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"THE DISCIPLE REVOLUTION!"--Or Where Have All the Disciples Gone?--MO        February 18, 1975        NO.328B--DFO

Copyrighted February, 1975 by The Children of God P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan Puerto Rico 00936

       1. FINALLY BRETHREN AND SISTERN, INSTEAD OF WORRYING SO MUCH about our top-heavy leadership and business and bands and money and organisation and meetings and entertainments and reports and gimmicks and sex and housing and personal feuds and whatnot, it's time we got off our butts and got out and won some real souls, some genuine new disciples for the Kingdom of God!

       2. WITH FOUR CHIEFS TO EVERY INDIAN, WE'VE GOT TOO MANY CHIEFS AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS! So it's time some of you chiefs got out in some fresh new green fields and started harvesting the overripe grain for God and bringing in the hungry babes for Jesus, lest we inform you we don't need leaders who aren't interested in pioneering and obeying and scattering those blobs into all the world!

       3. WE MAY EVEN DECIDE TO BUST YOU BACK TO A BABE IF YOU AREN'T WILLING TO GO! We have enough seed now to reap the biggest harvest of disciples we've ever had!

       4. I'M NOT AT ALL SOLD ON THIS TWO WEEKS' PROBATIONARY PERIOD! I think we lose a lot of real disciples through it who oughta leap first and look afterward, the way Jesus' disciples did! That's the way Jesus did it, and I don't see why we can't too.

       5. THIS BUSINESS OF TURNING DOWN PEOPLE WHO WANT TO JOIN IMMEDIATELY I BELIEVE IS SENDING SOULS TO HELL and at least back to the pit! It's not paying off in new disciples and it's not bearing good fruit.

       6. IF WE HAD PUT SOME OF YOU ON TWO WEEKS' PROBATION YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE TODAY! But because you forsook all instantly and joined immediately, it was a helluva lot harder for you to quit, and most of you finally managed to survive. Most everybody in the world knows who the Children of God are and what we stand for, and I don't think we need to give'em two weeks to think it over! They've probably been thinking about it a long time already before they asked to join, and when they finally get up the courage to make the decision and you ask them to wait another two weeks, it gives the Devil too much time to get in!

       7. JESUS DIDN'T DO IT THAT WAY: HE ASKED JOHNNY ON THE SPOT!--And James and Matthew and Phillip and Peter and all of them the same way. He didn't give'em any time to think it over. He told'em it was now or never! Some of you never would have joined or made it if it hadn't happened that way.

       8. DID WE START THAT TWO-WEEK RULE BECAUSE WE WERE AFRAID WE WERE GETTING TOO MANY NEW DISCIPLES and didn't know what we'd do with'em all? You'd better read some of my old Letters on the subject!

       9. WE'D BETTER START LETTING THEM JOIN WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT and when the Spirit's hot and heavy on them and you can strike while the iron is hot and malleable before they cool off and the Devil changes their mind!

       10. I THINK IT'S TIME TO ABANDON THAT TWO-WEEK RULE! It may have served its purpose in its day, but now it's hindering the garnering of the grain when it's ripe and ready. No farmer in his right mind is gonna let the harvest stand out there another two weeks in the field after it's ready, lest it rot or be stolen or destroyed by storm or disaster!

       11. HOW ABOUT THOSE WHO HAVE NO PLACE TO GO AND NO PLACE TO STAY AND CAN'T COME?--You may lose'em forever! I'm heartbroken about this when I hear the pitiful stories of potential disciples, sheep who've been turned away at the very doors of our folds!

       12. IS IT BECAUSE YOU'RE SO SELFISH YOU'RE NO LONGER WILLING TO SHARE as you once did, and you don't want these new uncouth outsiders intruding and adding to the problems and burdens of your nice little completed and finished Colony that is self-sufficient without them and doesn't need their forsake-all even if they have any?

       13. ARE YOU LIKE THE SELFISH PARENTS WHO ABORT THEIR BABIES BEFORE THEY'RE EVEN BORN SO THEY WON'T HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM AFTERWARDS? Something is terribly wrong when we're not getting more new disciples! It wasn't so in our early days when we used to drag'em in by the score and by the hair of the head and encourage them to forsake all on the spot!

       14. IS IT BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU DON'T NEED'EM ANYMORE that you're not getting any more? Well, I wanna tell you right now, you need'em, or you yourselves are gonna die on the vine and there'll be nobody to replace you!

       15. THE TROUBLE WITH SOME OF YOU IS YOU'VE BECOME JUST LIKE THE CHURCHES, satisfied with you little clique of me, thee, thou and no other! You don't want any new disciples and be forced to train them to take your place so you'll have to go to some other new field and pioneer it where they've never heard and we have no Colonies!

       16. NO, YOU'D RATHER STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! You're settled down with your own children now in your happy little Heavenly Home with your own little School and your own little Childcare and your own plentiful income from our literature, and you don't care to move any more!

       17. WELL, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO CHURCHES LIKE THAT, DON'T YOU?--Take a look at Israel, take a look at the Jews, take a look at other ancient civilisations, cultures and creeds and nations and societies who had arrived and thought they had it made and had it all and didn't want to go any place any more to spread their blessings to the poor and their benefits to the underprivileged!

       18. GOD'S JUDGMENTS SOON FELL AND THEY WERE SCATTERED to the four winds, whether they wanted to go or not! Then they carried with them the seeds of the Gospel or their particular truth or culture wherever they went, thoughbeit involuntarily and unwillingly!

       19. GOD HAS WAYS OF GETTING YOU TO DO HIS WILL EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT WILLING, even if He has to send you to prison or in chains as slaves to evangelise the heathen! He's going to see that they get evangelised somehow. So if you fail to do it willingly and voluntarily, you're going to be the sorry ones!

       20. SOME OF YOU ARE GETTING TOO SETTLED DOWN, and it's going to take the judgments of God of persecution and/or catastrophe to shake some of you out of those nests to leave them behind with the babes and the fledglings to try their wings, so you can go elsewhere and build more nests and raise new families where you're more needed!

       21. WE GOT MOST OF YOU OUT OF THE U. S. BY THROWING THE FEAR OF GOD INTO YOU, that if you didn't God was really going to punish you for your failure to go into all the world! Now you've gone into a lot of it, but a lot of you are settling down there in other countries now, like some old-bottle missionaries I know, and living just like you did at home with no more desire to move, no more passion for souls, no more interest in pioneering newer and greener fields.

       22. YOU'VE ARRIVED, YOU'VE GOT IT MADE, YOU'VE SETTLED DOWN and let the roots grow down, and you don't even want new local disciples to interfere with your comfortable living, so that our growth has slowed almost to a standstill. Our spread has come nearly to a halt, because you're no longer willing to go!

       23. YOU'VE SEEN IT ALL AND YOU KNOW IT ALL AND YOU'VE NOW ARRIVED where you want to go and you want to stay. Your mind is made up and you don't want to be confused with the facts.

       24. YOU'VE SETTLED DOWN TO YOUR OWN LITTLE SYSTEM and become just like the churches around you, and in order to stay there you'll soon compromise your principles and join the System to prevent persecution from driving you out! Because if you were living Godly in Christ Jesus you'd soon be suffering persecution that would get you moving again!

       25. I TELL YOU, BELOVED, I'M DESPERATELY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS because I can sense the self-satisfaction in some of you, the self-contentment and desire to stay. God has never let me stay more than about two years in any one place, and He's usually made me move even more often than that, even when I didn't want to.

       26. HOW LONG'S IT GONNA BE BEFORE HE HAS TO CRACK THE WHIP TO DRIVE YOU OUT and you have to leave in a hurry and run without much choice of a destination? How much better to prepare your Colony now for your departure and to choose your own new field and new job and go to it with proper preparation instead of being dumped into it unprepared by the judgments of God?

       27, THE TROUBLE WITH SOME OF YOU IS THAT YOU WANNA MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE MAMMON OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS so that when you're cast out you'll be received into what you hope will be a more lasting habitation where you can settle down again.

       28. YOU'VE CEASED TO BE A PIONEER AND HAVE BECOME A SETTLER. You want to settle down and enjoy the fruits of your pioneering. But true pioneers don't work that way: As soon as the new field becomes settled and established, they get itchy feet for faraway places that have never been trod by their feet before, and away they go, leaving their former field to those who aren't ready to go yet.

       29. ARE YOU A PIONEER OR A SETTLER? Are you alive-and-going, or dead and staying? Have you settled down to vegetate and become like the rest of the bumps on the logs?

       30. OR ARE YOU LIKE AN ARROW THAT WANTS TO BE SHOT INTO THE SKY and land in some new field you care not where as long as it's out of here in some place else, some place different, some place new where others haven't been before you!--That's the spirit of the true pioneer!

       31. YOU'D BETTER READ AGAIN ONE OF MY FAVOURITE LITTLE POEMS that I gave you before so long ago, Thomas Wyatt's little poem where he says that "Beaten paths are for beaten men!" I think it's in the Shepherd Book, isn't it?

       32. ARE YOU A BEATEN MAN WHO HAS SETTLED DOWN TO A BEATEN PATH and you don't want to revolute any more? I warn you, you'll die there, at least in spirit if not in the flesh, if you don't stir yourself to get up and off to some new field soon which has not yet received the golden words or as yet has no sample Colony of their effectiveness, and whose hearts are hungry for His truth and dying for His salvation without you!

       33. ONE OF THESE DAYS SOON YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FACE GOD AND REPORT TO HIM your failure, and you're going to have them weigh heavily on your soul with their blood on your hands because you not only refused to go out to rescue the lost sheep but you even turned them away from the door of your fold! May God have mercy on us and them before it's too late!

       34. GET GOING NOW! "WE HAVEN'T EVEN BEGUN TO FIGHT YET!" Let me tell you something: We usually like to be encouraging and not harp on our failures, but I've got to warn you that you're slowing down and cooling off and that if you don't look out you're going to solidify!

       35. YOU SAY WE'RE IN OVER FIFTY COUNTRIES AND WE'VE REACHED MILLIONS.--YES, BUT THERE ARE ABOUT 250 COUNTRIES in the world, so there must be somewhere around 200 that we haven't even touched yet and they have more millions that we haven't reached yet that you're going to be held responsible for if you don't--by God!--and me!

       36. IF SOME OF YOU DON'T GET OFF YOUR FANNIES PRETTY SOON and get out there on the fields where you're needed, I'm going to start naming you by name! We need to start making up some lists of old-bottle personnel that we don't need in some of our Colonies anymore and who ought to be moved on to new fields that have never been touched before!--Are you one for the list?

       37. WHO'S IN YOUR COLONY YOU CAN DO WITHOUT?--PROBABLY YOU!--You top leaders who've been around a long time, so long that you've gotten so fat as mama and papa birds that there's not even room in the nest for the fledglings!

       38. WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS BOOT YOU OUT AND LET THE BABES TAKE OVER! They might do an even better job with fresher vision and more childlike faith, while you hit the road to some new field where you can renew your vision, exercise your faith and get a new burden for souls and more disciples for the Lord!

       39. MAYBE WE OUGHTA START SHINERS OR SHAMERS LISTS OF THOSE COLONIES WHO ARE GETTING OR NOT GETTING DISCIPLES! I'm ashamed of you! Our hundreds of Colonies all over the world are not getting any more disciples in a month than three of our first Colonies used to get in a week! I don't know what to do with you!

       40. MAYBE WE OUGHTA START A QUOTA SYSTEM ON DISCIPLES and any Colony that doesn't meet its quota gets cut off from MO Letters or made an Associate Colony that only receives some of them!

       41. WE HAVE SOME DEAR LITTLE SHEEP WHO ARE BEGGING AT YOUR DOORS for food, hungering for more Letters and you won't even give them to them because they don't happen to belong to your particular Colony or carry a membership card!

       42. I TOLD YOU BEFORE, I WANT YOU TO GIVE THOSE KIDS THE GP AND DFO LETTERS and trust God for our security and the results! Don't be so God-damned selfish and clannish! Read the "Birthday Warning" again and shake yourself out of that lethargy, that lethargic stupidity and selfishness that makes you deny God's Children their meat in due season!

       43. WELL, THAT'S MY BIGGEST BURDEN IN THIS MY YEARLY REPORT ON THIS MY BIRTHDAY! I wanna tell you right now, the best possible birthday present you could give me, the man who has everything, the best way to make me happy is for you to get out and not only distribute and make money but to get out and win souls and make new disciples for Jesus Christ!

       44. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR OF ANOTHER WEEK GOING BY in which our whole worldwide work of hundreds of Colonies results in only 18 new disciples, less than 1 for every 10 Colonies, and less than 1 new disciple for every 150 of our old bottles! This is an absolute disgrace and I'm sure God is ashamed of us!

       45. GOD HAS BEEN PATIENT WITH US AS WE PREPARED LEADERSHIP AND LITERATURE for the job, but now that we have plenty of both we are without excuse. You're as bad as the churches if one or two dozen of you, nay, 150 of you can't lead more than one disciple a week to the Lord!


       47. I CAN REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN ONE COLONY BROUGHT IN AS HIGH AS 50 NEW DISCIPLES IN ONE WEEK! Now we have 50 Colonies who can't even win 5 new disciples in a week all put together! There was a day when we would have been ashamed of such figures!

       48. THERE WAS ALSO A DAY WHEN WE WERE GROWING AT THE RATE OF A COLONY A WEEK, while now we've almost stagnated at the level of a mere 200! I am not satisfied with what we've accomplished, beloved. I'm thankful, but there's so much more to be done and so little time to do it, and we're accomplishing so little in gaining new disciples. I am ashamed and afraid God is going to judge us for it!

       49. I KNOW IT'S SELFISHNESS ON YOUR PART and you don't want new children because you don't want to have to take care of them, they're such a responsibility.

       50. SO GOD IS HAVING TO GIVE US NATURAL CHILDREN TO TRY TO MAKE UP FOR IT, children we can't resist or turn away from our doors or refuse to feed and care for! At the rate we're going we're gonna have more natural births than spiritual ones, if we don't get out of bed and into the fields and start harvesting the spiritual babes that need to be born into the Kingdom and sheltered, nurtured and trained in our happy homes!

       51. I WOULD SUGGEST THAT ANY COLONY THAT DOESN'T WIN AT LEAST 1 DISCIPLE A WEEK IS SPIRITUALLY DEAD and selfish and something is seriously wrong with you, and your further relationship with us needs prayerful consideration!

       52. MAYBE IF WE CUT OFF YOUR MO LETTERS IT'LL WAKE YOU UP! I get sick of these people anyhow who are always wanting a new MO Letter but unwilling to read the old ones they sorely need!

       53. ANY COLONY THAT'S FAITHFULLY WITNESSING AND LITNESSING OUGHT TO BE WINNING A DISCIPLE A DAY, or even every member winning one a day! If I couldn't go out and win at least one disciple a day I think I'd feel frustrated!

       54. WE USED TO BE ASHAMED OF COLONIES THAT DIDN'T WIN AT LEAST A FEW NEW DISCIPLES EVERY WEEK, and I want to let you know right now that I am ashamed of you and we're going to be ashamed of you if you don't!--And if you can't win 'em where you are, you need to get to a new field where you can!

       55. WE USED TO BE EXPERTS ON PERSUADING PEOPLE TO FORSAKE ALL AND FOLLOW JESUS, but now we're not willing to forsake all ourselves and follow Him to become fishers of men! We're out scattering the seed and the bait and the hooks and the lines, but we're not willing to bring them in! It's too much work!

       56. PETER PREACHED ONE SERMON AND GOT 3000 DISCIPLES, but we're getting like the churches who preach thousands of sermons and hardly get one! To our shame, we're even preaching millions of sermons and barely getting a handful of disciples!

       57. MAYBE WE SHOULD STOP WRITING MO LETTERS. Then you'd have to get out there and bring them in to live as you used to! What about it?

       58. ARE YOU JUDGING SUCCESS IN TERMS OF DOLLARS NOWADAYS INSTEAD OF DISCIPLES? There was a day when we had very few dollars but lots of disciples! Which do you think God will judge us by?

       59. I WARN YOU THAT GOD WILL JUDGE US BY OUR FRUITS, NOT BY OUR SEEDS SOWN! He's going to judge us by the results in harvesting the crop, not by how many labourers we put in the field. He's gonna judge us by the results in souls won to the fellowship of full-time service and not by the dollars earned for full-time comfort!

       60. I'M GOING TO HELP HIM BY STARTING TO JUDGE SOME ON YOU MYSELF, and we're going to start shaking up the Colonies and their old bottle leadership which are not getting disciples and change their leadership for more fruitful foremen in the field!

       61. MAYBE WE SHOULD MAKE A RULE THAT EVERY COLONY THAT DOESN'T GET AT LEAST ONE DISCIPLE A WEEK OUGHT TO HAVE A CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP! We might get some results if we'd put in some of these young soul-hungry babes with a burden for the lost!

       62. MOST OF YOU ARE NO LONGER TEENAGERS AND YOU'RE BEGINNING TO BECOME LIKE YOUR PARENTS who didn't want to be bothered with you, like you don't want to be bothered with disciples! So you yourself have reverted to the very parental pattern from which you once revolted!

       63. WHO ARE THE REBELS NOW?--You who rebel against the commandments of the Lord and the laws of the Letters, and whose children are going to rebel against you soon if you don't follow God? What are they learning from your example?

       64. DO YOU NOT ONLY LITNESS AND SOW THE SEED, BUT ALSO REAP THE CROP, WIN SOULS AND BEING IN NEW DISCIPLES into the Family and show them sacrificial love and unselfish care and genuine sharing?--Or have you, like the rich, lost the communal spirit and become like the newly rich that want to keep it all for yourselves and your own family and your own children in your own little private Heavenly Home that's no longer open to the public and new disciples?

       65. IS THE REVOLUTION TURNING INTO A NEW SYSTEM LIKE ALL THE REST? If you don't start getting new disciples, at least one per Colony per week--or maybe for the smaller Colonies at least one a month--both I and God are gonna quit you and desert you to your deserved fate!

       66. GOD AND I TOGETHER WITH THE FEW WHO ARE WILLING TO FOLLOW JESUS WILL GO SOMEPLACE ELSE AND START A NEW REVOLUTION of the people who are willing to win souls and become fishers of men and want to bear babes into the Kingdom of God and are not afraid to take care of them as new Children in a new Family of God who want to make disciples of all nations as Jesus commanded!

       67. OTHERWISE, IF WE STOP GROWING WE'RE AS DEAD AS THE REST of the churches and we're doomed to their fate! For God's sake, don't let it happen to you! Bring in a new disciple today!--Amen? PTL! ILY!

       68. ALSO, SOME OF YOU COLONIES ARE STILL ENTIRELY TOO BIG! I still believe the ideal is 6 to 12--no more! If you over 12 would divide and a few go where more needed, we'd evangelise some other countries fast! We've begged you to do this, but you're still not obeying.

       69. SO I SUGGEST HERE AND NOW WE DECLARE ALL COLONIES of over 12 Associate Colonies receiving only GP and DFO Letters! You gotta split!--And maybe if we put the pressure on you will!--Also all Colonies who do not get at least one disciple a month! It's a "Discipleship Revolution!"--Can you take it? Divide and conquer! WIN!--Not sin! "Go ye into all the world!" TODAY!--AMEN?

       70. SO YOUR OLD PAPA LION IS GOING TO PUT SOME TEETH INTO THESE NEW RULES!--THE ONLY TEETH I HAVE: MY LETTERS! One of the first prophecies we ever received regarding my personal ministry was "I have made thee a sharp-toothed threshing instrument which shall beat the mountains as chaff and rip with violence the pillows from under the arms of them which sit at ease in Zion!" So here we go!

       71. ANY COLONY WHICH DOES NOT GAIN AT LEAST ONE NEW DISCIPLE WITHIN ONE MONTH AFTER THE RECEIPT OF THIS LETTER WILL BE RECLASSIFIED AS AN ASSOCIATE COLONY, RECEIVING ONLY GP AND DFO LETTERS! This deadline for qualification for reclassification for all Colonies throughout the world should not be later than April 30. If your final April reports received by us in early May do not show that your Colony gained at least one new disciple during the coming month of April 1975, the unprejudiced, unbiased and unmerciful computer will automatically reclassify your Colony as an Associate Colony and you will be immediately denied the intimate Family LT and DO Letters sent only to those who obey from now on.

       72. THE COMPUTER WILL AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFER YOU TO THE ASSOCIATE COLONY MAILING LIST printing labels for Associate Colonies only and your Colony will be automatically placed on the Associated Colony mailing list by no later than the end of May, 1975. If your Colony has not gained at least two new disciples by the end of those two months of both April and May, your DFO Letters will also be suspended.

       73. IF BY THE END OF THE THIRD MONTH OF JUNE YOUR COLONY HAS NOT INCREASED IN NUMBER BY AT LEAST THREE NEW DISCIPLES FOR THIS THREE NEW DISCIPLES FOR THIS THREE-MONTH PERIOD OF APRIL, MAY AND JUNE, THE SECOND FULL QUARTER OF THIS YEAR, ALL NEW MO LETTERS WILL BE SUSPENDED of any kind, including GP Letters, and we will consider that you are no longer one of our Colonies interested in following and obeying the Letters, neither a full-fledged Membership Colony nor an Associate Colony, and you will be totally cut off from any further communications from us whatsoever--excommunicated!

       74. YOUR LETTERS WILL CONTINUE TO BE SUSPENDED UNTIL SUCH TIME THAT YOU CAN REPORT TO US THAT YOUR COLONY HAS INCREASED IN SIZE BY AT LEAST ONE NEW DISCIPLE PER MONTH since the beginning of the enforcement of this rule, April 1, 1975, April Fool's Day, when you should have started becoming a fool for Christ's sake and winning new souls for His Kingdom of full-time servants at the minimum rate of at least one per month!

       75. WHEN YOU FINALLY REPORT TO US THAT YOU HAVE GROWN BY AT LEAST ONE DISCIPLE PER MONTH SINCE APRIL 1, AND YOUR COLONY HAS SHOWN AN INCREASE IN SIZE by the required number of new disciples--not mere transfers--our merciful computer will automatically start printing mailing labels for your Colony for whatever category of Letters you have qualified for, according to the number of your new disciples, and you will again start receiving them as soon as possible.

       76. IF YOU THEN ALSO WISH TO RECEIVE THE BACK LETTERS WHICH YOU HAVE MISSED DURING YOUR DELINQUENCY, YOU WILL HAVE TO WRITE in specially requesting them and asking for forgiveness, sending an extra donation to cover this extra expense and trouble for a special order, specifying the name and number of the last Letter which your Colony did receive and repeating your Colony statistics which prove that you are now qualified to receive them, verified and signed by all members of your Colony Council.

       77. YOU WILL THEREBY BE RESTORED TO THE FULL FELLOWSHIP FOR WHICH YOU QUALIFY by your soul-winning discipleship until such later date that you may again fail to meet these disciple-winning requirements, when your Letters will again be canceled automatically as before until you do.

       78. IF THIS LETTER DROPS AS A BOMB ON YOUR COLONY and shatters our relationship because of your unwillingness to meet these discipleship requirements of winning only one new disciple per month, then you don't deserve to belong in the Revolution anyhow and you're not one of our Colonies!--You're just an outsider because you're not really interested in winning souls and gaining new disciples for full-time labour in the desperately needy fields of God's great worldwide Kingdom, and you're not really revolutionary!

       79. BECAUSE, IF THE REVOLUTION IS ANYTHING AT ALL IT IS A SOUL-WINNING, DISCIPLE-MAKING REVOLUTION OR IT IS NOTHING AT ALL and no better than the rest of the churches! The Revolution was born in the white-hot fires of a soul-winning explosion amongst the spiritually-starving youth of this generation, and a disciple-gaining movement of a salvation army on fire for God to win youth of the world from pitiful hopeless lives of drugs, vice, crime, nothingness and uselessness to the thrilling, exciting, inspiring, glorious life of love and usefulness to others in the Kingdom of God on earth!

       80. IF WE HAVE CEASED TO BE SUCH SOUL-WINNING DISCIPLE-MAKERS AND LOVERS OF THE LOST desiring to save them and train them to serve God and others, then we have lost our reason for living and have no longer any excuse for existence and might as well cease our operations as just another dead church that has gone to sleep and left its engine running! We might as well cut it off and save fuel and quit pretending to be a revolution when we've stopped revoluting!

       81. IF WE DON'T WANT TO BE ANOTHER HAS-BEEN, WE'D BETTER GET IT BACK IN GEAR FAST AND STEP ON THE GAS and start driving like mad again and start getting someplace, or we're finished! We're already dead if we've stagnated and stopped growing and going and gaining new disciples for His cause! We might as well close up shop if we're not going to do anything but scatter seed and never reap the harvest!

       82. WE MIGHT AS WELL STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND STRENGTH AND MONEY IF WE'VE BECOME NOTHING BUT ANOTHER SYSTEM, ANOTHER JOB, another home and another dead family of old bottles like the churches and the ones you came from!

       83. IF THIS NOT A LIFE WORTH WINNING DISCIPLES TO, THEN LET'S SAVE OUR BREATH and our paper and our leg work and go back to the Pit from which we came, if we've become nothing but another money-making, just--make-a-living and merely-exist system like they are!--Which are you?--We'll soon see by the end of April!

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