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"WHEN TO!"--Part IV, The New Do-It-Yourself Revolution!--MO       March 1975       No.332b--LTO

Copyrighted March 1975 by The Children of God
P.O. Box 31, London WC2E, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


       1. THESE LETTERS, BELIEVE IT OF NOT, ARE PRETTY IMPORTANT. They're not just a suggestion of a new revolution, but in a sense they are literally like a new constitution and by-laws!

       2. IN THEIR PRESENT FORM THEY ARE A SUGGESTED CONSTITUTION. I'm trying to make them rather informal for the sake of the digestion of most of the kids, and not in the stilted legal language of the law. Nevertheless it's all there as simple as I could boil it down.

       3. SO REMEMBER, WHEN YOU AGREE TO THIS STRUCTURING AND THESE RULES AND SUGGESTIONS YOU'RE AGREEING TO OUR NEW CONSTITUTION! I hope we don't get too technical so that everybody wants to pick out the flaws and strain at a gnat and swallow a camel and split hairs and what not!


       4. I MEAN WE'RE JUST KIDS GETTING STARTED and trying like babies to learn how to run the world! But it's serious business as the Lord showed us one day and confirmed it when He spoke.

       5. WE ARE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN PLAYING AT GAMES, like little children play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers and things like that. They play these games, but they are really imitating what their elders are doing or what they expect to do when they're older.

       6. WE'RE NOT EXACTLY PLAYING GAMES BY ANY MEANS, BUT LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN WE ARE LEARNING WHAT IT TAKES TO LITERALLY FORM A GOVERNMENT, by which, believe it or not, I really believe one of these days God is going in some similar way to use us to rule the world--I believe it! There's plenty of Scriptures on the subject, though exactly how He's going to do it may still be mysterious.

       7. I RECALL THAT THE GREAT PROPHET AVAK RELATED TO US MANY OF THE THINGS WHICH THE LORD REVEALED TO HIM ABOUT THE COMING WORLD GOVERNMENT OF CHRIST HIMSELF in the Millennium. You know some people are so heavenly minded that they never really think of bringing this thing down to Earth level where it's actually going to be a literal government on Earth with actual towns, villages and people!

       8. WE'LL STILL HAVE COUNTRIES AND A GOVERNMENT TO RULE OVER THEM, in this case by us! This is after the resurrection of course, in the Millennium, when you and I are God's superman agents running the world!

       9. IT SAYS, "WE SHALL RULE AND REIGN WITH HIM OVER THE NATIONS WITH A ROD OF IRON!" It'll be a mandatory rule. I mean it's not exactly going to be any kind of democracy then, because we will be ruling over the wicked who remain on the Earth.

       10. WE OURSELVES WILL HAVE BEEN RESURRECTED, TRANSLATED AND CHANGED, AND WE WILL HAVE SUPERNATURAL BODIES, thank God, our eternal bodies, spiritual bodies like the Lord had when He was resurrected. He could materialise or dematerialise, and we will have the same. This will be a great advantage in being officers of the law and law enforcers, governors and so on, miraculous supermen which our poor natural rulers of today don't have the advantage of! So we can really appreciate their problems!

       11. BUT IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS AND IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN and I believe that God is sort of giving us a chance like on everything else to learn the problems that there are, so that when He presents His final form of government we'll really appreciate it! I mean we'll see where we probably made a lot a mistakes and where we could have done better, that His ideas are best of all. Although I believe that we are following the ideas He has given us to the best of our ability now.

       12. I BELIEVE WE GOT THESE PLANS FROM THE LORD, and most of you have agreed with us that this is what's best, and that it's going to be good for us. It's not perfect by any means, but at least I think it's going to be helpful.


       13. IN ORDER TO RECOMMEND TO YOU THE BOUNDARIES AND DIVISION that we have suggested, we took what we already have and we simply followed the divisions already in existence, only we regrouped some of them in order to make each Ministry complete, each Archbishopric complete, Bishopric complete and so on.

       14. WE WENT DOWN ACTUALLY MAPPING IT OUT AS FAR AS THE BISHOPRICS. At least for example, if we found that some place like Britain has a sufficient number of colonies in it to be divided into two Bishoprics and made an Archbishopric, then we called them the northern Britain and Southern Britain Bishoprics.

       15. NOW WHERE THAT ACTUAL BOUNDARY IS GOING TO BE IS TO BE DECIDED ON THE BISHOPRIC LEVEL. Probably the Prime Ministers will have to counsel with the Ministers, Archbishops and the Bishops about it.

       16. THE MORE HEADS YOU GET TOGETHER TO DECIDE FINALLY ON YOUR DEFINITE BOUNDARIES THE BETTER. You will have to meet with your Ministers, by all means, and possibly with your Archbishops if you can. If you can't get down to the Bishops, at least the Archbishops ought to go on to the Bishops and come back with their recommendations where they think the boundaries ought to be.

       17. NOW WE DON'T HAVE ALL THAT MANY COLONIES RIGHT NOW that it's going to be any great problem. You just spot your colonies on a map and maybe find where the greatest space is between north and south and figure on the convenience and amount of travel needed to cover each section.

       18. IN DECIDING ON BOUNDARIES YOU MUST CONSIDER SEVERAL THINGS: THE PRIMARY CONSIDERATION IS LANGUAGE, I think. Boundaries should be according to language distinction as much as possible.

       19. THE NEXT, OF COURSE, IS ACCORDING TO WHERE YOUR COLONIES ARE geographically, transportation problems, distance and what territories are going to be the easiest for your Bishop to cover. You don't want to make it so large that he can't ever get around to it all. Just use a little common sense. Right now, thank God, it's in the rough stages and we don't have that many colonies. It's not going to be any great problem.

       20. IF I WERE YOU I'D TAKE A MAP OF MY AREA AND MARK ALL MY COLONIES. If it looks like a natural division between north and south where we have fewer colonies and where everything is about equidistant from everything else, just draw a line across the country there temporarily.

       21. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE STEADFAST FOREVER. I don't mean you've got to go out and get a surveyor to plot it out. Just make it a temporary approximate boundary, that's all, someplace out in the country where it's between the cities. Don't divide any cities or anything like that, if you can help it.

       22. IN SOME COUNTRIES IT'S PRETTY WISE TO DIVIDE IT ACCORDING TO THE PROVINCIAL LINES. Like in the United State it could be divided according to State lines and so on. As much as possible it should be according to the already existing governmental or legal boundaries of the system, which will make it easier in travel licensing and all kinds of legal aspects of a certain area.


       23. MATHEMATICALLY, EVERY DISTRICT CONSISTS OF TWO OR THREE COLONIES; every Region two or three Districts; every Bishopric down to two or three Regions and so on, trying to keep it to two if possible. Therefore if you do this on this basis, if you limit it to just two, you've got exactly the same number in each one and so all the Prime Ministries and the same size.

       24. WE ARE NOT NOW GOING BY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE AT ALL IN THIS SUBDIVIDING. The main reason being that we couldn't possibly do it according to number of people, because what we're trying to do is break up those blobs so they won't have so many people. One purpose in it is to give incentive to break up those blobs, because the big blobs are going to lack equal representation.

       25. BIG BLOBS ARE GOING TO BE CHEATED IN THEIR REPRESENTATION ON THE COUNCILS because little colonies of small numbers will have much more representation at the top than the big blobs will have. We're not going by population at all.

       26. WE'RE STRICTLY GOING BY THE NUMBER OF COLONIES, which we did deliberately and purposefully and almost spitefully, because, I'm so sick of blobs!

       27. IT FAVOURS THE SMALL COLONY AND MITIGATES AGAINST THE BIG COLONY! So if the big colonies want better and fairer representation according to their numbers, they're going to have to break up into small colonies.

       28. IN OTHER WORDS, YOUR REPRESENTATION ON THE COUNCILS IS GOING TO BE DETERMINED BY THE NUMBER OF COLONIES and not the number of people in each colony. Because one of our primary purposes in this, besides developing more leadership, is to multiply what we've got and get it scattered into more areas. So we're deliberately designing the whole thing against big colonies and in favour of little ones. Now, as we pointed out to you there are some rare exceptions:


       29. EVEN THE SYSTEM HAS COMMUNITY PROJECTS SUCH AS CHURCHES OR SCHOOLS OR HOSPITALS, something that an individual home cannot have.--Like every home cannot have a hospital, not every home can have a school. In our way of thinking, every home can have a church in its living room, but they have to cooperate together--several homes in a community--to form a school for their children.

       30. SO THERE ARE SOME RARE EXCEPTIONS, BUT WE WANT TO TRY TO GET RID OF MOST EXCEPTIONS so that those that survive are only those that have to stay together. The old slogan says that the family that prays together stays together. But in this case it's going to be the family that stays together is only going to be the one that absolutely has to stay together!


       31. THE IDEA OF BREAKING DOWN INTO SMALLER UNITS IS NOT STRICTLY A GEOGRAPHICAL ONE. We're aiming at eventual geographical dispersion, and this will result in that. It's like in the center we have an oversized nucleus, and I'm aiming my Letter neutron straight at it to split the atom!

       32. THE FIRST RESULT IS GOING TO BE TO DIVIDE IT and that will explode it, start exploding it by dividing it. And that can begin to be done in the same building on the same floor! But the end result is going to be blowing it totally apart to where the pieces fall in every country in all the world! It's just like we did in the military:

       33. YOU'VE GOT YOUR BASIC UNITS THAT YOU HAVE TO GET STARTED WITH, YOUR TRAINED OFFICERS TRAINING CADRE, base camps and all that. They bring them in and keep adding and adding to them while training them. Then they disperse them to the battlefront. But it's first got to be done at home base.

       34. SO THAT PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO GET THEM ALL RECORGANISED, THEN DIVIDE THEM AND FINALLY SHIP THEM OFF to the mission field. In other words we're just preparing them. For example, instead of breaking Northern Europe up only into smaller sections, it would be better to ship some of these people down to the Middle East or Africa or someplace else where they're more desperately needed.

       35. THIS IS THE END RESULT, this is what we're aiming for. But first of all you've gotta manufacture your ammunition and put it in individual bullets before you can shoot it.

       36. SO THE THING RIGHT NOW IS THAT WE'RE TRYING TO ORGANISE THESE COLONIES IN GROUPS OF SMALLER COLONIES. I'm just using an extreme example when I say you can even do it in one building.

       37. WHEN YOU'RE GOT THEM READY, PUSH THE FLEDGLING COLONIES OUT ONE BY ONE. It's like a nest. They lay the eggs first, and when the eggs grow and develop into little fledglings and as they're prepared to leave the nest, well then out they go!


       38 YOU HAVE GOT TO THINK ABOUT ALL OF THIS IN YOUR SELECTION OF OFFICERS and their talents. We started this same thing almost by the same method when we were at Laurentide and we were in a big blob and were organising teams to go on the road.

       39. WE HAD TO THINK OF WHO HAD A LITTLE PIONEERING EXPERIENCE AND WHO WAS CAPABLE TO LEAD and who was go to along with them. We were just about convinced that anybody that had been around for three to six months was a leader, and that all the rest of our team could be a bunch of babes!

       40. GOOD NIGHT! NOW WE'VE 82% LEADERS! Of course the leaders on the statistics are still gauged by time on the team, but this ought to be a pretty accurate gauge, because it's just like being in school.

       41. IF YOU'VE BEEN IN COLLEGE FOR FOUR YEARS YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT TO GRADUATE, right? And, if not, there must be something wrong with you because you should have passed through all of what it takes to be graduated by that time.


       42. BUT ANYWAY, IF YOU CAN BUST UP YOUR COLONIES FAST ENOUGH AND SMALL ENOUGH, why, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find eventually at the top some new Prime Ministries popping up!--I hope so! Whereupon, if we use the same system, the next Prime Ministers that pops up will probably be one of the present Ministers and this will mean that there will be how many Prime Ministers?--Four!--Which should then create what?

       43. FOUR PRIME MINISTRIES WILL NECESSITATE THE CREATION OF A NEW LEVEL ABOVE THE PRIME MINISTERS! Now don't you Prime Ministers get all excited thinking you'll probably move right up to that!--May the best man or woman win! When we get our next new Prime Minister just let me know and we can discuss what to call the next level up.


       44. IN GIVING OFFICERS TITLES I HAVE TRIED TO STICK WITH NAMES WE ALREADY HAVE, because the less you have to change, the less you have to remember. It's one thing to have a revolution, it's another thing to make such sweeping changes that people are confused and in a muddle because everything is so totally different. We've thought of a lot of new names like Prophets, Apostles...etc.

       45. I LIKE THE SCRIPTURAL NAMES AND I DON'T LIKE TOO MANY NEW NAMES TO CONFUSE THE KIDS. I even thought about Bishop: Bishop doesn't sound very revolutionary, but on the other hand I like to use Scriptural names, and the Bishop is in the Bible. The literal translation means "overseer" or "supervisor": --Overseer in dear old Anglo-Saxon, supervisor in Latin!--Ha! So it's a good name.

       46. NOW IF YOU'D RATHER NOT USE A RELIGIOUS WORD LIKE BISHOP, YOU CAN JUST CHANGE IT TO OVERSEER OR SUPERVISOR. One reason why we decided to retain the name Bishop is because I thought, "Well boy, that sure sounds heavy! The Bible uses it, it's really a scary title and it really makes you think twice." It's pretty serious, and the Bible gives you whole long list of qualifications.

       47. I'M SO GLAD I'M PROPHET, BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FIND MANY RULES IN THE BIBLE ABOUT PROPHETS and how they should behave!--Ha! We have quite a bit of freedom apparently! Prophets did all kinds of crazy things! But there are an awful lot of strict rules for you Bishops and Archbishops and things like that.

       48. THE WORD "ARCHBISHOP" IS ALSO BIBLICAL. The picture of it is this (takes two candles to illustrate): You have two pillars in a Church, two Bishops, if you're building a building, and ours is a spiritual building. Over these tow pillars you have an arch resting on each pillar, which unites them and joins them together, but at the same time is over them. So "Arch-bishop" is also a very good Scriptural name.

       49. SO I LIKE TO USE SCRIPTURAL NAMES. Usually they're kind of in a rut from religious use, but in maybe some things it's good to be in a rut, especially when it comes to the Bible!

       50. I'M IN RUT AS FAR AS THE BIBLE IS CONCERNED. I STILL READ IT, STILL PREACH IT AND STILL THINK IT'S GOOD. So Archbishop is a good title, it's Scriptural. Above that we tried to think of something else that would make a good title for the next officer in line and we thought of Ministers.

       51. "MINISTER" IS ALSO A BIBLE TEAM AND A VERY GOOD ONE if you take it in the literal sense, the way it's supposed to be taken and not in the proud exalted exaggerated sense of the word today.

       52. A MINISTER IS SUPPOSED TO LITERALLY SERVE YOU. When we get to that point above the Ministers and Prime Ministers it might be good to call that rank Servants or something like that.

       53 THE PRIME-MINISTER SIMPLY MEANS THE FIRST-MINISTER. The minister part is still a Scriptural word and Prime means First Minister or above the Minister. So it's virtually the same idea as Arch-Bishop meaning Over-Bishop. A Prime-Minister is over the Ministers.

       54. IT'S ALSO A POLITICAL TERM, but this is in a sense our political structure. You can't get away from it.

       55. ANY ORGANISATION IS IN A SENSE A FORM OF GOVERNMENT, whether it's religious or otherwise. This officer therefore has a political responsibility of government in some ways and in some church they are very political! Anyhow, we've got to have some form of organization in order to properly supervise everything and keep things cohesive.

       56. OUR HUMAN PHYSICAL BODIES ARE VERY WELL ORGANISED, AND CHRIST LIKENS US, THE CHURCH, TO A BODY, so we ought to be just as well synchronised and coordinated and organised as the human body, which we're now trying to do. "Prophet," of course, is also a very Scriptural office.


       57. LOOKING AROUND FOR MORE SCRIPTURAL TEAMS ON SCRIPTURAL OFFICES YOU'LL FIND THEM IN I CORINTHIANS 12th CHAPTER WHERE HE SPEAKS OF APOSTLES also. Some people try to limit apostles to the original twelve. But if we limit it only to the original twelve, then there would have been no need for Paul to say that" in the Church" there should be some "apostles". He was not talking just of the past Church but to the ever-present Church.

       58. THE WORD "APOSTLE" COMES FROM THE GREEK WORD "APOSTOLOS" MEANING "ONE SENT WITH A MESSAGE" A MESSENGER. So in a sense it really means like a Missionary.--A pioneer missionary! One who goes like Paul did into foreign lands and pioneers the work. So in God's eyes these little pioneer teams at the bottom of the totem pole came first on God's list! How about that!

       59. SO IT MIGHT BE A MISNOMER TO CALL THE NEXT LEVEL ABOVE THE PMs APOSTLES, because Apostles were at the bottom! In fact, that's what Paul said, "We ourselves are the off scouring of the Earth," we're really at the bottom!

       60. IT'S THESE LITTLE PIONEER TEAMS THAT ARE REALLY THE APOSTLES. That might encourage them!--Call them Pioneer Apostles! What's is in a name?--Well, a lot's in a name! People try to live up to their names!

       61. "PIONEER APOSTLES"!--ANY LITTLE TEAM OF OUR LITTLE MESSENGERS PIONEERING A NEW MESSENGERS COLONY in a new area with our message are really are in a Scriptural sense of the word Pioneer Apostles! They're going into a new area with the message and as the messengers. They are Pioneer Apostles! They are" apostolos" "messengers carrying a message." I like the word "Pioneer" too!

       62. EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT A PIONEER IS! IT MEANS THE FIRST, THE FIRST ONES GOING IN AND DOING SOMETHING NEW! I think our kids like to be Pioneers! "Pioneer Apostles"! That's a great idea! Thank You Lord! We're always changing, otherwise it's not a revolution!


       63. WE'RE ALWAYS OPEN FOR CHANGES. When stop being open for changes we've stopped being a Revolution and we've stopped revoluting! When we stop changing, look out! When the Catholic church stops changing, that's when she solidifies! The people who are now trying to change it are the ones that are really trying to do the right thing.

       64. WELL, YOU LEADERS HAVE TO START THINKING AND PLANNING ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA WHO PROBABLY SHOULD MOVE TO THE NEXT POSITION. Your kids that are now in leadership positions are probably still going to be your leaders. That's probably not going to change much, but it will probably change their position and title to a higher level.


       65. WORLD SERVICE CORRESPONDENCE: OUTSIDERS HAVE NO LONGER ANY BUSINESS WRITING TO WORLD SERVICES AT ALL. We shouldn't have our World Services address appear on any literature whatsoever.

       66. THE WORLD SERVICES ADDRESS SHOULD BE USED BY OUR OWN DISCIPLES AND COLONIES ONLY, and that's all! That's absolutely all! About the only thing that the World Services address might appear on would be the NNN, and if we get any mail as a result of that, then we'll just have to send it to the area it came from for an answer.

       67. WE WANT TO GET RID OF THAT WHOLE "INTERNATIONAL OFFICE" THING to where we won't have any kind of governmental centralisation there at all. We don't want to do any thing there except what we have to.

       68. WE'LL STILL HAVE A P.O. BOX THERE because we've got to have someplace for the Colonies to write to and send their reports. Of course not too many disciples should have to write, but the Sprint Centers will have to be able to write World Services Publication Dept., etc. So it should be only for inter-colonial correspondence and that's all!


       69. COLONY CARE: COLONY CARE REALLY IS THE LOCAL COLONY SHEPHERD'S RESPONSIBILITY, number one. Number two, it's the District Shepherd's responsibility to make sure the local colony Shepherd does it!--And it's the Regional Shepherd's responsibility to make sure the District Shepherd is doing his job seeing to it that the local Colony Shepherd does it! So that should be enough supervision, not from anywhere higher.


       70. FOREIGN SERVICE BULLETIN: I think this will be a great help. I try to put myself in the kids shoes.

       71. NOW HERE'S THIS POOR LITTLE GUY WHO'S STUCK IN THIS COLONY. His Shepherd is not interested in him going anywhere or getting rid of him and is not even interested in helping him find our or informing him where he might go or to whom he might go.

       72. SO HOW IS HE EVER GOING TO GET OUT OF THERE beside just picking up and taking off and hitchhiking someplace and hope they'll accept him? It would be a whole lot better if he knew that some guy had invited him because he carried on a correspondence with the field he wants to go to.

       73. HOW NICE IT WOULD BE FOR THAT LITTLE GUY TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE A LITTLE FS PUBLICATION SAYING WHERE THE FIELDS ARE THAT WANT, HELP and have opening and so on, and here's the place to write to. All you would have to do is send them your picture, description, testimony and all that and find out if they'd like to have you come to their field. it's like a want-ad section of the newspaper. We might find out that it's a good clearing house for a lot of other things too, not only men but maybe materials too!

       74. IT COULD BE A LITTLE WANT-AD PAPER FOR JOBS AND MATERIALS AND SO ON. I mean some people might have equipment lying around gathering dust that they're not even using, that some other field needs desperately! They could just stick a little ad in there and say, "Send us the freight money and we'll ship it to you!"


       75. SCHOOLS: SOME OF OUR CHILDREN'S SCHOOLS AND BABE TRAINING CENTERS MAY HAVE TO BE EXCEPTIONS TO THE BLOB RULE when we've already got the facilities and they don't cost us anything. We've got the kids, and it may be the most practical thing to do to use the personnel that we've already got to take care of them. It's like this:

       76. IN THE PIONEER DAY ORIGINALLY THE PARENTS WOULD TEACH THEIR OWN CHILDREN IN THEIR OWN HOME. Then the little local community found that not all the families had the brains and the teaching ability to teach their own children. So the first thing they did was to turn them over to the local pastor who had an education and was usually a good teacher.

       77. THEY ALREADY HAD A SCHOOL BUILDING IN THE CHURCH HOUSE AND THAT BECAME THE LITTLE LOCAL VILLAGE SCHOOL and the pastor became the teacher. So it had to become a cooperative community effort. It was a job that individual families, or in this case let's say individual Family Colonies, cannot do on their own very well if they are not equipped or they haven't got the talent or the teachers or whatever.

       78. SO WE MAY HAVE TO HAVE SOME COLONIES WHICH ARE SCHOOLS, just like the system has to get together and create schools, which is a cooperative effort of a lot of families and a lot of homes and where all the kids are sent to one school. Now that is quite possible that we will have to do that in some of these exceptional cases.

       79. I THINK WE OUGHT TO TRY TO GET AWAY FROM IT IF WE CAN, and in most parts of the world they won't have the advantage of such schools as they have in Italy for example, savvy? So we don't want to give Colonies in other parts of the world the idea that they all have to have some kind of a big school.

       80. WE'VE FOR THE MOST PART TRYING TO ENCOURAGE THEM THAT THEY CAN TEACH THEIR OWN CHILDREN, have their own Childcare workers and their own teachers if possible. If not, they can send them to the local system if they have to!

       81. IF THEY CAN'T HANDLE THEM THEMSELVES THEY'LL HAVE TO SEND THEM TO SYSTEM SCHOOLS. But where we're already set up and we've already got schools and we've already got the personnel and the equipment and the buildings and the housing and it's not costing us too much, them I would say we ought to consider those as not necessarily under the classification of Colonies but as a School, which makes a difference.

       82. A SCHOOL IS USUALLY A PRETTY BIG THING that has to be a cooperative effort, and maybe the cooperative effort of several colonies who put their kids all together to make up a School.

       83. THIS IS ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS THAT THE EARLY COLONISTS, FOR EXAMPLE IN AMERICA, FOUND OUT THEY HAD TO DO. Although each family built their own house, and the size of families in those days was about the size of what our Colonies ought to be now, they found they had almost no people who were qualified, like the local pastor, to teach them.

       84. THE MOTHER AND FATHER USUALLY HAD TOO MUCH TO DO AND USUALLY DIDN'T HAVE THE EDUCATION, so they had to turn the job over to the local preacher and his Church School. Well, that's about what we may have to do in some of these cases.

       85. SO THE LOCAL CONDITIONS AFFECT YOUR DECISION on what you're going to do. If we have property turned over to us where there's plenty of room and we don't have to worry about all that expense, where we can have an operation like a School and a Childcare training center or Babe Center, then that's different a story.

       86. WE JUST HAVE TO DO THE MOST PRACTICAL THING whatever it is, the sensible thing. We've got to judge each case on its own merits.--But I still think even these Schools and Centers should each be divided into small Colonies even if they're on the same property for better supervision.


       87. HOUSING: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU CAN GET OVER A DOZEN PEOPLE TOGETHER AND PASTOR THEM PROPERLY That's why I said in the letter that even if you have to divide up the responsibility of the Colony into two floors, or if you've got two buildings on the same lot, call them two Colonies and let each one have a separate Shepherd.

       88. CALL THEM TWO COLONIES, GIVE THEM TWO SHEPHERDS, PUT ONE DISTRICT SHEPHERD OVER THE WHOLE BUNCH of them, whether it's in one building or on the same piece of property! I mean if you've only got one building and it's got two floors, maybe put each one on a separate floor, but make them into two totally complete Colonies as far as personnel is concerned and leadership. This is why I made that allowance. I'm not going to be a stupid idiot and say, "Forget a free building because it's too big for one small colony!"

       89. JUST DIVIDE UP YOUR PERSONNEL INTO DIFFERENT COLONIES ON DIFFERENT FLOORS. What is the idea of a Colony? What are we driving at? Are we talking about mere property in this restructuring? Are we talking about only logistics, locations, buildings? What is the whole drive about?

       90. THE WHOLE THING IS LEADERSHIP! The whole idea is to insist that we spread out the leadership more.

       91. THE POINT IS, INSTEAD OF HAVING ONE BUILDING FULL OF 24 PEOPLE WITH ONE SHEPHERD, YOU CHOP UP THOSE 24 PEOPLE INTO ABOUT TWO TO FOUR COLONIES and you put them each one in some section of the building and say, "Here, this is your Colony and here's your Shepherd!" Then each selects your local Colony Council and Shepherd.

       92. "THIS WHOLE BUILDING HAPPENS TO BE A REGION and the First Floor is such and such a District and the Second Floor is such and such a District, etc. Each of you have your own Colony and you've got your own Colony Shepherd."

       93. NOW THAT MAY SOUND SILLY, BUT WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT IT HASN'T GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH BUILDINGS or locations. It's the manpower we're talking about!--We're trying to spread out leadership responsibilities.

       94. THE RIDICULOUS THINGS IS HAVING A COLONY OF 200 PEOPLE IN A SIX-STOREY BUILDING WITH ONLY ONE COLONY SHEPHERD, one Colony Council, and nobody can keep track of anybody! But now you're going to so thoroughly organise them that each one is a totally separate entity with its own Shepherd, its own Staff and its own organisation, so they operate separately and independently of each other except they cooperate as a Region or District. Don't misunderstand me: These are School, Childcare, Office and Babe Center exceptions.

       95. THERE ARE A LOT OF COLONIES WHERE THEY'VE GOT TOO MANY PEOPLE IN ONE COLONY who don't have to be together, they don't have to work together. They've got no excuse for being there except they've there as missionaries, and half of them could take off for some other mission field!

       96. ONE OF THE MAIN AIMS OF BREAKING UP THE COLONIES IS SO WE COULD HAVE AVAILABLE TEAMS TO PIONEER NEW AREAS. We do want to get some of those people out to other places. I'm not saying that it's absolutely impossible that there should occur some rare exceptions where you might have to have more than twelve in one place, if you've already got the facilities and you've got teams that have to be together there anyway in that local area, like the Show Colonies, etc. But they are rare exceptions and continue to be rare exceptions!--Amen?

       97. GOD BLESS YOU! LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!--NOW!--"Into all the world unto every creature!" PTL! GBY! ILY! Do it today!--Tomorrow may be too late! Let's peel off and hit the road with our Revolutionary Racer' way out in front of 'em all and win this race! Hallelujah! 1Cor.9:24 and Heb.12:1!--Are you with us?--Then let 'er roll! Letter, let 're rip! The flag's up!--GO!

       "Letter, Letter on the wall,
       Who's the fastest of them all?"
       "--The racing Revolutionary
       Who wants to be a Missionary!"


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family