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"THE ECONOMY REVOLUTION!"--MO       March 15, 1975       NO.330A--LTO
--Part VI of "The New Revolution!"
--Or, The War on the Boom that Must Bust!
--Fighting Inflation by Eliminating Bureaucracy, Distribution Bottlenecks & Sharing the Wealth by Supplying the Demand for Our Most Precious Commodity: Manpower!

Copyrighted March, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


       1. ONE OF THE GREATEST PROBLEMS OF WORLDLY GOVERNMENTS HAS BEEN TOP-HEAVY BUREAUCRACY: Too much government at the top and not enough at the bottom, too much expenditure by the few and not enough sharing with the many. If our form of worldwide government is to be God's own model forecasting the future, then we must set an example to the world by practicing what we preach: "From each according to his need."

       2. FOR "ALL THAT BELIEVED WERE TOGETHER AND HAD ALL THINGS COMMON ... and parted them to all men as every man had need. ... Neither was there any among them that lacked, for ... distribution was made unto every man according as he had need." (Acts 2 and 4.)

       3. THIS IS GOD'S BASIC FINANCIAL PRINCIPLE OF GOD'S ECONOMIC SYSTEM and we have been practicing it for a long time on the local Colony level. Our basic needs are manpower and materials: personnel and the things they need to do the job.

       4. BY COOPERATING AND LIVING TOGETHER IN SMALL LOCAL COLONIES WE HAVE ECONOMISED GREATLY. We save by sharing our basic necessities such as housing, food, clothing, transportation, literature, manpower, etc., and these necessitates are shared by larger family units rather than in selfish individual living.

       5. EVEN AS MASS PRODUCTION LOWERS COSTS, SO COOPERATIVE COLONY LIVING LOWERS EXPENSES. It also greatly increases fellowship, strength, efficiency and the general happiness and well being of the participants and their accomplishments. "One can chase a thousand, but two can put ten thousand to flight!"--"In unity there is strength!"--Amen!

       6. WE HAVE PROVEN THAT LOCAL COMMUNAL LIVING ON THE LOCAL COLONY LEVEL CAN BE DONE, and with us this has been eminently successful under the blessing of God in being one of the most powerful contributing factors to our worldwide success and amazing expansion into hundreds of Colonies with thousands of members in scores of countries on every continent around the Globe!


       7. WE ARE NOW GOING TO INSIST ON THE APPLICATION OF THESE ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE! We have already insisted on a greater sharing of the literature and the leadership and the making of disciples by the breaking up of the too-large over-sized big Blob Colonies into smaller, more intimate, efficient and economical family-size Colonies in more locations throughout the world to preach the Gospel to every creature.

       8. AT THE SAME TIME BY OUR "SHAKE-UP", "BLOODLESS COUP" AND "NEW LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION" WE ARE REORGANISING OUR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIVE STRUCTURE in such a way as to force more responsibility downward toward the lower levels and more leadership upward toward the higher levels of our interlocking, close-knit Chain-of-Cooperation throughout the world.

       9. WE ARE SPREADING OUT MORE OF THE BURDEN ON MORE SHOULDERS AT THE MORE LOCAL LEVEL as we endeavour to eliminate top-heavy bureaucratic dictatorship by the few from the top. Although this Letter on the "Economy Revolution" is numbered Sixth in the Series of the "New Revolution," it is actually the last, we hope, that will be necessary in this basic outline of our "New World Government".


       10. BUT, UNLIKE THE COMMUNISTS, WE DO NOT CONSIDER THE SHARING OF OUR MATERIAL THINGS OUR PRIMARY GOAL, as materialism with us is only a means to an end. Our ultimate goal is the sharing of ourselves, the personnel and leadership in a loving fellowship of man created by God "wherein dwelleth righteousness" and happiness forever!

       11. SO WE FEEL THAT THE GREATEST OF OUR SHARING IS NOT THE MERE SHARING OF OUR THINGS AND PERSONAL POSSESSIONS, BUT THE SHARING OF OUR LOVE AND PERSONAL SERVICES FOR EACH OTHER, which is our faith and which results in our works and the sharing of our material possessions. Jesus Himself had nothing material to share with a His disciples, only His love and His life which He gave for them and for us that we too might have life and love forever!

       12. AND "NO GREATER LOVE HATH ANY MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS!" So we consider that the sharing of ourselves, our love and our life with others, is the greatest of all sharing and our ultimate goal, as well as our present means to that end.

       13. THEREFORE WE HAVE PLACED THE POWER-SHARING OF LEADERSHIP, "THE NEW LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION", AS ACTUALLY THE SEVENTH OF THIS SERIES IN THE FULFILLMENT OF OUR ULTIMATE AIM IN THE SHARING OF OURSELVES IN MINISTRATION AND ADMINISTRATION TO OTHERS, EVEN AS THE GOOD SHEPHERD GIVES HIS LIFE FOR HIS SHEEP. But you are now receiving this Letter Number Six, "The Economy Revolution", last, because we deem it a necessary method by which we are going to share our material things and manpower on a worldwide level in order to make this ultimate sharing of ourselves and our leadership possible--"The Economy Revolution!" So you got Number Seven before Number Six, and that's revolutionary, isn't it? Hallelujah!

       14. THIS NUMBER SIX LETTER ON THE "ECONOMY REVOLUTION" IS GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW WE AT THE TOP ARE GOING TO SET YOU THE EXAMPLE in sharing by destroying some of our own major Blobs and sharing them amongst the poorer nations of the world, as well as their costs, operations and finances, thus economising on both manpower and materials: "The Economy Revolution!"


       15. OUR GREATEST BLOB OF INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATION HAS NOW LONG BEEN LONDON and we have been trying our best to break it up and scatter it and its personnel into needier parts of the earth. But because of our past organisational structure and old-bottle ideas, this has been virtually impossible. But now our new organisational structure is going to make this possible at last!

       16. TODAY, EUROPE CONTAINS 43-PERCENT OF OUR TOTAL CHILDREN OF GOD POPULATION of the world, twice as much as any other area on earth, the second largest being that of Latin America with about 22-percent.--This is true in spite of the fact that Europe contains only about one-tenth of mankind's total population of the Earth!


       17. WE CAN ONLY HOPE THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED IN THE WISDOM OF GOD FOR THE PURPOSES OF OBTAINING INITIAL LEADERSHIP, as in His wisdom He chose us hard-driving never-say-can't Americans to begin and initially lead this Revolution for Jesus around the world! So we trust He is now finding additional leadership talent in Europe, which speaks the many languages of the world necessary to spread the Good News of God's Love in our literature in many lands formerly colonised by these same European countries and speaking their languages, into which we are now moving.

       18. FIRST IT WAS AMERICA FOR AMERICAN LEADERSHIP; THEN EUROPE FOR THE WISDOM and knowledge and international skill in linguistics. Now it will no doubt be a mighty wave of witnessing and harvesting throughout Latin America to provide the dynamic and explosive leadership of these volatile Latins in the two languages of the world spoken in more countries than any others, Spanish and Portuguese!

       19. FOLLOWING CLOSE BEHIND THEM IS COMING OUR FINAL GREAT PACIFIC, ASIATIC AND AFRICAN PUSH WHICH WILL COMPLETE OUR FULFILLMENT OF THE LORD'S COMMISSION TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL UNTO EVERY CREATURE so He can come again and reap the great harvest of souls saved from every country on Earth to gather us all to that greatest of all feasts and festivals, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven while His wrath is being poured out upon our enemies upon the Earth, 'ere we return with Him to rule the world!


       20. BUT THE MOST SHOCKING NEWS WE HAVE TO TELL YOU AT THIS MOMENT IS that despite our many Letters on the subject, decentralisation by the breaking up of Blobs has still remained one of our most difficult tasks and one of the most stubborn and persistent problems because we are just simply not fully obeying the Lord's commandment to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!

       21. WE STILL SEEM TO HAVE A STUBBORN, HABITUAL AUTOMATIC GRAVITATION TOWARD GREGARIOUSNESS and concentration of personnel in certain major areas in spite of all our efforts to decentralise and scatter them.

       22. ALTHOUGH LONDON, ONCE HOUSED ALL IN ONE BIG BUILDING, DID MANAGE TO BREAK INTO NINE SEPARATE COLONIES and was trying to further decentralise into about fifteen still smaller Colonies, they were still nearly all in and around Metropolitan London with a total population of approximately 200 in that one great city!

       23. PARIS TOO, CAPITAL OF OUR FINAL PIONEER COUNTRY OF WESTERN EUROPE, although once housing its total population of about 200 in one building, later broke up this blob into eleven smaller ones, which is extremely commendable, but they were still nearly all located in and around Paris itself!

       24. THIS MEANS THAT THE TWO MAJOR METROPOLITAN MEGALOPOLIS MONSTROSITIES OF LONDON AND PARIS ALONE CONTAINED ALMOST EXACTLY ONE-THIRD OF OUR TOTAL POPULATION IN ALL EUROPE! This means that despite your breaking into smaller Colonies, you are still clinging to Mother's skirts and afraid to really leave home!


       25. PERHAPS IT'S BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GO or think you cannot because of certain operations you're handling or functions you're performing which you think are indispensable and necessitate your stay.

       26. ON THE OTHER HAND, PERHAPS YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO but don't know where to go or how or when or with whom. The solution to this latter problem is going to be aided by the establishment of a new Foreign Service in London replacing the old foreign Ministry with a mere Service Bulletin.

       27. THIS NEW FOREIGN SERVICE BULLETIN WILL ACT AS A PERSONNEL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY listing available jobs and personnel for the dispersement of manpower, like the news want ads, gathering requests from the field for laborers and applications from the laborers for new jobs. This is one Service which must be conducted on a worldwide basis and therefore cannot be handled by any particular area.

       28. SO THE NEW OFFICE IN LONDON WILL CARRY ON THIS WORK along with their greatly improved new PR Service with the various governments through diplomatic on behalf of our workers in many lands.

       29. SO IF YOU WANT A NEW JOB AND WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE NEW JOBS ARE NOW AVAILABLE, WRITE TO THE FOREIGN SERVICE IN LONDON declaring your desire and listing your qualifications, training, experience, talents and skills, including linguistic abilities and personal testimony for the perusal of your prospective employers in the fields of your choice, and let's hope you can get it together and be on the new job in your new field soon!

       30. THEY WILL HAVE A CAPABLE STAFF, housed, equipped and awaiting your requests for Foreign Service and personnel--service foreign to you at the moment but soon to be your home land!

       31. OR IF YOU ALREADY HAVE, THROUGH SHOPPING AROUND AND/OR YOUR OWN PERSONAL CONTACTS, DISCOVERED SOME OPENING AVAILABLE, WHY NOT APPLY DIRECTLY to the supervisor of the field in which you're interested? Please try to wait for clearance from him and your present home base as well before leaving, so the field can be sure of having a place for you, and your present base someone to take your place if necessary.


       32. HOWEVER, YOU'RE GOING TO BE SURPRISED AS YOU READ THIS LETTER HOW MANY OF YOU ARE NO LONGER GOING TO BE NECESSARY WHERE YOU NOW ARE BECAUSE OF THE TOTAL ELIMINATION OF YOUR PRESENT JOBS! I heard of a couple girls recently who were loath to leave their lofty positions as either Ambassadors or highly respected Ambassadors' secretaries for other much more needed but humbler positions begging for help and swamped with work. But now those Ambassadors are no more, and their secretaries would have been out of jobs if they had not been willing to take other more lowly but much more needed positions.

       33. WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER?--A LOW JOB OR NO JOB? Pretty soon you may be surprised to discover that all the upper-crust offices and their bureaucracies have been totally wiped out along with their exalted staffs, their dictatorial, autocratic, bureaucratic former big-shot leadership deposed and disposed of, and their personnel scattered to the four winds, and there will be nothing but little lowly jobs left throughout the world on some far-flung foreign field amongst the humble natives of the land!

       34. SINCE SUPERVISION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SERVICES OF LONDON HAVE BEEN LARGELY OUR OWN PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, THIS CHARITABLE DESTRUCTION OF BUREAUCRATIC BLOBBERY IS GOING TO BE BEGIN AT HOME WITH THE TOO MANY STILL LEFT IN LONDON! Having already suggested to you that "you gotta split," which you have done into smaller Blobs, we are now going to show you how you can not only split the Blob but also the city and the scene and the job, some of which will be no more!

       35. YOUR IMMEDIATE OFFICERS INVOLVED WILL HANDLE THE DETAILS, but the King's Privy Council having discussed the problem has come up with the following suggestions to be worked out by you personally on the local level to show you how it can be done.

       36. OUR OWN ORIGINAL IDEA OF A SMALL INTERNATIONAL OFFICE OF ABOUT A DOZEN OR SO, which we originally created for the various International Services that we must perform, has grown into an unmanageable monster far beyond our original design and functions!

       37. OUR ORIGINAL PLAN WAS TO HAVE THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE HANDLE ONLY THOSE SERVICES WHICH COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE PERFORMED ON THE LOCAL LEVEL, AND WE'RE GOING TO GET BACK TO THIS NOW that we have recognised our overall structure and trained more local leadership to take over the burden of many of these functions of a more local nature locally.

       38. ONLY THOSE FUNCTIONS WHICH MUST BE PERFORMED BY A SINGLE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE OR COMMUNICATIONS CENTER WILL REMAIN: They will only be the gathering and dispersement of information and news by means of postal communication, God willing!


       39. AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATION WILL BE REPRESENTED IN LONDON or wherever our international Headquarters may be, and this shall at present consist only of the King's Council of Three Prime Ministers representing all the major areas of the world and each reporting on them directly to the king and administering their needs only though the Chain-of-Cooperation by the proper officers at each level of local administration.

       40. AS EXPLAINED IN ANOTHER LETTER, THIS HAS ALREADY ELIMINATED OUR NEED FOR A COLONY OF ABOUT A DOZEN AMBASSADORS, plus their secretaries and other support staff. Also the former Foreign Ministry will no longer run a club for diplomatic playboys but become strictly a Foreign Service Employment Agency for prospective missionaries, which has already obviated the necessity for most of their former staff who are now released for field duty.


       41. THE PUBLICATIONS CREATIONS STAFF HAS ALREADY BEEN MOVED OUT OF LONDON TO A DISTANT FOREIGN FIELD where they can concentrate in peace and quite in a calmer clime. Hereafter, the only jobs left in London for those in Publications Production will be greatly reduced by the new distribution plan of 35mm negs of originals sent to the three major International Offices of the three worldwide Prime Ministries who will themselves duplicate and distribute them to their various Sprint Centers around the world, who will in turn produce and print our various publications in the languages and numbers necessary for their own local areas with their own address.

       42. THIS WILL VIRTUALLY ELIMINATE THE NECESSITY OF AN INTERNATIONAL PHOTO LAB AND SPRINT CENTER IN LONDON, whose facilities and personnel can then be devoted to the local Archbishopric Office of the British Isles for their services of printing literature in English for local English speaking countries of their local area, plus the various English bulletins sent to our disciples around the world.

       43. SINCE ALL INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES ARE TO BE HEREAFTER DROPPED FROM NEARLY ALL OF OUR PUBLICATIONS, and local Colony or Regional Office or Sprint Centre addresses substituted in their place, no outside international correspondence of any kind other than from the Colonies should be reaching London at all, including no more orders for literature.

       44. SO THIS WILL ALSO ELIMINATE THE NECESSITY OF AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING DEPARTMENT THERE, AS WELL AS ANY SO-CALLED INTERNATIONAL MAIL MINISTRY, the latter of which has thus far proven highly insufficient and too remote from the rest of the world to do much local good except in their own local English speaking Region.

       45. THEREFORE, THE ERSTWHILE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING DEPARTMENT AND MAIL MINISTRY ALSO CAN SOON BOTH BE TURNED OVER TO THE LOCAL BRITISH ARCHBISHOPRIC along with their respective equipment, personnel and housing--if any, after the resultant curtailment of the scope of their services. This will of course include also the various secretaries, support staff, many children and much childcaring, maintenance, security, litnessers, provisioners, etc.

       46. THERE WILL ALSO NO LONGER BE A SO-CALLED INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE, as all calls for emergency help from local fields will be handled by the appropriate local officers in such fields on the local level. So this telephone and its receptionist can also become part of the Headquarters of the local British Archbishopric, ministry or even Prime Ministry and all communication remaining that is necessary with what little is going to be left of the London International Office will be strictly by the postal services or cable, God Willing!

       47. THE LOCAL LONDON POORBOY CLUB SHALL ALSO BE CONSIDERED A LOCAL LONDON OPERATION sponsored strictly by the local London Colony or District and having absolutely nothing to do with the International Communications Centre. So little will be left of the International Office in London, no Provisioners will be necessary, so that Department also can be turned over to the local London District or Region or Bishopric.

       48. UNDER THESE NEW CHANGES WE NO LONGER BELIEVE IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO HAVE IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE MORE THAN ONE COMPUTER EXPERT and his assistants to handle the receipt of Colony statistical reports and their feeding into the computer for analysis and compilation and distribution to the few authorised officers remaining who need them, probably no more than the three Prime Ministers and the King himself, plus those which are released to the general public through the NNN.

       49. THE DYNAMIC NNN SHALL REMAIN AS THE INTERNATIONAL VOICE of our international news and statistics with its faithful and hardworking staff of only two publishing it at least semi-monthly, or twice a month, according to your semi-monthly reports, news stories and statistics.

       50. WE FEEL THAT THE ELIMINATION OF AN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE ADDRESS FROM ALL OUR WORLDWIDE PUBLICATIONS, except for the use of our Colonies only in communicating with it as a mere data-processing centre, will greatly reduce the present volume of mail being received from individuals in local areas which hereafter will have to be directed only to the local office whose address appears on the lit and who shall be responsible for answering it.

       51. THEREFORE THERE WILL NO LONGER BE A NEED FOR SO MANY SECRETARIES IN THE LONDON COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE to handle such mail, and they can be sent to other much more needy fields who are crying for help. I myself should then only need one personal secretary there to handle my personal mail directed to me personally by our own disciples and our Colonies and their various officers.


       52. ANY OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC WHO SHOULD FEEL INSPIRED TO WRITE TO ME PERSONALLY BECAUSE OF MY LETTERS WILL HEREAFTER HAVE TO ADDRESS SUCH COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTLY TO WHATEVER LOCAL OFFICE'S ADDRESS APPEARS ON THE LIT, and who hereby have my personal permission to open such letters from the general public and answer them for me as best they can in the very same way that my personal secretary in London now does the same, only you will now be able to follow up in a more personal ministry to them locally.

       53. JUST PLEASE FORWARD TO US THROUGH OUR SECRETARY IN LONDON A COPY OF THE PERSON'S LETTER AND YOUR REPLY so we may know how you handle it and be sure it was handled properly and faithfully. Because of our present excellent translations of the MO letters in many countries, many of the public already think I am a national of their particular country writing originally in their own language and therefore feel that I am truly one of them, which I am and which suits me fine, so please answer them for me accordingly in their own language!



       55. THIS WILL LEAVE AT OUR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE THE NECESSITY OF ONLY A VERY SMALL STAFF REMAINING IN THE PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT, including a Publication's secretary to handle correspondence and information with the various Sprint Centres around the world and publishing their small inspiring monthly Publications Bulletin of news and suggestions.

       56. THE REMAINING CREATIONS STAFF TYPIST AND ARTISTS CAN CONTINUE TO ILLUSTRATE AND REPRINT THE OLDER MO LETTERS until this job is completed, and do other local pubs,--unless they want to get busy on the children's books I've begged them to do, Poorkid monthly, etc.


       57. I ALSO DO NOT FEEL THAT WE ANY LONGER NEED A FULL TIME SECRETARY FOR COORDINATING THE WORK OF OUR TRANSLATORS around the world, but that this job can now be handled by the one remaining Publications Secretary, and their news and suggestions included in the Publications Bulletin.

       58. THE MO EDUCATION STAFF OF TWO AND THEIR WIVES DOUBLING AS SECRETARIES IS NOW DOING A VERY CAPABLE JOB on this much needed material for Babes, so I feel they should be considered a part of the International Publication Staff wherever they may be, and should be supported from the Publications Budget and litnessing.


       59. THESE CHANGES TOTALLY ELIMINATE THE NECESSITY FOR ANY FURTHER INTERNATIONAL OFFICE OPERATION IN LONDON other than that above stated, who shall amount to nothing more than a clearing house of information, news and statistics and their distribution and publication, a Communications Centre for our Colonies only!

       60. ANY FURTHER PUBLIC BUSINESS OR GOVERNMENTAL CORRESPONDENCE MUST BE DIRECTED LOCALLY ON A LOCAL LEVEL WITH THE LOCAL OFFICE INVOLVED from the lowliest local Colony, District or Region to the loftiest Bishopric, Archbishopric or Ministry, and not even to the Prime Ministers, much less an International Office!

       61. THE INFORMATION OR COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE WILL THEN MERELY ACT AS A SECRETARIAL-RECEPTIONIST OR A POST-MISTRESS WHO SIMPLY SORTS THE MAIL and sees that it's delivered to those for whom it's intended and cannot answer for us as an International Organisation which we hereby have officially disbanded into strictly local governments and organisations!


       62. WILD WIND PRODUCTIONS WILL REMAIN A PART OF WHAT LITTLE REMAINS OF THE PUBLICATIONS OFFICE, with its staff of half-a-dozen under the immediate direction of its present Director and his faithful helpers, who will also now become the immediate supervisor of what is left of the International Publications personnel in London, who will henceforth be answerable directly to him.

       63. WILD WIND'S MAJOR INTERNATIONAL TASK WILL BE THE CREATION OF ORIGINALS FOR DISTRIBUTION TO WILD WIND PRODUCTION CENTRES AROUND THE WORLD for reproduction and distribution by each on a local level. The International Wild Wind office and shop in London will only produce the original models and prototypes for local distribution in its local areas where practicable, and advise on their reproduction elsewhere, but its principle job will be as stated above.


       64. THE VARIOUS OTHER FORMER MINISTRIES, SUCH AS CHILDCARE, COLONY CARE, ETC., SHALL NOW BE KNOWN AS SERVICES, headed by their respective Servants (formerly Ministers), and all communication with them will be forwarded to them by the London International Office Secretary until such time as they are able to have their own independent addresses with their own secretaries handling their own reports and correspondence.


       65. SINCE ALL FINANCES OF THE LOCAL COLONIES ARE ALREADY HANDLED BY THEM ON THE LOCAL LEVEL, only their contributions for the services of their supervisory offices will be forwarded to those respective offices, such as their Region, Bishopric, etc.

       66. THE TEN-PERCENT DONATION OF EACH TO OUR OVERALL INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY TO LONDON as usual, the costs of International Services deducted therefrom, including our personal support, and any surplus divided between the three Prime Ministries to be apportioned by each and his office, with the concurrence of his own Ministers and other officers, to their own neediest fields and projects of that particular Prime Ministry as they themselves see fit, especially pioneering.

       67. THEREFORE, ANY EXISTING FUNDS, SURPLUSES OF RESERVES SHALL NOW BE DIVIDED EQUALLY amongst the three Prime Ministries and the International Services for their respective uses and special projects for the benefit of all.

       68. ONE OF THE PRIMARY USES OF ANY SUCH SURPLUS FUNDS, IF ANY, WILL BE TO HELP FINANCE NEW PIONEER TEAMS, opening new countries or localities with the Gospel and new Colonies for their encouragement and sponsorship by all.

       69. THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS CENTRE WILL NOT NEED AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGER, AS EACH PRIME MINISTRY WILL FROM NOW ON HANDLE ITS OWN BUSINESS, each responsible only to itself and regularly reporting monthly the state of its affairs and finances to the King that he may be assured of the well being of the Kingdom.


       70. THE KING AND QUEEN'S PERSONAL SUPPORT WILL CONTINUE TO COME FROM THE INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL GIFTS OF OUR OWN COLONIES AND COLONISTS and their various offices and officers as much as possible, with any possible lack made up from the 10% contribution from the Colonies to our worldwide work according as they shall agree together, so to do in respect of the need, for which we shall be very thankful.


       71. THIS WILL LEAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LEFT OF THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE WHATSOEVER BESIDES THE PUBLICATIONS AND COMPUTER PERSONNEL AND THE NEW FOREIGN SERVICE, so we suggest that the Computer Department also be placed in with Publications under its new Manager and his faithful scrutiny.

       72. ONE INTERNATIONAL SECRETARY MAY STILL BE NEEDED FOR A LITTLE WHILE MERELY TO FORWARD MAIL which has been mistakenly addressed to our International Box 31 on to those for whom it is or should be intended or addressed, or simply to receive and sort mail destined for the various Services and remaining Departments.

       73. THE PRESENT VOLUME OF INTERNATIONAL MAIL REACHING OUR BOX 31 IN LONDON IS AROUND 5000 PIECES PER MONTH. The elimination of the Ambassadors will cut this by 2000, and the phasing out of most of London's former International Services and local Colonists and correspondence will cut this mail by another 2000. The remaining thousand pieces will be cut in half by the institution of the new semi-monthly reporting system, so that most of London's mail should soon consist mainly of Colony and Sprint Centre reports only, easily handled by the Publications and Computer secretaries alone, with all other remaining mail simply sorted and distributed or forwarded to its ultimate destinations, such as the various Services and their Servants and any other more local authorities which should handle it.

       74. AT THIS POINT, THE TOTAL INTERNATIONAL LONDON OFFICE STAFF IS NOW DOWN, OR WILL BE DOWN AFTER THESE CHANGES, TO A MERE TWO DOZEN involved entirely in the various Services of the Publications Department, including the Foreign Service and one International secretary still sorting and forwarding what's left of the International mail to its various final destinations where it should have been sent in the first place.

       75. SHE, TOO, CAN EVENTUALLY BE PHASED OUT BY THE ELIMINATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BOX NUMBER FROM ALL PUBLICATIONS so that all mail can be handled on the local level except the Reports from the Colonies and Sprint Centres.


       76. THEREFORE, THE PRESENT WORLD PRIME MINISTER WILL NOW BECOME ONLY THE PRIME MINISTER OF NORTHERN EUROPE ALONE, and he himself will be responsible for the location of his own new office and its personnel, which, with the elimination of all this International business, should not have to consist of more than one room and one secretary reading only two reports every two weeks, or an average of one a week from his two Ministers.

       77. THIS WILL GIVE HIM MUCH MORE TIME FOR HIS PRIME MINISTRY OF PERSONALLY VISITING THE LOCAL FIELDS within it and personally supervising, inspiring, encouraging, guiding and training his under shepherds in these fields, as each of the other Prime Ministers should also be doing.

       78. THE THREE OF THEM WILL ONLY NEED TO MEET OCCASIONALLY WITH THE KING TO DISCUSS WORLDWIDE PLANS and the coordination of worldwide efforts and unification of worldwide goals. The rest of the time they can give closer attention to their individual areas and much better supervision than these fields so far have received because of the lack of proper distribution of our leadership.


       79. THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL OFFICE WILL THEREFORE HAVE BECOME MERELY THE LONDON INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS OFFICE or Information Centre, consisting only of one MO Secretary for his mail; one Productions Secretary and two artists for his old Letters and other projects; one Publications Secretary for Sprint Centre Correspondence; one Computer Expert and his helpers for sorting statistics; two NNN Editors and publishers for the publication of International news and statistics; two MO Education editors and their secretary-wives; one International Secretary for forwarding mail; one local business manager; the worthy treasurer and bookkeeper; and their mates and helpers.


       81. THESE COULD BE HOUSED ALMOST ANYWHERE, with no great amount of equipment necessary except their typewriters and files and drawing boards, and so could be easily fitted into almost any kind of housing of either two large houses or three smaller ones including their children!

       82. THEIR MANAGERS AND WILD WIND WITH ITS SMALL STAFF ARE ALREADY HOUSED with their children, so housing for only two more full-sized Colonies of about a dozen each, plus their children, would be necessary, or a total of only 3 small Colonies in London instead of the present enormous Blob!

       83. THESE WOULD TOTAL ABOUT 32 MEMBERS AND THEIR CHILDREN, plus a possible childcare worker or two. As you can see, this is a far cry from London's former 10 Colonies of about 200, and a worthy decentralising of the available manpower for other fields, and we wish that Paris could follow suit and do the same!

       84. THESE THEN SHOULD BE THE ONLY COLONIES WE HAVE LEFT IN LONDON and the only ones we need to have there, who, beside their primary jobs, can still do a fair amount of local litnessing in their spare time to a City to whom we have already fairly well delivered our souls!

       85. THESE THREE DOZEN CAN EASILY BE TUCKED AWAY AND HIDDEN ALMOST ANYWHERE unobtrusively and inoffensively without attracting much attention or arousing local ire, or be moved quickly and easily and safely to some other location or country if necessary when the need should so arise.

       86. THEY WOULD NOT BE HOARDING ANY GREAT AMOUNTS OF EQUIPMENT OR MONEY, so that our materials and funds would not be endangered should even their local offices be threatened. And should we at any time find a more convenient and safer location for them all with an equivalently efficient postal service, this same small group could be easily and quickly transferred to a new location.

       87. EVENTUALLY THE WORK OF NEARLY HALF OF THESE ADULTS COULD BE PHASED OUT and their jobs also thereby eliminated, and they together with their children, or about half the total, could be moved elsewhere where more needed.

       88. THIS WOULD LEAVE ONLY ABOUT 12 ADULTS AND HALF-A-DOZEN CHILDREN ON THE LONDON STAFF IN THE LONDON AREA, OR EXACTLY ONE COLONY to do all the work that will be left and that will be needed to be done at all on a worldwide international scale by this one little Communications Centre!

       89. THIS WILL BE REDUCING LONDON FROM ITS FORMER 200 IN 10 COLONIES TO ABOUT A DOZEN IN ONE, making available sufficient personnel to man 30 new six-man Colonies in 30 new fields throughout the world from London alone!--And if Paris could do nearly the same, we would have nearly 50 new Colonies available to pioneer 50 new countries from these two cities alone!


       90. AND IF THE REST OF YOU OVERSIZED COLONIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD WOULD DO THE SAME, WE COULD PIONEER NEARLY EVERY REMAINING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THIS YEAR, with the personnel we already have, and still average at least two Colonies to the country! So that in our case it's not that the harvest is too great nor even that our labourers are entirely too few--it's that we're just not economising by using our presently available manpower efficiently enough nor getting them out into the fields where they could go now if they would!

       91. BUT WE HAVE NOW TRIED TO SPECIFICALLY SET YOU THE PRIME EXAMPLE OF EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT, AND WE HOPE YOU'LL FOLLOW! We believe some of you have really tried to split your Blobs and decentralise and disperse them, but you simply haven't known how to finish the job, so now we're telling you!

       92. BY THIS "ECONOMY REVOLUTION" OF MANPOWER AND MATERIALS WE COULD PIONEER EVERY LAST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WITH OUR PRESENTLY AVAILABLE PERSONNEL IF EACH OF YOU WERE WILLING TO GO! This could create a missionary movement and a disciple explosion which would far surpass anything we have yet known, and much more than our first one in our "Great Escape" from the USA!

       93. ARE YOU PERSONALLY READY AND WILLING TO DROP WHAT YOU'RE NOW DOING and what you thought was essential but which we have now proved to you could be inconsequential compared to the value of the immortal souls whom you could be reaching with His Wonder Working Words and our shining example of His love in all the world to every creature?

       94. IF SO, START TODAY, AND MAKE YOUR MOTTO, "THIS YEAR THE WORLD!"--Amen? May God bless you and help you to make it so, His dream come true, His commandment obeyed, His Words fulfilled and His great harvest of this last generation reaped for the Master's use!--I'm going!--Are you?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family