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"THE NEW LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION!"--The New Revolution!--Part VII--MO       March, 1975       NO.329C--DO

© Copyrighted March, 1975 by The Children of God, P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. FROM NOW ON EVERY TWO OR THREE COLONIES SHALL BE CONSIDERED A DISTRICT and elect their own District Shepherd from amongst the ranks of their own local Shepherds with the consent and approval of the Regional Shepherd. No Shepherd shall be appointed without the consent and approval of both adjoining levels of leadership above and below.

       2. WHEN A DISTRICT SHALL HAVE GROWN TO FOUR COLONIES IT SHALL BE SPLIT IMMEDIATELY INTO TWO DISTRICTS OF TWO COLONIES EACH according to the division decided upon by the local Colonies and their District Shepherd with the consent of the Regional Shepherd. The new District so formed shall immediately elect its own District Shepherd by the procedures aforestated with the consent of the Regional Shepherd.

       3. IN ANY RARE CASE OF THE FAILURE TO AGREE OR OBTAIN SUCH CONSENT, THE DISTRICT COUNCIL OF LOCAL SHEPHERDS SHALL MEET TOGETHER WITH THE REGIONAL SHEPHERD TO AGREE TOGETHER on what shall be done, which decision shall then be referred to the Local Colony Councils for their consent. Nothing shall be done without the agreement of those governed, together with those governing.

       4. LIKEWISE, FROM HENCEFORTH A REGION SHALL CONSIST OF NO LESS THAN TWO DISTRICTS AND NO MORE THAN THREE, so that when a fourth District is formed in a Region, the Region itself shall be split into two Regions of two Districts each.

       5. IN THE SAME MANNER, NO BISHOPRIC SHALL CONSIST OF LESS THAN TWO NOR MORE THAN THREE REGIONS. When a fourth is formed within a Bishopric, the Bishopric itself shall be divided into two Bishoprics of two Regions each, according to the choice of the Bishop and his Council of Regional Shepherds from whose number shall be chosen the new Bishop of the new Bishopric, etc.

       6. APPLYING THIS TRIUMVIRATE RULE OF TWO-IN-ONE (no less than two and no more than three units at each level of each link of the Chain-of-Cooperation) to our present number of Colonies should immediately create as high as 100 Districts throughout the world which could be in as many as 50 Regions under 25 Bishoprics!

       7. THIS WILL THEREFORE REQUIRE THE CREATION OF A NEW LEVEL OF LEADERSHIP ABOVE THAT OF THE BISHOPRICS WHICH SHOULD BE KNOWN AS ARCHBISHOPRICS, who at present therefore could be as many as a dozen in number throughout the world, consisting of no less than two nor more than three Bishoprics each.

       8. THESE ARCHBISHOPRICS SHOULD THEMSELVES IN TURN BE GROUPED INTO MINISTRIES of no less than two nor more than three Archbishoprics each. Each Ministry of two or three Arch Bishoprics shall be presided over by a Minister chosen from amongst their own ranks. Each two or three Ministers shall be a Prime Ministry and select a Prime Minister from amongst themselves to represent them in the King's Court and sit on the King's Council of Prime Ministers with the approval and consent of the King. Under this organisational structure these Ministers at present could number as high as half-a-dozen, each two of whom will select a Prime Minister for the King's Prime Ministerial Council of Three.

       9. NO OFFICERS AT ANY LEVEL SHALL BE CHOSEN WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF BOTH ADJOINING LEVELS, the one above and the one below, so that all links in the Chain-of-Cooperation can work together in agreement and harmony and be self-governing in unity. This will totally destroy any dictatorial power within out ranks that is without the consent of those governed.

       10. THIS WILL BROADEN OUR POWER BASE MORE EVENLY AND MORE WIDESPREAD THROUGHOUT OUR RANKS, SPREADING MORE POWER DOWNWARD from the top into the grass roots of the local areas concerned. This will also greatly multiply the total number of responsible leaders and officers throughout our ranks, creating many new offices and positions with more shoulders to bear a broader load and with less responsibility on each shoulder.

       11. THIS PLAN WILL IN EFFECT CONSTITUTE AN OFFICER-TRAINING PROGRAMME wherein each leader in each capacity is training no less than two nor more than three new leaders under him in the very same position which he himself has just vacated or formerly occupied and should therefore understand so well.

       12. IT IS AN ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE WHICH IS PYRAMIDICAL IN COMPOSITION AND USUALLY TRIUMVIRATE IN POWER, with no more than two or three Counsellors to each Council presided over by an administrator of the next level above. The structure, as you will note by the accompanying diagram, is of the utmost simplicity like a tree, with Jesus as its Root and Foundation Stump, your Prophet and King as its chief administrator, with the sap of God's Word as its life's blood.

       13. EACH MAJOR BRANCH DIVIDES INTO ONLY TWO OR THREE SUBDIVISIONS, which in turn are each divided into only two or three more subsidiaries, etc., up to the tiniest twig of a Colony and its little budding leaders, leafy works and flowering fruits--the new disciples! Hallelujah!

       14. TO SUMMARISE THIS STRUCTURE AND PERHAPS CLARIFY IT A LITTLE MORE SIMPLY in your now word-weary brain, the levels or links of this Chain-of-Cooperation stretching from Jesus to our lowliest new disciple are as follows: First comes the King, followed by his Council of Prime Ministers. Each has a Council of two or three Ministers. Each Minister presides over a Council of two or three Archbishops; each Archbishop over a Council of only two or three Bishops; each Bishop over the Bishop's Council of only two or three Regional Shepherds; each Regional Shepherd over a Regional Council of only two or three District Shepherds; each District Shepherd over a District Council of only two or three Local Colony Shepherds; and each Local Colony Shepherd over a Local Colony Council of only a handful of Local Colony Councilors in what we hope will be Colonies of not more than two to twelve members.

       15. BECAUSE OUR COLONIES ARE NOT YET SUFFICIENTLY DIVIDED INTO SMALLER UNITS, nor are our Districts divided into fewer Colonies, nor the Regions into fewer District, nor the Bishoprics into fewer Regions, etc., the numbers of our Bishoprics is not yet sufficiently multiplied into the much greater numbers that they should be.

       16. THEREFORE, WITH OUR PRESENT NUMBER OF IMMEDIATELY POSSIBLE GROUPINGS, WE CAN ONLY AT THIS TIME INAUGURATE THREE PRIME MINISTERS, but we trust that these will be multiplied as soon as you multiply your Colonies, Districts, etc., in number from the bottom, and therefore be divided into more numerous major divisions at the top levels of the links.

       17. THIS WILL IMMEDIATELY ELEVATE MANY FORMER REGIONS OR COMBINATIONS OF REGIONS INTO WHOLE NEW BISHOPRICS such as some of those already named! Many former Districts of these former Regions will therefore also immediately become new Regions, which should be now subdivided into small new Districts, each containing no less than two and no more than three Colonies each.

       18. THERE IS THEREFORE GOING TO BE AN IMMEDIATE BOOM IN THE BLOOMING NUMBER OF NEW SMALLER DISTRICTS AND REGIONS WITH FEWER COLONIES IN EACH and we hope fewer members in each Colony. This in turn requires the greater number of supervisory Bishops above and their overseeing Archbishops. These too will be multiplied as the larger Colonies divide into smaller units, thus multiplying the numbers of all of the units above them.

       19. SO TO MAKE IT SIMPLE, BOYS, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO NOW TO BECOME A DISTRICT SHEPHERD IS TO DIVIDE YOUR OWN LOCAL COLONY INTO TWO NEW COLONIES AND YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY AND AUTOMATICALLY THEIR NEW DISTRICT SHEPHERD, subject of course to the consent of their own new Colony Shepherds and the approval of your Regional Shepherd. He will probably be your former District Shepherd who has suddenly been catapulted into the Regional post by the multiplicity of new Districts, and so on up the line! So there will immediately be a great many new promotions as well as a great many new officers coming up from below.

       20. SO IF YOU WANT TO BE THE FIRST NEW DISTRICT SHEPHERD IN YOUR REGION, DIVIDE YOUR COLONY OF 12 OR MORE NOW and help half of them out to find a new home in a new field! Hallelujah! This will also help you keep your ideal Membership colony status and your Letters, providing you keep getting new disciples!--Savvy? GBY!

       21. SOME OF OUR PRESENT REGIONS NEED ADD ONLY ONE OR TWO COLONIES TO BECOME WHOLE NEW BISHOPRICS AND SOME OF THE DISTRICTS THE SAME TO BECOME WHOLE NEW REGIONS! So it's an explosion, beloved, and all you need to do to light the bomb of growth to blow your present status to a higher level is to split up a few of these Colonies under you into more Colonies and so qualify your particular level for a higher rating!

       22. SO LET'S GET WITH IT AND START APPLYING THE DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER RULE TO ALL COLONIES OF 12 AND OVER TODAY to qualify for immediate promotions and a COLONY EXPLOSION that will keep you in the Letters, and get those new disciples and keep dividing so you can stay there!--Amen?

       23. THE DISTRICT COUNCIL OF LOCAL SHEPHERDS SHOULD MEET AT LEAST EVERY TWO WEEKS. Regional Councils of District Shepherds should meet at least once a month. Bishopric Councils of Regional Shepherds should meet every two months. Archbishopric Councils of their Bishops should try to meet at least once every quarter, and each Minister's Council of his Archbishops should meet at least twice a year. Each Prime Minister's Council of Ministers should meet at least yearly.

       24. AT THESE QUARTERLY, SEMI-ANNUAL AND ANNUAL MEETINGS ELECTIONS SHOULD BE HELD each time to either confirm the existing leadership with a vote of confidence or select new leaders if that vote of confidence does not carry by at least a 2/3-majority, or keep voting until it does!

       25. THE DEADLINE FOR ALL THIS NEW RESTRUCTURING OF THE CHAIN-OF-COOPERATION OF OUR FAMILY TREE SHOULD BE NOT LATER THAN THE END OF THIS APRIL OF 1975. Any District, Region or Bishopric failing to so restructure by dividing into the smaller units outlined above by April 30 shall also have its Colonies reclassified as Associates until they do!

       26. SO GET BUSY, BOYS, AND BREAK UP THOSE BLOBS INTO SMALLER UNITS NOW IF YOU WANT TO KEEP RECEIVING YOUR LETTERS! First, you local Shepherds each divide your local Colonies of 12 or more into two or more Colonies, making you their District Shepherd. Then notify your Regional Shepherd that he has a new District of which you are the head if he so approves!

       27. AS SOON AS YOU REGIONAL SHEPHERDS DISCOVER THAT YOUR REGION HAS DIVIDED ITSELF INTO FOUR DISTRICTS, CONSIDER YOURSELF A BISHOP and each pair of your Districts is now a Region! Have them select Regional Shepherds who should confirm your Bishopric. Also immediately notify your Archbishopric for his or her final approval. Likewise, when an Archbishop finds that his Archbishopric has divided itself into four Bishoprics, he shall immediately have each pair of Bishops select a new Archbishop of whom the old Archbishop automatically becomes their new Minister, with their consent and the approval of the Prime Minister.

       28. THERE WILL NOT LIKELY BE A NEED FOR MORE THAN THREE PRIME MINISTERS FOR AWHILE until possibly later, and the Council of Prime Ministers should be regularly meeting in the King's Court of our International Headquarters as often as they deem necessary, but not less than quarterly to administer the Affairs of State while not busy supervising their own Prime Ministries.

       29. THESE PRIME MINISTERS' MEETINGS SHALL BE HELD WITH THE CONSENT AND NOTIFICATION OF THE KING, for example, on each 1st Monday of the 1st month of each Quarter or some such days and times agreeable to all concerned. A summarised report of their deliberations and 2/3-majority recommendations shall be delivered to the King for his final approval and that of the Archbishops as well.

       30. NO MAJOR STRUCTURAL CHANGES, POLICIES, NOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS SHALL BE MADE BY THE COUNCIL OF PRIME MINISTERS WITHOUT THE 2/3-MAJORITY AGREEMENT OF EVERY COUNCIL of every link at every level of the Chain-of-Cooperation, from the King himself to the lowliest Colony Council!

       31. ALL PRESENT COUNCILS SHOULD MEET EITHER IMMEDIATELY OR WITHIN THIS MONTH TO VOTE THEIR APPROVAL OF THESE NEWLY PROPOSED ORGANISATIONAL CHANGES presented in this Letter and should notify your next superior officers and our Office of your decision as quickly as possible, so that notification of all such restructuring and its approval by all Councils shall have reached our International Office no later than the end of April.


       33. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU'VE JUST SPLIT YOUR COLONY IN TWO and been made their District Shepherd, you write your District Headquarters and say, "Hey, Shep, I've just become your fellow District Shepherd, which makes us a Region and you its Regional Shepherd!" So the former District Shepherd turned Regional Shep writes his Regional Shepherd and says, "Hey, Reg, we've just become another Region down here, which makes me a Regional Shep and you Bishop!" Etc.! --Get the idea?

       34. ALSO, DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE IT IN YOUR NEXT SEMIMONTHLY REPORT to your superior officers and our International Headquarters Statistics Department that you're now two Colonies instead of one and have won your first monthly disciple, so you can be sure to keep getting all your Letters, after April 30!

       35. LIKEWISE, YOU DISTRICT AND REGIONAL SHEPHERDS, BISHOPS, ETC., BE SURE TO EACH NOTIFY your next superior officer of any increase in your Colonies, Districts or Regions, etc., that will change your status and the level of your office in the Chain-of-Cooperation to a higher link, so you'll be given due credit for same along with the new title!

       36. AND WHEN YOU'VE FINISHED READING THIS LETTER YOU MIGHT HAVE A QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD to see who knows what it's all about and what it means, including you!

       37. TO CLEAR UP A FEW ODDS AND ENDS, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ONLY COUNCIL MEMBERS AND THEIR WIVES OF ANY COUNCIL ABOVE THE LOCAL COLONY LEVEL CAN VOTE--not all their other staff or family members or department heads or secretaries or in-laws and out-laws, etc.!

       38. SOME OF YOU GUYS REALLY KNOW HOW TO STACK YOUR COUNCILS WITH YOUR OWN ADHERENTS, and some leaders' primary requisite as a qualification for any office seems to be, "Is he one of my personal worshippers and will he always be sure to be loyal to me and vote my way?"

       39. WHICH REMINDS ME, THE L.E.C., OR LONDON EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, AS IT'S CALLED, IS ONLY A LOCAL COLONY COUNCIL and not the executive Council of the whole Revolution and cannot possibly make any decisions beyond those concerning merely their own Local Colony!

       40. MAJOR REVOLUTION-WIDE PROPOSALS AFFECTING OUR WHOLE NATION CAN ONLY BE MADE BY THE KING'S COUNCIL OF PRIME MINISTERS with the King's consent and the consent of all other Councils down the line which these decisions may affect. This is a theocratic democracy, not an autocratic dictatorship!

       41. REMEMBER ALSO THAT NO OFFICER SHOULD HOLD TWO OFFICES such as both Regional and District Shepherd. This will now be impossible under this new structuring.

       42. AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT A SHEPHERD IS SUPPOSED TO DO, HE'S OF COURSE SUPPOSED TO BE SHEPHERDING and taking care of his flock or flocks and seeing that they are properly enfolded, fed, protected, etc. So you Shepherds at every level should be frequently visiting and surveying your flocks to know the state of your sheep: District Shepherds at least every week, Regional Shepherds every month, Bishops every quarter, Archbishops every six months and Ministers every year.

       43. AND WE DON'T BELIEVE IN THIS POLICY SOME HAVE OF MAKING THEIR UNDER-LEADERS EARN THEIR TITLES FIRST before they give them the title or authority they need to do the job! They're elected to the title which gives them the authority to do it, and they must then prove they can do it or be ousted in favour of someone else.

       44. THE TROUBLE WITH OUR OUTFIT FOR A LONG TIME IS THERE HAVE BEEN TOO FEW PEOPLE WITH TOO MUCH AUTHORITY TRYING TO DO TOO MANY JOBS! From now on they're going to be a lot more people with a lot less authority each doing a lot fewer jobs each and therefore doing them a lot better! We're forcing the leadership downward and outward, so that nobody has too much say about what's going on without everybody having their say! If you only have a few big leaders and one of the few fail, he leaves a very big hole! But if you have a lotta little leaders and somebody fails, he may not even be missed very much!

       45. THIS PYRAMIDICAL STRUCTURE WORKS PRIMARILY IN THREES, with each brick in the wall resting half across each of the two below, meaning more little leaders for smaller jobs, resulting in closer supervision and less responsibility, with the consequent greater opportunity to do a better job.

       46. OUR NEW STRUCTURE IS BUILT IN THREES, OR TRIOS OR TRIUMVIRATES, SO IF YOU WANNA BE TRIUMPHANT BE TRIUMVIRATE! Like each three bricks in the brick wall with the one above resting on top of the two below, it resembles God's basic family structure: The baby resting on the Mother and Father below. Each two units below are actually the parents of the one above. The parents are training the baby to be a new leader, while at the same time he's training them to be new parents!

       47. SMALL INTIMATE COMMITTEES AND COUNCILS OF THREE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN TO DO A BETTER AND FASTER JOB more effectively and efficiently, rather than large deliberating bodies who have so many different ideas and opinions to express with so many people doing so much talking they never get anything done!

       48. IT IS THEREFORE BETTER TO SPREAD OUT THE LEADERSHIP INTO SMALLER UNITS instead of concentrating so much power in the hands of so few. It has been said that the reason for the decline of the A&P Stores has been "over-conservatism of an inbred management", and that the difficulties of the Polaroid Corporation were caused by "the top men holding too many titles"!

       49. THE ROYAL FAMILY WERE NEEDED TO START THIS REVOLUTION ROLLING AS ITS PIONEERS, but now they must learn to step out of some of their roles of their former absolutism of being the only ones there were to lead, and learn to share their responsibilities with others just as capable, and perhaps even relinquish a few to others who are more capable!

       50. THE DAYS OF THE ORIGINAL LITTLE ROYAL FAMILY ARE NUMBERED, as you are now all becoming members of God's much greater Royal Family of His entire Kingdom! The time has come to give more "Power to the People!" It's a Revolution, a Shakeup and a Bloodless Coup! The Letters have become the Leaders, and these now are going to become the great Levellers!

       51. NO ONE IS GOING TO HOLD OFFICE IN OUR NEW TRIUMPHANT TRIUMVIRATE TRIANGULAR STRUCTURE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD MERELY BY REASON OF NATURAL BIRTH! Only those born again and earning their place and proving themselves worthy of it are going to remain. It's now open season on jobs in the Revolution, and if you can make it, you can take it! Shoot for the stars!

       52. IN OUR PSALM 75 FOR THIS YEAR OF 1975 IT SAYS: "UNTO THEE O GOD DO WE GIVE THANKS! ...For that Thy name is near, Thy wondrous works declare! When I shall receive the congregation, I will judge uprightly...I said unto the fools, 'Deal not foolishly': and to the wicked, 'Lift not up the horn on high'... For promotion cometh neither from the East nor from the West nor from the South. But God is the judge: He putteth down one and setteth up another.... All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted!"--Which are you and what will be your fate this year? Let us hear from you so we'll know, and that right early! God bless and help you all!--Love, Dad.

       53. LATE NEWS FLASHES! THE KING'S PRIVY COUNCIL, having met in the privy with the King upon the throne (the toilet), takes pleasure herewith in igniting the fuse to the bomb of this great New Leadership explosion which is going to blow you into every country on Earth with the Gospel for every creature!

       54. WE ANNOUNCE THE NOMINATION OF TWO BRAND NEW PRIME MINISTERS TO THE KING'S NEW COUNCIL OF THREE CO-PRIME MINISTERS: Corny and Shalom to the Prime Ministry of the Pacific and Americas, and Rachel and Emanuele to the Prime Ministry of Southern and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia! Our present dear and faithful Prime Minister, Jethro, shall retain the Prime Ministry of Northern Europe, God willing.

       55. THESE NOMINATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE NEW MINISTERS CONTAINED IN EACH PRIME MINISTRY AS FOLLOWS: In Northern Europe the Minister of Britain, North France, Belgium, Holland and the Minister of Scandinavia, Germany, German Switzerland, Austria, both of whom are yet to be nominated by their Prime Minister, Jethro. In the Pacific and Americas three Ministers: The Pacific, Caleb and Lydia; North America, Rodent and Helah, and Latin America, Amok and Kadesh, who have already been nominated by their Prime Minister, Corny. In Rachel and Emanuele's Prime Ministry, the Minister of Southern and Eastern Europe and the Minister of Africa, Asia, Portugal and Spain, as yet to be named by them.

       56. THESE SEVEN MINISTERS WILL SOON ANNOUNCE THEIR NEW ARCHBISHOPS AND BISHOPS: In the Archbishopric of Britain: The Bishops of North and South Britain. In the Archbishopric of North France, Belgium and Holland: The Bishop of N. France and Belgium and the Bishop of Holland. In the Archbishopric of Scandinavia: The Bishop of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the Bishop of Sweden, Finland. In the Germanic Archbishopric: The Bishop of North Germany and the Bishop of South Germany, German Switzerland, Austria. In the Archbishopric of Italy: The Bishops of N. Italy and S. Italy, Sicily, Sardinia. In the Archbishopric of S. France, French Switzerland, E. Europe, the S. France, French Swiss Bishop and E. European Bishop. In the Archbishopric of Portugal and Spain: The Bishops of N. Spain and Portugal-S. Spain. In the Archbishopric of Africa-Asia: one each. In the Archbishopric of the N. Pacific: A Bishop of Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, and one of W. Canada and W. U. S. In the S. Pacific Archbishopric: A Bishop of Australia, N. Z. and one of S. E. Asia, E. Indies, Hawaii. The Archbishopric of E. Canada and the N.E. U.S.: One of each. The Archbishopric of S. U.S.: Two Bishops. Archbishopric of Mexico and Central America: Three Bishops. Archbishopric of W. Indies and S.A.: Three Bishops.

       57. EACH SHALL IN TURN NAME THEIR REGIONAL, DISTRICT AND LOCAL SHEPHERDS ACCORDING TO EACH COUNCIL'S CHOICE with the approval of each superior officer as outlined herein. Each Prime Minister shall notify us as soon as possible of all these officers, groupings and specific boundaries agreed upon within each jurisdiction, and the names of the Assistant Officers of each no later than April 30 for an entirely new Address Book!--Thanks!--It's a New Leadership explosion! Like it?

       58. YOUR LEADERS ARE NOW TO BECOME YOUR SERVANTS, NOT DICTATORS! The former Ministries, such as Childcare etc., will now be known as Services and the former Ministers as Servants.

       59. BE SURE YOU ALL NOTIFY US OF ANY CHANGE IN YOUR STATUS BEFORE APRIL 30 so you won't lose any of your Letters! Divide, divide! Scatter far and wide! Grow and grow for mo'mo' MO!

Copyright 1996 The Family