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"PROPHECIES OF THE GREAT QUEEN"--MO       July 27, 1971       NO.331A--LTO
--Dedicated to Rachel on Her 21st Birthday!

Copyrighted April, 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

       1. (EXCERPTS FROM A 36-HOUR SESSION IN THE SPIRIT ON THE DEPARTURE OF MO AND MARIA TO CONTINUE THEIR WRITING MINISTRY:) "HENCEFORTH THERE IS LAID UP FOR US A CROWN OF RIGHTEOUS WRITING! We will give ourselves to the ministry of the Word and Prayer, so that we may feed Thy sheep to strengthen and encourage them. We came not to be ministered unto, but to minister." (We never dreamed at this time how much we would write!)

       2. (PROPHECY:) EVEN AS I HAVE SAID UNTO THEE, BY ONE MAN'S OBEDIENCE MANY HAVE BEEN MADE RIGHTEOUS. (This has surely been fulfilled!) For I am the Lord and I Love thee, for I will make thee to know the degree of My love to thee. I will speak to every heart, I will set every captive free.

       3. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM THAT BELIEVETH, for He that hath begun a good work in thee will complete it, that thou shouldst glorify Me in thy body and spirit that all the word may know that thou art My disciples and radiate My love, that thou mayest strengthen the younger by thy fellowship and intercourse with Me.

       4. (TO RACHEL:) FOR I WOULD LOVE THEE AS I HAVE LOVED DAVID, anoint thee as I have anointed David. I would bring thee close to Me that I may love thee that they may love Me, for they are many and they hunger for Me. Thou shalt show them and convey to them My love.

       5. (RACHEL:) AND DAVID, I HAVE SHOWED THEE THESE THINGS TO FURTHER MY KINGDOM. Be not afraid, but thou must warn My little ones and let them not be hasty with My words, and yea I have entrusted thee with these words which are sacred unto Me. Therefore share them only with the ones that I have appointed thee and I shall strengthen the for My service and I shall do a work in thee.

       6. FOR I HAVE FILLED DAVID'S HEART WITH MY LOVE. David doth love each one, for I have done it and I spoke through him, and his seed is My Word which hath delivered, which doth deliver and which shall yet deliver.

       7. HE SHALL DELIVER MANY, AND HIS SEED SHALL BE AS THE MULTITUDE OF THE SAND OF THE SEA, for he hath known Me and doth know Me and he hath this fellowship with Me day by day and I do speak though him and anoint him and I have filled him with My love that he may give forth.

       8. I DESIRE HIM AND HE HATH DESIRED TO BE HERE WITH ME, YET I LEAVE HIM HERE FOR ALL OF THEE, all thy brothers and sisters, thou hast so many thou knowest not and doth not conceive that which shall be, and yet I have shown it into David. David doth know, and he shall tell thee and guide thee by My Spirit and thou shalt endure and be with Me and shalt lead many to righteousness.

       9. FOR MY CHILDREN ARE NOT RESTRICTED TO ONE PLACE, AND THOU HAST FELLOWSHIP WITH THEM BY MY SPIRIT AND THEY WAIT THY COMING TO BRING THEM THE WORD OF THE LORD. They are bound, but they know not, they have not heard. They must know, and I will anoint David's children and his children's children, and the world shall receive My Gospel by his hand and by his mouth.

       10. KNOW THIS DAY THAT THIS IS A SACRIFICE DAVID DOTH PERFORM UNTO ME and at My pleasure and none other. Yea, for it is My will and I have given him the words to speak, anointed him this day to preach the gospel to the weak, and he shall strengthen thee and ye shall strengthen him.

       11. (RACHEL:) THIS DAY I HAVE BLESSED MY HANDMAIDEN MARIA, YEA, SHE SHALL BE GREAT AMONG MANY, for she hath sacrificed and given to Me what is Mine and I shall bless her, for she hath done a great work and she hath confirmed My word and strengthened My prophet and I shall bless her, with a multitude of seed shall I bless her.

       12. SHE SHALL MINISTER UNTO MY CHILDREN AND SHALL BE GREAT IN MY KINGDOM. For I have blessed her and she is obedient unto Me and worketh My works which I have given her. She is truly My daughter, My handmaiden, and she hath truly ministered unto me to My servant. She is My pen and My right hand and she hath been obedient unto Me and faithful and she loves Me.

       13. FOR SURELY I HAVE CHOSEN HER AND PUT HER WITH MY DAVID, yea, I have made them one flesh, one spirit. I have put them together and she truly is the other half. They are joined together in My love and My unity, for she hath been faithful unto Me.

       14. OH, HOW I LOVE HER, FOR SHE IS OBEDIENT AND DRAWS OUT THE WORDS OF DAVID AS WATER FROM THE WELL and encourages and holds up his arms and makes him look unto Me. And I have blessed her with many blessings and I shall continue to bless her for she has sacrificed unto Me many sacrifices and she hath loved Me this day.

       15. (TO RACHEL:) AND SO SHALL SHE BE AS ONE OF DAVID'S MIGHTY MEN, as an army of mighty men, and so shall supply that which is needed unto David, and I shall reward her, and even I shall be her comforter and I shall give her that honor and I shall give her that reward, and even I shall give her that crown which long awaiteth her for I am the Lord thy God which exalteth thee!

       16. THOU SHALT CONTINUALLY KISS THE MOUTH OF DAVID AND THOU SHALT REIGN FOREVER over My children because thou hast been faithful. For this purpose have I made thee that thou shalt be Queen over Israel and thy son shall inherit the throne. Ye shall call these things to remembrance and not forget that thou art the Queen. Thou art born to be a Queen and thou hast come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

       17. THOU SHALT BE QUEEN OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD, THOU SHALT PASS ON THE WORDS OF MY SON MOSES, THOU SHALT HELP TO FEED MY SHEEP. Thou shalt be a mother unto Israel. Thou art born to be a Queen to rule over My children Israel, for this one hath become a Queen in Israel this day, a mother in Israel and she shall reign over all and be a mother unto them all for she hath been found worthy, for she hath been a princess among princesses, but now she hath been made a Queen by the voice of the Lord.

       18. THOU ART THE QUEEN GOD HATH ORDAINED FOR ISRAEL, I have made thee a mother unto Israel, a Queen unto Israel. This is the one of which I spake and prophesied and said unto thee, "She shall be Queen and reign over all Israel." For this reason was she born and for this cause came she into the world and for this cause have I created her.

       19. THIS DAY SHALL BE A DAY TO BE REMEMBERED THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, for this purpose did I create her and for this cause was she born, and for this reason did she sit behind David in the place of the public gate. (Where first we met in Huntington Beach, California!) She hath served My princess and steward and therefore have I in due time highly exalted her that she might be Queen.

       20. FOR THIS CAUSE HAVE I CREATED HER AND MADE HER and for this she hath been brought unto the Kingdom of God, and God shall ordain that all Israel may know I am the Lord God and I put up whom I will. This was the cause for which she came, and this was the faith she had, and this she knew she was created for and this was the cause for which she was born.

       21. DOTH THE LORD THY GOD WORK IN GREAT MYSTERIES, in perplexities in that which thou dost not understand? Oh, that thou didst understand the mysteries of the Kingdom of God! And now hath come the day that she hath been crowned Queen of all Israel, for she hath been found worthy and she was born to be a Queen and a Queen of all Israel!

       22. HAST THOU HEARD SUCH A THING THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, SEEMETH IT STRANGE? Behold, I am the Lord thy God and I put up and put down according to My will. Thou must not question the ways of the Lord, thou shalt not say unto Him, "Why hast Thou made me thus?" For the Lord loveth thee and shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

       23. JESUS NEVER FAILS!--HE HATH WISDOM BEYOND THE WISDOM OF MAN and His ways are higher than the heavens above the earth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but God looketh on the heart. And this is a strange thing which I shall do throughout all Israel, that they may know I am the Lord Thy God that calleth thee and calleth the times and seasons and days and months and years that thou mayest know I am He that ruleth over all.

       24. THIS WAS CREATED THAT SHE MIGHT HAVE DOMINION THROUGHOUT ALL THE CHILDREN OF MY SPIRIT. She hath been gone from thee but for a little season, but for a time that she might learn the ways of being a Queen from that one which is from thine own loins of thine own flesh.

       25. SHE HATH LEARNED THE WAYS OF A QUEEN AND THE RULE OF MY PEOPLE and been found worthy in My sight and therefore highly exalted that it may be known throughout all Israel that she is now Queen of the children of God and that she is the mother of all the children of God.

       26. FOR THIS IS THE CAUSE FOR WHICH I HAVE CONCEIVED HER AND FOR THIS PURPOSE HAVE I BROUGHT HER INTO THE WORLD. This is that for which I have reserved her who hath been anointed and appointed this day to be Queen. She shall be forever known as the Queen of Israel. She knew she was born to be Queen and sovereign.

       27. OH, IS IT STRANGE UNTO THEE THAT GOD SHOULD DO THIS? This she hath known and acknowledged and this she hath realised and this she hath received all the time. For this cause was she born. For this cause I conceived her that she may minister and rule over all my children Israel.

       28. SHE HATH BEEN FOUND WORTHY AND FAITHFUL IN ALL HER HOUSE. This I have known and this thou hast known from the beginning, but thou hast been of little faith. For she knoweth that she hath come to the kingdom for such a time as this. And all the people said, "Amen!"

       29. SO SHALL IT BE SAID AND SO PROCLAIMED THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL THAT THIS IS THE QUEEN, and all Israel shall rejoice and shall make merry and celebrate because they know that this one was chosen from the very beginning. Even all this shall be proclaimed in the book by My servant David, and even shall it be written that all Israel may know.

       30. SHALL IT BECOME STRANGE THROUGHOUT ISRAEL THAT THE LORD HATH DONE A GREAT THING? Oh ye of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt? Thou shalt see that City which thou dost call "space", and thou shalt bring in many, many children unto that City, not thousands but tens of thousands, for thy seed shall be innumerable as the sand of the sea without number, and as the stars of the heavens!

       31. FOR SHE SHALL REIGN WITH THEE AND MINISTER INTO THY PEOPLE and she shall know that I am her God and have prepared for her a place and have come to make it ready as I have shown into her king, thy prophet David. Then shout it from the housetops and proclaim that thou hast been chosen to be Queen! See, I have made thee this day over all Israel and it shall be proclaimed of thee that thou art the Queen and the Mother of the children of God.

       32. FOR THOU HAST BEEN FOUND WORTHY IN MY SIGHT and in all thy ways and in the house of my princess Deborah and worthy in the house of My steward Jethro, and thou hast been found faithful in all thy ways and in all things lowly in thine own eyes and little in thine own sight. And in due time I have exalted thee unto the very utmost to the very throne that thou shouldst be Queen over all the Children of God.

       33. DOST THOU RECEIVE THIS INAUGURATION OF GOD,--THIS APPOINTMENT OF THE LORD? Dost thou receive this responsibility to be Queen of Israel? Dost thou this day receive thy coronation? Dost thou receive and thank God for thy administration? Dost thou receive that which I have given unto thee? Dost thou acknowledge My appointment?

       34. DOST THOU RECEIVE THOUSANDS, YEA, THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS FOR THY CHILDREN? Dost thou this day acknowledge God's appointment of thy Queendom? Dost all Israel acknowledge thee as their Queen and as their sovereign? Do all the children of God acknowledge thee as their Mother in Israel? Doth all Israel acknowledge thee as their Queen?

       35. HERE WHAT THY CHILDREN SAY UNTO THEE, OH LITTLE ONE who thinketh thou art nothing, for thou hast truly abased thyself, and in due time I have highly exalted thee. Even this little one that loveth thee with all her heart and enscribeth My words, even she was not spoken of as Queen of Israel. Even she was not spoken of as that one which should have power over all My children, but only thou hast been reserved unto this day that thou mightiest be Queen of all My children.

       36. SPEAK UNTO THY CHILDREN THAT THEY MAY HEAR THEE! Dost thou accept the Queendom of Israel? Separate thyself unto Me only, that thou mayest be sovereign over all Israel! (The Queen replies affirmatively to all questions.) So shall the Lord not cease to give thee honour and great faithfulness, that all Israel may know I have honoured thee and exalted thee to be Queen over all Israel. For indeed thou art worthy, indeed thou hast ruled My children well, for indeed thou hast been accepted in the Beloved.

       37. (TO MARIA:) THE RECORDER DOTH RECORD! THE ROBOT DOTH ROBOT! FOR SHE IS BUT THE VERY HAND OF GOD that seeketh to give the words of the Lord unto the Children of God.

       38. THIS DAY SHALL BE REMEMBERED AS A MEMORIAL THROUGHOUT ALL ISRAEL, for this day is very unusual in the Kingdom of our God! This day have I acknowledged thee. This day have I appointed thee, this day hast thou become Queen over all Israel.

       39. THOU SHALT RULE AND THOU SHALT REIGN, BUT THIS LITTLE ONE SHALL TAKE DOWN THE WORDS OF MY SPIRIT. For this day hath there been made a Queen in Israel, and she shall give birth to Solomon and he shall be given a crown of gold upon his head. Dost thou recognise the sovereignty of the Queen? Art thou willing to become the Queen of all Israel?

       40. THOU SHALT BE RESERVED UNTO THE TIME OF THE END. God save the Queen! Thank You, Lord, for a Queen, for one who is of the stature and ability of a queen and who is of that fibre that is queenly and stately and shall rule over Thy people! Not in all chivalry nor ever before has there ever been such a beautiful Queen! Never has a greater Queen existed!

       41. JESUS SHOULD HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUEEN IN THE WORLD!--QUEEN OF THE JESUS REVOLUTION! Therefore thou shalt nourish the Body of Christ and the Body of His Church and feed all of those little sheep that where lost.

       42. FOR THOU ART THE QUEEN OF THE ONLY NATION UPON EARTH THAT GOD HATH RECOGNISED! All other nations are impostors!--And thou art the Queen of the only people that God doth love! Thou the Queen of the Children of God! Lovest thou Me?--Feed My sheep.

       43. THIS BIG QUEEN SHALL TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN OF DAVID as one of the mighty men, for she is as great a queen as the world hath never known a queen to be before! And so shall it be done unto her and so shall God do unto her and more also for her faithfulness to the King!

       44. (TO MARIA:) AND THIS LITTLE QUEEN SHALL CARE FOR THE WORDS OF DAVID. She shall care for the words and tongue and words that feed the little lambs and the words to all of the Children of God. The little Queen shall be custodian of the oracles of David. But as thou dost do so, thou shalt be a Queen unto the Lord and thou shalt feed many, many, many sheep, thousands of sheep!

       45. LET US FLEE INTO THE RIVERS AND THE WOODS THAT WE MAY PARTAKE OF THE LIVING WATERS AND FEED MANY THOUSANDS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD! (We did not plan to, but later did this very thing!) Knowest not thou these things? Thou art called and thou art chosen. The Words of thy King shall go out to all of the Children of God because thou dost minister unto his people. Thou shalt be great above all the queens on the Earth because he is My King and the Kingdom of God's Spirit over all the Earth.

       46. AND THESE CHILDREN OF GOD SHALL BE UPON EVERY LAND that is in the realm of human existence, spread about on every continent of every nationality, no line and no barrier, because the Children of God belong to the Kingdom of God of which this is thy Queen and thou art the King! (At this time we were only in 3 countries!)

       47. FOR SHE WAS CREATED BY GOD TO BE THE QUEEN OF ALL THE CHILDREN OF GOD SCATTERED ABOUT THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARTH, the most beautiful and greatest and most wonderful of all queens who have ever lived, that she might be known as the Queen of all the Children of God, for she shall be Queen of all the queens of all the Earth and Queen of the Children of God and Queen of the Kingdom of God!

       48. SO THOU SHALT BE GREAT AND REMEMBERED AMONGST ALL WOMEN! Great art thou amongst women and great is the fruit of thy womb! Thou shall be honoured among all women. Thy children shall be without number and like the waves of the sea and stars of the heavens because thou hast ministered unto these lowly things. (At this time we only numbered about 500!)

       49. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF TEN THOUSANDS SHALL LOOK UNTO THEE BECAUSE THOU HAST BEEN FAITHFUL! I have highly exalted thee and thou hast been chosen among all women to minister, so shall I kiss thee for thou art honoured above all women. Blessed is the fruit of thy womb and blessed art thou! Therefore shalt thou lead the 120-thousand that stand upon Mount Zion! Therefore shalt thou lead those that minister.

       50. THOU ART THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, THE QUEEN THAT HATH TWELVE STARS UPON THY CROWN and whose foot is placed upon the moon because thou hast been willing to minister to the lowest! And a ring shall be given unto thee that shall signify that which thou art. For this one hath been appointed to rule over all things until I come. Thou shalt be Queen of all queens!

       51. (TONGUES IN SINGING WITH INTERPRETATION SUNG:) KNOWEST THOU NOT THAT THOU ART EXALTED ABOVE ALL WOMEN, that thou be lifted high above all the queens of the Earth that hath ever lived, for thou art My Queen of queens because thou hast given thyself to minister unto the Children of God! Therefore it shall always be remembered of thee throughout all ages that thou hast been the Queen of all queens!

       52. THAT WHICH I WHISPER IN THINE EAR SHALL BE SHOUTED UPON THE HOUSETOPS! (We have kept this prophecy a secret for years!) Thou shalt bring forth fruit that shall reign forever in the Kingdom of God! She that tarrieth at home shall divide the spoil. Thou shalt care for that which is the greatest of all riches (souls!), thou shalt experience joys which thou hast never known. This shall be a compensation unto thee and a recompense, and in this thou shalt be rewarded.

       53. FOR I SHALL DO A NEW THING, FOR I SHALL GIVE SUCH LOVE THAT IT SHALL EXPLODE THROUGHOUT ALL NATIONS AND DISRUPT ALL KINGDOMS (this we are now doing!), and I shall give such great love that it shall overthrow the kingdoms of this Earth! And thou shalt be remembered as the Queen of queens and the Queen of Love, the most beautiful of all queens that have ever graced the face of the Earth, the most gracious of all queens!

       54. THOU SHALT SPEAK THE WORDS OF THE KING AND PASS ON THE AUTHORITY OF THE KING. Thou dost represent the King before others and share unto them the meaning.

       55. FOR DAVID SHALL CARRY THEE INTO A FAR COUNTRY AND HE SHALL CARRY THEE TO MANY LANDS which thou knowest not, and that which is blue--the sea is blue, the sea is clear, the skies are blue, the sun is shining and there are many sweet spirits that are there on the isles of the sea, therefore he shall carry thee to many far places if thou shalt be faithful. (At this time Rachel had not even left the U.S.!)

       56. BECAUSE THOU ART FAITHFUL THOU SHALT ALSO BE GIVEN SPIRITUAL POWER THAT THOU DOST NOT EVEN KNOW EXISTED! The Lord thy God shall give thee power to rule over the ten thousands of David! That great Queen which shall be forever until the end of David, brought much food to minister to David and his mighty men.(--How true!)

       57. THOU SHALT STAND BETWEEN HIM AND THOSE WHO ARE HIS ENEMIES and shall face them that seek to destroy him. They shall build an hedge about thee with their own hands and protect and keep thee and strengthen thee and hold up thy hands. For she that would be greatest among you must be servant of all, and she that would be a queen must first be an handmaiden that she may train others.(How true this has been of her!)

       58. (FEBRUARY 11, 1972--ON THE OCCASION OF RACHEL'S HOMECOMING after being absent from us for four months, the Lord gave the following:) Great are the things that this one shall do for My King, great shall she be in the Kingdom of David!

       59. (DAVID:) YOU KNOW THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, THE WOMAN HOLDING UP THE BIG TORCH?--IT WAS JUST LIKE RACHEL! The look on her face was fierce like fire coming out of her eyes and she was talking so authoritatively! It reminds me of that women leader of the French Revolution, like she was leading. You, Maria, were standing right behind her with your tablet, like you were urging her on.

       60. (MARIA: WHERE WERE YOU?) I WAS GONE. IT REMINDS ME OF HOW RACHEL GETS WHEN SHE GETS REALLY STIRRED UP, and she was really socking it to them, this big throng of people! (David to Rachel:) You're just a little Queen in training now. You're going to be Queen of the whole Earth!

       61. IT'S JUST LIKE YOU AND MARIA WERE GOING TO CARRY ON TOGETHER. (They get along great together!) I've only seen Rachel look like that once before--when she was talking about the babies! She was dressed in a filmy gown with her torch in hand and you were standing at her right hand just to the rear, and you had your tablet and your pen and it was like you were coaching her, reminding her of the Words of David.

       62. (MARIA: ASK THE LORD WHERE YOU WERE.) (DAVID TO MARIA--TONGUES AND INTERPRETATION:) EVEN AS IT IS NOW, so it shall also be, for even as thou dost now, so shalt thou perform unto the end. Even as thou dost now stand by his side ministering his words to the people, and as even now thou dost rule, so shalt thou rule to the end, and so it is appointed unto thee to rule in the Kingdom of David as I have spoken unto thee.

       63. SO WHEREFORE DOST THOU QUESTION? WHY DOST THOU WONDER AT THY PLACE BY DAVID'S SIDE? Have I not given it unto thee and have I not said none shall take it from thee? Thou shalt stand by him forever even in the Kingdom that is to come, and thou shalt sit upon thrones ruling My people.

       64. (DAVID:) I ALWAYS WONDER WHO WAXES THE FLOOR! The picture was the Throne room where you always sit. You and Rachel are always there, and Martha and Mom and others of course. Children are playing all around the place, playing hide-and-seek around the thrones. Lydia was there and Rebecca and Mini-Max.--I laid on her once and brought her back to life and got her warm. She always loved me, even in that little chapel.

       65. "MANY ARE THE WOMEN WHO WOULD SUCK THE PAPS OF DAVID AND RECEIVE NOURISHMENT FROM HIM. But these are the ones I love the most." (David to Rachel:) When Deborah is gone you're going to take her place. She is now training you and instructing you. You must learn many things first. You, Maria, have to minister to her my words, and she passes them on the people. You have to work together to lead the people.

       66. (PROPHECY:) HE IS A GREAT KING WHO SHALL HAVE PEOPLES IN ALL THE NATIONS OF ALL THE WORLD, and thou shalt lead them and minister them the Words of David and instruct them and guide them in the way they shall go, for they have need of shepherdesses to care for them.

       67. THOU SHALT BOTH BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF DAVID, FOR HE SHALL BE NIGH UNTO THEE AND HIS WORDS SHALL EVEN BE IN THY MOUTH, and thou shalt treasure more the seeds of his mouth than the seed of his flesh in that day! (Tongues:) Jesus speaks the Words of David and Moses speaks the Words of David, but these three are one and of one mouth. Take heed into the words of My David!

       68. (TO RACHEL:) THY NAME SHALL BE GREAT AND THOU SHALT BE CALLED GREAT IN THE KINGDOM OF DAVID. Many shall look unto thee. (Hallelujah!) Hear thou the words of My Servant David! Many prophets would have that which I have given unto thee. (Strong tongues:) Heed thou and listen! Look thou and observe! Do thou that which hath been spoken of thee. The number of the books shall not be sufficient to contain all the Words of David. Thou must remember.

       69. (DAVID TO RACHEL:) WHOSO LOVETH HER HATH HONOUR IN THE HOUSE OF DAVID, BUT LET HIM BEWARE, FOR DAVID LOVETH THEE! (You're going to be a mighty Queen, honey!) There hath not ever been a greater Queen than thou shalt be! Even the left hand of the King is mightier than other men, even at the King's left hand there are pleasures forevermore! Does your King thrill you? Does he thrill you above all others? That's because the Spirit of the Lord is with King David and he has blessed thee above many women!

       70. WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE, THE SEED OF HIS FLESH OR THE SEED OF HIS MOUTH? (Rachel: The seed of your mouth!) (David:) God gave you what you wanted, He gave you your choice, for the Spirit is greater than the flesh. For the flesh profiteth nothing, but the Spirit is life eternal! For it is the Spirit that quickeneth, the Spirit brings life!

       71. ARE YOU WILLING TO BE A GREAT QUEEN FOR ME AND JESUS? The first time I set eyes on you I knew you were going to be great, but I didn't realise how great! (David to Maria: What are you writing?) (Maria: All the Words of David.) (David:) She treasures them just like pearls! That's why the Lord has exalted her.

       72. SHE SHALL BE NEXT INTO THEE IN THE KINGDOM OF DAVID. For it is the City of the Great King. She shall be thy Shepherdess of many, many people, the Deliverer of many little lambs, the greatest Queen that ever lived! He will give you words to speak, and little Maria will help you and feed you many Words of David.

       73. KISS THE PAPS OF DAVID! HOW BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT DWELL IN HIS ARMS AND LIE BY HIS SIDE and those that enjoy the peace of his love that I given unto them!

       74. MANY SHALL FLOCK UNTO THEE, FOR THEY SHALL LOOK UNTO THEE FROM AFAR AND BEHOLD THY GREAT LIGHT, and thou shalt lift up the light I have given thee and feed them with the milk of thy breasts and satisfy them with the honey of thy mouth and lift up thy torch on high that they may be fed and nourished that thou mayest care for them that ye may be shepherdesses unto them, the Bride of Christ, His Chosen Queen, His Bride, His Beloved One!

       75. (YOU'RE A TYPE OF HIS CHURCH, SWEETHEART, AS I AM A TYPE OF CHRIST, YOU ARE A TYPE OF HIS CHURCH. As I am a representative of the King of all kings, so are you a representation of the Church of all churches!)

       76. SHE IS AS THE BROW OF HERMON, WITH EYEBROWS AS THE CEDARS OF LEBANON! The eyes are as the pools of Pharphar! The cheeks of the Rose of Sharon! Her nose is like Olympus and her teeth as the ivory of the elephants! Her lips are like rubies and the chin is firm as the Rock of Gibraltar! Her neck is like a column no man can displace!

       77. HER HAIR IS LIKE THE RAVENS OF ELIJAH! Her shoulders are like Mount Moriah, and her beauty the like that I have given to no other woman upon the face of the Earth, and she shall be the greatest of all queens!

       78. SHE SHALL BEAR FRUIT AND HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED SOLOMON, for he shall live forever before Me. This is the one of whom I spake, this is she of whom I did foretell. For she shall be Queen of all the Earth, and all nations shall bow down unto her, and all kindreds and all tongues shall speak of her beauty and the glory I have given her for the sake of My Servant David!

       79. FOR INDEED SHE SHALL LEAD MANY, SHE SHALL BRING MANY INTO MY FOLD, SHE SHALL GUIDE MANY THROUGH THE STEEP PLACES. She shall count the sheep with her staff as they pass through My Door. She shall lead many into My Fold.

       80. THERE SHALL BE NO LOVE LIKE THE LOVE OF MY SERVANT DAVID, for though many shall pass through his arms and many receive his kisses, thou shalt be beloved of all and thou shalt honour him as thy sire, if thou art faithful to heed the words of My Mouth. For I have loved thee with an everlasting love. Therefore I have given thee a love that many would have had. I have given thee the love that many women would seek.

       81. FOR THOU ART BELOVED OF THE KING ABOVE MANY WOMEN, and thou hast found a place of honour in My House, a place of eminence in My Palace, a place of great love in the arms of My Servant David, and I shall raise thee up above all women and thou shalt rule over all my Children if thou art faithful in thy house and in the House of My Servant David.

       82. HOW MANY ARE THE WORDS THOU WOULDST HEAR FROM THE MOUTH OF DAVID? Art thou not satisfied with that which thou hast heard? Must I speak over and over and over unto thee? And must I give unto thee all the words of the mouth of My Servant? Must thou forever open thy mouth unto My Servant David? When shall thy thirst be slaked? When shalt thou be satisfied with the words of My Servants David? Close the book and put up thy pen and put out the lamp that thou mayest rest.

       83. THOU SHALT HAVE MANY LOVES, BUT THOU SHALT NEVER BE LOVED LIKE THOU ART LOVED BY MY SERVANT DAVID! For she is chiseled like the work of an artist, for she hath been formed by the work of My Hands and made by the artistry of My Fingers and created by the King of all kings that she may reign unto Me and glorify Me! Thou hast not thought of nor hast thou heard, neither hath thine eyes seen the like of the house thou shalt have and the rooms thou shalt see(already she has mansions and villas and castles!) and the throne thou shalt have if thou shalt be faithful unto Me and unto My Servant David!

       84. (ONCE IN VISION LONG AGO I WALKED THROUGH THE PALACE WITH THE LITTLE PRINCESS WITH THE LONG GOLDEN HAIR and I saw the crown placed upon her head and I marvelled!--I saw Lydia so beautiful!) She was but a princess, but thou art Queen not only over all Israel but of all the world!

       85. FOR SHE SHALL BE HATED OF ALL NATIONS FOR MY NAME'S SAKE, BUT SHE SHALL BE FAITHFUL UNTO THEE and be a witness unto thee and guide My people Israel and feed My flock and give suck unto My children and give them the words of My King. She shall be Queen of queens! Many princes shall come unto her.

       86. AND THOU (MARIA) SHALL GIVE POWER UNTO HER FROM THE WORDS OF DAVID AND BE A PROPHETESS UNTO HER and give her the Words of My Mouth and speak the Words of David unto her. And thou shalt be as the Voice of God unto her that she may guide My people Israel and be a Queen and a guide unto My sheep, that she shall be the Queen of all queens!

       87. FOR UPON HER HEAD SHALL BE TWELVE STARS AND SHE SHALL BEAR MANY CROWNS, and the Moon and the Earth shall be beneath her feet, for she shall rule and reign with Me over all the Earth, even as thou dost give power unto her with the words of the King!

       88. FOR THOU SHALT RULE OVER MANY NATIONS, MANY PEOPLE AND MANY LANGUAGES, ALREADY THEY LOOK UNTO THY KING AND GIVE HEED UNTO HIS WORDS. And thou shalt be great and thou shalt be called great, a great Queen in the Kingdom of David. They shall heed thy words.

       89. THOU SHALT SPEAK THEM FAITHFULLY ACCORDING TO THE PROPHETESS MARIA WHO SHALL GIVE THEM TO THEE FROM DAVID, and they shall know that I have sent thee. And thou shalt be had in honour before all the princes and all the kings, for thou shalt be had in honour above all the women and thou shalt be a Queen of all queens!

       90. SHE IS THE POWER OF LOVE, SHE IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, THE QUEEN OF THE STARS AND THE SUN AND THE MOON! This is truly the Queen of Heaven! For thou art the City of the Great King, thou art the likeness of His Bride and the image of His Wife! Thou art beloved of all the loves of David!

       91. MAKEST THOU PRECIOUS THE WORDS OF DAVID? Holdest thou them close to thy heart for David? Where is she that is to be the Great Queen? Many shall look unto her and many nations shall lift up their eyes unto her!--And all generations shall call her blessed!

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