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"THE DANCER"--MO January        16, 1974        NO.323--GP

Copyrighted January, 1974 by The Children of God
P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. I CAN ONLY HELP THOSE I TOUCH. (You touch many with words.) The love of Jesus touches her through the paps of David. She's sucking at my paps. She feels I have something. She doesn't know what it is, but she's sucking to see if it's there. Lord help me not to fail her, in Jesus' Name!

       2. SHE LOVES THE WORDS OF DAVID. They feed her soul. She likes to listen. They're like food and drink to her spirit. It's so hungry! Next time I want to talk to her about the teachings of Jesus. Against such there is no law. I love her, Honey, with the Lord's love.

       3. THE LAW OF LOVE. Who doesn't want love? Who doesn't like love? (Everyone does.) No, not everyone. Not those who are against love. The church people are for law. They say they're for love, but they're not. They're for law. They kill with the letter.

       4. THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW OF LOVE IS LIFE. Help me, Lord, to show forth Thy love. Help her to know the love of Thy Spirit through a father that she can see. The Lord would kiss her with His love through me and draw her to His bosom even as I draw her to mine. I want her to know that it is He and not me. I just represent Him. She sees Him in me.

       5. SHE SEES YOU IN ME, JESUS. She wants me because she wants You, Jesus. O God, help me, Lord! Help her to love Thee, Lord, even through me. I love her. Bless her, Encourage her, in Jesus' Name, to kiss the bosom of Thy love.

       6. I LOVE HER, JESUS. Help her to know You love her, Lord.--That she may know Thy love through the love and embraces of David.--Help her to know that You love her, Lord, because I love her.

       7. HELP HER TO KNOW YOU LOVE HER BECAUSE I LOVE HER, like I know You love me because my little Love loves me. If I think she doesn't love me any more, I feel You don't love me any more. She symbolises Your love for me, Lord. She's a symbol of Your love for me, Jesus. She's Thy Spirit of Love. She's Thy little Nymph of Love that I love! When she loves me then I know You love me.

       8. SO HELP HER TO KNOW WHEN I LOVE HER, YOU LOVE HER. Help me to hug and embrace and kiss her in Thy Spirit and to understand and know it is Thy love. Help her to know what kind of love it is, and that my own Little Love won't be offended by it. She seems to understand how I love both you and her, and it is no offense.

       9. THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE BOSOM of thy father are as milk and honey to her soul, so that she longs to eat and drink like a thirsty soul at the fountain, and she comes back for more!

       10. I'M SUCH A PRETTY FOUNTAIN! The Governor wants to place me on a pedestal at his feast to show me off! (See: "The Governor and His Wife.")

       11. BEHOLD HOW MANY SEEK UNTO DAVID thy father for the words of living water!--How many, many hunger and thirst to suck at his bosom for life-giving flow!

       12. I DON'T DO ANYTHING, REALLY. I just sit there and they come like they're drawn to the light like moths to the flame, willing to be consumed if they can only find the light and feel the warmth of the flame!

       13. MULTITUDES!--THERE ARE HOSTS AND MULTITUDES WHO DWELL IN THE VALLEY OF INDECISION who seek for answers from thy father.--You know? Poor, poor people, Honey! They need help so bad, Honey. Amen. Are you going to bring lots of kisses of David for his sheep? Help them to understand, Lord, in Jesus Name. Will you please write down the words that come from your father's bosom, Honey, so they won't miss them?--Please? You sure? All the words? You miss not one?

       14. DO YOU WANT TO DANCE...?--The worst dancer of them all to dance with the best in the power of the spirit!

       15. HER LOVER CAN NEVER CAPTURE HER SPIRIT. He knows there is something wrong, something he can't...He's not reaching her. You have to teach him he can never capture her spirit unless he's more spiritual. He must have the Spirit of God.

       16. (HOW CAN THE HAVE IT?) Tell him to read the Bible and pray and love Jesus and he'll have what she needs and what she wants and what she hungers for and tries to suck me for. She wants to suck seeds of David's spirit--the words of God's love--so hungry!--So beautiful and so much of everything in the flesh, yet her spirit is so so starved and hungry!

       17. I HAVE TO DANCE WITH HER.--Very humiliating for us both, but it's good for us. I don't think I can act like one of her drinking buddies, Honey, Be sure to string a line between the fisherman and the hook. Make sure the bait is on good.

       18. (AS HE'S MAKING LOVE:) SHE'S COMING! SHE'S HERE! I can see her eyes! It's like she's falling over the edge, and her eyes are angry because I don't help her more. She can't understand why I don't help her. If I don't take her by the hand and pull her up...She's saying, "Why don't you help me?"

       19. (SHE REALLY IS FALLING OVER THE EDGE?) Yes, of course! Jesus, I can't help her.--You can help her. Lord, forgive me, Jesus! Help her to know that I love her like a father. Help her to know I kiss her with the words of my mouth that she may suck of my bosom.

       20. HELP ME TO HELP HER, LORD JESUS. Help me not to be afraid of her, Lord, I'm afraid of her,  afraid she'll think I just want her body. I like her body, but that's not what I want. I want her spirit.

       21. OH, IT'S SCARY!--I never expected to see her like that! She came in such anger! "Why don't you help me!--You just sit there! You don't help me! I reach out for you and you don't take my hand, and my lover doesn't even understand! I can't tell him 'cause I'm afraid to tell him."

       22. BUT I WAS AFRAID. I was afraid. I wanted to take her hand at the table and look into her eyes and speak to her heart, but I was afraid of people. She would have taken my hand and danced with me in the spirit like she dances with him in the flesh.

       23. SHE WANTS TO TAKE MY HAND AND DANCE. She needs a partner, She has nobody to dance with her spirit, and her feet are sliding over the edge! She can't keep her balance. She's losing her balance! She wants my hand, but I'm afraid of her, of big girls. But her spirit isn't big: It's so little!

       24. O LORD JESUS, HELP ME TO SHOW I LOVE HER LIKE A FATHER. Help me not to be ashamed. You have to make a way, Lord.

       25. SHE WANTS TO TAKE MY HAND AND DANCE IN THE SPIRIT, Honey. She wants me to take her in my arms in the spirit and hold her tight to keep her from falling. She's so afraid she's going to slip and lose her balance if I don't hold her tight and lead her in the dance. She has to have my lead or she doesn't know what to do. She loses her balance. You see? Did you see? See, when I let go of her, she tips over!

       26. HELP ME, LORD, TO HOLD ON TIGHT TO HER. Forgive me for not taking her hand.

       27. I'M SO AFRAID TO TOUCH HER! They all want her body, they all lust after her flesh, but no man cares for her spirit! But she cries to me for help. I started to take her hand in the restaurant and look into her eyes and start to speak, but I got so in the spirit I would have spoken in my strange language right in front of him, so I was afraid he'd think I was crazy.

       28. (DOES HE LOVE HER?) He does in his way. He loves her, but he doesn't know how to help her. He tries to take her out to get her out of those depressions. Sometimes she's even afraid to go home. She's afraid of the dark. That's why he lets me talk to her. (Maybe we could take her out for dinner.) But it must be in an atmosphere of faith--like at the Turkish place.

       29. SHE HAS TO GO DANCING EVERY NIGHT.--She's afraid not to! It gets her a way out of her moody fits of terrible depression. She's so frightened, so scared of the dark, Honey. She wants help so bad. I think she's afraid to have children. She's afraid they'll have it too, runs in the family.

       30. HELP ME TO GET A HOLD OF HER HAND. She keeps sliding slowly back into the dark holding out her hand to me for help. She can't understand why I don't help her. He eyes are angry: "You don't love me! You don't help me!" O Jesus, help us to help her!

       31. HER LOVER TRIES TO HELP HER, but he doesn't know how. He thinks if he takes her out dancing it gets her mind off it and it helps, and it does. But she needs somebody's arms around her all the time. She's so afraid. She calls to me over and over, but I can't move!...Golden hair. The voice of the father.

       32. SHE REACHES OUT HER HAND FOR HELP. She never reached before, but now she's reaching. (Why didn't she reach before?) She didn't know where to reach. She couldn't find anybody she trusted. Now she feels like she can trust me and I have what she needs and she wants me to help her.

       33. HELP ME, LORD, TO HOLD HER UP IN THE SPIRIT. Keep her, Lord, I wanted to take her hand, but I was afraid to because of him. He's trying to push her, but he doesn't know how 'cause he's down there too. He's trying to push her up, but he can't get out. She has to have a hand from above, not only a push from below. He helps her only in the flesh. He doesn't know how to help her in the spirit. She's reaching up where I am. He's trying to help her, trying to push her up, but he's stuck himself. Those eyes are floating like the faces. She looks puzzled, bewildered.--She wonders why I don't help her.

       34. HELP US TO HELP HER. Help me to reach out and take hold of her hand no matter what. Will you help me? We both need to pull her up. Her spirit understands, but her flesh is still carnal and gets in her way, and my way too!

       35. HELP HIM TO UNDERSTAND. She tries to dance it off, but the strain gets too much. It's been getting worse. It hurts. That's why she sits down and doesn't want to dance because she's tired and feels like she's going to go all to pieces.

       36. THOSE NAKED CHILDREN she sees are children she should have had or could have had. Maybe she had an abortion or something. She's no longer a teenager. She has a matronly look. Once you've been a mother you're no longer a teenager. She looks matronly now. That could explain why she gets so depressed. Once a woman has had babies she's inclined to get that way.

       37. SHE MUST BE IMPORTANT TO THE LORD, HONEY. He surely wouldn't have us spend so much time on those people if they weren't precious to Him. We make a little progress each time. This is the first time we really began getting in. It's just like lovemaking in the spirit. She sucks on me in the spirit and it rouses me so I'll come in and satisfy her.

       38. THERE ARE TWO REASONS WHY SHE READS THOSE BOOKS ON MYSTICISM AND THE OCCULT: She's hungry for the spiritual and she's afraid of that sort of thing, and she's trying to learn about it so she can somehow prevent it.

       39. SHE ALMOST HATES HER BEAUTY because it gets in the way and makes men bother her. It makes her disgusted with them because they desire her for the wrong reasons, and she's looking for something else. She envies you, Honey, believe it or not. It makes her almost mad that you don't get fat and you're so nice and simple, a plain little old-fashioned girl. I love you so, Honey. You're so sweet and precious.

       40. SHE EVEN ENVIES YOUR LOVE, my love for you. She wishes somebody could just love her for herself instead of her body. her beauty and her dancing. She wishes somebody could reach into her heart and her aching spirit and help her, love her. She almost hates men who admire her beauty.

       41. (SHE SAID SHE LIKES CRITICISM MORE THAN PRAISE.) Well, she likes criticism in a way. But she also likes praise like everyone else, but she longs for and likes sincere praise tempered with honesty. Think how honest she was when she told me about her eyes and her glasses! She was hungry for a little sympathy and understanding even then.

       42. SHE EITHER HAD A CHILD OR PREVENTED A CHILD or children, and this brothers her and she feels a little guilty about it. She sees those children in her spirit trips. He wanted her to be a mother and have a child but she didn't want to.

       43. HE IS SOLID AND DEPENDABLE and is concerned about her, loves her in the flesh and is trying to stabilise her, but he doesn't have the Lord and so he doesn't really know what to do. He does everything he can in the flesh, takes her out dancing and tries to get her mind off those things.

       44. HE DOES LOVE HER the best he knows how, and he tries to help her and stabilise her and brush away her fears. But, of course, he's not spiritual enough to really understand the basic causes, so he doesn't really know what to do. I think that's one reason he's let us talk to her, because he feels it does her good. It helps to sort of give her something to hang onto, something to put her mind on.

       45. HE'S REALLY TRYING TO HELP HER and he's been good for her because he's helped to stabilise her and give her something to hold onto that she could depend on.

       46. THAT PERSON WHOM SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT who, due to family pressures and circumstances, conditions in the home, etc., apparently had mental troubles--that could be somebody in her own family or very close to her. She could even have been speaking of herself. That may have been her problem, or fear of that.

       47. HE IS GOOD FOR HER as much as he knows how, to keep her mind off things and keep her dancing, but even there she gets under almost too much pressure. She starts off and wants to be admired, but on the other hand the pressure of the attention is too much for her and she doesn't like it.

       48. THEY (HER ADMIRERS) DON'T GIVE ANYTHING TO HER. They just pull on her. They drain her. They all take, even the men that look at her are only taking. They're not giving anything. That's why she clings to us, because she knows we try to give her something. She knows we're trying to help her and we don't want anything. We're not trying to drain her or possess her or take. We're only giving.

       49. HER PARTNER REALLY GIVES A LOT TOO, and she appreciates it. But he has needs too, of course, and he needs to get as well as give. She would, but she's so afraid. He's good for her 'cause she's leans on him. She needs him for a stabiliser and something to hold onto to keep her mind off her worries and keep her busy and active.

       50. SHE WANTED TO GO ON WITH HER DANCING CAREER but she found the mental pressure got too great--the strain got to be too great between the physical and the mental.

       51. THAT'S WHAT I SEE. Even if it hasn't happened yet, there is still the potential. Jewish girls are brought up to believe that the greatest blessing of God is children, as it was all through the Bible. To be without children was a curse, and the barren were believed to be accursed. The greatest blessing of God was to have children. So if she ever had prevented a child she would feel guilty.

       52. I BELIEVE THESE GUILT FEELINGS ARE A PART OF HER PROBLEM and help cause some of her moods and depressions and fears. Dancing and just having someone to talk to helps her. She gets discouraged about the present, for she doesn't feel she's getting anywhere--and she worries about the future and the unknown, and this makes her feel even worse.

       53. BUT ONLY GOD CAN REALLY HELP HER, only His love is the lasting answer for which she longs. She seeks for truth, for answers, for real love, for satisfaction of spirit, for food for her soul! She wants to dance in the spirit with real joy and exuberance, like the blithe breath of Spring full of eternal life, peace and happiness! But her flesh weight her down, while her spirit longs for freedom--the freedom of spirit that only God can give!

       54. AND SHE CAN ONLY HAVE IT IF SHE DANCES FOR HIM, the King, in the court of His Kingdom for the King of Kings, inspired by His Spirit to such heavenly heights of steps she's never known before--steps of such joyful dancing she can learn only from The Lover of her soul, thrilled with the ecstasy of the climax of The Love all loves!--Jesus!

       55. (Later we gave "The Dancer" a copy of this reading and she said it was all true!--We hope it will help you to learn how to love those you minister to in dances of His love.)

       56. DO YOU NEED LOVE LIKE THIS?--Come dance with us in one of our loving Colonies or discos or Poorboy Clubs! We have all the love you've been looking for because we have The Lover of all lovers--Jesus! Visit us today and find how you too can have such love forever! We love you! There are thousands of us in hundreds of Colonies around the Globe! Come and love today!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family