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"THE ROUND ROUND ROOM"--MO        January 19, 1975        NO.325B--DFO

Copyrighted January, 1975 by The Children of God
P. O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       In the middle of the night David stirred and said, Please help me remember these words: The round round room, Faithie and all the lamps. (Maria: OK.) (Maria, a minute or two later: Why don't you tell me the dream now so you'll be sure not to forget it.) No, go back to sleep, I don't want to get waked up.--But you won't forget those words? (Maria: No, I wrote them down. But you'll feel better and be able to go back to sleep faster if you tell me the dream and get it off your mind now.) No, go to sleep, Honey. Don't get us all waked up.--Just please remember those words. But can you give me a little wine to help me go back to sleep? (Maria: Only if you'll tell me the dream.) OK. (Maria: You promise?--Right now?) OK.

       1. THERE WAS THIS BIG ROUND ROUND ROOM just like you're looking through a wide-angle lens, and there were beds and tables and bedside tables and lamps and stuff.--And we were moving them around and arranging them so everybody would have a lamp.

       2. BUT WE FOUND A LOT OF THESE LAMPS WEREN'T LAMPS AT ALL! They were just big no good plastic images full of water, but they were all sealed up. They didn't have any cords or lights and they weren't good for anything except for decorations, that's all. There was this headless torso of a woman and a headless horse and sort of a wooden stump and some other things, sort of headless and meaningless.

       3. THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY LIGHTS AND NO CORDS FOR POWER--NOTHING! They were all full of water but all sealed up tight. I think maybe the light could shine through them if they had some cords, but they didn't have any. And so I said, "we have to put them out of the way because they're not good for anything. We have to separate the real lamps with cords and lights from the images.

       4. AND THERE WAS THIS HIGH, HIGH SHELF way up high just under the dome of the round round room, and I decided to put them up there where they'd be out of the way. They were nothing but a decoration and not very useful because they didn't give any light, and I was even worried about putting them up there because they might fall off and hit us on the head.

       5. THEY WERE ALL SEALED UP TIGHT. I remember looking at them closely and carefully--they were full of water, but you couldn't get it out. They would have made good lamps but they didn't have cords, so we had to get rid of them and put them out of the way on the high high shelf way up under the dome in the top of the round room. Then we had to take the few little lamps that were left and try to spread them around so everybody would have a little light.

       6. AND THERE WAS THIS ONE LAMP--IT WAS A GOOD LAMP, BUT IT DIDN'T HAVE MUCH CORD. I remember saying very definitely--and I was talking in Spanish. "Necessita poquito mas cable por caber este sitio." ("It needs more cord to fit this situation.") Then I found out that the delivery man--a very sweet Spanish man--had already brought the wire for it, which was very thoughtful of him.

       7. I WAS GETTING SO TIRED MOVING FURNITURE AND PUTTING LAMPS AROUND and moving these images onto the high shelf, and Faithie was supposed to help me, but she was in the next room just gabbing with people. So I went in and took her by the hand and tried to drag her out into the Round Round Room to help me.

       8. I WAS SO TIRED I WAS ALMOST CRYING, AND I WAS SAYING, "FAITHIE, YOU GOTTA HELP ME!"--And she was crying and saying she didn't want to help me and saying she'd done enough.--And she was all sweaty! Nobody would help me fix the lamps. It was such a hard job to have to do it all by myself and fix all the lamps and plug them in so everybody would have enough light. One of those headless things was like a stump of a tree but they were all sealed up.

       9. I REMEMBER I WAS SO HAPPY THE DELIVERY MAN HAD ALREADY FIXED IT. It had to be shorter--"mas corta"--and he'd already made it to fit. And I was lying there thinking about it and wondering what it all meant, and it came to me that some things are lamps and full of light and connected to the power and have cords, but some things aren't.

       10. SOME THINGS ARE ONLY DECORATIONS OR SHOWPIECES and have no real light in themselves and no power, and even if they do contain water, they're all sealed up so you can't get anything out of them! And my first impression was that it reminded me of the various different methods we use to try to bring light to the people.

       11. SOME TURN OUT TO HAVE REAL POWER AND GIVE REAL LIGHT AND MAKE THE WATER AVAILABLE TO THE PEOPLE, while others turn out to be nothing but decorative showpieces with no power and no light and yielding no water (there are some kinds of water lamps), and even if you continue to use them as decorations they can be dangerous if they fall on you and hurt you.

       12. SO IT SEEMED TO ME TO REPRESENT A MESSAGE OF CAUTION ABOUT THE DIFFERENT METHODS WE USE IN PRESENTING THE MESSAGE. Some are empowered and enlightened by the Spirit of God to give light to those in darkness and real water to the thirsty souls and are very profitable and fruitful and effective. Whereas, others can turn out to be just powerless, lightless, heavy decorations which are full of water but you can't seem to get it out of them and the people don't seem to get the message because they're sealed and they can become more of a hazard than a help.

       13. I REMEMBER WE WERE REALLY TRYING TO PUT THEM OUT OF THE WAY BY SETTING THEM UP ON THAT HIGH REMOTE SHELF under the dome--this all-glass dome--where we apparently hoped that some of the Heavenly light would shine through them from the sky through the skylight. Because they were pretty and of different colours and we didn't want to just discard them all together, but hoped they could still be somewhat useful.

       14. BUT IT SEEMED THEY WERE RATHER DANGEROUS UP THERE and for some reason in danger of falling on our heads, toppling off the high shelf onto the people below and doing more damage than good. They were some of the most exalted pieces and placed in the highest places and very pretty and showy when the light shined on them or through them.

       15. BUT THEY HAD NO LIGHT IN THEMSELVES AND SEEMED TO BE DANGEROUS for some reason and were always falling off on the people below. (Some of those show business Colonies are the ones who have caused us the most trouble!) Perhaps the temple-shaped room represents the Kingdom of God or His work like in "Temple Time."

       16. OBVIOUSLY THE SPANISH LAMP REPRESENTS OUR SPANISH WORK somewhere in some Spanish country. It's a well-constructed lamp and contains a real light but needs a better connection to the source of power. Some of our Spanish works have been somewhat neglected by some of our top leadership and we have not given some of them the attention they deserve, and they do need "a little more cord to fit their situation", or a little closer tie to the top or source of power, or so I thought.

       17. I WAS SO THANKFUL WHEN THE DEAR SPANISH DELIVERY MAN FOUND THE SOLUTION by not adding more cord as I had thought necessary, but by bringing the lamp closer to the source of power and even shortening the cord and the distance between them! The cord represents the control and source of power.

       18. SO THE ANSWER IN THIS CASE CAME NOT FROM ME BUT FROM THEM or apparently their leadership, which needs to be drawn closer to us rather than merely lengthening or strengthening the cord between us. I was so thankful the delivery man had found the remedy.

       19. YOU FOLKS IN THE SPANISH AREAS ARE CERTAINLY DELIVERY MEN DELIVERING THE MESSAGE FAITHFULLY! I believe from what I hear that you have been the first to translate nearly all of the Letters into your language! So you've certainly been faithful in your delivery.

       20. BUT APPARENTLY WE HAVE BEEN SOMEWHAT NEGLECTFUL OF YOU and viewing you as something distant and far away which needed more cord to tie you to us instead of bringing you closer to us and shortening the distance between us and thereby improving our contact with you and yours with us as the connection of your power.

       21. YOU APPARENTLY NEED MORE OF OUR ATTENTION AND HELP than you've been getting and need to be drawn closer to us in spirit and the cords shortened that tie us together in the Spirit so you can receive more power and glory than you've been getting while we've been very busy giving so much of our attention to others who have seemed more prominent, important and glorious, but who could even become a little dangerous because they lack the light and power they should have, and have sealed up their life-giving flow of water for some reason.

       22. THAT MUST MEAN THAT SOME OF THESE SHOWIER PIECES ARE MORE OF A DECORATION AND MERE ENTERTAINMENT and are not getting out as much of the water of the words as they should. The Round Round Room also reminds me of the "Theater in the Round" or Shakespeare's "All the World's a Stage." The high high shelf is the place of great exaltation where we place our most beautiful decorations although they may be useless for any practical purposes.

       23. SOME OF THESE DECORATIONS WERE EVEN HEADLESS, OR SENSELESS, MEANINGLESS, mouthless, blind, deaf, messageless, lightless and not spirit-powered and their water sealed! The body of the nude woman was like our sex appeal, the headless horse like fleshly strength and might and the stump looked like one of those polished Cyprus knees, cut off, dead and useless though once part of the live tree!

       24. THESE FALSE LAMPS WERE ONLY IMAGES, IMITATIONS, TRANSPARENT PLASTIC, MERE MOCKERIES OF THE REAL THING, THE DEVIL'S OWN SUBSTITUTES! My working so hard moving furniture was like my present organisational and administrational involvement, which has so wearied me with all its problems, when my main job should be spreading the light.

       25. EACH LITTLE BED, BEDSIDE TABLE AND LAMP REMIND ME OF EACH OF OUR LITTLE COLONIES: The bed symbolises our intimate loving family fellowship and restful peace; the table, God's bountiful provision for all our needs and work space for our labours; and each lamp our witness and methods of getting out the message to enlighten the rest of the world.

       26. SWEAT IS THE EMBLEM OF THE ENERGY OF THE FLESH: FAITHIE HAS BEEN WORKING TOO HARD and has been too long in the same place witnessing to the same people. She's a pioneer and loses her inspiration if she stays in the same field too long. She needs to pioneer again and go where we need more help, where we're still organising Colonies, rearranging the furniture and setting up more lamps.

       27. SHE'S MUCH MORE NEEDED TO ENCOURAGE AND STRENGTHEN THE BRETHREN IN NEGLECTED PIONEER FIELDS, such as the Spanish and Latin American countries who have been begging for her help for so long and for whom I have been so burdened, weeping for them, while she's been weeping for direction but reluctant to follow it.

       28. THANK GOD FOR THE DELIVERY MAN, OUR LATIN AMERICAN LEADERSHIP WHO HAVE THE ANSWER: We don't need more and stronger cords to bind them tighter with more controls and advisories, rules and restrictions!--We need closer fellowship, closer supervision, and they need more attention, more visitation and more help!

       29. IT MUST BE THEIR HOUR! GO, FAITHIE, GO! After listening to one of Latin America's beautiful musical tapes recently I smelled incense and believe it was a sign God is pleased with our prayers for them, but they need help!--Will you go?--I believe this dream was God's answer to their prayers and His call for your help!--praise God, at last! GBY! We love and pray for you!--Dad

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family