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"THE CITY OF BURIED TREASURE"--MO December 27, 1974 NO 324--GP

Copyrighted December, 1974 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(MO rouses slightly out of sleep and whispers to Maria:)

1. REMIND ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY DREAM. (Maria: Tell me now.) No, don't wake me up! I'll tell you later. (No, please tell me now.--You'll forget it if you don't!) It was about the Buried City and the holes in the rocks. Now go to sleep. (Tell me some more!) I can't tell you any more without a little bit of wine (OK, here's little.--What's the rest of the dream?)

2. I'LL TELL YOU TOMORROW. (But you said you'd tell me if I gave you some wine!). I said I'd tell you, but I'll tell you tomorrow! (That's not fair!--What else is there?)

3. OK, IT'S ABOUT THE PROSPECTOR AND THE CITY THAT WAS BUILT IN MOSES' DAY, AND ABOUT ALL THE GOLDEN MONEY INSIDE. The holes in the rocks--you look through them.--But you're mean to me, waking me up and banging on me!--You're mean to me! (But you must tell me the rest now!) I forgot it already!--Oh, all right!

4. YOU LOOK THROUGH THE ROCKS and these holes in the rocks make a picture of a Prospector chopping in the rocks. And if you look at the point of his pick where he's chopping, you can see through this cliff and you look across this big wide Valley at the face of another cliff miles away and if you look at it just right, at the point of his pick, it points to this City buried in the other cliff--these buildings and stuff. I'm so tired and sleepy!

5. THEY WERE BUILT IN MOSES' DAY. And when you go over there, clear across the Valley--it's a long way--you find these big building imbedded into the cliff like they were carved out of the cliff like Petra. Why don't you let me go to sleep?

6. AND YOU GO INSIDE AND YOU LOOK THROUGH THIS LITTLE HOLE AND THERE'S BIG CAVERN--big cave--and there's lots of golden money scattered around, gold pieces and stuff like that. But if you've gone through the little hole to get in you can't get out again 'cause the hole's too small.

7. [EDITED: "SO THEN WHAT?"] THAT'S THE END! All you can do is pass the gold out through the hole, but you can't get out. [EDITED: "Did you go through the hole?"] Yes. [EDITED: "What happened?"] I was stuck inside and all could do was pass the gold outside to the people.--If there was anymore I don't remember.

8. BEFORE WE FOUND THE CITY, when we were on the other side of the Valley, I remember looking at the cliff and wondering why these big holes were in the cliff, and I began to see they made a picture of a Prospector picking with his pick, and his pick pointed to a Golden City miles and miles away.

9. AND THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT IT THAT IT WAS BUILT IN MOSES'S DAY on the other side of the valley. I remember the words, "The same days as Moses!" Big Big valley--a long time to go get there! Everybody was amazed at this city embedded the rock. Nobody had ever discovered it before but I discovered it by looking through the rocks. It was exciting but it was kinda scary!

10. IT WAS SUNNY IN THIS BIG VALLEY I had to cross on the other side of the holes. On this side it was real step and dangerous. You had to get in a certain position to see all the holes to get to figure out it made a picture. It was a little bit darker here than it was in the valley. On a mountain trail on the side of a big steep mountain.

11. THE HOLES WERE RIGHT AT THE END OF THE TRAIL, very, very high--maybe 100 feet high--and if you got back and looked at them you could figure out they made a picture of a Prospector, and when you put on your binoculars and looked through the bottom hole at the end of his pick, you saw the Moses City on the other side of the Valley on this other cliff.

12. YOU LOOKED RIGHT DOWN THROUGH THE POINT OF THIS PICK, but you couldn't see anything with your naked eye. You had to put on your binoculars--and you just crawled right through the big holes to get to the Big Valley.

13. IT WAS ALONG WAYS ACROSS THE VALLEY but it was pretty and sunny, and there were these big buildings embedded into the rocky cliff on the other side. You crawled up over all the crooked rocks and ruins and you crawled through this little hole which was sort of square, about the size of your body.--And I found in there all these gold pieces, very, very valuable archaeological findings--big, big gold pieces!

14. BUT I COULDN'T GET OUT, and if you tried to chop the hole any bigger, the whole thing would fall down. That's the last I can remember. I found the gold for them, but I couldn't get out. You had to stay out there and help the people. I think it was sort of like death. I had to give my life for the people to get them the gold, and you had to say outside and hand it to them.

15. DEATH IS THE DEVIL'S DUE. He's like the death angel. Because according to God's laws because of the disobedience of Adam and on down, we all have to die because of disobedience and sin. Death is the penalty of physical sin and we all have to suffer the penalty physically of death.

16. THE DEVIL IS LIKE THE EXECUTIONER. God won't let him execute us before our time, but sooner or later He has to let the Enemy take our life and bring death to keep His Word, and we suffer the penalty of death physically.

17. BUT INSTANTLY, THE MINUTE WE DIE, ALTHOUGH THE DEVIL GETS TO FULFIL THE LAW TO EXECUTE AND TAKE OUR LIFE PHYSICALLY, WE'RE INSTANTLY FREED SPIRITUALLY, liberated from the flesh into the world of the spirit. So this is why Paul said and flaunted in the face of death, "O Death, where is thy sting, O Grave, where is thy victory? " In other words, we have to die to pay the penalty, but Jesus took the sting out of it.

18. IT'S AN EMPTY VICTORY FOR THE DEVIL because he didn't get us, and actually is like an escape hatch for us because he can't have us and really take us. Although he's allowed to fulfil the debt, it really escapes his hand.

19. I THINK THE ONLY WAY I COULD GET OUT OF THERE WAS TO DIE, but at least I got all that gold out for the people. Thank you Jesus! And you gotta stay outside so you can help the people with the gold.

20. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU. It makes me sad to think about it, but someday it's gotta be. You have to be brave and strong unselfish and you have to be willing to help the people with the gold.

21. I GUESS THE GOLD IS THE WORDS. I don't know what the rest of it means, except God showed me where to find it and I dug it out of the Moses City like the Bible, the Law, the Truth, God's Words. I guess in a way I had to go inside and find it so I could get it for the people, 'cause they didn't understand it.

22. IT WAS ALL BUILT IN MOSES' DAY, LONG AGO. But the people couldn't find it without me and they couldn't see where the gold was. But I had to squeeze through this little bitty hole to get it--I don't know what that means--and then I couldn't get out. I guess it just means it costs me my life. It was a one way street, after which when you got in you could never get out except by death.

23. I LOVE YOU, FAITHFUL LITTLE SCRIBE! It was lying all around inside the hole, like a big cave, scattered all around and I had to pick it out piece by piece and feed it through that little hole to the people. There was a lot of it and it was hard work, and when it was all done I couldn't get out.

24. IT WAS SUCH A PRETTY VALLEY! I think I'd rather stay outside in the Valley where it's nice and sunny, but I had to go in that big dark hole and that cave to find the money for the people.

25. THE VALLEY WAS LIKE LIFE, and I had to go into the deep dark cave and die to myself to get the gold out for the people, and in the end I couldn't leave except to die. Well, I guess that's the end--I guess to die is the end of that part of your work.

26. THAT HOLE IN THE BIG CAVE WAS LIKE A SEPULCHRE of the dead and buried past, like I had to mine the gold out of the past that was so dark and buried, to get it out for the people because they can't understand the Bible, and I had to go and get it for them and pass it to them piece by piece and in the end I couldn't get out. Like I was a prisoner in the gold mine.

27. DEATH IS THE DEVIL'S DUE, but when he takes your life in fulfillment of the Law, it really releases you by grace. When Jesus died the Lord took His Spirit. The cave is like death, It costs us our life to the mine the gold, and the only way we can get out is in the Spirit.

28. I THINK MAYBE THE PROSPECTOR MUST SYMBOLISE THE HOLY SPIRIT, because he was nothing but holes in rocks that pointed the way, and you can only get at it all through the Spirit. Seemed like I was leading a bunch of people on this hike through the mountains and we discovered these holes.

29. I'M JUST THE MESSENGER BOY AND OUR KIDS ARE JUST PAPER BOYS and we're all at the bottom of the totem pole, just about the lowliest poorest paid jobs there are!--And you're just the desk clerk who writes it down. That's pretty humbling job too, being just the desk clerk who writes it down.

30. WE HAVE A LOT OF DESK CLERKS, THE GIRLS AND THE TYPISTS WHO JUST WRITE IT DOWN, but we deliver messages and telegrams to lots of important people! We're nobody, but they wouldn't get their messages without us. Those big important people wouldn't get the news without the paper boys.

31. EVEN MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT HAVE TO BUY PAPERS TO GET THE NEWS FROM THE POOR LITTLE PAPER BOYS. They couldn't even get the news without the paper boys and messengers and desk clerks, and some day God'll give 'em their due, cause they're just as important as MP's cause the important people couldn't have their news without the messengers and delivery boys and desk clerks.--Right?

32. SO YOU SEE, THAT'S ALL I AM--JUST A MESSENGER BOY AND A GUIDE. I just led the people down the trail to the cliff where they could see through those holes in the Spirit across the beautiful Golden Valley. I guess that's like the New Life, 'cause you could climb through the holes in the cliff to beautiful valley and see the city on the other side.

33. ALL I COULD DO WAS LEAD THEM WHERE GOD SHOWED ME. I'M JUST A GUIDE, and you know guides don't get much credit. They're just hired by important people to show them the way.

34. GUIDES ARE NOBODY: ALL THEY DO IS SHOW THE WAY. People pay them to show them how to get there, and it's a matter of life and death, and without the guide they'll never make it. Guides really don't get as much credit as they deserve. They really save people's lives. All I did was study the cliff and try to figure out where the holes pointed to.

35. MUST BE THE HOLES ARE LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT--HOLY HOLES--'cause that's what you see through to find the way to the beautiful Valley of New Life and the Golden City and all that gold!

36. BUT YOU KNOW, IT'S LIKE GUIDES IN THE CAVES OR MINES TRYING TO LEAD PEOPLE TO SAFETY: SOMETIMES THEY GET TRAPPED THEMSELVES, When you save others, yourself you can't save--it costs you your life to find and mine the gold. You have to pass it to them, Honey. "I finally found the way to go, I finally found the way to live, now I've got something I can give, to my brother!"

37. YOU GO RIGHT ACROSS THE VALLEY AND ON THE OTHER SIDE ARE THESE BIG BUILDINGS BURIED IN THE ROCK. It was as old as Moses' day, and you have to climb. It was right on the face of the mountain. It was really hard to get into the cave--a small hole where you had to squeeze through.

38. I WONDER WHY I COULD GET IN AND NOT GET OUT AGAIN? Seems like after I got done passing the gold out, I was bigger somehow.--Sort of like Alice in Wonderland. I hope I can mine enough gold for them, Honey.

39. IT'S REALLY SIGNIFICANT ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING HOLES IN THE SHAPE OF A GOLD MINER! The Holy Spirit is the old Gold Miner who points the way, and when I looked right through the very point of his pick I got the point and I could see the Golden City! The Holy Spirit is the old Gold Miner who points the way to the treasures!

40. BUT YOU HAVE TO GO IN THERE AND DIG. He just leads the way and you have to go through and follow. Seems like where we were before we went through the holes, was sort of dark and gloomy, but on the other side it was all sunny.

41. THE VALLEY OF THE SUN!--THE SUN!--JESUS IS THE SUN that brightens up our lives when we leave our old gloomy life behind. Must be that that old City--I remember hearing those words as clear as anything--"It was built in Moses' day"--that must mean the Bible embedded in the cliff, in the Rock.

42. I GUESS THE BIG CLIFF AND THE ROCK WALL IS LIKE GOD. I think the City was even shaped like the Ten Commandments that represents God's Word, but we had to climb up to it, into it, which is hard work. It's hard work studying the Bible, but we really found a gold mine and I passed it out to the people piece by piece. I handed it out to you through that little hole and you passed it on to the people.

43. I GUESS THE HOLE'S THE CHANNEL. Either the channel got smaller or I got bigger and I couldn't get back through the hole. But I got the gold out! Thank You Jesus for helping me get out the gold to the people. "Thank you for their father who is willing to follow and receive it."(--Abrahim.)

44. AFTER IT'S PASSED OUT TO YOU, YOU AND OTHERS HAVE TO ASK THE LORD TO HELP YOU REFINE THE GOLD. It has to be chopped out of the rocks. I found the mine and the pieces of gold but you guys are going to have to break up the rocks and dig it out and refine it. You gotta feed it to the people, because I can't get out.

45. I'M STUCK HERE ALL BY MYSELF, BUT THE LORD IS WITH ME, and He'll see me through. You can get your hand in and I can hold your hand. That's what keeps me going--your little hand of encouragement. You keep pulling the gold out, encouraging me to go on, to pull it out for the people. Oh, Honey, I'm so tired of mining! Would you please lie down and go to sleep?

46. THERE'S NO END TO GOD'S GOOD GOLD!--THE MINE IS FULL OF IT! We'll never get it all. There's always more. We'll never get done--at least not in this life, I guess. But when I get tired and I can't keep going any more, I can lie down and go to sleep. I only keep going for your sake because I know you don't want me to leave, but some day I have to.

47. SOME DAY I JUST WON'T BE ABLE TO KEEP GOING ANY MORE. Just a little while. And you must be patient and faithful. Promise me you won't leave?--You'll keep feeding the people? You please keep going for my sake and their sakes. Make 'em dig it out and show them how to refine it.

48. WE CAN KISS GOODBYE THROUGH THE LITTLE HOLE and I can still love you through the little hole. We'll have a little contact. I can still live on in you. Help her to be faithful, Lord. Give her the strength and courage to go on and help the people mine and refine it and give it to the people in the Valley.

49. I LOVE YOU, BABY, I LOVE YOU A WHOLE BIG BUNCH! I GIVE ALL MY GOLD TO YOU TO PASS TO THE PEOPLE. We make 'em rich with the gold God's given. But we just pass it on. We can't keep it to ourselves. We have to keep giving it out or it would pile up. It sure stacks up, that's for sure!

50. WE HAVE TO KEEP PASSING IT ON AND LET THEM DO SOME OF THE WORK. We can't do it all 'cause I have to keep exploring the cave and finding more gold and I can't stop to dig it out of the rocks and refine it--you guys can do that.

51. I'M JUST AND OLD MINER. They don't get much credit either for all the hard work to bring light and power to the people. I have to go down in that dark black hole to dig it out--it's dangerous too!

52. NOBODY GIVES THE MINERS ENOUGH CREDIT for doing such a hard dangerous job, working under such difficult conditions and losing their lives so the people can see and have light and power for the people.

53. YOU HAVE TO GO DOWN AND DELVE IN THE DARK TO BRING OUT THE SUNSHINE--the buried sunshine--to give the people power and light--light and power to the people! There's no end to the mine. You just have to quit now and then and rest when you're tired and come back another day.

54. THE CAVE IS LIKE THE SPIRIT WORLD and I'm always going in and coming back, but the time will come when I won't be able to make it back. At first I was able to climb back out and tell you about the gold, 'cause I remember telling you to look through the hole at all the gold. But then finally I couldn't get out any more. (David falls asleep.)


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