what we've been waiting for!--You can even go it on your own without us if you have to!--Locally, independently, empowered and led by God and His Word alone! PTL!

22. YOU AMERICAN COLONIES STARTED THE INDIGENOUS BALL ROLLING AND BOUNCING ON YOUR OWN when you top world leadership moved to Europe! You became self-governing, self-supporting and now tremendously self-propagating!

23. YOU BEGAN WITH FAITHFULNESS IN GETTING OUT GOD'S WORD in the letters, so that now you're going even beyond that and being directly led by the Lord Himself in getting out your own inspired publications, such as your newsletters and magazines, posters, calendars, skit books, Poorboy Clubs, mags, music, records and other ingenious miracles! PG!

24. I THINK ONE OF THE FIRST TO THRILL US WAS CORNY AND SHALOM'S "WHAT A TRIP!", a fascinating and exciting pictorial autobiography of their trip to Europe that really did encourage all of us! Of course, they have furnished your American leadership and much of the brains and loving spirit behind the reorganisation of the Americans and the scatteration of your Colonies into nearly every country in the Western Hemisphere.

25. SO CORNY BEING A PHENOMENAL PHOTOGRAPHER AND SHALOM A RAVISHING BEAUTY AND SOMEBODY IN THE FAMILY A TERRIFIC JOURNALIST, THEY WERE NATURALLY ONE OF THE FIRST in the field to pioneer your own personal publications! In fact, we found out more about Europe through your little booklet than we'd read in all their reports! Hallelujah!

26. AMMINADAB, MARSENA AND THEIR CREW FOLLOWED CLOSE ON YOUR HELLS WITH THEIR NEWS PAMPHLETS AND MIRACLES OF MUSIC THAT ARE NOW MAKING THE HIT PARADES THROUGHOUT SOUTH AMERICA! Meanwhile, Rodent and Helah and their Northeastern American gang were running neck-and-neck with you producing that jumpin', jivin', picture-full "Northeast Gazette" that really turns us on and make us spin our wheels every time they step on the gas and are really going somewhere!

27. I THINK THEY ALSO PRODUCED OUR FIRST SEXY BEAUTY "PRAYMATE OF THE MONTH" PIN-UP CALENDAR that I suggested so many years ago! We do finally get there, don't we! Hallelujah! We just love'em all! PTL!

28. WAY OUT WEST, CALEB, LYDIA AND THEIR MOB PUBLISHED "JESUS HOOKERS IN ACTIONS"!, one of the best little skit books we've seen yet, packed with ideas and sketches on how to have one Heavenuva Poorboy Club and its parties with lots of nudie-cutie flirty fishies as well! Hallelujah!

29. SOMEBODY IN AMERICA PUBLISHED A CUTE LITTLE PAPER FULL OF NEWS, COMMENTS AND GREAT IDEAS CALLED "PUMP PEOPLE POWER!" by Nathanael, Ira, Rose and Dominic, God bless'em, but we can't even tell where they are because they forgot to include their address and also failed to put their copyright mark on it, like some of the rest of you! Let's get those credits on there, kids!--Otherwise, how are we gonna know whodunit, or other kids to know where to go or write for help?

30. RECENTLY THE FAR EAST HAS BEEN GETTING OUT ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS LITTLE NEWS MAGAZINES WE'VE SEEN YET CALLED "PIONEER NEWS" of Far East Asia, packed with exciting pictures and testimonies and appeals for help! Don't forget those appeals, Folks!--They're the hook in the bait!

31. IF YOU DON'T DRAW THE NET YOU'RE THROWING THE BAIT AWAY AND LOSING THE FISH as well and you may have nothing left to eat or with which to feed others after all your hard-working fishing with these new publications! Even one of yours had no address, name or copyright to credit!

32. BUT YOU DID PUBLISH A BEAUTIFUL NNN IN JAPANESE THERE IN TOKYO which I can't read but I sure love lookin' at the pictures! It's a Wow!--Other Pubs take note!--And you didn't forget the credits! We love our posters of Korea, China and Japan, too!--Wow! What beauties you have there! PTL!

33. WE REMEMBER SEEING SOME GOOD STUFF FROM SHEM AND SHUA OF THE AUSTRALIAN, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTHEAST ASIAN AND SOUTHERN PACIFIC AREA ALSO, but I can't find it at the moment, sorry, so I can't comment on it, but God bless you for it!--And we still remember that cute little tape you sent us of that happy little hit "We are the Children of David"--He's our Mountain King! Which still runs through our heads from time to time! It should have made our hit parades, too, and certainly our songbook, but maybe you never published it--What happened to it? We love it!

34. SPAIN HAS EVEN GOTTEN OUT OUR WORLD'S FIRST PHOTO-PIC POWER-PACKED STORY-BOOK DRAMATIC PRINTED PRESENTATION of a personal testimony that is absolutely beautiful and takes you right out of this world into ours, called " Quien Puede Capturar el Viento?..." or "Who Can Capture the Wind?", as well as some terrific pictorial tracts and a WOW of a brand new illustrated basic classbook called "Revolucion Por Jesus!", besides a gorgeous new Spanish NNN and scores of terrific newly illustrated Spanish MO Letters! Take a tip from Spain, Folks!--They're really rollin'!--How far are you?

35. THE REST OF EUROPE IS ROLLIN', TOO WITH LOADS OF NEW LETTERS IN NEARLY EVERY LANGUAGE AND A NUMBER OF EXCELLENT LOCAL PUBLICATIONS, like Italy and France's new colour posters and sock-it-to'em posters, tracts, brochures and flyers from Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, France, Italy and England and others!

36. FRANCE HAS A NEW PR PICTORIAL PAMPHLET explaining and showing who are "Les Enfants de Dieu" to help ride the wave of their hit-parade songs and records, and London has a lovely little glossy brochure and poster, both with the power-packed title "God's Only Law Is Love!", as well as all our good, new, highly-illustrated Letters you've been getting from our inspired artists and publications staff there!--Do you like'em?--From what we hear, you do! God bless you! Thanks!

37. SOME OF THE LATEST LOCAL PUBS WHICH OUGHTA BE WORLDWIDE HITS ARE SCANDINAVIA'S brand new picture-packed brochures and their real world first glossy, illustrated Revolutionary Cookbook compiled by Jerusha Levi and her cooking crew, and called "Feeding The Revolution!" and some beautiful childcare classes! Yum, yum! Sock it to'em!

38. ESTHER AND VALIANT'S "THE 'R' IN SCANDINAVIA" IS A FANTASTIC PICTURE BOOK of the work and people there which we received the original of but hope to soon see you Scandinavians put it into print!--Hallelujah?--You're all doing great!

39. THERE'S ALSO AN EXCITING NEW PHOTO-ILLUSTRATED INSIDE ACCOUNT OF "THE CHILDREN OF GOD IN POLAND" HECTOGRAPHED BY A ROAD TEAM! They invaded that so called Iron Curtain country, got behind their walls and into their hearts and came out wholeheartedly enthusiastic about the terrific possibilities of spreading the Good News of God's Love even in these countries that are supposed to be closed to the Gospel! We hope you'll soon see some of this in print if they can get away with it! PTL!--Which just goes to show you what even a little lowly road team can do on their own!--GBM!

40. SOME OF THE REST OF YOU MAY BE DOING JUST AS WELL OR EVEN BETTER, BUT WE MAY NOT HAVE RECEIVED YOUR LOCAL PUBLICATIONS YET. I believe that every one of you should mail every one of them to every one of us throughout the whole World so we can thrill and oh-and-ah at you wonderful works of God in you local lands!

41. ARE YOU SENDING AT LEAST ONE COPY OF EACH OF YOUR PUBLICATIONS TO EACH OF OUR COLONIES AROUND THE WORLD to read, pass around and enjoy what you and the Lord are doing in your part of the world? Have we seen the happy smiling faces of your local Colony yet in your own local news bulletin? Every one of you printing Regions should put out one as often as you can to let us all know and see you and what you're doing where you are!--Amen?--Hop to it!

42. MANY OF YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN RECEIVING TERRIFIC LOCAL PUBLICITY THROUGH VARIOUS NEWS MEDIA such as TV and radio shows, news articles, magazine spreads and other items too innumerable to recount here!--But we hope you're not failing to send copies of these to us and others around the world the world if possible.

43. WE HAVE RECEIVED SOME OF THEM AND WISH WE COULD INCLUDE THEM ALL AS WELL AS YOUR OTHER NEWS IN YOUR TINY NNN, but this would make it too big and impossible to print as numerously and frequently as we do now, as you move so fast it's hard to keep up with all your activities!

44. SO YOU MUST START DOING MORE ON YOUR OWN AND SPREADING IT TO ALL OF THE COLONIES DIRECTLY from your own locations so they will be sure to hear your latest news without being totally dependent on our International Office to relay it to them in such condensed form.

45. THIS WAY THE BODY COULD STILL KEEP ITS NERVES IN TOUCH WITH EACH OTHER AND COMMUNICATING AT LEAST, EVEN IF THE HEAD WERE DESTROYED or removed, like some animals can keep kicking even after they've lost their heads! We hope you never do lose your head, but it pays to be prepared, so keep publishing--Amen?

46. SOME OF YOUR LATEST LOCAL LONDON INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS ARE SMASH HITS, TOO, of course--right out of the head and heart of GHQ!--Amen?--Including the everlastingly fascinating brief summary of all your top news stories of the week from around the world in the NNN with all those gorgeous pictures!--Amen?--Keep'em comin'!

47 ALSO THEIR LATEST GOOD PUBLICITY PR BROCHURE mentioned above, plus their interesting tips to the tipsy tippling brewers, those little ol' new wine-makers of our 50-some printshops around the world, "The International Publications Bulletin" for all you world-wide wonder-workers of the Wonder Working Words! God bless you everyone!

48. AND WAIT'LL YOU SEE THEIR STARTLING NEW COLLECTION OF ENCOURAGING EXCERPTS FROM LETTERS FROM OUR READERS around the world entitled "Dear MO:"!--What the people say!--Read'em and weep--for joy!--It's the payoff!--And their latest statistics in the NNN are amazing, listing the shocking world-record-breaking "Top Ten Shiners!" of all the world!

49. HALLELUJAH! KEEP GOING!--YOU MAY BE NEXT!--And wait'll you hear our own new statistics on your own world distribution records of those old standbys, the MO Letters and other lit, according to comparisons of continental averages throughout the world!--They're a real surprise!

50. BY YOUR LATEST REPORTS, OUR NUMBERS OF NEW DISCIPLES IS GROWING RAPIDLY, but at the moment is only a few hundred compared to the thousands of our leaders and LT's! We've put so much emphasis in the past two yours on the need for more leaders that we now have several times as many leaders as followers!

51. SO BOYS, IT'S TIME TO BRING IN THE BABES! There's enough of you Shepherds now to take care of all the lambs we can possibly procedure, so here we go!

52. SOW THE SEED AND GET'EM PREGNANT!--AND YOU'RE DOING IT ALREADY AT THE RATE OF NEARLY FIVE MILLION POWERFUL PAPER-SEEDS A MONTH which are explodin'em at the rare of nearly ten thousand new-born babes a month into the Kingdom of God, plus over 100 new fulltime workers every month!

53. YOUR TOTAL MONTHLY WORLDWIDE WITNESS IS NOW REACHING ABOUT 250 MILLION, OR A QUARTER-OF-A-BILLION PEOPLE EVERY MONTH! At this rate, everybody in the world should have heard about us and our Message within a year!--Except a lot of 'em are getting more than their share and hearing more than once, whereas some have yet to hear or read our Message!

54. SO GET WITH'EM! GET OUT OF THOSE OVERWORKED FIELDS before some get so sick of hearing about you that they have to run you out so God can get you to go with your "latter rain" to the thirsty harvests that are waiting to be reaped!--Keep moving!--Keep revoluting!

55. STEP UP THOSE RPM'S!--IT'S A REVOLUTION! If you keep moving fast enough the Enemy will seldom catch up with you, and he'll never be able to find all those seeds you've dropped along the way that'll bring forth fruit even after you're gone!

56. THE TOP CONTINENTAL CONTESTANTS FOR TOTAL TILLING (PRINTING) OF LIT the latest week reported were Central and South America, Number 1, with nearly half the total; and North America, Number 2, with only a little less; Europe, Number 3, with about half that much; with guess who running Fourth already?--Far East Asia and the Pacific, with Africa and Asia hot on their heels!

57. FOR AVERAGE PER-COLONY LITNESSING, NORTH AMERICA STILL RANKS FIRST with more than double the world average!--And surprise!--Guess who's now moved into Second place?--Little ol' Australia!--God bless'em! They must be using those kangaroo pouches and really hoppin'!--Holelujah!

58. THIRD IS CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN; Fourth, Europe; and how about this!--Guess who's now Fifth and up and coming on strong!--Our dearly beloved Associate Colonies! They must really be associating with the public!--God bless'em! Africa and Asia are Sixth with the Pacific and Far East, in this case, running Seventh and last--probably because their Colonies are so small.--Or maybe some are just not getting those reports in!--Get'em in if you wanna rate!

59. NORTH AMERICA STILL RUNS FIRST ON AVERAGE ADULT LITNESSING AS WILL!--No wonder they've got the highest Colony averages on total lit out!--They're really sockin' it to'em!

60. THEY'RE ALSO BRINGING IN THE WORLD'S HIGHEST LIT INCOME OUTSIDE OF EUROPE, whose lit income figure I am not sure of yet as I haven't found out if it includes London's income from you Colonies for your lit donations as well, which would be a duplication.--So let use know the score on that, will you, London?

61. BUT YOU'D NEVER BELIEVE WHO'S RUNNING SECOND HIGHEST IN AVERAGE LITNESSING PER PERSON!--BRAND NEW AFRICA!--That little handful there are really humpin'! Tie that if you can! And li'l ol' Australia is even Third here with our Associates right behind'em in Fourth place; Europe Fifth; Central and South America and the Caribbean Sixth; the Pacific and Far East Seventh with Asia Eighth.--Our Asian work is pretty new and small, but could do better with help!

62. BESIDES EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN ARE RUNNING AN UP AND COMING THIRD IN LIT INCOME NOW, PRAISE GOD!--While our amazing Associates are now ranking fourth in the money, with astounding Australia Fifth, Pacific and Far East Sixth, and Africa and Asia Seventh, who of course, are understandably two of the poorest continents.

63. SO THAT'S YOUR SCORES FOR NOW!--Or at least last month!--Maybe you're doing better this month! Even if you're not Number One, you can still try harder!--Amen?

64. SOME OF YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING US AT YOUR RESULTS and others of you are surprising us, too! The rest of you are really in the running and coming on fast, so don't give up, but " run the race with patience", as the Apostle said, and you'll receive your "righteous recompense of reward" as well as others! PTL?

65. "FOR HE THAT LABOURETH RECEIVETH WAGES," AND "THE LABOURER IS WORTHY OF HIS HIRE!" So "muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn!"--"They that preach the Gospel shall live of the Gospel!"--So be sure you get your share and don't be afraid to ask for it!

66. SOME OF YOU HAVE A TREMENDOUSLY HIGH RATE OF INCOME--PER-PIECE-OF-LIT because you're harvesting very rich fields, so it wouldn't be fair to classify you comparatively in this respect.

67. BUT EVEN THE POOR CAN AFFORD TO PAY YOU SOMETHING, even if it's only a few vegetables, a few grain of rice or corn, or even a chicken or a rabbit or a pigeon, which was the smallest sacrifice accepted in the Temple! Even if they have to barter their belongings for the Bread of Life, it's worth it, isn't it?

68. SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK for something in return, even a night's lodging in their stable where you can sleep in a manager like Jesus did, or trade a meal for a mouthful of MO, or accept their shirt for the real pay dirt!--Amen?--It's worth something, even if only a hug and a kiss!--I love you!

69. SO KEEP THOSE PUBS ROLLIN', YOU HOLELUJAH HOLEY ROLLERS!--Amen?--God bless and keep you going into all the world to preach the Good News of His Love to every creature!--Amen?--Nobody deserves to hear it twice until everybody has heard it at least once!--Amen?

70. GET OUT THERE IN THOSE NEW UNHARVESTED FIELDS TODAY!--Amen? Why fool around with slim pickin's on old worn-out ground when you can dive into a full, ripe, juicy, unpicked harvest in a thrilling exciting rewarding new field!--Amen? Get going today!--Amen?--Praise the Lord! God bless you! I love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family