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"THE JAPANESE-SOUTH AMERICAN DREAM"--MO        January 27, 1975        NO.325C--DFO

Copyrighted January 1975 by The Children of God
Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141 San, Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. I HAD A DREAM THIS MORNING. I'M SURE IT MUST HAVE BEEN JAPAN because all the young people looked very Japanese, definitely Oriental but with those very very strong features of the Japanese. Not the paler more delicate features of the Chinese or South East Asians, but the strong, bold handsome somewhat darker characteristics of the Japanese. It seems to me like the Japanese have blacker hair than the other Orientals and it's straighter, more wiry. Sometimes in the boys it even stands on end, and they always seem more energetic.

       2. THERE ARE LOTS AND LOTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE AROUND IN THE DREAM, and in the distance there was this huge, big volcanic mountain that was erupting, and there was a big earthquake going on, in fact a lot of earthquakes which seemed like an almost continuous rumbling and thundering and sort of rolling explosions.

       3. SLOPING DOWN FROM THE VOLCANO TO WHERE I WAS--it seemed to be toward the sea-- there was this big, big slope which was all packed with what looked like new little craters, like big black pimples that were erupting all over the place and lava was flowing out of a lot of them and flowing down toward me and the sea.

       4. PEOPLE WERE RUNNING AND YELLING AND SCREAMING. It seemed like they were nearly all young people running down the slope toward me. But a lot of them were getting caught by the lava and being buried under the lava as they ran down the hill between these craters.

       5. THEY WERE TRYING TO GET INTO THE SEA OR ONTO THIS BIG, BIG ROCK which seemed to be right at the edge of the sea. It was a huge rock formation almost like the Rock of Gibraltar, it was so big! It stuck up out of the water's edge and had the funniest shape, almost like an old Elisabethan-Shakespearian theatre with its arms or wings stretched out toward the crowd that was running toward it.

       6. I THOUGHT, "IF I COULD JUST GET UP ON THAT BIG HIGH ROCK, I'LL BE SAFE!" And a lot of others seemed to have the same idea. So we were climbing up the arms of the rock which sloped down toward us, and we finally made it to the top and got up on top of the rock and toward its rear toward the sea.

       7. IT TURNED OUT THAT THE WHOLE ROCK WAS A BIG SCHOOL BUILDING, like the school building was carved out of the rock, and it had rooms inside. I crawled up on the very top and out to the edge over looking the land to see what was happening, looking back toward the volcano into this sort of natural arena formed by the slopping sea shore and the two arms of the rock.

       8. LOOKING UP THE SLOPE TOWARDS THE VOLCANO AND ALL THE CRATERS, I SAW THE KIDS WERE STILL RUNNING MY WAY IN HUGE MOBS as they followed me up onto the rock. Hallelujah! It's funny, I can't make head nor tail to these dreams until I tell them to you! But as I start to tell them to you then the interpretation comes right along with the re-visualisation of the dream!

       9. FROM MY VANTAGE POINT WAY UP ON TOP OF THE ROCK AND LOOKING BACK AT THE TERRIBLE SCENE OF DESTRUCTION and terror and all the kids still streaming down the hill to get away from the volcanic mountain and all these craters spewing out fire and brimstone and lava, I looked out across that scene and thought, "How horrible! What a devastating scene! Poor kids!"

       10. I WAS YELLING TO THEM AND SHOUTING DIRECTIONS HOW TO GET UP ON THE ROCK by taking the same route I'd climbed, and the kids were streaming down the big volcanic mountain as fast as they could and were swarming up onto the rock.

       11. SUDDENLY THIS BIG BLOND GERMAN GUY WALKS UP BEHIND ME and starts talking to me in German! I just turned around and looked at him and shook my head and smiled and indicated I couldn't understand him and I couldn't speak German. But he said to this Japanese man who wad standing just behind me to my right--the German man was just behind me to my left--he said to this Japanese man in English, "Ha! I bet he can understand German! He's just pretending he can't understand German!"

       12. THIS FINE LOOKING JAPANESE MAN BEHIND ME TO MY RIGHT WAS HELPING ME AND SORT OF GUIDING THE KIDS and getting them sorted out and placed. I don't know how I knew, but I just knew he was the director of the school. He was helping me get the kids organised and sending them here and there in the school. He said to the German, "No, really, he doesn't understand German or speak German, but he speaks a lot of Spanish."

       13. SO I TRIED TO TALK TO THE GERMAN FELLOW IN SPANISH and the guy just shook his head like he didn't want to talk Spanish or didn't know Spanish and he still didn't believe me because he seemed to think I looked so German. He seemed quite disgusted that I couldn't speak German and sort of unbelieving that I really couldn't speak the language and seemed to feel that I was trying to pull something on him.

       14. HE SEEMED TO BE ONE OF THE REFUGEES BUT ABOUT THE ONLY OLDER ONE that was around, and he had on this knee-length tan tattered coat and was bare-headed with short blond hair in a real German style burr cut about an inch long standing on end. He was really gruff and curt like so many of the Germans are.

       15. SO HE SAID TO ME, "WELL, I NEED SOME MONEY." And I said, "Can't you see I'm busy!" But he said, "I need some money!" And he kept pestering me and he followed me almost into the building and was talking to me through the open window while I was herding some of the kids through the open door.

       16. HE WAS REALLY ANNOYING ME and I was really angry that he could be worrying about himself in such a life and death situation instead of helping an these poor kids! Here was this big emergency and we were trying to save the kids and he was annoying me about this money!

       17. HE KEPT SAYING, "YOU'VE GOT LOTS OF MONEY!--GIVE ME SOME!" He was a real pest! So finally I spoke to him through the open window he was still standing right outside--and I thought to myself, "Shall I give him 100 pesetas or 1,000 pesetas? I don't like him and the way he's acting, so nervy and unconcerned about these poor kids, and all he's worrying about is about himself! I'm not going to give him very much, but I'll give him enough to keep him going if he's hungry or something."

       18. SO I SAID, "OKAY, HERE!" AND I HANDED HIM 100 PESETAS. He looked at it with disdain and sneering as he nevertheless reached out his hand for it to take it reluctantly.

       19. "HUH!" HE SNORTED, "SIX QUID! THAT'S NOTHING!" I quickly made a mental note in my mind: "Six quid? Since when did 100 pesetas get to be six quid! Don't tell me 100 pesetas is now worth six pounds!" And yet he still didn't seem to think it was worth very much! I thought, "How much does this guy want anyway! If it's six pounds he ought to be pretty thankful!" But he just turned and walked away and never even said thank you!

       20. SO I WENT ON ABOUT MY BUSINESS, THE DIRECTOR AND I HELPING TO GET THE KIDS STRAIGHTENED OUT, all the time mulling this all over in my mind. The thought occurred to me, "Has the inflation gotten that bad that the pound is now worth less that a tenth of its normal value?" About that time I was walking through the hall of the school.

       21. SUDDENLY I LOOKED INTO ONE OF THE ROOMS AND HERE WAS THIS SAME GERMAN GUY in one of the rooms with his back toward me sitting comfortably in a chair reading and still paying no attention whatsoever to the kids--not helping, doing nothing, just sitting there reading! I thought to myself, "My God, how did he get in here anyhow! What's he doing sitting here just in the way, cluttering up the landscape in the midst of this busy scene with all we've got to do?"

       22. I MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY SHOCKED because I turned to my left toward the school director and I exclaimed, "Who does he think he is anyhow?" Like he had a lot of nerve coming in there and sitting down in the midst of all this confusion and doing nothing!

       23. BUT THE NICE JAPANESE MAN MERELY SAID POLITELY (AS THEY ALWAYS DO NO MATTER WHAT THEY'RE THINKING!), "OH, THAT'S MR. DENTON. He's the new art director. We've just hired him!" But I had the feeling by this time he was almost ready to fire him because of the snotty way he was acting, but he was still trying to be polite.

       24. THE DIRECTOR SAID, "YOU KNOW, WE NEED TEACHERS VERY BADLY, and we'd like to have you stay and teach if you will." But I looked at broad backed selfish Denton and thought, "I'm not staying here if he's going to be on the faculty!" That name was so clear, "Mr. Denton, our new Art Director"!

       25. BUT I HAD ANOTHER INVITATION INSTEAD TO GO TO SOUTH AMERICA TO TEACH SPANISH. So I was so tired, I decided I'd go out of the building as the big rush was sort of subsiding and things were calming down and the earthquake seemed to be over and they were getting the kids stowed away wherever they belonged.

       26. SO I WENT OUT INTO THE FOYER OF THE SCHOOL AND SAT DOWN just inside this door leading outdoors, looking out into the garden, a very pretty typical Japanese garden, which was on the back side of the big rock away from the terrible scene of volcanic devastation. It was so peaceful there facing the ocean.

       27. THERE WAS A PRETTY GIRL SITTING THERE on a bench, one of the students. At first I couldn't see her head because of the bush hanging down over the bench, but I could see her hip and one leg which she had stretched out. She was relaxing on the bench with her right leg stretched way out, foot pointed out toward the sea, and with her left leg pulled up toward her, bent almost double. I could see the notebook on her lap, but her head and face were out of sight behind the bush as she was lolling backward on the bench.

       28. I THOUGHT, "WOW!--I WONDER WHAT NATIONALITY SHE IS! Whatever she is, she sure is pretty!--At least she's got a pretty leg!--Ha!" Just about that time she leaned forward and looked straight toward me, just like she knew what I was thinking, and she smiled.

       29. SHE WAS A REAL BEAUTIFUL JAPANESE GIRL! They're so sweet, almost always smiling, those little Japanese girls, and yet they're not bold.--They're really very shy and demure. She looked at me coyly, right straight into my eyes at first, and smiled. Then she dropped her eyes like she was a little embarrassed that she'd been so bold as to look me straight in the eye, almost flirtatiously.

       30. IT SEEMED LIKE SHE REPRESENTED THE JAPANESE YOUTH. So I thought to myself, "Wow!--Maybe I ought to stay here after all!" Then she leaned back and went back to her studying. So I too leaned back and tried to get my mind on my problem, my decision.

       31 I THOUGHT, "WELL, IT SURE IS NICE HERE and I sure like these people, and this girl sure is beautiful and I like them, but I don't know any Japanese!--All I know is Spanish!" I seemed to feel like they had the situation here in Japan pretty well in hand, but that the school in South America really needed help and that there was something very urgent about it. But I don't know if I knew what was so urgent.--It seems to escape me.

       32. BUT IT WAS SO URGENT THAT I GO, BECAUSE THEY WANTED ME SO BADLY IN SOUTH AMERICA, so that it was by all means more important than just staying there in the Japanese school because the girls were so pretty! I thought to myself at the same time, "Besides, I don't think I'd care to be on the same faculty with that guy Denton!--But that pretty girl almost changed my mind!"--Sounds like me, doesn't it!--Ha!

       33. SO I WAS PRAYING ABOUT IT AND THOUGHT, "WELL, LORD, I GUESS I'D BETTER GO WHERE DUTY CALLS and where the need is the greatest." But I can't seem to remember why it was so urgent I go there and what the need was. Oh, I remember one thing!--I remember about that time this nice sweet Japanese boy brought me my lunch, and I thought, "How nice! The Japanese are always so thoughtful!"

       34. AT THE SAME TIME THE JAPANESE BOY BROUGHT ME A MESSAGE LIKE A TELEGRAM OR CABLEGRAM that clinched my decision, and I thought, "That's nice, at least they're not using the telephone, they're writing their messages on paper this time!" But at the same time I was thinking how thoughtful the Japanese had been. Even though I hadn't made my decision to join their school, they had provided my lunch while I was sitting there on the bench!

       35. I THOUGHT, "THE JAPANESE ARE ALWAYS SO THOUGHTFUL AND COURTEOUS AND POLITE, just about the most courteous people in the world!--And they're so artistic!--Really a beautiful people!" I always did think their girls were so pretty, ever since I was in a California high school where there were a lot of Japanese students.

       36. BUT I THINK THAT CABLEGRAM PRINTED ON A PIECE OF PAPER WAS WHAT CLINCHED MY DECISION. But I can't understand why I can't remember why it seemed so urgent that they needed me more to teach in South America than in Japan! But it seemed like that nice new Japanese director had the situation pretty much under control on the rock in the Japanese school.

       37. SO MY FEELING WAS THAT THE SOUTH AMERICAN SCHOOL WAS IN MUCH MORE NEED OF HELP. They had good leaders here already and were well organised in Japan, but in South America they were really in need of help, and that for some reason or other South America needed more help and attention.

       38. JAPAN WAS IN GOOD HANDS AND SEEMED TO BE WELL SUPPLIED, but South America was sort of in a state of some confusion and a pioneering stage that just needed more help for some reason.--There was some particular reason but it just escapes me!

       39. I REMEMBER THESE TWO FELLOWS LIKE PAGEBOYS WERE TALKING TO ME AND SAYING, "YOU MUST COME! YOU MUST COME!"--But I don't remember where that scene fit in! Now that's funny! Those little details, you don't even hardly notice them until you think back over them and really try to study the whole dream. The two guys who were talking to me so fervently and trying to get me to go to South America had on costumes like our kids dress up in nowadays to put on skits, sort of like pageboys, with the costumes hanging straight down in front and in the back like sandwich boards! I don't know whether that's supposed to symbolise litnessing or not.

       40. MAYBE A BIG PUSH IS NEEDED ON LIT IN SOUTH AMERICA. You know in Japan they have done very well with the literature and always seem to have lots of faith for funds. But I just had the feeling that the South American work was in a stage of flux and change and needed to get more organised to get out more lit.

       41. BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT GERMAN GUY DENTON HAD TO DO WITH IT! You know, he could have been a German Swiss! He was talking in German and kept demanding my money. It could have had something to do with our financial affairs and he didn't seem to appreciate how little we were giving him!

       42. FROM THE USUAL BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM IT'S NOT HARD TO SEE WHAT THE MOUNTAINS REPRESENT: The big distant black volcano and all the little craters that were pock marking the landscape and exploding and threatening the Japanese youth obviously represented the Kingdom of Satan, the underground Satanic forces now erupting to devour the Japanese youth.

       43. THE BIG STRONG ROCK BIG AS GIBRALTAR, ON THE SEASHORE, OF COURSE REPRESENTED THE KINGDOM OF GOD, or the Lord, that was rescuing a lot of these kids. They were really, really running toward the Rock like they were really frightened of the horrible things going on behind them and around them and were very thankful to find the Rock!

       44. THAT'S ALL QUITE OBVIOUSLY SYMBOLIC OF OUR MESSAGE OF DIRECTING THEM TO THE LORD AND A PLACE OF REFUGE.--And it was like that German man wanted to annoy me with financial matters and distract me from the main job of rescuing the kids. He seemed so disgusted because I couldn't speak German and give him money, and yet he'd apparently bulldozed his way into that Japanese school and was going to be one of the teachers!

       45. SO OFTEN OUR POLICIES ARE DICTATED OR INFLUENCED BY FINANCIAL CONDITIONS, WHEN FINANCES SHOULDN'T REALLY HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH IT!--We ought to just obey the Lord! Since he was so interested in money, of course he wanted to stay with the Japanese school where there was lots more money, whereas most of the Latin American countries are pretty poor by comparison!

       46. BUT I FELT FOR SOME REASON THE NEED IN SOUTH AMERICA WAS MUCH GREATER. I guess the South Americans will know what it is. Now that's the second thing I've had about pushing toward South America! It must be the Lord gave the Japanese part of the dream for their sake to encourage the Japanese.

       47. THERE MUST BE COMING A TIME OF REAL REAPING IN JAPAN DURING A TIME OF GREAT TROUBLE OF SOME KIND. It doesn't have to be a literal earthquake--it can be symbolic. I thought those little craters popping up all over looked so dirty and evil, a greater threat than the big volcano far in the distance, because they would pop up right in the midst of the kids, and the poor kids were running down to the Rock at the edge of the sea.

       48. NOW WHY WOULD THE ROCK BE AT THE EDGE OF THE SEA? To me the sea represents the greatness of God, His vast might and power, the mighty ocean, almost like the sea itself represents God, the Ocean of His Love maybe, the mighty Sea of God that could easily stop the flood of the volcano and the lava flowing down, by simply swallowing it up in the ocean where it couldn't do any harm!

       49. AND OF COURSE THE ROCK REPRESENTS THE ROCK, CHRIST JESUS, COMING UP OUT OF GOD, THE SEA! The arms of the Rock were out-stretched toward the youth of Japan, and the kids were climbing up the arms into the top of the Rock.--Yet the Rock was also a school!--Well, the Lord is certainly a School and a School Teacher who trains us!

       50. BUT THE LEADERSHIP THERE WAS DEFINITELY JAPANESE, and I think that's probably to emphasise that we need to encourage national leadership, because they're very smart and intelligent and capable of running their own things. All we have to do is get them started.

       51. I WAS GETTING THEM STARTED by screaming and yelling and calling to them to get them up there on the Rock, but the Director was well able to organise the school and get them sorted out after they had gotten up on the Rock.

       52. BUT WHY THE PRETTY GIRL?--SHE WAS A FLIRTY FISH FOR SURE, because she was definitely flirting with me, like she was trying to entice me to stay! Maybe this is just a little lesson on the side that I shouldn't let myself be influenced on any major decision by sex when there are more important decisions at stake!--Ha!

       53. I THOUGHT, "WOW, SHE SURE IS PRETTY AND SWEET!"--And she made my heart go pitty-pat! I thought, "I really would love to stay, but I've got to go where the need is greatest" after seeing that the Japanese situation was pretty well taken care of at the end of the dream. Well, it's all certainly significant, that's for sure!

       54. THE LORD APPARENTLY WANTS US TO PUT ON A BIGGER DRIVE TOWARDS SOUTH AMERICA! It must be both Japan's and South America's time for reaping! It must be that the Japanese youth are being terribly threatened by the Kingdom of Satan and clearly need help right now, or there's coming some time of big trouble when they'll really turn toward us.

       55. IN TIME OF GREAT DISTRESS, LIKE AFTER WORLD WAR II, THE JAPANESE DID TURN TOWARD THE LORD. But apparently the South American and the Latin American countries are also in very great need of help, and at the moment, at least in the dream, the need there was even greater as I debated between the two.

       56. THE JAPANESE SITUATION WAS IN GOOD HANDS AND GOING FINE, BUT THE SOUTH AMERICAN SITUATION NEEDED MORE ATTENTION AND HELP. I definitely, at the end of the dream, set myself toward South America in spite of the temptation in Japan to stay there with that pretty girl!

       57. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT PRETTY JAPANESE LEG STRETCHED WAY OUT THERE AND WHICH WAS SO TEMPTING! She was kind of reclining backward on the bench in a rather provocative position, sort of relaxing on the bench as she was studying. Maybe she was not tempting me intentionally, but maybe she was!--Because when she was sure she had my attention she slowly looked around at me and smiled, so she was quite obviously trying to interest me.

       58. WELL, SHE COULD REPRESENT JAPAN AND THAT JAPAN LOVES ME AND WANTS ME and wouldn't be above tempting me to stay. But it was just like the need wasn't as great there. They seemed to be pretty well organised. She seemed to be quite happy and busy studying.

       59. ONE THING FOR SURE, GOD'S EMPHASIS WAS QUITE OBVIOUSLY ON THESE NEWER PIONEER FIELDS where the reaping is or can be! Whereas it seems like most of our time and attention has been taken up with these older fields where we seem to have the most problems! Ho's so interested in the Orientals, why doesn't he go to India? All the Royal Family is struggling over the old ruins of Europe when they should be going on to pioneer and supervise new fields!

       60. THE ANSWER TO THE R.F.'S PROBLEMS IS NOT ANOTHER MEETING, BUT A SCATTERATION! That Minister's Meeting just represents blobs, when they need to get scattered out all over the whole world! Faith in South America, Josh in Japan, Ho in India, and leave Deb and Jeth to run Europe along with Rachel and Emanuele! What did God tell them to do at that big summit meeting?

       61. WE HAD OUR LITTLE MEETING OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE AND GOD SPOKE, not to the big wigs but to the little people!--And there you have it!--A simple childlike dream!--But it's the message of God to His people! Praise the Lord!--Are you willing to obey it?--NOW is the time! God bless you as you go!--And He will!--He always blesses obedience! God has spoken: Let's obey!--Whaddayasay?--Are you ready? OK! Let's go NOW! Tomorrow may be too late!

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