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"WHAT TO"--MO       March 28, 1975       NO.332A--LTO
--The New Do-It-Yourself Revolution!--Part III

Copyrighted March, 1975 by the Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, Cedex 03, France.


       1. NOW I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT GIVING FROM YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE LORD'S WORK. It's something that is both spiritual and psychological. I'm talking now about giving donations.

       2. PEOPLE WILL GIVE MUCH MORE FREELY AND WILLINGLY AND ARE MUCH MORE INSPIRED TO GIVE TO PERSONALITIES THAN TO ORGANISATIONS, believe it or not! I'm just telling you from years of experience working with both real honest poor sincere pluggers like my Mother and I, and also with real top-notch, top-fight, top-rate, expert religious promoters like Fred. There's an awful lot in the psychology of giving.

       3. I HAVE FOUND THAT PEOPLE ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE, EVEN OUR OWN PEOPLE. I've seen this in the Lord's work in the churches and everything else. The pastor has to keep hammering and hammering, and then you say, "Why does he talk so much about money?"--Because if he didn't he wouldn't get a damn thing!

       4. "WHY DOES HE KEEP ASKING FOR THAT OFFERING?"--Because it went in one ear and out the other the first nine times and it didn't really strike paydirt until the tenth!

       5. PEOPLE ARE JUST LIKE KIDS WHEN IT COMES TO GIVING DONATIONS. Unless you keep telling them and telling them and telling them, it doesn't sink in! So people would rather give to personalities and that's why most of your religious leaders who are personalities like A.A. Allen, Fred Jordan, Oral Roberts and all of them say, "Send it to A.A. Allen!"--"Send it to Fred Jordan!"

       6. THEY FOUND OUT LONG AGO THAT PEOPLE WILL CONTRIBUTE TO PERSONALITIES A LOT FASTER AND QUICKER and figure they can trust dear old Fred with their little check better than they could some of those other rascals on his show, not releasing that Fred Jordan has to turn right around and pay those rascals out of that same check!

       7. THERE WAS ONE PRIEST DOWN IN SOUTH AMERICA WHO USED TO SIGN HIS PRAYER LETTERS "GOD'S BEGGAR", and I used to tell Maria, "Be sure you send that guy a dollar every month, because that's the only honest one in the whole lot!"

       8. HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS REALLY BEING HONEST. While the rest of them were all trying to give all these fancy ideas of why you should finance God's work. I'll tell you from years and years of experience that people will give to personalities like you kids--not just your organisation!

       9. THIS IS WHY DICTATORSHIPS GO OVER SO WELL! People will give themselves and their services more readily to some father-figure like Old Father Franco than to some political party or some soulless, faceless organisation!


       10. I OFTEN THINK ABOUT DEAR OSWALD SMITH, who was a great pioneer and missionary, supporter of missionaries and so on. He was the guy that the Alliance turned down and said he didn't have what it took to be a missionary.

       11. SO HE WENT AND STARTED A CHURCH WITH 5,000 MEMBERS THAT SUPPORTED 500 MISSIONARIES on the field, more than any other single church in the world!--But he didn't have what it took to be a missionary! I'll tell you, that shows you the mentality of some of these organisations!

       12. I THINK THE ALLIANCE GOT MORE FAMOUS FOR THE NUMBER OF FAMOUS PEOPLE IT KICKED OUT or who left them because they were too big for them or they didn't buckle down and follow this, or do that, so quit them!--Raymond Richey, Paul Raider, Oswald Smith, my Mother and a whole lot of others came out of the Christian Missionary Alliance because it was too small-minded and too little to hold them!

       13. THEY CAME DOWN AND TOLD RAYMOND RICHEY, who was having 10,000 people packed into his evangelistic temple every night, and they said, "This is too big! This is too much! You shouldn't have such a big work yourself. We'll have to sent some men down here to help you take it over and you can take off!"

       14. WHAT THEY MEANT WAS THEY WANTED IT and they were too little peanuts themselves to ever cook up anything that big. He was the personality that had done it, so they wanted to kick him out! They did the same thing to my Mother in Miami.

       15. NONE OF THEM HAD EVER DONE ANYTHING THAT BIG THEMSELVES, so they just came down and told her to "Move on and we'll take over because a woman shouldn't be running anything like this!" The guys who can't do it themselves always want to take over what the other guy has done, so watch out! Anyhow they will more readily give to personalities than to organisations, and I think you can see that right off.--Our donors give to you kids--not to some organisation!


       16. WHAT I'M SUGGESTING IS THAT YOU LEAVE THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM THE WAY IT IS. Whatever comes in to me and World Services each two weeks, let them deduct their now minuscule budget from it and spilt the balance giving each Prime Ministry a full report on everything financial: "How the money's coming in, what's come in, from where, and what the local budget is and exactly how much our expenses were this month and we took out this much and this is how much is left and here's your check for a third of it."

       17. OUT OF THE TEN-PERCENT THE COLONIES ARE SENDING IN NOW TO ME & WORLD SERVICES, THEY'RE GOING TO GET A KICK-BACK OF SOME OF IT for their own area.--They're going to have even more, because they're are going to get a refund to their area from any surplus.

       18. IT'S SOMEWHAT THE SAME WAY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES IT in the United States for example: Every local area, every local government, every state gets a kickback from the Federal funds. They get a certain portion out of the Federal funds to be spent locally.

       19. I THINK WE HAVE TO CHANGE some things like this business about colony size. I think we have to change these low rates of winning disciples. I think we have to change the fact that we're not pioneering enough countries. We have to change the power sharing of the leadership. We have to change the pushing up of more leadership and the pushing down of more responsibility. These things have got to be changed. But if you've got something that's working well like the financial system, then it should not be change.--Amen?


       20. NOW THAT WE'RE CUTTING OFF ALL THE EXTRA EXPENSES IN WORLD SERVICES, ANY SURPLUS CAN GO RIGHT BACK TO THE PRIME MINISTRIES they came from and then you can use it for the benefit of whatever your area needs. Maybe you might need to give a subsidy to some needy Bishopric or Archbishopric that's not making it or wherever it's needed, and you'll have the funds coming into help.

       21. IT WILL BE IN YOUR AREAS CHARGE TO PUT IT WHEREVER YOU AND YOUR COUNCIL THINK IT IS NEEDED. And for God's sake, if you can't be trusted to handle these funds to take care of your own needy colonies and sheep you shouldn't be a leader!

       22. YOU'RE NOT A SHEPHERD IF YOU'RE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR COLONIES. It's to your own best interest to take care of them and make sure they survive and help them. Of course if you've already got a colony that's always begging for money and never able to make it on their own, then something must be wrong with them.

       23. MOST COLONIES DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO BUT LITNESS. But it's different with colonies that are a full scale office operation or publications centre or something like that, like your Archbishopric Offices or World Services, these need extra support, right?--They can't litness much.


       24. ACTUALLY IN A WAY, UNTIL THE COLONIES REALLY BEGIN SPLITTING AS THEY SHOULD, WHAT WE'VE ACTUALLY DONE IS NOTHING MORE THAN MOVE THE TITLES DOWN AND THE JOBS UP! I think that actually nothing will really happen in a Region at first except that you've got a new title and the Regional Shepherd has jumped to Archbishop or Minister, and the former District Shepherd is now probably going to be your bishop, and so on down the line.

       25. WHERE IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO ACTUALLY CREATE MORE JOBS IS THE NEXT STEP OR TWO DOWN THE LADDER: Instead of having ten or fifteen colonies under one District Shepherd, now all of a sudden that District Shepherd's going to become maybe one of the two or three Regional Shepherds, and there's going to be a whole slew of new District Shepherds underneath him! That's where the multiplication of jobs is going to occur.

       26. YOU'VE HAD A PROMOTION BECAUSE YOU'RE GIVING YOUR FORMER JOB TO SOMEBODY ELSE and you're giving a lot of your work to a whole lot of somebody else's down the line! So I don't think you're going to find there's going to be that much of an actual immediate major change in your present operation except that you're going to have to split up those colonies that're too big.


       27. BELOVED, YOU MAY SAY, "BUT EVERY TIME A NEW BABY COLONY IS BORN IT COSTS SO MUCH AND IS SUCH A SACRIFICE and a lot of trouble!" But at this present moment, because two of us, my wife and l, had children there are three times as many of us in our family as there were when we got stared! And now that they're grown up they're accomplishing three times as much, if not more, than the two of us could have ever accomplished.--And we now have 1,000 times as many Children!

       28. SO THOUGH IT MAY SEEM A SACRIFICE FOR THE MOMENT TO SPLIT UP SOME OF THESE COLONIES AND SEND OUT SOME PIONEER TEAMS, IT'S GOING TO PAY OFF IN THE LONG RUN just like any other kind of investment. But the people who sit around just like the Banker who sits on his funds and never puts the money out for investment are going to go broke! The guy who sits around on his talent because he doesn't want to take a chance on losing it or sacrificing a little bit or risking the investment of it is just going to go plain flat busted! "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

       29. IF YOU DON'T START INVESTING SOME OF THAT MANPOWER AND PERSONNEL AND GET IT OUT TO THE WORLD, BELOVED, WE ARE GOING TO STAGNATE, GROW STALE SOLIDIFY AND DIE! So we have got to do it, that's all there is to it! It's always a sacrifice to send out missionaries!


       30. I'LL TELL YOU ABOUT THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE who were one of the most missionary minded small organizations I can think of as a good example. They are more than a hundred years old now, and they solidified and stagnated long ago.

       31. BUT IN THE FIRST TEN YEARS while their founder A.B. Simpson was still alive, the guy who really sparked them and set fire to the fuse that blew the bomb, they sent 200 new missionaries to foreign fields by faith!

       32. THEY SENT OUT TWO HUNDRED NEW MISSIONARIES WITHIN THEIR FIRST TEN YEARS, and that was a great record hardly equalled by very many other organisations or churches or denominations.

       33. THE PITIFUL PART ABOUT IT IS THAT THEY WENT ON FOR THE NEXT NINETY YEARS AND NEVER EQUALLED THAT RECORD in any decade since, despite the fact that when they sent out the first 200 they were just a handful of little Alliance churches and groups sacrificing in doing it, and with only one little tiny Bible school! But now with 50,000 members and I don't know how many churches and several schools they still cannot yet equal their first ten year record of sending out 200 missionaries in any ten years since!


       34. BUT WE IN OUR FIRST FIVE YEARS HAVE LITERALLY SENT OUT 3,000 MISSIONARIES, and I mean fulltime workers for the Lord, right? We have sent out in the first five years 30 times as many more new missionaries than the Alliance did in their first five years.--And if we had another hundred years to go at that rate, do you realise how many workers we could theoretically have in the field?

       35. IF WE HAD A HUNDRED YEARS TO GO AND WE DIDN'T DO BETTER THAN SAY 60,000 WITHIN THAT TIME I'D BE DISAPPOINTED. Of course we don't have a hundred years to go, so we're going to have to rake up that 600,000 real fast! We're going to snowball, I really believe it, if we do what God told us to do and we obey the Lord!

       36. I HAVE THIS FAITH, BELOVED, THAT WHAT WE ARE DOING IS OBEYING GOD and His commandment: "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature" and "forsake all" to do it, and God is going to bless us for it!


       37. NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE SACRIFICE, I will say with the great pioneer missionary, dear Dr. David Livingstone that "You cannot out give God!" He said, "I never made a sacrifice!--No matter how much I gave, God always gave me back more!"

       38. SO I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO FIND OUT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO REALLY BE SACRIFICING AT ALL! You're just going to be investing and the returns are going to be far beyond anything you have invested, amen? The greatest investment we have to make, of course, is manpower.


       39. IT'S A SACRIFICE TO GIVE UP SOME OF THIS PERSONNEL, it's a sacrifice to finance them and send them, equip them, find them a place to go, furnish them with transportation and find them a happy new heavenly Home if possible. But the dividends you're going to reap, most of all the eternal dividends in souls, is going to far surpass any sacrifice you could possibly make!

       40. BUT I BELIEVE GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOU NOT ONLY ETERNALLY WITH THE SOULS that are going to be with you forever but He's going to bless you financially and economically and numerically and every other way in the bargain!

       41. AS YOU GO AND OBEY THE LORD, GOD IS GOING TO GIVE IT BACK TO YOU! I believe it! Is there anybody here who doubts that? Is there anybody here that believes that we're going to be the loser for doing what we're about to do? You may temporarily look like you're losing something or sacrificing a little bit, but look at later!


       42. I'M NOT THE LOSER BECAUSE WE HAD FOUR LITTLE BABIES, four good children. One went to be with the Lord, but that one really stared the Revolution rolling, praise God? So I have nothing to be sorry about for having started a family and sacrificed to raise them, because if I hadn't, you wouldn't have had a Revolution!

       43. I SOWED FOUR LITTLE SEEDS AND GOT BACK 3,000! That's a pretty good percentage!--And God only knows how many more souls won! I mean our statistics show it, but how many more souls have been won by the lit only God knows! It could be millions!

       44. WE GET LETTERS FROM PEOPLE saying that they picked up this crumpled piece of paper on the floor in the public toilet and read it, and now they've joined the Family.--Or they found it in the waste-basket or something!--We get'em believe it or not!

       45. SO YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE THE SEED MAY FALL by the wayside. But instead of the Devil snatching it up, one of God's potential little children snatches it up, thank the Lord!--A little crumb fallen from the Master's table!--And they may sometimes seem like dogs, but they came along and gobbled it up and here they are!


       46. SO WE'RE NOT GOING TO LOSE! WE ARE GOING TO BENEFIT! Only "He that withholdeth it tendeth to poverty, but he that scattereth abroad it increaseth!"

       47. THE GUY WHO THINKS HE'S SAVING HIS COLONY AND PERSONNEL AND DOLLARS BY NOT SPLITTING IS GOING TO BE THE LOSER! But the guy who is willing to seemingly lose is going to be the gainer! "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!" Jesus Himself said, "He that saveth his life shall lose it, but he that loseth his life for My sake and the Gospels, the same shall save it!"--And a lot of others beside!

       48. IF YOU FIGURE OUT THE PERCENTAGES OF GAIN FROM MY THREE KIDS TO THE 3,000 WE HAVE NOW, IT'LL WORK OUT TO ABOUT 100,000%! Because every three you gain is 100%. How many other people make 100,000% on their investment? So don't worry about a little thing like a few pennies or pounds here and there!

       49. GOD'S GOING TO REPAY YOU! "Whatever thou spendest", He says, "I will repay!" Do you remember who it was who said that?


       50. IT'S A WONDERFUL STORY THAT FITS WHAT WE'RE DOING--THE GOOD SAMARITAN! It's about the poor guy that got beat up along the road by thieves and the good Samaritan picked him up and took him to the inn and told the innkeeper, "Whatever you spend, I will repay you"--And who was the good Samaritan really?

       51. THE GOOD SAMARITAN WAS REALLY THE LORD, AND THE INNKEEPER IS HIS STEWARD LIKE YOU OR ME!--And whatever we spend to rescue these people and save souls, He will more than repay!


       52. I'VE BEEN IN THE LORD'S BUSINESS ALL MY LIFE AND I CAN TELL YOU IT REALLY PAYS in every way! It pays eternal dividends, soul--and funds! I'm better off now than I ever was, praise God?--Even financially! I can still only wear so much clothes at a time and eat one meal at a time, sleep in one bed at a time, live in one room at a time etc. I'm better off, but I still don't have to use anymore than I used to use. I just have more to share with others now, right? So it pays!

       53. YOU MIGHT SAY, LIKE DEAR OLD UNCLE BILL SAID TO THE JEW ON MIAMI BEACH: He was witnessing to the Jew, so the Jew said to him, "Ah, you're just in it for the money!" So Uncle Bill fired back and said, "Huh, listen buddy!--If there was any money in it you'd be in it too!" The funny part about it was, Uncle Bill was a Jew and there is money in it, just as much as we need thank the Lord--Amen?--And more!

       54. HAVE YOU SUFFERED FROM JOINING THE LORD'S BUSINESS? Are any of you worse off financially than you were before you started serving the Lord? Hasn't He blessed you financially as well as every other way?--Financially, physically and with heavenly happiness--and best of all with souls!--Eternal everlasting dividends, thank the Lord! So who's losing?

       55. GOD NOT ONLY GIVES YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED BUT EVEN EVERYTHING YOU WANT IF YOU REALLY PLEASE HIM! There's one more point to cover, and I haven't been sure whether to share this point with you or not.


       56. I'VE BEEN AROUND A LONG TIME, BELOVED, AND I HAVE WATCHED THINGS HAPPEN THAT I NEVER DREAMED WOULD HAVE HAPPENED to myself, to my Mother, Fred Jordan, to many a leader. In fact most of the great leaders I ever knew, had it happen sometime sooner or later.

       57. THEY THREW MY OWN GRANDFATHER OUT OF THE VERY CHURCH HE BUILT for them! They just waited until he got it built and then threw him out and hired themselves a nice young pastor! They did the same thing to my Mother and a lot of other people--me too!

       58. ONE OF THESE DAYS SOONER OR LATER, IT'S GOING TO ENTER INTO SOMEBODY'S HEAD THAT THEY CAN GET ALONG WITHOUT THE REST OF US and do better on their own.--That is if they don't stay close enough to the Lord. Of course, we've been pretty much of a rare exception in a lot of ways so far, so maybe we're going to escape that one, although there were prophecies about the kingdom being divided some day.

       59. WELL, MAYBE I GOT THE JUMP ON THE DEVIL THIS TIME!--I'M DIVIDING IT MYSELF! That's one way to get the jump on the Devil, right? Don't wait till somebody decides to take off and spilt, you just split it for'em!

       60. PRAISE GOD, YOU MAY FIND THAT I'M NOT QUITE SO DUMB AS YOU THOUGHT I WAS! Not because I'm so smart, but because God gives me wisdom. You wanted a part of the kingdom?--Well now you've got it, praise God!--Now let's see what you're going to do with it! That really sort of throws the ball back into your court, doesn't it!

       61. I'M SORRY I HAVE TO BE INVOLVED WITH ALL THESE AFFAIRS like this but God once told me that I have to be a king as well as a prophet. I have to be an administrator to help you all get started to try to teach you and train you and then whenever you can get to where you can handle it all without my help, I'll be all the happier!


       62. PREPARE AHEAD: Remember, it's better to do as we did in the army: They always told me in mess that it's always better to cook too much than not enough. If you cook too much you may have to feed it to the pigs. But on the other hand if you don't have enough to eat you may have a riot!


       63. MISCELLANEOUS: EVERY TIME I SEE THAT WORLD "MISCELLANEOUS" ON SOMEONE'S BUDGET IT JUST MAKES ME FURIOUS! I want know what the hell is this "miscellaneous"? It costs us more money than anything! If I were you I would get rid of "miscellaneous" and it wouldn't cost us anything--whatever it is! If I don't know what it is, I figure I can do without it! It's probably a whole helluva lot of stuff that nobody really needed and is just plain pure fat!--If not, what is it?--I wanna know!


       64. MOVING: MOVE AND TRUST THE LORD, THAT'S WHAT WE DO! Why don't you just move and trust the Lord that by the time you get thrown out of one place, He'll have already prepared another place for you! Don't fiddle around! Trust God! I've done a lot of things when I just struck myself out on a limb trusting the Lord--"Here I am Lord. You'll have to take care of it, since I've got no place else to go."


       65. REPORTS: OH HOW I DID HATE TO WRITE A REPORT EVERY WEEK! I got my reports so boiled down to Fred that I could get it on half a piece of paper, but that's all he needed.

       66. I WANT YOU GUYS THAT DESIGN AND REQUIRE REPORTS TO GO THROUGH IT AND FILL'EM OUT A FEW TIMES just to have the experience and see what it's really like for the poor guy's who've been doing them way down the line for all these years. God have mercy! It's a wonder we have any colonies left!

       67. I'M TELLING YOU, THE LEADERSHIP WE HAVE NOW MUST BE THE STRONGEST IN THE WORLD to have been faithfully filling out these reports every week! They must really be something because I don't know if I would have done it! I probably would have said, "For God sake I'm going to call myself an Associate or I'm going go out and be a Friendly colony so I won't have to make out any more long reports!--Then I'll bootleg my MO Letters myself for distribution!"--Ha!--Now I don't want to give any of you boys any ideas!--Just trim down those reports!

       68. SO I WANT YOU GUYS THAT DESIGN THESE FORMS TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE AGONY OF FILLING THEM OUT! The colony Shepherds Report is something that is pretty worldwide and of pretty great importance, so I suggest you get the new one laid out in print-ready form right away and send it down the line to the lower officers and ask them what they think about it.

       69. I MEAN THIS AFFECTS EVERY SINGLE LITTLE COLONY AND EVERY POOR COLONY SHEPHERD, AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THEM SAY, "I LIKE IT and I agree to fill this one out!", and send it back to you. Don't make them think, "Oh my God! I've got to fill this out for the rest my life!"

       70. I KNOW YOU ALWAYS GET NOTHING BUT COMPLIMENTS on 'em for some reason or another, but maybe they're afraid to tell you anything else!

       71. SOMETIMES THE ONLY THING YOU CAN BELIEVE IS A NEGATIVE REPORT! I mean if everything you report is all so good, and you never have any problems and nothing's ever wrong, if you haven't got any persecution and all men think well of you, then you're not living Godly in Christ Jesus! "When all men think well of you beware!" So let's revise and revamp this report according to what the kids need and feel is best!


       72. GOD'S WILL: GOD MAY STILL USE YOU EVEN IF YOU MISS THE HIGHEST AND BEST THING GOD WANTS YOU TO DO. He'll still use for whatever He can use you for. It doesn't mean that everything you do is bad, but you just may have missed God's best.

       73. YOU MAY HAVE MISSED THE BOAT THAT COULD HAVE GOTTEN YOU TO WHERE YOU'D REALLY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING. Still, even if you're left behind, you may piddle around and do something, God will usually use you for something. So what you don't want to do is miss His best.

       74. IF WE WEREN'T HAVING ANOTHER REVOLUTION RIGHT NOW AND THE NEW REVOLUTION, WE COULD HAVE GONE ON PIDDLING ALONG like we were probably for quit a while, solidified, stagnated and dribbled along just like other groups have done, and we might have lasted a few more years if we sold enough lit and lived long enough to write it.

       75. BUT WE WOULD HAVE PETERED DOWN TO SOMETHING DEAD and stinking by missing God's best. But I'm telling you I'm not satisfied with second best or third best or half best.

       76. I'M SHOOTING FOR THE STARS and I want to hit the ceiling! I want God to do with us the most He can possibly do! I want to see what can happen and I want to try to make the jump! Even if I miss it, I've at least got the satisfaction of knowing I tried!--And I don't believe we're going to miss it!

       77. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO MAKE IT, BECAUSE WE'RE OBEYING GOD and I know that when we obey the Lord, God will not fail us! He'll stick out His hands a little further and we'll make the next trapeze even if we don't jump hard enough!


       78. (DAVID PRAYS:) AMEN LORD BLESS ALL THESE BOYS AND GIRLS, LORD, EVERY ONE OF THEM! GIVE THEM THE DIVINE ANOINTING OF THY SPIRIT, the mantle of Thy power. We could ask no more for them, Lord, because then we know they'll always be on the right track, led by Thy Spirit, protected, supplied, blessed and prospered by Thee.

       79. THEN WE KNOW THEY WILL "PROSPER and be in health even as their soul prospereth," and their people will prosper and their kingdoms will prosper. We thank You, Jesus!

       80. THANK YOU FOR THE PLAN YOU'VE GIVEN US, LORD! We believe it's Thine and we believe it's Scriptural and we believe it's the way You want us to do it, Lord, to try to move on and move out.

       81. IT'S TIME FOR AN ATTACK, time for a major attack, Lord, time to move out and get the Monster on the move again! Thank You Lord for how You've already blessed us, the tremendous progress we've made Lord, but it's not enough, Lord.

       82. WE'RE NOT SATISFIED, BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T FINISHED THE JOB! We haven't reached the whole world, Lord. We're not in every country and we haven't preached to every creature. So help us Lord to keep moving, keep revoluting until we do or die trying, in Jesus' name!

       83. THANK YOU FOR ALL THY PRECIOUS CO-WORKERS, Lord, who are so faithful, so wonderful! They have been so faithful to Thee and to their sheep, and done such a marvelous job to help and preserve Thy kingdom and to carry it on and advance it and increase it!

       84. THANK YOU LORD THAT YOU HAVE ENTRUSTED THEM WITH SUCH PRECIOUS RESPONSIBILITY. May they not take it lightly but seriously as good stewards of Thy Kingdom, to realise what a great responsibility and what a grave responsibility it is to have all these lives in their hands, Lord, and be responsible for their leadership.

       85. HELP THEM TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEIR SHEEP, Lord and their under-shepherds, Lord, not to fail them nor neglect them. Help them be good shepherds as you were, Lord, even laying down Your life for the sheep. Thank You for how they have already, dying daily, sacrificing and You have rewarded them. They have so many things to be thankful for!

       86. WE HAVE MANY VICTORIES BEHIND US. We have very little to worry us, Lord, we have nothing to complain about. You have never failed, You have blessed us. You have provided, You have protected, You have prospered and we're still on the move, Lord, and we thank You for it!

       87. THANK YOU FOR THE VISION THAT YOU GIVE THAT THE PEOPLE MAY NOT PERISH. Thank you, Lord, for still speaking to us. Thank you, Lord, for the message we can pass on to Thy Children that they might be fed and inspired and strengthened to carry on. Help us, Lord! Bless and keep us all safely in Thy care. Continue to guide and protect and guard us as You have.

       88. THANK YOU THAT WE ARE ABLE TO HAVE THIS NEW REVOLUTION LORD! Thank You Jesus! Now we ask Thee in these remaining deliberations they have amongst themselves, Lord, to work out any remaining snags or fine points or problems.

       89. HELP THEM TO CARRY THESE PLANS OUT each in his own way in his own area according to Thy will. Help them to do it speedily, Lord, time is the essence. Lord, and the faster we work the better, to keep ahead of the Enemy and strike before he knows what's happening.

       90. HELP US LORD TO KEEP MOVING and to work all these details out quickly in all of these things so that this Thy building can begin to take shape as quickly as possible and start moving on. Thank you, Lord! Amen, Lord! In Jesus' Name we ask it. Have Thy way in all things Lord.

       91. BLESS ALL OF OUR LOVED ONES, THY CHILDREN THY SHEEP AROUND THE WORLD from whom we're absent tonight. We thank You, Lord, that You care for them. You're the Great Shepherd who never fails them, and we know that it's nothing but miraculous and supernatural, Lord, by Thy divine power that they have been kept and kept going like they have in spite of all the Enemy can do.--And we know it's because they're obeying you, Lord and pleasing you and carrying out your message and winning souls and going into all the world and preaching the Gospel to every creature!

       92. AS LONG AS THEY OBEY THY COMMANDMENT, LORD, WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL SUPPLY EVERY NEED and the strength and the money and the protection and everything they need to do the job, Lord, if we will just obey! It's Your vineyard, we're Your labourers and You're certainly going to supply the tools, Lord, if we're dedicated and ready, willing and able to do the harvesting.

       93. SO WE ASK THEE TOO JUST HELP US OBEY, and then we know that You will do the rest. Just help us to obey, Lord. Help everyone of them to obey, split those colonies and get out and win souls and disciples, Lord, as well as getting out the Message. Help them pioneer the new fields, Lord, where they've never yet really heard or at least have never seen us and seen the proof. Help us Lord!

       94. GUIDE EVERY STEP, EVERY MOVE EVERY PIONEER, EVERY DIRECTION, EVERY SPLIT, LORD, AND THE WINNING OF EVERY SOUL that it may be according to Thy plan, Thy program, Thy will because You're the only one who really knows what's best so help us to follow You in Jesus name!--Amen.

(Prays the Lord's Prayer:)
       "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For Thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. In Jesus' name. Amen".

       (Then:) The Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee, the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace!--Amen. Lord help them to go in peace--peace with each other, peace with thee and peace of mind!--Amen. God bless you all and make you a blessing!

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family