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Sequel to "MUSICAL KEY"--MO        January 1, 1975        NO.326A--DFO

Copyrighted March, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. WE WERE REMINDED OF THIS THIS MORNING WHILE LISTENING TO SOME OF YOUR SWEET TAPES, particularly the French and Brazilian albums, for which I don't think either of you have gotten enough credit. They're really beautiful and deserve real recognition and I'm glad are being so well received by the public! God bless you all!

       2. OTHERS OF YOU MAY BE DOING JUST AS WELL, BUT WE HAVEN'T HEARD YOUR TAPES YET but would love to if you'll send them to us, and we know you're all being a great blessing to so many from all we hear, praise the Lord! God bless you every one! "Behold how these things I have given are sung by thy children, and behold how they show their love for Me as they sing of thee, the father I have given them!" There was some more to the message, something about the "things I have revealed to thee."

       3. WE'VE ALSO BEEN DEEPLY MOVED RECENTLY BY A NEW DON MCLEAN TAPE of some of his old favourites like "American Pie", as well as some new ones we hadn't heard before, like "Vincent" or "Starry, Starry Night", a very sad and touching song which moved us deeply about another friend of his, apparently an artist, who died. Some parts of it even reminded us a little of ourselves and our own ministry, and it really has a message.

       4. THAT BOY REALLY KNOWS HOW TO SING WITH FELLING, REAL HEART AND SINCERITY, although his message is still the sad cry of the Lost Generation. Some of you have this same gift in both your songs and singing but with a much happier answer and ending, thank the Lord.

       5. WE COULD ALL LEARN A LITTLE FROM HIS CLEAR, DISTINCT PRESENTATION, every word of which comes through loud and clear and can be distinctly understood without confusion. Group singing is great, especially choral backup and harmony for happy sounds of a happy family.

       6. BUT WHEN YOU WANT TO GET ACROSS A PARTICULAR MESSAGE OF IMPORTANT WORDS AS WELL AS A SWEET MELODY, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A GOOD SOLOIST who gets them across clearly and with genuine emotion, like Don Mclean and some of you. Never underestimate the power of the individual under the anointing of the Spirit of God, when a singer becomes as important as the Prophet, like the Psalms of King David himself!

       7. SOME OF YOU WHO STARTED THE REVOLUTION ALONG WITH AARON HAVE THIS GIFT, and some of you who are carrying it on have received it as well, from what we hear in your tapes, God bless you! Keep it coming! Your songs are like the key of love which unlocks hearts to find a responsive chord that longs to harmonise with you!

       8. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD! KEEP SINGING and playing your way into every heart till the battle is won! Thank God for your songs of love that clearly give the Message!

       9. MUSIC SPEAKS A LANGUAGE. Music says something, and some songs say, "Oh what a weariness!" Some words are tremendous, straight from the Scripture, but the music doesn't fit the words. Like the song "Ezekiel 34". It's also the spirit the song is sung in that makes a difference.

       10. SOME REALLY GREAT SONGS IF THEY'RE NOT SUNG RIGHT CAN BE REAL DUDS! "Joy is the net of love to catch souls"--that song actually is a very repetitive song, but it's sung with life and spirit. "We are the Children of David!"--it's not only got a good tune, but it's got real inspired words--words from the Letters from the Lord inspired by the Spirit.

       11. IN WHAT THE LORD SHOWED US IN THE FORMER LETTER, "THE MUSICAL KEY", WE TRY TO SHOW YOU WHAT POWER MUSIC HAS OVER OUR LIVES, EMOTIONS AND ACTIONS, which can be either good or evil. Music has such an effect on me personally that I cannot stand to listen to anything which does not influence me in the right direction, positive, constructive, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting.

       12. WE HAVE BEEN AMAZED AT SOME OF THE OLD TRASH FROM THE OLD LIFE YOU USED TO LIVE THAT SOME OF YOU ARE STILL LISTENING TO, music, if it may be called that, that really gets me down and horrifies me with its fiendish, devilish, hellish sounds of destruction and despair! How you can stand to continue to listen to this stuff we don't know! It certainly has a very bad effect and influence on me when I'm forced to listen to it under circumstances which I can't prevent, and I'm sure it's certainly not doing you any good either!

       13. IT REMINDS ME OF THE SCRIPTURE ABOUT THE DOG RETURNING TO HIS VOMIT AND THE SOW TO HER WALLOWING IN THE MIRE, and I could hardly term them much better than puke and garbage from that awful life you once lived, and I don't understand how you can carry over with you into this new wonderful life with Jesus that same smell of smoke of the fiendish fires of Hell! There must be something wrong or perverted about your appetite or your New Birth, and you didn't make it whole!

       14. YOU MUST STILL BE A LITTLE RETARDED OR DEFORMED TO STILL ENJOY THAT JUNK! You may not yet be a sinless saint but the Bible does say something about your being a new creature in Christ Jesus to the extent that such old things should have passed away and your present life become all new so that you couldn't possibly stand that stuff any more!

       15. BEING A CHILD OF GOD IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and you should have fairly new tastes and appetites and interests and should not continue to desire to submerge yourself in that kind of filth which arouses nothing in me but rage at the God-damned Devil and his works, and how you can tolerate him in listening to it any more is beyond me!

       16. AND YET WE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME OF THIS VERY SAME OLD MUSIC THAT HAS LONG SINCE DIED UNTIL IT IS NOW PUTRID AND STINKETH IS BEING ACTUALLY DUPLICATED BY SOME AND CIRCULATED AMONGST US! God forbid! It certainly isn't good for me, and we're sure it's not good for you either, and we think it's time you changed your ways if you're a truly born again Child of God and no longer a Child of the Devil revelling in the awful sounds of Satan's offspring! God help us and deliver us from the Old Man and his dirty duds that have damned the world and wrecked their children!

       17. I'M NOT SAYING YOU CAN'T STILL ENJOY BEAUTIFUL, GOD-GIVEN, HAPPY AND ROMANTIC MUSIC and even some light dance music on occasion if it suits your mood, including many popular little innocent tunes.

       18. BUT SOME OF THESE JUNGLE RHYTHMS ARE ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC AND DIABOLICAL and really rub me the wrong way, including some of your old favourites from some of your former fallen idols which I understand are still in circulation amongst some of you and still being listened to by some.

       19. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN DO IT AND KEEP IN THE VICTORY. It's like torturing yourself--it feels so good when it stops! I can't even take too much of Don McLean or Beethoven and others like them, they are all so sad and hopeless and helpless and without any answers. Too much of even their best is really depressing.

       20. WE HAVE BEEN SAVED AS BRANDS FROM THE BURNING and snatched from the Enemy's claws, hating even the garments still spotted by the old flesh, and we should be very thankful to have saved the fat from the fire and not to have thrown the baby out with the dirty laundry!

       21. BUT SOME OF YOU STILL SEEM TO BE FASCINATED BY THE FLAMES AND INTOXICATED BY THE SMELL of the old, stinking, soiled, filthy dirty clothes of your old past life, so there must be something haywire somewhere with your personal regenerative experience! You either need another dose of new wine to flush you out, or a good clean bath in the pure water of the Word to thoroughly cleanse you from all this old pollution and any further taste for it!

       22. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A NEW MAN WITH NEW GOOD CLEAN APPETITES for good clean healthful things, a joyful re-Creation of a healthy fun-loving life with a good sound body, clean heart and pure mind and a new, regenerated, reborn spirit within you which no longer likes the old. This Conversion should make some difference and you should really be a changed person compared to what you used to be.

       23. BUT SOME OF YOU SEEM TO HAVE DRAGGED SOME OF THE OLD DIRTY EMPTY HUSKS FROM THE SWINEPIT ALONG WITH YOU and are still chewing on these polluted morsels of emptiness or still licking at the old vomit which the Lord had you throw up a long time ago! My God!--What is wrong with you? You must be still sick spiritually to want to go back to that stuff! May God deliver us all from these old diabolical influences of our former filthy fiendish lives! Amen?

       24. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU AND DELIVER YOU! No wonder you're so weak spiritually and so often down and out of the victory and half sick and barely able to drag around! I would be too if I had to listen to that kind of stuff very much! I've got to have something that feeds my soul and strengthens my body and renews my mind and lifts my spirit and encourages my heart and purifies my whole being, such as the refreshing Water of the Word or the inspiring songs of the Revolution!

       25. I'D HATE TO GET AS NARROW MINDED AS SOME CHURCHES where I couldn't enjoy any of the beautiful music that God has given others just because it's not religious or is called "worldly". But if some people can't tell the difference between good and bad music any better than that, I'd rather dump the whole load and stick to nothing but our own rather than having some of you getting mixed up again in the old dung-heap of the old Devil's diabolical divinations!

       26. SO IF YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW IS OF THE LORD and what you know is good and fresh and clean and pure and of God! If your spiritual senses of smell and taste are so perverted, benumbed or lost that you can't tell which is which, for God's sake only eat and drink that which you know comes from a good source, and remember you can't get good fruit from an evil tree! So lay off it and stick to the trees you know are OK!

       27. EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF HURTING SOMEONE'S FEELINGS, I'VE HAD TO OFTEN TELL SOME PEOPLE TO PLEASE STOP PLAYING THAT KIND OF MUSIC when I'm around because I don't like it and don't want to hear it and it really gets me down! So for God's sake, don't be afraid to stick up for your convictions and tell off the people who are playing around with such trash and annoying noise of the netherworld!

       28. I CAN REMEMBER BURNING BOOKS AND MAGAZINES AND DESTROYING RECORDS I didn't want other people to get ahold of after I was truly changed by the Spirit of God. I don't even believe in giving sweet candy, that for my own health's sake I won't eat myself, to others for whom it's no good either and whom it might damage or for which they might develop a perverted taste. It certainly shows you don't love them and it's a poor testimony to say the least!

       29. SO MAY GOD DELIVER US ALL FROM THESE SATANIC SOUNDS OF THE DEVIL'S DAMNED DOMAIN! If you're still eating this kind of stuff you need a change of diet for something more wholesome and healthful! Amen? This goes for any of the rest of your old perverted appetites as well, for anything that is not natural, God-made and God-ordained, so for God's sake get rid of it and clean out the pantry from these contaminants and pollutions of the old life of spiritual and physical perversion! Amen? And may God help you to know the difference!

       30. THE CHURCHES HAVE CONDEMNED SEX AND NUDITY AS SOMETHING NASTY WHILE IGNORING THE DIABOLICAL INFLUENCE OF THIS FIENDISH MUSIC. While horrified at the natural nudity and open normal sexual activities of the natives, they have listened to their devilish and truly evil rhythms as merely amusing. Personally, my attitude would be just the opposite: Their music is more harmful than nature! Look what it's done to the savages and beware! Don't you become its victim! God help you!--Love, Dad.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family