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MORE ON "HOW TO"--MO       March 28, 1975       NO.331C--LTO
--The New Do-It-Yourself Revolution!--Part II

Copyrighted March 1975 by the Children of God
P.O. Box London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France


       1. NORMALLY THE UNDER-OFFICERS SUCH AS ARCHBISHOPS AND BISHOPS WILL PROBABLY BE LIVING IN A COLONY with their spouses and children where they will be getting their room and board, much as they do now.

       2. EACH DISTRICT SHEPHERD NOW WILL HAVE AT LEAST TWO OR THREE COLONIES AND WILL PROBABLY LIVE IN ONE OF THEM. I don't see where his expenses or his responsibilities will be so great merely supervising the other colony or two that he will have to have any special income of any kind.

       3. EVEN A REGIONAL SHEPHERD ONLY HAS FOUR COLONIES AND TWO DISTRICT SHEPHERDS under him and probably should not need any special income.

       4. THE REGIONAL SHEPHERD WOULD PROBABLY LIVE IN THE LARGEST COLONY THAT HAS THE BEST INCOME or is doing the best or can afford to keep him. But if one colony can't afford to house and feed him without a little help, the other colonies could chip in a little bit or something.

       5. KIND OF LET THEM DECIDE THIS I THINK ON THEIR LOCAL LEVEL depending how rich they are or how poor they are. So the Regional and District Shepherds should be able to take care of that pretty well on a local basis.

       6. NOW WHEN YOU'RE GETTING INTO QUITE A FEW COLONIES AND QUITE A BIT OF ADMINISTRATION and probably a Sprint Centre, this is when you will be on the Bishopric or Archbishopric level.

       7. IF YOU HAVE A SPRINT CENTRE IT WILL PROBABLY ALSO BE YOUR OFFICE Headquarters. I don't think anybody's really going to need an office until you get to the Bishopric or Archbishopric levels, or in some cases it might even not be until the Ministry level.

       8. SO WHERE WOULD THE BISHOPRIC, ARCHBISHOPRIC OR MINISTRY LEVEL INCOME COME FROM?--You could get your income from the printing because you will be handling the printing for that particular Bishopric or Archbishopric or perhaps even Ministry.


       9. SO THAT OFFICE OF THAT PARTICULAR LEADER WILL BE ONE OF THE MAJOR LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES managing the Sprint Centre and the office which handles the correspondence.

       10. NOW IN LOCAL COLONIES THE SHEPHERD'S WIFE OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE LITTLE LETTERS OF REQUEST, even to write a letter by hand if she has to, because they're not going to be getting that much mail at one local colony.

       11. YOU MAY PUT ON THE PRINTING THE ADDRESSES OF ALL THE COLONIES IN THAT PARTICULAR AREA or at least the major ones where there's a District or Regional Shepherd who maybe could sensibly answer a letter, or only the Sprint Centre.

       12. WE'RE TRYING TO PUSH THE OFFICE, ADMINISTRATIVE, PRINTING AND MAIL-HANDLING JOBS TO THE LOWER LEVELS. At the present moment I don't see how we could push that really effectively down any further than the Ministry, Archbishopric or Bishopric level, depending on the size of the area and the number of people and the amount of lit they use and the amount of mail they get.

       13. BUT IN SOME CASES EVEN PERHAPS A REGION WILL HAVE JUST AS BIG A JOB AS SOME BISHOPRICS or Archbishoprics. I think every case will have to be judged on it's own merits according to the situation and they're going to have to try to work that out individually according to each individual situation.


       14. WHEN IT COMES TO PRINTING, REMEMBER, IT CAN ONLY BE DONE CHEAPER ON A QUANTITY BASIS. Now we don't want to have our printing done in such small batches that it's costing more than if a higher level would print it for them in larger quantity.

       15. I THANK THESE SPRINT CENTRES SHOULD BE BASED PRETTY MUCH ON LANGUAGE AREAS. For example French is spoken in France and Belgium and Switzerland and also a whole lot of islands over in the West Indies, Africa and the Pacific.

       16. WHETHER IT WOULD BE PRACTICAL TO SHIP LIT that far or whether it would be better to have it printed over there, this is for you to decide. It could at least originate probably in France and then France could send you the negs or something.

       17. IF SOUTHERN FRANCE AND FRENCH SWITZERLAND, FOR EXAMPLE, ARE IN A DIFFERENT MINISTRY, you will have to decide between yourselves how to work it out--distribution problems may enter in, transportation problems.

       18. AS LONG AS THEY'RE IN YOUR AREA I PRESUME YOU DO THE PRINTING FOR THEM, but whatever works out to be the most practical and the most economical is the best thing to do.

       19. I BELIEVE IN INDIGENUITY AND THAT THESE COLONIES SHOULD BE AS INDEPENDENT AS POSSIBLE. If they find they can order their French literature cheaper from Rachel's Prime Ministry, than from Jethro's Prime Ministry, then that's what I'd do if I were a local colony.

       20. IF ONE PRIME MINISTRY IS PRODUCING BETTER MATERIAL than the other and it's got better illustrations or something, well then I'd order mine from that one.

       21. IT'S ALMOST ON A COMPETITIVE BASIS, it depends on how well you're doing how much you're getting out.

       22. THEN IN THE GERMANIC AREA THERE SHOULD BE ONE SPRINT SHOP like we have in Essen that will cover Germany, Austria, German Switzerland and all those places that speak German and maybe Dutch because it's very close.

       23. IN THE MINISTRY OF THE SCANDINAVIAN AND GERMANIC COUNTRIES you have one Archbishopric of the Scandinavian-speaking countries and one Archbishopric of the German-speaking countries and will probably need a Sprint Shop for each.


       24. IN WHICH CASE THE ARCHBISHOPRIC WILL HAVE ITS OWN OFFICE FOR HANDLING MAIL and queries from the public and all that sort of thing and would probably derive its support from the printing and from the mail.

       25. AS JETH KNOWS, FRED USED TO SUPPORT HIMSELF ON NOTHING BUT MAIL! If you really keep after the mail ministry and keep after donors with appeal letters and prayer letters and really pump that well for what it's worth, which you should to get those friends and Systemites and sympathisers to donate, why you ought to get a good share of your support from these.

       26. SO I'D SAY THAT AT LEAST ON THE ARCHBISHOPRIC LEVEL YOU'LL PROBABLY HAVE A SPRINT CENTRE COMBINED WITH AN OFFICE HANDLING MAIL AND BUSINESS which should give sufficient income to operate. If you've also got other projects like a Poorboy Club or whatever it might be, if you also have special printing projects like books or like this beautiful colour book which makes a hit and really sells, maybe even on newsstands or something, that would be an extra good source of income for your support.


       27. ON THE OTHER HAND, THE OFFICERS WHO ARE CLOSE TO THE GRASS ROOTS DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH RESPONSIBILITY and don't need that much income so they should get theirs pretty much just from the litnessing of their little local colonies and get them to support them in whatever way is necessary.

       28. THAT'S BETWEEN THEM TO WORK IT OUT, probably getting their room and their meals and their transportation furnished maybe on the same basis like we used to do with our evangelistic meetings.

       29. WHEN I WAS TRAVELLING WITH MY MOTHER IN SERVING THE LORD, WE TRUSTED GOD COMPLETELY FOR OUR EXPENSES. We never charged for meetings like some evangelists who have a set fee and have to have every church in town cooperating or they won't come and they have to promise so many tens of thousand of dollars or they won't come. That's the way most big-time evangelists operate.

       30. OF COURSE WE WERE PEANUTS, SMALL TIME THINGS, AND WE OPERATED BY FAITH and we took one offering the close of the meeting, one love offering.--If it rained, that was it, we'd had it! You know what I mean? But God never failed us!

       31. MY MOTHER HAD A LITTLE TRICK TO TEACH SOME OF THESE YOUNG PASTORS in most of these small churches how to live by faith and how they could trust God and how she did it.

       32. SHE WOULD FIGURE OUT WHAT OUR EXPENSES HAD BEEN in coming there from where she'd been before and our living expenses and a little to tide us over till the next time, the next meeting, and she'd figure out how much we actually needed.

       33. THEN SHE WOULD PUT THAT PAPER OUT BEFORE THE LORD AND WE'D PRAY OVER IT and say, "Lord, this is how much we need." Then she'd put it in an envelope and seal it and give it to the Pastor and say, "Now don't open that until after you have counted the love offering, I just want to encourage your faith and show you how God supplies."

       34. AND THE LORD NEVER EVER FAILED to see that there was more in the love offering than there was on the piece of paper!


       35. YOUR LOCAL DISTRICT AND REGIONAL SHEPHERDS ARE LIKE LITTLE LOCAL EVANGELISTS, if they operate in the way they should and visit their colonies regularly and supervise them like they ought to.

       36. THEY CAN HOLD A LITTLE INSPIRATIONAL MEETING just before they're ready to leave and have the colony give a little offering to pay their way to the next colony.

       37. THIS IS THE WAY IT WAS IN THE EARLY CHURCH. This is the way the disciples went from one town to the other. The local folks helped them along, they either furnished them with a donkey and the local bread and led them to the next village, or they shipped them on a boat or however it was done.

       38. IT'S A VERY SIMPLE THING ALMOST ON A BARTER BASIS on the local level. So that's no big problem. They just need to learn how to do it and how to do it by faith. If the local Shepherd loves his sheep enough they will love him enough to make sure he doesn't lack, right?


       39. IN OTHER WORDS, ANY OFFICER WHO IS NOT HIGH ENOUGH THAT HE HAS TO OPERATE A SPRINT CENTRE AND AN OFFICE, if he's below that level, he'll have to get his income from the colonies and they'll have to take care of him.

       40. IF HE'S ON THE BISHOPRIC, ARCHBISHOPRIC, OFFICE AND SPRINT CENTRE LEVEL THEN HE'LL GET HIS INCOME FROM THE PRINTING AND THE MAIL. Won't that be about the way it will be? Of course a lot of this is going to be by trial and error to see how it works out.


       41. WE DIDN'T KNOW HOW THINGS WERE GOING TO WORK OUT WHEN WE FIRST STARTED OUT EITHER. To think we're now being supported by literature instead of by scrounging and windfalls and forsake-alls is one of the unforeseeable miracles of God!

       42. SO THE LORD MAY HAVE A FEW LITTLE MIRACLES UP HIS SLEEVE THAT WE ARE NOT EVEN THINKING ABOUT. But I know God's going to take care of them somehow if they're faithful just as He always has done with the Lord's servants.

       43. IT'S GOING TO KEEP THEM LIVING A LITTLE CLOSER TO THE LORD and taking a little bit better care of their sheep, maybe, if they realise it's the sheep who are going to take care of them.

       44. IT WOULDN'T HURT THE COLONIES TO GIVE THE DISTRICT OR REGIONAL SHEPHERD A LITTLE LOVE OFFERING every time he passes through to help him with his expenses. Most of the expenses will simply be actual traveling expenses, and the colony they live in will take care of their living expenses.


       45. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE MINISTRY OF ENGLAND AND NORTHERN FRANCE AND BELGIUM. Each one is an Archbishopric, so there you have the Archbishopric of Britain, and you have the Archbishopric of Northern France, Belgium and Holland.

       46. SO THERE AGAIN YOU HAVE TWO LANGUAGES PRIMARILY AND EACH WILL HAVE ITS OWN SPRINT CENTRE and mail-answering office which you should by all means promote, and they should serve their local Archbishopric with printed matter and with mail, answering mail of people who write in.

       47. SO I WOULD SAY PERHAPS THE BEST TO DO ON THE LITERATURE IS TO HAVE THE ADDRESS OF THE SPRINT CENTRE THAT HAS THE OFFICE that will handle the mail. Now if the local colonies also want to put their local address on, they can always take a rubber stamp and stamp it on. Or, if they want to order it that way from the Sprint Centre including their local address on it, fine. That's something for them to work out, right?

       48. ON SOME LOCAL PUBS OF SOME LOCAL AREAS THIS IS ALREADY BEING DONE. Several address of several major colonies of that area are being used without having to print separate printings with a separate address on each one.

       49. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT THING NOW, THIS CHANGE OF ADDRESS, so that they no longer bear any international address but just the local Sprint Centre address which will probably be an Archbishopric, which Archbishopric can then have an office which can also answer mail and handle business in the particular language.


       50. NOW THE MINISTER OF ANY PARTICULAR AREA WILL HAVE AT LEAST TWO ARCHBISHOPRICS and possibly three, right? So he will probably be helping and managing those Archbishoprics; therefore they certainly ought to be giving him part of his support.

       51. HE WILL PROBABLY BE LIVING IN ONE OR THE OTHER so he probably will sort of act as their manager or supervisor at least, and I think they should be getting sufficient income to support the minister, whatever his living expenses and travelling expenses may be.

       52. MOSTLY HIS EXPENSES WILL BE SUPERVISORY AND PRIMARILY LIVING EXPENSES AND TRAVELLING EXPENSES for visiting his different Archbishoprics and their Sprint Centres and offices to see how they are doing.

       53. AT THE PRIME MINISTRY LEVEL THE 10-PERCENT INCOME FROM ALL THE COLONIES WILL HELP SUPPORT THE PRIME MINISTER AND HIS OFFICE with living and travelling expenses and office expenses as well, if only one desk and one secretary to take care of his correspondence.

       54. ANY SURPLUS ALONG WITH THE RESERVES MAY BE USED TO FINANCE ANY PARTICULAR SPECIAL PROJECTS or pioneering and so on, on a loan basis if possible. All these things will work themselves out as you get to them.

       55. THESE ARE JUST GENERAL SUGGESTIONS I'M THROWING OUT FOR YOU TO THINK ABOUT and see how they work out, amen? So what have we here now? The local colony shepherds, District Shepherds and Regional Shepherds will probably get their support from whom?--From the local colonies. The Archbishopric and Bishopric levels, wherever the Sprint Centre and office is located, will probably get their support and income from the literature and mail both.


       56. I SPENT MANY YEARS IN EVANGELISTIC WORK, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ON THE ROAD LIVING BY FAITH WITH THE KIDS and all. Once in a while we'd go into a church and we'd get an offering, but it wasn't too often because we were kind of out of the churches then and just witnessing outdoors.

       57. MOST OF OUR INCOME CAME FROM THE LITTLE PRAYER LETTER I GOT OUT EVERY MONTH with those funny little pictures on it. I'd take one long legal sheet and stick a bunch of snapshots on it and paste labels under each one and write a little story to tell our friends what we were doing and mail it out to a few hundred people.

       58. WE HAD A FAIRLY REGULAR LITTLE INCOME JUST FROM FRIENDS WHO WROTE IN to support what one little family was doing. So for God's sake, with all that you guys are doing, if you can't write prayer letters and raise some support from some of these Systemites and friends and sympathisers and kings and queens that should donate to you and your worthy cause, then something must be wrong with you!

       59. WE'RE DOING A BETTER JOB THAN ANYBODY ELSE I KNOW OF REACHING YOUTH and helping youth, and almost everybody wants to help youth.--We've got what the old promoters like Fred would have called one of the best kind of projects you could possibly solicit sponsorship for!

       60. SO I DON'T THINK YOUR INCOME IS GOING TO BE ANY PROBLEM--the Lord will supply. "Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn", so whatever kind of corn you're treading out is probably where you're going to get your feed from, Praise the Lord?


       61. HOW DO YOU LIKE THE NEW TITLE "WORLD SERVICES" FOR THE INTERNATIONAL OPERATION? That was such a big bulky title that we had before. We talked about International Services, International Communications, International International Information Centre, blah, blah, blah, blah, and finally we said, well what about just World Services?

       62. IT'S WHOLE LOT SHORTER THAN "INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS INFORMATION SCRAMBLE, SCRAMBLE CENTRE" and it sounds a lot less like the CIA! We can even call all the other departments Services instead of ministries.

       63. "WORLD SERVICES" EMPHASISES THAT WE ARE PERFORMING SEVERAL SERVICES FOR THE WHOLE WORLD and therefore the world should appreciate them enough to support them besides. If they don't, the services won't be able to continue to operate. If you've got a better idea for a name we can always adopt another one.--That's what makes this a revolution, when we don't mind changing whatever's necessary.


       64. I WANT TO CHANGE OUR WHOLE OUTLOOK ON WILD WIND. Wild Wind as far as I'm concerned is not to be a money-making proposition, or should not be as far as the World Services are concerned.

       65. IT SHOULD BE NOTHING BUT AN IDEA OFFICE TO HELP ORIGINATE PROTOTYPES. They should only design and manufacture the world's first tee-shirts, figure out the problems involved and so on, then use those to supply the English Archbishopric for example, which is easy to ship to and doesn't cost you a fortune locally.

       66. THEN THEY COULD SEND SAMPLES TO EVERY OTHER WILD WIND CENTRE ALL OVER THE WORLD which will probably be the Sprint Centres also, and let them figure out how to do it on their own fields, send them an information sheet with each item and tell them the problems that are involved and what to do and how to get it done and so on.

       67. FRANKLY, THEY ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET IT DONE A LOT CHEAPER ON MOST FIELDS than you can get it done in London. For example someone just sent me a report on printing in Hong Kong, which by the way is on the main shipping routes of the world.

       68. SHIPPING BY BOAT IS THE CHEAPEST FORM OF TRANSPORTATION THERE IS IN THE WORLD. You can ship so much per dollar by boat that it's almost ridiculous!

       69. SO FOR WHAT IT COST US TO GET THOSE BOOKS PRINTED IN LONDON, WE COULD HAVE HAD THEM PRINTED IN HONG KONG AND DISTRIBUTED TO THE WHOLE WORLD by ship, because it cost us twice as much to have them printed in London as it would have in Hong Kong! So thank God we're a multinational organisation.

       70. WE'RE NOT CONFINED TO ONE COUNTRY. We don't have to do everything in one little country, especially when the prices are so damned high! We can go to China if we have to! Why not?

       71. I LIKE TO BE SIMPLE IF YOU CAN, AND DO THINGS THE EASY WAY. You guys get too complicated for me sometimes and leave me behind!

       72. SO WHY DOES WILD WIND HAVE TO SEND TAPES TO EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD FROM LONDON? If they get any orders or responses from some of these ads on the literature, why don't they simply turn over the local orders to the local English Region and send others back to the Regions from which they came and let them do them there? Or if they can't do them on that level, perhaps each Ministry or Prime Ministry can do them.

       73. LET EVERYTHING BE DONE ON AS LOW A LOCAL LEVEL AS POSSIBLE and as practically and economically. This doesn't mean that other parts of the world can't originate ideas too and send them in to Wild Wind and have them publish them and let the whole world know about it.

       74. WILD WIND IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE WHERE THEY CAN HAVE IDEAS. It's a clearing house for ideas and information, but everyone doesn't have to get permission from there--that's what we're trying get away from!

       75. SO HERE'S WHAT WE'VE GOT OUTLINED AS THE MINIMUM SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY WORLD SERVICES: Right now the old MO Letters are being fed into the computer and digested so it will be able to spit them out in books. New Nation News, International Publications Bulletin, Wild Wind Address Book, Statistics, Foreign Service Bulletin, Mail Distribution, Personnel Files, and Backslider/Graduate Listing.


       76. NOW THIS BACKSLIDER/GRADUATE LISTING WAS MY OWN IDEA because I found out that a lot of these people, though they couldn't stand colony life and they got fed up and they wanted to go home, they still wanted to get the MO Letters.

       77. THEY WERE STILL "DISCIPLES" OR "FOLLOWERS OF THE TEACHINGS" BUT THEY WERE JUST WEAK DISCIPLES and they went back, but they still wanted to hear from us. We get the most pitiful pleading letters, "Can we please have the MO Letters at least?" and "We still love you and we're still trying to do a little distributing in our local town."

       78. THEY JUST COULDN'T TAKE THE COLONY LIFE. So don't you think that's worthwhile? Your Backslider /Graduate list is like a semi-active list, but we want to make sure that they're on the mailing list for Letters.

       79. NOW ONE OTHER THING ABOUT THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF PERSONNEL TO HANDLE THE WORLD SERVICE OPERATION: They've got it boiled down to about two dozen people and I don't see how you can boil it down any further. Nobody wants to trim it down any more than I do and to trim out everybody that we don't need there, but I don't think you can get it down any further and get the job done.

       80. SO I THINK THAT IT'S NOT TOO BAD TO GET IT DOWN TO ABOUT TWO DOZEN or one-tenth of what it used to be!


       81. I AGREE THAT DUE TO THESE CHANGES NOW AND THE GREATER EMPHASIS ON SMALLER COLONIES AND MORE DISCIPLES THAT IT WILL POSSIBLY TEMPORARILY RESULT IN A LITTLE LESS LITNESSING in order to do more witnessing and more winning. But on the other hand, I've heard some stories about how the Top Shiners are the ones who bring in the disciples, so I don't necessarily think it has to cut down litnessing that much.

       82. ALTHOUGH I THINK THAT SOME PEOPLE WERE OVERDOING IT and must nearly be nervous wrecks from being pushed so hard to set the world records! Now when they start doing it for the sake of setting a world record, then I don't like it.

       83. I LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE and where guys are really working hard and doing a great job but not if they're doing it just to hit the Top Ten, just to have their name in the paper!--Then it begins to sour on me.

       84. WHEN I SAW THEM PUSHING SOME OF THOSE GUYS SO HARD this time of year when it's cold, up to seven and eight thousand pieces a week, I thought, "My Lord, what are those poor guys going through to do that?"

       85. HOW MUCH ARE THEY SUFFERING TO DO THAT WHILE THEIR SHEPHERD SITS THERE IN HIS OFFICE bugging them? I'd like to see him get out and get out seven or eight thousand pieces a week and then let him drive them like a slave driver like that! What do you think? That's why I said, I don't think we ought to be setting any quotas that some of you guys yourselves aren't willing to get out and tackle and see what you can do!

       86. IT'S AWFUL EASY TO TELL OTHER GUYS TO DO THINGS, BUT I DON'T TELL YOU TO DO ANYTHING I HAVEN'T DONE MYSELF some time or other and proven I can do it. I've been through it now, and I can't do it much anymore. I've got other bigger responsibilities, and you can't get out litnessing all the time yourselves if you've got a lot of responsibilities.

       87. BUT I THINK A COLONY SHEPHERD FOR EXAMPLE OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO GET OUT AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK AND SHOW WHAT HE CAN DO, that he can do it, that he can get that much out in one day or in a weekend. Every Colony Shepherd and every officer in every colony needs to get out, if for nothing else than just for the recreation, just for the exercise, the sunshine, fresh air, and a little walk for an hour or two every day.

       88. WE FIGURED OUT THAT FOR A COLONY OF SIX, if everybody in the colony gets out at least two hours a day and only gets out 30 pieces of literature an hour each, that colony's got nearly a thousand dollars a month support!

       89. SOME OF THESE BIG COLONIES SOUND LIKE THEY'RE SLAVE DRIVERS! They get out there and they're working 14, 16, 18 hours a day, and I don't approve of it! I don't think it's right!

       90. IT'S ONE THING TO SERVE THE LORD, BUT IT'S ANOTHER THING TO MAKE ABSOLUTE SLAVES OF THEM! You push them too hard and they're going to want to quit like this one Top Shiner we had.--She just got fed up and didn't want to do it at all anymore! It's like killing the goose that layed the golden egg!

       91. YOU PUSH THEM TOO HARD UNTIL THEY GET SOURED ON IT and sick of it and they don't want to even touch another one! Well, not to push so hard might be going to hurt your income, it's possible, but it may save your disciples! I don't think you should push them too hard.

       92. I THINK YOU OUGHT TO SET MINIMUM QUOTAS THAT EVERYBODY AGREES ON and that are fairly easy for everybody to make. But then a minimum quota doesn't mean a maximum quota!

       93. A QUOTA DOESN'T MEAN THAT'S ALL YOU CAN DO, that just means the barest minimum you have to do in order to support the colony and yourself! But anybody that's ambitious and really likes litnessing and wants to do better than that, well fine!--Let them go as high as they want to go!

       94. FINE, IF THEY LIKE IT AND WANT TO MAKE THE LIST, if they want to get the income and they want to get the percentage or they want to win the prizes, that's fine! That's okay, let'em do it!

       95. WHAT I DON'T LIKE IS THE WAY SOME OF THESE GUYS HAVE BEEN PUSHING THESE POOR KIDS until they must be near the breaking point--seven or eight thousand a week!--That's an awful lot to get out--a thousand pieces a day!

       96. I USED TO SELL NEWSPAPERS, I used to sell magazines, I used to sell Cloverine Salve, I used to sell perfume--on the street and door to door--and it just ain't that easy! I never had the experience yet of selling these MO Letters, but I sympathise with the poor guy who has and who's out there beating the pavements!

       97. I DON'T LIKE TO PUSH THEM SO HARD UNLESS THEY PUSH THEMSELVES. But when some slave driver just wants to make a world record and see his men at the top of the list.--I'm leery of that sort of thing!

       98. I THINK YOU OUGHT TO ENCOURAGE THEM TO DO THEIR BEST, but I don't think you ought to just needle them and drive them and whip them, "We've gotta make that Top Ten, and we've gotta steal the world record and we're gonna make a new record!"

       99. THE POOR KIDS GET OUT THERE AND THEY GO FROM DAWN TO DUSK AND HALF THE NIGHT and nearly drive themselves crazy trying to do it! What're we doing this thing for?--Are we doing it for records? Are we doing if for glory, glamour?--Or are we doing it for the Lord?--And are we doing it to get out the Message and feed the sheep?

       100. WELL, YOU'RE GETTING OUT THE MESSAGE, THAT'S FOR SURE! BUT YOU'RE KILLING THE MESSENGER DOING IT! So it may temporarily reduce some of your inflated income from these possible changes in litnessing, but we're not making records the major emphasis!


       101. WE'RE TRYING TO EMPHASISE THE WINNING OF DISCIPLES which we should have been doing all the time. But you've got to keep on harping on it or people just forget and don't do it. But we had to learn how to litness, that's for sure!

       102. MAYBE LITNESSING HAD TO COME FIRST SO WE'D KNOW HOW TO SUPPORT OURSELVES, so we could have colonies and could win disciples and have someplace to put them. But you can always go to the extreme either way.


       103. NOW THE SPLITTING UP OF COLONIES AND SENDING OUT PIONEER TEAMS MAY RESULT IN A RISE IN EXPENSES, BUT THAT'S MISSIONARY GIVING, and that's what we need to do! I don't want these colonies to necessarily cut down their incomes, but I'd like to see them raise their expenses for a good cause like pioneering. Because some of them have got a lot more income than they have expenses.

       104. THEY CAN WELL AFFORD TO START RAISING EXPENSES and start financing and shipping out these pioneer teams. I recognise that this may cut down on their surplus and they might not feel able to send as much money to the top, although I don't think 10% is very much.--That's the least they can do!

       105. I DON'T THINK THAT IS GOING TO HURT THE RICH COLONIES very much. It might be a little squeeze for the poor colonies, but the poor colonies are probably going to be small colonies who have already split and therefore there's not going to be any extra big expenses and they're going to be doing about the same as they were before. They'll still have plenty.

       106. THE ONLY COLONIES THAT ARE GOING TO FEEL THE SQUEEZE UNDER THIS NEW SYSTEM ARE THE BIG ONES, and this program was designed to hurt them!--It's designed to break them up and split them up and make them put out more for pioneering. So what I'm saying is that I'm hoping that, if they get out there and obey the Lord and split and pioneer and win disciples, that they will still continue litnessing and still be able to support themselves from that litnessing income, as well as still have plenty left for the 10%


       107. I THINK THE MOST SENSIBLE FORM OF PIONEERING IS FOR A MOTHER COLONY THAT KNOWS OF ANOTHER AREA THAT HAS A NEED, TO GO THERE and find a house and then split and move half of them to that place. They don't have to go wandering around like Abraham for years looking for a place to land!

       108. I THINK THEY OUGHT TO DO IT THE SENSIBLE WAY--SEND OUT SCOUTS and find their Jericho or something before they move, even if they have to tear the walls down. Praise God! But I don't think it's going to be all that big a thing. It shouldn't be. We've done it for years and it hasn't been. What are you going to do when you get ready to send out these pioneer teams?

       109. FIRST YOU'RE GOING TO PRAY AND LOOK FOR A NEW LOCATION. "Now let's see, where did we really have some fruitful response from some of these road teams? Where did we really make a hit and got some good contacts and we found the people hospitable? Well, it's time we found a location there to send part of this Colony that's too big, and establish a Colony there." Of course we don't know what's going to happen except for the Lord--He knows the need.

       110. BUT WE KNOW ONE THING: IF WE OBEY GOD HE'LL SUPPLY!--Amen? Hallelujah! He never fails! Just keep on ploddin' 'n' plowin' 'n' sowin' 'n' reapin' and you'll have plenty!--Amen? Praise God! TYJ! He never fails!--Don't fail Him! You do your part, and He'll pour out such a blessing there won't be room to hold it! He's gonna bust those barns and scatter 'em everywhere!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family