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"THE COLONY REVOLUTION!"--MO       March, 1975       NO.329B--DFO

Copyrighted March, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


       1. MANY OF YOU COLONIES, INCLUDING SOME OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT ONES, BIGGEST AND RICHEST ONES, HAVE NOT BEEN FOLLOWING THE DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER RULE. Despite many many Letters on this subject of blobs, many of you remain Blobs. Although we have said many times that as Jesus demonstrated with His disciples that a Colony of twelve is the ideal, many of you are still over twelve in number. We have even tried to be lenient and say you must at least not have more than 24 in a Colony, but many of you are even stretching this permissiveness far beyond those limitations.

       2. WE ARE THEREFORE FAILING TO DIVIDE AND FAILING TO MULTIPLY OUR COLONIES by the simple method of division of existing personnel, and we are therefore failing to scatter and pioneer many new fields that are even much needier than the ones we now occupy.


       3. WHEN WE FIRST REALLY BEGAN ORGANISING IN LAURENTIDE, CANADA, IN THE FALL OF '69 AFTER OUR FIRST ORDINATION OF OFFICERS WHEN WE WERE FEWER THAN A HUNDRED IN NUMBER, WE DECIDED TOGETHER THAT THE IDEAL ROAD TEAM CONSISTED OF NO MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF JESUS' ROAD TEAM: TWELVE DISCIPLES, including the Shepherd and Shepherdess, secretary, musician, driver-mechanic, provisioner, cook, etc. We also agreed that those with as many gifts of the Spirit should be included as possible, as well as, as many offices of the Church as available as listed in 1Corinthians 12:8-10,28.

       4. WE ALSO SAID THAT EACH SUCH TEAM SHOULD HAVE TRANSPORTATION such as two cars, a large van, bus, trailer, caravan, or mobile home which could double for both transportation and housing if possible. We also agreed that each needed the barest essential equipment for their task such as a typewriter, guitar, tools, cooking and/or camping equipment, tape recorder, office supplies, Bibles, notebooks, cameras, lit, etc.

       5. WE DIVIDED SOME OF YOU INTO SUCH TEAMS AND SENT YOU ON THE ROAD WITH OUR PRAYERS AND BLESSING and commission to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Later when we reassembled at Vienna, Virginia, and Cheesequake Park, New Jersey, some of you returned with glowing reports of how God had blessed you on the road with every blessing and every need, and that living by faith you had lacked nothing, had many thrilling experiences, exciting witnessing opportunities and reaped a harvest of glowing new disciples which you brought back with you.

       6. FOR AWHILE WE BANDED TOGETHER AGAIN FOR OUR OWN SELF-PROTECTION AND THE PUBLICITY God wanted to give our new movement. Around a hundred of us travelled together in one huge gypsy caravan of about 30 vehicles of every size, shape and description from an army truck to a motor cycle, as we piedpipered through state after state of the United States, from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, and finally TSC near Dallas where we established our first big Colony.

       7. NUMBERS THEN STILL SEEMED NECESSARY FOR OWN SELF-PROTECTION AND SURVIVAL in order to live long enough for us to get a start and become well known. But we soon began to multiply so rapidly that we had to divide into other large Colonies like Los Angeles, Cincinnati, etc., of about a hundred each with over two hundred still at TSC.

       8. BUT IT WAS THERE AT TSC THAT I BEGAN TO TEACH YOU LEADERS PERSONALLY THAT WE WERE GOING TO HAVE TO SPLIT INTO SMALLER COLONIES AND SCATTER into more areas in order to obey the Lord and reach the lost. It was also there at TSC that I urged you that our first need was going to be the leadership to pioneer and lead these Colonies. So I tried to prepare you for it, teaching you on that hillside in person under the trees and the stars of those balmy Texas nights.

       9. AS A RESULT IN 1971 WE WERE SOON SCATTERED IN A U.S. NATIONWIDE EXPLOSION OF OVER 40 COLONIES, and soon with the help of the Lord and a little persecution from our enemies we began spilling over into Europe as well. Still some of you were not breaking up into smaller Colonies and invading more territory as you should, so I wrote you many new Letters like "New Teams", "New Colonies", "Epistles to Pastors", "Gypsies", etc. advising you that if some of you leaders didn't have the faith for road teams of 12 to pioneer new colonies, almost anybody could have the faith for a road team of at least six squeezed into one car!

       10. HOWEVER YOU DO IT, SCATTER YOU MUST IF WE ARE TO CONTINUE THE PLAN GOD HAS GIVEN AND COLONISE THE WORLD. But as usual, our biggest blob Colonies either refused to do so or were dragging their feet, so God had to again pull out the road of His judgments and use the persecution of our enemies to dump us out of our nice soft comfortable big blobs and scatter us further afield. Hallelujah! Thank God for the rod of His correction! "Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me!" So it was comforting news to us to hear that you were being dispersed again and decentralised and scattered by the Lord Himself.

       11. IT WAS AT THIS TIME IN THE SUMMER OF 1971 THAT WE SENT OUR FIRST LITTLE SIX-MAN-AND-WOMAN PIONEER TEAM TO EUROPE: Faithie, Apollos, Lois, Dutch Ben, Miriam and Jonas, soon followed a few weeks later by another pioneer colonising team of four: Ho, Esther, Miguel and Tiras. These two small teams pioneered and established new Colonies in eight European countries in only six months with very little financial help from us, travelling mainly by public transportation and procuring most of their needs and personnel in the form of many new disciples along the way.

       12. IN THE FOLLOWING YEAR OF 1972, MUCH OF THIS SAME PERSONNEL PIONEERED MORE NEW COLONIES IN FIVE NEW COUNTRIES as well as more Colonies in some of the first eight. In '73, largely these same brave pioneers opened five more new countries, founding new Colonies in each, so that by the end of last year, 1974, they and their followers and new disciples had established the phenomenal total of 92 new Colonies in Europe alone containing over 40-percent of our total population, printing 35-percent of our literature and distributing 39-percent of it by the millions!

       13. MEANWHILE, OTHERS OF YOU WERE ALSO EXPANDING INTO CANADA AND LATIN AMERICA, THE CARIBBEAN, THE PACIFIC, ASIA AND AFRICA, so that in three years, from '71 to '74, our total population had sextupled and our Colonies quadrupled throughout about 50 countries on every continent of the globe!


       14. DURING THE YEARS OF '70 AND '71 AND ON INTO '72, OUR MAJOR EMPHASIS WAS THE TRAINING OF LEADERSHIP FOR THIS ENORMOUS AND RAPID EXPANSION and the gaining of new disciples to man all of these new outposts. We soon saw that we could not train enough leaders fast enough and that the Letters would have to become the Leaders, so we began to lay greater emphasis on our literature, particularly in '73 and '74.

       15. WE ALSO REORGANISED DURING THOSE TWO YEARS into a more workable and flexible organisational structure of leadership and Colonies so we could continue to train under-leaders for the task of future leadership of our great worldwide fellowship as we continued to expand. However, as we continued to train leaders and develop both our leadership and literature, the men and the ammunition, and reorganise the structure of our army, the speed of our expansion in numbers and Colonies slowed down, even though we were expanding into more places and invading new territory.


       16. NOW OUR WAR MACHINE IS BUILT, we have the men to man it, with our leadership outstripping our babes four to one, and we have sufficient literature and the tools for its rapid production to supply our army with enough ammunition throughout the world.

       17. WE ARE NOW SUFFICIENTLY ORGANISED AND DISPERSED IN ENOUGH COUNTRIES TO BEGIN A MAJOR ATTACK which I believe could more than double the number of our Colonies, disciples and countries within the coming year!


       18. BUT WE ARE LIKE EXPERT MECHANICS WHO HAVE DONE AN EXCELLENT JOB IN CONSTRUCTING A BEAUTIFUL NEW CUSTOM-BUILT CAR AND ARE STANDING BACK TO ADMIRE OUR WORKMANSHIP, as though that were the end of the finished product instead of a vehicle for transportation! For until someone adds fuel to its tank, steps into the driver's seat, turns the ignition key and lights those fires in those cylinders, shifts it into gear and steps on the gas, our beautiful new car is going to get nowhere!

       19. NOW WE MUST GET IN THERE, DRIVE AND GET IT GOING! Unless the Revolution of that crankshaft is coupled to the gears connected to the driveshaft and wheels to make it go, it's just idling its engine and getting nowhere! No matter how beautifully that engine purrs, unless the driver gets that car moving, it's become like the purring cat of whom the little girl exclaimed: "It's gone to sleep and left its engine running!"

       20. SO NOW YOUR OLD DRIVER HAS GOTTA STEP INTO THE DRIVER'S SEAT AGAIN, SHIFT YOU INTO GEAR FULL SPEED AHEAD and step on the gas to supply fuel to your fire to get you on the move again! Maybe you thought you'd already arrived after you got this custom job built, but this is only the beginning! We're just getting started and there's a long road ahead, a hard pull and many mountains to cross until we arrive at the goal of this rally--"into all the world unto every creature!"

       21. SO WITH THESE LETTERS WE ARE ONCE AGAIN TURNING ON THE IGNITION AND LIGHTING YOUR FIRES AND WE'RE ABOUT TO SHIFT YOU INTO GEAR step by step until we've reached high gear and are speeding full blast toward our destination! This shifting of gears represents a new restructuring of our whole organisation into a more mobile, fluid and better manageable drive-power with more fire-power spread out into every part of the car and putting every part into the action.

       22. AS SOON AS WE HAVE FINISHED THIS SHIFTING OF GEARS INTO HIGHER GEAR WE'RE GOING TO PUT THE PRESSURE ON the gas pedal to inject those cylinders with a shot of new fuel that's gonna cause our engine to explode with a roar that'll be heard 'round the world as we blast off to parts as yet unknown! Hallelujah! Are you still with me? Then hang on tight, 'cause we're really gonna roll and see scenery you've never seen before and faces you've never met before, and this new bus is gonna pick up passengers it's never had before, and we're going to roar on to the finish line and win this race when Jesus Himself waves the flag from Heaven! Hallelujah!

       23. I'VE GOTTA GET IN AND IGNITE YOU, SHIFT YOU, GEAR YOU, EMPOWER YOU AND STEER YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. We're gonna start by shifting you into the first gear of a whole new set of gears, a whole new structural organisation beginning at the bottom right in the transmission, the transmission of power, which transmits the power from one part of the car to the other, from the top to the bottom, from the top of the carburetor to the tread of the tires on the road, so those wheels down there are gonna dig in a revolute so fast that our RPMs are gonna blast us right through barrier after barrier!



       25. OUR FIRST SHIFTING OF GEARS IS GOING TO BE A MANDATORY CHANGE IN COLONY SIZE. We have tried to persuade you to divide and conquer, to divide those big blob Colonies into small pioneer Colonies to conquer new territory, but so far our powers of persuasion and nursing you into a change of gears have not quite made the grade. Now we're going to have to slam the stick in, even if it rips off a few cogs to get you into faster motion!

       26. MY STICK AND THE ONLY LEVER I HAVE TO TRY TO SHIFT YOUR GEARS IS MY LETTERS, so again I'm gonna use 'em! So here we go, Boys!--Letter, Letter, Let 'er rip! We're either gonna make it or break it! We're either gonna shift into this next gear full speed or we're gonna rip it out completely! As in the plan already outlined, first we're starting with at least one new disciple per Colony per month, or we're gonna cut off your Letters! No more grow: No more MO!

       27. NEXT, WE'RE GONNA CUT DOWN THE SIZE OF THOSE COLONIES AND DISPERSE THAT EXTRA MANPOWER INTO NEEDIER FIELDS in smaller units, or no more go, no more MO! We still consider the ideal Colony size of no more that 12 disciples, and Jesus started off with less than that, and inner core of three, Peter, James and John! So we're going to suggest that a road team or Colony of two to five be called a Pioneer Colony team, a road team endeavouring to establish a new Colony.


       28. A COLONY OF SIX TO TWELVE WILL BE CALLED AN IDEAL COLONY and usually should be established in some particular location. Anything over 12 will be considered a Blob Colony and immediately reclassified as of the date of your receipt of this Letter as an Associate Colony receiving only DFO and GP Letters, so this may be your last LT or DO Letter for quite awhile until you split!

       29. THESE LETTERS WILL BE WITHHELD BY THE COMPUTER UNTIL SUCH TIME AS YOU NOTIFY US THAT YOU HAVE DIVIDED YOUR COLONY INTO SMALLER COLONIES OF NOT MORE THAN 12 EACH, when you will again be placed on the full-fledged Membership Colony list along with the other parts of your former Colony which have now become new Colonies of not more than 12 each.

       30. FRANKLY WE HAVE FOUND BY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE THAT A SMALL COLONY OF ONLY HALF-A-DOZEN CAN IN SOME CASES BE EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE and less trouble, less expense, safer and more mobile and still contain all the necessary personnel and essential gifts needed in a small Colony, and is much easier to transport, house, feed, equip and care for. Such a Colony of six should consist of not more than one or two couples, plus two to four singles or a total of six adults plus their children. Such a Colony has a Shepherd and Shepherdess couple, and contains a secretary, musician, cook and Childcare worker if they have children.

       31. SUCH A COLONY OF ONLY SIX ADULTS PLUS WHATEVER CHILDREN THEY HAVE COULD BE EASILY HOUSED in almost any average-sized home procured or rented at a reasonable rate. If each of these six adults, including the Colony Shepherd and Shepherdess, litnesses at least two full hours a day only five or six days a week at a rate of only 30-pieces-per-hour-per-adult this should bring in an income of approximately 800 to 1000 dollars per month at the world average of 10 cents per piece of lit, more or less, which should be sufficient for all the needs for any such Colony of such small size, including all your expenses of housing, utilities, food, transportation, lit, etc.

       32. SOME COLONIES ARE MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY BEYOND THEIR ACTUAL NEEDS AND ARE THEREFORE SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME LITNESSING AND NOT ENOUGH TIME DISCIPLING OR WITNESSING TO WIN NEW DISCIPLES. They're not getting enough rest, recreation or time to study or even properly care for their children and their Colony and its needs. We are not a primarily money-making organisation, neither are we solely a propaganda group, but we were commissioned by the Lord to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature" and "make disciples of all nations", first and foremost and above all, and we have done it and we are going to keep doing it or we're no longer a Revolution--or if you don't you're no longer one of us!

       33. SO COLONIES WHICH DO NOT DIVIDE INTO SMALLER UNITS AND STEADILY WIN DISCIPLES ARE GOING TO BE PENALISED BY HAVING THEIR LETTERS WITHHELD, and you're going to have to divide into such small units that you can still win new disciples without exceeding your membership of 12 or you'll lose your Letters! This means you will have to start with a Colony of less than 12 in order to win new disciples without exceeding the limit!

       34. THEREFORE, THE NEXT GEAR IS TO SHIFT EVERY COLONY OF 12 INTO TWO COLONIES OF SIX EACH as soon as possible after they have reached the limit of 12 in number. This will make two new Ideal Pioneer Colonies of not more than six adults each, one of whom will have to find a new home somewhere else in greener fields.

       35. WE SUGGEST YOU START RIGHT NOW BY ORGANISING YOUR OWN EXISTING COLONY OF 12 OR MORE IN NUMBER INTO TWO OR MORE COLONIES OF NOT MORE THAN SIX ADULTS EACH, even if you have to place each Colony on a different floor or in a different house of your present property as they prepare to organise and equip to depart to pioneer a new scene!

       36. THIS WILL NOW GIVE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW LEADERSHIP in each small easily-manageable unit. Where a man may not have felt qualified to lead a Colony of 100 or 50 or 25 or even 12, he surely should have the faith to guide a Colony of only six adults plus children! This will reduce our Colony sizes closer to the ideal family-size unit and Heavenly Home instead of a monstrous mess of unmanageable conglomeration!

       37. THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU WANT TO STAY ON THE REGULAR MEMBERSHIP MAILING LIST FOR ALL LETTERS YOU MUST ALL REDUCE IN SIZE TO ACTUALLY LESS THAN 12 in number immediately, or you'll lose your Letters! We have warned you long enough and you've no excuse for waiting any longer. All Colonies which have not reported to have been reduced in size to 12 or less by the end of April will be automatically placed on the Associate Colony mailing list by our relentless computer!

       38. IF YOU ALSO HAVEN'T WON AT LEAST ONE NEW DISCIPLE BY THE END OF APRIL YOU WILL ALSO LOSE YOUR DFO LETTERS! Therefore, Colonies which qualify in neither size nor discipleship by the end of April will be receiving only GP Letters! Colonies which qualify in only one of these categories of either size or discipleship will receive only DFO and GP Letters.



       40. WE ARE NOW GOING TO SHIFT YOU INTO AN EVEN HIGHER GEAR OF A TOTALLY NEW STRUCTURING IN THE TRANSMISSION OF YOUR POWER! From now on, every local Colony shall immediately form a Colony Council of its total membership of Leadership and LTs and staff, except Babes, chaired by the Colony Shepherd, who shall call an election to either confirm its present leadership or select a new Shepherd from its own ranks by the democratic process of open nomination and secret ballot, conducted and counted by a committee of three not including the present Colony Shepherd nor his wife, and the voting should continue until one of the nominated candidates has won at least a 2/3 majority.

       41. A COLONY SHALL BE DEFINED AS A GROUP OF TWO OR MORE DISCIPLES EITHER LIVING TOGETHER OR AT LEAST MEETING TOGETHER REGULARLY NO LESS THAN ONCE A WEEK. Live-in Colonies should have daily Colony meetings and/or devotions together and at least weekly business meetings to decide Colony business. A Colony Shepherd should be elected for a period of not less than three to six months to give him time to prove his capability, unless he thoroughly disqualifies himself, in which event a new election must be held to select a new leader.


       42. THE COLONY COUNCIL SHALL MAKE THESE DECISIONS AND ESTABLISH THE RULES OF THE COLONY, including quotas, by at least a 2/3 majority vote on each issue. No quotas shall be set for either litnessing or discipling which shall not include both the Colony Shepherd and his Shepherdess! No Colony Shepherd should expect more of his sheep than he does of himself!

       43. TOTAL QUOTAS SHALL BE SET NO HIGHER THAN TO SUFFICIENTLY MEET THE TOTAL NEEDS of the Colony and its various donations to our worldwide work, and there shall be no exception to these quotas except in cases of illness, motherhood responsibilities, the handicapped or other emergencies.

       44. NO QUOTAS SHALL BE SET FOR ANY COLONY BY ANY HIGHER AUTHORITY THAN THE LOCAL COLONY COUNCIL of that particular Colony itself. No major decisions or purchases, etc., shall be made regarding housing, food, expenses, literature, funds, division, quotas, etc., without at least a 2/3 consent of the local Colony Council.


       45. EVEN THESE RULES WHICH WE ARE SUGGESTING SHALL NOT BECOME EFFECTIVE AND VALID WITHOUT AT LEAST A 2/3 CONSENT OF EACH LOCAL COLONY COUNCIL. From now on we must have indigenous, home-grown local government at the local level and no dictatorship by higher authorities without the consent of those governed!

       46. OF COURSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANY OF THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, and all of this is subject to your own voluntary agreement and consent. But I think you should because it will be good for you and the Lord's Work and our ministry of evangelising the world and making disciples in all nations.

       47. I CANNOT FORCE YOU TO DO IT, BUT I HOLD A FEW TRUMP CARDS AND THOSE ARE THE LORD'S LETTERS, which we shall withhold from those who refuse to cooperate, and from which we shall excommunicate you if you don't obey and forsake all to follow Jesus "into all the world to every creature" to become "fishers of men" "making disciples of all nations" according to Christ's own commandments!

       48. SO ALTHOUGH THE CHOICE IS YOURS, IF YOU MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE AND DO NOT OBEY GOD'S WORD, YOU WILL BE EXCOMMUNICATED from the fellowship and the inspiration of His Letters! So we still hold the fatherly whip-hand of the authority of God's Words in the Letters and the right to chastise you with them and even excommunicate you from our Family fellowship by withholding them from you if you do not obey the Lord's will!


       49. THE FIRST THING WE SUGGEST TO YOU LOCAL COUNCILS OF COLONIES OF TWELVE OR MORE MEMBERS IS THAT YOU SPLIT YOUR COLONY into two or more Colonies as soon as possible and send those on the road who want to go to pioneer new fields! If your present Colony Shepherd is reluctant to so split your Colony, we suggest you reconsider your present leadership, and that if he persists in continuing to disobey these Letters by not splitting your Colony, we suggest you may have to elect a new Shepherd from amongst your present Council members who is willing to obey the Lord's Letters!

       50. OR HALF OF YOU COULD SIMPLY DECIDE TO SPLIT YOURSELVES AND PACK UP AND LEAVE and go it on your own to form a new Colony with or without his consent or the consent of the other half! The Apostle Paul split nearly every synagogue of old bottles he walked into with his new radical doctrine, and the usually walked off with half the congregation of new bottles who were willing to follow him in the New Way of following Jesus!--So why not you?

       51. I'M GETTING SICK AND TRIED OF THESE OLD-BOTTLE CONSERVATIVES WHO ARE SUCH A DRAG that they're holding back the wheels of our of our progress by not wanting to move on! Or maybe you are the Colony Shepherd and you do want to go along with some others, but the rest of your flock are a bunch of sticks-in-the-mud who don't want to budge out of their Blob!

       52. SO WHY NOT PICK UP AND TAKE OFF WITH THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO GO with you and leave the rest behind to elect themselves a new Shepherd from amongst the old bottles who don't want to move! That's fair enough, isn't it?

       53. OR IF YOUR PRESENT SHEPHERD IS SO MONEY-MINDED THAT HE DOESN'T WANNA LOWER YOUR LIT QUOTAS TO GIVE YOU ENOUGH TIME TO WIN SOME NEW DISCIPLES, then get your Council together and lower them yourselves, with or without his consent, by a 2/3 majority vote!--And if he doesn't like it he can either lump it or get the hell outa there and form an old bottle Colony of his own of nothing but money-makers who aren't interested in winning new disciples or reading the Letters anyhow, but only like to sell'em so they can live comfortably and be little slave-drivers of their poor little overworked sheep! We'll still let'em have GP Letters to sell, which is all they want anyhow and which will at least help get the Lord's Words out to the general public!


       54. NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO SET QUOTAS FOR YOU BUT YOU YOURSELVES!--And you do this in your own local Colony Council, according to your own actual local Colony needs and the various needed donations for us in the International Ministry. Neither does anyone have a right to vote for such a quota who's not willing to get out and hoof it for the same quota himself!--And with a nice small new Colony now with so much less to worry about, nobody has any excuse for not being able to make a reasonable quota of both lit and disciples, including the Colony Shepherd himself!

       55. SINCE IT TAKES TIME TO WIN A NEW DISCIPLE, WE SUGGEST YOU GIVE EACH MEMBER WHO WINS ONE NEW DISCIPLE CREDIT FOR ONE FULL DAY'S LIT QUOTA FOR EACH NEW DISCIPLE so he'll have time to win them and not always be pushing the lit so hard he never has time to talk to anybody, not even the poor little hungry sheep who are really interested and would like to know more and maybe join!



       57. WE ALSO NEED A NEW "SHINERS OR! SHAMERS" LIST OF DISCIPLERS on their record of disciple-winning, and I want to see the World's Top Ten Colonies of new disciple-winners listed in the next NNN right along side the lit-winners! And as soon as we can get the names of individual winners included in your statistical reports, I'd like to see the names of those individual winners listed along with the names of their Colonies in every NNN along side our shining lit-winners, Amen?

       58. WE'D ALSO LOVE TO SEE IN THE NEXT NNN A LIST OF SHINING COLONIES WHO HAVE OBEYED THE DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER RULE and sent out a new pioneer Colony to a new field since the publication of this Letter. These Mother Colonies deserve a little credit along with the new Brave Pioneers! And while we're on the subject of new Pioneer teams, don't you think you Mother Colonies ought to furnish them with a little help to get'em started, such as possibly transportation to their new field, their first month's rent and enough free lit to make their living for the first month or two?--Amen?


       59. GOD BLESS THE MOTHER COLONIES! Maybe you'd better start a Pioneer Fund today so you'll be able to finance that pioneer team tomorrow. Also they may need a little extra loan of a little coin for the initial deposits on things like utilities for their new home. These should be outright gifts if the Mother Colony can afford to do so. If not, the Mother Colony may have to consider them as loans to be paid back when the new Colony is able.


       60. ON DISCIPLING, YOU MAY FIND SOME BETTER AT WINNING DISCIPLES WHILE OTHERS ARE BETTER AT LITNESSING, so you may have to divide the responsibilities and give each credit accordingly on their quotas. However, we're told it's usually the top shiners anyway who bring home the disciples! But we're also told that when they do, a lot of Colonies don't even want to accept them! Well, we hope these new rules are going to change all that.

       61. EACH COLONY WILL HAVE TO SET ITS OWN RULES REGARDING THE QUALIFICATIONS OF A NEW DISCIPLE AND HIS ACCEPTANCE IN THE COLONY, and this should be a matter discussed and agreed upon by the entire Colony Council. These Colony Council business meetings, by the way, should be held at least once a week with all participating.


       62. TO SUM IT ALL UP, BRETHREN AND SISTEREN YOU'VE GOTTA START SPLITTING INTO SMALLER UNITS AND WINNING DISCIPLES AND NOTIFY US OF THE SAME BY THE END OF APRIL or you're going to lose some of your Letters according to the degree of your qualifications recorded from your statistics by our computer:

       (2) An Associate Colony, meeting either the size or the discipleship requirements, one or the other, and therefore receiving only DFO and GP Letters. Or
       (3) Merely Friendly Colonies, meeting neither size nor discipleship requirements and receiving only GP Letters!



       To qualify for ALL Letters you must meet ALL requirements by end of April. To qualify for DFO & GP Letters only you must meet all requirements but size or discipleship by end of April. Those who meet neither size nor discipleship requirements will receive only GP Letters after April until they do qualify.

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